By:  Krista Doran
564714_3985974091671_1691240409_nSince 1994, there has been one band consistently rocking the Philly Cover band scene and that band is Steamroller Picnic!

I spoke to Lead singer, Judge DeFazio and asked him what their shows are like and he explained, “We usually play 3 sets of popular, high energy music that appeals to each person in the room at some point. We like to get the crowd involved. Whether it be a Birthday girl, bachelorette party, or guys that want to rock with us.”

No matter where this band plays, whether it be a big club or local bar, this band gives it their all.  They will rock the place from the first note to the last and people are always very entertained, that’s a fact. What makes this band different is their commitment to what they are doing and the chemistry of the current line-up.  There have been quite a few members in and out of the band over the years, but Judge told me, “the four of us just seem to be able to read each other’s minds.This makes for a truly unique performance each and every time we play.”

Steamroller Picnic can ignite any party or venue with the vast list of genres in which they play.  They play songs from Usher and Cee-Lo to Rage Against The Machine and Metallica and will keep the party going all night long.  All members of the band have strong backgrounds in music and have been playing in many bands and side projects over the years.

You can see the band playing all over the area and quite a bit in Atlantic City including The Borgata, Showboat, Bally’s, Golden Nugget, The Hilton and Tropicana – just to name a few.  When not in AC, they play in several other bars and clubs in the Philly area.

The guys in the band also dabble in their own original side projects.  For instance Judge explained, “Bones is currently in the band  “The Endless March”. The competition was created by 93.3 WMMR to pick 6 person band comprised of the best musicians from the Philly region. They played Susquehanna Bank Center for the MMRBQ w/ Shinedown & Godsmack this past summer. And are playing Sold Out show at TLA on Halloween!”

It’s good to know that Steamroller Picnic is still out there doing their thing.  They still rock each and every place they play, and they are better than ever!  If you want to go see them live, here is their current schedule:  11/2: Dover Downs Fire & Ice – Dover, DE; 11/3: RiRa’s Irish Pub – Atlantic City, NJ; 11/8: The Social @ Revel – Atlantic City, NJ; 11/17: Cap’ns Corner – Woodbury, NJ; 11/24: PC Pub – Pennsburg, PA;11/30: Top Dog – Cherry Hill; NJ, 12/1: Borgata’s Gypsy Bar – Atlantic City, NJ; 12/8: SugarHouse Refinery Bar – Philadelphia, PA; 12/22: Cap’ns Corner – Woodbury, NJ; 12/29: Top Dog; 12/31: The Piazza @ Schmidt’s – Philly.

If you are interested in booking the band, please contact Shore Bets at 215-884-4357. You can also check them outr online at!

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by Jimmy Abgarian


For 18 years Bonehead has been one of the top drawing acts in the tri-state area. In 1994 Eddie and Chris from Slippery and the skirt chasers created Stone Groove Productions and decided to put together a band of the best musicians they could find. Rather than take a group of guys who were friends who may have a weak link, they auditioned a bunch of musicians and dubbed them “Bonehead”. At the time it was unheard of to take to the free agent market and cherry pick talent. This process proved to be a perfect business model for them. Using the Alternative music of the time to shape the band, Bonehead skyrocketed at a rapid fire pace. Having played all of the top clubs in the Philly area as well as saturating the Shore market, they only seemed to get better. In 1999 they released a CD of original songs through Vulgar entertainment and produced by Grammy award winning producer James Cravero. Fade would prove to be a steppingstone to bigger things to come. The buzz from the Fade cd caught the attention of producer Don Gehman and they were soon signed to a major label. For legal reasons the name of the band had to be changed to Familiar 48. They then released Wonderful Nothing in April 2002. Wonderful nothing is still a great CD that released today would have an entirely different end result. In 2003 after the minor success of Wonderful Nothing lead singer Jayy Mannon decided to put the band on hiatus to work on some original music. 2005 saw the reformation of Bonehead with Jayy being the only original member. With the reformation of the band Jayy along with Vulgar records rereleased Fade their first full length CD adding 4 bonus tracks. Playing sporadically and not keeping the schedule that would burn them out proved to be essential in creating the new music that would make up the 2007 release “Broken and Glued”.

