Lost Pint A Classic/Modern Rock Band with an Irish Attitude

Sep 3, 2009

By: Krista Doran

OOT_LostPint_promoshotTo me, there’s nothing better than a band who purposely doesn’t try to fit into the typical cover band mold. There are so many of those types of bands out there, and it’s always refreshing to see a band that makes an effort to be different. Once of those bands is Lost Pint.

I first met these guys a few years ago when I was still booking bands. From the very first time I spoke to guitarist Shawn Byrne, I knew I was dealing with professional, honest people. Lost Pint is a 4 piece band based in the Warminster / Hatboro area. Love and a huge enthusiasm for music have brought these four together who truly bring something special and unique to this area. Rather than playing the typical “party rock” stuff that everyone else does, Lost Pint really mixes it up by playing Classic and Modern Rock as well as Blues, Country and Irish Music.

Lost Pint has been together about 2 years now playing some really great rooms in the area, including Squirrel Murphy’s in Warminster, which is a really fun bar with an Irish ambience. They have become a regular act there, and many of their friends and followers will pack the place when they make an appearance. One reason that Lost Pint has been able to develop such a big following is because they play so many different types of music. As drummer Tom Cashman puts is, “We try to reach at least one person with every song.” These guys put a lot into their set lists, carefully choosing songs that best fit each of their playing styles which range quite a bit, but mesh perfectly. Shawn told me that whenever they play live they “can’t help but feed off the energy of the crowd.” It’s true – I have seen it myself. A Lost Pint show is like a big get together with friends from start to finish. Each member of the band does their part by getting the crowd involved and singing along, talking with everyone in between sets, asking their opinions on the music…they genuinely appreciate the fact that people come out just to see them. As Tom told me, “everyone who comes to see us deserves the attention we give to them. After all, they could have gone anywhere, but they came to see US, and we want to make them feel appreciated.”

Lost Pint also dabbles a bit in original music and has a great song called “My Life is a Cliché”, written by bass player Phil Williams. Phil wrote this song while going through a very difficult divorce several years back when he was in the Air Force. He told me, “I was in the shower one day feeling really, really bad and just started thinking about all the normal clichés…why is this happening?…what could I have done to make it better?…if I only knew then what I know now…and the song developed from there.” Phil is now remarried to a beautiful girl named Allison, so I’ll through another cliché out there for you Phil – “everything happens for a reason.”

These guys have become dear friends of mine and I am so proud of the hard work they have put into not only getting their name out there in many unique ways, but the obvious effort they put into their playing. They truly care about the product they put out, and it shows. You can catch Lost Pint at many fine establishments every month such as Squirrel Murphy’s, The Street Road Bar & Grill, E’s Irish Pub and many others – just check out their schedule at www.lostpint.com. The band will also be performing at a wonderful charity event on September 25th from 7 pm – 12 am called Special Equestrians, which is a Forbes Enterprise Award winner and non-profit Therapeutic Riding Program located at 2800 Street Road in Warrington, PA. The mission of this organization is to improve the physical, mental, and emotional well being of individuals with disabilities through the equine experience. The event is being held at Vereinigung Erzgebirge, located at 130 Davisville Road in Warminster. Tickets are $35 pp, and include food, beer and live entertainment.

Lost Pint is Shawn Byrne – Lead Vocals, Guitar and Harmonica, Phil Williams – Bass and Vocals, Dave Rosenblatt – Lead Guitar and Tom Cashman, Drums and Vocals. Check out live YouTube video at their site www.lostpint.com and definitely take the time to see a show. You will certainly be glad that you did.

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