We’re into the Hot days of summer and with that to cool off here are some ideas taking from the OOT GUIDE PAGES
( You can view the OOT on your I-pad, smart phone, or what ever kind of system you have ) Go to www.ootonline.com anytime Out On The Town Entertainment Guide – this is the professional Entertainer’s Entertainment Guide….yes there is only one!

Here goes and stay cool!

Chickies & Petes TONY BRUNO in South Philly./ Other locations see the ootsite for more info)
Sunday July 31st – Brian & The COCONUTZ / DJ Jordan Willimas TRUMP PLAZA BEACH BAR
m>MICHAELS CAFE – BENSALEM PA Music of Michael Gormley on the largest Dance Floor in the region Sunday night DJ ROBBIE ROB with the Hottest Sunday night party in the area each week!
Dean Casmirris Old Colonial – DJ GUSTO KAraoke Dance Party
Cazz’s Sports Bar – Levittown Pa DJ Paul Kircher / Karaoke Dance Party
Harrigans Irish Sports Bar – Warminster Pa – July 30th Midnight Java
The Stadium Street Road – Bensalem Pa – Path To Glory
The Black Label – Holland Pa – Dj Dance Party
The Stadium Andalusia – July 30th Un Finished Business
The Stadium @ 5 Pts – Levittown Pa – Dj Dance Party
The Fireside Feasterville Pa – Dj Dance party / Live events *
The Road House – Newportville Pa – Country Night with Jim Mitchell and the Repeat Offenders
Sundays – Free Pool
Havana’s in New Hope Pa – Pop Rox Pop Dance
Sunday 31st – Blues Guitarists JB KLEIN
JACKS’ PLACE in AVALON NJ – Modern Bliss / 76ers’ Beach Bash today!
July 31st – Jumper
Keenans in N, Wildwood NJ – Animal House
Brownies 23 East – The Main Line – Live with HOT D
Hazys – Feasterville Pa – Hot smokin’ Bartenders
Lazy Joe’s Saloon DJ Dance Party
Katie O’ Donnells- DJ Dance Party Sat and Sunday
Katie O Donnells(The new spot in the area)
THE DOG AND BULL Croydon Pa – Live with the Hitz Squad
Sunday the Starving Artist on the stage…
Reale’s Sports Bar & Grill Mike Goldman @6pm Night DJ DANCE PARTY
Sunday night July 31 Big Ass Open Mic Night with Norm
Nicks Roast Beef – Cottman Ave – Dj Dance Party July 30th
Hammerheads NE PHILA DJ DANCE PARTY on July 30th
Joe Santucci’s Bar & Grill Dj DANCE PARTY
The Brunswick Zone XL – Live Music in the Fireside Lounge
La Casa Di Lucia – July 30th Tony Rad
Sunday – Debbie Knight
Harrington’s NE Phila – DJ FRAN MAC
Big Heads ( All locations )
The Philly Red Zone (Olde City) DJ Dance Party
Mad River – Olde City Phila DJ Dance Party
PJ WHELEHANS – Washington Twp – Don’t Call Me Francis
The Springfield Inn Delco – DJ DANCE PARTY

* This are some of the area Hot Spots we know about……If you’r favorite location is not listed email us and we will plug this into our OOT Network.

Sparky’s World Famous -Levittown Pa – July 30th Jersey Bound Band
Whiskey Tango (Somerton ) Phila Pa – July 30th Bonehead / Dj
Maggies Waterfront Cafe
NE PHILA ( view of the river) DJ DANCE PARTY Sat and Sun
Finnigans Wake – Center City/ Nothern Liberties July 30th Steamroller Picinic
Michaels Cafe – Bensalem Pa – DJ DANCING on the largest Dance floor in the tri -state area…The Music of Michael Gormley
Currans Bensalem Pa – July 30th No Cover _Long TIme Gone
Tonys Place Ivyland Pa – July 30th Rocco Notie Jazz Duo
Mc Stews Irish Sports Bar – Levittown Pa – Angry Vic
Redz Bar & Grill NE Phila – PASSION PROMO tonight ..meet the players / celebrity Bartenders
PARX CASINO Bensalem Pa in the 360 Lounge July 30th The Exceptions – Dj Johnny

