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We have an article about MAGGIES WATERFRONT CAFE -The Hit of the SUMMER OF 2010

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By: Krista Doran

lorettaallen_promopic2I really love writing this segment for the Out On The Town. Over the last 2 years I have been writing this column, I have had the opportunity to meet some great musicians and I truly enjoy the wonderful friendships I have made. Some interviews are better than others of course, but they are all interesting to me. That being said, I am very proud of the fact that I am writing this month’s “In The Spotlight” about a young woman from our area that is a true musician in every sense of the word. She doesn’t just perform her own music, she writes from her soul, and is driven by her faith. Please let me present to you, Ms. Loretta Allen.

Loretta actually started out as an actor. She enjoyed a happy and successful career performing on Murder Mystery Dinner Tours. This life was very lucrative for her and then one day she decided to trade in her playbill for a guitar. I asked Loretta what helped her make this decision and she explained “I walk by faith and not by sight. I received a sign from God, telling me that this is what I should be doing so it is my mission.” Because Loretta has always been so driven by her faith, early in her career she took to the road with a beat-up old Ovation that her Aunt found in the trash. In her even-more-beat-up Jetta, Loretta went from town to town playing at gas stations making just enough money for food and gas that would get her to the next town. Driving out as far as California, she realized she’d found her second home. The wild ocean and tall trees gave her the inspiration to write her songs on a whole new level. Her music is soulful and graceful with heavy influences of Folk and good ol’ Rock and Roll. Her voice is devastatingly haunting. Each of her songs are an eclectic mix of music that moves people, both in a happy and sad way. Loretta explained to me, “I like to take people on a journey with my music. I love people and I want to inspire them through the stories in my songs.”lorettaallen_promopic1

I asked Loretta what she used as inspiration for her music. She giggled and said “Anything! I don’t really think that people write songs, however. I think the songs are already out there; we just have to grab them and pull them into this world. Songs come from a very special place in the universe and we are just the interpreturs.” Loretta’s music has greatly evolved over the years. I asked her in what ways she felt things changed and she told me that she has put a lot of study into what she does. “I have lots of wonderful coaches who have graciously given their time to help me realize my potential, especially my vocal coach, Mardelle F. DeLancey. I have been amazed at the growth I have achieved because I really didn’t expect it.”

With major influences of artists like Tori Amos, Jewel, Sarah McLachlan and The Beatles, Loretta has developed her own unique style that is innocent, yet wise, insightful and melodic. She is a highly sought after musician, playing many local upcoming events such as the Stirfry Music Festival at Snipes Farm in Newtown which will be taking place August 28 – August 30. She is also the Sponsorship Coordinator for the Montgomery/Bucks Music Awards, which are based on the very successful Lehigh Valley Music Awards. This alone is huge testament to her talent and validity as a musician. You can also catch Loretta performing every Sunday night at The Tullytown Pub on Main Street in Bristol.

Loretta Allen has certainly made a name for herself in the area through her music. She explained to me that it was very hard at first because she was making great money pursuing her acting career. “It was tough being broke all the time and starting a brand new career,” but 10 years later and look at her – she is soaring like a bird and all of us here at The Out On The Town couldn’t be more proud of her. She has done all the right things, the right way, and continues to stay true to herself and her beliefs. Not many people can honestly say that. Loretta is a beautiful, yet old soul and her music will inspire you. Check her songs out and see her schedule right now on Myspace at or better yet, go see her live! You’ll be glad you did!

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By Rob Nagy

EDDIEMONEYFor seventies rocker Eddie Money there are no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Traditionally labeled as one of the hardest working artists in show business, Money has endured a professional and personal roller coaster that has taken him from the ranks of a New York City police officer to rock star in a career that now spans more than three decades. To call Eddie Money a survivor would be an understatement. On the heels of the 2009 debut of his first off Broadway stage production, Money is currently in the throws of another summer concert season, gracing stages all over America and sharing his rich catalog of hits with fans both old and new.
Eddie Money first came to prominence in 1977 with his self-titled release “Eddie Money”. Containing his most memorable hits, “Baby Hold On” and “Two Tickets to Paradise”, the album reached number 37 on the charts and laid the foundation for an impressive career and string of top 40 hits that continue to get airplay decades later. Early success found him on MTV at its inception with the videos “Shakin'” and “Think I’m in Love”. His sophomore release, “Life for the Taking”, reached the Top 20, yielding the hit singles “Can’t Keep a Good Man Down” and “Maybe I’m a Fool”. In spite of his success, Money’s career floundered with the 1980 release of the commercially disappointing “Playing For Keeps”. A publicized personal battle with drug addiction stalled his efforts to rebound, and Money struggled to return to the charts. In 1982 he released “No Control”, featuring the hits “Shakin”, “Think I’m In Love”, and “Take A Little Bit”. The album catapulted to the Top 20 on the U.S. charts. His 1983 follow-up, “Where’s The Party?” was not warmly received. Three years later Money released the highly successful “Can’t Hold Back” album, yielding the hits “ I Wanna Go Back” and “Take Me Home Tonight”, which featured a duet with the legendary Ronnie Spector. The song reached number 4 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and soon achieved platinum status. Money continued the momentum with his 1988 follow-up album “Nothing To Lose” and yet another Top 10 hit “Walk on Water”. His last charting song was 1992’s “I’ll Get By”. The remainder of the decade and into the new millennium found Money releasing a series of compilation and moderately successful studio albums while continuing to perform solo shows and packaged concert tours with fellow eighties artists.

