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Oct 10, 2012


East Coast Debut at Wells Fargo Center Complex
Saturday, October 27th
Registration for The Walking Dead Escape is available now!
(PHILADELPHIA) October 3, 2012 – The zombie virus continues to spread as Ruckus Sports and Skybound, in conjunction with Live Nation, announce Philadelphia as the next city to fall in the gruesomely realistic The Walking Dead Escape obstacle course series. Taking place on Saturday, October 27 at the Wells Fargo Center Complex, the apocalyptic event comes just in time for the Halloween season. There are three ways to take part in this epic adventure: participants can choose to be a Survivor and race through the zombie infested evacuation zone, a Walker who embraces the inevitable and surrenders to the undead horde, or a Spectator who watches the apocalypse from sidelines at the Escape Party.
Tickets for this event are available now through TheWalkingDeadEscape.com and Livenation.com.
On the heels of a wildly successful event in San Diego this Summer, The Walking Dead Escape: Philadelphia is unlike any obstacle course event in the nation. Expanding on the best-selling The Walking Dead comic book series and graphic novel storylines, the Escape allows Survivors and Walkers to explore the initial days of the apocalypse.
“Thousands of Walking Dead fans participated in San Diego and we promised that it wasn’t going to stop there,” said Liam Brenner, founder Ruckus Sports. “Now the people of Philadelphia are going to have their chance participate as we transform the Wells Fargo Center Complex into the early days of society’s collapse.”
Survivors will climb, crawl and slide in an effort to avoid confrontation by hordes of Walkers while achieving the ultimate adventure on The Walking Dead-themed obstacle course. The Walking Dead Escape is not a race and Survivors are not timed, but the end is near and they must move swiftly. If they’re lucky, Survivors will reach the decontamination zone where their level of infection – if any – will be determined by a confidential military scan. Walkers will be transformed into the undead by professional makeup teams and released on the course to haunt the living. New for the Philadelphia Escape is the “Survivor Showdown” where five-person teams will compete on a separate, walker infested course for $2,500 in prizes.
The choice is yours. Whether you run, walk, or watch, Walking Dead fans will have a front row seat to the real-life action event of a lifetime.
Early registration is strongly recommended, as walk-ups may not be available on event day.
For more information or to register for the event, please visit www.thewalkingdeadescape.com.
JASON’S WOODS offers New Paranormal Bus Tours for 2012!!
Lancaster, PA – Jason’s Woods 2012 opens its 27th year with NEW takes on our unmatched collection of “7” favorite attractions and a brand new concept in supernatural horror, The Paranormal Bus Tour!  Unbelievably the Biggest just got BIGGER!
Buses leave the grounds of Jason’s Woods on a nail biting journey to an actual 150 year old mill, full of murderous tales of revenge and loss. Scientifically proven to be the residence of several restless spirits, the Paranormal Bus Tour allows guests the one of a kind opportunity to follow in the footsteps of a team of actual paranormal investigators who, utilizing the latest in ghost hunting equipment, have made contact with these lost souls!
A seamless fusion of macabre local history and traditional Ghost Walk the Paranormal Bus Tour promises to leave its guests begging for the safety of the return trip back…
The “Legendary” Jason’s Woods boasts “7” hair-raising attractions and again, Jason’s Woods has taken them all to the next level! New Creatures, Special Effects and unparalleled scares await visitors to our Horrifying Hayride, Barn of Terror, 3D Pirates Revenge, Lost in Jason’s Woods Walking Tour, Mystery Maze, and Carnival of Fear!
Plus back by popular demand the Jason’s Woods Theater experience allows thrill seekers to feel as if they are a part of the Jason’s Woods cast…the victim IS part of the cast right?(at least for a short time)
Adding an entirely new dimension of fun to Jason’s Woods, the Entertainment area has grown to include an Alien Laser Tag Maze, the out of control action of Remote Control truck races, The  New Jason’s Woods Ninja Challenge Obstacle Course and a Friday Night Tailgate Party!
With all the amazing new events and the addition of the Paranormal Bus Tours, Jason’s Woods has become THE destination for an entire weekend of Halloween fun and excitement!
Located at 99 Stehman Road Lancaster, PA. 17603. Attractions open weekends beginning September28th, through October 28th, 2012
Hours of operation – Friday’s and Saturday’s 7pm-10pm and Sunday’s 7pm-9pm. Visit www.jasonswoods.com for full event details

Government Zombie Cover-Up Exposed!

