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RhawnhurstNew owners have made remarkable improvements to this neighborhood cafe, located on Castor and Rhawn Avenues, in the heart of Northeast Philadelphia. The Rhawnhurst is newly renovated and the menu has been totally re-vamped and streamlined.  Still a neighborhood favorite with its bar area, flat screen televisions, bar fare menu, daily drink and beer specials and The Best FRIDAY AFTER-WORK PARTY around, with DJ music all nite long. And Saturday nights they have Karaoke too! During Phillies games, from pitch to pitch get $4.00 domestic pitchers, 50 cent wings and $2.50 Domestic bottles! Now The Rhawnhurst is quickly becoming known for its great restaurant; attracting happy diners from the suburbs and surrounding neighborhoods-and its all because of its fabulous food and new look! The newly renovated dining area is like sitting in a center city restaurant but without the hassle of being stuck in traffic and without the high end prices. The area is now separated by doors, even the walls can be completely enclosed for your dining pleasure. Rich hardwood floors, fans now hang from the wood paneled ceiling, and the recessed lighting adds to the nice ambience.  I found it very unique that the walls are lined with artwork from neighborhood artists, who want to showcase their work. I was told that a few pieces have been sold and one artist was offered a show of their own. Equipped with its own sound system, this area is also available for private parties like Communions, Graduation Parties, Rehearsal Dinners, Birthday Parties, and any other special occasion. Catering for up to 100 guests, starting from just $9.95.  Executive Chef, Christian, knows what he is doing with over 25 years of experience creating his specialties at many high end, fine dining restaurants and steakhouses.  He has now brought his expertise to this neighborhood spot and from the expressions of the many diners on this Wednesday evening; I believe the Rhawnhurst may become one your favorite spots to dine as well.  Everything is home-made, the pizza dough/bread/rolls are freshly baked from scratch, they hand-cut their own steaks and fish, grind their own meat for burgers; all high quality ingredients and lots of love goes into to every item that comes out of his kitchen. The menu is totally streamlined offering Appetizers ranging from $4.00 to $9.00, with French Onion Soup, a variety of Salads, Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes, Scallops and more. From “The Grill”, you can get your choice of House, BBQ, Cajun, or Lemon Pepper for entrees ranging from a Full Rack of Pork Ribs ($17.00) to their scrumptious 14 oz. Boneless Rib eye ($18.00), or their 8 oz. Ahi Tuna ($16.00). They also offer grilled Salmon Filet, 1/2 Roasted “Beer Can” Chicken and NY Strip Steaks. There are also selections of sauces and other additions from Crab Legs to Jumbo Lump Crabmeat and Asparagus for just a little extra. The other entrees offered range from just $13.00 to $16.00, which includes Herb Crusted Tilapia, or Pesto Roasted Salmon to Shrimp Fra Diavolo and more. Bottled Wine Service is also available for your dining pleasure. On this dining out, my Waitress, Gail was superb, very friendly and was quick bringing out my entire meal.  I ordered the Tomato and Mozzarella Salad ($5.00). It was presented beautifully, with Slices of Hothouse Tomatoes, Buffalo Mozzarella, Bermuda Onions, Topped with Basil Pesto, and a Balsamic Glaze. It was simply delicious and very fresh. My entree was the Chicken Piccata ($14.00). The Chicken Breasts were pan seared and placed on top of Mashed Potatoes, with Wild Mushrooms, Asparagus, in a Lemon Butter Sauce. It was fantastic! The chicken was so tender soaked up in that sweet and buttery sauce-it just melted in my mouth. There is also a kids menu and desserts too. This place is definitely worth checking out-once you do you will keep on coming back! The Rhawnhurst offers some sweet specials too! On Fathers Day, Dad gets to eat for FREE, all day long from 12pm to 8:00pm! ON Memorial Day Weekend, Friday to Monday evening come out for their All U Can Eat Hard Shell Crabs and other food and drink specials! Every Monday Buy one entree get the next one 1/2 off! Tuesday it’s 1/2 price Burgers, Wednesday, it’s All U Can Eat Hard Shell Crabs and staying with tradition every Thursday is the Seafood Bash- Crab Legs, Mussels, Clams, Shrimp, Scallops, Corn on the Cob, steamed in a Spicy Broth with dipping Bread! YUMM!  The Rhawnhurst is open 365 days a year! Bar hours are from 11am to 2am, and the kitchen is open daily from 4:00pm to midnight, except for some special occasions! For more information please visit their website at For private parties please contact Christian at (215) 745-4341.


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Please check out the Video on our OOT TUBE SECTION NOW about how BUDWEISER is helping our Fallen Soldiers. We ask all OOT FANS AND FRIENDS TO SHOW THE SUPPORT on this.  PLEASE DO IT NOW!  THANKS  and be sure to see the special ad promo in the new OOT GUIDE this coming week.

