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By Jimmy Abgarian.


April 24th saw the return of Nickelback to the Tri-state area for the first time since March of 2009. A Canadian band hell bent on putting on a gigantic spectacle of sound and lights, they did not disappoint. My Darkest Days was the first band up. Going on very early and only playing 4 songs has to be difficult for any young band trying to make an impression on a crowd that early. They have a strong following who seemed to show up early on to see them. They ended their short set with their hit song Porn star dancing.  MDD is on Chad Kroegers 604 record label. They sounded well rehearsed and appeared to have fun making the most of their short set. Next up was Seether. I don’t know where to begin here. Let’s start with the positives. Seether has great songs and a great sound, there is no disputing these facts. The problem is they seem to be lacking stage presence and had no connection to the audience at all. This is the fifth time have seen this band and I have disappointed every time in the live show. Seether’s stage set up consisted of over sized Amps and what looked like cheap Christmas lights. The exact mundane set up that they used last year. Watching this band play their hit songs and sounding great mad me angry because there was no movement at all.  I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that all of the nine songs of their set were hits. Legitimate, on the radio,hits. The problem is there was no show. NEXT

What Happened next is something that I have waited for a very long time to see. Bush fronted by Gavin Rossdale took the stage and proceeded to take the Philly crowd to school. They only played 8 songs but those 8 songs were worth the price of admission alone. They opened with Machinhead and then proceeded to blast through All My Life and The Sound of Winter off of their 2011 release Sea of Memories. Both songs are Bush caliber songs and belonged in the set. They then played Everything Zen before cranking it up full volume for a stellar version of the Beatles classic Come Together. During the song Gavin left the stage and went into the crowd to sing and dance with the fans. I was shocked that one half of a Hollywood power couple would risk life and limb to get his point across. It worked in a big way. The rest of the set was incredibly familiar with Little Things, Glycerine  and Comedown ending the set. This set showed me that my loyalty and dedication had not been wasted on a band that brought their A game and didn’t just go through the motions. It was unreal how great they sounded. Bush was the perfect set up band for what came next.

I have seen a lot of good and bad written about Nickelback over the years. I want to tell you why I love this band. Before the show they spent the day visiting Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. It makes me proud that a band of Nickelback’s stature takes the time while touring to take the time to brighten a sick kids day. These are the things most critics ignore.; Not me. I praise them for their unselfishness. Nickelback is out touring in support of their new album, Here and Now. The new record has at least 4 hits on it.  I couldn’t wait to see the Bigger and Better stage show.

They opened the show with This means war and then steamrolled through a 15 song set of some of their best songs. They spared no expense on the staging and lighting. Lot’s of huge explosions and pyro. In the middle of the set, a giant floating stage came down and the band played Bottoms up suspended above the pumped Philly crowd.

They played Rockstar and Someday after they landed and Animals on the way back.

This is how a Rock Concert is supposed to be. There was no rolling tape or prerecorded back up vocals or lip Synching. This was an hour and a half of balls out rock. Hit after hit made the night go way to fast.

This band has progressively gotten better and better over the years and I am surprised at the infinite creativity of Nickelback. The show reminded me of the Huge Rock shows of the late Eighties. They closed the night out with Figured You Out. It was a long night of Rock that was worth the money. If you were looking to immerse yourself in a couple of hours of great Rock and Roll I would highly recommend a Nickelback show.

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By: Krista Doran

Several months ago we arrived at Curran’s Bensalem for one of our gigs.  We always arrive at the venues we play early enough to have plenty of time to set up, and mingle with friends for a bit.  Curran’s has been having acoustic music there on Friday nights before the bands start, and while we were there we happened to catch the last set of a band called Looseleaf Trio.

I was already aware of Rhett Tierney who is the guitar player and lead vocalist for the band.  The Doran family has been lifelong friends with the Tierney clan, so when Rhett’s dad Brian first told me about them I made sure to take notice.  As we walked in to Curran’s, the first thing that caught my attention was the 3 part harmony ringing through the entire room.  I put down my gig bag and just sat and watched these 3 young men do their thing.  I have to admit, it takes a lot to impress me when it comes to cover bands.  I have seen so many over the years, that some just start to sound alike.  Not these guys…they have a unique sound and style all their own.  I loved it!

