By Krista Doran

Copy_of_Roach-Dec_20Well, it’s the Christmas edition of the Out On The Town and I wanted to take this opportunity to personally wish all of our readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Happy New Year! This is my favorite time of the year and one of the ways I like to celebrate is with music! There will be plenty of fun things to do over the Holidays and the OOT has your back on this for sure! We know all the best places to go for fun and music and one act I can definitely recommend for you is the 5th Annual All Original Christmas Show with Matt Roach at the Tin Angel on 12/20/09!

After working with a sketch comedy group for many years back in the late 80’s, early 90’s, Matt began writing music and working his hilarious comical talents into his songs. He has written the music and the lyrics to over 400 of his own original tunes and as Matt explains, “Most of my songs are usually written in the shower or while doing dishes for some reason.” His songs seem to come to him all at once and he can usually finish them from start to finish in about 15 minutes. “You won’t really know exactly what my songs are about;” says Matt “They can go from completely deranged to funny or sad. But one thing is for sure, no matter what type of mood you are in, there is definitely something there for everyone to relate to.”

Matt is a one-man show and his act is certainly unlike anything you have ever seen or heard before. I asked Matt what he uses as his inspiration for writing new songs and his reply to me was unexpected, but honest. He told me that most of his songs, although lyrically driven, have an underlying sadness to them. I asked him why that was, thinking I would get a deep answer, pertaining to a horrible childhood, but he very calmly stated, “Happy songs are too hokey!” I got a good chuckle about that because when I listened to his music, I totally understood what he meant. Matt writes about real life – not just the happy parts of it and adds lots of humor and fun to it. His songs definitely say many things you have already been thinking but may be too afraid to say yourself!

In addition to performing solo, Matt also does all of his marketing and promotion on his own. I asked him why he decided to take it all on and he simply stated “no manager or booking agent is going to take as much interest in me as I would.” Yet another honest answer and I for one can definitely respect that! He has been successful by doing it all himself! He has opened for such acts as Marshall Crenshaw and Steve Forbert and is a very well-known artist from the Philly area.

Matt Roach is quite a character and has developed a very unique act that is entertaining in every way. So if you are looking for something to do over the Holidays that is fun and thought provoking, funny yet realistic about life, go check out Matt Roach at the Tin Angel on 12/20. You can purchase tickets and listen to Matt’s music right now at

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By Helene

ootfinalRoll out the red carpet……THE DOCTOR is in… “Doc Hollywood” that is. Coming out of Delaware this retro-modern party rock band plays all over from South Maryland to this side of PA, consisting of 6 players, including female and male fronts, Lauren Clapper & Matt “The Cannonball” Cannon. Two guitarists, Brian “Shep” Shepherd, & Fran Lemon, Joby Parendier on bass & Ken Mondillo on drums. Everyone sings back-ups & lead keeping their songs new and fresh. This band covers artists from Pink & Lady GaGa to the Black Eyed Peas & Theory of A Dead Man to Gavin DeGraw and more! And that’s not all Doc Hollywood takes its name to the limit doing themed events like Toga Parties, Pajama Parties & Sexy Black Dress Parties. “We’re definitely not a band that can stay in one place the whole night!”, Shep explains. “We tend to get in the crowd and have fun! We love to play and meet new people! When you come to see Doc Hollywood, you will let go and leave your problems at the door!”

This band puts on one hell of show, unpredictable, you never know when they will storm the stage wearing crazy hats, sunglasses & wigs and they do trivia questions for give-a-ways like t-shirts and CD’s and even free drinks & other fun stuff. They also do a block of 80’s songs in the middle of their show causing their audience to sing-a-long to hits like “Pour Some Sugar On Me” & “Shook Me All Night Long” geared to get everyone into the party atmosphere!