Over the years for this band one person has remained through everything. Jayy Mannon has been the Front man from day one. The band was put together around him and he took Bonehead to places most band only dream about. He understands that Bonehead is a brand name and treats it as such. Jayy can walk into a room with a guitar sit down and garner the attention of everyone. Years of playing have made the Bonehead show look almost effortless. I have seen Bonehead a lot over the years and have seen Jayy take time to talk to everyone about everything and not think twice about giving advice to up and comers. The current lineup of Bonehead consists of some of the best veterans of the scene. Drummer Daryl Updike and Mike Arrelano and Jeff Camarco are all former members of The Interns. Daryl is the owner of United Strength Academy in Trenton NJ that handles personal strength and conditioning as well as being a full service training facility. Mike works at Hoshino makers of Ibanez guitars. Jay is a color specialist and stylist at salon Zen in Warrington. When not working their day jobs the band plays acoustic and full band shows all over the area. I had a chance to check them out at The Limit (formerly Reeds) and for the first time in a long time felt that I got more than my moneys worth. I suggest that you take what I say with a grain of salt and check them out for yourself. It will be worth it, I promise you.

You can get their schedule and check out their music at

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By:  Krista Doran

john_evolaA few days ago, I had the pleasure of meeting John Evola, Owner and Producer at Lounge Studios located at 1122 Spring Garden Street in Philly.  I had received an invite on Facebook to be part of a very unique musical event.  John is planning on producing and recording a remake of Michael Jackson’s, “We Are The World,” using local musicians and singers.  I was very intrigued so I got in touch with John to see what this was all about.

John has grown up with music being part of his life from an early age.  Now 26, John was first introduced to music at the age of six and it is still a very big part of his life.  He plays several instruments, he writes, performs and had been a teacher at R&M Music Studios in Langhorne, PA for six years. I spoke to John about what interested in him owning a studio himself and he told me, “I love writing for artists and sitting down with them to really hear what is in their heads and to try and help bring it to life. Not many people can go to a studio and expect the producer to play drums, guitar, bass, piano and so on.  It really makes the client comfortable knowing it can all be done in one place by one guy, and not have to worry about paying for extra session players to come in.”  John is also in 2 bands, one is a Funk/Blues Trio called Achilles Feel, and the other is a Hip/Hop Rock band called Nothing At All.

John had always wanted to do something big with music, whether it was local or international.  He has been a big fan of Michael Jackson all his life and believes that MJ has been a huge influence on today’s music scene.  John explained to me, “a couple of days ago I had this vision and thought to myself, ‘what can I do to bring all of the local artists together from all over the area and make something big?’  Not just something that would get people to talk, but more about getting involved and work with one another.”  He came up with the idea of re-making the song “We Are The World,” that was released in 1985 for USA for Africa.  John didn’t think the idea was going to take off like it did after posting an invite on Facebook.  I can personally attest to how this invite BLEW UP in just a few short hours with so many people from all over the Tri-State area who wanted to be involved!  John told me, “It means so much to me that so many people want to be part of this.  I have received so many calls and emails, and I never thought making an impact could be so easy and so fun!”  John is hoping that this event could turn into something big and also start a trend for other cities to coordinate the same type of event.  “This project is non-profit and is more about just getting people together to have a great time, laugh and meet new people,” John explained.  It seems like quite an undertaking to me, but John is very easy-going and confident and there is no doubt he will bring this wonderful and unique idea to life!  John said, “This project is going to take a lot of thinking and time because we will have a forty piece choir featuring ten lead vocalists as well as a live six piece band!”

The project is going to be recorded at East Coast Recording Studio in Warminster, PA by Grammy winning producer, James Cravero.  John said, “I really think this can be big with the right exposure and the right positive feedback from the listeners.  I think of it as “We Are The World – Philadelphia.” 

We will keep all of our readers informed as to what is going on with this project as the weeks go by, but in the meantime please “like” John’s Facebook page at if you would like more information on how to get involved!  Be sure to keep checking future issues of The Out On The Town Entertainment Guide for updates at!
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By:  Krista Doran

electric_boaSince 2008 Electric Boa has been tearing up the original music scene with their own unique brand of Rock and Roll.  With very powerful lyrics and a very strong, guitar driven sound this band has certainly positioned themselves as one of the most talked about original bands in the area.
I spoke to drummer Ken Mondillo about the band and what they are all about.  I was particularly interested in what their song writing process was like and he told me, “Higgsy writes all the songs. I’ve asked him more than a few times where he gets his inspiration from & he tells me that it just comes to him. One of our new songs that we are currently working on came from his girlfriend watching the HBO show “True Blood”. To tell you the truth his mind doesn’t work like yours or mine. Higgs sees things in a different light which allows his expressions to come out in lyrics that are truly unique.”  The combination of musicians in this band works so well together.  Ken told me, “Higgsy will play us the melody or riff on an acoustic guitar & we start building it from there. He usually has the whole song in his head…music & everything. We just find a way to pull it out of him & translate it into a song. Joe Fortino & Higgsy are kind of the arrangers of the songs & Tripp, G & myself build up the songs from there .”  What this band is able to accomplish is truly a team effort.

