By: Roundhouse Ron
D&B_Photo_1Traveling north on Route 13 in beautiful Croydon, PA, I could not help but notice this quant yellowish building on the right hand side, just past Newportville Road, adjacent the Croydon Septa train station. As I slammed on my brakes and pulled into the parking lot, I then took notice of it’s name, “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House”. When you enter this establishment, you will notice an awesome fun entertaining brew house vibe, with signage, banners, neon’s & blackboards listing the daily specials in multi colored chalk. Right away, I felt totally at home with a few huge “Jack Daniels” aged whiskey barrels, along with a crazy selection of brews on tap, not to mention the frig loaded with almost 100 varieties of custom beers.
When my mixologist for this evening “Vince”, poured out my perfectly poured frosted glass of “Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company” beer, I just had to ask him the history behind the “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House”. He informed me that it was named after one of the oldest pubs in Croydon, England, that is named “Dog & Bull”. For over 400 years, the “Dog & Bull” has been serving Englanders with fine food & craft beers on tap. Adopting the name “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House”, they strive to keep the English pub vibe alive, by serving us great craft beers and entertaining local music.
As I was working my way around the bar area, a young man stepped to me and introduced himself as the general manager “Andrew Wells”. He was very polite and you could just tell “Andy” has an awesome knowledge of the bar/restaurant business. Talking to him, I learned he was in the “Top 12” “2011 Bartends In The World” picked by “Gary (Gaz) Regan”, from the history channel. Also voted, “2012 Most Responsible Bartender In America” by the “Nightclub & Bar Magazine”. Wow, you gotta ask him to make you his famous signature cocktails, like the whiskey infused PB&J or his tastefully wild Bloody Mary. Like I said, “This freakin dude really knows his shyt”. Now residing in the Parkwood section of Philadelphia with his wonderful wife “Eileen”, “Andy” continues to take the “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House” to all new heights with a fabulously relaxing bar venue.
Talk about perfect timing, my server (“Jamie”), approached me as she heard my stomach growling, cause of the tantalizing aromas coming from the all new 2nd floor kitchen. “Jamie” was so damn pleasant and informative of both the menu items, along with the black board specials. This ambitious young lady referred me to numerous very personalized “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House” signature items.
I decided to get this party started with a collection of “Dog & Bull” specialties, like the “Appetizer Sampler” for adventurous eaters. It included “Dog Ears” (sliced rib eye steak with a cheddar cheese ale sauce all wrapped in a dog ear shaped dough), “Risotto Croquettes” (sun dried tomato risotto with fresh mozzarella cheese lightly coated and fried to perfection), “Buffalo Shrimp Balls” (fresh chopped seasoned shrimp mixture rolled in a ball, fried and served with house made blue cheese), and to top it off, one of my personal favorites, “Fried Pickles” (freshly sliced dilled pickles chips, marinated in beer, lightly coated and fried for just a short time). What a freakin way to begin my ultimate venture down flavor town road here at the “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House”.

Chillaxin for just a few minutes, I decided to order a “Jack Daniels & Coke” to wash down all those amazing appetizers. O’boy, here comes “Jamie” with one of my entrees, the “No Bull Bomber Burger”. I have no idea where to begin with this interesting colossal tower of beef, pork, cheese, onion and bun. The “No Bull Bomber Burger” is made up of ½ pound freshly ground beef, large slices of crispy bacon, huge heaping of pulled pork in a house BBQ sauce, thickly sliced pepper jack cheese and topped off with a jumbo “Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company” beer battered onion ring all inside of a freshly baked bun. OMFG, this creation is driving my taste buds absolutely insane with this juicy mountain of mouth watering beef. Did I forget to tell ya, it also comes with a possie of freshly house cut fries and a “Pickle Man” pickle.
The madness just keeps on rolling out of the kitchen with a few more glistening plates of ultra attractive food. I just had to try the “Peppercorn Encrusted NY Strip” cause this 10oz piece of NY strip looked superior to non other, being seasoned and sautéed in a porter mushroom sauce, served with homemade roasted garlic mashed potatoes and seared spinach. Next was the “Garlic Parm Shrimp Wrap” with fresh grilled shrimp in a garlic parmesan seasoning, baby spinach, roasted red peppers and slices of pepper jack cheese all inside of a fresh flour tortilla wrap. When you go to the “Dog & Bull”, you gotta try the “Crab n’ Ale Mac n’ Cheese” just for shyts and giggles, cause it is to die for as it is amazing pasta elbow macaronis served in a signature cheddar ale sauce, with crab meat, goat and parmesan cheese.
Let da good times my party people, cause here comes my desert baby. Let me try to describe this beer infused sweet culinary treat, the “Guinness Fudge Brownie Dog Ears Sundae” is a chocolate fudge brownie infused with a Guinness stout chocolate sauce, vanilla bean beer infused ice cream with chunks of house caramel crunchy nuggets, served with 2 dog ears tossed in cinnamon and sugar. Deliciousness is an understatement, because I think I just stepped onto the 5 o’clock nonstop express to sweet tooth ecstasy. The “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House” has it all, from meat lover delights to numerous vegetarian specialty items, all the way down to their little pups (children) menu.
With such outstanding food being delivered from the “Dog & Bull” kitchen, I just had to meet the mastermind of all this outrageous flavorful food. His name is “Max Schindler” (head chef) and he wears the chef jacket with such pride it shows in detail to quality and perfection with every bite I tasted. This University of Colorado graduate has been cooking since he was 15 years old, then following in his father’s footsteps as a chef, he perfected his continental restaurant style. “Max’s” passion to be a culinary genius took him to a very refined Boulder, Colorado tourist establishment named “Dushanbe Tea House”. Here he gained the vast experience in international and central Asian cooking. Moving to the Philadelphia area with his girlfriend “Corinne”, he now commutes from Abington to Croydon so that we all have the opportunity to sample his superior offerings over at the “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House”.
I have been to numerous taverns, pubs, bars, nightclubs and/or restaurants in my career, this place called the “Dog & Bull” has so many weekly and daily specials going on, I could not believe my eyez with all the entertaining black boards filled with outstanding deals on food and beverages. I could list them, but it would take up this entire issue of “Out On The Town” Entertainment Guide, so I strongly encourage you to hit up the “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House’s” website at for sum interesting deals. Just keep in mind they do have a fabulous “Sunday Brunch” from 9am to 3pm every Sunday, it’s like a brunch with zest on your day of rest ;-}
I wanna be totally serious and honest with you, this place focking rocks hard core, by using all fresh homemade items, with a wild interesting twist that captures your every imagination of how real food should be treated and served. This sounds kinda corny, but here it goes, “God, I Really Luv This Place, With 5 Stars, Out Of 5 Stars Going To The “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House””.
Please stop by “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House”, 810 Bristol Pike (Rt. 13 & Newportville Road), Croydon, PA 19021, 215.788.BULL,, they can also be found on social media @ facebook & twitter, just go to: “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House”. “They Take Their Beer, Food & Drinks Very Seriously, But Not Themselves, Cause Their House, Is Your House”

