From Philly Beer week…now just in time for ST PATRICK’S DAY Yuengling Beer is bringing back…”Yuengling Seasonal BOCK BEER…it is available in bottles and draft. Find out more to by going to www.yuengling.comor click on the Yuengling logo on the home page of OOT.

TRY it at places like: Paddy’s Well – Phila, Locust Rendezvous -Phila, Applebees – West Chester Pa., The Artful Dodger -Phila, The Red Hill Tavern in Gilbertsville Pa., Rising Sun Inn – Telford Pa., Maxi’s Pizza & Bar Phila., The Cherry Street Tavern-Phila., Daly’s Pub-Phila., La Cantina in Gilbertsville Pa., The Bishop’s Collar – Fairmount/Phila., Finnigans Wake-Phila., St. Stephen’s Green-Phila., Phila Steam Fire Engine-Pottstown Pa., The Plumstead Inn Media Pa.,The Riddle Ale House – Media Pa., and Westy’s Bar -Phila.   ASK FOR IT BY NAME!

(Find out more)  > in the new OOT paper / see it now at: and check out ” YUENGLING  SEASONAL BOCK BEER”  on page  31 Enjoy this special beer on St Patricks’ Day or the next time you go out!

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So the weather is not that cool today but inside area bars that will be participating in the annual BUS LOOPS will be buzzin’ with excitement and plenty of fun things to doRIDE the BLARNEY  BUS ( DELCO)RIDE THE LEPRECHAN LOOP and ERIN EXPRESS IN NE PHIL-.many other areas today will be hosting LOOPS for the celebration of the ST PATTY’S HOLIDAY SEASON. THE OOT CAMERAS WILL BE OUT and when you see them taking some photos – just smile for the camera.

ERIN GO – Y0’…ERIN,   go somewhere and that is on one of the many LOOPS taking place today!


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Well here we are once again for another fun filled St Patrick’s Holiday Season…in the spirit of the season the annual Bus LOOPS are buzzin’ everywhere…here are some of the loops and areas…TO FIND OUT MORE about all the bars that will participating, KEY INTO FACE BOOK/Mike Vagnoni and see the report.


Delco area…> BLARNEY BUS in Ridley March 13th 12 noon to 8pm

Center City/Universtity City area….>The 20th Annual Erin Express March 13th

SouthJersey area….The Paddy Wagon Express  on March 6th and also THE ST PATTYS PUB CRAWL on MARCH 13th


NE Phila area….The Shmarock Shuttle  March 6th

NE Phila area…The Celtic Cruiser – March 6th

NE Phila area….The NE ERIN EXPRESS RIDES AGAIN – March 13th

NE Phila area….The Irish Rover * First Annual March 20th

MORE AREAS- Northern Liberties/ Running Of the Mics/

West Chester area….The West Chester Annual Loop  – Key in on Facebook for more information

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Here is something red hot…..



EASY with your OOT

GO TO  >

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By Rob Nagy


© Olivier Lestoquoit, 2009. All rights reserved

While he is not a household name and is known predominantly as a musician’s musician, Philadelphia based guitarist Jef Lee Johnson has quietly managed to build an impressive track record as a studio musician, producer and solo artist. His guitar prowess and skill has found him working with the likes of Jeff Beck, Roberta Flack, George Duke, Aretha Franklin, Al Jarreau, Mariah Carey and McCoy Tyner as well as a brief stint in the eighties as a member of Paul Schaffer’s “World’s Most Dangerous Band” of The David Letterman Show.