As with most bands, there are always challenges, but The Electric Boa is focused on what they are doing.  I asked Ken what some of their biggest challenges as a band were and he told me, “I wouldn’t say it’s a challenge because every band goes through this, but trying to get your music heard is always a priority. Whether it be by getting the biggest gig or getting your music played on the radio, the challenge will always be there. The Electric Boa will keep pumping out killer tunes & promoting our shows, big or small, as much as we can. We want to build a fan base within every venue we play!” And they have been doing just that!  Their shows are full of energy.  They don’t just get up there and play.  This band puts on a real Rock Show for their fans.  In fact, they will be playing the Grand Opening of JC’s Washington House (formerly Whiskey Tango) on September 28th so be sure to get out and see what makes The Electric Boa different!
For everyone that is already a fan and those of you that certainly will become a fan once you experience The Electric Boa, I am happy to say they have a bunch of new music coming out!  This is going to be a very exciting follow up to their current CD, “Candy Coated Cyanide.”  Ken explained “Songs are written & being worked as we speak so every Boa show your going to get new stuff. We also have more shows booked but we’ll be posting them on our website & Facebook page soon.”  This band definitely has a personality all it’s own and their swagger comes from their lead singer, Higgsy.  Ken told me, “His mind is in places I’ve never visited. He’s bringing a whole new genre to the rock scene with his lyrics alone.”  This band’s chemistry just works.  From the subtle notes that  guitarist Joe Fortino add in that just make things “snap”, to bassist Greg Cornwell bringing the groove, and the heavy hitting guitar of Gregg Tripp, I can see why Ken decided to move from the cover scene to take a stab at writing and performing originals.  Ken’s power drumming deserves a place in the original scene and adds a steady component that drives their music.

If you are just now hearing about The Electric Boa, where have you been?  They already have some great accolades, including opening for national acts such as Skid Row, Anvil & Kix. Earlier in 2012 they opened for Octane at The Electric Factory. Ken tells me they want to do so much more, and I have a feeling they definitely will!  “We want to entertain as many people as possible with our music. There are many great bands out there on the original scene & we don’t want to take anything away from any of them but come out to an Electric Boa show & see for yourselves that we are trying to be as unique as possible with our tunes & our stage show. We put on a “concert” for you & make every show worth it’s money,”  Ken told me and spoken like a true pro, who knows what he wants. After seeing the band, all I have to say is keep an eye on these guys. They are making Philly proud!

Be sure to check out their website at to keep up with thier tour dates and when the new stuff is coming out!  The Electric Boa is:  Higgsy – Lead vocals; Joe Fortino – Guitar;  Gregg Tripp – Guitar; Greg “G” Cornwall – Bass and Ken Mondillo – Drums.  SUPPORT LOCAL LIVE MUSIC!

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By:  Krista Doran
WP_Elwyn_Day_final_version_flattened_cropped_bottom_72_dpi_This issue’s featured band started back in 2000 as a four piece with a member who was very, well, let’s say “elusive.”  He would come all the way from New Jersey to rehearse at the bass player’s home.  Sometimes he would even stay the entire weekend so that the band could jam into the wee hours of the morning.  Then he would just leave, and the band wouldn’t see him for months!  His name was “Pete”, and the band would joke that the next formation of the band would be called “Where’s Pete?”, and the name just stuck.  Today the band, now twice that size, has has erupted onto the local music scene as one of the newest, most bad ass horn bands on the circuit.

I spoke to drummer and vocalist Miles Adams who told me “I remember seeing Johnny O & The Classic Dogs of Love back in the day and being so impressed with their song selection, tight musical arrangements,confident stage show and big sound & light production.  That’s the kind of cover band I want Where’s Pete to be and the show we strive to put on. Since we’re not writing the music, the creativity comes from playing the songs with clear arrangements and conviction.”  This band works very hard at putting on a great show, but likes to have a lot of fun doing so.  Miles went on to tell me, “we don’t take ourselves that seriously. We try to add humor to the shows too…For instance, we cover the History of a Hip Medley that was originally done by Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Falon, & The Roots. It’s a killer medley, done chronologically by year, that pays homage to all the most notable rappers and hip hop artists starting with Kurtis Blow, Salt n Peppa and Black Sheep, up through Fifty Cent, Lil Wayne & Rick Ross and believe me, nothing is funnier than seeing Nicky D trying to get gansta doing Blowing Money Fast! It’s a lot of fun to perform and people really seem to get a kick out of it.”

