See if you made the cover of the latest OOT GUIDE. We have photos from St Patty’s Day and also the ERIN EXPRESS and SHAMROCK SHUTTLES. What a great issue we have lined up for you> Meet Animal House one of the best cover bands out there today…also JIMMIE LEE the Jersey Outlaw is taking the World of Poker by storm with his hit single I’m All Inn. Bartenders of the month come to us from MAGGIES WATERFRONT CAFE…also, meet the singing Bartender from Resorts Casino Blanche Morro…. we have items on some hot concerts coming to our area also. Good Eats can be found at La Casa Di Lucia and the “BIG KARAOKE CONTEST” starts on tuesday with DJ STEVE HAUGHTON at HARRIGAN’S sponsored by Miller Lite and Out On The Town. All this and more in the latest Issue…see it now and follow OOT each week on your I-pad, I- phone, smartphone, and get ready for the new “OOT APP” coming out real soon. Be one of the first to grab hold of this “APP” for weekly prizes and local specials on Dining and Entertainment …all coming to you from your source for the best local Entertainment News in the region. OOT!

See each OOT GUIDE at selected area locations….When you see a bar or club in the OOT you know that the location offers the best in food and drink and special promotions. We only work with the best! So when you want the best you can turn to OOT and know that is what you are getting.

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J_LEE_RESORTS__NOV_10__FINALRETOUCH_001 The Bad Boy of Country Rock, Jimmie Lee is ALL IN as he gets ready to make the big splash in Sin City for full promo of his new hit single for the poker world,  IM ALL IN , April 27- May 1, 2011.  This explosive single has taken the poker world by storm , and has been the “talk of the town”  in many poker magazines,  as well as receiving major airplay on several poker radio stations. Jimmie’s new single perfectly captures the emotions poker players feel as they sweat out that crucial card that could seal their fate!!   The Jersey Outlaw will hit Vegas the end of April with all systems loaded. Events includes venues and live shows, major radio airplay with live interviews, appearances and play of the song at celebrity and high roller poker tournaments and a big promo party at the Hard Rock Casino Pool!! Jimmie will be in full tow with his posse of Bandito Girls and his entire entourage for the big events. Everything will be over the top and these events promise to be the best of the best. Don’t say you weren’t warned, and Jimmie Lee fans, be sure to make it out to Vegas as Jimmie officially kicks off the 2011 Tour!!!   There’s rumor that Jimmies new single may make it to the World Series of Poker this year, as the theme song , which airs this summer on ESPN. Also, the song will air as the theme song on HOKESHOUSE, a poker reality TV show, which airs May, 2011. Expect to hear Jimmies big hit single all over the poker world, as that’s seems to be the consensus of the poker gods. The songs driving rock and crossover country beat is complimented by the presence of a rapper whose delivery really serves to make players feel they are in the game!  Be sure to check out the single at, JIMMIE LEE-FACEBOOK, YouTube,  I-Tunes and CDBaby. This is the perfect song to pump through your headset at the poker table and inspire you to shake off the nerves and shove your chips in, while you’re waiting for that crucial card!!!   For all you Jersey Outlaw fans, just a few more tidbits for ya all!! Danielle Adams- Benham, Hot Aussie Chick and big poker journalist from Australia, has co-written this hit song with Jimmie, as they both decided that there were not enough poker songs available to grind away as players listen to their iPods and music at the poker table. Also, Jimmie has teamed up with High Roller Clothing to release his new signature Jersey Outlaw Poker TShirt, available at www.highrollerclothing and at all Jimmie Lee Shows.   Folks, theres magic in the air, Jimmies music for all to share, and once again, The Jersey Outlaw has ignited a fire that will put Las Vegas on the map and over the top next month.


By:  Krista Doran

Fred2Animal House is a band from Philly that has been around for 15+ years and I am here to tell you – if a cover band lasts that long, they are definitely doing everything right!  The band got started back in 1995 right around the time Modern Rock was at its peak.  The band started as a 10 piece horn band called Captain Jack & The Love Seekers.  They were a great band but because the scene was changing so fast, they felt it would be a good idea to cut it down to half.  I spoke with Bassist and Lead Guitarist, George Garcia who told me “Thanks to the Out on The Town Magazine who helped spread the word to all club owners about our new set up.  Once they saw our first ad in the paper, they were hooked and the ride began.  Mike V. rocks!  I’ve seen it first hand what he has done for bands, agents, clubs and this circuit over the years!”