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Nicks_Photo_1You ever just drive spots in our fine city without really thinking it’s history because it’s just been there for so many years? I have driven past “Nick’s Roast Beef” on Cottman Avenue like over a million times, but never thought of how fascinating the story goes. “Nick’s Roast Beef” has a very long & interesting history in our Philadelphia area, starting with the first old original “Nick’s Roast Beef” (20th & Jackson Streets) opening it’s doors in 1938. During those jazz musical times, our city had a very strong & physical mob presence, and it was also just a few years after this country ended alcohol prohibition. Since then, there has been a second location (10 E. Woodland Avenue in Springfield, PA) that opened in 1998 & a sexy sleek franchised spot (2212 Cottman Avenue) that opened over 30 years ago.
I choose to do my foodie review on the “Nick’s Roast Beef” located on Cottman Avenue in NE Philly, just a stone’s throw from the Roosevelt Mall. Established over 30 years ago by a gentleman named “Tom Gannon Sr.”, who seen the need for a top quality roast beef sandwich on this part of town. “Mr. Gannon Sr.” since has passed away about 3 years ago, when his daughter “Dianna” took over the entire operation. With so many things on “Dianna’s” plate, her brother “Tom Gannon Jr.” stepped in to continue the “Gannon” family business, so it would not be sold to anyone without the same commitment to quality food. Now, “Tom Jr.” is the full owner & master mind behind the all new “Nick’s Roast Beef” in NE Philly.
During the past year, this restaurant/tavern has been going through numerous changes from an all new interior design look, to some new very tantalizing menu items. If you have ever been to this “Nick’s Roast Beef”, you can’t help to notice the all new seating selection from the very spacious booths, to open tables and now high top table seating. The floor plan has been totally opened up, with a new stage area for local talent & bands to perform their skills. You will be very pleased with the brightly improved eye appealing decor & enjoyable relaxing atmosphere.
After I parked my truck in their huge azz rear parking lot, I entered “Nick’s Roast Beef” & was greeted by two very attractive hostesses by the names of “Allie” & “Vikki”. As my companion for the evening & I were being seated, it was very noticeable how happy & content the entire staff was as they were performing their various responsibilities. Our fantastic server (“Melissa”) for tonight was this very energetic, knowledgeable & very helpful gurl, that any establishment would luv to have on their waitress staff. Once again, thank you so much “Melissa” for everything.
Now, while chugging on my tasty beverage (Jack Daniels & Diet Coke), I could not help to notice the jars of horseradish & hot peppers on every table. Mentally I was like, freakin awesome cause I like hot flavorful food with a slight kick. Checking out the “Nick’s Roast Beef” menu, I was finding it very hard to just pick out 1 entrée, because it all sounded so interesting. So, let me start off by telling you about this crazy good backboard special soup of the day, homemade “Cream Of Vegetable” is all I gotta say. OMG, this was just what da doctor ordered on a chilly Philly night. A few crackers & a slash of black pepper, I was in heaven. Always check out da blackboard special soup of the day.
Just a little info on your boy “Roundhouse Ron”, I luv potatoes & cheese like a fat kid likes cake, so for a beginning teaser I choose the “Buffalo Chips”. As this delectable appetizer reached our comfy booth for 2, you could just smell da goodness. That’s cause the “Nick’s Roast Beef” “Buffalo Chips” are made with a famous recipe, of fresh waffle fries tossed with buffalo sauce along with melted sharp cheese to complete this masterpiece. You can also add slices chicken breast to complete this fantasy, if desired. This was a perfect start for my spicy palette urges.
Since selecting an entrée seemed to be a challenge, I loaded up on all the “Nick’s Roast Beef” goodies. My 1st selection, you could hear sizzling as it was coming out of da kitchen. Yes, I decided to go for da “Chicken Fajitas”, it was designed by using freshly sliced chicken breasts, grilled til they sizzle, included were peppers, onions, served with lettuce, tomato, Monterey Jack/sharp cheeses & soft fajita shells. If preferred, you can also add filet steak or freshly peeled shrimp. Next up, I just had to try da “Ragin Cajun Chicken Wrap Sandwich”, as it was served with Cajun seasoned chicken breast with bacon bits, lettuce & Monterey Jack cheese tightly wrapped with a tangy flavorful power punch.
I could not leave “Nick’s Roast Beef” without trying da world famous “Nick’s Roast Beef Sandwich”. It has to be one of America’s most tender & sultry sandwiches in history, as the roast beef is seasoned & slow roasted, and then piled high on a freshly baked Kaiser roll, with a side of Au Jus & pickles. If you choose, you can also add mushrooms, onions, long hot peppers, roasted red peppers, broccoli rabe & sharp provolone cheese. This signature sandwich of “Nick’s Roast Beef” is a freakin masterpiece that will take you on a 1 way trip to flavor town.
