IT’s easy to do … email Out On The Town now…at: ( ) send us an email and tell us why you would want to meet the JERSEY SHORE people …. we will set you up for a meet and greet with two of the cast members and then off to the CASBAH NIGHT CLUB for a night of fun…All this is a the TRUMP TAJ MAHAL HOTEL AND CASINO in ATLANTIC CITY…we will pick a winner by the end of next week.

See the new OOT for more infrormation at
and or pick up your FREE COPY at AREA BARS AND CLUBS!
*Selected locations carry the OOT for FREE.

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securedownloadBartender of the Month
From Roosevelts’ Blvd. Bar & Grill
SUNDAY NIGHTS with Becky Leipert

Becky works the back bar area at Roosevelts every Sunday night. She is an awesome sight to see and she has a golden personality along with her style and friendly manner. Becky stands in at 5′ 6” and has green eyes and brunette hair ( sometimes she is blonde), she said. . She comes to us from University City. Becky has been a bartender for well over 10 years now. And has worked at many area locations. She loves
working in a bar that has live music.

“I just love it behind the bar since there is something always new and exciting going on and to top it all off, I am a night owl and this beats working in an office 9 to 5 any day” she says.
On Sunday nights she has a stream of regular fans that stop on by and check out all there is to see at Roosevlets. The Sunday nights are really picking up each week. Becky is one of the reasons why.

HOBBIES: Horseback riding and going out to area bars and clubs.

Becky wants you all to come hang out with her every sunday night at ROOSEVELTS and check out the sounds of MODERN BLISS.
See Becky this month on the OOTwesbsite at : www.ootweb,com
Roosevelts is located at 8212 Roosevelt Blvd in NE Phila. see them online each week at you can call for directions and info 215-332-8784

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130187-TAJJerseyShore1-2pg-PrintAdootwebcomAtlantic City, NJ –Round up your girlfriends. Hit up the boyz, and make sure you’re dressed to impress for the Atlantic City debut of MTV’s Jersey Shore cast members Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and DJ Pauly D which has been rescheduled for Saturday, February 13, 2010 in the Casbah Night Club at Trump Taj Mahal.

The Jersey Shore debuted on MTV on December 6, 2009 and tells the story of eight Italian-American 20-somethings who shared a summer house in Seaside Heights, a popular summer hot spot in North Jersey. Viewers get a glimpse of their lives and over the top personalities as the characters learn to live together, sharing meals, love, nightlife and learning to co-habitate. Drama unfolds with each episode and it has quickly become one of MTV’s most popular reality series.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, 27, is from Staten Island, NY. He is known for his antics with the ladies and his rock-hard six pack abs. The way he sees it, he has the situation under control.

Pauly D, 28, hails from Johnston, RI and is Rhode Island’s most well-known DJ. He keeps a tanning bed in his house and orders gel by the case and does his hair twice a day–once in the morning and once before hitting the town.

Come join in the mayhem with two of the hottest cast members of MTV’s Newest Hit Series. The “situation” unfolds beginning at 10:30 pm when the doors open and will continue to heat up throughout the night.

Bring your hottest friends and show us what you got in our BEST ABS and HOT BODY Contests, hosted and judged by “The Situation” and DJ Pauly D for a chance to win cash and prizes! Enjoy a signature cocktail made famous by the Jersey Shore cast, featuring Ronnie’s Jersey Shore Ron Ron Juice.

Rev up your night with Casbah’s house DJ’s and club dancers for all the makings of an exciting evening at Atlantic City’s most sizzling club to party in.

Admission is just $20. Dress to impress. Doors open at 10:30 pm, and the party won’t end until the wee hours.
OUt oN The Town wants to send you down to ATLANTIC CITY.

*Must be 21 or older. Positive proof of identification will be required. Subject to change or cancellation at management’s discretion.

