Cheesy Halloween One Liners – Ya Gotta Love It!!

Q: What do little ghost drink?
A: Evaporated Milk

Q: Why do cemeteries have fences around them?
A: Because people are dying to get in

Q: What do you say when you meet a ghost?
A: “How do you boo?”

Q: What is a ghost’s favorite breakfast?
A: Booberries

Q: What is a ghoul’s favorite breakfast?
A: Rice Creepies

Q: What did the policeman say to the spider who ran down his back?
A: “You’re under a vest!”

Q: What do you call the ghost of a door to door salesman?
A: A dead ringer?

Q: Where does Dracula keep his valuables?
A: In a blood bank

Q: How does a witch tell time?
A: She looks at her witch watch

Q: What do you call a ghost in a holy sheet?
A: A holy terror

Q: How do mummies hide?
A: They wear masking tape
Q: What would you find on a haunted beach?
A: A sand witch
Q: What time would it be if five demons were chasing you?
A: Five after one

Q: What would you get if you crossed a rabbit with a wolf?
A: A Harewolf

Q: How do you make a milkshake?
A: You sneak up on it and yell “BOO!”


Yo Colleen – I’ve got MORE!!

Q: What happens to a fast witch on a slow broom?
A: She flies off the handle

Q: Why do demons hang out with ghouls
A: Because demons are a ghouls best friend

Q: What do you get when you cross a chicken with a ghost?
A: A poultry-geist

Q: What does Dracula put on his nachos?
A: Halloween-o Peppers of course

Q: What do you get when you cross a monster and a pig?
A: Frankenswine

Q: Why didn’t the skeleton dance at the party?
A: He had no body to dance with

Q: What time was Dracula’s dentist appointment?
A: Tooth-Hurty

Q: Why did the mummy go on vacation?
A: He needed to unwind

Q: What do birds give out on Halloween?
A: Tweets

Q: What do goblins mail home while on vacation?
A: Ghostcards

Q: What kind of car does a ghost drive?
A: A Boo-ick

Q: What do Hillbillies do on Halloween?
A: Pump-Kin

Q: Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road?
A: He didn’t have any guts


Boo Who?

Knock Knock
Who’s there
Boo who?
Don’t cry – It’s just a joke


Costume Jokes

Two medical residents were invited to a costume party. They stopped at the Army/Navy store to see if they could find something to wear but only had enough money to buy one pair of fatigues. One wore the top half, and the other wore the bottom half.

Q: What were they?
A: An upper and lower GI


Nancy’s Costume

Nancy from Currans has nothing to were for Halloween, so she puts a sheet over her head, sticks some horns on it and goes to work. Once at work, Diane asks, “Nancy, what are you supposed to be?” Nancy replies, “Bull Sheet”


Quick Thinkin Victor

Victor came to my door on Halloween dressed as ‘Rocky’ in boxing gloves and satin shorts. Because I was giving away large chocolate bars, Victor decided to he come back and hit me up again.

“Aren’t you the same ‘Rocky’ who was here a few minutes ago?” I asked

“Yes” Victor replied “But now I’m the sequel!”


Today’s Halloween Specials:

Ghoulash, Scream Beans, Scalped Potatoes, and Booberry Pie with I Scream


Finally …

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and we’ve got some really cool things going on round here. For starters, this Saturday (13th) REV will be playing at Currans in Tacony.

On Sunday (14th), Mayfair is having it’s 2nd Farmers Market right at Cottman and Frankford from 9 till 2:00 (that’s AM kiddies … lol). All kinds of cool stuff there including live music and a Grey Lodge Beer Garden! How cool is that?!! Bring your Growlers!

Speaking of Mayfair – The Thanksgiving parade is coming up and you’re more than welcomed to create and enter your own float in the parade! Shoot me an email for more details.

On Friday the 19th, Aj Slick will back at Sweeny’s jammin his ass off again. Speaking of Sweeny’s, they’ve been booking some really good bands up there (as usual)! Joe Coyne (Evryman Jack) recently played there as a last minute fill in and he’s been asked to play again in November on the 11th. Awesome!!

