by Mike Vagnoni


by Mike Vagnoni
The new Tango located at 14000 Bustleton Ave in Phila ( Somerton Section) have  new chefs who have the kitchen kind of busy these days. Two chefs have taking the kitchen over at the Tango Bar & Grille …Woodrow Smith and Andrew Fazzone have a company called Grubbys’ and now are proud to announce that they are operating the restaurant duties at the Tango Bar & Grille.  “The food is so amazing here” says Kim the manger. When she said that, I told her ok, then I think we should tell all of our OOT fans and friends about it. So here we are. Fun food is now here and the word is spreading and each week more folks are coming to the Tango.  Price and quality is the key. These two chefs have put together a really cool menu for all to enjoy. I am so use to just going to the Tango for music but now – the new thing is heading over to the Tango to experience the food.
Here is what you will find at the new Tango Bar & Grill:
*Appetizers- Beer Battered Onion Rings $5, Potato Skins(4) for $6, Loaded Fries$5 which are tomatoes, cheddar cheese, bacon scallions and ranch, Add chicken steak or beef steak for $2. Beer Battered Mozzarella Sticks (5) for $6 served with a mouth watering marinara sauce Grubby styled.
Nachos $6, Wings (10) for $8 -hot mild,sweet chili, BBQ, or garlic parm and all served with celery and blue Cheese. Nice sized portions. They also offer a sampler for $12 that gives you 2 potato skins, 3 mozzarella sticks,3 tenders and onion rings.
On their new menu they offer Homemade soups, fresh  salads…they have Steamers served with garlic bread Clams (12) or Mussels (30) for $9 and you have your choice of marinara, diavolo, or scampi.
These items are the Fun Foods and this is really a great new addition to the Tango.
*Specialty sandwiches are served with a pickle and homemade chips. Here you can find some items like Italian Pork or Beef sandwiches for $8…they have Hot sandwiches on the menu like Cheesecakes or Chicken Cheese steaks for $6 Hot Beef or Pork for $6, Burgers the way you like em’…the also have *Full platters  from a Crabcake platter for $10 to Sheppard’s Pie $8…Seafood platters $13 that has crab cake, clam strips, battered cod,and shrimp with fries and coleslaw…In a the mood for a steak? The offer the Steak a la Grubby for $15 which is a rib-eye, served with fried mushrooms and onion with a potato…there are many other items also on the menu. stop over and check it out.
Now the fun really takes on a new meaning with Grubbys’ being in the Kitchen at the new Tango Bar * Grill.  Going out this week? Looking for some great food along with good music? Stop over to the new Tango and see what real Fun Food is all about.  See this item online at:

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By: Krista Doran
7d0ecbc43131d9f4da7c9b87aa1980fcHere at The Out On the Town, we are always working hard to bring our readers the best in local entertainment.  In doing so, we put a lot of thought into who we feature in the “In The Spotlight” segment.  It is always our goal to make things interesting and fun and we encourage you all to continue to support local music!
For this issue, we decided to feature a band that does both covers and originals, and who collectively have had quite an interesting musical past both locally and abroad.  This issue’s featured band is 44 Fridays!
44 Fridays is comprised of local musicians Keith Bucco, Shawn Johnson, Tom Triebl and Rich Stinson.  Keith, Shawn and Rich grew up together in their hometown of New Egypt, NJ and performed together in the 90’s in various bands including one called First Offense.  They gigged all over PA and NJ and even performed on local cable shows.  In 2007, Keith and John got the itch to play live again and decided to start auditioning local musicians to form a new band.  After meeting some great candidates, they stumbled upon bass player Tom Triebl, who happened to come to the auditions with a friend who was auditioning for the position of lead singer.  After hearing Tom play, they knew he had to be part of the project they were envisioning.  Tom played in many with bands in lots of clubs on the East Coast throughout the 80’s, and also toured in Europe with a band called Valley of the Kings/UK.  He also recorded several albums in the UK.  Once the three of them got together, they persuaded Keith’s and Shawn’s long time friend and former band mate, Rich Stinson to come back on drums.  They have been together every since!
For the last 5 years, 44 Fridays has been turning heads by playing a great repertoire of music that ranges from Classic and Modern Rock to their own originals.  I asked bass player, Tom Triebl what their shows were like and he told me, “With us, it’s always a high energy performance.  We treat every show like it is our last.  We have a lot of fun, while still maintaining a level or professionalism and excellence.”  These guys like to incorporate many types of music, while adding their own touch to many of the songs as well.  You can tell they work very hard at it because they have a great sound and are very tight.  They are currently recording their first original album at Hedgerow Studios, and are hoping for a Spring 2012 release!
One of the things that 44 Fridays in known for is that they take the time to not only put on a great show, but they always have crowd participation, too.  They are always doing something special at their shows, which will sometimes include t-shirt or other giveaways.  They have lots of fans and friends who come to see them on a regular basis and these guys are very professional.  Tom explained, “we will always cater to the club or bar that we perform at to give the best show.  We always hold ourselves to a higher standard.”
You can see 44 Fridays perform at some great venues including several OOT’s favorite spots such as The Roadhouse in Newportville, PA, McStew’s Irish Sports Pub in Levittown, The Stadium at 5 Points in Levittown &The Tango in NE Philly.  They have also performed at some great events such as The Que for The Troops last Memorial Day and also headlined at The Brewfest at the Sun National Bank Arena in Trenton, NJ.  Be sure to catch their next show, which will be on St. Patty’s Day, 3/17 at The Roadhouse Inn located at 2200 Newportville Road in Newportville, PA.  It’s always a great time at The Roadhouse and with 44 Fridays in the house, you know the place will be ROCKING!
44 Fridays is Keith Bucco – Lead Vocals; Shawn Johnson – Guitar; Tom Triebl – Bass; Rich Stinson – Drums.  To stay up to date with what the band is doing, go to their website and bu sure to “Like” them on Facebook at! ;

