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Apr 29, 2013

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By:  Krista Doran


It’s been 6 years now since “Fish” started playing in the area and what a 6 years it has been for this highly motivated and energetic band!

Fish Out OF Water started out as just a hobby and as Lead Guitarist Brian Kelly explained, “It originally was just meant to be a little hobby/garage band type thing, but over the years we started playing more and more….We found out that we all really loved it, and so we stuck with it to this day!”  The band plays a great mix of cover songs and will play anything from Classic Rock and Country to Pop, Dubstep, Hard Rock and even Techno.  Their versatile set lists have made them extremely popular and their seemingly innocent “boyish” looks make the girlies go crazy!  But because of their great selection of songs and musicianship, they will appeal to every age group, male or female!

I had the pleasure of interviewing lead Guitarist, Brian Kelly a year or 2 ago and I am happy to see that the band is still doing quite well.  There are so many bands that come and go in this area, but “Fish” definitely has staying power.  I asked Brian to describe a show to me and he explained it like this:  “From the very first song, we bring the energy HARD….Girls are dancing, guys are dancing….everyone is drinking.  By the time the second set comes, very few people are sitting at the bar, because we have them all on the dance floor.  By the third set everyone is singing along!  It’s one GIANT PARTY!”  I also asked him what was different about the band and he explained, “We put our own “rocked up” spin on all songs we play.  For instance, we’ve taken the song “Sweet Caroline” and put a rocked up twist on it.  You really just have to see a live show to really understand how exactly we manage to make everything ROCK the way we do!”

If you go to see Fish Out Of Water LIVE, you are going to notice their shows are usually packed…..Everyone is drinking, dancing and having a great time and that’s what they do…They bring the party!  They also take the time to consistently learn new music to keep their shows fresh and exciting for their fans. This is a band that really gets the crowd into the music because they all really enjoy the music they play.

I asked Brian what he thought the band would really want everyone to know, and he told me “A Fish Out of Water show is not just a “show”…it’s a PARTY.  We want to party with the people that are there watching our show.  We don’t just want to perform music as they watch.  We want to get EVERYONE involved both during our sets and during our breaks in between sets.  It only takes one show and you will be hooked!  I promise!”

Fish Out Of Water is:  Gary Smith – Lead Vocals; Santiago Cannon – Bass/Vocals; Brian Kelly – Lead Guitar/Vocals; Aaron Van Allen – Lead Vocals/Guitar and Tim Burns – Drums.

You can see the band playing at some great local spots including Rho (formerly Katmandu), various shore points and casinos, Havana in New Hope, Mad River Manayunk, Finnegan’s Wake, and they are doing a vertical every Sunday at Sweeney’s Saloon in NE Philly. Go check them out because I know you are going to enjoy it! See www.fishoutofwaterband.com for the complete schedule.

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by Mike Vagnoni

RSTLN_LNGE_1_ELooking for an upscale sports bar that has it all?  Look no more because the Holiday Inn located 900 Packer Ave.,near the Ball Park, has the Stadium Sports Bar & Restaurant.  This place has made a major turn around and with the efforts of the staff and  new management and  has become one of the in – places to check out for a night of fun and your stop before or after any professional sporting event or concert.  There is something on going every night of the week. Mondays “Free” poker, tuesdays open mic comedy nights…wednesdays country night, thursdays karaoke night, fridays Dj and dancing and on saturdays the best area bands. They also host special shows and coming up May 11th for Childern’s Hospital a Frank Sinatra and George Burns show that will be featured in the Crystal Ball room at the Holiday Inn.  Also coming up a special Golf Tournament for SGT Stephen Liczbinski  that will have a 1:00pm shotgun start ( I would call for the date and get tickets for this benefit event.)