On July 24, 2010 Eddie played to a near capacity crowd at Atlantic City’s Hilton Hotel and Casino. Performing a ninety-minute show featuring all the Eddie Money hits, the audience of predominantly baby boomers enjoyed an energetic and loud performance that had them on their feet from the opening note. Backed by a solid core of rock veterans including guitarist Tommy Girvin; bassist Lee Beverly; drummer Glenn Symmonds; and, on keyboards, Chris Grove (formerly of Survivor), Money sounded great. His well known, amusing facial expressions and great sense of humor added to the evening. Highlights included “Baby Hold On”, “Two Tickets To Paradise”, ‘Take Me Home Tonight”, “I Think I’m In Love”, “Shakin” and “Give Me Some Water”. Included was a moving rendition of Money’s latest song “One More Soldier Coming Home”. Money’s tour continues throughout the U.S. for the remainder of this year. For more info on Eddie Money go to


By Rob Nagy

Wang+ChungThe eighties music scene was a sea of one hit wonders dominated by the newly created MTV and the simultaneous birth of the infamous music video. One of the more talented artists to surface was London’s Wang Chung. Initially gaining notoriety with their unusual name, the band would ultimately release a handful of hits that included “Dance Hall Days”, “Everybody Have Fun Tonight”, “Let’s Go” and “To Live and Die in LA”. Achieving the majority of their success on American soil, the band quickly established a cult following. Three decades later Wang Chung has reemerged, hitting the concert trail to promote their latest release, “Abducted By The ‘80’s”, and hoping to win over a new generation of fans.

Originally called Huang Chung, the band – consisting of Jack Hues (guitar & vocals), Nick Feldman (bass) and Darren Costin (drums) – released its first single, “Isn’t It About Time We Were on Television?” in 1980. That song earned them a recording contract with Arista Records. Two years later, after changing their name to Wang Chung, the band released “Points on a Curve”, which yielded the hit single “Dance Hall Days”. A moderate success in Britain, the song hit the top forty two times in America, and the follow-up single “Don’t Let Go” also reached the top forty. The simplistic appeal of “Dance Hall Days” catapulted the song into America’s top twenty, putting the band very much in demand. “I found it all to be a bit of a strain”, recalls Hues. “I wanted to be a pop-star from when I was a young lad and saw the Beatles on TV, but I didn’t realize what it entailed, and when it actually started happening the demands were a bit of a strain. You have the pressures of the business trying to make you conform to certain standards of what was considered a hit song at the time. You must be really compliant on that front. There was a certain amount of craziness to it all.”

Having secured a solid foundation in America, Wang Chung’s “To Live and Die in L.A.” was used as the theme song for the 1985 cult classic thriller film by the same name and also rose on the pop charts. That same year, Costin left the band and Hues and Feldman moved forward as a duo. The band soon released the album “Mosaic”, containing the hit singles “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” and “Let’s Go!” which reached the top ten and marked a new high point for Hues and Feldman. As the decade came to a close Wang Chung’s fifth album, “The Warmer Side of Cool”, spent a disappointing six weeks on the charts. “Praying to a New God”, from that fifth record, was a modest hit for the band.

By 1990 Wang Chung’s time had come and gone and the group officially disbanded. “I felt I had gone as far as I could go in my own world”, recalls Hues. “I started work on a variety of solo projects, which included a new appreciation and subsequent exploration into the world of jazz. I also did some producing, which was a great thing for me because it forced me to listen to other artists. I had gotten into a way of thinking that ‘only I knew how to do it’, which is a terrible delusion that you can get yourself into. “

Seven years after breaking up, the band briefly reunited in 1997 to promote their greatest hits package. It wasn’t until 2005 that a renewed interest in Wang Chung surfaced. “A publishing deal came up for our back catalog and we did that TV show ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’”, says Hues. “I think that was the catalyst that got us back in the States working together. We realized there was a really lovely kind of warm feeling about Wang Chung in the States and real opportunities to do some more work. It came together in a very ‘time felt right’ way in terms of the way our lives were going, and we could do something that we were going to feel proud of.”

