OOT is not Social Media.- we will use it to let everyone know what we are telling the bar regulars…OOT is IN THE BARS and CLUBS & RESTAURANTS IN OUR ESTABLISHED NETWORK – OUR FOCUS IS ABOUT THE PLACES AND THE PEOPLE making things happen in the area bar and Entertainment Scene and our goal is and always has been to reach out to thousands of BAR REGULARS.


OOT is all online for those that follow our style of Enterttainment News – we use the online to let those see what we are shouting about to our niche of bar people.

( OOT has a reputation to Deliver the right message to the right kinds of people.)

Don’t  be fooled thinking that FB is advertising and it is you only answer- Don’t get lost in all the Clutter!!! The Interent is just one more tool to use and one that works well with other forms of media.

Out on the Town is the direct target to use when you need to get the right message out to the kinds of people you need to reach.

IN LIFE you only get what you PAY FOR!    REMEMBER THAT>

Out On The Town Entertainment Guide  – OOT CONTACT  215-668-5282 or text or email at ootme2@aol.com

ADVERTISING WORKS when you hit your target..  Call us when you are serious about reaching out to the right kinds of people.  OOT is here to help you.

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OOT pays tribute to CHICKIES & PETES on their 40th ANNIVERSARY YEAR.   In this October Issue see a tribute article and foodie report on the regions #1 Sports Bar….Congratulations to Pete and his entire staff for reaching this amazing milestone.

See the feature by Lisa Marie Hunt @ ootonline.com

Also we have some Around The Town Photos from their Anniversay Party.

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Meet up with the local band Witzend as we feature them in the OOT SPOTLIGHT for October.


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Some really great talent is featured in this October OOT GUIDE

Meet the Aberdeans, Crisbie and Sharon Lia and Jim Alessi – they are making the area music scene buzz….

Support Live Music  – Go out and follow local acts.  FInd out more by going to ootonline.com

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Every Wednesday night in the 360 Lounge check out 3 Comedians and Joe Conklin with his one of a kind Comedy Show…the fun starts at 8pm and TIckets are $20 plus your choice of a beverage…Beer Wine, Soda or a Mix Drink, Next Wednesday on the 13th of Sept¬† see are good Friend Vic DiBitetto will be in the house…(See his feature in the latest OOT GUIDE) Vic is one of a kind and so amazing….See you at Joe Conklin’s Comedy Show every Wednesday night…great little promo feature by our boy the Bullwinkle.¬† FYI

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Halloween is so much fun. In this special October Issue…we call it the Halloween Party Guide. Get to see where some of the best parites will be. For all of you Ghost and Goblins…this is one OOT you don’t want to miss out on, Check it all out at ootonline.com

  • Our pick for a Haunted Hayride is the Valley Of Fear in Feasterville – Check it out!
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This month we shout out about the Bartenders over at Lumpy Magees…what a great team of players. They are making Lumpy Magees bar a very special place. Get to know them and – get over and see them in action,

For more go to ootonline.com

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