The Stadium Sports bar and Restaurant has a very modern look and is not your typical kind of sports bar. The also have daily specials on food and drink.On the foodie side of things…they offer wings, burgers, steaks, and all your favorite bar foods and also pasta dishes and at prices that are very moderate. On the bar side of things, every day specials like $2 Pabst and Labatts Drafts, $5.00 Svedka Vodka drinks, $5.00 Don Q  Rum Doubles…they also have a wide variety of domestic and imports.
When the Phillies play you can tailgate and for all Phillies games look for $3 Miller Lite’s and pitchers of Jack Daniels and enjoy $1Hot Dogs…they have HDTV’s all over the room…so if you can’t get a ticket for that big game – you can come and enjoy it at the Stadium.
Live music is something they pride themselves with and every saturday night they feature some of the area’s top bands.
Coming up on APRIL 26th Don’t Call Me Francis will be in the house…you can see their weekly schedule in each OOT Guide…also one other date to remember is May 10th, in the house will be south Philly’s favorite band “The Business” as they will be celebrating their 25th Anniversary in the Entertainment business in the Phila area.
So when you are coming to South Philly to see any sporting event make it a point to stop into the Holiday Inn on Packer Ave., and check-out the Stadium Sports Bar and Restaurant because they have the Food, Fun and Entertainment that you will enjoy.
For more information you can call 215-755–9500 or find them on Facebook.

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By Lou Pica of Dr. Lou’s Place

imt_logoThe opportunity to do for others happens to most people; some scoff at the chance, find it troubling, or are just plain too focused on themselves to see the value in helping others realize their dreams. Nineteen years ago a young man had an idea for a way to bring joy to a vast audience of people. Bill O’Brien did not sit on his couch and watch; he got up and did something with that concept. It’s called Inside Music Today.

For years, TV was a medium of communication and the vast majority of our entertainment. We loved to think of the possibilities of being on TV and having our work seen and appreciated by people we didn’t even know. We marveled at the celebrities that graced the silver screen and the boob tube, making us laugh, cry, and even get mad. It was a pipe dream to think that we could be lucky enough to get on mainstream TV, but for 19 years, one TV show has been the way for musicians to realize that dream. First airing on June 8, 1994, Inside Music Today (IMT) allows the local, independent songwriters and bands to play original music on TV. You can watch IMT on WMCN throughout the Delaware Valley on Saturdays at midnight.

Room Two Productions, the owner of IMT, produces original music acts and airs them on TV. With IMT there is a chance to be interviewed and have your music heard by thousands of people for what amounts to not much more than a “tip” for the cost of producing these historic shows.

Inside Music Today hasn’t received the fanfare that it should have, at least in this reporter’s opinion. IMT is like no other show in the Philadelphia region; its tenacity of staying in production for so many years has to do with the drive and dedication of Bill O himself and of course his partner in more than the film business, Gretchen O’Brien.

Bill and Gretchen fought the good fight for the bands and artists that they felt deserved the chance at being part of the show, many times operating on no budget under crushing deadlines. Little did they know that they’ve created a legacy of entertainment and social connections and have touched a really a very large group of people who have either appeared, watched people they knew, or participated in these sometimes “raw” but very straightforward representations of an artist’s talent.

IMT is actually one of the pioneers of reality TV. What you do is what goes out; there’s no fixing of the sound, no special effects, no tricks, no games; it’s reality TV the way it should be:  raw and honest, just like the sponsors of the show, Russo Music and Dr. Lou’s Place and Wing Shops.

Many times Bill has challenged bands to reach new levels of performance or personality. His approach as a producer is to make you the best you can be using his experience yet still offer the artists the chance to “live or die by the sword.” “If you don’t like the way you sound, you should have practiced more,” is one of Bill’s lines that he uses when musicians get caught up in the moment or simply have a bad night. He asks artists to get off the couch and experience the beauty of live music, and on IMT there’s no safety net. There’s a long list of artists who have appeared on IMT over the years. Some prominent names made it to the show, but Bill’s style is to treat everyone the same and make the artists take ownership of their “product.”