Looseleaf Trio formed after Rhett had been doing a lot of solo acoustic gigs and was tired of being limited to just gigging alone.  He soon called on his old friends and former band mates Andrew Napoli and Keith Boehm to join him and form a more serious group.  Soon after forming, they started playing a few gigs a week and also started performing some original material as well.  The trio has been together now for almost 2 years and have really been turning a lot of heads out there.  Their shows truly are like a breath of fresh air!

If you go to see Looseleaf Trio (which I highly recommend) you are really going to enjoy it.  They play music from several different genres.  I spoke with Rhett and he told me, “We don’t like to limit ourselves to a certain genre.  We play classic hits that everyone loves and will sing along to.”  Their shows consist of many different cover tunes ranging from Sam Cooke to Sublime, with a selection of their own originals peppered in.  In fact, even their originals are catchy and upbeat, full of deep lyricism and emotion.  It is a high energy show and not your typical mellow acoustic.

The Looseleaf trio may be just that, a trio, but their sound is as full as a regular band.  They are gigging at least 4 nights a week now.  They play steady at Curran’s Irish Inn on Friday nights and at Paddy Whacks on Welsh Road on Sundays.  They also host an open mic at Dean Casmirri’s Colonial Inn on Thursdays.  Saturdays vary and you can catch them playing somewhere in NE Philly or Bucks County.

These 3 guys are doing something right for sure, because the music is excellent and everyone that has seen them just loves what they do!  When I asked Rhett what he wanted to tell all of our readers he told me, “We would like people to know that all we wish to do other than write and perform our music, is to inspire anyone we can in any positive way possible.  Our message is that you can still produce good music and entertain people without gimmicks.”

Looseleaf Trio is:  Rhett Tierney – Guitar, harmonica and lead vocals; Andrew Napoli – Bass guitar and vocals; Keith Boehm – Percussion and vocals. You can check them out online by going to their Facebook page:  Facebook.com/looseleaftrio or on Twitter: Twitter.com/looseleaftrio.  If you are interested in booking Looseleaf Trio, please contact Brian at 267-566-0351. Below is their current schedule for May.  Go check them out!

5/10 Casmirri’s Colonial Inn, Penndel PA 9-1 am
5/16 Kenny’s, Southampton PA  8-12 am
5/17 Casmirri’s Colonial Inn, Penndel PA 9-1 am
5/18 Curran’s Bensalem PA 5-8pm
5/19  Pennsbury High School Prom
5/20 Manny Brown’s 9-1 am
5/24 Casmirri’s Colonial Inn, Penndel PA 9-1am
5/25 Currans Tacony Phila PA 8-1 am
5/27 Paddywhacks on Welsh, Phila PA 9-12 am
5/31 Casmirris Colonial Inn, Penndel PA 9-1am

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Nicki Sbaffoni

May 16, 2012

Nicki_Promo_Photo_2011When asked to describe her musical life so far in 2012, Nicki Sbaffoni responds, “Busy, busy, busy. . .but loving every second and blessed by every opportunity!”  As an acoustic entertainer (or performing songwriter, depending on the night of the week), Nicki is indeed one of the busiest players in the scene.  With close to 130 performances in 2011, she is already poised to hit that same mark before September.  While Nicki attributes the bounty of gigs to an alignment of the stars, it’s easy to see why she is so busy.  She’s not afraid to try new things or push the envelope of what acoustic entertainers are expected to do, gaining respect from bar owners, staff, and fellow musicians alike.

A few new things she’s working on include a collaboration with acoustic kindred spirit Alia (www.aliamusic.com), and local funny man Harry Baker at the new Ortlieb’s Lounge (3rd & Poplar in the Northern Liberties).  A combination of musical requests, comedy, and sing-a-longs, their weekly gig, titled “Two Songbirds and an Idiot”, makes Sunday Brunch a blast.  “I had no idea if I would be able to comfortably play off of Harry’s comedy, his huge personality,” says Nicki about the experiment.  “I’ve surprised myself at how easy it actually is and how much fun we’re all having!  I’ve even said a few funny things all by myself!”