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gas-lol-omg-wtfSt. Patty’s Day Humor

Q:  What do you get when you cross a pillowcase with a stone?
A:  A sham rock


Vince is Goin for the Gold

Vince is pokin around in Rite Aid and discovers a new brand of condoms called Olympic Condoms. Clearly impressed, he buys a pack and rushes home. Once there he tells Joanne about the condoms he just bought. “Olympic Condoms?”, she blurts out, “What makes them so special?” “They come in three colors”, Vince replies, “Gold, Silver and Bronze.” “Oh yeah, and what color are you going to wear tonight?”, Joanne asks cheekily. “Gold of course”, says Vince proudly. Joanne responds really? “Why don’t you wear Silver? It would be really nice if you came second for a change!”


Quick Thinkin Rich

Nervous as hell, Richie Hump walks up to this girl in at Redz and says, “Would you like to dance? ”
The girl smirks and says, “I don’t like this song, but even if I did, I wouldn’t dance with you anyway. ”
Stunned however always quick with a comeback, Rich smiles and replies, “I’m sorry, you must have misunderstood me, I said you look fat in those pants. ”

Don’t Mess With Anna
After patrolling the streets of Mayfair all night, Anna came home and found her husband Ken blow drying his junk! Stunned, Anna asked, “Ken – What the hell are you doing?!?!?” When Ken woke up in the hospital he quickly realized that “Heating your dinner” was not the right answer.
Mia’s da Boss
While playing in the playground, young Thomas turned to his brother Sam and says, “You know what Sam … I think it’s about time we started cussing.”Sam agrees and nods his head in approval”
Thomas continues,”When we go in for breakfast, I’m gonna say something with hell, and you say something with ass.”
Sam likes the plan agrees with enthusiasm.
When their mother Mia walks into the kitchen and asks the Sam what he wants for breakfast, he replies, “Awww hell Mom … I guess I’ll have some Cheerios.”
Sam flies out of his chair, tumbles across the kitchen floor, gets up, and runs upstairs crying his eyes out, with his mother in hot pursuit, slapping his rear with every step.
His mom locks him in his room and shouts, “You can stay there until I decide to let you out!”
She then comes back downstairs, looks at Thomas and asks with a stern voice, “And what do YOU want for breakfast, young man?”
“I don’t know,” Thomas blubbers, “but you can bet your fat ass it won’t be Cheerios!”
The food stamp program, part of the Dept of Agriculture, is pleased to be distributing the greatest amount of food stamps ever.
Meanwhile another government agency, the Park Service, has signs posted everywhere stating “Please Do Not Feed the Animals as they may grow dependent and not learn to take care of themselves.”