The product of a musical family, Johnson’s earliest influences included Herb Albert, Eric Dolphy and the Vanilla Fudge. As a young teenager Johnson discovered jazz-fusion and Chicago blues. His committed pursuit of mastering the guitar initially found him in local garage bands with friends and ultimately graduating to the ranks of accomplished studio musician, routinely doing sessions in New York and touring throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Having produced an impressive catalog of independent albums dating back to 1996, when he made his debut “Blue”, Johnson most recently released his eleventh album entitled “Longing Belonging Ongoing”, a two-disc collection of thirty tracks featuring a wide array of songs showcasing Johnson’s vocal abilities with a few instrumental tunes thrown in for good measure. Released under the moniker “aka rainbow crow”, Johnson covers a cross section of musical influences and styles that range from Jimi Hendrix to the Grateful Dead. He has again maintained his individuality and artistry, offering flawless guitar complimented by a vocal style that is engaging, deep and passionate. It is equally impressive to note that Johnson played all the instruments and did all the vocal tracks himself in the confines of his home studio. “It is my second double CD”, says Johnson. “Both were done out of spite to show people I can do a bunch of junk by myself. I don’t think people believe it. They say, ‘Well who’s the engineer? Who’s playing bass?’ They are not getting it. It’s me messing around in the house. Half of the tunes were just sitting around. Half of the tunes were kind of old – stuff that just fell out of my head.” Standout songs include the sultry “Gods Gone By”, the Hendrix style of “Silicone or Saline” and “The Moon Keeps Telling Me Things”, the funk laden “What’s In A Name”, the jazz-fusion of “Imposter” and the groovy pop sound of “The Gift”.

As an artist of substance and depth, Johnson is a true poet, a visionary, a musical voice expressing the essence of life and the day-to-day struggle that we all experience. This is the foundation of the passion and the continued awareness that Johnson pours into his music. While Johnson is anything but a failure – having achieved success on levels that most can only dream of – he admittedly is disappointed by his lack of notoriety as an artist in his own right. “I think it’s incredible on my part that I wasn’t more of an arrogant, aggressive bastard”, says Johnson. “I think I’m too humble. I should be more out there. I’m the guy. I’m the greatest this. It’s weird having these people calling me the greatest this and the greatest that, and I grew up idolizing these people, and now I’m getting a chance to play with them. If I’m so good how come I’m not more popular?” added Johnson.  “It doesn’t work that way. It’s not about ‘if we’re that good or we’re that talented’, especially now. It’s about hype.”  Johnson looks at his music from a very real perspective.  “One of the best things I heard is somebody said,  ‘It’s like real roots music.’ It’s real organic music because it’s coming out of that dirt. Out of that raw thing. It’s just got a bunch of other stuff happening. Sometimes it’s very little. It’s definitely out of a blues thing.  It’s just coming from so many other things. Sometimes it’s a soul thing. Sometimes it’s a psychedelic thing. I mean that’s the core. That’s the similarity. We’re inventing and reinventing and embellishing.”

Johnson most recently played at Phoenixville’s Steel City Coffee House to a modest but adoring audience of fellow musicians and guitar aficionados that were riveted by every note. While Johnson was visibly disappointed by the light attendance of the show, he did not disappoint – playing a solid seventy-five minute set. Fronting a three-piece band, which included the impressive skills of bassist Chico Huff, and drummer Charlie Patierno, the threesome was impeccable and often mesmerizing.  If there was a negative, it was the fact that the room should have been packed. Anyone that missed this show was deprived of one of the finest guitar players I have seen in a long time. Johnson heads to Paris, France this month to perform at “Sons d’Hiver” Music Festival, which has deservedly been sold out for two months.  For more info on Jef Lee Johnson go to

Steel City Photo by Rob Nagy



By Patty-Pat Kozlowski

blavat Jerry Blavat, known to millions as “The Geator with the Heator” and “The Boss with the Hot Sauce”, is the man many credit with having invented the oldies craze. A broadcasting pioneer, Blavat was the first disc jockey in the early ’60s to play music from the ’50s. He took risks, introducing audiences to songs no one else played, which became local and national hits all over again.

During a career spanning nearly five decades, Blavat has done it all. He’s been a dancer, a record producer, and nightclub owner. He’s launched television shows, made guest appearances in movies, and was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And what drives him first and foremost is his passion for music and the listeners he’s always put first.

50 Years of Being the Daddio on the Radio

Snow and Geators just don’t mix. A geator bakes in the hot sun and mud and doesn’t bother no one unless you get close and then he opens up his mouth and snatches you up.

But that’s the alli-geator, not Philly’s own Geator with the Heator, Jerry Blavat who welcomed the snow on Saturday night, January 30th to a sell out crowd at the Kimmel Center as he celebrated 50 years on the radio with a concert featuring The Skyliners, Jay Black, and Darlene Love.