Another new venture, Nicki is loving “Acoustic Tuesdays” at the Twisted Tail (509 S. 2nd St. Philadelphia).  While known for the upstairs Juke Joint and amazing blues sessions, the Twisted Tail is giving the acoustic night a try, and Nicki is the perfect player for the job.  She’s currently the main act from 6:30 to 9:30 every Tuesday, performing requests from all genres (mostly rock and blues to fit the theme of the venue) as well as her own originals.  Once the night evolves into more of a songwriter night, Nicki is excited to serve as host.  She is a staple of the open mic circuit and admits that while solo shows are great and pay the bills, there’s incredible value in showcases. “There’s such a great community of players in this area, so much talent.  Not all of us can carry a 3 or 4 hour gig.  Their songs need a stage too!”

Additional projects for the summer include acoustic duo shows with Scott Allan Knost from Wichita, Kansas (www.scottallanknost.com) and full band original shows.  Acclaimed three piece, the Blak Sheep, are backing up Nicki in the studio, and she’s completely geeked to play with them in support of her upcoming CD, “Falling all the time”.  Also a member of Conquer Entertainment Philly, Nicki will be sharing all the original magic at venues like World Café Live and the Grape Room very soon.

Nicki performs 3 to 6 times a week year round at venues all over Philadelphia and down the shore.  She is scheduled for every summer Saturday at Harry’s Ocean Bar at the Montreal Inn in Cape May, as well as shows at Dogtooth Bar & Grill (Wildwood), Woody’s Place (N. Wildwood), and the Dead Dog Saloon (Sea Isle City).  Locally, she performs at Tony’s Place (Ivyland), Ashburner Inn, Curran’s Irish Inn, the Jughandle Inn, Flat Rock Saloon (Manayunk), and many more.  Download her APP for Android or iPhone for instant access to schedule, original songs, video links, and more!  Nicki’s official website, www.acousticnicki.com, has all of this information, as well as links to her social networking sites, and booking details.  See you at a show!

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By:  Krista Doran

Kirko_4-bwKirko has been rocking the East Coast for more than 20 years now.  From bars and night clubs to weddings and corporate events, this band provides an extremely high level of professionalism and awesome musicianship!

I remember the first time I saw this band.  It was at my niece Jamie’s wedding a few years ago at The Philmont Country Club in Huntington Valley.  What a beautiful place to have a wedding!  It was outside on the patio area and it was a gorgeous day.  The sun was shining, the drinks were flowing and the music grabbed me and made me turn around from the very first note!  Here were these extremely handsome guys up there on the stage playing some of my favorite songs.  Everyone was dancing, as their lead singer Kevin Kirk was walking through the crowd with the wireless microphone, while playing his acoustic guitar.  They really made the wedding so much more enjoyable with a wonderful selection of songs, played with excellence.

One of the many great things about Kirko is that they can accommodate any party or venue.  They can come as a full band, or can scale down to a duo or solo.  They can even provide DJ services.  Whatever your need, this band delivers live music that will entertain any crowd.  Kirko plays a mix of everything – Classic and Modern Rock, Motown, Blues – you name it, they play it all!

The band itself is comprised of the Kirk brothers Kevin, Chris and Scott, along with their adopted brother, Mike Thompson.  You can see them playing all over the area at many great venues.  Kevin has an acoustic solo vertical every Thursday night at The Fireside in Feasterville from 8:30 – 1 am.  On Fridays, Kevin and Scott perform together for happy hour on the outdoor patio at The Fireside as well, from 5-9 pm.  Kirko will be one of the bands playing the 2nd Annual Hampton Brewfest, being held on Saturday May 19 from 1 – 6 pm at The Phoenix Sports Club located at 301 W Bristol Road in Feasterville.  Tickets are on sale now at www.hamptonbrewfest.com.  On Cinco De Mayo, they will be back at The Buck Hotel in Feasterville from 9:00 pm – 1 am.  Starting in September you can catch Kirko at The Parx Casino every month from 3-6 pm!

If you are having a private event of any kind and you are looking for a band that will make your party even better, contact the Kirko Band and you won’t be disappointed!  You can view their whole schedule and read more on the band’s website at www.thekirkoband.com – and be sure to join their Facebook page at Facebook.com/thekirkoband!

