by Mike Vagnoni

Yes it is only a game but what a let down. Everyone is feeling it today. In shock I would say because the Phillies could not hit that ball.  What can u do about it?  Best record ever and then the bats go silent. Today is just another day in the Philly area….make the best of it Philly fans.  The Eagles have a DREAM TEAM that is sort of like a nightmare and now the Phillies sort of entered into the same dream…( what can cause this to happen?) – No hitting the ball... and all the media hype works us up…and after 9 innings look what happens?  Well  life goes on and that is it. It is just a game and to enjoy it for what it is – When we win it is cool and now that we lost, we can feel the pain. The players must really feel it today but hell – If I had a million in the bank….the pain would go away real fast.

We can thank them  Phillies for a very interesting year and get ready to see them do it all again come the spring of 2012.  Make the best of the rest of the weekend – it won’t be fun but that’s what it is.

Listen to what our sports radio peeps will be saying later today- it will be interesting to hear what many sports fans will be saying.  I’m going out to get a cup of coffee and pick up the new Daily News Sports Edition and see what the best sports writers in America say about it.

See ya!

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