In this photo Flip & Jay are with
Wired 96.5 FM’s Buster….
Flip – Works at Hammerheads
on tuesdays, thursdays & saturdays.
He’s been a bartender now for 7 years…
He’s Single and looking for the right gal,
Like’s being behind the bar because it is a great way to socialize…
Loves all the Philly Sports Teams,
Birthsign:  Libra
Favortire Radio Station: Wired 96.5 FM
Resident;  Rhawnhurst
Favorite Drink to serve: Red Bull & Vodka
Favorite Drink –  Fireball

JAY NICE– Works at Hammerheads
on tuesdays, wednesdays, sundays,
He’s been a bartender now for 1 year.
He is single also and is looking …
Likes to party along with his patrons…
He’s a personality behind the bar and gets
the party going every-time he does a shift.
He likes all Sports …and can’t wait to see
this year’s Supebowl.  Also want’s everyone
to know that at Hammerheads they have the
best Mardi Gras party ever..and that is coming
up in early February.
Birthsign: Leo
Favorite Radio Station: Wired 96.5 FM
Resident: Rhawnhurst
Favorite Drink to serve: Bud Light
Favorite Drink: –  Redbull and Stoli

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MeI’m DJ Stampone (Mike Stampone). I’m 22 years old and in just six short months, I’m arguable the number one DJ in Northeast Philadelphia, I was born and raised in the Rhawnhurst section of Northeast Philadelphia. I graduated in 2009 from Northeast Highschool where I was very athletic. But mostly with baseball. It was not until two summers ago that I realized that I could possibly be a DJ.

I was playing music off my Ipod at a house party in the summer of 2011 and I realized that I had everybody up dancing and singing the whole time. That was the day I noticed I had great song selection, which is key for DJ’ing. So I said to myself, “Can I really be a DJ? Can I really go out in public and do this as a living?”. But it was not until this past June that I actually started taking it seriously. My first gig was an 8th grade graduation party. Then the word spread about me. I started to get a great following from adults, all the way down to the kids, and of course my great family and friends.

I play every kind of music you can imagine. From Sinatra, to Avicii, to Jason Aldean, and back down to Usher. I really do love and play every kind of genre of music. I’ve always felt that to be a good DJ, you just play the music you like. But to be a great DJ, you must open your mind to others. Get to know and enjoy their style of music and genres. Be about the people and not about yourself. Go out in the public, introduce yourself to strangers that came to see you DJ, and make conversation. But most of all, show off your personality. That way every time your fans come to see you perform, they feel like they know you personally.

For equipment…I have my Laptop with the DJ program, Mixer, Headphones, and Microphone. I DJ all over Northeast Philadelphia and recently just started DJ’ing at PBR Bar & Grill inside Xfinity Live Philadelphia in South Philly. I also have recently started DJ’d in New York City by Times Square. I will also be traveling to Atlanta in February to perform as well. The places I work in the Northeast are Hammerheads, Alberts Cafe, Paddy Whacks Welsh Road, and JJ’s Irish Pub (Formerly The Bogside Irish Pub). Thursdays I’m at Paddy Whacks, Saturdays I’m at JJ’s, and Sundays I’m at Hammerheads (The number one bar in Northeast Philly).

I also make a lot of guest appearances and do many private events all over the area. … 215-828-1642

