*Photo by Mike Vagnoni
CVR-BotMMEET “Jill & Katie”
Hazy’s in Feasterville Pa., has some really cool bartenders and in this special Thanksgiving Holiday Issue we are featuring their thursday night bartenders. Meet Jill and Katie. Two great gals with many loyal fans and friends.


Jill is a resident of Langhorne Pa., who stands in at 5’4” with hazel eyes and brown hair. She is a 12 year veteran behind the bar and with her personality she has a nice loyal customer base. You can see Jill doing shifts on thursdays, saturday and sunday nights.

HOBBIES – all sports and loves to play pool. She is on the Hazy’s Team. She also like to play softball and likes to hang out with her friends on her spare time.
FAVORTIE DRINK – Miller Lite and Black Haus

On being a good bartender she says ” 90 % of the job is personality the other part 10% is being skilled . She says the most important part is making people want to come back again, and again.
Jill has a loyal following of weekly regulars.

KATIE and Click to our bartender section.

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By: Krista Doran

4444titledIn these tough economic times, we are all watching how we spend our money. Everyone is looking for value nowadays, and we want to get the best deal we can. For some, going Out On The Town has become somewhat of a luxury; something they can only afford to do once or twice a month. Well, we know of a place that offers it all – great food, low prices, fun activities and some of the best in live entertainment. I am talking about Sweeney’s Saloon of course, one of the OOTs favorite spots!

I spoke to Christian Sweeney, who is the fourth generation of the Sweeney family to be in the bar business. Sweeney’s was established back in 1985 by Christian’s father and grandfather, Ken and Terry Sweeney. Previous to this, they owned Cottman Beer Distributors, which was the largest beer distributor in the city for years. The Sweeney family knows the bar business, so they wanted to create a place where people could go to spend time with friendly faces, have a good meal that will fill them up and not break the bank. Sweeney’s has a comfortable atmosphere, offering food and drink at great prices. Some of the menu items you will want to try are what they call Sweeney’s Spectaculars, like the Popeye which is a chicken breast, grilled to perfection topped with a creamy Caesar dressing, sautéed spinach and Provolone cheese; or maybe you’ll prefer the succulent hand-carved London Broil which is topped with sweet roasted peppers, sautéed onions and gooey cheese all on delicious fresh rolls. Are you getting hungry yet? If it’s wings you crave, Sweeney’s has some of the best you will ever have. They offer the usual Hot or Mild, but in addition they have other flavors such as Hot & Honey, Honey BBQ, Garlic, Oriental and even a Dry Rub Cajon that will definitely get those taste buds watering! No matter how hungry you are, Sweeney’s offers a full array of menu items from soups and munchies to burgers and platters. Sweeney’s is also a great place to host a birthday party, shower or anniversary party. Sweeney’s offers catering services and will work with you to accommodate any type of menu from simple yet filling appetizers, to full dinners and desserts.

So maybe you are not looking for food. Maybe you want to go out and have some fun with your friends or even just get away from the family for a few hours for some “me time.” No matter what you need, Sweeney’s has it! For the sports lover, you can come in and watch football on one of their many hi-def TV’s. They have the NFL package so you can not only watch all Eagles games, but whoever your favorite team is, you can come watch them play at Sweeney’s! During all games, domestic drafts are offered at just $1.75. Also at Sweeney’s, you can come in and enjoy darts, pool or just come in alone to talk to some friendly people in a safe environment. If you like trivia, every Wednesday night come in to enjoy Quizzo and flex those brain cells! The entire staff at Sweeney’s will make you feel welcome and the people that come to enjoy all that Sweeney’s has to offer, are fun and friendly, too. While you are there, you can enjoy yourself without spending a lot of money. In addition to the great daily specials they run on food and drink, their regular prices are comparable to what other places call “specials.” For instance, Sweeney’s has $4.00 mixed drinks, $6.00 shots of Citron and $2.75 well drinks at all times.