On the 27th, Teddy Dugan is once again having his Halloween Fest featuring Seven, Angry Vic, Pixie Dix, and Disturbing the Peace. It’s 6 hours long and only $30 smackaroos. Shoot me an email for details. It’s going to be INSANE!!

Alright gang .. as always keep your jokes, pics (especially the Halloween pics) whathavue and whatnot coming to

Have FUN!!

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by Jimmy Abgarian


For 18 years Bonehead has been one of the top drawing acts in the tri-state area. In 1994 Eddie and Chris from Slippery and the skirt chasers created Stone Groove Productions and decided to put together a band of the best musicians they could find. Rather than take a group of guys who were friends who may have a weak link, they auditioned a bunch of musicians and dubbed them “Bonehead”. At the time it was unheard of to take to the free agent market and cherry pick talent. This process proved to be a perfect business model for them. Using the Alternative music of the time to shape the band, Bonehead skyrocketed at a rapid fire pace. Having played all of the top clubs in the Philly area as well as saturating the Shore market, they only seemed to get better. In 1999 they released a CD of original songs through Vulgar entertainment and produced by Grammy award winning producer James Cravero. Fade would prove to be a steppingstone to bigger things to come. The buzz from the Fade cd caught the attention of producer Don Gehman and they were soon signed to a major label. For legal reasons the name of the band had to be changed to Familiar 48. They then released Wonderful Nothing in April 2002. Wonderful nothing is still a great CD that released today would have an entirely different end result. In 2003 after the minor success of Wonderful Nothing lead singer Jayy Mannon decided to put the band on hiatus to work on some original music. 2005 saw the reformation of Bonehead with Jayy being the only original member. With the reformation of the band Jayy along with Vulgar records rereleased Fade their first full length CD adding 4 bonus tracks. Playing sporadically and not keeping the schedule that would burn them out proved to be essential in creating the new music that would make up the 2007 release “Broken and Glued”.

Over the years for this band one person has remained through everything. Jayy Mannon has been the Front man from day one. The band was put together around him and he took Bonehead to places most band only dream about. He understands that Bonehead is a brand name and treats it as such. Jayy can walk into a room with a guitar sit down and garner the attention of everyone. Years of playing have made the Bonehead show look almost effortless. I have seen Bonehead a lot over the years and have seen Jayy take time to talk to everyone about everything and not think twice about giving advice to up and comers. The current lineup of Bonehead consists of some of the best veterans of the scene. Drummer Daryl Updike and Mike Arrelano and Jeff Camarco are all former members of The Interns. Daryl is the owner of United Strength Academy in Trenton NJ that handles personal strength and conditioning as well as being a full service training facility. Mike works at Hoshino makers of Ibanez guitars. Jay is a color specialist and stylist at salon Zen in Warrington. When not working their day jobs the band plays acoustic and full band shows all over the area. I had a chance to check them out at The Limit (formerly Reeds) and for the first time in a long time felt that I got more than my moneys worth. I suggest that you take what I say with a grain of salt and check them out for yourself. It will be worth it, I promise you.

You can get their schedule and check out their music at

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Bartender of the Month

Melissa Jo

From: Freddie’s Tavern

Bristol Pa


(Photo by Mike Vagnoni)

For the month of October we have “Melissa Jo” from Freddie’s Tavern, Bristol Pa., as our bartender of the month. Melissa is a resident of Levittown Pa., and has been a working bartender for over 10 years. She has been at Freddie’s Tavern since January and  she has the following shifts:  (mondays 3pm to 8pm, wednesday 8pm to close, saturdays from 8pm to close). She is full of energy and sparks up the bar when she does her shifts. She is one personality behind the bar  and loves her job

.”I love everything about the bar industry and everyone that comes to my bar is my new best friend”, she says.

She also likes live music and some of her favorite acts are:  Reckless Behavior, Pop Fiction, Sinners Saints.


Melissa stand in at 5′ feet and has brown eyes and brown hair. She has a great personality and makes it fun when she works.

Favorite Radio Station:  Radio 104.5 Fm – loves  modern rock.