When you go to see Where’s Pete, you can expect to hear tunes from many different genres.  Miles explained, “We feel all genres have something of value to offer…While some bands stick to one style, I’ve always loved the bands that kill a Jay Z tune and then transitions into a heavy metal tune or a country tune, and play it convincingly. That’s one way in which Where’s Pete is different – no style is off limits…the only requirement is people have to be able to groove to it!” The versatility of this band is something that definitely sets them apart from other horn bands.  Just about all of the members of Where’s Pete have fronted their own band at one time or another.  They are all strong, confident players with backgrounds in theater, dance and performance and it always makes for a fun and unique show.  Miles told me, “Bands often take their cue from the crowd. A hyped crowd makes a show feel effortless, and the interplay between band members magical. But, a subdued crowd can sap a band’s energy or shake their confidence because you feel nobody enjoys or is in to it. Where’s Pete strives to make every performance feel like a show at a packed Lincoln Financial Stadium! You can expect high energy at all times, and interaction with the crowd.  Our singers often head into the crowd with wireless mics to make the audience members part of the show. We have five strong vocalists, so there’s a ton of variety not just in terms of genre, but in who is singing at any one time. There are also plenty of harmonies, choreography, seamless transitions and unpredictable tunes form genres at far ends of the musical spectrum.”

You can catch Where’s Pete playing at some awesome venues, such as The SugarHouse Casino, PJ Whelihan’s, The Temperance House, Havana, Molly Maguire’s, and many weddings and corporate events.  They also play for smaller rooms and events as a duo or trio.  Here are just a few of their upcoming shows: 9/1 – Holiday Inn Car Show, Ft. Washington PA; 9/7 – Magerk’s Patio Party, Ft. Washington, PA; 9/15 – Club Zinc, Lansdale PA; 9-21 – Davinci’s in Collegeville, PA and 9/28 – The Temperance House in Newtown, PA.  To view their full schedule, please visit their website at  To book the band, send an email to

So, to answer the question Where’s Pete…well, let’s just say the legend of Pete has grown. Some guess he’s a CIA agent…Others swear he’s a survivalist living in the Smokey Mountains. Miles went on to say “There are Pete sightings, and at every show people ask “So Where Is Pete, anyway”…and we tell them ‘we’re on a musical quest to find him….let us know if you do so we can stop playing!’ He surfaced on our website message board a few years ago, and that’s the last time we heard from him. The band line up has changed quite a bit over the years, but we all share the same intense desire to find Pete!”

Where’s Pete is Miles Adams- drums/vocasl; Jack Connell-Trombone; Nick Dirocco-keys/vocals; Jim Furlow- Sax; Joe Caristo- guitar/vocals; David Gaines-Trumput; Darlene White- Lead vocals and Howard Whitman-Bass. Go check out Where’s Pete if you are looking to enjoy your evening with friends and listen to top end, concise and certainly fun music, onstage antics and personality!  See for yourself why so many people are asking the question, Where’s Pete!

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By Roundhouse Ron

Roundhouse_Ron_-_Princess_Christina_-_Gino_CaporaleWhile writing for Out On the Town Entertainment Paper, I get to attend many crazy parties and numerous social events. But, just recently your boy, Roundhouse Ron attended a music release party for 418 Music down in South Philly @ PLAY2 Nightclub inside of Chickie’s & Pete’s on Packer Avenue.

OMG, I don’t know where to begin. First off, Gino Caporale (founder of 418 Music) knows how to throw a freakin party, from walking into the front door, this event was a total first class blast. I was greeted by a few ladies, as I was on da VIP guest list, and then received a free complimentary CD remix package of some amazing 418 Music artists. After numerous cocktails and sum amazing Chickie’s & Pete’s food, I was now ready to do a little meet and greet with very famous local musical celebs. From jump, I could tell this was gonna be a good, good night.

There are numerous ways I could have written this article, but I wanted to give each artist their equal spotlight. The 418 Music empire has begun and these fine artists include Angela Devine, Nicole Kerrigan, Debra Michaels, Margie Martino, Hera and DJ Spontane. Since meeting each one of these magnificent future Grammy award winners, I decided to spread da word on how stunning they are by proceeding in this fashion …..

