What an Issue we have in the works. Check it out on APRIL 21 …this Issue will cover till May 12th and will  take in CINCO DE MAYO…DEADLINE for all copy is this coming FRIDAY.  ALL ads and articles must be in to complete this new issue of the OOT.  The combination of the use of all the social networking elements is really pushing the bar of coverage for all of our clients. The numbers being reached for the Out On The Town just keeps growing on a daily basis…THANKS for the support and we could not ever put out an issue without your true support. I thank each and everyone of our loyal fans and readers. Your contributions make the OOT what it is. We are happy to report that more and more people each day also are checking out the OOT with their new I phones. ..touchtone phones…and you will see that we have reduced the time to load up the PDF FILE for each OOT online.  We reduced the file from a 17 meg file down to 5 megs…and this  has reduced the time to no more then about  50 seconds  to have it load up.  We are working to eleminate the time and to have it all come at you in a instant when you make the connection. We are working on an APP for the OUT ON THE TOWN.  MORE TO come on this and other great items.  THANKS!

This is the real deal in local entertainment news. Please Enjoy and show the support to what you see in each Out On The Town.

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