Hobbies:  Walking her dog, going to the beach all the time ..She likes the Sea Side area of New Jersey and goes all year round down the shore..”Anytime is the right time to visit the beach” she says..

ON SPORTS:  Loves the Phillies – She is a die hard baseball fan and this is her team!

Favorite Drink: Southern Comfort

Favorite Drink to Serve: “Jack Sparrow”  (Recipe – Tattoo Rum & Pineapple juice)

Meet up with Melissa Jo on your next visit over to Freddie’s Tavern, let her know you did see her in the OOT Guide’

See more photos at: (Click to our Bartender of the Month section)

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OOT’S Killer Picks!

Oct 10, 2012


East Coast Debut at Wells Fargo Center Complex
Saturday, October 27th
Registration for The Walking Dead Escape is available now!
(PHILADELPHIA) October 3, 2012 – The zombie virus continues to spread as Ruckus Sports and Skybound, in conjunction with Live Nation, announce Philadelphia as the next city to fall in the gruesomely realistic The Walking Dead Escape obstacle course series. Taking place on Saturday, October 27 at the Wells Fargo Center Complex, the apocalyptic event comes just in time for the Halloween season. There are three ways to take part in this epic adventure: participants can choose to be a Survivor and race through the zombie infested evacuation zone, a Walker who embraces the inevitable and surrenders to the undead horde, or a Spectator who watches the apocalypse from sidelines at the Escape Party.
Tickets for this event are available now through and
On the heels of a wildly successful event in San Diego this Summer, The Walking Dead Escape: Philadelphia is unlike any obstacle course event in the nation. Expanding on the best-selling The Walking Dead comic book series and graphic novel storylines, the Escape allows Survivors and Walkers to explore the initial days of the apocalypse.
“Thousands of Walking Dead fans participated in San Diego and we promised that it wasn’t going to stop there,” said Liam Brenner, founder Ruckus Sports. “Now the people of Philadelphia are going to have their chance participate as we transform the Wells Fargo Center Complex into the early days of society’s collapse.”
Survivors will climb, crawl and slide in an effort to avoid confrontation by hordes of Walkers while achieving the ultimate adventure on The Walking Dead-themed obstacle course. The Walking Dead Escape is not a race and Survivors are not timed, but the end is near and they must move swiftly. If they’re lucky, Survivors will reach the decontamination zone where their level of infection – if any – will be determined by a confidential military scan. Walkers will be transformed into the undead by professional makeup teams and released on the course to haunt the living. New for the Philadelphia Escape is the “Survivor Showdown” where five-person teams will compete on a separate, walker infested course for $2,500 in prizes.
The choice is yours. Whether you run, walk, or watch, Walking Dead fans will have a front row seat to the real-life action event of a lifetime.
Early registration is strongly recommended, as walk-ups may not be available on event day.
For more information or to register for the event, please visit
JASON’S WOODS offers New Paranormal Bus Tours for 2012!!
Lancaster, PA – Jason’s Woods 2012 opens its 27th year with NEW takes on our unmatched collection of “7” favorite attractions and a brand new concept in supernatural horror, The Paranormal Bus Tour!  Unbelievably the Biggest just got BIGGER!
Buses leave the grounds of Jason’s Woods on a nail biting journey to an actual 150 year old mill, full of murderous tales of revenge and loss. Scientifically proven to be the residence of several restless spirits, the Paranormal Bus Tour allows guests the one of a kind opportunity to follow in the footsteps of a team of actual paranormal investigators who, utilizing the latest in ghost hunting equipment, have made contact with these lost souls!
A seamless fusion of macabre local history and traditional Ghost Walk the Paranormal Bus Tour promises to leave its guests begging for the safety of the return trip back…
The “Legendary” Jason’s Woods boasts “7” hair-raising attractions and again, Jason’s Woods has taken them all to the next level! New Creatures, Special Effects and unparalleled scares await visitors to our Horrifying Hayride, Barn of Terror, 3D Pirates Revenge, Lost in Jason’s Woods Walking Tour, Mystery Maze, and Carnival of Fear!
Plus back by popular demand the Jason’s Woods Theater experience allows thrill seekers to feel as if they are a part of the Jason’s Woods cast…the victim IS part of the cast right?(at least for a short time)
Adding an entirely new dimension of fun to Jason’s Woods, the Entertainment area has grown to include an Alien Laser Tag Maze, the out of control action of Remote Control truck races, The  New Jason’s Woods Ninja Challenge Obstacle Course and a Friday Night Tailgate Party!
With all the amazing new events and the addition of the Paranormal Bus Tours, Jason’s Woods has become THE destination for an entire weekend of Halloween fun and excitement!
Located at 99 Stehman Road Lancaster, PA. 17603. Attractions open weekends beginning September28th, through October 28th, 2012
Hours of operation – Friday’s and Saturday’s 7pm-10pm and Sunday’s 7pm-9pm. Visit for full event details