There’s always something fun going on at Sweeney’s. They have been a staple in the NE Philly area for many years, supporting all types of live music too. You can go check out local acts almost every night at Sweeney’s. On Tuesdays from 9:00 pm – 1:00 am, one of Philly’s favorite entertainers, Brian Bortnick performs. On Thursdays, their famous Original Band Thursday has been going strong for years, and you can check out some great original musicians from around the area. On Fridays and Saturdays, there’s always a great line up of cool Tribute or Cover bands from 10:00 pm – 2:00 am, and every Sunday, you can catch the band Formerly Known As from 10:00 pm – 2:00 am. Be sure to put Sweeney’s on your list for Thanksgiving Eve – you won’t want to miss The Zone performing from 10:00 pm – 2:00 am, and they are open on Thanksgiving Day, welcoming everyone in for good times with good people. For a full list of activities and the band schedule, please visit or friend them on Facebook – just search Sweeny’s Philadelphia, PA.

In addition to Sweeney’s Saloon which is located at 13639 Philmont Avenue in NE Philadelphia, they have a second location, Sweeney’s Veree Tavern which is located at 7968 Veree Road also in NE Philadelphia. At the Veree location, they offer complete family dinners in their back dining room, great beer selections and lots of TVs to watch the games. It’s a great family-friendly location you will want to enjoy time and time again with your loved ones.

So if you are looking for good food, affordable prices, great entertainment and fun, Sweeney’s has everything you could want! This family-owned and operated business offers the biggest bang for your buck and stresses good times with good people, all in a safe environment. This is probably why Sweeney’s has been going strong for 26 years now, and remains one of the best places to spend your time. So go to Sweeney’s tonight and tell them the Out On The Town sent you!

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By: Krista Doran

lovejunkpromopicEntertainers come in all different shapes, sizes and styles. From DJs and solo acoustic performers to big multi-person productions, it’s all about having fun and helping people to forget their problems for a few hours. When most people hear the word “band” they picture several people on stage, playing all live music, right? Well, that traditional idea of a band sometimes will take on a different form and can be just as entertaining. If you don’t think so, then you need to go out and see Love Junk!

Love Junk is just 2 guys – Jamie O’Donnell and Mike Garrifo, but if you see them live, you’d think it was a 5 or 6 piece band! Jamie does lead vocals and plays guitar, while Mike backs him up on drums and is just a spectacle to watch! Things all started back in 2006 when Jamie had a solo acoustic act. He decided to make playing music his full time job and asked his friend Mike to join him. One sunny Friday in 2007, Jamie had Mike dust off his percussion instruments to join him at a happy hour show at Tony’s Place in Ivyland. There was a definite spark between the 2 of them and the crowd loved it! It was then and there that Love Junk was born! For 4 years now, Jamie and Mike have been making people laugh, dance and sing along. It was a refreshing change for them considering they both struggled for years with original projects.

Like many people, I always thought that playing along with pre-recorded tracks was NOT considered LIVE music. I have since changed my mind after seeing these guys in action. Love Junk puts on a show that is so much fun! They play all kinds of music; Rock, Pop, R&B, Country, Singer Standards and they LOVE 80’s music! They are able to touch on every genre and can pretty much do ANYTHING that is requested of them! And what’s really impressive is that they don’t use just any old pre-recorded music found on the internet. Jamie played and recorded all the music you hear so it’s MUCH more authentic.

Love Junk is definitely unique. They are a 2-piece party machine and you can tell they really love performing. In addition to playing music, they also DJ and host Karaoke, so there is something for everyone. Their shows are fun to just sit back and watch too! Jamie explained, “Nothing makes us happier than seeing people dancing, singing, smiling and just having a great time. We love to bring people up to sing or play along with us and just ROCK OUT!”