First off, PROPS to everyone who came out and made Mayfair’s Shamrock Shuttle a huge success! You guy’s came, you partied, and you respected the neighborhood. Thank You! As a result of the Shuttle’s success, we’re already planning on another similar event in May called the Mayfair May-Fair. Stay tuned!
As far as Patty’s day plans, I’ll be headin to Redz to catch Boss Hydro and Rev playing some killer music along with their Green Bikini Contest. If you’ve got a hot frame, strap on your best bikini cause the winner will be walking out with an extra $500 in their pocket! This contest is no joke! PROPS to Redz for hosting it!

As always, keep your jokes, pics, whathaveu and whatnot coming to

Have FUN!!

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by Mike Vagnoni
photo(1)Chanda works each week over at the new upscale Sports Bar in Holland Pa called Bondie’s East. She stands in at  5′ 8” and has blonde hair and blue eyes.
Chanda has been a bartender now for the last 12 years.  She is one personality behind the bar and really has a great loyal base of steady customers that party with her each week.  ” I like to meet new people and also enjoy seeing all of my regulars each week at Blonde’s”, she says. She likes to get to know all of her customers and just loves talking with them each week.  Chanda lights up the bar when she does her weekly shifts.
Chanda comes to us via Las Vegas.  She is now a resident of Holland.Penna.
FAVORITE  Sport:  Football  ” I love the Detroit Lions” Hey what about our Eagles?  In time she might become an Eagles fan…ha ha!  – Just give her some time.
FAVORITE RADIO STATION:  Country 92.5 WXTU / WIRED 96.5 FM  She likes all kinds of music.
HOBBIES: Summer is coming and she loves to hang at the beach with a drink in her hand and also has a passion for Shopping.
FAVORITE DRINK: An ice cold  “BUD LIGHT” and a Bacardi Dragonberry Bomb.
Chanda is looking for a great spring and summer on the outside patio bar over at Blondie’s and is looking to take in the sun and have fun with all of her real friends and customers. Word has it that the patio bar is going to open up this coming weekend…Stop by and meet up with Chanda sometime real soon and tell her you saw her here in the OOT. ( See more online at )

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Listen for some Out on the Town Entertainment Guide Updates on “Where To go and What To Do” on Wired 96.5 FM this coming spring and summer….tune to the station now! Listen online anytime!

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Some of the best places we know about in the Region:

Great day today…as of now the Running of the Micks is on going in Nothern Liberties…see everyone over at Finnigan’s Wake ...grab a Miller Lite! Tonight see The Rockets and Laura Lea and Tripp Fabulous rock the house.

Great day today! … the NE ERIN EXPRESS is underway…party and get on the loop…all the bars listed are in the latest OOT GUIDE…see int now all online…

This Erin Express is sponsored by Miller Lite!

Here’s what’s goin on right now:

Harrigans Iris Pub – Warminster Pa – on stage tonight see – Daze End

Hurrincane Jacks / CJ & Chris from the Seven Band / Stop over after the parade

The Stadiums at  5points tonight has RAXOR

The Stadiums at  Street Road features  “Fish Out Of Water”

The Stadiums at Andalusia has  Turn Me Loose

The Sky BOX in Bristol tonight features the sounds of DJ Raw Skillz

Freddies Tavern in Bristol has 2 acts tonight (A) Enemies of Reality and Ant Hill Mob

Cazz’s Sport bar has the ongoing Big karaoke with Paul Kircher/ See Contest and winner will get all sort of prizes…OOT SPONSORED EVENET EACH NIGHT…win a trip to the TRUM TAJ MAHAL CASINO

The Road House tonight – See Wild Child on stage…* ask them to do the Lady GA GA Show!

Mc Stews Iris Sports Bar –  Tonight Stem is in the house..ROCK on’ Nick and the boys…

Chickie’s & Pete’s – South Philly tonight DJ TONY BRUNO spins great house music!

The Tango – tonight has Bonehead…for all the Boner’s out there stop over to the new Tango.

Finnigan’s Wake  today as the Rockets and Laura Lea & Tripp Fabulous

Sweeney’s Salooon – has a special guest band in the house tonight!

Michaels’ Cafe – DANCE CLUB / with DJ Mike Gormley

CURRAN’S IRISH INN tonight has Un- Finished Business who always rocks Bensalem

Tony’s Place – Live Acoustic music tonight!

The Temperance House in Newtown features > The Breeze Band

Mc Noodles’ tonight has a Dance Party …dj in the mix will get you dancing!