Government Zombie Cover-Up Exposed!

Feasterville, PA – As recently reported in many local media outlets, the government-operated Zombie Research Center, located at the Valley of Fear in Feasterville, Bucks County, PA, tragically burned down this past summer.

Based on information recently revealed by unnamed sources within the U.S. government, it is now known that dozens of actual zombies in various stages of development escaped during the fire and are roaming freely in the area, threatening the very lives of visitors to the Valley of Fear. Discovery of this cover-up leads many to recall the mysterious cover-up in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

“I had no idea what I was getting myself into,” says one shaken visitor to the exhibit. “I barely escaped with my life!”

Local authorities have thus far been unable to contain the escapees, who are still at large in the wilds of the Phoenix Sports Club in Feasterville, PA. They hope to have the situation under control some time in November.

Valley of Fear Opens Sept. 28th and Runs Through Nov. 3rd

Phoenix Sport Club, 301 W. Bristol Road, Feasterville, PA 19053

Check Website for Dates and Tickets:

The Valley of Fear Rises From the Ashes for 2012!

The Valley Of Fear is the area’s longest running seasonal Halloween themed event, now in its 23rd season. Over the summer, a fire damaged some of the facilities on the property at Phoenix Sports Club; in fact, the devastating fire was featured on Channel 6 ABC news. But the Valley of Fear has literally “risen from the ashes” to come back better than ever this haunting season! It features favorites such as the Original Haunted Hayride and Scary Tales – your favorite fairy tales with a terrifying twist. The Valley of Fear Hayride was named the 2011 Hayride of the Year by the independent critics at

“Although we had a disaster with the fire this year, we have managed to turn it around and make the attraction even better than ever,” says Tom Yaegel, who operates the Haunted Hayride every year.

“Thanks to our imaginative cast and creators, we’ve made the fire a part of the story of our haunted attraction—due to the fire, zombies have escaped and are roaming the Valley of Fear. It’s very satisfying to turn this tragedy into a fun part of the 23-year lore of the Haunted Hayride.”

What’s new this year?

• The Zombie Research Center Zombie Excape Maze—Extreme terror, extreme fear, extreme zombies! Try to survive as you are chased by the zombie escapees through a 5,000 square foot maze. They’ve escaped and they are coming for YOU!

Special Events

• Opening Weekend Special – Sept 28th and 29th, get all 3 attractions for the price of 2! Get discount tickets online at

• Thursday, Oct 4 is Firefighters’ Appreciation Night at the Valley Of Fear. In honor of the heroic firefighters who fought the fire at our site this summer, The Valley of Fear is proud to offer special rates to those firefighters from the fire companies that responded to the blaze, and their families, on October 4th. Firefighters from participating companies should check with their chiefs for details.