“With hard work and dedication, Doc Hollywood has continued its vitality on the cover band scene. “There is nothing like the transfer of energy at a “live show”. If the band and the fans can have this engaging interaction, the show is a success!”, says Shep. You can check out Doc Hollywood at one of your favorite bars in your area. Look for them on Jan 9th at Catherine Rooneys in Wilmington, DE. Doc Hollywood is one band to watch out for in 2010! To find out where they are playing next visit their website at Bar/Club Owners & Agents are welcome to call Brian at 908-319-0521 for future bookings/events. DSC04596

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By Rob Nagy

MATTHEWSWEET&SUSANNAHOFFS-2Pop recording artists Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs each came to prominence via different paths while enjoying varied degrees of success. Sweet, while born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska, relocated to Athens, Georgia in the early 80’s and soon became a part of the burgeoning Athens music scene where artists like the B-52’s and REM were embarking on their now legendary careers. Sweet worked with REM front man Michael Stipe in a band called “The Community Trolls” while pulling double duty with Stipe’s sister Lynda in the “Oh-OK”. By 1985 Sweet had caught the attention of record Giant Columbia Records – landing a solo contract and releasing the album “Inside” to rave reviews but less than dazzling record sales. Departing Columbia Records, Sweet signed with A&M where, again, he had critical acclaim but very little response from the record buying public. It wasn’t until 1991’s Zoo Entertainment release of the album “Girlfriend” that Sweet got the long overdue radio airplay and record sales he had longed for. The title track “Girlfriend” reached the top ten, spawning the heavily rotated video on MTV. Along with success comes an end for too many artists; Sweet was no exception. He had achieved the notoriety and airplay that was most deserved, but fans – having little patience – moved on to the next new craze. Sweet released a handful of albums throughout the remainder of the decade and into the millennium but was unable to revisit his brief moment in the spotlight. In 2002 he put together the super group “The Thorns” releasing one album before breaking up. Along with writing and recording Sweet did some producing, co-writing and work in TV and film. Sweet and Hoffs were members of the band “Ming Tea” along with Mike Myers in the classic film “Austin Powers”.
Susanna Hoffs enjoyed far more media attention and notoriety as a member of the 80’s girl group “The Bangles”. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Hoffs was exposed to celebrity as the daughter of film director Tamar Simon Hoffs. Signing with Columbia Records in 1984, the Bangles breakthrough came two years later with the release of the album “Different Light”, which yielded the smash hits “Walk Like An Egyptian” and “Manic Monday”. As the most visible member of the Bangles, Hoffs garnered much of the attention. She co-wrote songs for other artists, most notably the Go-Go’s Belinda Carlisle, and saw Rickenbacker unveil a Susanna Hoffs’ model guitar. With the 80’s rapidly coming to a close, the Bangles released the album “Everything” featuring their biggest single “Eternal Flame”, which Hoffs co-wrote and sang. Displaying her diverse talents, Hoffs co-starred in the film “The Allnighter” starring John Cusack, which was directed by her mother. By 1990, the Bangles disbanded eventually reuniting nearly a decade later, at Hoffs urging, to release the “Doll Revolution” album in 2003. Hoffs released a couple of solo efforts to a moderate response, but like Sweet, the glory days had come and gone. In 1993 Hoffs married film director Jay Roach (Austin Powers and Meet The Parents). It was during the making of “Austin Powers” that Sweet and Hoffs established a great friendship that continues to this day. In 2006, billing themselves as “Sid and Susie”, they recorded and released “Under The Covers” Volume 1, a collection of their interpretations of the 60’s greatest songs, which included “Monday, Monday”, The Kids Are Alright” and “Cinnamon Girl”. Following the release of a long overdue solo effort, 2008’s “Sunshine Lies”, Sweet and Hoffs returned to the studio to record their current release “Under The Covers” Volume II, offering a collection of classic songs from the seventies, which included “You’re So Vain”, “Hello It’s Me” and “Maggie May”.
On November 15, 2009 Sweet and Hoffs performed a two-hour set to a surprising capacity audience at the Sellersville Theatre in Sellersville, PA. The concert was in two parts with Sweet and Hoffs doing their 60’s cover songs the first half and the 70’s portion the second half. The duo was joined by two additional acoustic guitarists – adding a depth and richness to the overall sound. In between selections they told a variety of stories relating to their respective careers. The show itself seemed flat and a little on the unrehearsed side. Too much time was spent talking, and there seemed to be confusion at times over what song to play next. While Hoffs still has a very strong singing voice, her microphone was clearly put at a volume that was often overbearing and took away from the overall show. Still, it was fun to hear so many of the classic songs that have stood the test of time no matter who is performing them. Standouts included “You’re So Vain”, “Cinnamon Girl”, “Hello It’s Me”, “All The Young Dudes” and “Go All The Way”. There is talk of Sweet and Hoffs releasing an 80’s tribute but to date nothing has been confirmed. For more info on Matthew Sweet go to and Susanna Hoffs go to To stay up to date with all future shows coming to the Sellersville Theatre go to:

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Written by: Karli Rizzo

GoodmanFiskephotoAmong hundreds of Philadelphia and New Jersey based cover bands, Goodman Fiske (GMF) is one of the most impressive groups of musicians to set foot on stage. GMF is the ultimate cover band, providing live musical bliss as well as captivating stage presence. Founded by Gene Goodman and Ryan Fiske in 2005 GMF has garnered major regional attention catapulting them into local rock and roll stardom. GMF consists of Goodman, lead guitarist and backup vocalist, Fiske, lead vocalist and guitarist, Ian Lightcap, bassist and John Kresge, drummer.

Together the band sounds phenomenal and the instrumentals alone are so cohesive, they’re awe-inspiring. When GMF played the opening rift to AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck”, at Mad River in Manayunk on November 19, crowds of men and women started cheering as they rushed the stage. Individually, each member of GMF is a musical prodigy. Front man, Fiske possesses an insane vocal range, going from Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall” to The Killers “All These Things That I’ve Done” with out missing a beat. His vocal prowess combined with his interaction with the crowd makes him a favorite at local venues. Goodman is a kind of guitar genius, known for shredding on his Zakk Wylde guitar. A self taught musician, Goodman was born to play the guitar. At any given show, you can find all eyes on Goodman as he rocks guitar solos one-handed behind his back, criss-crossed and with his teeth. Goodman is easily the best local guitarist I’ve ever seen. Lightcap is a ball of energy, simply owning the bass. His playing evokes emotion, while his head bobbing and bass pumping sets the vivacious tone for every song. Heads turn when they hear Lightcap thumping the bass like a true rock and roll star. Finally, Kresge on drums, also self-taught has the intensity, rhythm and hitting style comparable to some of rocks greatest drummers. Kresge, the heartthrob of Goodman Fiske, dominates the drums, going all out for each performance. The kid can seriously jam.

GMF, part of Shore Bets Management, is acclaimed for their outstanding cover performances as well as their masterfully written original music. GMF covers a wide range of artists including, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, Black Crowes, Kings of Leon and dozens more. GMF appeared again Philadelphia’s CBS studios to perform live in support of the Eagles kick-off festivities. Check GMF perform one of their original songs at CBS 3 at

In just three years GMF has made enormous strides in the Philadelphia, New Jersey music scene scoring them a sponsorship with Bud Light. GMF is quickly rising up in the music industry, earning them much deserved respect as both cover musicians as well as the next up-and-coming original band. GMF hopes to release an original album in 2010. Be sure to check out GMF at Dazzy O’s in Winslow, N.J. on New Years Eve. For more information on GMF and their upcoming shows please visit

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By Krista Doran

slimbobWe all have different taste in music, that’s a given. I mean lets face it; there are a lot of different types of music from the incredible to the completely bizarre. What one person may think is talent may make another person’s ears bleed. I have a pretty eclectic collection of music at home and I enjoy just about anything that isn’t Top 40, RAP or something my 12 year old niece would listen to. One genre I never really seemed to get very excited about however is Blues. Don’t get me wrong, I do like it, but some of the local Blues bands I have had the chance to see sounded great for the first 3 or 4 songs and then everything just started to sound the same. I would often wonder when the last song ended and the next one began. Well, that was the case until I was introduced to Slim Bob and the New Electrics!