Joe Santuccis Bar & Grille – tonight has DJ Spanky in the house

Redz Bar and Grille featues – our buddies Stems and SEEDS tonight

Blondies East in Holland – has a high energy Dance Party tonight.

JT’s Phila House will have high energy Dance Party tonight!

Caspers’ Bar – DJ dance party

Harrington’s – DJ Franny Mac/ Dance Party

Maggies’ Waterfront Cafe – Dj/ Dance Party

Reale’s Sports Bar and Grille will have Mike Goldman live @6 and at night a DJ/ Dance Party

Havana’s in New Hope Pa has the SLAMM BAND ON STAGE!  SLMMMER ….

*Shorty Long and the Jersey Horns are at the Beach Comer in Seaside Heights tonight!

Redz  Bar and Grill – Stems & Seeds * OOT Sponsored Band

Paddy Whacks  South Street – today  Jamison…

Dean Casmirri’s – tonight Dj Gusto

Brunswick Zone XL,  Live music tonight around the pit…that is their fire pit…

La Casa Di Lucia – the sound of Tony Rad tonight

The Fireside…Feastervilles only Beef and Ale mecca…Live music

Dr Lous in Roebling Nj…Open Mic today  and tonight

Gentlemen’s Clubs :  Double Visions,  Great for Couples

Scruples at the Oakford Inn * Great for Couples

Tattletales in Levittown PA * Great for Couples

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It’s that time again when the  ERIN EXPRESS rides again. The time is 1pm to 6pm in the Greater North East.  Here is the Official Route> Paddy Whacks – Welsh Road, General Grants Saloon, Leneghan’s Irish Pubs,Paddy Whacks on Comly Rd, Reedy’s Irish Pub,Maggies Waterfront Cafe, Leneghan’s Crusader’s Inn,Caspers Bar ,Leneghan’s Irish Pub & Out Of Wack Jacks.

$20 will get you a T-Shirt, Wristband, a Souvenir Cup with a Beer. * You must be 21 years of age or older.

Sponsored by: Miller Lite, Jameson, McSorley’s, Toodles Creative Media,and Out On The Town

* Proceeds to Benefit F.O.P. Lodge #5

(Please respect the neighborhoods)

Look for Out On The Town to be taking photos for the Guide and for the ootonline.

Have Fun – see you on Saturday!

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These events and schedules are from the the latest OOT GUIDE –  The Pre – St Patty’s Issue  (* Tip) when you get the guide you are in tune with area events for the full month…Each Day – Each Night.  See it anytime by going to  *One ad in the OOT Guide covers you online and in area Hot Spot Locations for a full month of coverage –

HERE GOES: This weekend March 2nd & 3rd  OOT FEATURED HOT SPOTS!

March is here and let the madness begin ….Kicking things off > the Big NEWS … The Shamrock Shuttle on Saturday from 1pm to 6pm in area bars in the NE section of Mayfair. Ride the bus loop and enjoy…$20 for a wrist band to visit all the bars on a loop….Sponsored by Bud Light -visit> Casper’s Bar, Reale’s, Hammerheads,Harringtons, Christy’s Tavern, Kilbanes,Tom’s Sportsmens, Cappys, Coach’s, Owens Cafe,Flukes, Mc Noodles and the Sheffield Tavern.

Cazz’s Sports Bar * Grille -Levittown Pa – Friday *Kickoff the Big Karoake Contest ….DJ Paul Kircher your host Friday and Saturday nights

Chickie’s & Pete’s ( All area locations) Fridays & Saturdays South Philly Tony Bruno Dance Party

Michael’s Cafe Bensalem Pa * Biggest Dance CLub in the area…FRIDAY and SATURDAY and SUNDAY Dance Party DJ’s FRANK LEWIS WOGL 98.1 FM – DJ 2 Cool Joe Collari on Friday /  DJ Mike Gormley on Saturday night / Sunday night with DJ ROBBIE ROB…

The Stadiums 5 Points – Levittown Pa Friday Dj Dance Party – Saturday March 3rd Steal Your Face

The Stadiums Andalusia – Friday Dance Party  -Saturday Un-Usual Suspectz

The Stadium Street Road Bensalem Pa Friday DJ Dance Party – Saturday Dino & the Missles

The  SKY BOX – Bristol – Friday March 2nd F.K.A.  Saturday night DJ Dance Party with DJ Raw Skillz

FREDDIE’S TAVERN -Bristol Pa  DJ CHEPPO Friday Dance Party/ Saturday March 3rdLive Music TBA

*The Road House – Newportville – Dj Friday Dance Party / Saturday > Stems & Seeds

Currans’s Irish Inn – Bensalem Pa – Friday -Loose Leaf Trio & Stroke of Gennius … Saturday THE GREAT SCOTT BAND

*Curran’s Irish Inns  – Palmyra NJ and also over at TACONY  / *weekends LIVE MUSIC ALWAYS!Top names in local talent each weekend!