The general public can purchase tickets for any night online at

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During the course of a week, I try to get spend a little quality time with family & close friendz, by eating around town at our local culinary dining businesses. So, I figured this review, I would bring a few friendz (Ashley Ramirez & Greg Strecker) along for da foodie train ride. This issue, I decided to hit a very eye pleasing establishment along the Delaware River named “Maggie’s Waterfront Café”, on N. Delaware Avenue, between Linden & Arendell Avenues, in far northeast Philly.
“Maggie’s Waterfront Café” took over their chunk of Philadelphia back in 2008, with an idea that was long overdue along the Delaware River. “Kevin Goodchild” (owner) had an outstanding vision & concept that would bring his community family together with a place to eat & have a few cocktails, while still enjoy being close to home, not to mention the awesome relaxing view of the Delaware River. Kevin now has been developing this location into a fine dining experience, as he is hiring the best local chefs & entertaining staff. My boy “John Nagle” is managing the front of house, as well as making sure the back of the house runs like clockwork.
Sit back now folks & enjoy what I gotta say about “Maggie’s Waterfront Café”, because this is gonna get juicy like a “Chef Bob’s” thick filet mignon. The location of this spot is simply fantastic, because I seriously luv the relaxing atmosphere. Let’s not talk about parking, cause “Maggie’s Waterfront Café” is loaded with plenty of on & off street parking. As you begin to walk up, you notice the tranquilizing outside umbrella seating area. People were sitting out, eating, drinking & making new friendz, as everyone was on cloud 9 of happiness (I luved the vibe already).
Entering “Maggie’s Waterfront Café”, you will notice a split level floor plan design, ground level is the tavern/bar area, and on the upper level is the dining room/entertainment area. Great concept as it separates the 2 different environments, from dining conversations to drinking conversations.
I decided to start my evening with a stiff cocktail (Jack Daniels & Diet Coke), concocted by a very talented bartending staff, that included “Valarie”, “Kelly” & “George”. The various selection of interesting cocktails makes “Maggie’s Waterfront Café” a must if you luv your libations, like I do. How can you go wrong with such drinks as, “Maggie’s Very Berry Tea”, “Smores Martini”, “Crisp Apple Martini”, “Skinny Margarita” or a “White Peach Sangria”. Let da good times roll, because now I am starting to feel in my zone.
As me & my small party of hungry pirates entered the upper level dining area, we were greeted by a very joyful young lady by the name of “Gina”, she sat us and explained our nightly selections. And before we knew it, another one of this awesome staff greeted us as being our waitress for our foodie venture, she referred to herself as “Amanda”. Now, “Amanda” was kinda interesting because, she was so freakin cheerful & excitingly into her job that her personality overflowed into our experience in a really good way. I don’t do this on many occasions, but I would seriously like to thank the following “Maggie’s Waterfront Café” staff, they include “Kelly”, “Charlene”, “Jess”, “Amanda”, “Gina” & “Valarie”.
The nightly specials got my culinary palate wondering the choices I was gonna pursue. I started off with the “Cream Of Crab Soup”, and OMG, I am so glad I made this choice. The soup was loaded with solid chunks of crabs, in a very flavorful creamy soup, the old bay seasoning & oyster crackers just seemed to complete this magnificent masterpiece. My boy “Greg”, had a crock of baked “French Onion Soup”.Both of our soups were like a one way ticket to flavor town.

