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Out On The Town Entertainment Guide…we keep it local!

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94WIP Sports radio Broadcast live with Anthony Gargano and Glen Macnow ( Live 1pm …) Chickie’s & Pete’s South Philly.

Later today: Miller Lite Coach’s Show!

5pm  – Eagle’s Coach Andy Reid with co -host Merrell Reese and Anthony Gargano

5:30 pm  meet Eagles’ player Vinny Curry…

6pm today – Players’ Lounge with Le Sean “Shady” Mc Coy and Wip’s Ike Reese & Anthony Gargano

WXTU 92.5 FM

7:30 pm  Eagles Prime Time  Live with 92.5 WXTU  Toddy Herreman & Jason Kelce



*94.5 WPST  Player  Suite  Live  with  DAVE MC KAY and NEWMAN

Guest Linemen  DANNY WATKINS 7pm

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Looking for where to get the best deals out there on a Sunday? Easy check out the latest OOT GUIDE…

Today’s best bets: Let’s Go Eagles..see them birds later today at:

Kellen’s Station House  – Langhorne

Mc Stews Irish Sports Bar – Levittown

Tony’s Place – Ivyland Pa

Freddies Tavern – Bristol Pa

La Casa Di Lucia  – Somerton / Phila Pa

JC’s Washington House – Somerton/ NE  * Front Sports Bar..

The Rockledge Pub – Rockledge

Mc Noodles Irish Pu b- NE Phila
Sweeneys Saloon – Somerton/NE

Hazys Bar & Grille – Feasterville

The Fireside Beef and Ale – Festerville

Hurricane Jacks  – Levittown

The Road House  – Newportville

*The Sheffield – Front Tavern NE

Harrington’s Irish Inn – NE  Phila

Harrigan’s – Warminster

CAzz’s SPorts Bar – Levittown Pa

* New the RIO Sports Bar – Levittown Pa

Deam Casmirri’s Colonial Inn – Hulmeville Pa

Joe Santucci’s Bar & Grille NE Phila

DR. Lou’s Place. Roebling NJ

Double Visions in Horsham

Tattletales in Levittown Pa

Dagwoods Pub – NE Phila

Finnigans Wake – Nothern Liberties…Phila

Michaels Cafe – Bensalem

* See more items with Facebook blogs from this am…

CHECK OUT /  ( See the listings and early post on the best bets…)

Or Check out the Out on The Town Entertainment Guide =  facebook FAN PAGE!  More listings…

See blogs on places like”

CHICKIE’S AND PETES (All area locations!)


SCURPLES – Gentlemen’s Club













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plexipr_ez2012logoOver Labor Day weekend, Made Event presented Electric Zoo 2012, and once again transformed New York City’s Randall’s Island into a multiplex of music, lights and dancing, along with 100+ of the world’s best and brightest electronic music artists. The 3-day bonanza hosted 110,000 avid fans with sold-out capacity crowds on Saturday & Sunday.
Bigger than ever in its fourth year, Electric Zoo’s technological advances helped transform the festival landscape. Intellitix’s RFID technology was again embedded in wristbands to help festival-goers enter quickly through the front gates. The stadium-scale Main Stage featured high-resolution motion-controlled video panels that created a massive sense of scale, which could be reconfigured live to create unique looks for each individual artist. The Riverside Stage included custom-designed 3D LED technology used for the first time ever at a live electronic music show. Meanwhile, the Hilltop Arena saw a wall of LED panels and mirrors set at specific angles, working in tandem to bathe the tent in a sea of lights and lasers. And over at the Sunday School Grove, original custom-designed school buses integrated LEDs with 3D projection mapping to create an immersive mixed-media experience. In every tent, club-quality sound systems enveloped fans with impeccable sound engineered by Integral Sound.
Electric Zoo 2012 also saw the return of NYC’s finest food vendors & trucks, which offered everything from hand-tossed gourmet pizza, and Korean BBQ to organic ice cream. Also returning was the Garden of EZ, a chill-out zone featuring mind-altering art and lights, full of a thousand neon butterflies from artist Gizem Bacaz and giant mushrooms from artist Dan Park.
But most important of all, Made Event committed to creating a fun and safe environment for its fans; free water refill stations, designated Help Points and the simple idea – Many Animals, One Zoo: Help Each Other Be Safe! With positive vibes all around, Electric Zoo 2012 was all about connecting music and friends old and new. Thank you Zoo animals. See you at Electric Zoo 2013 for the five-year anniversary!