As I mentioned, Animal House has been around for 15+ years, playing up and down the East Coast from Killington, Vermont to Key West, Florida, mainly concentrating on PA, NJ, DE, & MD.  Over this time period, they have covered over 2,000 cover songs from the 50’s to today’s current hits.  They cover ever genre imaginable, too – Calypso, Reggae, Classic Rock, Modern, Alternative Rock, Motown, Funk, Old School, Hip Hop Rap, Disco…there’s nothing they haven’t played.   With the wealth of knowledge and talent in this band, they have been able to change their style to keep up with the times, but have always stayed true to their fans by playing pure Party tunes. George told me, “We used to get laughed at when we played songs like Runaround Sue, Build Me Up Buttercup and Sweet Caroline in the Modern Rock rooms of the 90’s.  Now these songs are a mainstay for many bands out there.”   The band stayed true to the party scene and has lasted this long because of their dedication and honesty to their party dancing fans out there, who just want to have a few drinks, dance and sing out loud after a long hard week of work. George explained, “We are the audience most of the time and the audience is our orchestra.  We listen to them and feed off their excitement when they come to see us.”

Animal House has been with Apollo Artists Attractions the entire time they have been together and really credit Eli Sentman & Jane Kashner for all they have done for them.  George told me “We are very grateful to have them on our side as business partners and as family. They, along with The Late Freddy Baker (God Rest His Soul) helped create a market for us back then that made it all worthwhile to work in. They work hard to try to keep this business going even though it has taken a good hit these last couple of years.”   George is a guy who gets it.  I was very happy to hear him say “I feel bands have to take responsibility for some of the downfall as well.  We can’t always just show up to gig, play a few songs and put out our hand to get paid without bringing people into those seats.”  This is something I try to stress in all the articles I write, and I hope someday the bands out there that still think this way will finally catch on.   George also added, “I’m seeing bands now putting a better effort especially with promotions.  It’s great to see everybody getting on the ball again. We need all bands out there to succeed in order for this to work.”  I couldn’t agree more with you George!

When you go to see Animal House perform, you will quickly take notice that their shows are about what they would like to hear and dance to if they were sitting in the audience.  It’s nothing complicated; it’s just simple good ol’ party dance Rock n’ Roll.  Their fans never know what to expect because they don’t use a set list and haven’t in 15 yrs. They play to the crowd and this always works well for them.  You can see the proof in the many smiles you see, the laughter you hear and asses shaking on the dance floor all night long!

Some of the places you can catch The Animal House Band are The Paddock at Devon in Wayne, PA, Fager’s Island in Ocean City, MD, The Manayunk Brew Pub in Philly, The Eddington House, (their home away from home) in Bensalem, PA, Havana’s in New Hope, PA, Casey’s on 3rd in Wildwood, NJ and several casinos such as The Trump Plaza, Trump Marina, Resorts and Harrah’s in Atlantic City, as well as Harrah’s Chester.  During the Summer of 2011, starting the last week of June through Labor Day they will be doing verticals every Thursday & Sunday night at Carney’s in Cape May NJ, The Cape May Ferry every Wednesday from 6pm-9pm for Family Fun Cruise Night (All Ages Welcome!), Keenan’s Irish Pub in North Wildwood every Wednesday night and some Monday nights @ Fager’s Island for their Monday Night Deck Parties.  And that’s NOT all!  Check out their full schedule on their website at   You can also find them on Facebook at

I asked George what he would want all 25k+ readers of the Out On The Town to know about them and he told me, “All we want everyone to know is that we appreciate all our fans, young and old, and we will always play to the best of our ability and leave it all on stage for you. We are not Rock Stars, we are you!!”  The Animals House Band is:  George Garcia (Band Leader) Bass Guitar and Lead Vocals; Perry Curcio – Lead Vocals and Guitar; Steve Campagna – Guitar and  Vocals; Paul “FredRock” Berttuccio on Drums and Jim Carr on Keys, Sax & Vocals.  If you are interested in booking The Animal House Band for your bar, club, casino, private or corporate event, please contact Apollo Artists Attractions at (610) 328-6500.