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By Rob Nagy

GordonGano-WorldCafeLive-1-14-10-2There is no arguing that the Violent Femmes lead singer Gordon Gano has one of the most unique and recognizable voices to emerge out of the latter part of the early eighties’ punk rock movement. As a member of one of the most intense and emotionally charged bands of their time, Gano and the Violent Femmes have never been short on addressing social, political and life issues in a brash, sarcastic and intelligent manner accompanied by hard driving and catchy music that, at times, crossed over into the main stream record buying public. Even after their peak, the Violent Femmes managed to remain intact celebrating a longevity that a distinct few managed to achieve. Now with the apparent abrupt disbanding of the band, Gano is taking his message into a new musical direction as an integral member of “Gordon Gano and the Ryans”

Based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Violent Femmes, consisting of Gordon Gano (vocals & guitar), Brian Ritchie (bass & vocals) and Victor DeLorenzo (vocals & percussion) first came to National prominence in the early eighties when the late James Honeyman Scott, original Pretenders’ guitarist, discovered the band while they were performing in front of the theatre at which the Pretenders were doing a concert. The Violent Femmes soon developed a cult following earning them a record deal with Slash Records. Their 1982 self-titled debut, which included their signature song “Blister in the Sun”, set the tone for an impressive track record that saw the release of sixteen studio and compilation albums over the next two decades. Often attacked by the fickle entertainment press, the Violent Femmes, who were often compared to the “The Velvet Underground”, didn’t let these narrow minded opinions stop them. Rolling Stone magazine went so far as to not include the band’s multiplatinum debut as one of the most important records of the eighties. In August of 2007 the Violent Femmes had just completed a successful tour abroad when Gano was slapped with a lawsuit by the band’s bassist Brian Ritchie alleging that he did not receive songwriting credit and royalties that he was entitled to. “This is what ended the group”, says Gano. “It is still unresolved and I just have to defend myself against his accusations. I believe there is an end point and someday there will be. I have no doubt that the courts will rule in my favor. With the future of the Violent Femmes very much in doubt, Gano continued to write and produce a handful of up and coming artists, which he believes will garner public attention in the near future. During this time Gano befriended a brother songwriting team in Brendan and Billy Ryan. “Through mutual friends I got to know the Ryans”, says Gano. “They told me they were doing scoring for movies and some other kind of TV thing and somehow it came up about getting me some instrumentals and seeing if I had any ideas for lyrics. I got very inspired and started writing all sorts of things and slowly, over a period of time, we had all sorts of things going.” The result of their painstaking efforts is the release of twelve original songs that capture the songwriting and vocal abilities of a three-some that seemed destined to cross paths. “With the Ryans there was a challenge”, says Gano. “Here I have all these pieces and all these kinds of instrumentals and what do I feel and what impulse do I feel like putting together thematically. I’m starting with a certain framework and that can inspire me just as much, if not more, than just writing a song all on my own. I am also pleased that my vocal range keeps expanding in terms of hitting higher and lower notes”, added Gano. Going under the moniker “Gordon Gano & The Ryans, the band has taken its act out on the road playing a series of highly successful shows through-out the U.S. “I don’t think of it as being a tour because it’s not,” says Gano. “It’s getting out and hitting the road doing shows here and there. Basically if anyone is interested in having us we are there. The shows have been going very well. I am really very happy with them.”

On January 14, 2010 Gordon Gano and the Ryans made their debut at Philly’s World Café Live. Fronting a sextet, which included horns, guitars, drums and the accordion, Gano brought a charismatic style that the audience immediately connected with. The concert featured songs off of their new album. Standouts included the hypnotic beat of “Man in the Sand”, the haunting “Wave and Water”, the sing-along “Hired Gun” and the reminiscent ballad “Home”. Throughout the band’s seventy-five minute set the audience was surprisingly tame with Gano himself commenting on how quiet and reserved they were. Based on tonight’s performance Gordon Gano and the Ryans made an impressive showing that will hopefully garner much deserved attention.