I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Slim Bob who is a very well-known Blues artist from the Philly area. The original version of the band, Slim Bob and the Electrics, actually formed in the 80s and were together nearly a decade. Then after several years of a successful career playing on his own and with many other Blues musicians including Billy Branch, Magic Slim and the Teardrops, Kenny Neal, Byron King and the King Snakes, Fat Head, Brothers from Another and Philadelphia’s own Toni Washington as well as many others, Slim Bob reformed the band with new players in 2008, calling them the NEW Electrics. This is not your typical Blues, and as Slim Bob explained “what we play is called House Rockin’ Blues, also known as Chicago-style Jump Blues.” Being the Blues novice that I am, I asked Slim Bob what that was exactly and he explained that “it’s the original Blues which came from the South, but when musicians brought the sound North to the Chicago area they added a more amplified and electric sound to it, making the tunes upbeat or “jumpy.” This is when Chicago-style Jump Blues was born.

Slim Bob and the New Electrics have now been together over a year and have been playing many diverse venues, offering a great time for anyone who likes to dance. In addition to the old favorites by artists like Muddy Waters, James Cotton and BB King, the band also has several original tunes they mix in. These guys are really diverse in what they play, too. They tend to lean towards the Rock-n-Roll side of Blues and will perform songs by Amos Lee, Randy California and even Steppenwolf. If you go see Slim Bob and the New Electrics, expect a very professional show that is energetic, interactive and tells many stories, paying homage to the original artists who wrote the songs. The band recently opened up for Mike LeCompt at Puck in Doylestown, and they have some upcoming shows including 11/28 at The Glacier in Saylorsburg PA, 12/12 at the Andalusia Stadium in Bensalem and 12/26 at The Hollywood Tavern in Rockledge, PA.

You can go to their website to listen to their music and also see their full schedule and how to get in touch with the band. If you go see them take my advice – bring your dancing shoes honey, because these guys will rock the house!

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Written by: Karli Rizzo

3089Philadelphia’s cover band to hear right now is the ever loyal, Jumper.
The band is comprised of: Joe leader singer, Tim guitarist and singer,
JT guitarist and singer, Andrew bassist and singer and Jon drummer and
singer. Jumper has been a remarkable cover band for nearly a decade
Jumper made its national debut on VH1’s “Cover Band Wars” hosted by
Paul Shaffer of The Tonight Show with David Letterman. Competing
against cover bands from across the country, Jumper proved to be the
best performers, winning the competition outright. Since their
appearance on “Cover Band Wars”, Jumper has continued to be successful
due to their unparalleled versatility among local cover bands. Their
ever changing set lists incorporate music styles for a diverse
audience including, classic rock, 80’s, 90’s, current dance, oldies
and much more.
This is a band that wants to focus on their profound ability to
entertain by sharing their musical talent and showcasing their
impressive stage presence. Jumper has played in dozens of premier
venues both locally and nationally including: The Havana, Manayunk
Brewery, Kat Man Du, The Trump Marina, The Eden Lounge in Atlantic
City, Sloppy Joes in Key West, Florida, Fager’s Island in Ocean City,
Maryland and more. Jumper also performs at wedding and various other
private affairs.
Jumper’s ability to adapt and remain energetic for the past ten years
is truly remarkable. Jumper has demonstrated that the bands whose
heart and soul are in their music can preserver in even the toughest
of economic times. A band that can endure a decade’s worth of change
within the music industry is extremely uncommon, except of course in
Jumper’s case. A must see performance, be sure to check out Jumper on for more details on their upcoming shows
starting with November 6 at Harrah’s in Chester.

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By: Krista Doran

l_05ea88f9a5a6456e9f830ba32c93db65I think I have pointed out on more than one occasion that the Philly area is definitely overrun with Top 40 cover bands. Some may like to hear the same songs played over and over again, but I for one, like a little diversity when I go see live music. Not that there is anything wrong with the Top 40 scene if that is your “cup of tea”. To me though, it’s played out and boring. That is why when a band takes the initiative to be different, I get excited about it. This area could use more acts that strive to be different and these are the bands I like to write about. One act that has definitely taken that step and is making a name out there by doing something different is and band called Release.