Just as our appetizers were complete, I noticed “Amanda” and “Gina” brining out our delightful entrees for this evening. Mine being one of “Maggie’s Waterfront Café’s” signature dishes, the “Steak Au Poivre”, a black pepper crusted filet mignon sautéed in a brandy cream sauce, topped with huge grilled garlic shrimp. This was accompanied by fresh mixed vegetables & a stuffed double baked potato that was to die for. I do wanna make a small comment about my medium done filet mignon that my boy “Chef Bob” created personally for me, Yo “Chef Bob”, “That Steak Au Poivre, Was Off da’ Charts My Brother”.
“Maggie’s Waterfront Café” has many other signature plates such as, “Crab Rosa” (jumbo lump crabmeat sautéed in a white wine tomato cream sauce, served over lobster ravioli), “Stuffed Flounder” (fresh flounder stuffed with jumbo lump crab meat stuffing, lightly seasoned & broiled in a lemon butter sauce), not to mention the tremendous selection of numerous chicken & beef signature entrees. If you want a real treat, stop by “Maggie’s Waterfront Café” on “Fathead’s Hard Shell Crabs Thursday Night”. My main man, Andrew “Fathead” has been cooking up sum of NE Philly’s best damn hard shell crabs you ever tasted, since 1986. Now, he brings his special seasoning & taste to “Maggie’s” every Thursday night from 4pm til closing.
While chillaxin to the acoustic soundz from “Shawn” & “Nick” (that started around 8pm), my party & I decided to scope out the desert menu listings. How da fock can you go wrong with such desert named “Peanut Butter Panic”, “Fried Cheesecake With Sugar & Cinnamon” & let’s not forget “Key Lime Cheesecake”. The selection was obvious for me, I choose the “Fried Cheesecake With Sugar & Cinnamon”. All I can say is, “I Just Died & Went To Heaven”.
After our bellies were full of sum amazing “Maggie’s Waterfront Café” food, now it was time once again to get our drink on. During the fall season, you have to get your azz over here & taste a few of these very interesting beverages, such as “Shock Top Pumpkin Beer”, “Pumpkin Chi Martini” and the sensational “Pumpkin La Margarita”.
Check your calendars now, for October 27, 2012 (Saturday Night), “Maggie’s Waterfront Café” is having a “Girls Night Out Halloween Party”, so bring all your goolish zombie friendz. They will have a DJ dance party, staff dressed in their scariest costumes, seasonal cocktails along with $5 Martinis all night long.
Sum of “Maggie’s Waterfront Café” daily specials include, Monday’s (Honoring Heroes, half off your entire check for all Police, Fire, Military & EMS workers), Tuesday’s (half price appetizers 4pm-12am, $2 domestic bottles & draft all day), Wednesday’s (Quizzo Crazyness 8pm-10pm, 35 cent wings, $3 Twisted Teas & Smirnoff Ice), Thursday’s (Fathead’s Crabs 4pm-10pm, pick & peel shrimp 7pm-10pm & $3.50 Sam Adams seasonal pints), Friday’s ($4 U Call It Bombs 10pm-12am). Also. Don’t forget the “Bucket Specials”, domestic 5 for $14, imported 5 for $19 & “Bud Light” 5 for $10 every day.
What a great place for any private party or special gathering, with onsite & offsite catering being available. For sum awesome package deals & party specials, please contact my gurl “Charlene”, at 215 .637.6716, she will hook you up big time.
I must tell you, I am so grateful to “Mike Vagnoni” & “Out On The Town Entertainment Guide” for giving me the chance to review sum of our areas must amazing dining venues. I eat like a freakin’ king & get to tell you all about my interesting experiences. I gotta tell you all, ‘“Maggie’s Waterfront Café” is one of northeast Philly’s best kept secrets, from the awesome staff, to the scrumptious tasting food, and the very flavorful cocktails, not to mention the live entertainment. My friends & I totally enjoyed our complete “Maggie’s Waterfront Café” experience”. Please, don’t hesitate and get your azz over there as soon as possible for sum culinary magic & when you go, make sure you tell them your boy “Roundhouse Ron” sent you ;-}
Please stop by “Maggie’s Waterfront Café”, 9242 N. Delaware Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19114, 215.637.6716,, they can also be found on social media @ either facebook or twitter, just go to: “Maggie’s Waterfront Café”. “A Great Place For Good Food With A Beautiful View”

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The Official OOT Hot Spots…are places that offer the best deals around in the region…Best in food and drink prices along with weekly promotions and of course the best in area Entertainment:

Places we know about and suggest are:

Curran’s Irish Inn’s – Bensalem, Palmyra & Tacony in NE Phila.

Bensalem Pa – Michael’s Cafe,

Ivyland Pa – Tony’s Place

Warminster Pa – Harrigans Irish Pub

NE Phila – Maggies Water Front Cafe

Levittown Pa _ Mc Stews Irish Sports Bar * Visit the new Red Room/ Dance Club and live music venue…

