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Ok everybody knows that Feb 1st –  WingBowl 21 hits our area…did you get your tickets?  We heard that it is sold out!  Well the bash will not end when the last wing is gone and a new Champ is crowned….The WING BOWL AFTER PARTIES is where the real fun begins.

On Wingbowl  day  Friday  … 8 am the Doors Open up at the

The Penthouse Club – 3001 Castor Ave 215-423-6000 ( This party is going all day…the enitre Penthouse Entourage from Wingbowl will be in the house…) Look for extra Penthouse Girls

Scruples located on Bristol Rd & Lincoln Hwy, Bensalem Pa 215-750-1319   Complimentary Buffet / Drink Special along with Giveaways…11 am the party starts…

Tattletales  Gentlemen’s Club – 6900 New Falls Road  Levittown Pa – 215-547-9610 – 11 am Party Starts – Complimentary Buffet  along with Drink Specials ….

After/Parties continue:

The Stadium Restaurant & Sports Bar –  inside the Holiday Inn / Packer Ave…opens early!

Chickie’s & Pete’s Packer Ave…

The South Philly Bar & Grill…

Paddy Whacks on South Street…

Reale’s Sports Bar & Grill – Ne Phila party starts 12 noon .25 cent wings $2 Pints

Mc Stews Irish Sports Bar – Levittown – opens early $2 Bud Light Bud Plat. Bud Lime / $3 long Island Ice Teas

(More coming up in the next few days…)

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Here are some places that you should check out. These are some events that we think are kind of cool to attend today!  Take your pick..or try and make it out to all of em’/ WoW!  If you can do that – you are a true Party Animal!


Curran’s Irish Inn (Tacony) today  2 pm to 10 pm  Musicians Sandy Relief Beneft with 15 acts…

Road House Inn (Newportville) – Today 3pm  Auction for the Newportville Fire Company . Annual Event!

Michael’s Cafe (Bensalem) Johnny O & the Classic Dogs Of Love Reunion Show…2pm till?

Parx Casino ( Bensalem) Sunday Showcase in the 360 Lounge today with Shore Bets Agency/ Free admission! 6 bands

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djmikelive_logo_glowDJ Mike Live is a Night Life Personality and Well Respected DJ & Emcee in and around the city of Philadelphia! Formally Know as “Yessir” Mike has Taken a New approach on his Entertainment career and he is more dedicated to the art of performance rather then the image and popularity that can be established with some levels of this lifestyle. DJ Mike Live can tackle any walk of life with his ability to play and his knowledge of all genres of music. There is No Event to Big or Party To small that he is not willing to take on and provide his crowed with the best entertainment possible! DJ Mike Live is making a new impact on the Bar scene in the heart of North East Philadelphia, trying to Bring some Life back to the environments he, along with a few others are Responsible for Changing. Back in the Mid to late 2000’s DJ Mike Live was Part of a group of DJ’s, Bartenders and Promoters that took there success from there down town club experience and brought it to North East Philly where they Respectfully took your average Bar, Tavern or Restaurant and turned them in to what felt like a Down Town Night Club, it set the bar for the great party experiences brought to you today by your favorite establishments. DJ Mike Live is unlike most DJ’s you may encounter, He is all personality, very out going and likes to make your experience one to remember. Using Serato Scratch Live with CD Turn Tables and Tech 12’s, running a PC and Mac Laptop’s and never with out a Microphone, DJ Mike Live takes the energy of his crowed and puts it right back in to his set times 10! What sets me apart from any other DJ? “Well, each person is there own person and everyone has there own style and i respect everyone who puts effort in to doing what they love, i feel I’m different from others because i read my crowed well and i like to make things fun, yes I’m that DJ that will have a packed dance floor at 1am and play Girls Just Want To Have Fun or Like a Prayer, it makes things interesting. I also feel what sets me apart is that I’m always willing to learn from and collaborate with others, i never feel there is something i cant do and that your responsible for limiting your own abilities by not reaching out and trying new things.” So the question everyone wants to know, Why The Name Change? “Just time for a change “Yessir” will always be a part of me and it will stay attached to me in the future, it defined me for the past 9 years, But its time to get down to business and take a new approach on things, its a move for the better! There is a lot of good memories associated with yessir, its time to move forward, but i will never forget what i accomplished under that name and all the people who supported Yessir over the years, Just hope to continue to earn the respect and support of them on this New journey along with the support of many new faces.” DJ Mike Live, Who are you inspired by? I get alot of my inspiration from My Dad, growing up with the parents i have was a great experience, My Dad is a Big Funk/ disco/ ol’skool kind of guy and growing up on the sounds of artist such as George Clinton, Cameo, Prince, Kurtis Blow, Earth Wind and Fire, To the Bobby Brown, New Edition, Madonna and Michael, along with so many more, it was just always good music, also having a lot of older cousins who put me on to Slick Rick, LL Cool J and many more from the Hip Hop side of things and of course The FreeStyle Club Music, I can go hour’s spinning songs from Stevie B, Lisa Lisa, and all the legends of that movement. I really like the styles of DJ’s Like DJ Touch Tone, Jay Ski and Doc B, and There are a number of Local DJ’s that i could sit around and listen to for days, inspiration is never enough! Currently I DJ Wed nights and Saturday Nights at The Sheffield Tavern, Wed being a “In The Mix of All The Hit’s” type of Night and Saturdays are more of a Back in the Day Dance Party with a twist of the Hits, Fridays I DJ Joey O’s After hours and I’m working on a few new things that should be coming real soon. On My Spare time I also Bartend and Do Free Lance Graphic Design work, I received My associates degree in Multimedia and Design back in 2008, I’m a softball junkie, i Play on a number of teams from spring to fall, Shoot 9ball and also play hockey and  i coach and do volunteer work at The Holmesburg Boys Club. Leaving behind alot, Mike Live Has given his all to going from YESSIR to DJ Mike Live and hoping for a bigger success and greater Respect from Old and New supporters!
contact info:
Twitter: @DJMikeyLive