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For saturday night July 30th – you might want to check out this special promotion with the PHILA PASSION. They are the Lingerie Football Team..tonight meet some of the gals and take photos and see guest bartenders in full uniform….HOT- HOT – HOT …tonight at Redz located at 8212 Roosevelt Blvd. Get more info now call 215-332-8784
See Redz full lineup for the next full month @www.ootonline.com

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by Mike Vagnoni

OOT_3309-Print_Page_01Located in the Kinghts Road Shopping Center at 4050 Woodhaven Raod is the home of Joe Santucci’s Bar & Grill. There is a unique tradition on going here which I will share with you about this family run business that dates back to 1959. For well over 50 years Santucci’s Square Pizza has been a big hit in Phila., and this traditon is kept alive by Joe Santucci Jr. It all began with Joe’s Dad who came up with an idea and changed the Pizza business forever. His idea was the introduction of a family recipe for pizza made the real Italian way, by placing the cheese on the bottom and sauce on top, add in a unique baking technique and also a distinctive square shape thus the Santucci square Pizza was born. You will not find a better tasting pizza anywhere else. This became a big hit and today, it is still the best in our region. So good that Philly Magazine has given them the Best of Philly award two times. The also have had over the years many articles published on their food and unigue style.

Santucci’s today is in a new location and offers a variety of pizzas, stromboli, hot and cold sandwiches, pasta .and add in their extensive menu. Prices are really that good and the portions are big. For the traditional pizza they only use fresh dough made daily with only the finest mozzarella cheese and – top that off with their family recipe >the sauce.

Santuccis can boast about their late night menu that is available to 2am. When you talk about night time and late night, they are open 7 days and nights a week. The bar has weekly and daily specials and they also have a happy hour from 4pm to 6pm. Some of the entertainment is: Bar Bingo on tuesdays with host DJ Franny Mac from 8pm to 11pm. Quizzo on wednesdays from 7:30pm to 10:30pm, with weekly prizes. Every thursday Dj Franny Mac with Martini thursdays and friday and saturday nights a Dj and dance party. All sports at Santuccis is one of the biggest favorites and they offer Phillies game day Bud and Bud Light Drafts for $2.50. Each month they also have – live acoustic music. Santucci’s is just a fun place for food, family and friends. You can also order online now at: www.JoeSantuccissquarepizza.com. ; Visit Santucci’s this week and see what Joe Jr., and his wife Nadine and kids Joseph lll and Natalie Philomena have waiting for you > Family, tradition with pride and doing it all for your enjoyment. Call 215-281-2900

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Donny’s Jokes

Jul 27, 2011

laughPoor Rich

The psychic Tom gazed at his Tarot cards and delivered the bad news: “I’m sorry Amy, but there’s just no easy way to say this … Prepare to be a widow. Your husband Rich will die a violent, horrible death within the year.”
Visibly shaken, Amy stared at the single flickering candle, then down at her hands. She took a few deep breaths, composed herself and asked, “Will I get away with it?”


Two One Liners

Q: How much cocaine did Charlie Sheen do?
A: Enough to kill 2 1/2 Men…

Q: What do you get when you mix PMS and GPS?
A: A crazy bitch that will find you!!!

Pennypack Bob

On his way home from Pennypack, Bob is stopped by the police around 1 a.m. and is asked where he is going at this time of night.
Bob replies, “I am going to a lecture about alcohol abuse and the effects it has on the human body.”
Officer Steve then asks, “Really? Who is giving that lecture at this time of night?”
Bob replies, “That would be my wife.”

Pete Meets Sister Sue

Pete suffered a serious heart attack while shopping up on Frankford ave. Concerned neighbors called 911 when they saw him collapse to the ground. The paramedics rushed Pete to the nearest hospital where he had emergency open heart bypass surgery.

