Catch Great Taste. Grab a Miller Lite and enjoy the game. Let's Go Eagles - tonight at  8:20 pm the Eagles take on the Dallas Cowboys. Get out to area sports bars and cheer on our Birds. Get the info on the hottest places and with the big specials and you can find it all right now by going to OOT is  your sports bar connection.  When it comes to local entertainment news we cover it!  BEST in area bands & DJ's, Best Bars and Clubs and Restaurants.* Best in area Sports Bars!
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This coming saturday night Oct 29th, will be the party night of all nights...many area locations will be hosting Halloween Parties...this is also a special night at the new Philly 4 Sports Bar (The old Whiskey Tango)since this will be the Velvet Lounge Reunion with Mike Lecompt.  So many things to do and just an ever growing number of good choices to pick.  To find out more see the latest OOT Guide and see what places will be hosting special party nights....* OOT will be making a pit stop over to the new Philly 4 Sports Bar....for more go to: and click on the big photo of the latest cover page.
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Back in the day the GALAXY ROCK CLUB was one of the region's premier rock rooms. Acts that would grace the stage at the Galaxy were:  Bon-Jovi, Cinderella, Britny Fox, Heaven's Edge, Funhouse, Tangier... coming up will be a reunion at the new SAVOY'S / Colleen's in Pennsauken  on November 12th.  TICKETS $15 per. Acts that will be on the show:  Blind Date, Carte Blance, Dead End Kids, Ever After( with members from Heaven's Edge) Funhouse, Knight Train, Krank, Metal Godz, Midnight Hero( Formerly known as Assault), Next, Platinum Axe, Rought Dymond, Sklin Rita, Stage 3, The Strayz, Surrender Dorothy,Whitefoxx. *This event is sponsored by Academy Electric  and promotions are provided by Cherby Rock Events. TICKETS :  $15 per person * This event is powered by and brought to you by THUNDERFOOT PRODUCTIONS. Go to  Key into OOT NEWS
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Under new management and ownership is the new SKY BOX in Bristol open this is your kind of place for all sports and weekly Entertainment .  Coming up in NOVEMBER the GRAND OPENING PARTY with the SEVEN BAND...FOR MORE INFO go to:
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GO to 13  and find out where the best places are for them screams...for OCTOBER. FIND OUT ABOUT: THE FOLLOWING ATTRACTIONS that are perfect for the month.  Haunted Hayrides to Haunted Houses with ghoulish looking actors in full dress...ah the thrill of it all for the month of October and it's for any age too.... Here are the best places we know about in the region.... The Valley Of Fear, Shocktoberfest Sleepy Hollow Hayride Horrorfest Farm NIght of Terror Terror Behind the Walls JASONS' WOODS PennHurst Frightland Field of Screams The Bates Motel Freight Factory The Spirits of 76 Ghost Tours * HERE is another one for the record> WindingBrook Night chills Haunted Hayride, the Corn walk of Horror!...and more!  (*This is located in Warrington Pa)
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chow284-casual-americanCHOW284 has been open for 6 months now and has become the go-to guy for Feasterville residents when they’re hungry. CHOW284 features a global American menu with dishes inspired by countries all over the world. There’s not another place you can find a quality burger, burrito and lo Mein dish all on the same menu. Aside from the established spread, CHOW284 stocks over 40 different beers. New beers frequent the coolers to keep the menu fresh. You can kind all of your favorite craft brews, such as Victory, Philadelphia Brewing, Yards, Magic Hat and Troegs and staple imports like Baltika, Franziskaner and Chimay. The bar also sports a one-of-a-kind wine pouring system that literally pours the perfect glass every time. Each bottle is kept at its optimal temperature. The cabinets replace the oxygen in the bottle and replaced with argon. Not only is it difficult to find such a delectable cuisine and formidable beer selection in the same establishment, but CHOW284 also has a plethora of entertainment on a weekly basis. They host free poker tournaments with cash prizes every Monday, Quizzo on Wednesday, live music every weekend as well as wine pairings, fundraisers and beer tastings. CHOW284 has quickly become the trendy spot in Bucks County to feast. The ideal combination of an innovative food/drink menu and plenty of entertainment leave you always wanting more.