For more info on Gordon Gano and the Ryans go to To stay on top of who is coming to World Café Live go to

Photo by Rob Nagy


By Patty-Pat Kozlowski

DSCF4090It’s almost as bad as being turned down for the Prom. No, in fact, its worse. Calling Tacconelli’s Pizzeria in Port Richmond on Somerset Street and getting the answering machines telling you they’ve sold out of dough for the night and to try tomorrow. Heartbreaker.

Cause when you’re in the mood for thin crust, brick oven tomato pie, opting for anything else is a mortal sin. But now, redemption is upon us and Tacconelli’s Pizza in Maple Shade, New Jersey is like the second coming of Christ to pizza lovers. “We Got Dough” is emblazoned right on the new magnets Doris Tacconelli gives out at the cash register.

Right across from the Moorestown Mall on Lenola Road-if you don’t see the packed parking lot and warm and cozy dining room from the street with a line almost always pressed against the front door, you’ll smell the garlic and olive oil being baked in the gas brick oven. Funny thing is, when I first went to the New Jersey Tacconelli’s location after calling the original and finding they were sold out, I didn’t find a lot of Garden Staters in the booth. In fact, I saw a lot of people from across the bridge, from the Philly riverwards who probably got the same recorded message I got and had the craving for a pie from Tac’s. We look at each other, like we just got caught cheating and ashamed that we paid the $4 to cross the Betsey Ross Bridge-but for phenomenal pizza and the way Vince Jr. and Doris run the place, I think we’re all getting an E-Z Pass. And since then, I’ve been back, again and again, and again with a bottle of Chianti or a six pack of Corona.

Vince Tacconelli Jr. hasn’t missed a beat, acknowledges he was taught by the best, and doesn’t get into whether there is or isn’t a family “pizzing” match between the two pizzerias. He just goes about his business, and boy, what a business, of working his mammoth of a brickwall gas oven, dressed in his baker boy whites turning out crispy pie after crispy pie like a well oiled machine during the Industrial Revolution.

Starting off, there are three kinds of salad you can have while your pizza is being baked within ear and nose shot. Caesar, with romaine, asiago cheese, crotons and freshly housemade Caesar dressing; The Greek with red onion, kalamata olives, popcorns of feta with olive oil and balsamic dressing,; or The House with lettuce, mushrooms, onions, cucumbers, red peppers with a dash of garlic salt and cracked pepper rounds out the choices. It’s a nice salad offering, but you’re here for Vince’s pizza, right?

There is a basic choice of five pies starting off with the White Pie made with fresh mozzarella, heavy doses of olive oil, topped with salt, black pepper and garlic. Nothing is as pure as a Tacconelli White that Vince Jr. leaves in the oven just long enough to produce a pizza crust bubble-a half sphere ball burnt on the outer edge that is the birth of all sibling fights in my house-“Who gets the pizza slice with the burnt bubble?”
There is a Red Pie showcasing the famous Tacconelli’s pizza sauce and pairing it with mozzarella and the Tomato Pie sans cheese. For those of you who want a zippier pizza, the Marinara Pie is toped with grated Asiago cheese and ladled with their spicy Mariana sauce.

But it’s the Signature Pie, a White Pie topped with cheese, garlic, spinach and chopped tomatoes that coming out of the brick oven looks like it will bend the pizza pan from all the generous topping and pools of sizzling olive oil, that makes your mouth water and clears your sinuses. Sudafed-PE, eat your heart out.

And to even put one of Vince Jr’s pizzas in the same sentence with a decongestant is a mortal sin. It’s up to the diner, the pizza eater, to create their favorite toppings after they start with a foundation from the basic five. My family are purists, Sister Dawn gets a Red Pie with mushrooms and hopes nobody else eats the fungai so she can take the rest home. Ma and Pa always opt for the sausage, meaty morsels (not sliced casings) that smell and taste of fresh fennel and Gina, the baby at age 30 gets the Pepperoni, and doesn’t have to worry about the grease ponds inferior cheaper pepperoni on other pizzas.