Gino Caporale is not only the founder of 418 Music, but, he is a legend in his own right. Since da young age of 15, he has been working da turntables & mixing boards with an ear on club beats.  He  worked as Billboard’s dance reporter in the late ‘80’s and early ‘90’s, while at the same time becoming one of the top 50 DJ’s in the US to make Billboard’s dance music chart. As Gino’s passion grew for music, he progressed into producing, remixing and editing. GC also created several top-selling remixes for a variety of musical talent such as Depeche Mode, De La Soul and 69 Boys, whose remix was used on the soundtrack for the film Bad Boys, starring Will Smith & Martin Lawrence. Now, with the growing internet world of communication, he has a weekly Club 418 Mix Show and a Z88.9’s Mix @ 6, not to mention this huge musical group named 418 Music.

Angela Devine came from very strong roots in the Northeast Philly area as she attended Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts. Then she furthered her career, as Angela graduated from Temple University in 2009. With her passion for club music and a voice of an angel, she knew being a musical performer was in her destiny. As she is accomplishing all her dreams, Angela realized that hard work does pay off. Her new block buster of a hit named “Can’t Hold Back” is now available on iTunes, Beatport & Radio Danz Worldwide.

Nicole Kerrigan a South Philadelphia pieces that went to Neumann-Goretti High School, then followed by attending Neumann University as she majored in business with a minor in music. Nicole sharpened her vocal cords as she took voice lessons for 5 years and believe me they paid off. As she emerges onto the dance/pop scene, Nicole is eager to prove to the world that she has what it take to succeed. With the release of her first single “I Like Dem Boys”, Nicole is starting to live her dream. She will be performing LIVE in concert @ Hershey Park Chocolate Town USA on August 7th, 2012 with 2 shows 4pm and 6pm.

Debra Michaels the queen of local freestyle with such hits as “How Do I Live” & “Can’t We Try”, is back on the national spotlight with all new and exciting beats that will be released very soon with a few new chart toping future singles named “Voices” and “Dreaming”. In memory of a very close dear friend, Debra is now a very strong advocate for “NAMI” (National Association of Mental Illness). Not really sure what gives this woman the power behind her vocals, but OMFG, she still sounds and looks amazing. Like a true professional, Debra’s live performances are very entertaining. Many future events have already been planned for this fall and winter in the Philadelphia area.

Margie Martino has the most awesome tattooed appearance of a cross between a chart topping  “Amy Winehouse” and my home town gurl “Pink”. Her voice is simply spectacular, it carries her musical message in a very unique and harmonic fashion. She performed her very sultry and seductive single “Black Magick” live at this sexy music release party, and all I can say is “WoW, where da fock has this gurl been”? Look out Philadelphia, Margie Martino has arrived and she is packing a huge powerful vocal punch.

Hera (AKA Hera Raifi) now a Philadelphian, but is originally from San Diego, CA, joins Gino and 418 Music for an experience that we all will totally enjoy. Her remix single “Goodbye Kiss” is gonna be a tremendous smash hit and can currently be heard on iTunes. She also has a very strong passion for modeling and professional photo shoots. Just like Hera says, “anything is possible when you believe”.

DJ Spontane has worked very hard to earn the reputation of being one of the hypest and most talented DJ/Host in the Philadelphia area. You can find Spontane spinning at the hottest Philly night spots, he has hosted various venues at local clubs like the 3G Lounge, Banana Lounge, Fiso Lounge, Club Tragos, Club House and many more. As part of the Sneaker Villa Dream Street DJ Squad, he not only provides in-store music for Sneaker Villa, he also host, promotes, and DJ external store events including concerts and radio promotions.

I would personally like to thank Gino Caporale for an amazing night at the 418 Music release party in South Philadelphia. To get in contact with my boy Gino or any one of the 418 Music artists, please go to: or

To get in contact with my crazy focking azz, please go to: or

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Have You Been Banged lately?

bangarang_print4x3inIf not, then you haven’t been to Victory Beer Hall inside the all new Xfinity Live! Philadelphia.  Bangarang has been a staple at Victory since its grand opening in March, supplying South Philadelphia’s newest hot spot with a high energy, exciting rock show that has been missing from the scene for years.  Bangarang got their start as an acoustic duo, but after adding a few pieces, they have burst onto the cover band scene and have become a house hold name overnight.  It starts with their front men.  Jim Wible and Phil Murphy have been performing together for years and it shows.  Whether harmonizing, or singing on their own, these two captivating voices command your attention.  Next, the lead saxophone of Fred Lahm adds a fresh dimension to this dynamic band. Opting to do guitar solos on the saxophone is risky, but Lahm has the talent and stage presence to pull it off. On the bass guitar, the sometimes German Mascot, but always enjoyable Woodsy, brings the funk and the fun to every show.  Bangarang has a rotating roster of drummers, but whether it’s Josh Dannin or John O’Reilly Jr behind the kit, they don’t miss a beat. If you’re reading this magazine, then you are looking for the next great place to party, and Victory Beer Hall on a Bangarang night is the answer. Where else can you enjoy a vast selection of your favorite Victory Beers, while dancing on tables and singing along to the area’s most exciting new band?  Go to for show times and a full schedule. And get down to Xfinity Live! and see for yourself why this is the new “place to be in Philly”