The war stories from these 19 years are worth putting into a novel covering the different musical personalities and the actions Bill and Gretchen had to take in the face of frantic, emotional, ego-driven players. Some of the bigger acts such as Danny and the Juniors and The Tymes have had the chance to be on IMT, but Bill’s professionalism was the same whether you were the big name or the little guy; you get out of it what you put in.

IMT is unique to Philadelphia, there for the greater good, and gives players an opportunity to be viewed by potentially 3 million people. This show continues to drive forward the chances for musicians new and old to approach their goals in music. There isn’t much more that a person could ask of themselves or from anyone else for that matter; so what’s your excuse? Why would you doubt your own skills, your own drive, or your own spirit? You really don’t have anything more pressing to do than this!


Call Bill and Gretchen at 856-461-4281, visit their website at www.roomtwoproductions or email them at roomtwoproductions@gmail.com.


Wednesday, April 17, 8 PM at Dave & Buster’s, 1995 Franklin Mills Circle, Philadelphia:  taping for IMT at Bucks County Open Mic Night. Visit us and sign up for future tapings!

Sunday, May 5, 5 to 9 PM at the Shamrock Pub, Reed & Second Street in Philadelphia:  IMT In Concert Road Show featuring Mike & Flora, Angel Casiano, Cory Walters, If All Else Fails and more!

Saturday, June 8 at Croft Farm in Cherry HillIMT’s 19th Anniversary Concert with music by 4 talented young bands:  Volt, If All Else Fails, Half Daze and No Commitment.

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With Roundhouse Ron
Since writing my foodie reviews for “Out On The Town” Entertainment Guide & www.OOTOnline.com, my facebook page has been blowing up with requests for me to hit “Reale’s Sports Bar & Grille” over on Frankford Avenue, smack dab in the middle of Mayfair. So, I loaded up my truck with a few close friendz & we had a super Sunday Funday feast of culinary treats. Riding shotgun with me was “Lisa”, “Sharon” & “Anna Banana”, these 3 gurlz were so determined to show me a good time.