This is so wild, but people come from all around just to taste the “Potato Chips”, yes, I said the “Potato Chips”. They are all homemade, cut from genuine grade A extra long fancy Idaho potatoes, deep fried, seasoned & served with a crispy crunch. When going to “Nick’s Roast Beef”, I am kindly asking you to order da “Gravy Fries”, cut fresh daily, married with prime roast beef & topped with homemade beef gravy.
If you have a sweet tooth, the desert menu freakin rocks with such delectably sugar treats as “Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie”, “Big Cheese Brulee”, “Caramel Apple Granny” & “Molten Chocolate Cake”.
I must give the entire staff of “Nick’s Roast Beef” major props & kudos for such a superior job well done. You all made me feel so at home & comfortable, while still performing your individual duties in a very professional matter. Hang in there, because I must thank you all, starting with the hostesses (“Allie” & “Vikki”), the servers (“Dana”, “Joanie”, “Bobbie”, “Melissa”, “Denise A”, “Denise B”, “Rachel”, “Tory”, “Sam”, “Annie” & “Caitlin”), the bus boys (“Danny”, “Mike”, “Greco”, “Matt” & “Ed”), the prep cooks (“Kenny”, “Mairsol” & “Kevin”), the cooks (“Matt”, “Bill”, “Keith” & “Mark”) & the bartenders (“Samantha”, “Mark”, “Timmy”, “Jenn”, “Lisa” & “Ms. Linda”).
Special thanks to “Jeronimo” (general manager), “Gary” (assistant manager), “Jimmy” (kitchen manager) & “Javier” (head chef). Superior job my culinary brothers & sisters, you have taken a sensational establishment as you all are serving top quality food & perfectly poured libations.
If you are planning a private party in the future, “Nick’s Roast Beef” has just the perfect banquet facility for up to 100 guests. They also have sum specially priced bar & buffet packages, that I am sure can fit your every delight. To hold this spacious area & inquire about the fantastic banquet menu specials, please contact “Caitlin” (event coordinator) @ 215.745.1292 or email her @
Did I forget to mention that “Nick’s Roast Beef” also sponsors a local flag football league, softball league, a dart league & what they call a give back night? Just other ways they have been supporting the community in which they choose to be a part of. Every Tuesday & Sunday nights, “Nick’s Roast Beef” holds a cool local neighborhood celebrity bartending event, where you can bring your posse as you are da celebrity bartender.
“Nick’s Roast Beef” has sum really awesome & thrifty weekly specials, like this thing they call “Happy Hour Nick’s Time”, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday (4pm – 6pm Yuengling & Coors Light pints $1.50, well drinks $2, Blue Moon pints $3, Twisted Tea bottles $3 & appetizers 2 for $20), not to mention these wild daily specials, Monday’s (8pm – 10pm Yuengling pints $1.50, domestic bottles $2, Yuengling pitcher & 10 wings $10 & 5pm – 9pm all you can eat mussels $9.99), Tuesday’s (domestic pints all day for just $2 & 8pm – 12am ½ price appetizers), Wednesday’s (9pm – 11pm Bud/Bud Lights pints $2, Bud/Bud Light bottles $2.50 & 6pm – 10pm wings are just 35 cents each), Thursday’s (8pm – 10pm Miller Lite pints $2, roast beef & french fries $6 & 15% off with college ID), Friday’s (all day long Captain Morgan drinks $3), Saturday (all day long Miller Lite pints $2, Miller Light bottles $2.50) Sunday’s (all day long Bud/Bud Light pints $2, Bud/Bud Light bottles $2.50 & Bud/Bud Light buckets $10). It doesn’t end there my little mind freaks, read on for some entertaining weekly events.
This spectacular facility (“Nick’s Roast Beef”) is now one of NE Philly’s premiere venues for local entertainment with things like this, Tuesday’s (Free Poker Tournaments with cash prizes & 10pm – 12am Kinky Quizzo), Wednesday’s (Karaoke Dance Party), Thursday’s (College Night DJ Dance Party), Friday’s (Local Bands Live On Stage), Saturday’s (Local Bands Live On Stage) & Sunday’s (Free Poker Tournaments with cash prizes). You will definitely catch my crazy azz hangin out @ “Nick’s Roast Beef” many, many times in the near future.
To be totally honest with you, I have been to “Nick’s Roast Beef” on many occasions in the past few years. But now, this place looks so much better & I actually luv all they have done with the new recent changes. My boy “Jeronimo Vasquez” (general manager) is running “Nick’s Roast Beef” like a professional football team going to da Super Bowl. He credits “Gary Gola” (assistant manager) for contributing to da success of this stadium of flavor.
I was so impressed with the entire staff, from the hostesses, to the servers, bartenders, bar backs, cooks & head chefs. Shyt, they have people working here for over 20 years, with lots of them 3 years & higher. The rotation in personnel is very low, due to the loyalty & commitment from the staff to this establishment. If you ever wanna just chill with a few cocktails or settle in for a fine meal, I highly recommend “Nick’s Roast Beef” on Cottman Avenue, you will not be disappointed. When you go, make sure you tell them your boy “Roundhouse Ron” sent you ;-}
Get your calendar out right now & mark down February 9th, 2013 (Saturday), it is “Nick’s Roast Beef’s” “Grand Re-Opening Party” with a live band (“The Insiders”) performing on stage, DJ dance party all night long, drinks specials, food specials & free give-a-ways. Come out, bring all of your friends & celebrate da grand re-opening.
Please stop by “Nick’s Roast Beef”, 2210 Cottman Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19149, 215.745.1292,, they can also be found on social media @ facebook & twitter, just go to: “Nick’s Roast Beef”. “Philly’s Favorite Roast Beef & So Much More”