I remember as a teenager, getting a Coke and a slice at numerous pizza joints throughout the City and holding the pepperoni slice vertical, so that bright orange grease would drip off onto the paper plate. It was a right of passage, like going through puberty, you knew there was a better pizza slice out there, but as a teenager, you couldn’t help yourself.

The Signature Pie is a hands down winner, but I also go for the Mariana with all its kicks and have fresh basil and extra Asiago atop and ask Vince to incinerate the crust. The crisper and crunchier the better and I don’t have to share with those who don’t like it well done as the outer rim blisters and crackles and I feel like I can eat the whole pie myself, ala John Candy, eating the big 96er steak in that old comedy, “The Great Outdoors”.

And if, by chance of a miracle, there are any slices left, they are best served cold the next morning for breakfast. However, some have been found to mysteriously disappear overnight, prompting us to believe that our family dog, Fonzarelli the Dalmatian can, in fact, open the fridge (as well as order adult movies On Demand with the remote control).

A bit of history

    In 1918, Giovanni Tacconelli traveled from his hometown of Chieti, Italy to Philadelphia. After a few years working as a laborer, he decided to do what he’d done in his native land – bake bread. The best and only way to do so, he said, was to bake it in a brick oven. So, along with a few of his friends, he built a 20′ x 20′ brick oven. The bread business went well until the outbreak of WWII, at which time his sons- all of whom had helped him run the family business- were drafted into military service. With no one around to help him, Giovanni had no choice but stop baking bread.

    In 1946, with everyone home from the war, Giovanni had a brainstorm; rather than simply make bread, he decided to use his massive brick oven to make Old World “tomato pies”, a skill his mother had taught him many years before. A skill that in time he would pass on to his own son, Anthony.

    In 1998, after decades of operating an award-winning restaurant, Anthony and Sylvia’s son, Vince and his wife Barbara Tacconelli decided to retire. They entrusted their business, which by now had become a Philadelphia institution, to their younger son, Vince, Jr. Vince and his wife Doris would successfully operate the pizzeria for the next five years, from 1998 – 2002.

    In 2003, Vince decided it was time to take Tacconelli’s to the next level. That’s when He and Doris opened a second Tacconelli’s Pizzeria closer to their home in Maple Shade, NJ.
    Of course, some changes were inevitable. At Tacconelli’s – Maple Shade there is no need to reserve your dough; in fact, walk-ins are welcome. Some things, though, never change: at Tacconelli’s – Maple Shade you’ll find Vince Jr. making the same freshly-baked, award-winning pizzas he made at Tacconelli’s – Philadelphia. The ingredients, and even most of the cooks, are the same. So it is our commitment to our customers, namely to not tamper with Giovanni Tacconelli’s inimitable recipe for delicious, thin-crust “tomato pies”

    Tacconelli’s Pizzeria 450 S. Lenola Road, Maple Shade, N.J. (856)638-0338 Open Wednesday-Sunday.

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By: Krista Doran

OOT_BlueReignPicI don’t know about you, but when I go out to see a live band, I like to dance. If you are the same way and if you like the Blues, get ready to party because Blue Reign will knock your socks off!

Fronted by Traci Adams, a striking blonde female singer who is bold, fun and has one of the most powerful voices I have ever heard, this band holds the Blues in the highest regard. “If you play the Blues, it’s something that has to come from the soul” says Traci. “The Blues have a way of taking over your emotions and that always comes through whenever we play. We give people happy feet!”

Although there are many styles of Blues, Blue Reign sticks with “Rockin’ Blues” and Traci has the range to sing anything from Etta James or Susan Tedeshi right on through to BB King and Clapton. This versatile Diva is backed by a highly energetic band who will keep a room jumping from the very first note they play. The band is very close, in fact Traci’s husband George is her lead guitarist and they have been playing together for 16 years. I asked George how he and he and Traci get along combining everyday life with band life and George told me, “It’s like any other relationship. Traci tells me what to do and I do it!” Just for the record, George is a wise man!

