If you had a chance to see the OOT’s ST PATTY’S GUIDE we have the listings of the best places to watch the NCAA Tournament Games, and in our OOT GUIDE this little item is brought to you by Miller Lite. Here are the locations to check out all the action of March Madness. Nick’s Roast Beef, Chammps,The Stadiums,Blue Dog Pub, Blue Dog Family Tavern, The Field House,The Trappe Tavern, Buckets, Joe Santucci’s Bar & Grill, Currans Irish Inns, MaGerks Pub & Grub, General Grants Saloon. Find out more by checking out the article (on page 14 ) in the latest OOT GUIDE. See all the prices and the address of all the above locations, We also have website listings and the specials you will find on Miller Lite. March Madness is fun and to add to the fun OOT says Enjoy a Miller Lite special!

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When two of the best acts get together you know this is going to be a party. Mc Faddens Saturday March 12th at 1pm – this is a good bet for sure!

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The loops and shuttles continue this saturday. Find out where the best are in the latest OOT GUIDE! Click to the PDF and see the OOT GUIDE NOW ONLINE.

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