Did you forget to get an EZoo 2012 t-shirt or hoodie? Get it now in the online Merch Shop!
Were you so busy running around from stage to stage, dancing with your friends, that you forgot to get some official merch for you and your loved ones? There are still lots of colors and designs to choose from in the Electric Zoo official online Merch Shop. Get over there now while the selection is the best!

Check out the Electric Zoo 2012 Photo Gallery!
It’s filled with over 200 photos of the artists, the spectacular visuals, and you!

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By:  Krista Doran

john_evolaA few days ago, I had the pleasure of meeting John Evola, Owner and Producer at Lounge Studios located at 1122 Spring Garden Street in Philly.  I had received an invite on Facebook to be part of a very unique musical event.  John is planning on producing and recording a remake of Michael Jackson’s, “We Are The World,” using local musicians and singers.  I was very intrigued so I got in touch with John to see what this was all about.

John has grown up with music being part of his life from an early age.  Now 26, John was first introduced to music at the age of six and it is still a very big part of his life.  He plays several instruments, he writes, performs and had been a teacher at R&M Music Studios in Langhorne, PA for six years. I spoke to John about what interested in him owning a studio himself and he told me, “I love writing for artists and sitting down with them to really hear what is in their heads and to try and help bring it to life. Not many people can go to a studio and expect the producer to play drums, guitar, bass, piano and so on.  It really makes the client comfortable knowing it can all be done in one place by one guy, and not have to worry about paying for extra session players to come in.”  John is also in 2 bands, one is a Funk/Blues Trio called Achilles Feel, and the other is a Hip/Hop Rock band called Nothing At All.

John had always wanted to do something big with music, whether it was local or international.  He has been a big fan of Michael Jackson all his life and believes that MJ has been a huge influence on today’s music scene.  John explained to me, “a couple of days ago I had this vision and thought to myself, ‘what can I do to bring all of the local artists together from all over the area and make something big?’  Not just something that would get people to talk, but more about getting involved and work with one another.”  He came up with the idea of re-making the song “We Are The World,” that was released in 1985 for USA for Africa.  John didn’t think the idea was going to take off like it did after posting an invite on Facebook.  I can personally attest to how this invite BLEW UP in just a few short hours with so many people from all over the Tri-State area who wanted to be involved!  John told me, “It means so much to me that so many people want to be part of this.  I have received so many calls and emails, and I never thought making an impact could be so easy and so fun!”  John is hoping that this event could turn into something big and also start a trend for other cities to coordinate the same type of event.  “This project is non-profit and is more about just getting people together to have a great time, laugh and meet new people,” John explained.  It seems like quite an undertaking to me, but John is very easy-going and confident and there is no doubt he will bring this wonderful and unique idea to life!  John said, “This project is going to take a lot of thinking and time because we will have a forty piece choir featuring ten lead vocalists as well as a live six piece band!”

The project is going to be recorded at East Coast Recording Studio in Warminster, PA by Grammy winning producer, James Cravero.  John said, “I really think this can be big with the right exposure and the right positive feedback from the listeners.  I think of it as “We Are The World – Philadelphia.” 

We will keep all of our readers informed as to what is going on with this project as the weeks go by, but in the meantime please “like” John’s Facebook page at if you would like more information on how to get involved!  Be sure to keep checking future issues of The Out On The Town Entertainment Guide for updates at!
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Hurricane Jacks

Levittown Pa

djBrian Potts has  been on the scene for the last 6 years…He is a video DJ and his music is classic rock and he also kicks into dance music when he has too… you can see him every thursday, friday and saturday nights at Hurricane Jacks in Levittown Pa .9p to close.
ON SPECIAL EVENTS: . He’s gearing up for a special night on Oct 13th with XTU  County 92.5 –  the crew  from XTU with DOC and the gang will be over at Hurricane Jacks for a special show…he will be spinning the music.
ON MUSIC: Brian had this to say …” Being able to read the crowds and to know all kinds of music makes up the good DJ”…he added,  “I like playing to the people…Like to talk it up on the mic and get them into it all”, .he says…In addition to bars and clubs, he also does private parties.. and does much work at the Fraternal Order of Eagles with many Benefits and special parties. He’s doing a lot of work too with the Dirty Devils Motor Club….He really likes his gig at Hurricane Jacks and says owner Jack Fay is the best boss ever and one cool bar owner plus the entire staff are the best in the business.
. He can do any kind of party and for more info…Contact Hi-Tech Entertainment   215-416-1304
See him when you can and to fine out more…Go to: ;