Release has actually been around since 2003, performing a harder edge sound than your typical Top 40 band. They specialize in Hard Rock and Metal, while mixing in some great Classic Rock tunes. Although the band has gone through a few personnel changes over the years, according to lead guitarist Michael “Guitar Mike” Margiotta, this is their best line up yet. I asked Mike what made this group of guys different than any other versions of the band, and for that matter, any of the other bands out there doing the same type of music and he told me “Release is no frills and all thrills! We don’t use gimmicks; we just play high energy, kick-ass music that is true to the original song, right down to the guitar solos and vocal and guitar harmonies. We stress the importance of being tight and we play the songs the way people want to hear them.”

Release is a band that can pull off just about any type of music because of their extremely strong musicianship, and they do mix in a few different genres to please everyone in the crowd. They can go from playing songs by Old School Metal bands like Metallica and Pantera, and then go right into some Neil Young, GNR or Led Zeppelin. But when it comes right down to it, as Mike puts it, “We love to play Metal. It’s aggressive and we have many fans that really enjoy it.” There is definitely a huge base of people out there who thirst for Hard Rock and Metal in this area, and Release delivers a very authentic experience in order to quench that thirst, and then some! “When people think of good rocking music, we want people to think of Release as THE band to see” says Mike. “The music we play is definitely intense, and it certainly speaks for itself.”

You can catch Release playing at some great venues such as Whiskey Tango in Philly, McStew’s in Levittown and The Andalusia Stadium in Bensalem. The band is very quickly building a name in the area as a top-notch, hard-rocking band and they are working out dates now for several other rooms. Be sure to check out their Myspace site at to see where they are playing next and also get news on an original project they may soon be announcing!

Release is comprised of 5 extremely talented musicians, Michael “Guitar Mike” Margiotta on Lead Guitar, Pat Rooney, Lead vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Kevin “Kip” Mills on Bass and Backing Vocals, Jorge Caraballo, Lead/Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals and Noel Mendez on Drums. No, what you’ve just read is not a typo – Mike and Jorge do play both lead and rhythm guitar – this allows them to perform double leads, staying true to the solos on many of the songs they play. So if hard rock and metal is what you crave, go check out Release. You will be banging your head from the very first note!

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OOT_promoshot_screamBy: Krista Doran

I think the readers of “In The Spotlight” are starting to realize some things about me and why I like writing it so much. I have my opinions, some of them very strong, but that’s why The Out On The Town has me do these features. This particular segment of the paper is reserved for the best of the best local bands and those that are doing things in a big way. I am a local musician, not just someone who writes about them so I understand both the band side and the business side, and this lends a little more credibility to what I write. I listen. I observe. I write about it. I bring you honest information so you can make the best choices about how you spend your down time. That’s important to me, and I hope you enjoy reading these articles. So let’s get to this, shall we?

I am excited about the band I am featuring in this issue because I think they have something very different to offer. The music they play is not necessarily the type of music I listen to, but one thing I love about them is how truly unique they are for a Philly cover band. The cover band scene has changed drastically over the last several years and it’s a real shame. I remember waiting in line outside clubs in the late 80’s and 90’s to see local music and you just don’t really see that to often anywhere in Philly anymore. What has happened? Well, I could totally go off on a tangent here and tell you, but we’ll save that for another day. There are bands out there that still draw, but it’s nothing like before. I believe one reason is the influence of Hip Hop music, which is not the typical music most live bands will or even have thought of doing. It’s something that DJs can really thrive on and many clubs are doing less live music and more DJ parties in a lot of cases. This is a fact, like it or not and there is one band out there that is being smart about it and thinking of that segment of people that want to dance and hear Hip Hop, Dane, Pop and Top 40 all in one place and giving them a LIVE show that is unlike anything else they are going to see around here. That band is called Scream.