Feasterville, PA – As recently reported in many local media outlets, the government-operated Zombie Research Center, located at the Valley of Fear in Feasterville, Bucks County, PA, tragically burned down this past summer.

Based on information recently revealed by unnamed sources within the U.S. government, it is now known that dozens of actual zombies in various stages of development escaped during the fire and are roaming freely in the area, threatening the very lives of visitors to the Valley of Fear. Discovery of this cover-up leads many to recall the mysterious cover-up in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

“I had no idea what I was getting myself into,” says one shaken visitor to the exhibit. “I barely escaped with my life!”

Local authorities have thus far been unable to contain the escapees, who are still at large in the wilds of the Phoenix Sports Club in Feasterville, PA. They hope to have the situation under control some time in November.

Valley of Fear Opens Sept. 28th and Runs Through Nov. 3rd

Phoenix Sport Club, 301 W. Bristol Road, Feasterville, PA 19053

Check Website for Dates and Tickets: valleyoffear.com

The Valley of Fear Rises From the Ashes for 2012!

The Valley Of Fear is the area’s longest running seasonal Halloween themed event, now in its 23rd season. Over the summer, a fire damaged some of the facilities on the property at Phoenix Sports Club; in fact, the devastating fire was featured on Channel 6 ABC news. But the Valley of Fear has literally “risen from the ashes” to come back better than ever this haunting season! It features favorites such as the Original Haunted Hayride and Scary Tales – your favorite fairy tales with a terrifying twist. The Valley of Fear Hayride was named the 2011 Hayride of the Year by the independent critics at FrightTour.com.

“Although we had a disaster with the fire this year, we have managed to turn it around and make the attraction even better than ever,” says Tom Yaegel, who operates the Haunted Hayride every year.

“Thanks to our imaginative cast and creators, we’ve made the fire a part of the story of our haunted attraction—due to the fire, zombies have escaped and are roaming the Valley of Fear. It’s very satisfying to turn this tragedy into a fun part of the 23-year lore of the Haunted Hayride.”

What’s new this year?

• The Zombie Research Center Zombie Excape Maze—Extreme terror, extreme fear, extreme zombies! Try to survive as you are chased by the zombie escapees through a 5,000 square foot maze. They’ve escaped and they are coming for YOU!

Special Events

• Opening Weekend Special – Sept 28th and 29th, get all 3 attractions for the price of 2! Get discount tickets online at valleyoffear.com.

• Thursday, Oct 4 is Firefighters’ Appreciation Night at the Valley Of Fear. In honor of the heroic firefighters who fought the fire at our site this summer, The Valley of Fear is proud to offer special rates to those firefighters from the fire companies that responded to the blaze, and their families, on October 4th. Firefighters from participating companies should check with their chiefs for details.

The general public can purchase tickets for any night online at valleyoffear.com.

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plexipr_ez2012logoOver Labor Day weekend, Made Event presented Electric Zoo 2012, and once again transformed New York City’s Randall’s Island into a multiplex of music, lights and dancing, along with 100+ of the world’s best and brightest electronic music artists. The 3-day bonanza hosted 110,000 avid fans with sold-out capacity crowds on Saturday & Sunday.
Bigger than ever in its fourth year, Electric Zoo’s technological advances helped transform the festival landscape. Intellitix’s RFID technology was again embedded in wristbands to help festival-goers enter quickly through the front gates. The stadium-scale Main Stage featured high-resolution motion-controlled video panels that created a massive sense of scale, which could be reconfigured live to create unique looks for each individual artist. The Riverside Stage included custom-designed 3D LED technology used for the first time ever at a live electronic music show. Meanwhile, the Hilltop Arena saw a wall of LED panels and mirrors set at specific angles, working in tandem to bathe the tent in a sea of lights and lasers. And over at the Sunday School Grove, original custom-designed school buses integrated LEDs with 3D projection mapping to create an immersive mixed-media experience. In every tent, club-quality sound systems enveloped fans with impeccable sound engineered by Integral Sound.
Electric Zoo 2012 also saw the return of NYC’s finest food vendors & trucks, which offered everything from hand-tossed gourmet pizza, and Korean BBQ to organic ice cream. Also returning was the Garden of EZ, a chill-out zone featuring mind-altering art and lights, full of a thousand neon butterflies from artist Gizem Bacaz and giant mushrooms from artist Dan Park.
But most important of all, Made Event committed to creating a fun and safe environment for its fans; free water refill stations, designated Help Points and the simple idea – Many Animals, One Zoo: Help Each Other Be Safe! With positive vibes all around, Electric Zoo 2012 was all about connecting music and friends old and new. Thank you Zoo animals. See you at Electric Zoo 2013 for the five-year anniversary!