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By: Krista Doran

36583_10150969713150661_1687122810_nIf you grew up to the sounds of Pink Floyd, or even if you are just a fan of their music you are going to be very interested in seeing the band I am featuring this month, Think Pink Floyd!

Think Pink Floyd is the Tri-state area’s most popular Pink Floyd Tribute and if you have ever seen them, you understand why. I spoke to founder and driving force behind Think Pink Floyd, Billy Martin who told me, “Think Pink Floyd delivers a concert experience that captures the mood, emotions and the intensity of the Pink Floyd theatrical presentation.” This 6 piece band features four vocalists, album sound effects and a choreographed light show of rolling fog and state-of-the-art intelligent lighting and the same back drop video used by Pink Floyd. Billy explained, “At a Think Pink Floyd show, you are led along many beautiful and complicated paths through ‘Speak to Me’, ‘Breathe’, ‘On The Run’ and ‘Time’, before the show climaxes with ‘The Great Gig in the Sky’.”

I asked Billy what he felt was different about what they do and he explained “We try to play this music note for note, just as Pink Floyd would play it. We like to see ourselves as a concept band. We work hard on getting every aspect of the presentation right. Everything has to be dead on and still remain faithful to what we feel is the spirit of Pink Floyd”. Judging from the facial expressions and reactions of the band’s audience, Think Pink Floyd does just that!

When speaking with Billy, I really got the impression that Think Pink Floyd is really not about the individual band members, but more about the music of Pink Floyd as a whole. Each member is very dedicated to putting on the best show possible and they take it very seriously. They do quite a bit from the albums, “Dark Side of The Moon”, and of course, “The Wall”, but they will also mix in songs from every Pink Floyd album which is really a treat for all who love their music. It’s almost like seeing the real thing!

Think Pink Floyd has been called “The Greatest Pink Floyd Show” and there is no wondering why. Anyone that has seen them perform can attest to the high level of musicianship and real feel of the music you will experience. This isn’t something you would attend and expect to hear a mediocre rendition…this is as close as you are going to get without going to see the REAL Pink Floyd! If you want to experience the music for yourself, here are some of their upcoming shows:

8/5 – 6 pm Free Concert at The Quakertown Music Festival (700 W Mill St Quakertown PA)
8/11 – 1 pm Tribute Palooza 2012 at The Ukie Club (847 N Franklin St Phila PA)
8/18 – 10 pm Sweeney’s Station Saloon (13639 Philmont Ave Phila PA)
9/15 – Us and Them Think Pink and Steal Your Face at The Legendary Dobbs (304 South St Phila PA)

You can stay in touch with the band and follow them by viewing their full schedule any time at ; Get ready to have your mind blown!

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By: Krista Doran

pixie_dixIsn’t it funny sometimes how things just seem to work out? Sometimes we have days where nothing goes right, then all of a sudden things just seem to come together. And when this happens, these are usually the times when something very special comes fourth for us. This is what I think of when I think of this month’s featured band, The Pixie Dix.
All six members of this band had been working on the music scene in one way or another or in and out of various bands. Their lead singer, Sharon Rivera met bassist Kevin Wilkes and guitarist Carmen Pannulla at local open mics and formed a friendship. From there, they decided to put together an acoustic trio, but it wasn’t long before they realized they had something special. They decided that they wanted to play more of a variety of songs and knew that in order to do so their sound needed to be bigger, so they called on their friends Dave Taggart, Joe Silvia and Andrew Sumbillo.

I spoke to drummer Dave Taggart who explained to me, “We’re not confined to playing any certain style of music. We play an eclectic mix that appeals to a wide variety of people. We are able to offer a little something for everyone, due to each of our individual musical influences.” I have seen the band in action and they certainly do play a great mix, ranging from Journey and Michael Jackson to Adele and Alice in Chains. Their set lists are built around the song requests of their friends and growing following. Dave told me, “Its not about what we want to play. It’s more about what people want to hear. After all, if it wasn’t for the people who come to see us, we wouldn’t be doing what we love to do.”