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The Vans Warped Tour is a premier event that comes to the Tri state area every year. For the past 17 years the VWT has showcased many unknown bands that have needed to be heard. This year was no exception. I didn’t get a chance to see all of the bands so I will tell you about some of the ones I did.

Sleeping With Sirens

is a 5 piece post-hardcore band that just Rocks. I’m not sure what exactly Post-hardcore is but they sounded great and the crowd loved them. Singer Kellen Quinn opened up and told the crowd this next song for a guy who has really missed out on a lot. He said, ”if your going to make a son, at least stick around to see how he turned out”. I love that this kid writes songs about his life.. Check them out if you can, it will be worth it.

MGK..Machine Gun Kelly

Who the hell is this guy and why is he not a super star? Could be because he is from Cleveland Ohio and not a lot of hardcore Rappers come from there. I’m kidding, MGK Took the stage to a whole lot of people who knew exactly who he was. I was impressed, extremely impressed. The set was full of hooky songs with crowd participation spots. He had a live band that actually played their instruments and played them well. I loved this set and was worried about who was up next.


Watching Justina on the side of the stage while MGK slayed a crowd of thousands I was curious how she would perform to this already frenzied crowd. As she was about to go on I looked around and everyone was gone. Apparently ALL TIME LOW was playing another stage. They are super hot right now and it was a terrible spot for her. Justina is a Rapper/singer from North Jersey who truly has a ton of talent. She is an amazing singer and can play the guitar well. For this show she was supporting he new album RT 80 Mixtape. This set is no indication of whom she is and what she can really do live. Billing herself as the hiphop Joan Jett, she is far from Joan Jett. Her guitar player made the one mistake that is not appreciated in these parts. He insulted the few people that were there. It made me cringe. Telling the crowd that if they didn’t like your music they could go fuck themselves is a deal breaker. All of the music was prerecorded and the live band was completely unnecessary. The best song she had was called “Boom Fuck it “ which will never make it to mainstream radio. I hope for the sake of her career she stops rapping and starts singing and playing guitar because that is where her true talent lies.

Here  are a couple of honorable mentions. Sick of Sarah rocked Ballyhoo grooved and the Lost Prophets were as great as ever.

There were lots of bands and lots of causes. It was a great day all the way around.

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By:  Krista Doran

electric_boaSince 2008 Electric Boa has been tearing up the original music scene with their own unique brand of Rock and Roll.  With very powerful lyrics and a very strong, guitar driven sound this band has certainly positioned themselves as one of the most talked about original bands in the area.
I spoke to drummer Ken Mondillo about the band and what they are all about.  I was particularly interested in what their song writing process was like and he told me, “Higgsy writes all the songs. I’ve asked him more than a few times where he gets his inspiration from & he tells me that it just comes to him. One of our new songs that we are currently working on came from his girlfriend watching the HBO show “True Blood”. To tell you the truth his mind doesn’t work like yours or mine. Higgs sees things in a different light which allows his expressions to come out in lyrics that are truly unique.”  The combination of musicians in this band works so well together.  Ken told me, “Higgsy will play us the melody or riff on an acoustic guitar & we start building it from there. He usually has the whole song in his head…music & everything. We just find a way to pull it out of him & translate it into a song. Joe Fortino & Higgsy are kind of the arrangers of the songs & Tripp, G & myself build up the songs from there .”  What this band is able to accomplish is truly a team effort.