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Cara & Skaggs

Apr 25, 2012

By Rose DeMilio Andress
The first time I heard Cara Cartney play was at Sparky’s World Famous in Levittown. A huge crowd gathered to celebrate our dear friend Jodi’s 50th birthday. Jayded was taking a break and up walks this obviously shy girl with a noticeable bit of stage fright. I was nervous and unsure for this kiddo but when Cara Cartney began to play and sing her voice was a delight and her style captured the room!
Music has always been a part of Cara’s life. Her musical influence and inspiration comes from her father Tim, a guitar player himself who passed his passion for Paul McCartney and the Beatles as well as many other great talents on to his daughter. When Cara was three years old her Dad gave her a big orange guitar and at that tender age Cara would join her father in singing the words to all of the songs. Around the age of 13 Cara realized that playing music came naturally to her, she learned to play the guitar by ear and had no formal vocal training. At age 15 Cara began writing her own songs and recording them on an 8 track. With the support of her mother Jane and her sister Kelly, Cara began to step out of her shyness and battle against her stage fright. She would share her beautiful voice and her passion for her music by playing out at many local venues and open mics, where she would meet and have the opportunity to play with “Skaggs”. Kismet!
Marc Magnani affectionately knows, as “Skaggs” is a brilliant self-taught percussionist. Music grabbed his soul at a young age with influences such as Curtis Mayfield, Santana and the Grateful Dead as well as some of Lower Bucks County’s finest musicians such as Danny DeGennaro. “Skaggs” jokingly admits to sneakin’ in to some of the favorite nightspots around town just to get the chance to play music with some of the very best! These early influences lead him on a musical journey to blue grass, blues, zydeco as well as working with a Grateful Dead cover band. Marc Magnani has been playing professionally for over twnety years now and thirteen of those were spent touring the East Coast with Paul Brion and the Raucous Brothers Band. “Skaggs” performance on percussion is a pleasure for the listener. You’ll find Marc Magnani playing on many occasion at the Logan Inn in New Hope PA and hosting weekly open mic nights at such places as Marie’s Kozy Korner in Fairless Hills, PA on Wednesday. “Skaggs” easy going nature invites everyone to join in, creating a room filled with fantastic musical energy.
Cara and Skaggs perform beautifully as a duo. Together they are hosting Sunday night open mic at Sparky’s World Famous in Levittown, PA and they are sharing their unique sound at other popular venues such as Dog&Bull in Croydon, PA.   They were recently afforded the opportunity to play along with Sharon Rivera at a talent show hosted by Parx Casino in Bensalem, PA. T

hey won second place in that competition. The story doesn’t end there. Cara and Skaggs plan to collaborate, blending their creative writing and creating their unique sound. It’s an exciting time for these two talented musicians! This Cara & Skaggs fan can’t wait to see what their bright future has in store.
Cara and Skaggs Contact Information:

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The Flyers are something so special and be sure and see them in the playoffs…. It’s so much fun to get out with your friends and cheer them on…here are the best area locations to do just that.  These are the OOT HOT SPOT LOCATIONS and the one’s we know about….( Is your favorite bar, club or restaurant listed?) IF not, let us know about it.

Listings in no particular order:

Here goes:

Chickie’s & Pete’s ( All area locations)

Hirricane Jacks – Levittown Pa

Mc Noodles Irish Sports Bar – NE Phila

Harrigan’s Irish Pub – Warminster Pa

Tony’s Place – Ivyland Pa

Freddie’s Tavern – Bristol Pa

Maggies Waterfront Cafe-NE Phila

The Sky Box -Bristol Pa

Dean Casmirris Coloinial Inn – Hulmeville Pa

The Hulmeville Inn – Hulmeville Pa

Harrington’s Irish Pub -NE Phila

Nicks Roast Beef – NE Phila

Redz Bar & Grille NE Phila

Christy’s Tavern NE Phila

Mc Nalleys NE Phila

Leneghans Irish Pubs ( All area locations)

Cazz’s Sports Bar – Levittown

Currans’s Irish Inn ( All locations)