The Pixie Dix certainly has all their bases covered with great talent. I have personally known almost every one of the members for years and can honestly say this is not only a good band, but they are all good people, too. They have a loyal and large following that keeps getting bigger with every show and they greatly respect the opportunity to be able to play music together. Although the whole band is great, their lead singer Sharon Rivera is truly a diamond in the rough. She has had no professional training as a singer, yet her voice is amazing! Sharon is very well known on the open mic circuit, and in 2011 the won 1st Place at the “Bucks County Idol” contest, held at McStew’s in Levittown. In 2012, she took 2nd Place in the Parx Casino’s “Parx Got Talent” contest. She is ego-free and I sometimes wonder if she really knows how truly talented she is. Drummer, Dave Taggart and Bassist Kevin Wilkes have been in various local bands including Zero Tolerance and Jekyll’s Hyde, while Lead Guitarist Joe Sylvia played in such bands as Ambush and Band Kamp. Guitarist Carmen Pannulla started playing at a very young age and pulls his influence mostly from folk and acoustic singer/songwriter styles. Their keyboard player Andrew Sumbillo has played in bands both locally and in CA and is the owner of The Bensalem School of Musical Arts. You can tell they love playing together, too! Their shows are lots always of fun.

You can catch Pixie Dix playing in several local rooms known for music, including The Temperance House in Newtown, Fluke’s in NE Philly and The Stadium in Levittown. Here are a few of their upcoming dates: 7/20 – Marie’s Cozy Corner in Levittown, PA; 8/4 – 5 Points Stadium in Levittown, PA; 8/18 – The BCMA Motorcycle Rodeo at The Newportville Firehouse in Levittown, PA and 8/25 – Sparky’s in Levittown, PA. They host an open mic every other Thursday at The American Legion Post 960 located at 1537 Woodbourne Rd in Levittown, which will start again on 8/1/12. They are also the perfect band to have play at private parties and will often give of their time to play at local charity events.

The Pixie Dix is a band that will brighten up any room with their wide range of music. To learn more about the band, check out their Facebook page by searching PixieDix. Be sure to go out and see them and if you would like to book the band for your bar, club or private event, please contact Dave Taggart at 215-962-7285. The Pixie Dix is: Sharon Rivera – Lead Vocals; Carmen Pannulla – Acoustic Guitar and Vocals; Kevin Wilkes – Bass Guitar and Vocals; Joe Silvia – Lead Guitar; Andrew Sumbillo – Keys and Vocals; Dave Taggart – Drums/Percussion and Vocals.

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Styx, REO & Nugent to Rock the Borgata July 1

By Lynn Ramage’

STYX-usableHaving sold over 30 Million LP’s in 4 decades, STYX is still selling out arenas and stunning audiences around the world! This summer the band joins forces with two equally Legendary bands “REO Speedwagon and the Ted Nugent” on “The Midwest Rock & Roll Express Tour” kicking off in Bethlehem PA on June 29th. “Out on the Town” was invited to cover this event and we’ll be meeting up with them in Atlantic City on July 1st! STYX consisting of Tommy Shaw on vocals, James Young also on vocals and guitars, Todd Sucherman on drums, Lawrence Gowan vocals and keyboards, Ricky Phillips on bass and surprise appearances by original bassist Chuck Panozzo. I’m sure we’ll be enthralled by hearing some of their power ballads such as; “Come Sail Away,” “Renegade,” “Blue Collar Man” “Lady” and “Fooling Yourself” and so many other hits! I had a chance to sit and talk to bassist Ricky Phillips who joined the band around 2003. Now Ricky himself has had an astounding career starting with the record hits playing with the “Baby’s” and then onto “Bad English.” He has played also with many heavy hitters such as Jimmy Page and David Coverdale, Creedence, Joe Lynn Turner, Julian Lennon, Roger Daltry just to name a few!

L.R: This new tour “The Midwest Rock & Roll Express” do you know how long this tour will last and any word on a second leg by way of Philadelphia possibly?

R.S: That always depends on the promoters and who bids on it but that does sometimes happen with a tour and all of a sudden it catches a bit of a flame, where there is enough interest! So far we’re only doing two legs that I’ve seen. I know we’re booked thru November and we’ve got to be moving around the country quite a bit!

L.R: How long will each band play? Any set themes we can expect?

