Tonight  Reeds in Bluebell Pa is the home for the biggest Star Search kind of Karaoke with ROCK BAND KARAOKE LIVE…GUEST host band Eleven-Eleven will be on stage. You will be on stage as the star and  CAN WIN weekly prizes along with a chance to go to the Finals where you can win  $500 PLUS other good stuff!

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New places to Party

Apr 22, 2011

Here are two new places to check out> Katie O Donnells near the Franklin Mills Mall and Spencers at the former site of the Ashton Pub….word has it more places will be opening.  Find out more by going to:

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The Big Karaoke Contest is here on TUESDAY Nights at Harrigans in Warminster Pa…weekly winners get all sorts of cool stuff but the weekly winner will be asked to come back to the finals where he or she can have the shot to win $500 in cash…for more details see HARRIGANS Ad in the latest OOT… See page 35.
Weekly host is DJ  STEVE HAUGHTON – Look for $2 Miller Lites from 9pm to 11pm…this is on going every Tuesday night for the next 8 weeks!

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Apr 13, 2011

scenechanger4SCENE CHANGER is the Tri-State area’s hottest new act!! They are half cover band, half theatrical performance – ALL energy and talent!
Scene Changer will blow you away with their high energy musicianship and intense stage show, featuring professional actor Ed Corsi (formerly of The Loop and Envy), Heide Mclaughlin-Uribe (formerly of The Rockets), Mike Williams (formerly of Envy), Chris Dovi (formerly of The Benderz and Fuzzy Bunny Slippers), Brian Hadley (formerly of Morning Bell and Roadhead) and Brian Walsh (local actor/musician).
Every night is a different experience when you are out with Scene Changer.  At their debut in March at The Eagle Theatre in Hammonton, NJ, they treated the audience to a fully scripted stage show full of dancing, costume changes and crazy energy.  If you see them at a casino, you’ll see a similar show.  Out at nightclubs, you’ll get their over-the-top energy with choreography and minor costume changes.  No matter when you see them or where, Scene Changer IS different and you’ll know it the second you walk in the door.
Audience member Joanne Pirotta (who saw them at their debut show) said, “I’ve never seen anything like it.  This band is going places.  They are fun, high-energy and sound so great!”  Scene Changer does every genre of music but specializes in power duos like “Paradise by the Dashboard Lights“, “Empire State of Mind” and “Proud Mary“.  They also mix in sprinkles of current pop culture phenomenons like Glee, Rock of Ages and Green Day‘s Broadway Hit, American Idiot.  Where else can you go to see 7 professional performers do all of your favorite cover songs along with some rarely heard tunes….and surprises like “Time Warp” from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show“, the Glee “Journey” mash-up and a medley from the musical, “Grease”, with full staging and dance?
Audience member Ashley Sakoff said with a smile, “when they started with a 7 part harmony A Capella version of ‘For the Longest Time’ by Billy Joel, I was hooked.  When they did ‘Girl you Know it’s True’ by Milli Vanilli in costume, I was shocked.  We loved it!”
You definitely want to see this unique act right now, as they are starting out!
You can catch them at Whiskey Tango on April 9th, Top Dog on April 23rd and Finnigan’s Wake on May 14th.  For more info and dates, check them out on the web at or find them on Facebook.
Scene Changer is proudly represented by Shore Bets Management.
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rotateThe Note, located on Market Street in West Chester, PA is a fun place to be if you’re looking for a bar, restaurant and live entertainment venue all in one.  The Note hosts all different types of events including holiday, birthday, engagement, etc. and as they say “we can do it the BEST and the CHEAPEST.”  You can invite 20-200 of your friends to come party at The Note, considering its capacity ranges as such and there is never a room fee.

The Note includes a beautiful 20-seat bar along the exposed brick wall as you enter the venue.  After coming through the doors, you pass an area with tables, chairs and refurbished church pews, gothic chandeliers, as well as a dance floor and stage.  There is also an upstairs area that overlooks the stage, which allows fans to watch the entertainment going on below.  In order to have an even better time at The Note, they offer a wide variety of beers including Troeg’s Hop Back, Yards’ Philly Pale Ale and Victory Braumeister Pils, as well as many others.