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During the course of a week, I try to get spend a little quality time with family & close friendz, by eating around town at our local culinary dining businesses. So, I figured this review, I would bring a few friendz (Ashley Ramirez & Greg Strecker) along for da foodie train ride. This issue, I decided to hit a very eye pleasing establishment along the Delaware River named “Maggie’s Waterfront Café”, on N. Delaware Avenue, between Linden & Arendell Avenues, in far northeast Philly.
“Maggie’s Waterfront Café” took over their chunk of Philadelphia back in 2008, with an idea that was long overdue along the Delaware River. “Kevin Goodchild” (owner) had an outstanding vision & concept that would bring his community family together with a place to eat & have a few cocktails, while still enjoy being close to home, not to mention the awesome relaxing view of the Delaware River. Kevin now has been developing this location into a fine dining experience, as he is hiring the best local chefs & entertaining staff. My boy “John Nagle” is managing the front of house, as well as making sure the back of the house runs like clockwork.
Sit back now folks & enjoy what I gotta say about “Maggie’s Waterfront Café”, because this is gonna get juicy like a “Chef Bob’s” thick filet mignon. The location of this spot is simply fantastic, because I seriously luv the relaxing atmosphere. Let’s not talk about parking, cause “Maggie’s Waterfront Café” is loaded with plenty of on & off street parking. As you begin to walk up, you notice the tranquilizing outside umbrella seating area. People were sitting out, eating, drinking & making new friendz, as everyone was on cloud 9 of happiness (I luved the vibe already).
Entering “Maggie’s Waterfront Café”, you will notice a split level floor plan design, ground level is the tavern/bar area, and on the upper level is the dining room/entertainment area. Great concept as it separates the 2 different environments, from dining conversations to drinking conversations.
I decided to start my evening with a stiff cocktail (Jack Daniels & Diet Coke), concocted by a very talented bartending staff, that included “Valarie”, “Kelly” & “George”. The various selection of interesting cocktails makes “Maggie’s Waterfront Café” a must if you luv your libations, like I do. How can you go wrong with such drinks as, “Maggie’s Very Berry Tea”, “Smores Martini”, “Crisp Apple Martini”, “Skinny Margarita” or a “White Peach Sangria”. Let da good times roll, because now I am starting to feel in my zone.
As me & my small party of hungry pirates entered the upper level dining area, we were greeted by a very joyful young lady by the name of “Gina”, she sat us and explained our nightly selections. And before we knew it, another one of this awesome staff greeted us as being our waitress for our foodie venture, she referred to herself as “Amanda”. Now, “Amanda” was kinda interesting because, she was so freakin cheerful & excitingly into her job that her personality overflowed into our experience in a really good way. I don’t do this on many occasions, but I would seriously like to thank the following “Maggie’s Waterfront Café” staff, they include “Kelly”, “Charlene”, “Jess”, “Amanda”, “Gina” & “Valarie”.
The nightly specials got my culinary palate wondering the choices I was gonna pursue. I started off with the “Cream Of Crab Soup”, and OMG, I am so glad I made this choice. The soup was loaded with solid chunks of crabs, in a very flavorful creamy soup, the old bay seasoning & oyster crackers just seemed to complete this magnificent masterpiece. My boy “Greg”, had a crock of baked “French Onion Soup”.Both of our soups were like a one way ticket to flavor town.