Did you forget to get an EZoo 2012 t-shirt or hoodie? Get it now in the online Merch Shop!
Were you so busy running around from stage to stage, dancing with your friends, that you forgot to get some official merch for you and your loved ones? There are still lots of colors and designs to choose from in the Electric Zoo official online Merch Shop. Get over there now while the selection is the best!

Check out the Electric Zoo 2012 Photo Gallery!
It’s filled with over 200 photos of the artists, the spectacular visuals, and you!

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By:  Krista Doran

john_evolaA few days ago, I had the pleasure of meeting John Evola, Owner and Producer at Lounge Studios located at 1122 Spring Garden Street in Philly.  I had received an invite on Facebook to be part of a very unique musical event.  John is planning on producing and recording a remake of Michael Jackson’s, “We Are The World,” using local musicians and singers.  I was very intrigued so I got in touch with John to see what this was all about.

John has grown up with music being part of his life from an early age.  Now 26, John was first introduced to music at the age of six and it is still a very big part of his life.  He plays several instruments, he writes, performs and had been a teacher at R&M Music Studios in Langhorne, PA for six years. I spoke to John about what interested in him owning a studio himself and he told me, “I love writing for artists and sitting down with them to really hear what is in their heads and to try and help bring it to life. Not many people can go to a studio and expect the producer to play drums, guitar, bass, piano and so on.  It really makes the client comfortable knowing it can all be done in one place by one guy, and not have to worry about paying for extra session players to come in.”  John is also in 2 bands, one is a Funk/Blues Trio called Achilles Feel, and the other is a Hip/Hop Rock band called Nothing At All.

John had always wanted to do something big with music, whether it was local or international.  He has been a big fan of Michael Jackson all his life and believes that MJ has been a huge influence on today’s music scene.  John explained to me, “a couple of days ago I had this vision and thought to myself, ‘what can I do to bring all of the local artists together from all over the area and make something big?’  Not just something that would get people to talk, but more about getting involved and work with one another.”  He came up with the idea of re-making the song “We Are The World,” that was released in 1985 for USA for Africa.  John didn’t think the idea was going to take off like it did after posting an invite on Facebook.  I can personally attest to how this invite BLEW UP in just a few short hours with so many people from all over the Tri-State area who wanted to be involved!  John told me, “It means so much to me that so many people want to be part of this.  I have received so many calls and emails, and I never thought making an impact could be so easy and so fun!”  John is hoping that this event could turn into something big and also start a trend for other cities to coordinate the same type of event.  “This project is non-profit and is more about just getting people together to have a great time, laugh and meet new people,” John explained.  It seems like quite an undertaking to me, but John is very easy-going and confident and there is no doubt he will bring this wonderful and unique idea to life!  John said, “This project is going to take a lot of thinking and time because we will have a forty piece choir featuring ten lead vocalists as well as a live six piece band!”

The project is going to be recorded at East Coast Recording Studio in Warminster, PA by Grammy winning producer, James Cravero.  John said, “I really think this can be big with the right exposure and the right positive feedback from the listeners.  I think of it as “We Are The World – Philadelphia.” 

We will keep all of our readers informed as to what is going on with this project as the weeks go by, but in the meantime please “like” John’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/loungestudios if you would like more information on how to get involved!  Be sure to keep checking future issues of The Out On The Town Entertainment Guide for updates at www.ootonline.com!
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Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar
Celebrates “Month of Discovery” in September
Highlights Include “Bottle Wars” with Tastings of Rival
Wines from the New Fleming’s 100,® and “Last Call” with
25% Savings on Premium Wines by the Bottle
Radnor, Pennsylvania and Marlton, New Jersey, September 2012 – Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar is synonymous with its award-winning list of 100 wines by the glass, the Fleming’s 100.® Each September, as the restaurant’s newest wine collection is unveiled, Fleming’s celebrates a “Month of Discovery”, featuring a series of unique wine events and food offerings that will appeal to both wine novice and true connoisseur.

