The bottom line is you can see the OOT on your new iPad, android, *your smartphone anytime. Your can view the OOT on your laptop and navigate with ease or you can do the same on your desktop. We keep the focus on what is going on by the People and Places and all the things that make our local scene the hottest in the area. See the latest Out On The Town. (A) “Some Insurance” -> we reach people who go out and are the regulars in hundreds of area locations…(B) We reach those that are thinking about going out and do all we can to make them tune into what you do by all that >we do online. With OOT NEWS on line…by our RSS FEED you can see the listings on GOOGLE, by going to the online site and also with Facebook and other social media tools….keep the focus on what you do ….is what we do!

Don’t let your message get lost with the information overload that is taking place…you can be sure to target the right kind of people when you do use the OOT. * Think about that.

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