Blue Reign has quickly been making a name for themselves in the area and not just at Blues venues, either. Many bands try and build a following but fail because they just don’t have what it takes. But this band certainly does and they have lots of friends and fans who have been helping them along the way, including Traci’s longtime friend and manager, Karyn Cullen. “Karyn has been a huge part of our success. She books the band, does our photography and marketing and has been so supportive. We could not have done any of this without her.”

You can check out Blue Reign next at McStew’s Irish Bar in Levittown on Thursday, February 11 at their famous “Blues Thursdays” which is hosted every week by the Bucks County Blues Society. Over the years, this event has been graced by many great local Blues artists such as The Buicks, Mikey Jr. and Stone Cold Blues, Steve Guyger and Rev. Flamin’ Harry, just to name a few. On February 11th, Blue Reign will be added to the list and will certainly prove to be one of the best!

Blue Reign is Traci Adams on Lead Vocals and Percussion, George Adams on Lead Guitar, Rando Branning on Rhythm/Bass Guitar, Jerry Smith on Bass Guitar, Frank Persico on Drums, Eddie (Fast Eddie) Scheller on Harmonica and Willie Fisk handles lights and sound for the band. You can go to their website right now at to hear samples of their music and to see where they will be playing next. So if you are looking for a night out that will guarantee a good Blues Rockin’ time, Blue Reign is THE band to see!

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By Helene

13554_1223872648573_1581704558_549343_968605_nHave you been to the all new, Hammerheads Sports Pub & Dance Hall yet? Make sure you check this place out, located at 3517 Cottman Ave. ½ block from Frankford ave., in Northeast Philly! This new hot spot has everything a Center City or Olde City club has to offer- Party in Style without the hassle of driving through traffic or worrying about parking. Hammerheads is totally renovated- the atmosphere is inviting, warm and fun! It’s ultra stylish, open and airy, with set stone finish on the walls along the back bar, hardwood floors throughout, upscale pin spot lighting, high top tables in the pub area, and for your drinking pleasure- 3 full length bars-all with granite counter tops.

Hammerheads Sports Pub & Dance Hall is like having 2 clubs in one. The front bar is the Sports Pub area where you can watch sports on their new LED Televisions placed throughout. The sizzling dance club is in the back with a 300 sq ft. dance floor, pro lighting, premium sound system and DJ booth, with some of the best DJs in the area pumping dance music that will captivate you from Wednesday to Sunday! There is a dress code so dress to impress!

Super Bowl Sunday at Hammerheads is going to be tight! For just $30.00 you get an all inclusive open bar and buffet package! Plus at half-time there will be a Bikini Contest-prizes for the winner! Applications for contestants and judges are now being accepted. Come in to apply or find them on facebook to register!

And if you think that sounds great check out their weekly promotions: $3.00 bomb specials every Wednesday, Ladies Nite every Thursday, Every Friday Happy Hour enjoy a free buffet, catered by Pasianos Restaurant, from 5-8pm with great drink specials and on Sundays get $5.00 Miller Lite pitchers and $3.00 Bombs!

So if you want to party in style right here in the heart of Northeast Philly come out to Hammerheads Sports Pub & Dance Hall. For more info. check out their ad in this issue OOT!