As with most bands, there are always challenges, but The Electric Boa is focused on what they are doing.  I asked Ken what some of their biggest challenges as a band were and he told me, “I wouldn’t say it’s a challenge because every band goes through this, but trying to get your music heard is always a priority. Whether it be by getting the biggest gig or getting your music played on the radio, the challenge will always be there. The Electric Boa will keep pumping out killer tunes & promoting our shows, big or small, as much as we can. We want to build a fan base within every venue we play!” And they have been doing just that!  Their shows are full of energy.  They don’t just get up there and play.  This band puts on a real Rock Show for their fans.  In fact, they will be playing the Grand Opening of JC’s Washington House (formerly Whiskey Tango) on September 28th so be sure to get out and see what makes The Electric Boa different!
For everyone that is already a fan and those of you that certainly will become a fan once you experience The Electric Boa, I am happy to say they have a bunch of new music coming out!  This is going to be a very exciting follow up to their current CD, “Candy Coated Cyanide.”  Ken explained “Songs are written & being worked as we speak so every Boa show your going to get new stuff. We also have more shows booked but we’ll be posting them on our website & Facebook page soon.”  This band definitely has a personality all it’s own and their swagger comes from their lead singer, Higgsy.  Ken told me, “His mind is in places I’ve never visited. He’s bringing a whole new genre to the rock scene with his lyrics alone.”  This band’s chemistry just works.  From the subtle notes that  guitarist Joe Fortino add in that just make things “snap”, to bassist Greg Cornwell bringing the groove, and the heavy hitting guitar of Gregg Tripp, I can see why Ken decided to move from the cover scene to take a stab at writing and performing originals.  Ken’s power drumming deserves a place in the original scene and adds a steady component that drives their music.

If you are just now hearing about The Electric Boa, where have you been?  They already have some great accolades, including opening for national acts such as Skid Row, Anvil & Kix. Earlier in 2012 they opened for Octane at The Electric Factory. Ken tells me they want to do so much more, and I have a feeling they definitely will!  “We want to entertain as many people as possible with our music. There are many great bands out there on the original scene & we don’t want to take anything away from any of them but come out to an Electric Boa show & see for yourselves that we are trying to be as unique as possible with our tunes & our stage show. We put on a “concert” for you & make every show worth it’s money,”  Ken told me and spoken like a true pro, who knows what he wants. After seeing the band, all I have to say is keep an eye on these guys. They are making Philly proud!

Be sure to check out their website at to keep up with thier tour dates and when the new stuff is coming out!  The Electric Boa is:  Higgsy – Lead vocals; Joe Fortino – Guitar;  Gregg Tripp – Guitar; Greg “G” Cornwall – Bass and Ken Mondillo – Drums.  SUPPORT LOCAL LIVE MUSIC!

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DiningAroundTownLogoBy Roundhouse Ron