He awakened from the surgery to find himself in the care of nuns at the Catholic Hospital he was taken to. Sister Sue was seated next to his bed holding a clip board loaded with several forms, and a pen. She asked him how he was going to pay for his treatment.

“Do you have health insurance?” she asked.
Pete replied in a raspy voice, “No health insurance.”

The nun asked, “Do you have money in the bank?”
He replied, “None.”

“Do you have a relative who could help you with the payments?” asked the irritated nun.
He said, “I only have a spinster sister, and she is a nun.”

Sister Sue became agitated and announced loudly, “Nuns are not spinsters! Nuns are married to God!”
With that Pete replied, “Perfect! Send the bill to my brother-in-law.”

Glenn and Julie’s Cruise

Glenn and Julie were on a cruise and it was really stormy. They were standing on the back of the boat watching the moon, when a wave came up and washed the Julie overboard. They searched for days and couldn’t find her, so Captain Norm sent Glenn back to shore with the promise that he would notify him as soon as they found something. Three weeks went by and finally the Glenn got a fax from the boat. It read: ‘Sir, sorry to inform you, we found your wife dead at the bottom of the ocean. We hauled her up to the deck and attached to her butt was an oyster and in it was a pearl worth $50,000. Please advise.’ Hearing the news, Glenn faxed back: ‘Dear Captain Norm, Send me the pearl, and re-bait the trap.’

Mikey’s got the POOPS!

Poor little Mikey, stricken with diarrhea, tells his mom that he needs Viagra. Stunned, his mother Sue asks, “Why on earth do you need that?”
Mikey replies, “Isn’t that what you give dad when his shit won’t get hard?”


First of all, MADD PROPS to the guy’s at Goodchild’s Repair Center! They did a HELUVA job on the body work and paint on my truck after my fiery 5 car collision! Thanks again guys!!

The shows in Pennypack on Wednesday nights have been AWESOME!! Joe Coyne KILLED IT last week with his band Evryman Jack. PROPS to the shows sponsors and to YOU for supporting live music! A special shout out goes to Paddy Whacks who have donated their time and $$$ each and every week to ensure that these shows go on. Thank You! Show them how much you appreciate what they do by visiting one, or ALL of their locations.

Up and coming shows:
8/3 – Our own Buddy Blanchard and the gang in Romeo Delight, a Van Halen tribute as well as Kick it Out, a Heart tribute
8/10 – Memories of Elvis Live – I CAN’T WAIT for this one!!
8/17 – The Party Dolls
8/31 – The British Invasion – a Beatles tribute

Come on out and enjoy the shows! They are free to attend, however they rely on donations to keep these shows going. Please give generously, and oh yeah, don’t forget your red cups!
See ya there!!

As always, keep your jokes, pics, whathaveu and whatnot coming to DonnysJokes@yahoo.com. You guys RULE!!

Have FUN!!

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by Crabby-Patty-Pat Kozlowski

DSCF0960For Rich Sites, it all began with a “dirty” crab. And by dirty, we mean a crab pulled right out of the pot and served, letting the eater do all the work and cleaning. Some people prefer their crabs dirty, they like the taste of the crab meat seasoned with, well-what my dad used to tell us was mustard, but the smell and the taste proved otherwise.
About five years ago, Sites was told the best place to eat crabs in Philly was a place called Bonk’s Bar, in the shadow of I-95 in Port Richmond along the busy Richmond Street. When Sites finally found the bar and saw the outside, he thought he was lost, it wasn’t much to look at. Inside wasn’t much better, with sticky floor, mismatched tables and chairs, a neverending loop of 3 Stooges shorts on the TV, Sites had his doubts but when he was served, he knew he found the best place to eat crabs in Philly.