“Reale’s Sports Bar & Grille” has been a true NE Philadelphia landmark, as they have been serving us since 1992. My boy “Gary”, along with his sister-in-law “Dee”, have made “Reale’s” a Philly family owned institution with very affordable drink specials & delectable food entrees, along with a fascinating list of local entertainment artists performing nightly. Almost every person I know has been to “Reale’s” at sum point in their life & always the common factor has been outstanding comments. So, this only left me one option & that was to get my crazy freakin azz over to “Reale’s Sports Bar & Grille” to see what all da hype was about.
First of all, I seriously luved the huge parking lot area just south of “Reale’s”, it gave hassle free parking a new meaning & it was so damn convenient. Entering this establishment rich in local history, I found myself very comfortable with a wide open floor plan design, tons of bar area seating along with very spacious dining table seating spread throughout 2 rooms. I must not forget to mention the huge dance floor & DJ booth that I know gets a workout on the weekends. I fell in lust with this place almost instantly, as my new local watering hole.
I was first greeted by a very friendly & energetic gurl by the name of “Sharlene” (she was my bartender for da evening). I could tell, just by the look in her eye that “Sharlene” knew every adult beverage I could throw at her to make me. So, I decided to go easy on my new bartender friend & just order my usual “Jack Daniels & Diet Coke”. My party possie for this delightful experience decided to treat me to a “Frozen Long Island Iced Tea” (a “Reale’s Sports Bar & Grille” secret family brew of various liquors). All I can say is “OMFG, this cocktail is so yummy, refreshing & tasty, I just can’t wait to go back & have a few more”. If you ever had a “Tully Nut” @ The #1 Tavern in North Wildwood, then you gotta try the “Frozen Long Island Iced Tea” @ “Reale’s”.
Taking over my attention was “Danielle” (my waitress for da evening). Don’t get shyt twisted people, she had my attention cause “Danielle” had da menus & I was kinda hungry. Not only was “Danielle” so freakin on point with her service, but she also was very helpful & knowledgeable with the menu items. I started off with a crock of “French Onion Soup” & as it arrived I could smell the freshly sliced onions sautéed in a tasteful bowl of seasoned onion broth, with a slice of saturated homemade bread all topped with a huge melted variety of cheeses oozing down the sides & baked onto the bowl. What a perfect start to my “Reale’s Sports Bar & Grille” foodie review.
Knowing that this full throttle foodie spot has a very special homemade “Cajun Cucumber Ranch Dressing” made by my gurl “Irene” (kitchen manager), I just had to get a house salad for this very reason. I am telling you, if you enjoy salads, please go to “Reale’s Sports Bar & Grill”, order any salad you like, but you have to get the “Cajun Cucumber Ranch Dressing”, so thick & creamy with a Cajun kick that will keep you wanting more. I will be back just for this amazing salad dressing. Good night “Irene”, you did it again ;-}
Since I had a craving for seafood, you know I just had to try the “Reale’s Hot N Spicy Shrimp” appetizer. What a perfect selection of large fresh butter flied shrimp sautéed in garlic & white wine topped off with their famous hot & spicy marinara sauce, I added a squirt of lemon along with the sliced Italian bread & I had a one way ticket to flavor town. I enjoyed this so much & well worth the very reasonable price point. Next thing I knew my “King Crab Legs” rolled out & just took my breath away with their size & freshness. You just have to order these crab legs with the fresh homemade “Garlic Knot Bread”, cause as you dip the knot bread into the special crab leg garlic vinegar butter sauce, you realize that this is a very special treat & the taste is phenomenal.
If quesadillas are your thing, “Reale’s Sports Bar & Grille” have a wide variety. The “Southwestern Quesadilla” was calling my name, so I just had to indulge in this combination of sliced grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, onions, green peppers, black olives all packed in a light & crispy wrap. The sides of salsa & sour cream just completed this magnificent dish. Another awesome choice is the “Reale’s Roast Beef Sandwich”, cause it is numerous thin slices of tender top round beef topped with provolone cheese on a super fresh Kaiser roll. Can I tell you, this sandwich was so freakin moist & cook to perfection, after dipping it into the side of au jus gravy, I could not believe the impact it made on my taste buds. All sandwiches come with a side of pickles & french fries.
“Reale’s” is also a great place to have a full course dinner meal, with a huge selection top quality of entrees. When the “Chicken Parmesan” approached me, it smelled & looked like a masterpiece worthy of a king. I am talking about several large pieces of fresh chicken breast, seasoned, coated & cooked, then baked with a blanket of mozzarella & parmesan cheeses. All of this was served with a good size portion of pasta linguine topped with basil & tomato sauce. This was the first time I ever seen a fresh lemon carved into a basket just to hold the grated parmesan cheese. What a very creative idea from the master chef.
I saved the best for last, yes, I am talking about “Reale’s Sports Bar & Grille” world famous fully nuclear wings. If you ever tasted these fresh tender pieces of chicken heaven, you know that having just one flavor is very difficult. Your selection of mild, medium, hot, suicide, honey hot, cajun, bbq, lemon, butter & garlic, oriental or garlic parmigiana, all taste freakin amazing. Make sure you check with your server, because “Reale’s” is always having specials on the wings. Every order comes with sliced celery, carrots & blue cheese.
As me & my entourage were finishing up our fantastic meal, I just had to sneak into the kitchen and see who was the creator of these outstanding & very tasteful dishes. When I hit the culinary workshop, it was a pleasant surprise to see my boy “Chef George” behind all of these extraordinary entrees. “Chef George” has been around the cuisine & restaurant market for many years & his vast experience shows with every taste of his fresh & homemade food items. When you go to “Reale’s Sports Bar & Grille” for dinner or bar munchies, please say “HI” to my boy “Chef George” in the kitchen.
If you enjoy a good game of cards, especially “Pinochle”, then you have to join “Reale’s Pinochle League”. Every Tuesday night from 7:30pm until whenever, my gurlz “Cindy” & “Dee” host this very fun card game event with a loser bracket, playoff rounds & prizes are always awarded.
The first Friday of every month, one of my favorite local musical groups (Stems & Seeds Band) play here for 3 sets of classic & modern rock with a Motown, funk, reggae & blues vibe. Here is a plan, get to “Reale’s” early, have a few cocktails, order a very appetizing dinner & enjoy this live show from a few of my close buds.
“Reale’s Sports Bar & Grille” has a perfectly sized banquet room available for all your private party needs. Let “Reale’s” cater your next party or event cause their buffet package prices are focking amazing, in fact, I think I may be having my next birthday party here in July. I promise you, you will not be disappointed. If you wanna reserve their banquet room, please hit up my gurl “Dee” @ 215.332.6374 or call her cell @ 609.320.9519
This place is off da charts with cold beer, stiff cocktails, awesome food, great entertainment, very efficient staff & many good times. To rate “Reale’s Sports Bar & Grill” would be ridiculous, because me & my party possie had a focking fabulous evening & we will all be back many more times. When you go, please make sure you tell them your boy “Roundhouse Ron” sent you!!
Bring all of your friends & swing by “Reales Sports Bar & Grille”, 7233 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19135, 215.332.6374, they can also be found on social media @ facebook, just go to: “Reales Sports Bar & Grille”. “If You Want Awesome Wingz, Cold Beer & Live Local Entertainment, Then Get Your Azz Over To Reales”

