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Danny and the Juniors, featuring Joe Terry
Divas and Divos of Showtime Charities
Katie O’Donnell’s Restaurant

4501 Woodhaven Road
Philadelphia, PA 19154
Monday, April 16, 2012
Doors Open at 5:00 p.m.
Showtime: 8:00 p.m.
Tickets: $20.00 donation
Online purchase:
Or Call Katie O’Donnell’s 215-637-5151
Danny and the Juniors, featuring Joe Terry, have graciously donated their time and talent to be in our next show, “Rockin’ Around the Clock” that will be held on April 16, 2012 at Katie O’Donnell’s Restaurant in Northeast Philadelphia and we are donating the funds that we raise that evening to Shriners Hospital for Children in Philadelphia. There will also be fifteen vocalists singing the songs of the fifties and sixties.
Showtime Charities, Inc., a PA nonprofit corporation, consists of over fifty female and male vocalists from the Philadelphia area. They have been volunteering for the last six years to perform in our shows that raise funds for various charities. We like to think of ourselves as “Divas” and “Divos” trying to make a difference one song at a time.

Disco is Back!

Apr 4, 2012

DANCIN_MACHINE_2Get ready to dance with Dancin’ Machine!  Looking for a great night out?  Get out your bell bottom jeans and polyester shirt!  Recapture the days of Boogie Fever and do The Hustle to all of the top Disco hits of the 70’s.  This 10 piece band comes complete with a horn section, four great vocalists and all the sequins that you can handle!  These guys really bring it with a power groove and power moves, uplifting the spirit of Disco Dancers everywhere. Founded in New York by Charlie Spataro and Rob Miccuci, this band is loaded with great musicians with diverse backgrounds from Pop to Rock, Jazz, Blues and Classical.  Featuring vocalists Gregory Lathan, Kristina Marie, and Emily Denham, guitarist Mark Pastore, Rafael Carrasquillo on keyboards, horn players Dana Watson, David Fox and Jason Ingram, Rob Miccuci on Bass and Charlie Spataro on Drums.  A perfect blend of musical personalities working harmoniously to recreate the sound, look and feel of the seventies with classic style, expert precision and fun, fun, fun!  From the moment they hit the stage the energy is flowing, the lights are flashing and crowd is going wild!  The music never stops as they glide from song to song playing hit after hit from all of your favorite dance classics.  And these guy don’t just play the usual songs.  They have a great repertoire of hits that other bands have never even thought of playing!  A great band, an awesome show and a wonderful nostalgic trip back to the 70’s.  Don’t pass up an opportunity to see Dancin’ Machine!  You’ll be dancing from the moment they take the stage, singing the songs for days and telling your friends about the greatest Disco band this side of the Mississippi!  For more information, contact Stan Miller at STM Entertainment, 973-975-7189 or visit their website at

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By Mike De Palma

burger1I know many of you out there are big burger fans. Nothing can match a great burger and to be honest,  finding a place that can wip up a good burger is something that I always keep my eyes open for. There is a hip new spot that I want to share with all of you called the Burger Bar at Gallo’s. The place is located in  the back side of Gallo’s Seafood Restaurant in North East Phila at  8101 Roosevelt Blvd. It is on the side of the building where the parking lot is.  When you enter it will sort of blow you away. The inside decor is trendy, and the vibe is  something you will see in Center City or Olde City…you would not expect to see this kind of place in the heart of NE Philly. Very modern looking and the thought process to create this decor one can only say hat’s off to the designer. They did capture a look that is now and is upscale.
Our visit here was on saturday night this past weekend…and it was around 9Pm…driving up the Blvd we wanted to grab a bite to eat and we noticed the sign…and to be honest, I have been hearing many people that work in the bar / entertainment industry making mentions to this Burger Bar and how good it was. So we say let’s go for it.

The menu is not that big but offers an assortment of starters like: Buffalo Wings $8.95,Lump Crab Bites $9.95, Fried Calamari $8,95 or Beef Suasage & White Bean Chili -Cup $4.95 or Bowl $6.95. They feature sides like French Fries $3.50 or House cut Onion Rings $5.95. They offer Salads and also adult Shakes and  Spiked Shakes.  The Spiked Shakes caught my eye with names like: the Carmael Bourbon Shake, The Dark & Stormy Float, The Knight Rider. The prices on these are around $9.00…  The menu of Burgers that are all cooked with fresh house ground certified angus chuck and hand pressed run from $5.95 for their Burger Bar Classic…add cheese $6.95…then there is the Smokehouse Burger for $7.95 which comes with smoked house bacon, cripsy onion strings with a house barbecue sauce and cheddar. They have the 5 -Napkin Burger $11.95 which is double beef, double cheese,lots of extra bacon and fried fresh egg. There is a Chili Cheeseburger and also a BBCB Burger which is a bacon blue cheese burger with cajun spice $7.95 They also have on the menu other kinds of sandwiches from a Blackened Chicken sandwich which comes with roasted red peppers, caramelized onions with smoked gouda cheese $7.95…other items are Pulled Pork, Fresh Tacos, a Crab Cake sandwich and a Burger Bar Melt $5.95 Also on the menu there is good selection of bottled beers and some craft beers and a nice wine selection along with their special line up of various cocktails.
The service was kind of fast and were seated right away. My date ordered a Corona $4.25 and I had a Miller lite $3.50 and we placed in an order for the wings as a starter.  The wings came and are a good portion that are done perfect. Crispy, the way I like em’ and they are coated with a very good  sauce that has the right kind of zip. The wings come with a blue cheese dressing that was chunky in texture. We did a number on the wings. We talked and could not help but take notice to the folks all sitting at their large bar area. It was a saturday night and the room was alive with people having a great time. We also we’re doing the same thing and having a fun night.