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Nicks_Photo_1You ever just drive spots in our fine city without really thinking it’s history because it’s just been there for so many years? I have driven past “Nick’s Roast Beef” on Cottman Avenue like over a million times, but never thought of how fascinating the story goes. “Nick’s Roast Beef” has a very long & interesting history in our Philadelphia area, starting with the first old original “Nick’s Roast Beef” (20th & Jackson Streets) opening it’s doors in 1938. During those jazz musical times, our city had a very strong & physical mob presence, and it was also just a few years after this country ended alcohol prohibition. Since then, there has been a second location (10 E. Woodland Avenue in Springfield, PA) that opened in 1998 & a sexy sleek franchised spot (2212 Cottman Avenue) that opened over 30 years ago.
I choose to do my foodie review on the “Nick’s Roast Beef” located on Cottman Avenue in NE Philly, just a stone’s throw from the Roosevelt Mall. Established over 30 years ago by a gentleman named “Tom Gannon Sr.”, who seen the need for a top quality roast beef sandwich on this part of town. “Mr. Gannon Sr.” since has passed away about 3 years ago, when his daughter “Dianna” took over the entire operation. With so many things on “Dianna’s” plate, her brother “Tom Gannon Jr.” stepped in to continue the “Gannon” family business, so it would not be sold to anyone without the same commitment to quality food. Now, “Tom Jr.” is the full owner & master mind behind the all new “Nick’s Roast Beef” in NE Philly.
During the past year, this restaurant/tavern has been going through numerous changes from an all new interior design look, to some new very tantalizing menu items. If you have ever been to this “Nick’s Roast Beef”, you can’t help to notice the all new seating selection from the very spacious booths, to open tables and now high top table seating. The floor plan has been totally opened up, with a new stage area for local talent & bands to perform their skills. You will be very pleased with the brightly improved eye appealing decor & enjoyable relaxing atmosphere.
After I parked my truck in their huge azz rear parking lot, I entered “Nick’s Roast Beef” & was greeted by two very attractive hostesses by the names of “Allie” & “Vikki”. As my companion for the evening & I were being seated, it was very noticeable how happy & content the entire staff was as they were performing their various responsibilities. Our fantastic server (“Melissa”) for tonight was this very energetic, knowledgeable & very helpful gurl, that any establishment would luv to have on their waitress staff. Once again, thank you so much “Melissa” for everything.
Now, while chugging on my tasty beverage (Jack Daniels & Diet Coke), I could not help to notice the jars of horseradish & hot peppers on every table. Mentally I was like, freakin awesome cause I like hot flavorful food with a slight kick. Checking out the “Nick’s Roast Beef” menu, I was finding it very hard to just pick out 1 entrée, because it all sounded so interesting. So, let me start off by telling you about this crazy good backboard special soup of the day, homemade “Cream Of Vegetable” is all I gotta say. OMG, this was just what da doctor ordered on a chilly Philly night. A few crackers & a slash of black pepper, I was in heaven. Always check out da blackboard special soup of the day.
Just a little info on your boy “Roundhouse Ron”, I luv potatoes & cheese like a fat kid likes cake, so for a beginning teaser I choose the “Buffalo Chips”. As this delectable appetizer reached our comfy booth for 2, you could just smell da goodness. That’s cause the “Nick’s Roast Beef” “Buffalo Chips” are made with a famous recipe, of fresh waffle fries tossed with buffalo sauce along with melted sharp cheese to complete this masterpiece. You can also add slices chicken breast to complete this fantasy, if desired. This was a perfect start for my spicy palette urges.
Since selecting an entrée seemed to be a challenge, I loaded up on all the “Nick’s Roast Beef” goodies. My 1st selection, you could hear sizzling as it was coming out of da kitchen. Yes, I decided to go for da “Chicken Fajitas”, it was designed by using freshly sliced chicken breasts, grilled til they sizzle, included were peppers, onions, served with lettuce, tomato, Monterey Jack/sharp cheeses & soft fajita shells. If preferred, you can also add filet steak or freshly peeled shrimp. Next up, I just had to try da “Ragin Cajun Chicken Wrap Sandwich”, as it was served with Cajun seasoned chicken breast with bacon bits, lettuce & Monterey Jack cheese tightly wrapped with a tangy flavorful power punch.
I could not leave “Nick’s Roast Beef” without trying da world famous “Nick’s Roast Beef Sandwich”. It has to be one of America’s most tender & sultry sandwiches in history, as the roast beef is seasoned & slow roasted, and then piled high on a freshly baked Kaiser roll, with a side of Au Jus & pickles. If you choose, you can also add mushrooms, onions, long hot peppers, roasted red peppers, broccoli rabe & sharp provolone cheese. This signature sandwich of “Nick’s Roast Beef” is a freakin masterpiece that will take you on a 1 way trip to flavor town.
This is so wild, but people come from all around just to taste the “Potato Chips”, yes, I said the “Potato Chips”. They are all homemade, cut from genuine grade A extra long fancy Idaho potatoes, deep fried, seasoned & served with a crispy crunch. When going to “Nick’s Roast Beef”, I am kindly asking you to order da “Gravy Fries”, cut fresh daily, married with prime roast beef & topped with homemade beef gravy.
If you have a sweet tooth, the desert menu freakin rocks with such delectably sugar treats as “Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie”, “Big Cheese Brulee”, “Caramel Apple Granny” & “Molten Chocolate Cake”.
I must give the entire staff of “Nick’s Roast Beef” major props & kudos for such a superior job well done. You all made me feel so at home & comfortable, while still performing your individual duties in a very professional matter. Hang in there, because I must thank you all, starting with the hostesses (“Allie” & “Vikki”), the servers (“Dana”, “Joanie”, “Bobbie”, “Melissa”, “Denise A”, “Denise B”, “Rachel”, “Tory”, “Sam”, “Annie” & “Caitlin”), the bus boys (“Danny”, “Mike”, “Greco”, “Matt” & “Ed”), the prep cooks (“Kenny”, “Mairsol” & “Kevin”), the cooks (“Matt”, “Bill”, “Keith” & “Mark”) & the bartenders (“Samantha”, “Mark”, “Timmy”, “Jenn”, “Lisa” & “Ms. Linda”).
Special thanks to “Jeronimo” (general manager), “Gary” (assistant manager), “Jimmy” (kitchen manager) & “Javier” (head chef). Superior job my culinary brothers & sisters, you have taken a sensational establishment as you all are serving top quality food & perfectly poured libations.
If you are planning a private party in the future, “Nick’s Roast Beef” has just the perfect banquet facility for up to 100 guests. They also have sum specially priced bar & buffet packages, that I am sure can fit your every delight. To hold this spacious area & inquire about the fantastic banquet menu specials, please contact “Caitlin” (event coordinator) @ 215.745.1292 or email her @
Did I forget to mention that “Nick’s Roast Beef” also sponsors a local flag football league, softball league, a dart league & what they call a give back night? Just other ways they have been supporting the community in which they choose to be a part of. Every Tuesday & Sunday nights, “Nick’s Roast Beef” holds a cool local neighborhood celebrity bartending event, where you can bring your posse as you are da celebrity bartender.
“Nick’s Roast Beef” has sum really awesome & thrifty weekly specials, like this thing they call “Happy Hour Nick’s Time”, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday (4pm – 6pm Yuengling & Coors Light pints $1.50, well drinks $2, Blue Moon pints $3, Twisted Tea bottles $3 & appetizers 2 for $20), not to mention these wild daily specials, Monday’s (8pm – 10pm Yuengling pints $1.50, domestic bottles $2, Yuengling pitcher & 10 wings $10 & 5pm – 9pm all you can eat mussels $9.99), Tuesday’s (domestic pints all day for just $2 & 8pm – 12am ½ price appetizers), Wednesday’s (9pm – 11pm Bud/Bud Lights pints $2, Bud/Bud Light bottles $2.50 & 6pm – 10pm wings are just 35 cents each), Thursday’s (8pm – 10pm Miller Lite pints $2, roast beef & french fries $6 & 15% off with college ID), Friday’s (all day long Captain Morgan drinks $3), Saturday (all day long Miller Lite pints $2, Miller Light bottles $2.50) Sunday’s (all day long Bud/Bud Light pints $2, Bud/Bud Light bottles $2.50 & Bud/Bud Light buckets $10). It doesn’t end there my little mind freaks, read on for some entertaining weekly events.
This spectacular facility (“Nick’s Roast Beef”) is now one of NE Philly’s premiere venues for local entertainment with things like this, Tuesday’s (Free Poker Tournaments with cash prizes & 10pm – 12am Kinky Quizzo), Wednesday’s (Karaoke Dance Party), Thursday’s (College Night DJ Dance Party), Friday’s (Local Bands Live On Stage), Saturday’s (Local Bands Live On Stage) & Sunday’s (Free Poker Tournaments with cash prizes). You will definitely catch my crazy azz hangin out @ “Nick’s Roast Beef” many, many times in the near future.
To be totally honest with you, I have been to “Nick’s Roast Beef” on many occasions in the past few years. But now, this place looks so much better & I actually luv all they have done with the new recent changes. My boy “Jeronimo Vasquez” (general manager) is running “Nick’s Roast Beef” like a professional football team going to da Super Bowl. He credits “Gary Gola” (assistant manager) for contributing to da success of this stadium of flavor.
I was so impressed with the entire staff, from the hostesses, to the servers, bartenders, bar backs, cooks & head chefs. Shyt, they have people working here for over 20 years, with lots of them 3 years & higher. The rotation in personnel is very low, due to the loyalty & commitment from the staff to this establishment. If you ever wanna just chill with a few cocktails or settle in for a fine meal, I highly recommend “Nick’s Roast Beef” on Cottman Avenue, you will not be disappointed. When you go, make sure you tell them your boy “Roundhouse Ron” sent you ;-}
Get your calendar out right now & mark down February 9th, 2013 (Saturday), it is “Nick’s Roast Beef’s” “Grand Re-Opening Party” with a live band (“The Insiders”) performing on stage, DJ dance party all night long, drinks specials, food specials & free give-a-ways. Come out, bring all of your friends & celebrate da grand re-opening.
Please stop by “Nick’s Roast Beef”, 2210 Cottman Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19149, 215.745.1292,, they can also be found on social media @ facebook & twitter, just go to: “Nick’s Roast Beef”. “Philly’s Favorite Roast Beef & So Much More”