Scream is an extremely high energy cover band put together by front man Danny, who is the former Rockets, McLovin and Alter Ego lead singer. When I spoke to Danny, he told me he felt there was something really lacking out there in the live cover band scene. As Danny said, “I would go check out bands all over the area – they all had different names, yet were playing all the same music. I wanted to do something really different… something that would make everyone have no choice but to get up and DANCE.”

The band has only been together now for about a year but has been drawing some major attention. They play songs by artists like, NKOTB, Michael Jackson, NSYNC…stuff you are not going to hear other cover bands do. I have to tell you – they do an awesome and very unique mix of Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River” backed with “The Ocean” by Led Zeppelin that you need to check out…its VERY cool!

I think the best way to describe what Scream is doing is combining the music you would hear a DJ play, but its LIVE music. You are going to see the real choreography the lights and energy you would see if you were to go see some of the acts I mentioned above, but right here in a Philly club. Danny told me, “We want to change things because too many bands are afraid to take chances like this so we are the first. People are attacking our site and coming out to our shows, so obviously it is working!”

You can catch Danny, KP, Mike, Nate and Wolf at some of the best rooms in the area such as Reeds, Whiskey Tango, Roosevelt’s (formerly the Route 1 Café), Bootlegger’s and starting October 13th, every Tuesday night Scream will be live at Benny The Bum’s for Twisted Tuesdays starting at 9:45 pm. This is a GREAT place to see a band and have a lot of fun, so be sure to go check them out. Oh and Laaaaaadies…are you hearing me?? You will love these boys, trust me!

So for all you peeps out there only into DJs that say, “I’m not really into the band thing” – you might want to give this band a shot. I can pretty much guarantee you’ll change your mind about it. You can check out Scream right now by going to .

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Neil DiamondNot only has he not been inducted, but on the eve of the Rock Hall’s 25th Anniversary, Diamond still has NEVER appeared on the ballot!

Jon Bream, author of Neil Diamond Is Forever: The Illustrated History of The Man and His Music, wants to tackle that “egregious oversight” with YOU and your audience

(with Neil Diamond memorabilia!)
Friday 10/9/09

Says Bream, for 35 years the pop music critic at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

“The elitist club that runs the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame doesn’t think Neil Diamond is hip enough to even be considered for induction. I say put him on the ballot and let the voters decide.

“His credentials are more impressive and compelling than those of many inductees. He has written hits for the Monkees, Smash Mouth and many others as well as for himself. He’s scored 12 top 10 singles in the ‘60s ‘70s and ‘80s. In this decade, he has worked with the hippest producer around, Rick Rubin, for two albums with a third in the works. His music has been widely influential, and he’s beloved by two generations of music lovers. Look at the stars that turned out to honor him at the Grammys gala in February – Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Adele, Jonas Brothers, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Jennifer Hudson, Chris Cornell and even Kid Rock. At age 68, Neil satisfies his crowd better than Bob Dylan, Elton John or Rod Stewart do theirs. And they’d be envious of his 3.6 million tickets sold since 2001. Neil has been the uncrowned king of pop for five decades.

“The snobs on the Hall of Fame nominating committee finally put Kiss on the ballot this fall. I say put Neil Diamond on the ballot. I’ll vote for him and I’m sure many, many other voters will, too. See you at Neil’s induction ceremony to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”

In Billboard’s ranking of music-biz moneymakers for 2008, Neil Diamond finished No. 7, with $82,174,000 — putting him ahead of such contemporary stars as Rascal Flatts, the Jonas Brothers, Coldplay and Taylor Swift. At 68, Diamond had the sixth highest grossing tour of 2008, drawing 924,052 people for 69 shows.

In his fifth decade of superstardom, Neil Diamond remains a major international star, selling out shows in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and North America. Neil Diamond Is Forever: The Illustrated History of the Man and His Music features Neil memorabilia from at least 12 countries, including Thailand, Japan and Germany.

Neil Diamond rivals Bob Dylan and Elton John as the most consistently enduring solo artist in pop history. Dylan plays casinos, theaters and minor-league ballparks, Elton plays Vegas and tours arenas with Billy Joel; Diamond headlines arenas and festivals.