284 E St Rd Feasterville, PA 19053
(215) 357-9988
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022_22Photo by Mike Vagnoni Melissa works the back bar area in the lounge at Mc Stews Irish Sports Bar every Wednesday and Friday nights from 9pm to 2am. She is miss personality all the way and lights up the bar.  Being in the business for well over 10 years as a bartender, she has a great fan base of loyal weekly patrons." I get to know my customers in a free atmosphere and we talk about a lot of cool things"she says.  Melissa said that she really gets the feedback from her customers and she really loves working with her co-workers at Mc Stews. "It's like a family here and we all care about one another"... Melissa stands in at 5'2'' and has dark brown hair and blue-gray eyes. BIRTH-SIGN:  Scorpio ( She soon will be celebrating a birthday) FAVORITE RADIO STATION: 98.9 fm and 107.9 fm She likes dance music... HOBBIES: Going to malls and in her spare time just hangin' out with friends. Like's to go to the Movies! FAVORITE DRINK :  Bubblegum Vodka & Water Melissa is a resident from Levittown, she knows everyone...and everyone knows her....and it's no -wonder with her vibrant and down to earth style, she has made so many good friends over the years. Stop by to Mc Stews and say hello and please mention that you did check her out here at OOT. To see more of Melissa go to:
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By:  Krista Doran
chowder_promo_picChowder is a band with deep roots in NE Philadelphia.  They have been together now for 10 years and have a very large and dedicated fan base.  The band has a very unique style, both in playing covers and in writing their own originals.  Chowder is an extremely versatile band, always focusing on showing their fans a great time!
I spoke to my friend and Guitarist, Billy Luber and he told me, "Our music is really hard to classify as one type of genre. We mix in Blues, Rock, Jazz and Funk with lots of great leads and chord progressions.  It's very different from anything else you may hear out there."  The music that Chowder plays is very crisp and tight.  They work very hard during practice, making sure to get every single part down, exactly the way they want it.  Billy explained, "We really want our originals to shine and we work them over and over until they are perfect.  When we do play covers we don't play the same standard songs many other cover bands tend to play.  Instead, we play songs that we like and just have fun jamming.  They come off so much better and our fans love it."
If you go to see Chowder play live, you are going to feel energized!  Their sets are full of power and positive energy.  Everyone is up dancing and smiling and just having a good time.  This is a really great group of musicians who are extremely friendly and eager to please.   Even after 10 years of playing, Billy told me they all still get butterflies before a show.  He went on to say, "We just want to entertain.  We want to see smiles on everyone's faces and we want everyone to leave feeling good.  It's not about the money for us - we just want to give people live music they can truly enjoy."
If you are ready to see a great band perform both covers and originals, you can catch them at the following venues:
November 4 - Curran's Irish Inn, Bensalem, PA
November 19 - Redz Bar & Grill, NE Phila
December 16 - Flukes Restaurant & Pub, NE Phila
If you would like to learn more about the band and hear some of their songs, you can check them out on Facebook right now - just search "Chowder Band."  Chowder is Jason Cowden -  Lead Vocals and Guitar; Chris Griffith - Drums; Gino Pini - Bass Guitar; and Billy Luber Guitar.