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6780_111799119009_8077082_nWe made contact with JOHNNY O over the phone about his up coming reunion show that will be taking place at the end of January at Michaels Cafe in Bensalem…here’s some info on things…

OOT Question: How did it all begin for you and when?

JOHNNY O – “1985 is when we started, but didn’t get on a roll until 1986. It was the time of big hair bands, Tommy Conwell.and the like. Not too much soul or funk going on.  So, being the “brain” I was, and broke as all hell, came up with name first(which everyone hated)…then put the members together. had some help from Bobby Micheals, who had me front his band “V-8″ for a year or so before the dogs. Bobby was ‘blues”, but I wanted funky stuff , so on October 31st, SWEENEY’S TAVERN was the first to see THE CLASSIC DOGS OF LOVE!  This was a  combo of Motown,blues, funk and soul,with medleys to die for! no “stop and start” for us…which I think was one of the keys to our success. People loved it.Thanx to “saturday night live.” the horns were most important. Now we could do “Chicago”,Lighthouse, Sly, Blood  Sweat and  Tears and the like….which the clubs wanted badly but couldn’t afford. With a 5 dollar cover and adds from ‘OUT ON THE TOWN”….lol, we became the”TALK OF THE TOWN’….
OOT Question: So how was the money back then?
“We made a few bucks playing the music we loved” …yes we all made some good bucks back then”

OOT Question: What can we expect to see at this upcoming Reunion Show?

Johnny O -“What you will see on Jan. 27th are most of the ORIGINAL PLAYERS from that first band! Gary, Tony,Cassius, Ray,Wally, Billy….are all originals. Ted, my favorite sax player of all time, won’t be there because of health issues.Bobby Micheals will do sax and is more than qualified, and was there in the beginning also! This show will be special because it’s in the northeast, where it all started! I remember having one of biggest shows ever at the”BARN”…so many people there, the upstairs floor would move up and down from the dancing! Tommassos,where we got our”miller genuine draft” sponsor was another one….just crazy… the ski Anyway, i hope you all will have a ball, just like the good old days, when the crowd told us what to play…AND WE PLAYED IT!!! Hope to see everyone there! remember…no Justin Bieber here…no rap…,just good old rock and soul!There have been a lot of versions of the dogs since the beginning, but this version was always my favorite”


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stemliveIn the late 80’s early 90’s a great rock and roll club The Dugout in Levittown , pa was on top of its game two floors a sports bar upstairs and a rock club down stairs this was the hot spot,Every band wanted to play here it had it all……groups like Lecompt, HeartBeats, Don’t call me Francis,Johnny O , Hattrick, Crystal Rocks …they also featured all original acts …Teachers Pet, Heavens Edge, and many more ..Now its time for a Dugout Reunion Sat Jan 26 2013 at (formally the dugout) now Hurrican Jacks ..The Dugout was a cool place to hang at, the Bartenders were awesome and it was always a good time ,On the bill this nite are two bands Hattrick & Stem , let me start with Hattrick this band is based out of levittown, they use to have this place packed Stated ( Nick Brambilla) Lead singer from Stem who is also on the bill this nite..I remember when Hattrick played you wanted to get there early two reasons parking and to get in lol.. these guys were so much fun one of the coolest things they did was bring other musicians up on stage to jam they had no egos they just loved to play and have fun …at that time I was in an original band called Teachers pet from NJ we would open for Hattrick all the time and we became a regular band at the Dugout it was great time for live Music we open for many of the cover bands…every one in Stem has played the Dugout our Drummer Bob Bush was a member of Hattrick for many years even Brendan O’boyle our guitar player played in Hattrick for a short while …we became good friends over the years and played in bands together at one point or I am looking forward to this reunion it’s gonna be a great time with old friends.
Dugout Reunion Jan 26 2013 7pm to 2 am.
Hurricane Jack’s
Bar & Restaurant
7759 New Falls Road
Levittown, PA 19055
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Everybody Scream!