Neil is still big on the sales charts– his 2008 CD, Home Before Dark, debuted at No. 1 and his 2009 DVD, Hot August Night/NYC, debuted at No. 2.

Neil is an underrated songwriter who penned hits for Monkees (I’m a Believer), UB40 (Red Red Wine), among others, not to mention his own classics including Cherry Cherry, Song Sung Blue and Sweet Caroline. His songs have been recorded by more than 80 artists, from Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra to Dizzy Gillespie and Smash Mouth.

Neil is so respected and cool that the Foo Fighters, Jonas Brothers, Adele, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Coldplay and even Kid Rock all saluted him at the Grammy Awards gala in February 2009. That event is chronicled in the final chapter of Neil Diamond Is Forever.

Often spoofed, Neil appeared as himself in the movie Saving Silverman and on Saturday Night Live when Will Ferrell was impersonating him.

Neil cares so much about his fans that, after giving a concert at Ohio State University in 2008 during which he was suffering from laryngitis, he offered refunds the next day to anyone who wanted them. What other artist has done that? Ever?

Randy Alexander
Randex Communications

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By Krista Doran

l_2ee409d71c5d412e8855906e436107ccGrowing up in the 80’s was a great time for me, as I am sure it was for many. It was a time of constant fun, parties and MUSIC. Not just any old music though. If you grew up in the 80’s you know what I mean. The launch of Hair Bands and Arena rock was huge and it just took over that decade. It was electric, big production, neon lights with leopard tights, all about sex and good times. Ahhh, those were the days!

If you are craving a true flashback to the 80’s, then all you need to do is take a look at Philly band, Mane Attraction. Now here is a band dedicated to a cause and it’s not just music…but we’ll get to that in a minute! This band puts on that full production with the bright lights, big hair, leather pants and vintage instruments and they play the party anthems we all love to sing along to by bands such as Def Leppard, Cinderalla, Poison, Dokken, Judas Priest and many others. As lead guitarist, Butch puts it “Our shows are totally over the top, obnoxious yet lots of fun. We want to give everyone a chance to relive the 80’s or to experience what it was like.” I asked Butch what Mane Attraction does differently than some of the other bands out there who also offer a trip back to the 80’s and his answer was “Our approach. We want to give the audience a show that is worth more than their cover’s worth and that is why we make sure our shows are always high energy, quick paced and we play songs that everyone loves to scream and head-bang along to.” All the members in this band lived through the 80’s, so they know what people want. They did a lot of research by checking out other arena rock style bands to see what songs they would do in order to get that “Wow” factor and Mane Attraction is following that same path of giving people exactly what they want. Their stage presence is something you won’t soon forget between the costuming, back drops and song choices, you really feel like you’ve gone back in time to an 80’s hair band concert.

The band is 5 members: Shakey on lead vocals, Butch and Paul who both play lead and rhythm guitar, Bones on bass guitar and Joe on drums. They have been together now for 6 months and are already playing some great rooms in the area like JT’s Philadelphia House, The Beehive Pub in NJ and Cazz’s Sports Bar in Levittown. They have also been doing some charity events including Toys for Tots and several Veteran organizations and recently spearheaded a campaign to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which is the world’s largest grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and activists fighting to save lives, empower people, ensure quality care for all and energize science to find the cures. If you go to the Mane Attraction website at you can purchase a “Rockin’ for the Cure” Mane Attraction t-shirt and 100% of the proceeds from these sales will be donated directly to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. I asked Butch why they decided to be so dedicated to this cause and he said “We’ve all been through our own garbage and we are all OK now. We just want to make sure things stay that way by keeping the Karma train going.” You can also find these t-shirts at local retail stores such as Pat’s Music Center on Frankford Avenue in NE Philly and at Way Out in the Roosevelt Mall.

You can of course, pick up one of these t-shirts at a Mane Attraction show as well, so be sure to check out their site and support a band that does so much to help others.

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