The Note is owned by Donnie Moore and Brandon Cole “Bam” Margera.  Bam is from the West Chester area and became well known from television shows such as MTV’s Viva La Bam and Bam’s Unholy Union.  He was also in all three Jackass movies and Haggard and Minghags, in which he co-wrote and directed.  Previous to becoming a television star, Bam was an American professional skateboarder.  Since he’s come into the spotlight, he is now a television and radio personality, actor and daredevil.

Not only is this celebrity spotted habitually in West Chester, he is also a regular at his bar.  Come check out The Note, Bam Margera and the wonderful entertainment they host at this exciting bar several times a month.

Full Schedule of events:

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P1100308Sitting among several other store fronts in a typical NE Philly shopping center is a wonderful place called Cassava North American Grille. At first glance, it almost looks out of place among the rest. A picture of a giant Cassava leaf adorns the front entrance, and flags from the countries represented in their cuisine line the outdoor patio area. It really looks like a trendy restaurant you would see downtown. Don’t let the looks of Cassava fool you though. The prices are much more reasonable than anything you would find down in Center City, yet the atmosphere and food are just as trendy.
Cassava is a unique concept developed by owners John Blanton and Benson Zak. John and Benson together bring over 40 years of experience in the restaurant and bar business. John has spent the last 9 years as head bartender at the Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia and Benson has worked at The Capital Grille and Union Trust Steakhouse, doing everything from food running to AGM for the last 11 years. They have brought all of their experience and knowledge, combined with their own unique and cutting-edge ideas to Cassava North American Grille.
The menu features the delicious cuisine and flavors of the US, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Jamaica and Haiti, among others. All the food is completely fresh and prepared on-site. You can tell the quality of the food from the very first bite you take. My husband Rick and I decided to have dinner there so that I could do my interview with John. We sampled a few items and to be honest, I wish we could have tried them all. Everything on the menu was so unique. I am not a fan of the chain restaurants. I prefer a place that will take chances and think outside the box when it comes to cuisine and Cassava is definitely place you’ll want to explore again and again. We decided to share the Dipping Duo as our appetizer, which was soft and warm deep fried pretzel nuggets served with Spinach Queso and Buffalo Chicken dipping sauces. The Queso was loaded with flavorful spinach and cheese and the Buffalo sauce was big chunks of fresh, quality chicken in this thick, mouth watering sauce. We finished every bit of it and I even wanted to lick the bowl it was so good! For dinner, I asked John what were some of his recommendations, so we had the Texan Gourmet Burger and the Fajitas Ardiendas. The Texan was a thick, juicy burger, topped with tender pulled pork, fried onions and Cheddar cheese, served on a fresh Cuban roll. It came with the most delicious onion rings I have ever had, as well as their own spicy ketchup. I tried and almost finished the giant burger, but it was a lot to handle. The Fajitas were brought to our table and when they arrived a shot of tequila was poured on top and they were lit on fire for that final glaze of smoky yumminess. The veggies were fresh, the meat was tender & just melted in your mouth, and the plate of sour cream, Pico de Gallo, Arroz Branco and Guacamole was like a rainbow or flavor that just enhanced this dish. Some of the other signature menu items are the Jamaican Pasta and the Croquetas Cubanas, Sirloin Steak and Blackened Salmon for example, served with great sides such as regular or Cheddar mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, grilled pineapple and Yucca fries among many other great items.
The food is not the only highlight on the Cassava menu. John has taken his skills as a Mixologist and came up with new and innovative drink selections that are quite an experience of their own. He wanted me to try one of his signature creations called the Jack Honey Fizz, which was Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey, Triple Sec, Fresh lemon and lime juice and 1 egg white all shaken vigorously and served with a lemon peel. I am not a Whiskey drinker, but this was absolutely refreshing and delicious. I finished every drop of it! One of the house specialties is the Spicy Gimlet – Skyy Vodka, with fresh Ginger, fresh Lime & Jalapeno with a dash of simple syrup. All of the drinks on the menu are served with the best ingredients as well. No sugary syrups are used to flavor these drinks – only fresh fruit and juices will do for their customers. What really surprised me were the prices of these drinks. $6.00 for a drink like that? Heck, you could never get a drink like that period, in most places around here. And if you ordered it, they would look at you like you had a third eye! At $6.00 each, you can try a few and get to experience what a mixed drink should really taste like. And get this…if you stop in during their Mid Day hours (2:00 pm – 6:00 pm Monday – Sunday) these awesome drinks are just $4.00! No, that is not a typo!
In addition to food and drink, Cassava has some of the best entertainment, focusing on live Classic Rock, Jazz and Blues bands on Friday nights. For the dancing crowd, DJ Joe Broscoe is there every Tuesday and Saturday night playing the music of the ‘80’s, ‘90’s and today. Sorry kids – no Rap music! There is never a cover at Cassava either, which makes it even easier to enjoy all they have to offer.
There are many things to try at Cassava, such as the Express Lunch: Monday through Saturday, 11:30 am to 2:00 pm, enjoy one of their delicious sandwiches that come with a drink and fries for just $6.00. Their Mid Day Menu which runs Monday through Sunday 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm offers $2.00 Domestic Bottles, $3.00 Select Craft Bottles, $4.00 House Wine and $4.00 Cocktails as mentioned earlier. And for just $5.00 you can enjoy Small Plates of Jerk Rock Shrimp, Cajun Sirloin Sliders or several other wonderful and tasty items. Sunday Brunch is also served at Cassava from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm with an array of delicious selections such as Mudslide Pancakes: Coffee-Caramel pancakes topped with ice-cream; “N’Awlens” Crab Benedict: Crispy crab cakes served with poached eggs, spicy Remoulade and Hash browns; as well as French toast, burritos and burgers (oh my!)