Bonk’s Bar was a legend, not only in the Port Richmond riverwards, but in the City. A place where you could get the handmade and formed Mom-burger, a dozen pick and peel shrimp, pulled out of the hot steam bath of Old Bay and other secret spices and served on a paper plate with kick-ass cocktail sauce and yes, those crabs. Cleaned or dirty, the crabs came out on a cafeteria style tray with a boil of steaming crab juice that had more people guessing the ingredients than JFK’s assassins.
When you went to Bonk’s for crabs, you wore a t-shirt you didn’t mind getting dirty and you always remembered to not only wash your hands after going to the bathroom, but more importantly-before. The crab juice was spicy and addictive.
So when the landmark of Bonk’s went on the real estate market, Sites knew this is the bar he wanted. Not only did he buy the property, but he bought the name and that crab recipe too.
He bought the bar in October 2007 and made some changes but just like the crab recipe, he keep the things that mattered most.
Tin ceilings used t o be synonymous with corner tap rooms back in the day, and Sites took notice and appreciated the copper colored tin ceiling that enclosed Bonk’s Bar. After a much needed cleaning and painting, the tin ceiling, with well placed soffit lighting, is back in all its glory. And over his dead body, he was not getting rid of the bar.
Handcarved wood and stained a dark cherry, the bar at Bonk’s is the epitome of an old fashion watering hole, a shot and a beer place, a bar that you could drink at.
The sign outside still reeks of old school advertising-Bonk’s Bar written in blue on a illuminated white sign, and of course, a silhouette of a crab.
And that is where the nostalgia stops. Sites plowed through the rest of the bar, breaking through and opening up the dining area to meet the bar and then tackled the menu, knowing that even though he had the best damned crabs in Philly-and the secret recipe to the crab juice-he’d still need some accompaniments.
“I know what I like-good food, so that’s where I started,” he said. With an Italian mother who always fed her boy and a stint working at Monticinni’s Pizza, Sites added a butter and garlic sauteed crab to the menu.
When Bonk’s crabs meet Mama Site’s recipe in a hot sautee pan full of fresh garlic, extra virgin olive oil and plenty of melted butter, the smell drifts out to the bar and heads turn toward the kitchen doors. The same with their popular crab bisque-which doesn‘t have a glamorous backstory, but has a huge following, making it one of their best sellers.
“We found a basic crab bisque recipe on the internet,” the always bandannaed Sites admits. “So we started with that and kept tweaking it, adding some more spice and cream until we loved the taste.” So do customers. Even though its advertised on the menu board, even without the sign the bowls of the terra cotta colored bisque with a side of crusty bread move out of the kitchen.
Bonk’s now serves all their sandwiches, from their roasted pork, roast beef, Philly cheesesteaks on seeded rolls and bread. The roast beef is served with a drinkable au jus and their roast pork with sharp provolone and hot peppers gets topped with the best horseradish in the world-Zayda’s, a locally made brand that gets peddled the old fashion way by Steve “The Pickleman” who still goes bar to bar selling the condiment that makes eyes water and cocktail sauce worth a double dip of the shrimp.

Since opening his bar, the kitchen plays around with specials, this summer popular appetizers are buffalo chicken dip, pierogies and pork pot stickers in an Asian soy sauce. But its apparent the crowd comes for the crabs, always did and always will.
Yep, this ain’t your daddy’s Bonk’s Bar, but with the way things are going, the old man just might take a likening to it.

Bonk’s Bar, 3467 Richmond Street at Tioga Street, 215-634-9927

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XeroAs many of you have now learned, the band Xero (comprised of former members of the band Octane) has now hit the cover band scene. For many years, we’ve all grown to love the local, hard rocking original band first lead by Brian Bortnick. But as times change, we all have to make decisions on what we need to do to change with the times. The new band, Xero, has been hitting clubs all over the area with their new set list of cover songs and has many people very excited!

I sat down and spoke with Lead Singer, Jordan Demarest and he explained, “We decided to play covers in order to appeal to a larger mass of people. The fans of Octane are going to really love this and for those that enjoy all types of music, Xero is a band that will really appeal to them, as well.” There is a great deal of talent between the 4 band members, and there is no doubt they can pull off just about any style of music and do it well. From Classic Rock to today’s Top 40 Dance and Alternative Rock, Xero has the bases covered.