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OOT_pictureSapphire Blue is a culmination of the area’s best players playing the best music. “It’s just not what it once was,” says Lexi (the band’s lead vocalist), “The women have taken over the music scene on a world level and that’s what makes us so different. If you take any Katy Perry or Pink song, they rarely have horns or that funk sound that you used to hear in clubs ten years ago. Now, it’s all about keyboards and pop/dance music. Young people will run for the hills if they see a band doing that ‘I love you more today than yesterday’ stuff. Believe me, I’m twenty-one, the same age as the other front person, bassist, and guitarist, so we know what people that come out to spend money want to hear. What we do is play pop music in high energy mode, so it works in even hard rock clubs, too. The band is equally comfortable in upscale settings, since the material we do and how we present it appeals to every age bracket and event, be it nightclub, casino or private affair.

The Sapphire Blue band is a seven piece band, and all of the guys are good looking and personable, if I do say so myself. One of our first official gigs was at Chickie’s and Pete’s New Years Eve party two weeks ago, and it was really jumping. It was one of the very few area clubs that had a good turnout. See, that’s what this band does. We’re all at the age of having hundred of friends just looking to go out, and it doesn’t take months of promoting. The bottom line is that you will have fun at our shows.”

BOOKING INFO: 215-921-0358

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BotMTheresa works at Daly’s Irish Pub and her shifts are
monday, wednesday and saturdays ( day) and thursdays
at night. She owns a great smile and has fun when she’s behind the bar.
She stands in at 5′ 7” and has bown hair and blue eyes….
Theresa has a great personality  and makes all of
her customers feel at home when thy visit.  She’s been
a bartender now for over 2 1/2 years.

On Bartending:
” I like to create the atmosphere for the customers that is fun …I want
them to really enjoy themselves when they come to Daly’s
Irish Pub. I like people and seeing them have fun makes the job so easy”
she says.

Hobbies: Going to the gym to work out and she likes to go Tanning..
* She also is taking part in the Dirty Girl Mud Run…
Resident: Wissinoming
Birthsign: Aquarius
Favorite Radio Station: Q -102
Favorite Drink to Serve: Mango Violation
* this is special drink from Daly’s…stop in and try one!
What’s in it? You have to stop over and find out and also
meet up with Theresa and she can tell you.