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By L.Ramage' rob-zombieOOT put it's thinking caps on and thought, what Rock Star really portrays Halloween the most?  Dee Snider? Alice Cooper? Corey Taylor? Many of the Glam bands? I went through my personal filing cabinet and Rob Zombie seemed to stick out the most!  I went after Rob for an interview to see what he's been up to and apparently he's not out on tour right now. But I did note off his website "" that "Hellbilly Deluxe II" is out.  We did interview Rob with "Hellbilly Deluxe I" with that mega Hit "Dragula" which he told me was about the "Munster Car" and has sold 717,000 copies in the U.S. by 2010.  A Dozen years later, this new release II  features the catchy  single “Sick Bubblegum,” which sounds perhaps like it was written during the original sessions, “What?” a dark, distorted track that has Zombie's signature sound, “Werewolf, Baby,” another sick ‘n demented rock ‘n roll anthem, and Zombie electric shocks like “Jesus Frankenstein” and the thunderous “Mars Needs Women." Hellbilly Deluxe II can be found on Roadrunner Records. The band consists of John 5, Piggy D, Ginger Fish and of course Rob Zombie. I followed Rob's blog and see that they did very well in Germany this year. In Nurgbring they played to 85,000 fans!  I know in talking to many of the metal bands that Europe blows the states right out of the water when it comes to attendance as well as enthusiasm by a landslide!  I am wondering if Europe gives them more radio support? More Press? Well, after all, Think about it!  Philadelphia has what?  One preprogram rock radio station, and doubtful our listeners will call in and get Zombie played to often. Now Zombie was actually born Robert Bartleh Cummings;on January 12, 1965, in Haverhill, Massachusetts. He was the first of two sons. His younger brother Michael David Cummings was born in 1968 and is better known as "Spider One" the frontman to an alternative metal band many of you know called "Powerman 5000." On May 23, 2010 Zombie's new comic book series about a fictitious Horror Host "Whatever Happened To Baron Von Shock?"  The first print sold out in less than a week!  Rob is an American musician, film director, Screenwriter and film producer. He founded the band "White Zombie" and has been nominated three times as a solo artist for the "Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance." Zombie has also established a career as a film director, creating the movies "House of a 1000 Corpses, The Devils Rejects," the 2007 remake of "Halloween" and the "Haunted World of the El Superbeasto."  I heard his next film will be the "The Lords Of Salem" which is scheduled for release in theaters sometime in 2012!  One might note that Rob Zombie is all into merchandising too!  If you check out his website you can order, videos, T-shirts, hats, Rob Zombie dolls, Zombie lunchboxes, posters, and even a bag of Rob Zombie organic coffee! On Halloween day of 2002, Zombie married longtime girlfriend "Sheri Moon." A striking girl whom I met on a shared ride down an elevator with them one year. Rob frequently features her in all of his horror films. They currently live in Woodbury, Connecticut and LA He really is a pretty down to earth guy for such an incredible talent!  I would have to say he is very unique!
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OOT's Annual Guide for Halloween time....BOO! The Halloween Party Guide hits up on line Wednesday night ...this is one big Issue you don't want to miss.  Plenty of places with Halloween Parties  and also some area attractions worth it to check out for this time of year.   We welcome some new places for you to head over to and Check out like:  Philly 4 Sports Bar and Restaurant in NE Phila ( Somerton area), Chow 284 in Feasterville, The new Sky Box in Bristol Pa, Lazy Joe's Saloon in NE Phila....also Meet up with DJ Jimmy Mac..he's back ( AKA The Hatman) remember the days of the Barn in Bensalem? Well Jimmy Mac was the house DJ back then and he's back now at the SKY BOX with a big 30th Anniversary Celebration coming up on NOV 5th....