Just as our appetizers were complete, I noticed “Amanda” and “Gina” brining out our delightful entrees for this evening. Mine being one of “Maggie’s Waterfront Café’s” signature dishes, the “Steak Au Poivre”, a black pepper crusted filet mignon sautéed in a brandy cream sauce, topped with huge grilled garlic shrimp. This was accompanied by fresh mixed vegetables & a stuffed double baked potato that was to die for. I do wanna make a small comment about my medium done filet mignon that my boy “Chef Bob” created personally for me, Yo “Chef Bob”, “That Steak Au Poivre, Was Off da’ Charts My Brother”.
“Maggie’s Waterfront Café” has many other signature plates such as, “Crab Rosa” (jumbo lump crabmeat sautéed in a white wine tomato cream sauce, served over lobster ravioli), “Stuffed Flounder” (fresh flounder stuffed with jumbo lump crab meat stuffing, lightly seasoned & broiled in a lemon butter sauce), not to mention the tremendous selection of numerous chicken & beef signature entrees. If you want a real treat, stop by “Maggie’s Waterfront Café” on “Fathead’s Hard Shell Crabs Thursday Night”. My main man, Andrew “Fathead” has been cooking up sum of NE Philly’s best damn hard shell crabs you ever tasted, since 1986. Now, he brings his special seasoning & taste to “Maggie’s” every Thursday night from 4pm til closing.
While chillaxin to the acoustic soundz from “Shawn” & “Nick” (that started around 8pm), my party & I decided to scope out the desert menu listings. How da fock can you go wrong with such desert named “Peanut Butter Panic”, “Fried Cheesecake With Sugar & Cinnamon” & let’s not forget “Key Lime Cheesecake”. The selection was obvious for me, I choose the “Fried Cheesecake With Sugar & Cinnamon”. All I can say is, “I Just Died & Went To Heaven”.
After our bellies were full of sum amazing “Maggie’s Waterfront Café” food, now it was time once again to get our drink on. During the fall season, you have to get your azz over here & taste a few of these very interesting beverages, such as “Shock Top Pumpkin Beer”, “Pumpkin Chi Martini” and the sensational “Pumpkin La Margarita”.
Check your calendars now, for October 27, 2012 (Saturday Night), “Maggie’s Waterfront Café” is having a “Girls Night Out Halloween Party”, so bring all your goolish zombie friendz. They will have a DJ dance party, staff dressed in their scariest costumes, seasonal cocktails along with $5 Martinis all night long.
Sum of “Maggie’s Waterfront Café” daily specials include, Monday’s (Honoring Heroes, half off your entire check for all Police, Fire, Military & EMS workers), Tuesday’s (half price appetizers 4pm-12am, $2 domestic bottles & draft all day), Wednesday’s (Quizzo Crazyness 8pm-10pm, 35 cent wings, $3 Twisted Teas & Smirnoff Ice), Thursday’s (Fathead’s Crabs 4pm-10pm, pick & peel shrimp 7pm-10pm & $3.50 Sam Adams seasonal pints), Friday’s ($4 U Call It Bombs 10pm-12am). Also. Don’t forget the “Bucket Specials”, domestic 5 for $14, imported 5 for $19 & “Bud Light” 5 for $10 every day.
What a great place for any private party or special gathering, with onsite & offsite catering being available. For sum awesome package deals & party specials, please contact my gurl “Charlene”, at 215 .637.6716, she will hook you up big time.
I must tell you, I am so grateful to “Mike Vagnoni” & “Out On The Town Entertainment Guide” for giving me the chance to review sum of our areas must amazing dining venues. I eat like a freakin’ king & get to tell you all about my interesting experiences. I gotta tell you all, ‘“Maggie’s Waterfront Café” is one of northeast Philly’s best kept secrets, from the awesome staff, to the scrumptious tasting food, and the very flavorful cocktails, not to mention the live entertainment. My friends & I totally enjoyed our complete “Maggie’s Waterfront Café” experience”. Please, don’t hesitate and get your azz over there as soon as possible for sum culinary magic & when you go, make sure you tell them your boy “Roundhouse Ron” sent you ;-}
Please stop by “Maggie’s Waterfront Café”, 9242 N. Delaware Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19114, 215.637.6716,, they can also be found on social media @ either facebook or twitter, just go to: “Maggie’s Waterfront Café”. “A Great Place For Good Food With A Beautiful View”