Love Junk plays all over the area, including Curran’s Irish Inn Tacony every Friday night (with the legendary Secret Service Band!); as well as Curran’s other two locations in Bensalem and Palmyra NJ. We went to see them at one of our favorite local spots – The Fireside on Elmwood Avenue in Feasterville, where they will now be performing every Sunday from 8 pm – 11 pm. They also play at Johnny Apples in Holland, Tony’s Place in Ivyland and their Jersey shore spots are Keenan’s, Casey’s on Third and Fred’s Tavern. Love Junk is somewhere just about every night of the week! To check their schedule you can find them on Facebook or on Myspace at if you want to hear their demo. Or, simply call one of the great places I mentioned above to see when they will be there next!

Love Junk is great for any venue or private party. From a great live show to DJing and hosting Karaoke, they offer the fun and excitement that everyone craves when they go out. If you want to have a memorable evening out with the girls, or just a night to unwind, laugh and party, go check out Love Junk to see what I mean. You’ll be smiling from ear to ear, trust me!

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Dagwood’s Pub

Nov 17, 2010

by Helene

Now that I have written quite a few dining out reviews, I have become a bit of a
connoisseur of great tasting food. This place was just added to my list of great eateries in NE Philadelphia! Dagwood’s Pub is located on 4625 Linden Ave, only a skip and jump from State Road, 95 and Grant Avenue. It is family owned and operated for the last 20 years by Eddie. He along with his staff including Mickey, Head Chef and Manager, make their patrons feel like part of their family. Even Eddie’s Mom or “Momma G”, as everyone lovingly calls her, at 70 something years of age….still cooks in the kitchen, making her famous Home-made Meatloaf and Meatballs. The staff was friendly, smiling; the atmosphere was quaint and relaxing. Bill, the Bartender, assured that all drinks were filled to the brim with each emptying and Nicole, our Waitress was a sweetheart. Dagwood’s Pub also has a Banquet Room upstairs, where you can hold your next Holiday Party or event-catered-all for a great price too!
Dagwood’s Pub is not a typical bar with typical bar food either. This place has an array of delectable full course dinners to choose from including, Prime Rib, Crabs, Mussels, Home-made Crab Cakes, and Specialty Fish dishes and so much more! For example every Saturday night for just $14.95 you get Prime Rib with soup, salad, and 2 vegetables. Other specials are available throughout the week. They also offer fantastic lunch specials, priced from $6.95 up to $7.95. For example: Fried Shrimp Basket with French Fries and Cole Slaw, Crab Cake Sandwich, Clams and Spaghetti w/Bread and Varieties of Hot and Cold Sandwiches/Wraps. All served with one serving of Soup and Salad, from 11:00am to 3:00pm, Monday thru Sunday. And little ones can have their very own kid’s meal for just $2.95; their choice of Spaghetti and Meatballs, Chicken Fingers and Fries, Cheeseburger and Fries, Grilled Cheese, or Peanut Butter and Jelly, my little baby’s favorite!
On our visit, Eddie and Mickey made sure we were “Wined and Dined” and we were to the fullest-literally! First we were presented with “The Dagwood” ($8.95). Come real hungry because this “man-sized” sandwich can feed like three people! It was presented on a jumbo tray, cut into three large pieces and loaded with layers of Roasted Turkey, Roast Beef, Ham, Provolone & American Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato & Onions. Home-made creamy Cole Slaw, Pickles, Hot Peppers and Chips on the side! It was delicious but we had to make room for the rest of our meal and were glad to take it home for lunch the next day! Next came the appetizers, most popular is “Verne’s Shrimp” ($8.95) and “Verne’s Wings” ($6.95) and all I can say is they were HOT HOT HOT! I don’t mean just their secret Cayenne Pepper Sauce either! Both dishes were lightly battered, seasoned just right whether you dipped in Blu Cheese or slathered the jumbo-sized shrimp and wings with the sauce! Great for watching the game at the bar or for pre-dinner delights. We were told that people from all over call just for containers of their sauce, which they gladly fufill. Then we had the Portabella Mushroom stuffed with Jumbo Lump Crabcake with a side of Tartar Sauce.This is served as a specilty item only once or twice a month. My mouth is just watering typing this part up. This was absolutely my favorite! It was bigger than my hand. No fillers just filled with the real thing, HOME-MADE all the way! Capital Y-U-M-M!, an extra M for extra delicious! We also tried the fresh Blackened Tuna Bites with a Horseradish Cream Sauce, which was tantalizing on the palatte and grilled to perfection.
Next came Prince Edward Island Mussels with Red Sauce or White Sauce-and typically since we could not make up our minds-we got both. These Mussels were beautifully seasoned with bits of scallions, white wine, garlic, butter and hot pepper seeds. Each mouthful held the most sweetest gems. They were succulent and cooked just right! Probably the best I have ever tasted so far!