Our experience at Cassava North American Grille was simply an awakening. You don’t need to frequent the chains when there are places like Cassava. Food with flavors that just explode, unique cocktails and libations that make you wonder why you were settling for anything less before, a great atmosphere, great service and unheard of prices for such high quality…it’s truly a wonderful experience that everyone should try. If you are going out to dinner tonight, go to Cassava North American Grille. You will be so glad you did! They are located close to everything at 1619 Grant Ave in the Grant Plaza. You can view their menu right now at their website Tell them the Out On The Town sent you!

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St. Paddy’s Day 2011

Apr 13, 2011
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By: Krista Doran

splitI know I have said this many times before, but I love my job! I love writing for the OOT, because I get to meet so many awesome people, especially when I interview local bands. As a musician myself, I can relate to so many of the things they talk about, confide in me and laugh about. Sometimes the conversations go on much longer than expected because we’ll have so much in common, and it’s really an enjoyable experience for me. This week’s interview was one of my all-time favorites, and the band I am featuring is one of the most sought after bands in the Tri-state area. The band I am talking about is of course, Split Decision!

One thing I have to admit is that when I talk to some of the higher profiled bands, in the back of my mind I am wondering if there is going to be an ego issue with them. I guess its human nature to assume this (or maybe it’s just me!) but that’s certainly not the truth in this case. I spoke with their Lead Singer, Christian who was one of the coolest, most humble people I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with during my time at the OOT. Christian explained how much fun these guys have playing in a band together. He told me, “We all have one common goal and we always show our fans a good time! Our shows are like one big party; friends getting together to escape the every day problems they deal with.” Those of us that are in bands, know (or should know) it’s ALL about the people coming out to see live music. They are the glue that holds the Philly Music Scene together and if they are not getting what they want, they won’t come – plain and simple. Split Decision is certainly giving the crowds what they want! From Rock to Hip Hop, Split is a band that can master a powerful sound, while keeping the huge crowds of people who consistently come to see them, happy and entertained in every way possible. They have a great look, they are approachable and eager to please, and when you see them live, the fun they are having with the crowd and with each other are contagious!