The New Fleming’s 100 – An Unrivaled Program of 100 Wines by the Glass
Fleming’s proprietary collection of 100 wines by the glass is a unique approach to discovering and celebrating wine without having to order an entire bottle. “Wine is an intensely personal choice, and wine by the glass is the perfect way to celebrate it,” says Maeve Pesquera, Fleming’s Director of Wine. The new collection for 2012/2013 features many iconic wineries from California as well as top-rated European wineries. The international roster also includes a number of remarkable wines from Chile, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.
“Bottle Wars” Wine Tastings – Featuring Rival Wines from the New Fleming’s 100
“Bottle Wars” is a series of four unique wine tastings to be held on successive Friday evenings in September (7th, 14th, 21st and 28th). Guests will taste premium wines from rival regions and wineries around the world in a spirit of friendly competition. Each event will offer 8 to 10 well-matched wines for just $25* and Fleming’s professionally trained wine managers will guide guests through the experience:
“Pinot Smackdown” (September 7th) — Pinot Noirs from California’s Central Coast compete against Pinot Noirs from Sonoma, Oregon and the Anderson Valley.
“Battle of the Hemispheres” (September 14th) — California takes on South America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.
“Old World vs. New World” (September 21st) — European masters from France, Italy, Germany and Spain go against the best and brightest winemakers from California.
“Glass Warfare” (September 28th) — Premium wines and value-priced wines made from similar grapes are put to the taste test.

“Last Call” Event – Two Weeks to Enjoy 25% on Selected Wines by the Bottle
Guests will have an opportunity to save 25% on select bottles in Fleming’s main dining room. “Last Call” will debut on September 1st and quantities will be limited to stock on hand. Restrictions apply at selected locations due to local and state liquor laws. Complete details about this opportunity can be found at www.FlemingsSteakhouse.com.
Fleming’s New Memorable Meal for Two — $99 for 3 Courses
Fleming’s celebrates its new wine collection with a prix-fixe menu for two, available from September 1st through September 30th. Each guest will enjoy a triple entrée of broiled filet mignon, herb baked shrimp and braised short rib, with shrimp bisque and a dessert of frozen almond soufflé. The 3-course menu is priced at $99 for two, and $49.50 for one. For an additional $25, each guest may order a specially priced flight of three wines — The Prisoner, Primus Cabernet and Quintessa 2006 — all from the Huneeus Vintners Portfolio.

About Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar
Nationally acclaimed Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar offers the best in steakhouse dining – Prime meats and chops, fresh fish and poultry, generous salads and side orders — with a unique wine list known as the Fleming’s 100®, which features over 100 wines served by the glass. Fleming’s was launched in Newport Beach, California in 1998 by successful restaurant industry veterans Paul Fleming and Bill Allen. Today there are 64 restaurants nationwide. Fleming’s is the recip ient of numerous prestigious awards, including Wine Enthusiast’s annual Award of Distinction and Wine Spectator’s annual Award of Excellence.
Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar in Radnor is located at 555 East Lancaster Avenue and Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar in Marlton is located at 500 Route 73 North. For more information about Fleming’s and the Fleming’s 100, please visit FlemingsSteakhouse.com.
* Excluding wine, tax and gratuity.

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DJ Ghost has been a staple of Philadelphia nightlife for over a decade. If you have gone out dancing within the last 15 years, then chances are he has probably made your feet move and hands go up in the air. Now 31 years old Ghost started DJing professionally at the ripe young age of 16. He has played at pretty much every venue in and around the Philadelphia area. From big dance club to high end ultra lounges, he has done it all. As a youngster, Ghost played place like: LIVE BAIT, KALEIDOSCOPE, EVOLUTION, and THE 8th FLOOR. Always staying at the forefront with his peers, he moved on to venues like: DECO, EMERALD CITY, BABYLON, and GLAM. Since then DJ GHOST has done some production and has toured all over the world different multi-platinum and gold selling artists. He would like to note that FLIPMODE SQUAD especially Rampage gave him his first real opportunity to break into the music business and to travel as a DJ. Currently, Ghost is still known to be Philly’s best night club DJ and hold residencies at G LOUNGE, LiT ULTRA BAR, and CHEERLEADERS. He can also been seen playing frequently in Las Vegas at Drai’s After-Hours and The Palms Casino.  Ghost is also currently working on a television show called DANCE CITY TV that has been taping in the Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Studio and is suppose to start airing sometime this fall. You can keep up with Ghost on his FaceBook and Twitter @DJGhost1 or check out his website www.DJGHOST215.com. So if your looking for a good time and a place to go dance the night away, then my suggestion would be to find out where DJ GHOST is spinning a go there!!!
Favorite place to DJ:  Playboy Mansion “I did it twice so far”
Favorite place to hangout: Cheerleaders “John is great and so is everyone over there, best place to kick it in the city bar far”
Favorite place to eat: Mom’s house “her food destroys every restaurant i’ve ever been to”
Favorite sports team: Phillies “even though they aren’t doing well this year, they are still my team and i still go to the games….Go Phils!”
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by Helene

