The new issue of the OOT is getting out and you can see itall online anytime you wish. You get the coverage you need to get the word out on what you do best.
WE have the best bars and clubs in the area who can offer you more and save you a ton of money when going out.

WE offer the best places to watch the MLB PLAYOFFS- SO-GET OUT AND CHEER ON our PHILLIES -see who has the best deals in town for all major sports (SEE THE NEW OCTOBER ISSUE NOW! BEST SPORTS BARS EVER in the latest OOT! SEE THEM ALL AND TAKE YOUR PICK! This ain’t fantasy football here but real Entertainment news on the local level.

HERE’S what really is going on: MEET “THE URBAN ACHIEVERS” in the Spotlight-“ALL THE POINTS” have a hot show at the TROCADERO.”ANGRY VIC” to host a HOT PARTY at the STADIUMS for HALLOWEEN.All Ghost and Goblins> CHECK OUT THE HOTTEST ATTRACTIONS(OOT PICKS) See VALLEY OF FEAR and JASON’S WOODS and SCAREBROTHERS in SOUTH PHILLY. “TEDDY DUGAN’S HOLLOWEEN BLAST” is gearing up for the biggest year yet. FOR AREAMUSICIANSwho need to get the guitars and or musical equiptment fixed- find out more by going to  “JOE’ Z’s GUIRTAR SHOP”(SEE THE FEATURE!) MARTIAL ARTS IS COMING TO AC find out where. You can check out the photos in this issue shot at DAVE AND BUSTER’S with their local event to help the AMERICAN RED CROSS. We have PHOTOS from the MILLER LITE EAGLES PEP RALLY held at PADDY WHACKS with VINCE PAPALE’and the EAGLES CHEERLEADERS.FOOTBALL is BACK and we have to tell you about TAILGATE PARTYS and the kind of FOOD that goes with it…see our DINING OUT SECTION! THE STADIUMS also have a hot calendar shoot going on at key locatons find out and stop by and see it taking place with the hottest looking gal bartenders ever.  ALL THIS AN SO MUCH MORE in the new OOT!  CHECK OUT DONNYS JOKES,LIVE NATION’S concerts and the SUN BANK ARENA CONCERTS. MORE ENTERTAINMENT NEWS that you can ever imagine.

ONLY THE BEST BANDS AND DJ’s along with the best area locations is what you will find in the NEW OOTfor OCT!

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