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by Mike Vagnoni

BlancheMorroShe’s one of the hottest singers in Atlantic City and you can see her at Resorts Casino each week. We had a chance to do an Internet Interview and here is what came down with Blanche Morro aka The Singing Bartender!

OOT – Blanche tells us about yourself and what area did you grow up in and also what made you take a path into singing?

Blanche “I was born and raised in the Ducktown section of Atlantic City. I went to the OLD AC High School, that is now a parking lot. My Uncle, “Cooks Books”, Roland Suarez, was a well known singer and cab driver in AC, that formerly worked as an emcee at the 500 Club, and was an AC Ambassador for many years until his untimely death to a murder in 1985 (ironically 26 years ago this month- March 31st) . I called him Uncle Ron, and we were very CLOSE. My Dad, Mario was also an excellent singer but never pursued it. I grew up around music, and sang in the church choir, at St. Michael’s in AC, (which was where I went to grade school) sang in several musicals in high school, was in the high school choir, and show choir, and sang the only solo on an LP that the high school choir produced one year. The song was “Longer by Dan Fogelberg. I performed for many of the March of Dimes telethons as a kid, and over many years. I never had vocal instruction, and started singing with bands right out of high school. I am a wife, and mother to two wonderful kids, a daughter age 17, (also following in my footsteps, and has a beautiful voice), and a very animated 9 year old son”.

OOT – Blanche when did you start working as the singing Bartender?

Blanche “I started working as a singing bartender 15 years ago at an Atlantic City Pub, quite by accident. I sang with the juke box while bartending one night, when a patron asked me why I wasn’t JUST SINGING for a living with such a “beautiful voice”. A light clicked on, and the next day, I asked the owner of the pub if we could lease some karaoke equipment to try it out. He didn’t think it would work, because the place was mostly a shot and beer bar, but then in 2 weeks he, himself, put up a billboard! I now started reading lips, multitasking, taking orders, ringing a register, bringing proper change, all while singing, and not skipping a beat!”

OOT – When did you first get into a Casino to do your thing?

Blanche “3 years later, the President of Resort Operations for Tropicana, Dennis Gomes, walked into this pub, after being told about me by a Marketing exec, and witnessed my act for himself. He hired me for Tropicana on the spot, where he built and named a bar for me, and I had a successful run as the singing bartender, until he left the property 7 years later. In between that position, and my new position with him at Resorts, I worked for private events, in New York, Ct., North Jersey, Maryland, and Las Vegas.. I also worked at Country Clubs, and also was hired in the area for events. In the 5 years between Tropicana and now, whenever I saw Dennis Gomes, he would tell me that as soon as he returned to Atlantic City, that I would return as the singing bartender with him. This came true, as I started working for RESORTS, Dec 7th, 2010. I am now working there Tuesday thru Saturday from 4PM-9:30 with sets every hour, and a great Happy hour Mon-Fri 3-9 PM. I am very glad to be back”

OOT – Thanks Blanche for taking the time to tell us your story and we hope everyone who sees this interview will make it a point to come and visit you at Resorts Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City this spring and summer.

Blanche Morro

“Blanche, The Singing Bartender” (TM)