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Free concert today at 6pm at PARX CASINO in Bensalem Pa., in the 360 Lounge with former lead singer Steve Augeri ( You know the hits) “Dont’ Stop Believin” “Wheel In The Sky”, “Faithfully” and many more…Look for special free concerts coming from PARX special Issues of the Out On The Town Entertainment Guide…for more info see their ad in the latest OOT Guide (Go to PG-11) See the band line-ups & Entertainment in the 360  lounge.

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This month is special for our OOT friends…we want to send you to see the PHILA SOUL INDOOR FOOTBALL TEAM.  Email OOT today at  and tell us why we should give you a pair of tickets to see the PHILA SOUL in action.   Look for OOT GIVEAWAYS at speciall OOT PROMOTIONS for MAY AND JUNE!   Nothing to buy….”You Bring the Heart = We’ve  got the Soul” That is what the SOUL FOOTBALL TEAM says and we like that…so  Be sure to check in and grab a pair of tickets from Out On The Town!

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Here is a first – Print the above coupon ad and take it over to the GREEN PARROT for a free GIFT, on Saturday May 14th in Newtown Pa,,,see the coupon ad above and print it ….take it over to the GREEN PARROT this coming Saturday.  Meet players from the UNION and THE BUD LIGHT GIRLS and get some cool prizes …. be the first to get your BUD RED CARD…more info check it out and have some fun.  More fun from OOT and Bud Light!

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Weird Al Yankovic at the Keswick on May 20th at 8pm(  See the listings for June, July ) in the latest OOT GUIDE!

NOTE: This just in coming to the Tower Teater is  TEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND – Thursday August 18th at 7pm

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Today is Mother’s Day so do something nice for Mom… Check out the all new Rhawnhurst Cafe ( Excellent Dinners) by the way this coming week, you can still have some fun with Mom or your favorte person and check out the all new Rhawnhurst Cafe with their $19.95  “All you can Eat’ Hard Shell Crabs special on Wednesday. New Management and owners’ at the Rhawnhurst Cafe and a new dining area. Complete with table cloths and an upscale look your next visit is a total winner .  Thursday is a Seafood Bash for $22.95 > to find out more see their ad in the latest OOT Guide in the Dining Out Section Located at 8002-04 Castor Ave ( the corner of Rhawn and Castor)  Go to:

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Some of these are the  featured items in the latest OOT – check it out now (MAY 4th thru to MAY 25th)  One ad in the OOT will stretch for 3 big weeks!  OOT is a recession buster and made to give the best PR AND ADVERTISING for local Bars, CLubs and area Entertainers in the Greater Delaware Valley area.    You get the inside informatioin  from the local scene with each Out On The Town!

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Find out more in the new OOT … now to:

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The Remedy

One day, Mary goes to see her doctor all black and blue
Doctor: “Mary, What happened?”
Mary: “Doctor, I don’t know what to do. Every time my husband Bradley comes home drunk, he beats me to a pulp!”
Doctor: “I have a real good remedy for that. When your husband comes home drunk, just take a glass of sweet tea and start swishing it in your mouth, but don’t swallow. Just keep swishing and swishing until he goes to bed in his drunken stupor.”

Two weeks later Mary comes back to the doctor looking fresh and reborn.
Mary: “Doctor, that was a brilliant idea! Every time my husband came home drunk, I swished with sweet tea. I swished and swished and he never touched me!”
Doctor: “You see how much keeping your mouth shut helps?”

Hollywood Squares

I was thinking about the game show Hollywood Squares, and below are some of the answers that I thought that some of my friends would give to of my questions.

Here ya go:

Q. Nick, what is a good reason for pounding meat?
A. Nicoletti: Loneliness!

Q. Do female frogs croak
A. Jo: If you hold their little heads under water long enough they do!

Q. If you’re going to make a parachute jump, at least how high should you be?
A. Houl: Three days of steady drinking should do it!

Q. True or False – A pea can last as long as 5000 years?
A. Stevie K: Boy it sure seems that way!

Q. You’ve been having trouble going to sleep. Are you a man or a woman?
A. Bowie: That’s what’s been keeping me awake!

Q. According to Cosmopolitan, if you meet a stranger at a party and you think he is attractive, is it ok to come out and ask him?
A. Tina Klein: No – Wait until morning

Q. Which of your five senses tends to diminish as you get older?
A. Buddy Cash: My sense of decency

Q. In Hawaiian, does it take more than three words to say ‘I love you’?
A. Pete McD: No – You can say it with a pineapple and a twenty!

Q. Sue, you’ve just decided to grow strawberries. Are you going to get any during the first year?
A. Sue Saint: Of course not, I’m too busy growing strawberries!