Before we could put a dent in the Mussels, the Hard Shelled Blue-Point Crabs arrived, cleaned and cooked to perfection-boiled not steamed like other places. The crabmeat was sweet and so good I didnt even dip it in butter. No wonder….this recipe was handed down originally from Eddie’s Crab House, a 80 year tradition! You ask how much?! Did you know that every Tuesday and Wednesday night, from 5-8pm, it’s All-U-Can-Eat! That’s right all the Hard Shelled Crabs, Mussels, Wings, and Pasta, Soup and Salad you want for just $24.95! There is no other place around that can offer you that kind of deal!

Our dining experience at Dagwood’s Pub was definitly memorable and deserving of many trips back! All food is Homemade and very reasonably priced. For banquet reservations, please call Eddie at (215) 332-3620. Here’s hoping that you all make Dagwood’s Pub your New Home away from Home!

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By: Michelle Vagnoni-Minko
100_0593I recently visited Tomasello Winery in beautiful Hammonton, New Jersey. Conveniently located on the White Horse Pike! It’s a great place to stop while going to and from Atlantic City. You can stop in for a tasting for just a few dollars, and a complimentary wine glass, and enjoy some of the delicious wines from South Jersey.
The weather is crisp and the holiday season is in the air, what better way, than to come home, curl up on your sofa, or by the fire, and have a glass of wine! If you’re a red wine drinker, I recommend some medium to full bodied reds. Try some of Tomasello’s 2006 Outer Coastal Plain Cabernet Sauvignon. This is a medium body red with hints of oak, chocolate, berry, and a little tart at the end. Pairs perfectly with a pasta dish, and table full of friends! Also, another one to try is the Outer Coastal Plain Sangiovese-Shiraz 2007. 70% Sangiovese and 30 % Shiraz, this wine picks up flavors of fruit and the full flavor of the Shiraz, it’s absolutely perfect with red meats and cheeses. If you’re a white wine lover, a must try is the Tomasello Atlantic County Niagara. This white wine tastes like a bowl of fresh grapes, with a sweet finish. Pairs wonderfully with fruits and desserts. Also, I really enjoyed the Outer Coastal Plain Dry Riesling 2008. This invigorating and crisp white wine is best served chilled with your favorite fish or chicken dish.
Tomasello also has some amazing dessert wines. Of course what is Thanksgiving without cranberry sauce? Well, try a glass of Tomasello Cranberry wine. It’s balance of fresh cranberries with some sweetness and tart, is delicious. It’s best served room temperature with your Thanksgiving feast! Also, one of my favorites was the Tomasello Blackberry wine. This wine is best served chilled and with your favorite desserts, like cheesecake, pumpkin pie, or holiday cookies. Made from 100% Marion blackberries, this wine is full-bodied, and fairly sweet , with robust flavors of blackberry. Put a bottle of this one out on your dessert table, and your guests will be pleasantly impressed! Feel free to pop in Tomasello Winery anytime you’re looking for a new place to try some yummy wine! These wines can be found where you purchase your local wines and spirits. And, if you cannot find them, please visit Cheers!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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