R.S: Ted goes on and plays for about an hour and then REO and STYX play for about 75 minutes. With the set changes that’s a full night. It’s definitely enough for everybody to dig into the catalog. The cool thing that I like about STYX is not really about one thing or one style. The band has evolved over the years and some of the hits happened by accident. The band really never thought as themselves as a singles oriented band. So within that you don’t really satisfy the audience unless you can touch upon all those things cause I think that’s all the elements that have given us the fan base we have had at this point now through all these years. We try not to do the same exact thing every night and we try to change it up. Sometime during the middle of the set we’ll play something that may not have had the airplay that the obvious hits did but there are songs our die hard fans know and want to hear so we try to change that up and throw a couple of those in every night.

L.R: Do you have a personal favorite song you like to play and why?

R.S: Ya know, it kind of changes for me but I can name a few as we go through, I love the deeper cuts. I came from a real harder edged rock school growing up. I started out with the Beatles but then when I heard Hendrix and Led Zeppelin that was it for me! I think the interesting thing about STYX is that we have this younger fan base and it’s really cool to see these young faces out there singing along with knowing all the words. It’s fun for us! One song…I think “Renegade” is just one of those songs that get you up! Another song that is a sleeper is just a masterpiece is “Fooling Yourself” you don’t think of it as one of your favorite “STYX” song, but you can feel the emotional response from the audience, so that is always fun to play!

L.R: Having done as much as you have, and joining STYX and to have sold so many millions of albums worldwide. Do you recall that moment when you realized what a huge success you had become? Do you recall your thoughts at that moment?

R.S: I think it sneaks up on you and you don’t realize it. I will say this. Everyone and I mean every musician knows where they were the first time they heard themselves on the radio. I was on Sunset Boulevard on a Beautiful day in Sunny Los Angeles going past Tower records which by the way is not there anymore. Back then, I lived walking distance from the Whiskey A Go Go! I was driving and Boom, there it was, it was a song “Back on My Feet Again” when I was with the Baby’s. You kind of look around and think is anyone else hearing this? So you pull over really fast to listen to it!

L.R: in October of 2011, a double CD release “Regeneration” with a few revamped “Damned Yankees” songs when Tommy was once in that band. I wasn’t aware of this release will it be available for fans at the show?

R.S: Yes it is and as a matter of a fact, Tommy had written a song “A Difference in the World” We are still writing for ourselves to satisfy our artistic creations and I suggested we add that song as a bonus track to the “Regeneration” release.

L.R: Do you have any Hobbies?

R.S: I’m deeply addicted to Golf! Sometimes for the band I do Golf Promotions where radio contest winners can join me in a round of golf to create a presence of any of the touring we may do. So its kind of fun with meeting some of my fans and radio personalities that I’ve known for years over the phone! The discipline of golf relates somehow to trying to master an instrument or being a good actor. Cause you have no one to blame. It’s all you! There is so much more to it! If you get somebody started on Golf it’s a great great discipline! I’ve been playing since I was a kid. My dad and I would go out on the course and we’d just have a good time together!

L.R: Finally what one thing is that you still would like to do?

R.S: Wow! One thing…Ya know I think I’ve always wanted to find the time, if you are a song writer and you’ve got them living in your head but to get them all recorded and get them down is a process! To do it properly, and to record them the way you feel they need to be represented. To me I write in a sense where the music is as important as the lyric & arrangements and time signatures…just the way I like to write is more complex then a simple little three chord song. I would love to have the time to dedicate to get fifty to even seventy songs recorded and trying to find homes with them with other artists. My main focus has been being in a band. In doing so there are some personal things musically that I would love…I would love to have success with a song that I’ve written for another artist. But I’d love to have a song that I’ve written that everyone knew! Oh a song someone would say “Oh I like that song!” I wish I could sing for what I write. I write for guys that have much higher ranges. Tommy is amazing! He is a fountain of ideas! He always has something going on in his head. I like the way he jams out his thought process so it doesn’t get stuck on an initial idea thinking that’s the only way it can be done. It can evolve and he finds the sweet spot in the stuff he writes! It’s really cool the way he works!

L.R: In all your travels who have been the most interesting person so far you’ve met?

R.S: Probably my grandfather. When you’re a little kid you don’t realize you’re putting that pallet together. He would start talking and he would never raise his voice, so everyone else would quiet down and listen to him speak and no one would speak until he was done. (Laughter) It was like a Power that was extraordinary. He had good things to say and he was a kind soul. Yeah He “got it!”

I wish I had more room to write here, as this interview was up there as one of my favorites! It was an honor and a pleasure for me to interview Ricky, he was just so down to earth and humble! We want to again thank him for to take the time he took with us before the tour! We really hope to see everyone out for these shows as they truly promise to be an incredible night promised with so much talent!

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