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david-ansill-240uwPHILADELPHIA, PA – (JULY 31, 2011) – Owen Kamihira, owner of Bar Ferdinand (1030 North 2nd Street; 215.923.1313) in Northern Liberties, is honored to announce, that after taking a 6 month sabbatical in Jamaica, David Ansill has returned to his roots in Philadelphia to become Executive Chef. Kamihira and Ansill have a 30 year history that started when they worked together in the 80s at South Street’s infamous Copabanana.

“Throughout the years I have watched and admired David’s career and growth as a chef,” explains Bar Ferdinand owner Owen Kamihira. “I have always trusted his palette. His simple use of ingredients and his ability to extract the essence of those products in his dishes, has always amazed me.” Kamihira continues,  “David’s motorcycle travels through spain with my brother Eben, had a lasting culinary affect on him. His dishes, have always had the 1-2-3 simplicity of the food of Spain.”

Chef David Ansill is currently applying his imagination to an exciting new menu that will debut in late September. But, beginning August 2nd, every Thursday Ansill will explore Spanish inspired dishes using seasonal ingredients, with his new multi-course Chef’s Tasting Menu. The cost is $40 per person (plus tax and gratuity) and is offered from 5 – 11pm. In addition, Ansill is creating a series of specials each night that live up to Bar Ferdinand’s seasonal ingredient-driven reputation.

Bar Ferdinand has always been a chef driven restaurant. When it opened in 2006, they introduced a menu of traditional and modern tapas with a focus on local and seasonal ingredients. The menu has evolved through the years. But, that focus and commitment has never changed. With David Ansill coming on board, he will put his culinary stamp on Bar Ferdinand’s menu and take it to the next level!

High resolution photos are available upon request.

Sample Chef’s Tasting Menu
Featuring the Tomato
Offered Thursdays from 5 – 11pm; $40 per person (plus tax and gratuity)

1st Course
Heirloom Tomato Gazpacho, crab

2nd Course
Oil Poached Cherry Tomatoes, olive purée

3rd Course
Spanish Tuna, tomato saffron conserva

4th Course
Local Tomatoes, mint, olive oil

5th Course
Pan Con Tomate, jamon serrano

6th Course
Grilled Mackerel, tomato water, artichokes

7th Course
Lamb, pine nuts, roasted tomato rioja

8th Course
~ Dessert ~

Subject to change, based on available ingredients.

For more information about Bar Ferdinand, please visit Reservations are encouraged for groups of all sizes and can be made by calling 215-923-1313.

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Thursday: 5 – 11pm
Friday: 5pm – midnight
Saturday: 3pm – midnight
Sunday: 3 – 11pm
Saturday & Sunday Brunch: 11am – 3pm

About Bar Ferdinand:
Bar Ferdinand is celebrating its 6th year in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia, as the city’s premier Spanish tapas restaurant. Bar Ferdinand was founded & designed by Owen Kamihira as a contemporary vision of Spain’s famed tapas bars, and a local gathering place for neighbors to go for great food, wine and conversation.

About David Ansill:

Chef David Ansill, a Cheltenham native, was trained at Philadelphia’s The Restaurant School and spent 26 years honing his skills & perfecting dishes while cooking at renowned local favorites such as Serrano, Judy’s Café, Rittenhouse Hotel & Lucy’s Hat Shop. He spent time broadening his culinary skills in Sweden and Miami Beach, including a stint at the prestigious, Delano Hotel.
Ansill decided to break out on his own in 2001; First with Pif, an intimate French bistro with a daily changing menu. In 2006, he opened Ansill Food + Wine, a remarkable tapas inspired restaurant with influences from France, Italy and Spain. By 2009, Ansill had landed at Ladder 15, where he continued to bring his innovative style & direction to life. In July of 2012, Ansill teamed up with old friend, Owen Kamihira as the Executive Chef of Bar Ferdinand, a traditional yet creative Spanish wine & tapas bar in Philadelphia’s Northern Liberties community.

1030 North 2nd Street | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19123 | Northern Liberties | 215.923.1313

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By:  Krista Doran

At the corners of State and Washington Streets in Historic Newtown Borough is a wonderful place called The Temperance House.  “The Temp” as many of their regular patrons lovingly call it, is not just a local tavern.  The tradition of the Temperance House began in 1772, when soldier and scholar Andrew McMinn first opened the inn.  Since then, The Temperance House has seen many different proprietors and has been used as a meeting place where drinks, ice cream and even oysters have been served to the locals.  The Temperance House is steeped in history and today owned and operated by Carlene and Pat Deon, who still maintain “The Temp’s” love of Newtown’s colorful heritage.

As you walk in either of the entrances, you immediately feel its charm.  The Temperance House has so much to offer as a tavern, restaurant and an inn, and its casual elegance is just a reminder that once inside, you are going to experience something special.  The culinary team of chefs James Hagan and Derek Fields are always creating new and exciting dishes to please every palate, even accommodating those who choose gluten-free foods or are vegetarians.  The menu changes seasonally to take advantage of all the wonderful meats, seafood and vegetables that are available at the time.  The best way to describe the food would be American, but it definitely has an international fusion flare.  Both chefs are very thoughtful when considering which delights to offer guests, even taking time to consider Chinese New Year and other Holidays important to many.  The food is always fresh, always delicious and very reasonably priced.  Lunch specials start at just $6.00, and dinners start at just $14.00.  The portions are large and very satisfying.  The staff is absolutely wonderful, too, always making sure all guests are comfortable and content.