Dec 31, 2012

By: Krista Doran
screamIf you like live music and are looking for a band that provides a high energy party-like atmosphere, then you need to check out the band Scream.
Scream was formed back in 2009 by Danny Nogo from the band Digital Getdown.  Now newly re-vamped using the same formula they started out with, this new line-up also features female vocals keeping a focus on pop-driven music.
The band plays everything you love in the Top 40, Rock and Country genres and now with rapper with Nicky T in the band, Scream is able to bring back some more dance hip hop songs as well. This ALL NEW line up has been rehearsing for about 4 now and their very first show is scheduled for Saturday, January 12th at McStew’s Irish Sports Bar located at 5316 New Falls Road in Levittown.
Scream is a band that plays whatever it takes to keep people on the dance floor.  I spoke to Danny Nogo about the all new line up and he told me, “when you come to a Scream show we want to take you away from all your troubles, show you a good time and remember anytime your feeling down, just come scream with us and we will take care of you!”
The new band is:   Nicky T (Rapper/Lead Vocals), Jessica Lauren (Lead Vocals) Joe Lowery (Guitar), Joey Potts (Bass), and Kyle Moken (Drums).  This band has something for everyone…if you want to dance, rock out or even line dance, you can do that at a new Scream show!  Be sure to check them out at McStew’s or starting on January 17th, every Thursday at the new Sheffield Taven!  To see the full line-up of shows, get more info about the band or to get booking information please go to their website,

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Happy New Year! Let the Party Begin…

The Aloft in Mt Laurel NJ Music by Don’t Call Me Francis – 3 hour open bar,dinner buffet,champagne Toast,Party Favors and Live Feed to the Ball Drop at Times Square. Tickets are:  $99 per person / Guest Rooms start at $129, discounted from $199.00  856-234-1880

The Water Tower, Oaks Pa – Music by the WMGK House Band the SOFA KINGS. $59 per person, Open Bar, Buffet, Black Light Bowling, PRO-KART GO CART RIDES plus DJ and Dancing  $59 per person /$100 per couple  NYE ROOM PACKAGES available for tickets and Hotel Reservations call $299 for two… call 610-666-0100

Mc Stews Pub Levittown Pa – NYE  CINDERELLA BALL  WIN A TRIP TO LAS VEGAS this night / $2 Bud Light Bottles, Bud Platinum and Bud Lime, DJ Dancing  Champagne Toast, Breakfast Buffet at 1 pm …see the Ball Drop from Times Square…215-949-9570

Blurr Night Club Old City – 3 Floors to party, 3 hour Open bar, Dinner Buffet, Champagne Toast, Party Favors Tickets are $45 per person / 215-922-3020

Brunswick Zone XL – Feasterville Pa – 215-322-7755 – 3 plans 12 noon, 3:30 pm and 8pm  New Years Eve, 2am / Bowling/Lazer Tag, and Appetizers, Hot and Cold Buffet, Open Bar, Champagne Toast Midnight Live music with Philly Heart & Soul….$52.99 per person/ $99 per couple.  Kids $38 per…. Daytime lane for 6 people to Bowl $78 per lane.

Chickies & Pete’s  ( All area locations) Party starts at 9pm sharp!  Live Entertainment , Champagne Toast, Food and Drink Packages, Ring in the new year in Chickie’s  style. Note> The Chickies location on the blvd will host fro NYE  Michael Chance at 9pm / followed by Wild Child with Alexa  on the enclosed party deck area.

*CHICKIE’S & PETE’S – South Phila -Packer Ave….NYE   Live music with Purple Reign along with our cuz  DJ TONY BRUNO.

Reale’s Sports Bar & Grill -NE Phila -215-552-6374  Wrist Band for Cash Bar option or $35 perperson for a 4 hour Open Bar/Buffet,Party Favors, Champagne Toast, DJ and Dancing… Call now for reservations!

Hammerheads NE Phila 215-338-6200  *Package plan …Top shelf Open Bar, Party Favors, Buffet , Dj & Dancing…in the range of *$55 per person…..Call for details and (*check the price)…Make your reservations now.

The Fireside Beef & Ale – Feasterville Pa – 215-357-9874  $60 per person, $100 per couple / Open Bar, 8:30 to 1 am, Lavish Dinner Buffet, Party Favors, Champagne Toast, Plus Live Music…Call now for reservations…Limited seating and tickets.

Cazz’s Sports Bar – Levittown Pa –  Free Buffet all night long, Party Favors , NO COVER and Drinks Specials plus DJ & Dancing…215-949-3699

Nick’s Roast Beef – NE Phila – 215-745-1292 …start NYE Day early and stop over for a World Famous Roast Beef Sandwich…things will be buzzin all day at Nicks….* Details for NYE night  call!

Michael’s Cafe Bensalem Pa.,  Get your tickets now $60 per person/$70 at the door… Open Bar, Lavish Buffet, Champagne Toast, Party Favors -hats and noicemakers, Music of Michael Gormley    Call now  215- 215-633-7171 /  / Biggest club with the largest Dance Floor in the area.

*PARX CASINO – Bensalem Pa – …Ring in the new Year in the 360 Lounge…and enjoy an upscale party! ( Call for details or see their website!)

The 3 Monkeys Cafe – NE Phila – Free Champagne Toast at Midnight/ Breakfast Buffet  Special Chef’s menu… DJ from 10pm to 2am / Limited seating.

Joe Santucci’s Bar & Grill – NE Phila –  215-281-2900  Normal Night – ring in the new year with good friends and a Square Pizza…Drink specials and just a fun night always!

Electric FactoryPhila – Live on NYE in Concert – OCTANE …Tickets $10/ Special Guest Kid Felix, BHFJ and the Endless March… Get tickets by going to or

Dr. Lou’s Restaurant & Bar – Roebling NJ – 609-447-0158…. NEW YEARS EVE PARTY…. Cash bar, Party Favors, Champagne Toast, Music ….NO COVER!

Redz Bar & Grille – NE Phila – 215-332-8784  $45 per person, 9pm start time, Top Shelf open bar, Full Dinner Buffet,Favors,Champagene * Food here is awesome. DJ & Dancing

Harrigan’s Pub – Warminster Pa – $50 per person,Topshelf Open bar, Lavish Buffet, Champagne Toast, All your Party Favors, DJ and Dancing from 9 to 2am   215-674-3377 ….