PADDY WHACKS – All area Locations  DJ Dance Party weekends / Live Music Specialty nights

TONY’S PLACE – Ivyland  Live Acoustic Music Fridays and Saturdays

Hazys Bar & Grille – Feasterville Pa – Weekends fun at the bar Great food and Drinks -Best Prices!

THE TEMPERANCE HOUSE -Newtown Pa Friday Midnight Shift / Saturday March 3rd NEW DAWN

BLONDIE’S  EAST -Holland Pa – Friday Live Music / Saturdays DJ DANCE PARTY

Mc Stews Irish Sports Bar LevittownPa – Dj Codie Friday/ Saturday > Hattrick Reunion and Lecompt

Hurricane Jacks Levittown Pa – Fridays Live music / Saturday DJ Dance Party

The Fireside Beer & Ale – Feasterville Pa – Fridays and Saturdays Live music and DJ’ Dance Partys

The Brunswick Zone XL – Feasterville Pa – Fridays Karaoke / Saturdays Live Music

The Tango (Somerton) Ne Phila – Friday Stygian , Electric Boa and Sinners Saints / Saturday -Heaven & Hell,Swan Song,Demon lAlcohol

Harrigan’s Pub – Warminster Pa Mike Magee Friday/ Saturday ANIMAL HOUSE

Dean Casmirris’ Colonial Inn – Hulmeville Pa – Fridays DJ Karaoke Host Tom Seger/ Sarturdays Dance Party with DJ Gusto *Late night snacks now available till 1 am!

Finnigan’s Wake – Phila Friday LECOMPT / Saturday  Secret Service

Sweeney’s Saloon (Somerton)Ne Philly Friday ON CALL / Saturday THE BIG JANGLE

Joe Santucci’s Bar & Grille – Ne Phila  Friday and Saturdays DJ DANCE PARTY / DJ SPANKY the EX- –CHUNK wit da Funk! Weekends.

REDZ Bar & Grille Ne Phila – Fridays Dance Party with DJ JOEY A / Saturdays LIVE MUSIC

Harrington’s Irish Pub – Friday and Saturday DANCE PARTY WEEKEND with DJ FRAN MAC

*LOOP / Shamrock Shuttle Saturday

Mc Noodle’s Ne Phila   DJ Dance Party Weekend * LOOP/ SHAMROCK SHUTTLE Saturday

REALES’ Sports Bar & Grill – Ne Phila Live Fridays  UN FINISHED BUSINESS / DJ at Night

Saturdays Mike Goldman at 6pm/ DJ DANCE PARTY AT NIGHT!  * Saturday LOOP / DJ Dance Party


Havana’s  –New Hope Pa – Friday Dj Dance party / Saturday March 3rd the Mighty Soul Purpose Saturday

Pocono Palace – Lakeview Pa – *Shorty Long and the Jersey Horns Friday March 2nd

La Casa Di Lucia – Somerton (Ne Philly) Fridays Live music / Saturdays Live with Tony Rad, Sundays Live with Debbie Knight

Nick’s Roast Beef – Ne Philly – Weekend Fun always … World Famous Roast Beef Sandwiches and Specail nights with DJ and coming soon Live music

The 3 Monkey’s -Ne Phila – Atmosphere Food, Fun and the outside Monkey Court is going to open real soon!

Dr Lou’s Place – RoeblingNj – Open Mic Nights 24/7 weekends!

The Dog and Bull Music and Brew House – Croydon Pa – Friday Just the Two of Us (Angel and Perry) Saturdays Live and Sunday!

*’CLubs this weekend

Gentlemens Clubs

Double Visions -Horsham

Scruples at the Oakford Inn

Tattletales -Levittiown Pa

Club Risque – All area locations

Weekends are always special

Trump Taj Mahal Hotel and Casino

Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino

Parx Casino – Bensalem Pa

Harrah’s – Chester Pa

Sugar House Casino – Phila

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