In an effort to preserve the legacy of Wang Chung, the band is on the verge of releasing a series of new albums of their hits as well as new material. “We’ve recorded all the music, and we’re releasing it as a set of three EP’s”, says Hues. “The first EP is out now and has four re-recorded tracks of “Everybody Have Fun Tonight”, “Dance Hall Days”, Let’s Go” and an acoustic version of “To Live and Die in L.A.”. The second album has four brand new songs on it. We’re trying to reconnect with the old fans while showing them the new stuff we are doing. A third one will be out around Christmas. Possibly next year we’ll release a proper album. The idea at the moment”, added Hues, “is to create this collectible package and see how it is received.”

On July 10, 2010 Wang Chung played the Sellersville Theatre in Sellersville, PA, showcasing their new release “Abducted By The 80’s”. Their ninety minute set featured all the band’s hits including “To Live and Die In L.A.”, “Let’s Go”, “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” and “Dance Hall Days”, as well as new material off their latest album. While attendance was moderate, the Wang Chung faithful that came to the show were not disappointed as the band put on really fun show. Following their final encore, Wang Chung exited the stage to a standing ovation before adjourning to the lobby to meet fans. To stay up to date with Wang Chung go to For all future shows at the Sellersville Theatre go to



Jul 17, 2010

by Mike Vagnoni

Steamroller Picnic- Keeping the crowds dancing and having fun doing it!
steamroller-picnicSo what keeps this Steamroller Picnic going? Easy answer – Just good times and good music and really that is what it’s all about for the band that has been performing for well over 15 years now. They are one of a few premier bands that can boast well over 2000 shows and this puts them into the top 3% of successful bands nationwide. Keeping up with the trends, the style, and what people like – knowing what to play in front of whatever kind of audience they may be in front of. “So far the summer has been excellent. We are playing some of our favorite spots like the OD in Sea Isle and Joe Pop’s in LBI. Along with those we have been hitting Bally’s Beach Bar, Nardi’s, House of Blues and Flip Flopz to name a few” boast Justin De Fazio( Judge) the guitar player for the band. The line up is Jean Paul lead vocals, Vega bass and vocals, Judge on guitar, Cliff on drums and vocals.“This line up is one of the strongest you find in a working band today. I have been in the band virtually since inception. We have seen several line-up changes and I can honestly say that the present one is the strongest” Judge says. The band plays the kind of music everyone can relate to from Tom Petty to Nine Inch Nails. Every show is so special to Steamroller Picnic. “The Feeling we all get on stage is what makes us continue to do this year after year. It is such a trip to see the same faces coming out to see us time after time and we like meeting new people from each show we do.” These guys are experts at what they do best and that is to play the music – Here are some up coming shows to see them in action:

July 15th -The Penthouse,
July 17th The Ocean Drive,
July 24th Boneyard Trio,
July 30th Bally’s Beach Bar.

For more information on Steamroller Picnic contact Shore Bets Agency at 215-884-HELP or go to and or

All The Points
In the spring of 2010, four local musicians came together with one goal in mind which was to simply create great music. The result of that creation became the birth of a really exciting new original band from Philly called All The Points. This group of talented youngl_a76f0d3803c14a22a9affed3179957e1 musicians features George Doran on Vocals and Guitar, Kevin Lederer on Bass, Justin Ruppert on Drums and Edu Zancanaro on Guitar. They have just finished their first single “One Day At A Time” recorded at Cambridge Sound Studios by Grammy Nominated Producer Jim Salamone. The feedback for their song has been very positive and the reviews have been excellent. You can take a listen yourself to see what we mean at Their next live performance will be Sunday, August 8th at The Trocadero, located at 10th & Arch Streets in Philadelphia. Even though this band is young, don’t let that fool you. Their music has a mature sound that rivals anything else you hear out there today. All The Points is definitely a band to keep your eye on, and you heard it here first! The Out On The Town is, and always will be, dedicated to bringing our readers only the best in live entertainment. Check this band out – you won’t be disappointed!