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By: Roundhouse Ron
D&B_Photo_1Traveling north on Route 13 in beautiful Croydon, PA, I could not help but notice this quant yellowish building on the right hand side, just past Newportville Road, adjacent the Croydon Septa train station. As I slammed on my brakes and pulled into the parking lot, I then took notice of it’s name, “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House”. When you enter this establishment, you will notice an awesome fun entertaining brew house vibe, with signage, banners, neon’s & blackboards listing the daily specials in multi colored chalk. Right away, I felt totally at home with a few huge “Jack Daniels” aged whiskey barrels, along with a crazy selection of brews on tap, not to mention the frig loaded with almost 100 varieties of custom beers.
When my mixologist for this evening “Vince”, poured out my perfectly poured frosted glass of “Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company” beer, I just had to ask him the history behind the “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House”. He informed me that it was named after one of the oldest pubs in Croydon, England, that is named “Dog & Bull”. For over 400 years, the “Dog & Bull” has been serving Englanders with fine food & craft beers on tap. Adopting the name “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House”, they strive to keep the English pub vibe alive, by serving us great craft beers and entertaining local music.
As I was working my way around the bar area, a young man stepped to me and introduced himself as the general manager “Andrew Wells”. He was very polite and you could just tell “Andy” has an awesome knowledge of the bar/restaurant business. Talking to him, I learned he was in the “Top 12” “2011 Bartends In The World” picked by “Gary (Gaz) Regan”, from the history channel. Also voted, “2012 Most Responsible Bartender In America” by the “Nightclub & Bar Magazine”. Wow, you gotta ask him to make you his famous signature cocktails, like the whiskey infused PB&J or his tastefully wild Bloody Mary. Like I said, “This freakin dude really knows his shyt”. Now residing in the Parkwood section of Philadelphia with his wonderful wife “Eileen”, “Andy” continues to take the “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House” to all new heights with a fabulously relaxing bar venue.
Talk about perfect timing, my server (“Jamie”), approached me as she heard my stomach growling, cause of the tantalizing aromas coming from the all new 2nd floor kitchen. “Jamie” was so damn pleasant and informative of both the menu items, along with the black board specials. This ambitious young lady referred me to numerous very personalized “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House” signature items.
I decided to get this party started with a collection of “Dog & Bull” specialties, like the “Appetizer Sampler” for adventurous eaters. It included “Dog Ears” (sliced rib eye steak with a cheddar cheese ale sauce all wrapped in a dog ear shaped dough), “Risotto Croquettes” (sun dried tomato risotto with fresh mozzarella cheese lightly coated and fried to perfection), “Buffalo Shrimp Balls” (fresh chopped seasoned shrimp mixture rolled in a ball, fried and served with house made blue cheese), and to top it off, one of my personal favorites, “Fried Pickles” (freshly sliced dilled pickles chips, marinated in beer, lightly coated and fried for just a short time). What a freakin way to begin my ultimate venture down flavor town road here at the “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House”.

Chillaxin for just a few minutes, I decided to order a “Jack Daniels & Coke” to wash down all those amazing appetizers. O’boy, here comes “Jamie” with one of my entrees, the “No Bull Bomber Burger”. I have no idea where to begin with this interesting colossal tower of beef, pork, cheese, onion and bun. The “No Bull Bomber Burger” is made up of ½ pound freshly ground beef, large slices of crispy bacon, huge heaping of pulled pork in a house BBQ sauce, thickly sliced pepper jack cheese and topped off with a jumbo “Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company” beer battered onion ring all inside of a freshly baked bun. OMFG, this creation is driving my taste buds absolutely insane with this juicy mountain of mouth watering beef. Did I forget to tell ya, it also comes with a possie of freshly house cut fries and a “Pickle Man” pickle.
The madness just keeps on rolling out of the kitchen with a few more glistening plates of ultra attractive food. I just had to try the “Peppercorn Encrusted NY Strip” cause this 10oz piece of NY strip looked superior to non other, being seasoned and sautéed in a porter mushroom sauce, served with homemade roasted garlic mashed potatoes and seared spinach. Next was the “Garlic Parm Shrimp Wrap” with fresh grilled shrimp in a garlic parmesan seasoning, baby spinach, roasted red peppers and slices of pepper jack cheese all inside of a fresh flour tortilla wrap. When you go to the “Dog & Bull”, you gotta try the “Crab n’ Ale Mac n’ Cheese” just for shyts and giggles, cause it is to die for as it is amazing pasta elbow macaronis served in a signature cheddar ale sauce, with crab meat, goat and parmesan cheese.
Let da good times my party people, cause here comes my desert baby. Let me try to describe this beer infused sweet culinary treat, the “Guinness Fudge Brownie Dog Ears Sundae” is a chocolate fudge brownie infused with a Guinness stout chocolate sauce, vanilla bean beer infused ice cream with chunks of house caramel crunchy nuggets, served with 2 dog ears tossed in cinnamon and sugar. Deliciousness is an understatement, because I think I just stepped onto the 5 o’clock nonstop express to sweet tooth ecstasy. The “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House” has it all, from meat lover delights to numerous vegetarian specialty items, all the way down to their little pups (children) menu.
With such outstanding food being delivered from the “Dog & Bull” kitchen, I just had to meet the mastermind of all this outrageous flavorful food. His name is “Max Schindler” (head chef) and he wears the chef jacket with such pride it shows in detail to quality and perfection with every bite I tasted. This University of Colorado graduate has been cooking since he was 15 years old, then following in his father’s footsteps as a chef, he perfected his continental restaurant style. “Max’s” passion to be a culinary genius took him to a very refined Boulder, Colorado tourist establishment named “Dushanbe Tea House”. Here he gained the vast experience in international and central Asian cooking. Moving to the Philadelphia area with his girlfriend “Corinne”, he now commutes from Abington to Croydon so that we all have the opportunity to sample his superior offerings over at the “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House”.
I have been to numerous taverns, pubs, bars, nightclubs and/or restaurants in my career, this place called the “Dog & Bull” has so many weekly and daily specials going on, I could not believe my eyez with all the entertaining black boards filled with outstanding deals on food and beverages. I could list them, but it would take up this entire issue of “Out On The Town” Entertainment Guide, so I strongly encourage you to hit up the “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House’s” website at for sum interesting deals. Just keep in mind they do have a fabulous “Sunday Brunch” from 9am to 3pm every Sunday, it’s like a brunch with zest on your day of rest ;-}
I wanna be totally serious and honest with you, this place focking rocks hard core, by using all fresh homemade items, with a wild interesting twist that captures your every imagination of how real food should be treated and served. This sounds kinda corny, but here it goes, “God, I Really Luv This Place, With 5 Stars, Out Of 5 Stars Going To The “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House””.
Please stop by “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House”, 810 Bristol Pike (Rt. 13 & Newportville Road), Croydon, PA 19021, 215.788.BULL,, they can also be found on social media @ facebook & twitter, just go to: “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House”. “They Take Their Beer, Food & Drinks Very Seriously, But Not Themselves, Cause Their House, Is Your House”

