Acts that are making the music happen in the Greater Delaware Valley area…Support Live Music!

This week make it a point to get out and see live music. Look for bands like: 44 Fridays, Nicki Sbaffoni, Angel Casiano,
*Philly Brass and Electric , Stems & Seeds, Looseleaf Trio, Stage 3, Modern Bliss, Dr. Lou, Grafenberg,WildChild, QH 1&2,Hitz Squad, The Seven Band,The Shore Thing, Stem, Saturn, Generation Next, Shorty Long and the Jersey Horns, Right Turn at 40, Tuesday’s Gone, * Recording act- Jimmie Lee the Jersey Outlaw. New to the OOT we welcome The Confusion.

* See some of the schedules of these great bands in the OOT GUIDE.

Bands that you may see in an OOT GUIDE! Charlie Gracie, The Hooligans, Jamison, Love Junk,Paddy’s Well, Blackthorn,the Benderz, JOE BACHMAN & THE CREW, Incognito,Lost in Paris, Go Go Gadget,Goodman Fiske Band, Dirty Electric, Hammer Down,Romeo’s Delight, Generation Next, Aj Slick, REV,Joe Sick Stiks, Diamond Dogs,Think Pink Floyd, Deep Six, RSVP, Wicked Stranger, Into the Void,Jacquelin & Chaly, Stroke of Genius. Uncle Buck, Shades of Glory, Jimmie Lee the Jersey Outlaw *Recording act, Evryman Jack, Shakyey Ground, The Great Scott Band, Lecompt,Frisky,Bangarang,Slamm Band, Jumper,Animal House,The Approach,Drop Jaw, Where’s Pete, Starting From Zero, Angry Vic, Metal Godz, Thunder Struck, Lower End, Chain Fall, Rasied On Radio, The Invasion, the Nines,Turn Me Loose, Sabbra Cadabbra. Plug Ugly, Rotimi, Second Majesty, Technical V, The Bogside Rogues,Please,Please, Me, Speaker City, Nameless Few, Drop Dead Sexy, The Naturals,The Loop, Element K, 39 Mariner, Jeff Washington Band,the new POP SCENE!
Eleven-Eleven, Laura Lea & Trip Fabulous, John Mc Nutt,Kirko,The Late Ancients,Matt & Matt,Cara Cartney,The Soul Cruisers, To the Max, Don’t Call Me Francis, Juliano Brothers, Split Decision, Sir Rod. Mr. South Street Kenn Kweeder, & our featured band this month….the acoustic rock band Keep The Change…(See them in our OOT Spotlight!) >More bands coming soon….

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