HAZY’S BAR & GRILLE – Feasterville Pa 215-357-7065 Party starts early 11am till >?? Stop over in the day with your friends…

*STEAM PUB / Restaurant in Southampton Pa – Party of all Parties for sure.  Would make a reservation for seating…

Sweeney’s Saloon – NE Phila ( Somerton Area) $20 per person at the door, Full Hot & Cold Buffet, Featuring Prime Rib, Free Champagne Toast, Live Music By  THE PHILLY BRASS & ELECTRIC  215-677-3177

The Sheffield Tavern – NE PHILA ( Mayfair Area) Champagne Toast, Party Favors, DJ & Dancing, Cash Bar 9pm till ???

Finnigan’s Wake – Nothern Liberties -Phila –  Music by Laura Lea & Tripp Fabulous ( Call now for all the details – 215-574-9240

The Churchville Inn – Southampton Pa 215-357-3967 – Music by Well Strung@ 10pm.. PreFixe Dinner starts at 5pm

Harrington’s Irish Pub – NE Phila ( Mayfair Area) 215-624-5022  $40 per person, Open bar package,Buffet, Party Favors, Champagne Toast, The Mummers and DJ Franny Mac

Hurricane Jacks – Levittown Pa 215- 914-4517 – Music by the Pixie Dix, 10p to 1p Open Bar, Buffet,ChampagneToast,Party Favors $35 pp ./ $60 per couple

Georgine’s Restaurant – Bristol Pa –  215-785-0564 New Years Eve Comedy Show Dinner Dance.. ..only a very limited amount of tickets are left. $90 per person, plus DJ & Dancing. Full package

La Casa Di Lucia, NE Phila ( Somerton Area) 215-677-6111 – Open bar, Party Favors, Champagne Toast, Choice of Dinners, See our listings in the lastest OOT Guide…FOOD OPTIONS…from Filet Mignon to Prime Rib ….  Live music by Debbie Knight and Tony Rad/ Make your reservations now…Call for more details.

The Dog & Bull –   Croydon Pa, $60 Dinner for 2 … Music by Jeff  WashingtonBand, Package includes 2 Bomber Bottles,1 appetizer, 2 Entrees, 1 Dessert Make reservatons now … limited seating ask for Andy 215-8704248

Kellens’ Station House – Langhorne Pa – 215-970-5412 – Music by the Gas House Gorillas, $30 per person, $35 at the door,Draft Beer,well Drinks,Buffet, Champagne Toast, Make your reservation now. * Big Party for sure!

Tony’s Place – Ivyland Pa 215-675-7275 Dinner seating / reservations /  up to 8pm – Normal Menu and a special Chef’s selection. Will close lounge for NYE Night!

Paddy Whacks  – ( all area locations) NE Phila Welsh, Comly Rd, and South Street…215-464-7544 Top Shelf Open Bar, Deluxe Dinner Buffet,Party Favors, Dj & Dancing / Call for reservations.

Frankie & Johnny’s -Warrington Pa -267-483-8674 Call for information ( Normal Night )

Lazy Joe’s Saloon – NE Phila – 215-821-3280 – You can rent the entire place out for your special New Years Eve Party or you can rent a small area /  Packages available…They have a package plan with Open Bar, Hot & Cold Buffet, Champagne Toast, Party Favors / DJ & Dancing…

*The Holiday Inn –  The STADIUM SPORTS BAR & RESTAURANT -South Phila –  215-755-9500 The Stadium – call for reservations…$50 per person, Top shelf Open Bar, Buffet, Champagne Toast, Party Favors, Live music by Stevie Cal,  Breakfast @2am $9.99,  *NOTE -ROOM RESERVATIONS  Discounted with NYE PACKAGE for the Club…Make you reservations now!

The Road House Inn – Newportville – 267-812-5853 – DJ Dancing , Normal Night. Party Favors, Cash Bar, No Cover!

JJ’s Irish Pub – NE Phila – 267-499-6574  Special NYE  Package – Open Bar, Champagne Toast, Party Favors , Buffet.

along with DJ and Dancing   call now for tickets!

JC’s Washington House – NE Phila ( Somerton Area)  Back area Sports Bar will be open to ring in the new Year!

Dean Casmirri’s Colonial Inn – Hulmeville Pa – 215-752-9878  – Dj Dancing, Cash bar, Normal Night Full Menu/ Party Favors…

Tattletales’ Gentlemen’s Club – Levittown Pa – 215-547-9610  the party starts at 12 noon. Free Buffet / Extra Girls/ Drink Specials… ( NIGHT TIME – Closed!)

The Penthouse Club – Port Richmond – 215-423-6000  ” The NYE PARTY STARTS 11:30 am and goes till ??? Extra Girls….

Scruples Gentlemen’s Club – Bensalem  Pa…Located at the Oakford Inn,  215-7501319 – Party starts early at 12 noon and goes till 6pm  Extra Girls – Free Buffet  Start the NYE day early.

Double Visions – Horsham Pa – Party starts early in the day Dec 31st …12 noon till ?

* Spencers Pub – NE Phila –  Music by the Evolution, Package Plan $50 per person / Buffet . Champagne Toast, Open Bar, Party Favors…or you can just enter and pay $5 cover / and enjoy the night with a cash bar.  * Note this is what was said to us…You have a choice here.

Brownies 23 East – Ardmore Pa –  Music by Chico’s Vibe…Tickets $50 advance …$60 at the Door, 4 Hour Open Bar, Champagne Toast, Hors Devours, Party Favors….and more…

(* Other ) Suggestions:   The Buck Hotel in Feasterville ,  Curran’s Irish Inn’s ( Bensalem, Tacony and Palmyra) ,Maggies Waterfront Cafe, SmokeEaters, Mc Noodles, Kilbanes, Fishbone Pub, The Ashton Tavern, Reedys Tavern, Leneghans Irish Pubs, Christys, Rauchuts Tavern, The Grey Lodge, Red Rooster Inn, The Rockledge Pub, The Hollywood Tavern, The Wet Whistle in Jenkintown! Flukes Bar & Restaurant. Owen’s Cafe. Hammerheads, Caspers Bar, Toms’ Sportsmens. Benchwarmers and the Post Office in Bridesberg

The Temperance House in Newtown PA – See Right Turn at 40 and enjoy the NYE Atmosphere of the House…call now for reservations -limited seating.