Are you ready to be impressed? Wait until you get a look at the all new JC’s Washington House, you know…the old Whiskey Tango, located at 14000 Bustleton Avenue, in Northeast Philadelphia. I know there were many fond memories but say fairwell to the old and welcome the new! You will be knocked off your feet! No worries you won’t have to wait much longer for the “unveiling” of the new ROCK ROOM, the “soft opening” will be the weekend of Sept. 7th with Avoiding the Angel, Travia, and Sinner Saints and then on Sept. 8th with the band Full Circle.  The big Grand Opening is the weekend of September 28th with The Hyde, Hammerdown, Electric Boa and on the 29th see 10 Years Gone and Cougars Crossing. There will be tons of drink specials, give-a-ways, free hor’devours from 8-10pm on both nights. Make sure you get there early! The doors open at 8pm!  Of course the Sports Bar has been open throughout the summer serving up some great grub, showcasing lots of cool acoustic acts, fun rounds of pool and lots of great sports games on their many flatscreen televisions.

Here is a little glimpse of what you will find when the all new ROCK room opens up… The decor is all Music Memorabilia, walls are purple and shades of gray, Groovy lighting throughout, the entire stage was re-vamped-once again making its status of having the biggest stage, & the “baddest” house sound & lighting in NE Philly. They also extended the drum riser so even a keyboard player or horn section will fit!  And for my fellow/female ROCK & ROLLERS right off the stage chill out in our very own dressing room! Remember them?! Right off to the side is the black wall where all the performers will put their autograph- yes JC’s Washington House is giving musicians the star treatment!
In fact every one is a star to them-check out some more cool stuff they have lined up….There is a new Martini Bar & Lounge with leather sofas and tables;  where you can order up the best Martinis around and sample shots of Washington Apples,  their Specialty Drink for just $3.00 all day every day!!  There is beer tub bar enclosed with chalkboard beer selections for the night, a Jägermeister machine and perfect for “girls nite out” a platform with a Brass Pole for lots of dancing!

Check out the schedule! All new Thursdays “Ladies Nite”with EBE entertainment sponsored DJ’s in the house, Fridays: Original Night, Saturdays: Cover bands, Tribute and National Acts, Sundays: Watch all the games with Direct TV (in the Sports bar and there is never a cover!), Monday is Quizzo, Tuesday is AArdvark Poker Nite/Tournament (http://www.aardvarkpoker.com), ; Wednesdays: Free rounds of Pool and $1 drafts! And as always there are tons of drink specials every day of the week! On Oct. 5th local “Rock Star Favorite”, Jimmy Wooten, beating the skins for Breathing Theory and Dead Superstar along with local artists Release and Reckless Behavior! Doors open at 8pm, you can buy tickets in advance for $10 or $12 at the door! Then on Saturday, Oct. 6th: There is gonna be another Big EVENT –that will blow your mind! (tba on Sept. 6th…I tried all I could but they wouldn’t even tell me!)
Of course you can still order up some incredible food from their kitchen which is open daily until closing. Lunch specials are just $3.95 from 11-3pm in the Sports bar. And if you want to hold your next private event there please call (215) 671-9234 or visit their new website at

BTW…If you are wondering how they got their new name; here is the scoop. JC (the owner) first purchased the property in 1979 the name of the establishment at the time was “Washington House”. Since that name was in existence for about 300+ years, they decided to go back to what worked back then and for a bit good luck too! So with that I, along with all the staff at OOT wish JC’s Washington House staff & owners luck as well! And for those of you who waited patiently for a cool place to hang out with great entertainment, food, icy cold drinks, dancing, and fun….the wait is over!