We ordered Burgers:
One was the Smokehouse burger $7.95 and I had the Cheese burger $6.95 and also placed in an order for their French Fries $3.50. The burgers are  a nice size and cooked they way you order them. The burger was very good. We enjoyed the food and noted that this would become one of our new places to hit every so often.  They have 2 large HDTV’s, so this place could be awesome to grab a bite to eat,have a few beers and watch that special sporting event.   This is not a fast food kind of place but one that is really kind of impressive and enjoyable. Our visit to the Burger Bar at Gallo’s was just a great way to take a break and enjoy something to eat on a saturday night.   And if you are looking to impress somebody…this is great way to do just that. As for their prices – they won’t dent your wallet
We will be back soon.

The Burger Bar at Gallo’s

8101 Roosevelt Boulevard
Phila Pa


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By:  Krista Doran
daze_endWe featured this awesome local cover band a year or so ago, and since then Daze End has been turning heads playing music their own unique way.  In addition to that, they have added a new, tight horn section that amps up their presence that much more.
I interviewed lead singer, Brian Hannon who joined the band last May.  Brian told me, “In the world of cover bands, lots of people play it safe and do the human jukebox thing.  With us, we’re all songwriters and like to keep that creative flow going.  We like to take songs, and put our own personal touch on them.”
Only a band as talented as these 6 guys can successfully pull something like this off.  All 6 members have come from original bands that have toured and have had record deals.  They all have very different styles as well, which results in some very interesting renditions of songs!  Brian comes from the Warped Tour world hailing from Victory in Numbers; Bassist Chris Campbell from the hardcore Ska scene of Daze Alone.  Drummer Mike Hostler was the drummer of the thrash metal band, Solitude and guitarist Bobby Enloe was once part of the hair metal band, Sick Vicky.  Horn players, Colin Sharp and Travis Hill are both Jazz Performance majors at The University of the Arts. This combination of styles really sets this band alone on the cover band scene.
Managed by the Shore Bets Agency in Jenkintown, Daze End plays all over including arena events, such as NHL Hockey games at the Wells Fargo Center to shore points and little bars.  The band is very high energy and as Brian explained to me, “We are light-hearted but intense!  I run around like a crazy person getting the audience involved.  We have a pretty fun dynamic on stage…they are all “giants” and I am a little vertically challenged, which they like to remind me about often!”
Daze End covers all types of music.  New, old…Country to Hard Rock, and always putting a Rock spin to everything they choose to play.  There’s never really a slow moment when they play, either.  They try to keep up a party atmosphere, but still are able to do it in a more creative fashion.  Whether you are just looking for a party or you are a music aficionado, you will enjoy this band. To see their full schedule of shows and events, please visit or you can find them on Facebook.  Daze End is: Brian Hannon – Lead Vocals/Mandolin; Michael Hostler – Drums; Chris Campbell – Bass/Vocals; Bobby Enloe – Guitar/Vocals; Colin Sharp – Saxophone; Travis Hill – Trombone.
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Apr 3, 2012

What an issue we have for all of you out there into the local Entertainment scene…first off in the new April Issue we welcome back to the OOT Network: Chickie’s & Petes, The Temperance House, Casper’s.  Look for a big Beerfest coming called the Hampton Brewfest…we welcome back Tattletails Gentlemen’s Club,  also in this new guide we welcome to our network the Following acts: The Seven Band, Captain Jack and The Chasers a hot new acoustic trio & Local musician Nickii Sabbafoni an excellent singer and songwriter…*PHOTOS FROM THE BUD LIGHT SHAMROCK SHUTTLE, ST PATRICK’S DAY, CELEBRITY BARTENDERS’ NIGHT AT MC NOODLES with our gal Alyssa “V” from the OOT party patrol…  ..April is coming on strong and so is all the great info you will want to know about in the next Out On The Town Entertainment Guide…see it this week. or pick up your Free Copy at many of our selected locations in the Greater Delaware Valley area…When you see it in the OOT -Ya’ know it’s Gotta be Good!

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