The Stadiums Bar & Grill ( All locations)

Blondie’s East- Holland Pa

Redz Bar & Grille – NE Phila

The Brunswick Zone XL – Feasterville   Pa

Hazy’s Bar & Grille-Feasterville Pa

Mc Noodle’s Bar & Grille  NE Phila

Dagwood’s  NE Phila

The Temperance House – Newtown Pa

JT’s Phila House NE Phila

The Dog & Bull Brew Music House- Croydon Pa

The 3 Monkeys – NE Phila Pa

Mc Stews Irish Sports Bar – Levittown Pa

Reales’  Sports Bar & Grille – NE Phila

The Burger Bar at Gallos’ – NE Phila

Paddy Whacks ( All area locations)

Caspers’ Bar & Grille – NE Phila

The Road House Inn -Newportville Pa

Sweeney’s Saloon – NE Phila ( Somerton)

The Tango / sports Bar NE Phila (Somerton)

La Casa Di Lucia – NE Phila ( Somerton)

Finnigan’s Wake- Nothern Liberties

Hurricane Jacks – Levittown Pa

The Stadium Sports Bar and Restaurant in the Holiday Inn – South Philly next to the ball park.

The Fireside Beer and Ale – Feasterville Pa

Gentlemens’s Club:

Scruples at the Oakford Inn


Double Visions

* Havana’s -New Hope Pa

Dr.Lou’s Place – Roebling NJ

Big Heads ( All area locations

The Great American Diner & Pub ( all area locations)

*Other great locations to see them Flyers!

The Trump Taj Mahal – Trump Plaza

*The Xfinity Live – South Phila

Harrah’s in Atlantic City

Harrah’s in Chester (Phila -Harrah’s)

The new Valley Forge Casino ( V )

The Sugar House Casino -Phila

Parx Casino – Bensalem Pa

The new Golden Nugget – Atlantic City

Resorts Casino – Atlantic City

The Borgata – Atlantic City

The Tropicana Hotel and Casino – Atlantic City

The Showboat Casino – Atlantic City

Ceasars’ Casino – Atlantic City

*The Wharf in Wildwood NJ

The Bolero in Wildwood NJ

Casey’s on 3rd in Wildwood NJ

Westy’s in N Wildwood

* In the region:

Kildares Irish Inn’s

The Manayunk Brew Pub

The USA Hotel



The Standard Tap

Silk City

The Philly Red Zone Sports Bar -Old City

The Triumph Brew Pubs / Phila & New Hope

Iron Hill Brewery  / West Chester / South Jersey locations

Pinsetters in Pennsauken NJ


The Jug Handel Inn – Pennsauken NJ

Curran’s Irish Inn – Palmyra NJ

The Madison Cafe – Riverside NJ

Tog Dog – Cherry Hill NJ

The Coastline – Cherry Hill NJ

The Adelphia – Deptford NJ

Ott’s ( All area locations)

PJ Whelehans ( All area Locations)

JD McGillicutys ( All area Locations)

Barnabys ( All area Locations)

Other Good Places to see them Flyers!

The Happy Tap Tavern – Levittown

Murphys Bar – Levittown

Sparky’s World Famous

Baileys Irish Pub

The Holiday Inn – Street Road / Brady’s Pub-inside bar

Big Heads ( all area locations)

The Buck Hotel – Feasterville

Tom & Jerrys Milmont Park

Rp Mc Murphys Holmes Pa

In the City:

The South Philly Bar & Grill

The Tavern On Broad Street

The Field House

The Blockly Pour House

Cavanaughs in University City

Brownies 23 East – Ardmore

Brownies on 2nd Street

*Paddy Whacks on South Street

O Neil’s  Irish Pub – Center City

Tom Foolery’s

JT’s Phila House NE Phila

Zestys – Manayunk

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Showtime is 8pm:

To Benefit: Shriners Hospital for Children.

Place:Katie O’ Donnells4501 Woodhaven Rd Phila -215-637-5151

Entertainment: Rock Around the Clock >

See Danny & the Juniors along with 15 area singers,  there to help raise money for the Shriners Hospital for Children

Date:  Monday April 16th

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