The Stadiums Bar & Grill ( All area locations) Andalusia, NE Phila, Fairless Hills Pa, West Bristol, Levittown …

CONTEST  TIME -ENTER TO WIN A SPRING BREAK TRIP! You can Enter to win a Spring Break Trip / Brought to you by Miller Lite…..Scan the QR code found on posters and Table tents in  the following area locations and ” Enter to win”

. Download the App/

Go to: / Here are the special places that you can enjoy the Holidays and with a Miller Lite in hand….

Center City & University City:

Cavanaughs Leprechan, The New Deck, Smokey Joes, Draught House, Pub Webb, Max’s, Urban Saloon, Fox & Hound, Tir NA NOG, Con Murphys,  Mikeys American Grille, Smiths,


South Cross Kitchen, Spamps, The Boathouse, Baggatawy, Mansion House, Guppys, * Main Line- The Grog, Erin Pub,

WEST CHESTER AREA: Alibi’s, Ramshead, Barnabys, Ryans’s Pub, Mas, Side Bar,

DOYLESTOWN AREA: The Amber Inn, Finneys, PUCK, Chambers 19, The Farmhouse,

*OTHER AREA LOCATIONS FOR NYE / Picks by OOT for great Entertainment and for some real good deals.


The Roxxy,

The Electric Factory,

Drinkers West,

Ortlieb’s Lounge,

Silk City,

The Triumph Brewery,

Las Vegas Lounge,


The Trocadero,

*Local Area Casinos

The Trump Taj Mahal Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City

The Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City

Harrah’s Atlantic City,

The Borgata – Atlantic City,

The Showboat – Atlantic City,

The Tropicana Hotel & Casino Atlantic City,

Sugar House Casino – Philadelphia

Harrah’s Philadelphia / Chester Pa

*PARX CASINO – Bensalem

Bensalem Pa

The E- House,

Bradys Irish Pub,

Big Heads Sports Bar,

The Great American Pub,

Levittown Pa,

Sparky’s World Famous,

The Happy Hour Tavern,

Da Bar, Gleasons Bar,

Baileys Irish Bar,

The Capri,

Murphy’s Bar,

Rio Sports Bar,


Currans Irish Inn

The Adelphia,

The Coastline,

Top Dog,

The Jug Handle Inn,

The Madison House,

PJ Whelehans ( All area Locations)

Otts, ( All area locations)

Brewsters ( In the Bowling Alley)

Pinsetters ( In the Bowling Alley)


The Pour House,

*Dolan’s Irish Pub in Burlington NJ * First NYE Party!

RHO in Trenton NJ


Wearhouse 24, Rp Mc Murphys,

Tom & Jerry’s,

The Springfield Inn,

60 East,

The Media Inn,

Chickie’s & Pete’s -Drexel Hill


Chester County:



Ryans Pub,


The Side Bar,

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Christmas Announcement

Tampax has announced that they will be replacing their tampons string with tinsel. This will be for the Christmas period only.


Gift Idea

Stuck for ideas this Christmas?
Buy someone a fridge and watch their face light up as they open it!!


Tis the Season for Cheesy One Liners

Q: Which reindeer have the shortest legs?
A: The smallest ones

Q: What do reindeer have that no other animals have?
A: Baby reindeer

Q: How does Santa Claus take photos?
A: With his North Pole-aroid

Q: What did Adam say on the day before Christmas?
A: It’s Christmas, Eve

Q: What do you have in December that you don’t have in any other month ?
A: The letter “D”

Q: Who delivers cat’s Christmas presents?
A: Santa Paws

Q: What do elves learn in school?
A: The Elf-abet!

Q: If athletes get athletes foot, what do astronauts get?
A: Missletoe

Q: What do you get if you deep fry Santa Claus?
A: Crisp Cringle

Q: What did the ghosts say to Santa Claus?
A: We’ll have a boo Christmas without you

Q: What goes Ho, Ho, Swoosh, Ho, Ho, Swoosh?
A: Santa caught in a revolving door

Q: Why does Santa Claus go down the chimney on Christmas Eve?
A: Because it “soots” him

Q: What do you call a group of chess fanatics bragging about their games in a hotel lobby?

A: Chess nuts boasting in an open foyer!

Q: What does Santa call reindeer that don’t work?

A: Dinner
Q: Why was Santa’s little helper depressed?
A: Because he had low elf esteem.

Q. What do call Santa when he stops moving?
A. Santa Pause!

Q. What did Mrs. Claus say to Santa when she looked in the sky?
A. “Looks like rain, dear.”


MORE – But They’re Getting Better!!!

Q: How many ears has Captain Kirk got?
A: Three: The left ear, the right ear, and the final front ear.

Q. What do you get if you cross mistletoe and a duck?
A. A Christmas Quacker.

Q: What do the elves call it when Father Christmas claps his hands at the end of a play?
A: Santapplause!
Q: What do you call people who are scared of Santa Claus?
A: Claustrophobic
Q: What do you call Santa when he has no money?
A: Saint “Nickel”- less
Q: What do you call someone who doesn’t believe in Father Christmas?
A: A rebel without a Claus
Q: What do you call a snowman in the summer?
A: A puddle
Q: What kind of music do elves like best?
A: “Wrap” music!
Q: Who sings “Blue Christmas” and makes toy guitars?
A: Elfis!


Knock Knock

Knock Knock
Who’s there ?
Rudolph who ?
Money is the Rudolph of all evil!


Sir Paul’s Gift

Sir Paul McCartney bought his ex wife a new artificial leg for Christmas.
It was just a stocking stuffer.

Finally …

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Feliz Navidad, Happy Festivus, – Whatever you’re into, it’s Christmas time – The time of year when everyone gets all “Santamental” – Haha!