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Sarah Foley
From the New Sheffield Tavern
Photo by Mike Vagnoni

DSC01941 coverFor this issue we are featuring  Sarah Foley from the new Sheffield Tavern. Sarah is a resident of Fox Chase and has been tending the bar for about 4 years. Each week she works thursdays & mondays at night and saturdays in the day.
Sarah has blonde hair and blue eyes and stands in about 5′ 2” tall. “I ‘m just a people person she says and I like working as a bartender because I get to meet so many people and get to know them and they come and hang out with me each week. This is the best part of it all…you make some really great friends” she says,  She knows a ton of people and has a great fan base and she is the owner of a great personality too. She likes to have fun when she’s behind the bar. Sarah had this to say about the new Sheffield Tavern. ” I love coming to work and all of us here are like one big happy family. The new Sheffield Tavern is really one great place and it’s because we have the best staff around and everyone cares about one another”.
Hobbies: Likes to take care of her 1 year old baby…and likes arts and Crafts. She loves to paint.
Favorite Radio Station: 102.9 WMGK
ON Sports: Phillies fan all the way.
Birthsign: Gemini
Favorite Drink: I’m a  Coors Light Girl!
Favorite Drink To Serve: Cherry Water Ice

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Our DJ of the Month for April is Matt Seno and he knows the music ..we caught up with him to ask him some questions at Redz Bar & Grille.
DJotMOOT – Where do you DJ?
“Currently, I DJ regularly at Redz Bar in Philly every Wed. night and Alley Gators in Limerick, Pa on Fri. and Sat. nights. I work with Penny Productions so I also DJ intermittently at Champps King of Prussia and Moose Lodge in Phoenixville.”

OOT – How long have you been a DJ?
“I just started doing karaoke and DJ about 2 years ago, although I’ve been a musician all my life”.

OOT – What is your favorite kind of music/favorite radio station?
“Favorite music is alternative and pop rock. My car radio is almost always set to 104.5”

OOT -What kind of music do you like to play?
“Everything from Country to Rap. When I DJ, I believe it’s important to be diverse enough to keep the crowds happy. As long as they’re up and dancing, I’m happy”.

OOT – Are you available for private parties?
“Yes. Penny Productions does private parties as well as weddings. In addition to DJ services, we also offer karaoke and trivia”

OOT – Where are you located?
“I’m located just outside of the King of Prussia area”.

OOT – Give a quote about what you think makes a good DJ.
“I believe the most important aspect to being a good DJ is crowd interaction. Having your head buried in the mixer alienates you from your audience”.

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