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By Roundhouse Ron

Roundhouse_Ron_-_Princess_Christina_-_Gino_CaporaleWhile writing for Out On the Town Entertainment Paper, I get to attend many crazy parties and numerous social events. But, just recently your boy, Roundhouse Ron attended a music release party for 418 Music down in South Philly @ PLAY2 Nightclub inside of Chickie’s & Pete’s on Packer Avenue.

OMG, I don’t know where to begin. First off, Gino Caporale (founder of 418 Music) knows how to throw a freakin party, from walking into the front door, this event was a total first class blast. I was greeted by a few ladies, as I was on da VIP guest list, and then received a free complimentary CD remix package of some amazing 418 Music artists. After numerous cocktails and sum amazing Chickie’s & Pete’s food, I was now ready to do a little meet and greet with very famous local musical celebs. From jump, I could tell this was gonna be a good, good night.

There are numerous ways I could have written this article, but I wanted to give each artist their equal spotlight. The 418 Music empire has begun and these fine artists include Angela Devine, Nicole Kerrigan, Debra Michaels, Margie Martino, Hera and DJ Spontane. Since meeting each one of these magnificent future Grammy award winners, I decided to spread da word on how stunning they are by proceeding in this fashion …..

Gino Caporale is not only the founder of 418 Music, but, he is a legend in his own right. Since da young age of 15, he has been working da turntables & mixing boards with an ear on club beats.  He  worked as Billboard’s dance reporter in the late ‘80’s and early ‘90’s, while at the same time becoming one of the top 50 DJ’s in the US to make Billboard’s dance music chart. As Gino’s passion grew for music, he progressed into producing, remixing and editing. GC also created several top-selling remixes for a variety of musical talent such as Depeche Mode, De La Soul and 69 Boys, whose remix was used on the soundtrack for the film Bad Boys, starring Will Smith & Martin Lawrence. Now, with the growing internet world of communication, he has a weekly Club 418 Mix Show and a Z88.9’s Mix @ 6, not to mention this huge musical group named 418 Music.

Angela Devine came from very strong roots in the Northeast Philly area as she attended Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts. Then she furthered her career, as Angela graduated from Temple University in 2009. With her passion for club music and a voice of an angel, she knew being a musical performer was in her destiny. As she is accomplishing all her dreams, Angela realized that hard work does pay off. Her new block buster of a hit named “Can’t Hold Back” is now available on iTunes, Beatport & Radio Danz Worldwide.

Nicole Kerrigan a South Philadelphia pieces that went to Neumann-Goretti High School, then followed by attending Neumann University as she majored in business with a minor in music. Nicole sharpened her vocal cords as she took voice lessons for 5 years and believe me they paid off. As she emerges onto the dance/pop scene, Nicole is eager to prove to the world that she has what it take to succeed. With the release of her first single “I Like Dem Boys”, Nicole is starting to live her dream. She will be performing LIVE in concert @ Hershey Park Chocolate Town USA on August 7th, 2012 with 2 shows 4pm and 6pm.

Debra Michaels the queen of local freestyle with such hits as “How Do I Live” & “Can’t We Try”, is back on the national spotlight with all new and exciting beats that will be released very soon with a few new chart toping future singles named “Voices” and “Dreaming”. In memory of a very close dear friend, Debra is now a very strong advocate for “NAMI” (National Association of Mental Illness). Not really sure what gives this woman the power behind her vocals, but OMFG, she still sounds and looks amazing. Like a true professional, Debra’s live performances are very entertaining. Many future events have already been planned for this fall and winter in the Philadelphia area.

Margie Martino has the most awesome tattooed appearance of a cross between a chart topping  “Amy Winehouse” and my home town gurl “Pink”. Her voice is simply spectacular, it carries her musical message in a very unique and harmonic fashion. She performed her very sultry and seductive single “Black Magick” live at this sexy music release party, and all I can say is “WoW, where da fock has this gurl been”? Look out Philadelphia, Margie Martino has arrived and she is packing a huge powerful vocal punch.

