By Mike Vagnoni

Harrigan’s Pub and Restaurant located at 1051  W. County Line Rd in Warminster Pa., in the Rosemore Shopping Center is Buck’s County’s favorite Irish Pub.  Something every night of the weeks is on going here and they also always seem to have the best promotions in the region. The food is just amazing and with prices that won’t put a major dent on your wallet. They have an executive chef who runs the kitchen and all their food dishes are all home made. You name it they feature it on their menu…from all you favorite finger foods to dinners…the food here is second to none.  For the night life, Harrigan’s also here leads in this area…Acoustic candle light Mondays…the place is packed…Tues nights with Karaoke for cash….on Wednesdays “THE BUCKET O’ BOOZE special for $5 plus $2 Miller Lite bottles from 10 to 12 mid. Thursdays Ian and Diggy Dance party with $2 shots…Every Friday and Saturday nights live music from the best acoustic acts in the area to full live bands…Last year,  we did a TV special on Harrigan’s and it was one of the best events ever –  it did air on COMCAST/ WMCN DT 44 in over 2.6 million cable homes…..the day of the taping WMGK was in the house with Andre Gardner with his Hometown radio broadcast…from promos like that to promos with WMMR 93.3 and  add in all the major beer companies have something in the works over at Harrigans…Now for the St. Patrick’s Holiday .something really big…The EXCEPTIONS will be in the house on  MARCH 17th –  This is one of the best party horn bands out there today…THE EXCEPTIONS play now mostly in CASINOS and also they are one of the most popular bands in the private party world…doing corporate and high end weddings and events…from time to time they will venture out and do local clubs and HARRIGAN’S is proud to have them in the place for the ST PATRICK’S DAY HOLIDAY this year also Look for Irish Dancers, Irish Food and many Irish drinks specials…on March 17th.  One more thing…for any of you that can’t make it over on March 17th…HARRIGANS is going to host another party this year on Saturday March 20th…Free Ham and Cabbage, Irish Dancers and Irish Drinks specials. By the way they have a saying at HARRIGAN’s  “Get Lucky at Harrigan’s”  trust me you will …this place is so magical and it has it all…great food, cool people and the best entertainment around – oh yes, add in this “One of the best group of staff members that you’ll ever find working in an bar or club.  This is Harrigan’s Pub and Restaurant – come check it out.
To find out more see them on line at : www.HarriganspubPA.com or at www.ootweb.com
PS: Get well whishes go out to Sean Harrigan…Hey you…see you on ST PATRICKS DAY ya’ hear?
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So the time for celebration is coming so enjoy the season and be sure and grab a Killian’s Irish Red This is the real deal in Irish brews.

Remember that on saturday while riding on the loops ask for one and when your with your friends order a round and give a toast to spirit of the St Patrick’s Holiday

season.  Want to relax and just enjoy yourself? Grab a Killian’s Irish Red and check out each page of the OOT – put on some great Irish music and see how the party

will come to you. (* Your tip of the day!)

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