A night at The Temperance House, whether you are there for just drinks, dinner or a weekend stay is certainly going to be memorable.  The building itself is beautifully maintained.  Considering its age, you will never see cracks, broken trim or flooring anywhere.  Mr. and Mrs. Deon love this building and it shows.  They have taken great care to see that it is continuously cleaned and maintained to keep its charm and beauty.  From elegant fireplaces in the dining rooms, to the beautifully appointed stained glass art and light fixtures, “The Temp” is the place to be in Newtown.  It is definitely a favorite among locals, and can accommodate up to 150 people at one time.  It’s a great place to have a party and if you are looking for a place to host a wedding, shower, fundraiser, life celebration or any type of event, the party “dream team,” headed by Manager Erica Darragh and Event Coordinator Kim Carney, is at your disposal.  Erica and Kim will create a party as simple or as extravagant as you desire, always bringing that “Wow Factor” into all that they do.  If a max capacity of 150 is too small for your event, no problem!  They do off-site catering as well and can do anything from an office cocktail party, a fun luau or themed event to an elegant grill party with steaks and lobsters!  You dream it, they make it happen!  There is no event too big or too small for them to handle and everything from carving stations, to gorgeous flowers and centerpieces, amazing desserts and specialty drinks are handled to meet your individual specifications.  The Temperance House has catered many wonderful off-site charity events too.  In fact, every year they cater a fundraiser for their own personal charity, Pennsylvania Special Olympics.  In the past 8 years, there has been over $250k raised for this wonderful cause!  The 9th Annual Fundraiser will be held on June 20th, 2012 at the Makefield Highland Golf Course.  If you need details or want to participate, please call Erica at 215-860-9975.

Something that is unique to The Temperance House and a favorite among cigar aficionados is their cigar, cognac and scotch selections.  They also play host to many cigar events throughout the year and it’s the perfect place for the guys to have a special night of cigars, food and a scotch tasting.  You can even book one of their 5 private rooms for your smoking pleasure!  It’s perfect for an upscale bachelor party or guys night out.  There are not many places that cater to the cigar lovers but The Temperance House certainly does, offering a fine in-house selection.  If you prefer a special brand of cigar to smoke in the tavern, there are also local smoke shops within walking distance.  The inn upstairs is the perfect place for an overnight or weekend stay for people traveling through the area, or even just a quiet get-away.  The Temp’s 13 nicely appointed rooms are completely remodeled, comfortable and inviting.  These spacious rooms all have private baths and are ideal for wedding parties.

There is always something fun going on at The Temperance House!  If you love live music, it is the only place in Newtown that hosts the area’s top bands in all genres including Jazz, Blues, Classic Rock, Top 40 and Acoustic.  Wednesday through Saturday the place is always hopping with a great looking people who like to have fun.  They offer some really spectacular specials featuring half price draft beer and appetizers plus $1 off mixed drinks and house wine from 5-7 pm every day of the week.  Week day specials are:  Monday – half price appetizers from 5-9 pm, Tuesday – “Tini Tuesday” with $5 house martinis, Wednesdays – $5 glasses of house wine, Thursdays – $2 domestic drafts and $3 Craft beers.  On Fridays and Saturdays from 5-7 pm – half price draft beer and appetizers plus $1 off mixed drinks and house wine.  Weekend day food specials are $1 Hot Dogs on Saturday $4 Cheese steaks (Beef or Chicken) on Sunday.  Make The Temperance House your place to watch the Flyers play and enjoy $3 Stellas during all games.  Other events that The Temperance House is known for are their Wednesday Jazz Celebrations, Special 4 Course Tasting Menus, and The NFL Draft with Merrill Reese of WBCB and draft expert Tom Hepler.  On Easter and Mother’s Day, a beautiful and elegant brunch is offered that the whole family will enjoy.  The next big event on the agenda is Valentine’s Day, so why not make plans now?  The Temperance House will be offering a very special and romantic evening featuring a special dinner menu, running 2/10 through 2/14.  For “The Temp’s St. Patty’s Celebration” Celtic Pride will be performing from 8 – Midnight on Friday 3/16/12.  There will be traditional Irish food and beer specials. Reservations are required for all special events!    For all events and information about specials please visit their website at

The Temperance House offers so many great ways for you, your friends and family to enjoy its elegantly casual atmosphere, professional and welcoming staff, fresh and delicious food and top notch entertainment.  It’s the “total package” when it comes to restaurant/bars, and is hands-down, the jewel of Newtown Borough!  I highly suggest you go try The Temperance House.  You will be glad you did!

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Mamma D’s: Restaurant Possible!

By James D’Arcangelo

downloadThis spring, a team of strangers wielding hammers and crowbars descended on Mamma D’s Restaurant in Pipersville, and took the place apart in no time. The crew’s leader, a burly, surly, overly-muscular, in-your-face, determined type looked on and barked orders, tolerating no nonsense. Restaurant owner Luigi Desiato, looked on sadly while tears welled up in his wife’s, Liz’s, eyes.

Such is the experience when a restaurant (willingly!) undergoes the Food Network’s “Restaurant Impossible” challenge, opening its doors to a complete make-over done by restaurateur expert and chef, Robert Irvine, and his design team.

In the weekly show, the owner of a struggling restaurant seeks help from the Food Network. The result is a literal dissection of the restaurant – the menu is scrutinized, the owner is roasted, the staff is disciplined and the restaurant is changed beyond recognition. But, if the owner can push through the painful, tear-jerking process, the result is a brand-new-looking elite restaurant, an updated menu, a changed-for-the-better mindset, and a prolific kitchen that churns out dish after dish (“fresh, fast and great-tasting,” per Irvine). While the pressure on the owner is unfathomable, Irvine and his team are hard-pressed, too – they have to finish the transformation in less than 48 hours, within a confining budget of $10,000.