Don’t expect Xero to be like other cover bands out there, though. Even though they may be doing some “lighter” sounding music which will be quite different from you may have been used to in the old Octane days, they still have that harder edge sound. “We will be playing a lot more crowd friendly Rock, that is high energy and fun,” Jordan explained. These guys are tight as can be, with exquisite harmonies, and since all 4 members sing lead and play other instruments, you will enjoy a very versatile band and a show that is different every time you see them.

They are all about just building an identity for the band right now and will be playing some great rooms such as Alibis in West Chester, Tom & Jerry’s in Milmont Park and Philly’s #1 Rock Club, Whiskey Tango. Starting on 8/25, Xero will be LIVE every Thursday night, through the month of September at The Gypsy Bar at The Borgata in Atlantic City! Be sure to go check them out at this awesome club! You can visit the bands Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/xerorocks to learn more about them and where they will be next! Xero is: Jordan Demarest – Lead Vocals, Guitar; Joe Berndt – Bass, Vocals;
Eric Steigenhofer – Guitar, Vocals; and Andy Difronzo – Drums.

For those of you that are the die-hard Octane fans, don’t worry! You still have the opportunity to hear the heart pounding, hard-rocking and edgy originals you loved in the past with the all new band, Defy. Their Lead Singer, David Simpson brings an all new look and onstage presence to the band. Along with Jordan, Joe, Eric and Andy, you can expect great things from them, including a brand new CD this Fall! To check out the all new band, you can visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/defyrocks. Horns up Rock fans! This is gonna be a cool ride!

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By Helene
cocoWant to escape this summer? Searching for a little piece of paradise? Look no further, Coconut Cove is just what the doctor ordered! Located at 400 W. Spruce Ave, in North Wildwood; this HOT SPOT has 3 acres of Sandy, Bayfront beach with tropical gardens, palm trees, VIP Tiki Huts, Volley ball courts, Lounge chairs, incredible food, 7 bars, including the most unique Boat Bar at the Jersey shore and so much more! It’s fun for the entire family; come down with a car full of friends-there is plenty of free parking. Or better yet come by Jet Ski or by boat where you can pull into the docking area. No matter how you get there you won’t want to leave!
Owners, Northeast Philly residents, Trish and Jimmy Mikula along with General Manager/Part Owner, Matt Sobon’s vision of offering something unique to its patrons is definitely working and word spreads fast! Their grand opening was in June and the fun and entertainment hasn’t stopped since! It seems like they thought of everything including live entertainment all day and everyday of the week in THE COVE, from duos to full bands including the Heartbeats, the Exceptions, the Rockets, FM band and many more including some local acts as well. The large stage is equipped with over $100,000 worth of sound equipment with speakers throughout the property. There is a video cam set up with large screens so you can see yourself dance and an awesome light show with a disco ball every Friday and Saturday 10-2am with some of the best DJ’s in the area too. The Cove is equipped with 2 extra large bars with plenty of seating on each side, with loads of sand in the center to dance in!
Every Monday, from 6-10pm check out the Bay Cruisers with David Christopher. It’s also a Moore’s Inlet reunion. Every Wednesday from 6-9pm get ready to do the Hula to the sweet sounds of the 16 piece band for the Cove’s Hawaiian Luau! Bring the whole family for this event, for just $30 per adult and $15 per child; enjoy a Hawaiian buffet feast, including a slow Roasted Pig Roast, Pineapple Ham, Coconut Shrimp, Corn on the Cob, Pulled Pork Sandwiches and more! Make your plans for an unbelievable Labor Day weekend at the Cove for the “Summer Palooza”, from Friday until Monday every hour a different band will be performing and there will be lots of Frozen Drinks, Ice Cold Beer, Fantastic Food, and Beautiful Sunsets over looking the water.
This place was hopping the day I came down to meet with Matt, who graciously invited me for lunch too. Matt shared that not only is Coconut Cove an exciting place to be but it has also become a great opportunity for job seekers, with 250 employees on staff to assure that all of their guests have a unforgettable experience too. While chatting I enjoyed an icy frozen Pina Colada and ate up the delicious Coconut Shrimp, side of Fresh Fruit and Cove Crab Fries w/cheese sauce. Speaking of food…. You can get the best Hard Shell Crabs all day long on the deck or while seated at umbrella tables overlooking the water in “Crab Alley” or hang out at the Bay Club, where you can enjoy an upscale but casual Seafood dining experience with indoor or out door seating. Hang out inside the Tiki House equipped with two full bars and live entertainment by DJ or bands like the Juliano Brothers, from 10pm-3am. Sports fans have their very own Sports bar too, with a deck overlooking the bay, right on top of the Tiki House where you will find 12 flat screen televisions so you won’t miss any games either! Of course the Cove’s Island Grille, is open from 11am to 3am and has the best Raw Bar around with Fresh Mussels, Clams, Pick & Peel Shrimp, Crabs and Oysters. You can also order Cheese Steaks, Burgers and other bar food favorites.
There are lots of drink specials Monday thru Friday for their Happy Hour 4-7pm including $3.00 Miller Lites, $2.00 Hot Dogs and $3.00 Cheeseburgers. And there is never a charge to get into the Coconut Cove! Open at 11am every day of the week until the Fall or until it’s too cold to party on the beach! So make your plans and come down to the Jersey shore’s own “Tropical Paradise”-Coconut Cove! For more information visit them on Facebook or at their website @www.coconutcovenj.com