(609) 335-4370

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By Helene

Lucia_3303My guest and I had an amazing dinner at La Casa Di Lucia Italian Restaurant and Pizza. It’s located in the Trent Plaza , 14425 Bustleton Avenue in Northeast Philadelphia . The food here is home-made and definitely made out of love. The love of Joe and Lucia, who have been married for 49 years, the big 50 will be New Years Day 2012! Together, with Lucia’s love of cooking and Joe’s business sense, they have spent over thirty years building their family restaurant, along with their son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, and long-standing staff. It began as a little pizza and sandwich shop on Castor Ave and “little by little” grew into the wonderful family spot at their current location.   Known for their great food, “Lucia’s” is also known for their generosity in the community, hosting many charity events and making donations for great causes like the most recent Lovefest, held at the Whiskey Tango. This place offers a lot more too. Live entertainment five days a week, Wednesday to Sunday and they also have catering services and a large room to accommodate guests for any special occasion! Want a great deal? Check out their Early Bird Specials Monday-Friday from 3-6pm, which includes Soup or Salad, choice of Dessert, and a Beverage starting at $8.50 to $12.25. Want Lunch? Monday thru Saturday from 11am to 3pm you can get your favorite Sandwich served with French Fries starting at $7.00 or have something real special, a choice of several Veal dishes that include Soup or Salad, Vegetables or Spaghetti for $9.74. Of course they cater to the little ones starting at $3.75 and up!   My guest and I were happily greeted by Joe, a “grandfatherly” type, charming and ready with great stories of his family, his business and his travels.  This particular night, they had a nice dinner crowd. Not bad for a Monday night. Joe sat down with us while we dined and enjoyed his great hospitality.  We started out with the Fried Calamari Marinara ($8.00) a great big serving enough to share and some fresh Bread, hot-right out of the oven. The Calamari was lightly floured and delicious! We each had a cup of their Home-Made Soup; I had the Escarole and my guest, the Pastina. Both were light, hearty and scrumptious.  I like mine with a shake or two of Parmesan Cheese. Next came the entrees, I had the Stuffed Eggplant ($15.95), stuffed with Ground Beef, Mozzarella Cheese and Heart of the Eggplant, topped with Sauce and Mozzarella Cheese and then baked to perfection. The sauce (or as Italians say the gravy) was magnificent, sweet and spiced just right. Every bite was tantalizing! My guest ordered one of Lucia’s Signature Dishes, the Chicken Francaise ($16.45). Boneless Chicken lightly floured, prepared in an egg batter and sautéed with White Dry Wine, Butter and a touch of Lemon. My guest enjoyed this so much that I almost didn’t get to taste it myself! No wonder this is the most popular dish served at the restaurant! For our sides, Joe suggested that we sample their famous Home-made Gnocchi and Raviolis; both were delicate, perfectly molded and stuffed with Ricotta Cheese. Simply wonderful! Of course we could not resist their tempting desserts! They offer Home-Made Tiramisu, Rum Cake, Cheesecake and Rice Pudding. Plus they have ice cream and pie if that is what you are yearning! We had the Tiramisu and Rum Cake, a perfect ending to a memorable meal! Both cakes were simply irresistible and both are a favorite of mine-so we shared!   La Casa Di Lucia has the Best Italian food around! There is no substitute that comes close! Next time you are in the neighborhood-come out for an unforgettable meal that is unmatched by any other! For more information about their catering services or reservations please call (215) 677-6111.

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By Mike Vagnoni
RedZone_3303Calling all musical fanatics  – now hear this. Redz Bar & Grill located at  8212 Roosevelt Blvd., in NE PHILA is hosting the hottest OPEN MIC NIGHT every Monday with Keith  Roberts ( He’s one of the best sound men in the region)  You don’t have to sign up in advance or wait it out all night long…you show up and you will get up on stage for sure.! That’s right!  All you do is show up and do what you do best. All this starts at 8pm. So to kick them blahs, on what to do on a bore ass monday night, now you have a place to call home. To make the night even more fun look for $1.50 Domestic Drafts and $3 Jagermeister & Jack Daniels shots.
Redz has the music too, coming up here are some of the area’s top local bands.  March 26th-Sinner Saints & the Attics, March 30-Sick Six, April 2nd-Release, April 9-Boss Hydro, April 16th -Fosterchild  and on April 23rd-Think Pink ( the Pink Floyd tribute show – a must see!)
Redz is all new and has all the things you might be looking for when going out. Great people, awesome sound  with really cool DJ’s and if you should be looking to grab a bite to eat? They offer the best food ever – from their new menu. Weekly Drink specials and all sports action too on their brand new HDTV’s…make this your home for Phillies Baseball and be sure to check out the finals with the NCAA March Madness.( See their ad in this issue or see them online anytime at and or visit them on Facebook.) 215-332-8784 * Redz is  running red hot for the spring so make it a point to check it out when you can.

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What we all have been waiting for > St. Partrick’s Day 2011 >Here are the Top Area Locations -we call the OOT HOT SPOTS ! NO particular order.Some are OOT clients and others are not (yet!) Here goes: May the Luck of the Irish shine upon you  on this special day. Hey, remember this ” EVERYBODY is IRISH on ST PATRICK’S DAY!