There’s quite a few events and parties going on, however it all starts this Friday (14th) at Reales’. Out on The Town will be having their annual Christmas Party and all are invited! Stems and Seeds will be playing Christmas tunes all night long and I’m sure Gary from Reales’ will hop in and sing a tune or two. Always a blast at Reales’! The party starts at 7:00, and drinks are on Mikey – It doesn’t get any better than that!! (I can hear Mikey screaming from here – Hahaha!!)

Saturday the 15th Get the Led Out will be playing their annual December show at the E. Factory. The show starts at 8:30 and as of this printing, tickets are still available. Needless to say, this show is absolutely AWESOME and the boys would love to see you there!

I’m sure I’m missing some parties here, but probably one of the most important show this month is the “Forever Autumn” benefit concert being held on the 22nd at the TLA. This is an all ages show and it runs from 2:30-11:00. Tickets are available at the door for $25.00 ea with all of the proceeds from this event will go to the Autumn Pasquale Memorial Fund. I’m told there have been some amazing gifts donated by some big name bands (Cinderella, Motley Crue, etc) to be used in the 50/50. PROPS to everyone involved with putting this show together – You guys RULE!! For more info, look up Forever Autumn on facebook.

That’s it …. Have an AWESOME Christmas gang! Enjoy the time with your family and friends, and I hope that the fat guy brings you all that you want, and more!

As always, keep your jokes, pics, whathaveu and whatnot coming to
Have FUN!!

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By:  Krista Doran
courtney_jansen_article_photoEvery once in a while a brand new original artist comes fourth from the Philly area that inspires all of us with their music.  Many of you already know the artist I am about to present from her band Gypsy Wisdom and have grown to love her; not just for her musical talents, but also for the truly beautiful person she is.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Courtney Jansen!
Courtney just release her CD, “Closer To Eden”, an expressive, fresh and energetic collaboration between Courtney, her husband Danny Gunz, and co-writer and producer Stephen McKnight.  The soulful and poppy, positive sounds of her CD come from her inner-strength and leads the listener down Courtney’s own personal path of self-awareness. I first met Courtney a few years back, when a mutual friend of ours, Lori Stidham, gathered a bunch of local musicians together for an event she called, Lovefest.  I was instantly drawn to Courtney.  She has a glow of peace and love around her, and it embraces you whenever she performs.  She is just one of those people that has a warmth about her everyone appreciates. I had the privilege of interviewing Courtney, and instead of working the questions into a story like I do for most interviews, I decided to just print the questions and answers below, so that all of our readers could get a better idea of her personality.  Here is what we discussed:

Q: Who are your major influences?
A:  Whitney Houston and Alanis Morissette

Q:  How long have you been together?
A:  This project has only been myself, my husband (Danny Gunz), producer/songwriter (Stephen McKnight), and two stellar drummers (Bobby Pyrilis and Kevin Soffera). We’re not a band per say. Me, Danny, and Stephen have been working together on this project for about a year now.

Q:  Why this group of guys/what’s the chemistry like?
A:  Well the chemistry with my husband is a given:) Knowing someone so deeply has allowed us to finish each other’s sentences and, in this case, lyrics. Stephen has proven to be the perfect piece to finish this tripod off. When one of us hits a creative wall, someone is always there to break it down with a fresh idea.

Q:  Who writes your songs? What the main inspiration for most of your songs?
A:  It’s very collaborative between the 3 of us. The general pattern has been, I come up with the initial subject matter, Danny gives it a rewrite with fresh eyes, and Stephen composes music around it all. But, it’s really a mix of all those things. As for the inspiration, this whole album has been about self discovery, inner strength, and moving on.

Q:  What is the process you use to write?
A:  For the first two tracks, I had little voice memos on my phone that I brought to Danny and Stephen and we built up from there. The last track, “Surrender”, was a song that Stephen had begun writing a while ago with me in mind, so we just started grooving with that sweet guitar lick and came out with a sweet EP closer.

Q:  Has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?
A:  Very much so. We actually tried to get this project fired up in 2010, but as always with life, things happened and we had to put in on pause. The songs I was going to record in 2010 are much different than what we have with Closer To Eden. As I always say, “everything happens for a reason” and where I was during this writing process in 2012 was more where I wanted to be as far as inspiration and creativity.

Q:  What has been your biggest challenge as a band?
A:  TIME! As you know, Danny and I are in the cover band Gypsy Wisdom and Stephen is in the cover band Steal the Sky. Between the travel, life’s daily chores, and everything else sometimes it’s hard to get out there and do all the things I’d like to do with this EP. But, we accept challenges! And, time will be what it will be. We have things in the works for 2013 and as long as I put them in my iPhone, they will ALL GET DONE! haha

Q:  What genre would you say you fall under?
A:  Pop rock

Q:  What are your shows like?
A:  Our first original show will be in the new year, but I can tell you what those will be like. Energetic, warm, emotional, and definitely entertaining, especially with the line up of musicians who will be around me:)

Q:  How do you all like touring?
A:  When you do what you love with people you love, does it really matter where you are? Nah;)

Q:  What do you want everyone to know about your band?
A:  Once upon a time, I wanted to be a famous performer. I wanted to be on Star Search with Ed McMahon soooo bad. haha. That carried over for awhile. I wanted the world to know my name. Over the past few years, as I’ve really come to know who I am, that shifted… big time. Now, I just want to inspire people to know themselves as they really are through the beauty of music and lyrics. The world can be a tough place if we let ourselves believe all the hype about appearances, material things, etc. But none of that is important. Being strong and healthy is beautiful. Sharing love is beautiful. That’s what I”m trying to do with my songs:)

Q:  What have you done locally?
A:  I have been working in radio stations for the past couple years recording radio jingles and I have very supportive friends who are working on some things for us, I’ll keep you posted. There is also a World Cafe Live show in the works that will be with two amazing women artists. This will be a highlight of my life kinda night.