It was déjà vu for Blavat who 50 years ago took to the airwaves in a blizzard to broadcast what was first booked as hour of radio time at WCAM in Camden, New Jersey. When the overnight guy didn’t show up in the whiteout, Blavat stayed the night and jibber jabbered, spinned the platters that mattered and had a captive audience on the airwaves as the Delaware Valley was blanketed with a snowstorm that closed cities and all major roads. With his rat-tat-tat banter and his selection of songs that came from his heart, not a research chart, the phonelines at WCAM were burning up with kids calling in to this new DJ. And the rest was history.

So when Darlene Love, yes that Darlene Love took the stage at the Kimmel Center and belted out that famous first line of “He’s Sure The Boy I Love”, “I always knew the boy I loved would come along, and he’d be tall and handsome, rich and strong” she had people on her feet dancing and swaying and then ended the song saying that, “Man, people in the east, like New York and Philly, they don’t stay in cause of the snow! They come out for Jerry!”

Sing it again, Darlene. Blavat is more than just a DJ. He’ll tell you himself, anyone can push the play button and cue the music, and I can testify that most DJs, myself included, can spin the music but can’t get out there on the dance floor and shake the tail feather, but Geator is an entertainer. One so much that case in point, the last time Cher had a concert at the Wachovia Center, the queen of over the top eye candy performances changed her outfit 13 times during her show. On Saturday night in January, Blavat changed clothes 9 times, including a black velvet suit and a shiny red pant ensemble with the boots to match and a white zoo suit jacket. (What more do you want from an Italian-Jewish kid from McKean Street?)

It’s the epitome of a following and Blavat has had it for the past five decades. His dance parties are legendary, he has a following that that would make an evangelistic preacher hawking prayers on late night television sell his soul to the devil (yet again) for Blavat’s groupies.

Once, Blavat was playing a local bar and restaurant in Philly’s riverwards and the dancefloor was packed-and it was a Tuesday night. One of the dancers was Mary Karcher, formerly Mary Stubeno of South Philly who remembered when Blavat played the dances at St. Maria Goretti High School for Girls when she was a teenager. And Blavat, with his trademark jeffcap, tassled shiny loafers and signature dance move that mimicks a hopscotch game called her out by name, “Mary, Mary from Maria Goretti!” four decades after her dances.

For Blavat was only a teenager himself at age 13 when he became one of the original dancers on bandstand in 1953 when Bob Horn was the host. Blavat’s popularity, dance moves and motor mouth made him a crowd favorite and he headed the the coveted “Committee”-the group of teenagers that told Horn what was hot and happening with his audiences. When Horn was fired and Dick Clark came on the scene, it was Blavat who performed the definition of loyalty and left the show in support of his mentor, Horn.

After graduating high school, Blavat was promoting records for the Cameo-Parkway label, became comedian Don Rickles valet and the road manager for Danny and the Juniors.

By 1963, Blavat was on the radiowaves and making appearances at nightclubs and dances reaching 5,000 teenagers a week who would flock to his shows in droves. Two years later, he was on television with his newly launched “The Discophonic Scene” which was aired in 40 markets across the country with Blavat’s bank account of contacts, he booked live performances of Fats Domino, Wilson Pickett, James Brown, The Supremes and Martha and the Vandellas. His ironclad rule was it had to be live performances, “none of that lip syncing crap”.

But radio and dance shows was and still is Blavat’s forte as he’s become a Philadelphia icon up there with the salt on the soft pretzel, the crack in the Liberty Bell and the sweet peppers on the hoagie.

Every weekday you can listen to the Geator with the Heater from 5-7 p.m. on Crusin’ 92.1 FM and on Saturdays at 6pm on WXPN 88.5 FM or go see one of his appearances. He’s spread out weekly at the Buck Hotel, Chickie’s and Pete’s, Parx Casino and on weekends in the summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day, his nightclub memories in Margate where you can listen live on NJ KOOL 98.3.

And again, anyone can be a DJ and push the play button and cue the next song but only an entertainer could single-handedly unofficially rewrite the first 27 seconds of Martha and the Vandellas hit song, “Heatwave”.

While the rest of the world thinks the first lyrics are, “Whenever I’m with him, something inside, keeps burning and I’m filled with desire…” we Philadelphians know much better. We know it goes something like this:

According to! The big, tick-tock, on the, tower power, clock correct! It’s time-time, for the ,Big Boss, with the, Hot Sauce! And it’s got to be, the Geator with the Heator, Heator beater on the records, a swing-a-ling, a loop-a bop-a choo!”