* For Acoustic music lovers-a new room dedicated to you opens called the VU LOUNGE this is at the all new JT's Phila House on Castor Ave in Northeast Phila.... For Halloween: (PLACES WE KNOW ABOUT) Michael's Cafe - Bensalem , Harrigan's Irish Pub in Warminster, The Stadium Bar & Grill ( All Locations) Fairless Hills, Andalusia, Bensalem, Levittown, NE Phila., Bristol Curran's Irish Inn - (All Locations) Bensalem, NE _Tacony & Palmyra Sweeneys Saloon, NE Maggies Waterfront Cafe -NE Scruples Gentlemen's Club at the Oakford Inn, Club Risque ( All Locations) Bristol, NE and Center City Brady's Irish Pubs (Both Locations) Bensalem and Croydon Dean Casmirr's Colonial Inn -Hulmeville The Brunswick Zone XL, Feasterville Dagwoods' Bar & Restaurant NE La Casa Di Lucia -NE Harrington's Irish Inn -NE Mc Noodles' Irish Pub -NE 3 Monkeys' at the Torresdale Station NE Tattletails -Levittown Pa Double Visions -Horsham Pa' The Road House -Newportville Pa *Paddy Whacks -( All Locations) South Street, NE Phila., Reale's Sports Bar NE' Hazy's Bar & Grill - Feasterville The Fireside Beef & Ale Feasterville Joe Santuccis Bar & Grille NE The Knights Tavern - NE The Final Score - Bensalem Pa Nick's Roast Beef ( All Locations) The Dog & Bull Brew & Music House -Croydon Finnigans Wake - Nothern Liberties / Phila * John Di Bella and WMGK ANNUAL HALLOWEEN BASH Redz Bar & Grill NE Brownies 23 East - Ardmore Cazz's Sports Bar - Levittown Tony's Place Ivyland Chow 284 - Feasterville Philly 4 Sports Bar and Restaurant -NE / Somerton Lazy Joe's Saloon NE The New Sky BOX - Bristol Pa Kennys's Spirited Eatery - Southampton Maggio's Southampton Pikes' Pub - Southampton The Red Stallion - Warminster Penguins' Pub - Warminster Big Heads' Sports Bars ( All Locations) Warminster, Willow Grove and Plumsteadville Havana's in New Hope / Sponsored Event now on going> The Rocky Horror Picture production Brought to you by the Chamber of Commerce of New Hope for October! JT's Phila House NE The Rhawnhurst Cafe NE Hammerheads NE Casper's NE (Here is the place where all the Ghost hang...)Boo! The Bogside Irish Pub NE The new Rockledge Pub - Rockledge / Fox Chase area Flukes' Bar and Restaurant NE The Hulmeville Inn - Hulmevile The Irish Rover Baileys - Levittown Paulies Place NEWTOWN AREA: Club House Green Parrot The Temperance House MANAYUNK AREA: Kildare's Irish Pub The Manayunk Brew Pub USA HOTEL The New Franklin Bar & Restaurant/ Roxborough Buckets Zesty's In South Jersey: H20/Beach CLub in Saraha Sam's - West Berlin Racks Kat Man Du - Trenton The Coastline Cherry Hill Top Dog - Cherry Hill The Madison House / Cafe - Riverside Curran's Palmyra Pinsetter Bar and Bowl - Pennsauken Colleen's Pennsauken Brewsters Maple Shade The Adelphia - Deptford Jay's Elbo Room The Aloft OTT's (All Locations) 45th Street Pubs ( All Locations) along route 130 South and North PJ Whelehans ( All Locations In SJ and PA) *Atlantic City- Trump Taj Mahal, Trump Plaza Borgata, Harrah's, Tropicana, Resorts, Showboat OTHER GREAT PICKS for HALLOWEEN: ATTRACTIONS Fright-Fest at Six Flags Great Adventure- *Check out  (13 Haunts) for more details on Halloween Attractions in the region OOT's PICKS> *TheValley Of Fear Feasterville Pa *Jason's Woods . Lancaster County Bates Motel, Mummies at the Franklin Institute Other Locations: The Wearhouse 24 Woodlyn Pa Tom & 'Jerry's in Milmont Park Pa Reeds' In BlueBell Pa with College Mansion The Roxxy in Center City Club 27  Olde City The Philly Red Zone - Olde City Mad River - Olde City Chickie's & Pete's ( All Locations) Bordentown, Egg Harbor, South Philly, Northeast Philly, Bensalem PARX CASINO - Bensalem Pa / 360 Lounge Halloween Bash! Sugar House Casino - Phila
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