Since Working for “Out On the Town” Entertainment Paper, I have been aggressively exploring the culinary landscape in and around the Philadelphia area. This issue my very selective palette has taken me to a fine establishment named “Three Monkey’s Café”, it is located just across the street of the Torresdale Train Station, in far northeast Philly.
“Three Monkey’s Café” opened its doors on August 25, 2005, on the corner of Torresdale Station & Monkey Court, it was started by a few crazy guys, with a dream of bringing fine cuisine, a relaxing atmosphere and exotics cocktails to our area. “Gavin Wolfe”, “Mike McDonald” & “Ed McDonald” (northeast Philly residents), revitalized a former Torresdale antiques building into a one of a kind experience that this foodie will never focking forget. My boy “Ed Hall” is currently the manager on duty and he keeps this place running like a well oiled machine.
Let me break it down for you, “Three Monkey’s Café” consist of several areas for eating, drinking & entertaining friends or co-workers. They have the “The Monkey Court” (outside courtyard retreat), “Tree Bar” (outside tropical frozen cocktail bar), “Turn of the Century Bar” (inside 1890’s craft brew bar) & the “Risdon Ferry Dining Room” (inside Victorian formal elegant dining room). When you plant yourself inside or outside of this amazing place, you can order any cocktail, craft brew or blackboard special. But, I suggest you walk around and experience the entire complex.
As I entered the wonderful eye catching outside café, with the superb landscaping, my eyes & mind were mesmerized by the ambiance that reminded me of a relaxing “Margaritaville” or lazy “Key West” open air beach bar. This area consist of a 5 foot brass monkey water fountain, numerous tall arching trees, a large mosaic mirror art work, beach umbrella table seating areas and a custom “Three Monkey’s Café” painting of the 3 owners & patrons all being portrayed as monkeys (it’s so focking awesome, I freakin luv it).
My dining experience started with a few cocktails (Jack Daniels & Diet Coke), by a hilarious & spunky professional bartender named “Isabella”. The liquid tasting was now on, cause “Three Monkey’s Café” has many signature cocktails that your must try, like their “Primate Punch”, “Monkeytini” and the “Horny Monkey”. Also, if you are a wine connoisseur, you have to try the all new extended wine list, which includes selective California wines, along with an extensive list of whites, blushes & reds.
As the amazing aroma was taking over my stomach, I then knew it was time for dining. So, two very organized hostesses (Brooke & Kimmie), made sure I was being seated promptly as they seen my look of hunger. Kellie Anne (my waitress for da evening) started me off with a warm cup of “Pepper Steak Soup”. What a way to start my meal, this thick savory soup with chunks of steak, fresh cut onions, red & green peppers, was to die for, seriously. For a salad, my crazy azz decided to challenge the “Bucatini Ensalada”. WoW, is all I can say at this point, cause this was superb with homemade bucatini mozzarella, farm fresh Jersey tomatoes, chiffonade of basil with balsamic & truffle drizzle. This was a righteous start to my main entrée, which was yet to come.
My main course selection of “Sicilian Shrimp” was a perfect choice, with sautéed jumbo shrimp, sundried tomatoes, fresh spinach, capers, garlic shallots in an aioli sauce, all served over a parmesan risotto. OMFG, this was a perfect blend of proteins, spices and carbs, as it was a visual masterpiece. This meal was so freakin amazing, I just had to meet the chef and his fine staff, so I could give them my deepest thanks.
When finishing up your scrumptious meal, please ask your waitress about the world famous “Monkey Bread”, don’t leave without tasting this tantalizing treat. You may just wanna chill and wash it down with a few signature “Three Monkey’s Café” cocktails, it’s the perfect ending to a hectic day. This place is da boom, for real deal people.
Special thanks go out to “Chef Mark” & “Chef Karl”, along with their fine staff of “Fatih”, “Edwardo” & “Jay”. All of you guys work together in a harmonious fashion, as you pump out some of NE Philly’s most spectacular food. I am seriously looking forward to the all new fall specials & fall menu starting on October 1st, with “$3 Monkey Martini’s”, I am so sure it will be totally insane.
The outside “Tree Bar” has just recently got a tropical makeover, complete with removable insolated walls, as it will now be open all year round. “Three Monkey’s Café” has numerous cocktail and private party packages available for customizing to your needs. Give my girl “Jackie Dillion” a call, at 267.622.1702, with all your banquet or party specifications.
Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 29th, “Three Monkey’s Café” is hosting “Oktoberfest 2012”, with sum awesome craft beer and drink specials, along with live entertainment. If you luv the fall and the holiday seasons, you gotta try the “Pumpkin Spice Beers” that will be on hand for your tasting.
On your visit to “Three Monkey’s Café”, make sure you always check out the “Black Board Specials”, there are some amazing daily chef specials that you will not find on your menu. Also, on Saturdays & Sundays (7am – 3pm), you got to swing by for their “Weekend Brunch Menu”, with sum appealing dishes such as “Tuscan Omelet’s”, “Cinnamon Bun French Toast” & “Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes”. What a way to start your weekend morning.
I’ve had some great meals, at many places around this town, but I must say, ““Three Monkey’s Café” is a hidden gem, that captures your heart, mind & taste palette, All while transporting you into a relaxing atmosphere”. You must include this sensational place on your bucket list and check it out as soon as possible. When you go, make sure you tell them your boy “Roundhouse Ron” sent you ;-}
Please stop by “Three Monkey’s Café”, 9645 James Street, Philadelphia, PA 19114, 215.637.6665,, they can also be found on social media @ either facebook or twitter, just go to: “Three Monkey’s Café”. “Eat, Drink & Be Monkey”

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Meet the players each week/ Meet the Coach Andy Reid / Meet the best radio personalities on the air / See the full listings of where all the sports action is talking EAGLES and NFL FOOTBALL  only at CHICKIE’S & PETE’S… Where Else?  At a location near you… See the Details in the latest OOT GUIDE!

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