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By:  Krista Doran


Some people have asked me why I don’t always write about the bands that play the bigger rooms.  I have done so in the past, but in my opinion those are not the bands that really need a story written about them.  I mean let’s face it; these bands get to play the bigger rooms and don’t have to do too much to get people out to see them because the club itself usually has a built-in crowd or they have an agency working with them that does most of their advertising for them.  I would rather write about the bands that aren’t so corporate; the ones that work hard and without the help of an agency, simply for the love of playing music.  I like to pick out those bands that truly are “diamonds in the rough” so that I can share them with our readers and let them know how much talent there really is out there and that you don’t have to settle for the “same old, same old”.  One of the bands that I would really like you to go see is The Great Scott Band.

I first met these guys at a small, neighborhood bar in Port Richmond called My Blue Heaven and I was really blown away by how talented they all were.  Their lead singer, Noel Diaz is definitely one of the best front men in this entire area, in my opinion.  He has such an impressive vocal range and can hit notes most guys can’t even come close to.  Not only is he an extremely gifted vocalist, Noel plays just about every instrument there is!  I have seen him play rhythm guitar, bass guitar, drums, horn, flute, keyboards, all in one night!  Hell, I have a feeling he can play just about anything!  But what I really love about The Great Scott Band is their ability to ignore set lists and just play music the crowd wants to hear.  I chatted with their drummer Frank Marchiano, and he explained how the whole band really feeds off of the crowd.  “We love to take requests” says Frank, “it’s so much more challenging to figure out songs on the spot sometimes and it really makes our show fun and spontaneous for the people that come to see us.”  Well, that’s a fact Jack!  I am one of their fans and I can tell you the crowds that come to see this band again and again come because of the diversity of what they play and their uniqueness.

A usual night for The Great Scott Band begins on the softer side as Frank told me, “we like to start off with some acoustic music earlier in the night because at many of the places we play, people are still enjoying their dinner and we want to keep them there as long as possible. Then we work in some dance tunes and start to move to classic rock.  By the middle of the night it starts to get crazy with everyone enjoying themselves and this is when we like to start taking requests”  You don’t usually see too many people leave during one of their shows.  Everyone sticks around because quite honestly, you just want to see what this band is going to do next!  But don’t let their originality and spontaneity take away from the fact that this is a professional group of musicians.  The Great Scott Band can stand up with any band out there on the circuit talent-wise, and their love for playing music sets them above just about any band I know.  As Frank put it, “we just want to please all ages and cover as much music as possible, play requests and play them well.”

The members of The Great Scott band are: Noel Diaz, Frontman and rhythm guitar, Steve Dreisbach, lead guitar and vocals, Frank Marchiano, drums and vocals and Crohan DeLamar on bass guitar and vocals.  Take my advice and go see this band.  Even if it’s just once – do it.  These guys are amazing. Bar and club owners – if you want a band that is going to do a great job at your establishment, bring people in and keep everyone entertained all night, this is the band for you.  You can go to their website right now at to see where they are playing next and to hear some samples, as well as contact the band.  See you there!

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By Rob Nagy

GordonGano-WorldCafeLive-1-14-10-2There is no arguing that the Violent Femmes lead singer Gordon Gano has one of the most unique and recognizable voices to emerge out of the latter part of the early eighties’ punk rock movement. As a member of one of the most intense and emotionally charged bands of their time, Gano and the Violent Femmes have never been short on addressing social, political and life issues in a brash, sarcastic and intelligent manner accompanied by hard driving and catchy music that, at times, crossed over into the main stream record buying public. Even after their peak, the Violent Femmes managed to remain intact celebrating a longevity that a distinct few managed to achieve. Now with the apparent abrupt disbanding of the band, Gano is taking his message into a new musical direction as an integral member of “Gordon Gano and the Ryans”