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Our mission has always been to give you the best in local Entertainment news. The People, the places and things that make our entertainment scene the hottest on the east coast.

In the new OOT GUIDE for July/August:

1. Meet up with “Xero” in the Spotlight (Former Octane members -taking on a new direction)
2. Bartender of the Month / Jenny Lynn from the General Grant’s Saloon and Chickie’s and Pete’s
3. Exclusive Item on Philly’s very first rock star > Charlie Gracie
4 Find out about the hottest new summer location in the Wildwoods ” Coconut Cove ”
5 Joe Santucci’s Bar & Grill – The home of the Sqaure Pizza…the tradition continues
6 For Seafood lovers “BONKS” is one cool place -you should check out for excellent food!
7 Around Town Photos this month are from the Patio Deck at Chickies and Petes on the Blvd.
( see who we caught up with in action)
8. Poker players take notice> a $500,000 tournament is coming to PARX Casino in Bensalem Pa
9. What area is hotter then hot? West Chester >Find out more!
10.Real music lovers take note-Spyra Gyro are coming!
11The Van Warped Tour was here last week and we have a great review on what bands really kicked ass!
12 Rockers’ Motley Crue came to town and we have a review on the show!
13 Looking for some hot summer concerts? We have em’ listed
14 What hot new Video games are coming out? Find out from our GAME FIXER!
15Country rock star Rascal Flatts came to town – OOT was there – see the review!

(All this and more)

>also in this issue see our OOT HOT SPOTS and get to know all the specials and promotions that are on going for the next FULL MONTH, all in one place. Get the inside info on the best locations in the area.

Out On The Town Entertainment Guide – our name say’s it ALL! Real Entertainment -local news and the best part it’s all for Free! See us on your I-pad, or check us out anytime. Be sure and pick up a copy at
our area Hot Spots!

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email us, contact us by phone 856-786-1600 Fax us 856-786-1450 or even contact us by Facebook!
We offer you solutions to help increase your business – when you are ready to do it right then check us out and only a limited amount of space is left for the new fall and winter season.

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Atlantic City: OOT Picks
*Trump Plaza Beach Bar today, tonight and tomorrow!
Trump Taj Mahal
The Pool at Harrah’s
Resorts > with Blanche the singing bartender!
Tropicana Hotel and Casino

Margate NJ

North Wildwood
Coconut Cove
Flip FLops

Wildwood NJ
The Wharf / Animal House tonight and tomorrow

Wildwood Crest
Crest Tavern

Sea Isle City
La Costa
The Ocean Driive
The Springfiled Inn

Long Beach Island
The Surf City Hotel

South Jersey
The Coastline in Cherry Hill
Top Dog Cherry Hill
Jug Handle Inn / Maple Shade
Colleen’s Pennsauken NJ
Cafe Madison – Riverside Nj
Currans Palmyra NJ
The Pennant East Bellmawr NJ