100_2792Mike Goldman – playing the Music!
A self taught guitar play-er who is a graduate from Father Judge High School is Mike Goldman. Mike started to get into the guitar at the age of 17. His dad had a band and Mike was inspired by watching his dad’s band.” After seeing my Dad’s band I knew that I wanted to play music,’’ says Mike. He also plays piano, harmonica, Mandolin and Ukelele. In 2002 he started to teach guitar, bass and piano at Pat’s Music on Frankford and Cottman Ave…”I am still at Pats each week teaching during the week and I also play a fair amount of solo gigs almost after every day after teaching” he added.. He has a band called the Urban Achievers who work as a unit on the weekends playing happy hours. Mike can play all kinds of music and the band and himself are open for private parties. He can be reached at 609-304-3588 and you can also find him on Facebook. He is a real Entertainer..UP COMING GIGS: July 14th Randi’s Place, July 15 Curran’s Palmyra Nj, July 16th Ashburner Inn, July 17th Reales, July 18th Carolines Sommers Pt, July 21 Randi’s, July 22nd Curran’s Palmyra NJ, July 23 Paddy Whacks at Comly Rd., July 24th Reales Sports Bar…July 28th Randi’s Place,July 29th Currans Palmyra NJ., July 30th Paddy Whacks South Street, July 31 Reales. To find out more: and or

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ESS management is presenting Live Bands every Friday at “GAME ON” located at the Pier -Level 3inCAESARS CASINO in AC town….

SEE BANDS LIIKE:52 Pick-up, The Interns, Midnight Java,THE APPROACH,The Zone,MODERN BLISS, and more each Friday night.

Word has it-they also have a  hot and sexy Bikini Contest on going at” GAME ON” each week at 11pm. Oh yes…cheap drinks too!

Find out more in the next OOT…head down and enjoy the music.  * THE BEST BANDS ARE WORKING HERE!

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By: Krista Doran

TheNamelessFewBandPhotoI have to be honest with you all. When the decision was made on which band would be featured in this issue, I was a bit apprehensive. I was asked to write about an agency band who I assumed would be similar to many of the other cover bands out there. Well, you know what they say when you ASSUME, right? I learned my lesson to not assume anything anymore, because the band in this month’s spotlight is fresh, unique and an extremely talented group of guys called The Nameless Few!

I spoke to their drummer, Rich who was so polite and so happy that the OOT was going to feature their band. The more he spoke about his fellow band members, the more I liked them because they all just really love doing what they do. The Nameless Few does fall into the Party Band category because of the music they play, which is a unique blend of great music from the 70’s on up through to what you hear on the radio right NOW. According to Rich, “we’ll play anything that will get people moving and that includes a lot of Top 40 songs.” As I have stated in previous features, I am not really one that enjoys the Top 40 scene. On the other hand, I do know that when you are in a band, you have to play a good amount of crowd pleasures because they are what the people want to hear. The Nameless Few does this, plus they take the time to throw in, as Rich called them, “our selfish picks” or songs they like to do as a band. They have been able to inspire crowds and lovers of music from Vermont to Virginia, so obviously they are doing it right.

The Nameless Few has been around since 2005 and with their guitar player, Kratzy being the only original member; I think it’s safe to say that like most bands, they have had their share of changes. Rich told me that “one of the things that have really made a big difference for this band is the addition of our new lead singer, Gary. His vocal range is so strong it is almost effortless. This has opened up so many more doors for us, because we can now play music we couldn’t before, such as ‘Thing Called Love’ by The Darkness or the Chemical Romance version of ‘Under Pressure.’ We are better than ever now because Gary’s vocals really shine.” In addition to that fact, you’ll be blown away when you hear these guys, considering that there are just 4 members, 3 that are playing instruments! The Nameless Few truly has the sound of a 5 or 6 piece band and they do it WITHOUT sampling of any kind. With Ricky rounding out their rhythm section with his tremendous bass playing skills, something that also adds fullness to their sound is the 3 part harmonies. This is something that is really hard to pull off live at times, but this band does it with ease and precision.

Rich explained to me that when people come to see the Nameless Few “they are going to experience songs played a little bit more in depth than a typical cover band would play. We collaborate as a team to play them in our style, and make them more our own.” One of the songs you may hear them play is “Brown-eyed Girl,” which is perhaps one of the most played out songs ever. But The Nameless Few will do it Reggae-style, breathing new life back into the song for those of us that have heard it one too many times. This is a beautiful thing and it makes you start to love these songs all over again. Music is meant to be enjoyed and make you happy. This is exactly what The Nameless Few offers each and every time to their audience. They deliver their songs with passion and emotion, reminiscent of the days when local live music was in its heyday.
You can catch The Nameless Few next on Friday, June 25th at The Trappe Tavern in Trappe, PA and then on Saturday June 26th at Harrigan’s Pub in Warminster, PA. To see their full schedule of dates and to hear samples of their music, go to The Nameless Few is booked through Shore Bets, 215-884-HELP.

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