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Get ready we have one heck of a new issue coming out online and out in the area bars tonight.
Meet Blue Reign and The People also we have photos from Michaels Cafe, Elaina Maries, Big Heads Grand-ReOpening,
also EFC Concerts listings and Live Nation events..Find out about the new Live music Theater called the DEVON…..along with 50 Plus Locations that we think are all the cream of the crop when going out to PARTY. Since the Super Big GAME DAY is coming up – you can get a front row sit at many area sports bars and with all sorts of party plans and giveaways… VALENTINE’S DAY is coming and we have some great ideas to take that special person in your life out for a night of fun. FAT TUESDAY is coming and in this ISSUE let the MARDI GRAS SPIRIT TAKE hold and see what is being offered on this special day. ALL THIS and so much more…from Out On The Town Entertainment Guide. Yo can take hours to find out all this information on line ..but coming to OOT > We KEEP IT ALL IN FOCUS FOR YOU and Give you at a glance all the best ideas on Where to Go And What to DO!
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OOT CONTEST: WE want to send you down to the TAJ MAHAL CASINO to meet some of the STARS of the JERSEY SHORE
Ya wanna meet em’? IF so drop me a line at and say …I want to party with the JERSEY SHORE at the TRUMP TAJ MAHAL. We will pick you to come on down and have a ball…MEET the stars and PARTY!

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Where are the best places to go in the region? At OOT we bust’em each issue and really go to work to bring to you only the best that there is…PLACES LIKE:

(Keep these places in your mind when going out:) *See many of these in the latest OOT paper and online.

*The Stadiums all of them
*Paddy Whacks – all of them
*Harrigans Iris Pub
Chickies’& Pete’s – all of them
*The Red Stallion
*The Ashton Pub
Big Heads – all of them
*The 3 Monkeys
*La Casa DiLucia
*Elaina Maries *the new place to party in Port Richmond
*Dean Casmirris Old Colonial
Humleville Inn
*Pikes Pub
*Whiskey Tango
*Michaels Cafe
*Sweeneys Saloon
Finnigans Wake
*Mc Noodles
*Cazz’s Sports Bar
*3-Sixty on Welsh Road
*Squirrlel Murphy’s
*Mc Stews Irish Sports Bar
*The 3 Monkeys
*The Fireside Beef & Ale
*Currans Irish Inn – all of them
*Coming March 2010 CURRANS in Palmyra NJ
*The Road House
*JT’s Phila House
*Hammerheads * the new premier spot in NE Phila
*The Bog Side Irish Pub
The Khyber
Club 27
The Savoy
The Pennant East
The 45th Street Pub
The Jug Handle
*Double Visions
*The Ball Park
Tattle Tails
The Penthouse
Puss N Boots
The Rhawnhurst Cafe
The Green Parrot
The Club House
The Trocadero
RP Mc Murphys
The Wharf
The Note
The Cherrywood
Doc’s Union Pub
The Blarney Stome
Brownies 23 East
Barnabys all locations
*The Trump Locations in Atlantic City
* The Casbah in the Taj
*The Wave in the Marina
Boogie Nights at Resorts Casino
(New) PARX 360 in the Casino
*Frank’s Sports Bar
Tony’s Place Ivyland
The Buck Hotel
The Maple Inn
Nick’s Roast Beef
South Philly Bar & Grill
The Coastline
Mad River -all locations
Bradys Irish Pubs all locations
Hooters all regional locations
The Hard Rock Cafe Phila and AC
Mc Faddens both area locations
The Springfield Inn
The Media Inn
The Iron Hill Brewery
The Manayunk Brewery
Silk City
The Ashburner Inn
The Copa’s all locations
The Sheffield Tavern
Benny The Bums both locations
Taylors Place
The Knights Tavern
The Great Amerian Diner – Both locations
Smoke Eaters
The Puck
The Amber Inn
Mc Gillians
Manny Browns – all locations

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Big Sunday Night Partys are everywhere..SEE the new OOT NOW! Find out where the best party spots are on SUNDAY NIGHT … CLICK to our PDF We have the best party locations in the region.

HOT TIPS: PADDY WHACKS SOUTH STREET TODAY – MIKE LECOMPT ( FULL BAND!)Note Coming in April LECOPMT and JOHNNY O Band …big things are coming to Philly!
MICHAELS CAFE – FM 106.1 FRANK CERAMI and DJ RICHIE RICH Live on the Radio tonight!
*(Hey you want the listings to be placed here? CONTACT OOT )

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