Q:  What do you want the Philly area to know about you and the band?
A:  We’re comin’ for ya! Make sure to check the website ( for all upcoming events and info. We plan to get out and share what we got in the new year and I hope to have people feeling like they’re on cloud nine after a night of positive messages on sweet melodies with some very talented musicians.

Q:  What’s your advice for new original bands?
A:  Just be honest. Never write or play a note for someone else. Make it real from your heart because at the end of the day, we all have different taste in music. We’re not going to please everyone. So make something that you are proud of. That’s what original music is all about for me:)

You can check out the first single from the CD entitled, “The Girl I Used To Be”, on itunes, and you can also grab the CD on CDBaby.  Simply go to her website to check it out right now!  All of us here at the OOT would like to congratulate Courtney, Danny and Stephen on such a wonderful offering of great music!

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Interview By: Roundhouse Ron
Photo_2(1)When this charming young lady entered the room with her bright red pig tails, I could definitely tell I was in the presence of a very talented future mega star. I had the pleasure of personally interviewing this very hard working musical artist that goes by the name of “Tina DeCara”. Grab a bottle of water, relax & enjoy this very special “Out On the Town Entertainment Paper” featured interview …..
RR ~ I must ask, for such an amazing young musical artist, how old are you?
Tina ~ I am 16 years old.
RR ~ So, I am gonna assume you are in high school?
Tina ~ Yes, a junior at East Port South Manor High School in Long Island, New York.
RR ~ Do you have any siblings, like brothers or sisters?
Tina ~ Definitely, I have 2 brothers with me being the middle child.
RR ~ Any hobbies or interest that you enjoy?
Tina ~ I like playing Slayer on my Xbox 360, because I am a part time Zombie Killer.
RR ~ How about musical instruments, you play a little and if so, what do you play?
Tina ~ Yeah, Yeah, I love playing the piano and now trying to also learn the guitar.
RR ~ I just gotta ask you Tina, what is in your iPod as being your favorite music?
Tina ~ Sounds kinda crazy, but I love classic rock & jazz.
RR ~ Have you done any television or considered acting?
Tina ~ I have performed on a few TV shows such as “Reality Dance”, “Party Starter”, “D2XX” & “Dancin’ On Air”. But, I would love to pursue a career in television as my second passion, since I currently take theater in high school.
RR ~ What is the most rewarding part of being famous?
Tina ~ Doing charity work & benefit shows for awesome organizations like the “Jamie Isaacs Foundation for Anti-Bullying”, “Animal Abuse Rights” & “Equal Rights for All”. Giving back is part of my total happiness.
RR ~ In your spare time, what can we find “Tina DeCara” doing?
Tina ~ I love keeping in touch with my fan base via “facebook”, “twitter” or on my own personal website @ “”
RR ~ When listening to your songs, I feel like you are describing your life, am I right?
Tina ~ Very good Mr. Roundhouse, I write my songs as life experiences as things are happening in my life, I feel my music will appeal to other teenagers going through the same situations. I hope my music will reach out to others & make a difference.
Photo_8(1)RR ~ Who have you performed with or where have you performed in the past few months?
Tina ~ I am always on tour with my “Tazmania Records” family, such as “Denine”, “Joe Zangie” & “Debra Michaels”. Just recently I have performed at “Hershey Park”, “Chickie’s & Pete’s Play 2 Nightclub” in South Philly & “Top Dog Nightclub”, as well as hitting lots of hot spots in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey & New York areas. Oooo yea, I sang the National Anthem at a “Long Island Ducks” minor league baseball game.
RR ~ Any projects or recordings coming up in the near future?
Tina ~ OMG Yes, I just recorded 2 Christmas singles “This Christmas” & “All I Want For Christmas Is You” with the legendary Debra Michaels that can now be found on YouTube & facebook (search Tina DeCara). Also, I have a new single being released in February of 2013 that I personally wrote.
RR ~ I seriously enjoyed your music video for “Crazy About You” & was wondering, any plans for a another music video in the works?
Tina ~ So funny you asked that, cause I am currently making plans for a new music video project with Carlos Mojica from Chicago, that will be from my February 2013 single release song.
RR ~ What would be your future goals?
Tina ~ To have a lifelong career in singing & acting as a humble professional. Continuously inspiring girls & boys to positive would also have to be a goal of mine.
I also learned that “Tina DeCara” is a featured artist on “ as her songs are being played in full rotation now. Not to mention, “Long Island’s #1 Hit Station WBLI 106.1” has also named “Tina” as their featured entertainment personality with a full news article. As well as adding this outstanding new artist to their full time play list. With 2 new songs being released in 2013, she has a bright & beautiful future as a singer, song writer & performer.
“Tina DeCara” has transformed into a star on the rise, role model, advocate for anti bullying & fashionista. Attending NYC fashion week & New York Couture week as a special guest to designers like Carmaleta Couture & Edwing D’Angelo (personal favorite of Super model Tyra Banks). With much deserved respect “Tina” has begun to make appearances on the red carpet, reality shows & private fund-raising events.
The “G By Guess” clothing company honored “Tina” with Top 20 artist in November 2012. While the “Von Maur” clothing store chain is continuously playing her amazing music video “Crazy About You” in every location from coast to coast.
With such hits under her belt now, like “Count On Me” & “Crazy About You”, this girl is lighting up iTunes with hundreds of downloads. This is one very talented individual, I know who will continue to do nothing but rise to ultimate success, so make sure you keep track of “Tina DeCara” by joining her inner circle of friends on various social media networks.
“Tina” has hooked up with an industrial powerhouse of musical genius’s like “Tazmania Records”, “Vizion Entertainment Group” & “Universal Music Group Distribution”. Take a few minutes, head over to her links & join “Tina DeCara’s” fascinating journey to greatness & stardom. You can keep in touch with “Tina” on “Apple iTunes”, “iFame Radio”, “iHeart Radio”, “YouTube”, “facebook”, “twitter” &
For future bookings, please contact: “Tazmania Records” @” & “Vizion Entertainment Group” @” or email them @

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