South Philly
Chickie’s and Pete’s
The Stadium Holiday Inn
The South Philly Bar & Grill

Olde City -Phila
The Red Zone Philly
Club 27
The Roxxy
Mad River
Blue Martini
Nick’s Roast Beef
The Ploug & The Stars Irish Bar

Center City Phila
Paddy Whacks on South Street
Dobb’s on South Street
Finnigan’s Wake
Mc Fadden’s
Drinkers Pub
Hard Rock Cafe
The Trocadero
The Blockley Pour House

Manayunk – Phila
Manayunk Brewery
Mad River
USA Hotel
Kildare’s Irish Inn

The Main Line / Ardmore Pa
Browine’s 23 East

Delaware County
RP Mc Murphys
Maggie O’ Neils
Dirtie Nellies

Port Richmond/
The Post Office
Diego’s Bar & Grill
Cannonball Tavern

North East Phila
Chickie’s & Pete’s Blvd
Maggie’s Waterfront Cafe
The Three Monkeys
Curran’s Tacony
Redz Bar & Grill
La Casa Di Lucia
Lazy Joe’s Saloon
Katie O’ Donnells
Joe Santucci’s Bar & Grill
The Knights Tavern
The Bog Side
The Rhawnhurst Cafe
Nick’s Roast Beef
The Stadium Linden Ave.,
Reale’s Sports Bar
Mc Noodle’s
Rauchts Tavern
General Grants Saloon
Albert’s Cafe/ CLub Turblence
Paddy Whacks
The Ashburner Inn
Sweeney’s Saloon
Whiskey Tango
Benny The Bums
O’ Mares’s Irish Inn
Out Of Whack Jacks
The Pennygarden
The New Spencers Pub/ *Old Ashton Pub Tavern

Bucks and Montgomery County
Chickie’s and Pete’s In Parx Casino
Parx Casino / 360 Lounge
Michael’s Cafe Bensalem Pa
Harrigans Irish Inn Warminster
Currans Bensalem Pa
Tony’s Place Ivyland
The Fireside Feasterville
The Black Label Night Club Holland
Big Heads Holland Pub
Dog & Bull Music And Brews
Big Heads Town and Country
Big Heads Richboro Pa
Big Heads Willow Grove Pa
Big Heads Plumsteadville Pa
E- House Bensalem
Hazy’s Feasterville Pa
Mc Stews Irish Sports Bar Levittown Pa
The Road House Inn Newportville Pa
The Rockledge Pub
Mc Nalley’ Pub
Franks Sports Bar
CLub Fizz
Pikes Pub
Reeds in BlueBell Pa
The Blue Comet
The Glenside Tavern
The Hollywood Tavern
The Keswick Theater
Bucket’s Tavern
The Wet Whistle
Cazz’s Sports Bar Levittown
Dean Casmirris Old Colonial Inn
The Hulmeville Inn
The Final Score Bensalem Pa
The Happy Hour Tavern Levittown
Big Heads Sports Bars (All Locations)
The Irish Rover Penndel
Double Visions
Squirrel Murphy’s in Warminster Pa
The Red Stallion Warminster Pa
The Stadiums in Levittown,
Stadium Bristol,@ Dunlaps
Stadium Fairless Hills,
Stadium Andalusia
Stadium Bensalem
Stadium Express Bristol Pa
Stadium Phila @ Linden
The Brunswick Zone XL
Chow 284
Club Risque’ ( All Locations )
The Buck Hotel
TR’s Sports Bar Bristol Pa
Kenny’s Bar Southampton Pa

West Chester Pa
The Note

New Hope Pa

Trenton NJ
Kat Man Du

* These locations are places that we know about…there are hundreds of other great locations and take note coming soon the new OOT APP and with a complete breakdown of the region all in one place. Look for special Discounts on food and two for one covers and also our very special OOT VIP PASS! * Details on the OOT FREE PASS COMING SOON!

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