Q. In bowling, what’s a perfect score?
A. Nancy from Currans: The pin boy!

Q. It’s considered in bad taste to discuss two subjects at a nudist camp. One is politics, what is the other?
A. Bradley: Tape measures

Q. During a tornado, are you safer in the bedroom or in the closet?
A. Judy from Currans: Unfortunately I’m always safe in the bedroom

Q. Can boys join the Camp Fire Girls?
A. Ape: Only after lights out

Q. If you are pregnant for two years, what would you give birth to?
A. Kimberly: Whatever it is, it would never be afraid of the dark!

Q. It is the most abused and neglected part of your body, what is it?
A. Aj: Mine may be abused, but it certainly isn’t neglected!

Q. According to Ann Landers, is there anything wrong with kissing a lot of people?
A. Kevin McCloskey: It got me out of the Army!

Q. Who stays pregnant for a longer period of time, your wife or your elephant?
A. Johnny Rogers: Who told you about my elephant?

Q. When a couple have a baby, who is responsible for it’s sex?
A. Mike LeCompt: I’ll lend him the car, but the rest is up to him

Q. According to Ann Landers, what are two things that you should never do in bed?
A. Sue Cabry: Point and laugh

Holding Up Her End

After being married for 44 years, Mike McCullough took a careful look at his wife Sue one day and said, “You know … 44 years ago we had a cheap apartment, a cheap car, slept on a sofa bed, and watched a 10 inch black and white tv, but I got to sleep every night with a hot 25 year old girl! Now I have a $500k home, a $45k car, a nice big bed, and a plasma tv, but I’m sleeping with a 69 year old woman. It seems to me as though you’re not holding up your side of things.”

Sue, being a very reasonable woman, told Mike to go out and find himself a hot 25 year old girl, and she would make sure that he would once again be living in a cheap apartment, driving a cheap car, sleeping on the sofa bed, and watching a 10 inch tv.

Funeral for a Friend

When Aj passed away his wife Eileen put the usual death notice in the paper, but added that he died of gonorrhea. No sooner were the papers delivered when Mike, a friend of Aj’s phoned Eileen and complained bitterly. “You know very well that he died of diarrhea, not gonorrhea” came the angry voice. Eileen replied, “I nursed him night and day Mike, so of course I know he died of diarrhea, but I thought it would be better for posterity to remember him as a great lover, instead of the big shit he always was!”

Gay Love

Elton John and his mate David decided to have a baby. They had their sperm mixed together and had a surrogate mother artificially inseminated with it. When the baby was born, Elton and David were waiting at the hospital. They were ushered into a ward where a dozen babies were lying in their cribs, eleven of whom were crying and screaming. Over in the corner, one baby was smiling serenely. A nurse came over to the both of them and indicated that the happy baby was theirs.
“Isn’t it wonderful?” Elton said to David. “All of these un-happy babies and yet ours is so happy. This just proves the superiority of gay love!” Overhearing Elton, the the nurse replied “Oh sure, he’s happy now, but just watch what happens when I pull the thermometer out of his ass!”


Yo gang – LOTS going on!

Starting next Saturday (May 14th), we’ve got the Mayfair Memorial Fallen Heroes Run honoring Sgt. Patrick McDonald. The run starts at 8:00 at Lincoln HS (Ryan ave parking lot). Shoot me an email for registration form or more details

Immediately following, we’ve got the Mayfair May-Fair! Right there at Cottman and Frankford we’ll have a stage set up next to Pat’s Music and we’ll be rotating several bands through there. Live performances by: Mike LeCompt, A.J. Slick, Boss Hydro, Static Lounge and Grafenberg. With acoustic sets by Mike McCullough, and T&N. It’s gonna ROCK! Also on the ave there will be sidewalk sales, moon bounce, best dressed pet contest, and several other things for all ages to enjoy. It’s gonna be AWESOME!!

AJ Slick has FINALLY released his newest CD, and it is AWESOME!! It’ll be available at all of his gigs (including the May-Fair), or you can hit me up to get one! PROPS to Aj, Stevie K, and Marc for putting out one heluva CD!!

Finally, tattoo this date onto your hand kids!

On Sunday June 5th from  Noon to 5pm, the Northeast Riders M.C. will be having their 15th Annual Hawg Wild Pig Roast – Biker Bash. They’ll be having it on the grounds of the Ukrainian Club 847 N. Franklin St. Philadelphia, PA 19123. If you’ve never been to one of the NE Riders parties before, then you’ve never been to a party! All kinds of cool stuff and contests going on there as well as LeCompt on stage. Shoot me an email for more info or tickets.

I hope to see you at one, or ALL of the events!

Have FUN!!

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