Hera (AKA Hera Raifi) now a Philadelphian, but is originally from San Diego, CA, joins Gino and 418 Music for an experience that we all will totally enjoy. Her remix single “Goodbye Kiss” is gonna be a tremendous smash hit and can currently be heard on iTunes. She also has a very strong passion for modeling and professional photo shoots. Just like Hera says, “anything is possible when you believe”.

DJ Spontane has worked very hard to earn the reputation of being one of the hypest and most talented DJ/Host in the Philadelphia area. You can find Spontane spinning at the hottest Philly night spots, he has hosted various venues at local clubs like the 3G Lounge, Banana Lounge, Fiso Lounge, Club Tragos, Club House and many more. As part of the Sneaker Villa Dream Street DJ Squad, he not only provides in-store music for Sneaker Villa, he also host, promotes, and DJ external store events including concerts and radio promotions.

I would personally like to thank Gino Caporale for an amazing night at the 418 Music release party in South Philadelphia. To get in contact with my boy Gino or any one of the 418 Music artists, please go to: www.facebook.com/418Music or www.twitter.com/418Music

To get in contact with my crazy focking azz, please go to: www.RoundhouseRon.com or www.facebook.com/RoundhouseRon

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david-ansill-240uwPHILADELPHIA, PA – (JULY 31, 2011) – Owen Kamihira, owner of Bar Ferdinand (1030 North 2nd Street; 215.923.1313) in Northern Liberties, is honored to announce, that after taking a 6 month sabbatical in Jamaica, David Ansill has returned to his roots in Philadelphia to become Executive Chef. Kamihira and Ansill have a 30 year history that started when they worked together in the 80s at South Street’s infamous Copabanana.

“Throughout the years I have watched and admired David’s career and growth as a chef,” explains Bar Ferdinand owner Owen Kamihira. “I have always trusted his palette. His simple use of ingredients and his ability to extract the essence of those products in his dishes, has always amazed me.” Kamihira continues,  “David’s motorcycle travels through spain with my brother Eben, had a lasting culinary affect on him. His dishes, have always had the 1-2-3 simplicity of the food of Spain.”

Chef David Ansill is currently applying his imagination to an exciting new menu that will debut in late September. But, beginning August 2nd, every Thursday Ansill will explore Spanish inspired dishes using seasonal ingredients, with his new multi-course Chef’s Tasting Menu. The cost is $40 per person (plus tax and gratuity) and is offered from 5 – 11pm. In addition, Ansill is creating a series of specials each night that live up to Bar Ferdinand’s seasonal ingredient-driven reputation.

Bar Ferdinand has always been a chef driven restaurant. When it opened in 2006, they introduced a menu of traditional and modern tapas with a focus on local and seasonal ingredients. The menu has evolved through the years. But, that focus and commitment has never changed. With David Ansill coming on board, he will put his culinary stamp on Bar Ferdinand’s menu and take it to the next level!

High resolution photos are available upon request.

Sample Chef’s Tasting Menu
Featuring the Tomato
Offered Thursdays from 5 – 11pm; $40 per person (plus tax and gratuity)

1st Course
Heirloom Tomato Gazpacho, crab

2nd Course
Oil Poached Cherry Tomatoes, olive purée

3rd Course
Spanish Tuna, tomato saffron conserva

4th Course
Local Tomatoes, mint, olive oil

5th Course
Pan Con Tomate, jamon serrano

6th Course
Grilled Mackerel, tomato water, artichokes

7th Course
Lamb, pine nuts, roasted tomato rioja

8th Course
~ Dessert ~

Subject to change, based on available ingredients.

For more information about Bar Ferdinand, please visit barferdinand.com. Reservations are encouraged for groups of all sizes and can be made by calling 215-923-1313.

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Thursday: 5 – 11pm
Friday: 5pm – midnight
Saturday: 3pm – midnight
Sunday: 3 – 11pm
Saturday & Sunday Brunch: 11am – 3pm

About Bar Ferdinand:
Bar Ferdinand is celebrating its 6th year in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia, as the city’s premier Spanish tapas restaurant. Bar Ferdinand was founded & designed by Owen Kamihira as a contemporary vision of Spain’s famed tapas bars, and a local gathering place for neighbors to go for great food, wine and conversation.