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By: Krista Doran

Tangled is a new cover band just emerging onto the scene and we thought you all would want to know about them.  Actually, they have been out before, but now with an all new line-up of great musicians that are veterans of the local music scene.
Tangled actually formed 3 years ago and right off the bat they were hitting things hard.  They even competed in the WMGK House Band competition, making it all the way to the finals!  They didn’t win the title, but it gave them the push they needed to continue working hard. Unfortunately, that line-up didn’t last very long and a few of the original members decided to do a re-vamp.  So, just over the course of the last few months, they picked up guitarist and keyboard player, Rob Traegler and my good friend and super awesome Lead Guitarist, Mike Margiotta (aka “Guitar Mike”).
I interviewed their drummer, Gary Breza who told me, “Tangled is playing a great mix of music from the 70’s through to today’s Rock.  We feel most comfortable with the Classic Hard Rock style like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, AC/DC, among others, but we also play more current stuff by Godsmack, JET, STP and The Foo Fighters, too.  While we play classic favorites, we also like to dig down a little deeper and play some of those great “B” side beauties as well.”
Tangled had a GREAT turn out at their very first gig together on 1/11/13 at The Ivy Tavern in Hamilton, NJ and Gary told me, “If our first night out of the box is any indication of things to come, there is a ton of fun coming down the road for both the audience and the band.” This new line-up has great chemistry and each player brings a great deal of playing experience to the band.  Gary explained, “There is no lack of talent or weak spots in this band.  Everyone works hard and has specific strong attributes that they bring to the table and use to propel this band.”  Some of the places you will be able to see Tangled will be The Sticky Wicket in Hamilton, NJ; McGinn’s South in Jackson, NJ and McStew’s in Levittown, PA.  Their full schedule will soon be posted on their website and you can friend them on Facebook by looking up “Tang Led”.
If you can’t get enough of Classic Hard Rock, then Tangled is a band you will want to check out.  They play good Old School Hard Rock that is in your face.  They even do a few originals!  But Hard Rock is their roots and its what they do best so make sure to get out and see them!  Tangled is:  John Webb – Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar; Dino Colarocco – Bass, Lead and Backing Vocals; Rob Traegler – Keys, Guitar, Lead and Backing Vocals; Gary Breza – Drums and Backing Vocals and Mike “Guitar Mike” Margiotta – Lead Guitar.

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Bucks and Montgomery Counties, NE Phila, Old City Phila, South Jersey, Chester County, Delaware County,

University City, The Main Line, Manayunk, * West Chester, * Doylestown.

See the area locations now!

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