Based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Violent Femmes, consisting of Gordon Gano (vocals & guitar), Brian Ritchie (bass & vocals) and Victor DeLorenzo (vocals & percussion) first came to National prominence in the early eighties when the late James Honeyman Scott, original Pretenders’ guitarist, discovered the band while they were performing in front of the theatre at which the Pretenders were doing a concert. The Violent Femmes soon developed a cult following earning them a record deal with Slash Records. Their 1982 self-titled debut, which included their signature song “Blister in the Sun”, set the tone for an impressive track record that saw the release of sixteen studio and compilation albums over the next two decades. Often attacked by the fickle entertainment press, the Violent Femmes, who were often compared to the “The Velvet Underground”, didn’t let these narrow minded opinions stop them. Rolling Stone magazine went so far as to not include the band’s multiplatinum debut as one of the most important records of the eighties. In August of 2007 the Violent Femmes had just completed a successful tour abroad when Gano was slapped with a lawsuit by the band’s bassist Brian Ritchie alleging that he did not receive songwriting credit and royalties that he was entitled to. “This is what ended the group”, says Gano. “It is still unresolved and I just have to defend myself against his accusations. I believe there is an end point and someday there will be. I have no doubt that the courts will rule in my favor. With the future of the Violent Femmes very much in doubt, Gano continued to write and produce a handful of up and coming artists, which he believes will garner public attention in the near future. During this time Gano befriended a brother songwriting team in Brendan and Billy Ryan. “Through mutual friends I got to know the Ryans”, says Gano. “They told me they were doing scoring for movies and some other kind of TV thing and somehow it came up about getting me some instrumentals and seeing if I had any ideas for lyrics. I got very inspired and started writing all sorts of things and slowly, over a period of time, we had all sorts of things going.” The result of their painstaking efforts is the release of twelve original songs that capture the songwriting and vocal abilities of a three-some that seemed destined to cross paths. “With the Ryans there was a challenge”, says Gano. “Here I have all these pieces and all these kinds of instrumentals and what do I feel and what impulse do I feel like putting together thematically. I’m starting with a certain framework and that can inspire me just as much, if not more, than just writing a song all on my own. I am also pleased that my vocal range keeps expanding in terms of hitting higher and lower notes”, added Gano. Going under the moniker “Gordon Gano & The Ryans, the band has taken its act out on the road playing a series of highly successful shows through-out the U.S. “I don’t think of it as being a tour because it’s not,” says Gano. “It’s getting out and hitting the road doing shows here and there. Basically if anyone is interested in having us we are there. The shows have been going very well. I am really very happy with them.”

On January 14, 2010 Gordon Gano and the Ryans made their debut at Philly’s World Café Live. Fronting a sextet, which included horns, guitars, drums and the accordion, Gano brought a charismatic style that the audience immediately connected with. The concert featured songs off of their new album. Standouts included the hypnotic beat of “Man in the Sand”, the haunting “Wave and Water”, the sing-along “Hired Gun” and the reminiscent ballad “Home”. Throughout the band’s seventy-five minute set the audience was surprisingly tame with Gano himself commenting on how quiet and reserved they were. Based on tonight’s performance Gordon Gano and the Ryans made an impressive showing that will hopefully garner much deserved attention.

For more info on Gordon Gano and the Ryans go to To stay on top of who is coming to World Café Live go to

Photo by Rob Nagy


By: Krista Doran

OOT_BlueReignPicI don’t know about you, but when I go out to see a live band, I like to dance. If you are the same way and if you like the Blues, get ready to party because Blue Reign will knock your socks off!

Fronted by Traci Adams, a striking blonde female singer who is bold, fun and has one of the most powerful voices I have ever heard, this band holds the Blues in the highest regard. “If you play the Blues, it’s something that has to come from the soul” says Traci. “The Blues have a way of taking over your emotions and that always comes through whenever we play. We give people happy feet!”

Although there are many styles of Blues, Blue Reign sticks with “Rockin’ Blues” and Traci has the range to sing anything from Etta James or Susan Tedeshi right on through to BB King and Clapton. This versatile Diva is backed by a highly energetic band who will keep a room jumping from the very first note they play. The band is very close, in fact Traci’s husband George is her lead guitarist and they have been playing together for 16 years. I asked George how he and he and Traci get along combining everyday life with band life and George told me, “It’s like any other relationship. Traci tells me what to do and I do it!” Just for the record, George is a wise man!

Blue Reign has quickly been making a name for themselves in the area and not just at Blues venues, either. Many bands try and build a following but fail because they just don’t have what it takes. But this band certainly does and they have lots of friends and fans who have been helping them along the way, including Traci’s longtime friend and manager, Karyn Cullen. “Karyn has been a huge part of our success. She books the band, does our photography and marketing and has been so supportive. We could not have done any of this without her.”