About David Ansill:

Chef David Ansill, a Cheltenham native, was trained at Philadelphia’s The Restaurant School and spent 26 years honing his skills & perfecting dishes while cooking at renowned local favorites such as Serrano, Judy’s Café, Rittenhouse Hotel & Lucy’s Hat Shop. He spent time broadening his culinary skills in Sweden and Miami Beach, including a stint at the prestigious, Delano Hotel.
Ansill decided to break out on his own in 2001; First with Pif, an intimate French bistro with a daily changing menu. In 2006, he opened Ansill Food + Wine, a remarkable tapas inspired restaurant with influences from France, Italy and Spain. By 2009, Ansill had landed at Ladder 15, where he continued to bring his innovative style & direction to life. In July of 2012, Ansill teamed up with old friend, Owen Kamihira as the Executive Chef of Bar Ferdinand, a traditional yet creative Spanish wine & tapas bar in Philadelphia’s Northern Liberties community.

1030 North 2nd Street | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19123 | Northern Liberties | 215.923.1313

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Have You Been Banged lately?

bangarang_print4x3inIf not, then you haven’t been to Victory Beer Hall inside the all new Xfinity Live! Philadelphia.  Bangarang has been a staple at Victory since its grand opening in March, supplying South Philadelphia’s newest hot spot with a high energy, exciting rock show that has been missing from the scene for years.  Bangarang got their start as an acoustic duo, but after adding a few pieces, they have burst onto the cover band scene and have become a house hold name overnight.  It starts with their front men.  Jim Wible and Phil Murphy have been performing together for years and it shows.  Whether harmonizing, or singing on their own, these two captivating voices command your attention.  Next, the lead saxophone of Fred Lahm adds a fresh dimension to this dynamic band. Opting to do guitar solos on the saxophone is risky, but Lahm has the talent and stage presence to pull it off. On the bass guitar, the sometimes German Mascot, but always enjoyable Woodsy, brings the funk and the fun to every show.  Bangarang has a rotating roster of drummers, but whether it’s Josh Dannin or John O’Reilly Jr behind the kit, they don’t miss a beat. If you’re reading this magazine, then you are looking for the next great place to party, and Victory Beer Hall on a Bangarang night is the answer. Where else can you enjoy a vast selection of your favorite Victory Beers, while dancing on tables and singing along to the area’s most exciting new band?  Go to Bangarangmusic.com for show times and a full schedule. And get down to Xfinity Live! and see for yourself why this is the new “place to be in Philly”

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Dolan’s is an authentic Irish themed Pub and Restaurant; located at 630 Rt. 130 South, in Burlington New Jersey (directly across from Discount Liquor World and Primo Hoagies, right off of the Burlington-Bristol Bridge). Dolan’s offers great food and drink, in a fun and friendly environment. Dolan’s has already become a welcomed addition to the neighborhood and a place where you will enjoy having dinner and drinks while socializing with friends! Their staff goes above and beyond to make sure that your experience is unforgettable! Owned and operated by Tom and Kimberly Dolan; they plan to keep to its true Irish identity while focusing on the community.

All of their food is locally grown and sourced. The chicken is pastured local, antibiotic and hormone free, and fed a GMO-free diet of grain. The beef is all grass fed and from a local farm. Open everyday of the week, Monday thru Saturday from 11:00am to 2:00am and on Sunday from noon until 2:00am. Lunch is served at 11:30am! Some of “Dolan’s Favorites” features Ireland’s best dishes such as Harp-Battered Chicken Fingers, Fried Irish Cheddar, Belfast Rose, Bangers in Blankets, Irish Egg Rolls, Guinness Braised Brisket, Fish & Chips, Shepherd’s Pie, Bacon & Cabbage, Bangers and Mash, Steak & Chips, Chicken Boxty, Curried Chicken, and Jameson Walnut Tart & Chocolate Guinness Pudding for dessert! Sounds delicious!

Dolan’s also has a great selection of beer on tap, including Guinness, Harp, Kilkenny, Smithwick’s and Magners Irish Cider. Their Happy Hour specials are from Monday to Friday from 4:00 to 7:00. Starting on August 16th Dolan’s will be hosting Karaoke on Thursday nights. They also have a great line-up of live Irish and acoustic music as well as a DJ on Friday and Saturday nights!

There is a lot that sets Dolan’s apart from other local Irish Pubs, come out and see for yourself! For more information on upcoming events check them out at
www.facebook.com/DolansIrishPub until next time…… “Sláinte!”

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