The Ashburner Inn, The Andalusia(Stadium)Brownies 23 East, Cazz’s Sports Bar,  Currans Irish Inn’s( All locations),Keenans in  N.Wildwood Nj, Westys (all Locations), DUNLAPS STADIUM,Fairless Hills Stadium, Maggies Waterfront Cafe, Paddy Whacks (All locations), Finnigans Wake, Reales’. Whiskey Tango, Mc Stews,  Street Rd Bar& Grill Stadium,Sweeneys,Mc Noodles,Cappys, Caspers, Hammerheads, The Bog Side Irish Bar, The Blarney, The Blarney Stone, The Irish Tymes, Tir, Na Nog, The Irish Pub, McGillians, PJ Whelehans,Barnabys,  Tom *& Jerrys,RP Mc Murphys, Connie Macks,Harpers Pub,The Hulmeville Inn, Flukes,Lenighans (All Locations) Top Dog,,Cavanaughs, Reedys, General Grants,TD’s Pub, The Grey Lodge, Qaker City Yacht Club, The 3 Monkeys, La Casa Di Lucia,Old Colonial Inn,Tattletales, Double Visions, Scruples, The Penthouse, 5 Points Stadium -Levittown,The Puss n’ Boots, Dagwoods, SmokeEaters, Rauchuts, Kilbanes, Owens Cafe, Baileys, The Irish Rover, Bradys Irish Pubs (*Both Locations) The E- House, The Road House,Paulies Place,The Red Zone Philly, The South Philly Bar & Grill, Michaels Cafe,The Adelphia,The Coastline, Currans Irish Inn ( All locations), Hazys, Redz, Harrigans, Harringtons, Sparkys, Tonys Place , Happy Hour, Havanas,Shenanigans, Stadiums ( All locations)Squirrel Murphys,The Fireside, Joe Santuccis Bar & Grill, The Final Score,Chickies and Petes (All Locations)Maggie O Neals, O’ Neals,Flanagans Boat House,Kildares, Manayunk Brewery, Iron Hill Brewery, Millers Ale House, The Field House, The Wet Whistle, The Drake Tavern, Tavern 222, Manny Browns(All Locations),Dark Horse, The Brick House, Out Of Whack Jacks, Penny Gardens, PJ Ryans,  The Eggs Nest, Brownies on 2nd, Nicks Roast Beef *2nd Street, Nicks Roast Beef NE Phila, The Madison Cafe, The Elbo, MaGirks, Reeds,TJ Smiths, The Amber Inn, The Fireside, Chambers 19, Stephanies, The Triumph Brewery(All Locations) Alberts Cafe,Mc Faddens,Tom’s Sportsmens, The CannonBall Tavern, The Post Office, Diegos Bar,The Stadium Resturant and Bar South Philly, The Red Rooster, Mc Nallys, E’s Irish Bar, Gleasons, The Capri, Da Bar, Kat Man Du, The Knights Tavern,The Copa, Casava Restaurnat & Bar, O’ Mares Irish Inn,The Langhorne Inn, Kennys, The Buck Hotel, The Brick, The Green Parrot, The Temperance House, The Club House. Big Heads ( All Locations),* PARX CASINO/Three Sixty Lounge!

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If you had a chance to see the OOT’s ST PATTY’S GUIDE we have the listings of the best places to watch the NCAA Tournament Games, and in our OOT GUIDE this little item is brought to you by Miller Lite. Here are the locations to check out all the action of March Madness. Nick’s Roast Beef, Chammps,The Stadiums,Blue Dog Pub, Blue Dog Family Tavern, The Field House,The Trappe Tavern, Buckets, Joe Santucci’s Bar & Grill, Currans Irish Inns, MaGerks Pub & Grub, General Grants Saloon. Find out more by checking out the article (on page 14 ) in the latest OOT GUIDE. See all the prices and the address of all the above locations, We also have website listings and the specials you will find on Miller Lite. March Madness is fun and to add to the fun OOT says Enjoy a Miller Lite special!

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When two of the best acts get together you know this is going to be a party. Mc Faddens Saturday March 12th at 1pm – this is a good bet for sure!

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The loops and shuttles continue this saturday. Find out where the best are in the latest OOT GUIDE! Click to the PDF and see the OOT GUIDE NOW ONLINE.

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