Levittown Pa – Hurricane Jacks  Restaurant & Bar,

NE Phila – The New Sheffield Dance Club & Tavern,

Bensalem Pa – Scruples Gentlemen’s Club  at the Oakford Inn

Roebling NJ – Dr. Lou’s Restaurant & Bar

Burlington NJ – Dolan’s Irish Pub

Horsham Pa – Double Visions Gentlemen’s Club

Ivyland Pa – Tony’s Place

Levittown Pa – * the new RIO Sports Bar

Levittown Pa – Tattletales Gentlem’s Club

Bristol Pa – Freddie’s Tavern,

Feasterville Pa – The Fireside Beef & Ale,

Somerton – NE Phila Pa – La Casa Di Lucia,

Jenkinton Pa – The Wet Whistle Bar & Grille in the Abington Club

Hulmeville Pa – Dean Casmirris Colonial Inn

Hulmeville Pa – The Hulmeville Inn

NE Phila – Joe Santucci’s Bar & Grille

NE Phila – Harringtons Irish Pub,

Feasterville Pa – The Brunswick Zone,

Bristol Pa – * The New SKy Box ( Under new management )

Levittown Pa – Cazz’s Sports Bar and Grille.

Langhorne Pa – *The new Kellen’s Station House

NE Phila  Pa – The Three Monkeys

Croydon Pa – The Dog & Bull

New Hope Pa – Havana’s

Rockledge – The Rockledge Pub

NE Phila – Paddy Whacks Irish Sports Bar

South Street -Phila Pa Paddy Whacks

South Street -Phila  The Legendary Dobbs

Ardmore Pa – Brownies 23 East

Fairless Hills Pa – The Puss & Boots Pub

NE Phila – Reale’s Sports Bar and Grille.

NE Phila – Harrington’s Pub

NE Phila – Mc Noodles’

NE Phila – Smoke-Eaters

NE Phila – Dagwoods Pub

NE Phila – The Ashton Pub

NE Phila – Spencer’s Irish Pub

NE Phila – Reedys

Port Richmond Phila – Diegos Bar

South Phila – The Stadium Sports Bar & Restaurant  at the Holiday Inn

NE Phila – Redz Bar & Grille

Newportville Pa – THE ROAD HOUSE INN

Newportville Pa – The Newportville Inn

Feasterville Pa – Hazys Bar & Grille

Feasterville Pa – The Buck Hotel

( Somerton ) NE Phila..the new  – JC’s Washington House.

Newtown Pa – The Temperance House

Nothern Liberties – Phila Finnigans Wake

Nothern Liberties -Phila  Liberties

Nothern Liberties -Phila  Kings Oak.

Manayunk -Phila Kildares

Manayunk – Manayunk Brew Pub

Manayunk -Phila  Zesty’s

Manayunk -Phila  USA Hotel

West Chester Pa – Kildares

West Chester Pa – The Note

West Chester Pa – Alibi’s

Milmont Park -Delco – Tom & Jerrys

Holmes Pa – RP Mc Murphy’s

DELAWARE COUNTY: The Springfield Inn, Barnabys, JD Milguilitys,

*Bucks County _Doylestown (The Following area locations:)

The Amber Inn, Puck,  Chambers -Chambers 19, The Ugly Mug,Stepahaines

Pipersville Pa – Mama D’s Restaurant & Bar

NE Phila ( Somerton )NE Phila – Sweeney’s Saloon.

Old City Phila – Blurr Dance Club * New

Center City Phla – 879 Lounge,

Bensalem Pa – 360 Lounge in Parx Casino

Warrington Pa – Chickie’s & Pete’s

Bordentown NJ – Chickie’s & Pete’s

Delaware County – Chickie’s & Pete’s

South Phila – Chickie’s & Pete’s

NE Phila – Chickies & Pete’s * Robbins Ave and also the Blvd…

Bensalem Pa – Chickie’s & Pete’s ( Inside Parx Casino)

Egg Harbor NJ – Chickie’s & Pete’s

Atlantic City NJ – The Trump Taj Mahal Hotel & Casino , The Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino

“South Jersey”

Deptford NJ – The Adelphia,

Cherry Hill NJ – Top Dog

Cherry Hill NJ – The Coastline

Maple Shade NJ – Brewesters

Pennsauken NJ – The Savoy

Riverside NJ – Cafe Madison House

Palmyra NJ – Curran’s Irish Inn

Collingswood NJ – The Pour House

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