You can check out Blue Reign next at McStew’s Irish Bar in Levittown on Thursday, February 11 at their famous “Blues Thursdays” which is hosted every week by the Bucks County Blues Society. Over the years, this event has been graced by many great local Blues artists such as The Buicks, Mikey Jr. and Stone Cold Blues, Steve Guyger and Rev. Flamin’ Harry, just to name a few. On February 11th, Blue Reign will be added to the list and will certainly prove to be one of the best!

Blue Reign is Traci Adams on Lead Vocals and Percussion, George Adams on Lead Guitar, Rando Branning on Rhythm/Bass Guitar, Jerry Smith on Bass Guitar, Frank Persico on Drums, Eddie (Fast Eddie) Scheller on Harmonica and Willie Fisk handles lights and sound for the band. You can go to their website right now at to hear samples of their music and to see where they will be playing next. So if you are looking for a night out that will guarantee a good Blues Rockin’ time, Blue Reign is THE band to see!

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By: Krista Doran
As a musician myself and also the feature writer of the Out On The Town’s “In The Spotlight” segment, I get to meet a lot of really good local musicians. It’s always great making new friends and seeing the many very talented acts that are right here in the Philly area. One of those bands is The Seven Band.

The members of this band however, are not “new” friends of mine. I have known CJ and Timmy since I was in high school. In fact, I don’t think that CJ even knows that he was one of the first people to inspire me to perform. We had a lot of fun back in those days and I always knew CJ would continue to play music for the rest of his life. He has that rare gift of true talent and honest love for music. All 3 of the O’Neill brothers are very talented musicians and now the legacy continues with CJ’s son Chris James, who we’ll get to in a bit!

After first starting out as Old No. 7 back in the mid ‘80s, the band has gone through many changes. Current members CJ, Timmy and Jeff played for many years in Old No. 7 and built a great following as one the most recognized cover band names in the Philly area. After a few years, CJ went off to play with his original band, Keiper Union and enjoyed a very successful career opening for acts such as Meatloaf and Blue Oyster Cult. They were even set to go on tour with Jefferson Starship until the lead singer became ill and they had to cancel the tour. After 5 years with Keiper Union, CJ decided to return to the cover band scene and reform Old No. 7, which is when his son Chris James came on board at the young age of 17. Now the band is simply known as Seven, and features newer members Heather and Joe. I asked CJ why name the band Seven when there are only six members and he replied “the audience is the seventh member.” This band really gets the audience involved in their shows, so it’s only fitting.

Seven is a band that can go from playing Top 40 Dance music, right into some heart-pounding rock making it look effortless and with Chris James now fronting the band, Seven has taken on a new persona. Like CJ, Chris also has that rare talent and is an extremely gifted singer/songwriter. Following in his father’s footsteps, Chris has embarked on a very successful career in writing original music and has already opened up for Tim Reynolds (Dave Mathews Band), Michelle Branch and Jefferson Airplane. Chris continues to play solo acoustic shows around the area and you can hear some of his music on their website right now by going to You can also check out Chris and CJ’s acoustic show, now every Friday night at McStew’s Happy Hour in Levittown from 6 – 9 pm.

I have seen Seven in action a couple of times and they really are extremely entertaining, well structured and professional in every way. They are all talented, versatile musicians and a lot of fun to watch. From Heather’s awesome voice to Timmy’s ass-kicking drums, it is always a treat to see Seven play. I recommend checking them out especially to see Timmy come out from behind the drums to sing Run DMC’s “Tricky” or even to check out their tour bus – the Crazy Train! This is a band that does it up right and in this writer’s opinion, there are only a handful of cover bands in the area that come close to having the onstage chemistry that Seven does. Very few bands can achieve this because it’s something that develops through hard work, friendship and a true bond.

Seven is Chris James on lead guitar and vocals, CJ on bass and vocals, Heather on vocals, Jeff percussion, keys, guitar and vocals, Joe guitar and vocals and Timmy on the tin cans. You can catch Seven playing in great rooms like Kenny’s Spirited Eatery in Southampton, Havana’s in Newtown and there will be a huge St Patty’s Day party featuring Seven at Bailey’s on March 17, 2010. They also do a lot of benefits to help out local veterans and their community. Seven is the perfect choice for weddings, private parties or corporate events. If you would like to get more information on the band you can do so by going to their website or by calling 267-984-3349.

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