The online version is going up online later today and due to Hurricane Sandy we are sorry to say that the printed OOT Guide will be out as soon as the Electric is turned back on…the delay is something that none of us can control. There has been a lack of power at our printing company ( Interprint – Bristol Pa)  and we are waiting for the power to return soon.  Enjoy the online version …we started to place up key items that you will find in the next OOT guide…this is our THANKS GIVING EVE party Guide for 2012, and one you will not want to miss.  We hope everyone is ok and if you are in an area where there still is no electricity we hope you are holding up.  We also send out our prayers and wishes to all of our friends at the Jersey Shore…we hope that you will see a fast recovery from this horrible Hurricane that has had in impact on all of us. We do hope each and everyone of you will be safe and get over this serious problem very soon.

Thank you for your support at a time like this. This is out of  our control. Only one thing can stop us from doing an OOT and that is the lack of Electricity…..we have to wait it out till’ the power comes back.’

To all of our friends-stay well.

Mike Vagnoni/ Out On The Town/Editor-Publisher


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