Split Decision has been around since 1998, but with their current line up for 6 years straight. Christian, Doug, Mike, Ray Ray and Walt are the best of friends, playing music as a career and loving every minute of it. Christian explained “It’s so cool that we get paid to do what we love. We get along so well because we check our egos at the door and work as a team. Everyone’s contribution to the band is important. No one is in front of the other.” These are really wise words, and I hope other bands out there that read the In The Spotlight segment of the OOT understand and learn from what Christian said. If you all don’t have the same common goal, respecting each other while working as a team, you’ll never get to do anything more than what you are doing right now. This is one of the reasons why Split Decision is one of the top bands in the area and why they continue to enjoy such success. They have done their time; they’ve worked really hard at what they do. The level of musicianship is extreme in this band. They have a kick ass sound that everyone wants to hear and they constantly work to please the crowd. They have all the pieces of the pie, yet are still very real and very humble. I just love that about them and so will you.

Split Decision is playing at some of the best rooms in the area, so make sure you go check them out again and again because it’s always a different show every time they play. This month alone, they have some great events planned such as on 4/23, they’ll be opening up the summer music series at Chickie & Pete’s Crab House and Sports Bar on Roosevelt Boulevard in NE Philly, and on 4/30 Split will be back to play at the 22nd Annual Somers Point Bayfest Celebration at The Anchorage. This is a huge event with crafters, food vendors, all day family fun and great live music, of course! Also this month Split will be performing at The Pennant East, Parx Casino, RP McMurphy’s, The Borgata, Reeds and Brownies 23 East, just to name a few. Be sure to go to the schedule section of their website at to see any places I may have missed. They are all great places to see this band! You can also call the band hotline at 215-602-2436 for all updated info. For private parties and corporate events, Split Decision is the band you want. Managed by Billy Stott at Starfield Entertainment Network, you can book them by calling 215-504-9155. They are also on Facebook –

Split Decision is definitely a cover band worthy of your time. If you have not already seen them perform live, you need to get out and see them! Bring your friends because it’s always a party when Split is on the house!

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Local Entertainment Tips!
We have the new OOT coming out this week. Meet Split Decision as they will be kicking off the thursday nights over at Chickie’s & Pete’s on the Blvd…also in the next OOT GUIDE find out about the Groove Train Riders – this is the band that will get you into the groove and on the dance floor.

NEW PLACES OPEN: Spencer’s is now open at the former site of the ASHTON PUB in NE Phila, also gearing up for a grand opening is the new CHOW 284 on Street Road in Feasterville Pa ., coming soon look for the new IRISH bar-KATIE O’ Donnells at the former site of the Mexican Post near Franklin Mills. * Cassava North American Bar & Grille opened in February at the site of the old Copa Banana off Grant Ave in NE Phila.

DJ Steve Haugton host the BIG KARAOKE CONTEST at Harrigans on Tuesday nights and you can win weekly prizes and be picked for the final where ya can end up winning $500 also a over at REEDS in Bluebell. FRIDAYS RULE with LIVE BAND KARAOKE ( Here to come sing and you might be picked as a weekly winner)..then be entered for the finals where you can win $500.

The Phila. Soul will now broadcast on WMCN DT 44 the rest of their games. This will air in over 2.6 million cable homes via Comcast,Direct TV and Fios. Drexel University will hold a must attend conference on the Food and Hospitality Industry and we found a new place that offers great drinks and good food and entertainment called Cassava North American Bar & Grille.

COMING UP: APRIL 18th,19th&20th> IRISH PUBS GLOBAL in the Crystal Tea Room in the Wanamaker Building -this will be a networking and business portal aimed at IRISH BAR Operators linking BAR OWNERS FROM IRELAND with their COUNTERPARTS here in the USA. Created by DR. Dave Magrogan founder of the Kildares chain.

SCHEDULES for the next FULL MONTH-Concerts-Photos and more>ALL in the next Out On The Town Entertainment Guide For April 2011
see it at and or distributed FREE to selected bars and clubs in the Greater Delaware Valley area.


There’s Only one Out On The Town Entertainment Guide – this is the real deal in local Entertainment News!

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