As background, the Food Network is a booming TV phenomenon, with growing viewership and demographics that range from moms who seek creative twists to traditional dinners, to shows honoring America’s finest foods and restaurants (like “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives,” on which the Pineville Tavern, located in Pineville, PA, was featured last spring, and has since turned into a local hot spot pulsating with happy customers), to teens who love to watch restaurants get destroyed and immediately resurrected, which perfectly describes “Restaurant Impossible.”

Luigi and Liz Desiato described how his family had bought the restaurant fifteen years before and had sunk over $1,000,000 into their restaurant, and were losing money at rapid and extreme rates. His attempts to pull in customers by combining a petting zoo and a wine store with the restaurant were not working. So he asked for help.

Irvine, a man who has seen it all, dubbed Mamma D’s “one of the most unusual challenges ever.” He called the store at the entryway “a cornucopia of garbage,” and had much worse to say about the petting zoo concept and decor. They all had to go. Much as Luigi was wedded to his dream, as he saw the restaurant in its old form, he understood change must come in the makeover process that he described as “gut-wrenching” and “heart-breaking.”

But Irvine saw key assets. The on-site winery was crucial, as was Luigi’s son, Nick, who had graduated as a chef from the Culinary Institute and was originally under-used in the kitchen.  Irvine told Luigi, “you’re fired as the head chef of the restaurant” and “your son is capable of doing the things you think he is not. He’s in charge of the kitchen.” While normally blunt statements like these would either infuriate or sadden many, Luigi took it all in stride: “In my mind, I kept thinking that this makeover is free, and whenever someone gives you something for free — whether it be a massage or even a restaurant makeover — just take it and run with it. While it was sad to see the old restaurant taken apart and rebuilt, the end product is great.”

In every way, Irvine and his crew did their job. Mamma D’s is now, per Irvine, a restaurant of “simple elegance, with rustic Italian feel,” housing a modern and sleek wine store.  And sales are up 50% since change.

Last Wednesday, a party of over 125 friends, family, satisfied “returnees” and excited new-comers gathered at Mamma D’s to celebrate the world premiere of the “Mamma D’s” episode. And what a party it was! Scott Fisher, owner of the Fisher’s Ace Hardware in Plumsteadville, where Irvine’s design crew got the paint needed to re-do the restaurant’s walls, and his wife Donna, two regulars at Mamma D’s, were extremely content with the changes: “It is a nice and fresh update, and very exciting for the hard-working, dedicated owners and staff. Mamma D’s went from farm-like and cozy to warm and up-scale, with European accents. We all love the changes, and will remain regulars here!” The standing room-only crowd at the premiere event buzzed when the show came on. But the food made them rave more. Danielle Heidenreich, a newbie Mamma D’s fan who learned about the show’s feature on the Food Network via the Intelligencer, praised the Panzanella salad and the godly tiramisu. She noted that the ambiance matches the food perfectly, as they are both “elite and up-scale, yet cozy and homey at the same time.”

I sampled the creamy Leek and Fennel Soup, the crespelle (thin, crispy crepes with creamy spinach-ricotta filling with a roasted red pepper sauce) and the traditional Chicken Parmigiana  – all of which were extremely hearty and delicious.

So take the time to head out to Mamma D’s to experience, first-hand, the powerful and life-changing shifts the restaurant has undergone. But, trust me, once you step in, you won’t want to leave!

Be sure to tune in on the Food Network on November 30 at 10pm and December 7 at 9pm for re-run airings of Restaurant: Impossible, Mamma D’s style!

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by Helene
156608_10150332395950612_135633855611_16185764_6696273_nTony’s Place Bar & Grille is making a BIG NAME for itself! More than the home of the “Original Tomato Pie”, with their great variety of Craft Beer and delectable Fine Dining, there is no other place like it around. Tony’s Place has gained notoriety with their wide variety of Craft Beer. They carry over twenty draft beer and 80 varieties of bottled beer from the US and Europe including Hoegaarden, Guinness, Dog Fish, Rogue, Unibroue, Stone, Chimay, and La Chouffe to name a few. They of course carry the standard-Coors Lite, Miller Lite and Yuengling and a moderately diverse wine list is also available. Right now they offer new Holiday Seasonal Craft Beer selections each week too! There is seating for about 120 guests in the restaurant or if you are looking for a more leisurely meal you can enjoy that at their beautiful mahogany bar, where you can watch your favorite sporting event on any of their multiple high definition televisions.
Tony’s Place is offering some wonderful Holiday Specials so make your reservations early-it will surely be filling up fast! For example on December 13th starting at 7:00pm it’s the 5 Course Holiday Dinner and Beer Paring Event. For just $49.95 pp enjoy dining at its finest! First Course is Seared Scallops with Roasted Fennel and Citrus Ginger Chutney, 2nd Course is Caramelized Fig Salad with Roasted Chestnuts and Goat Cheese atop, 3rd Course is Roasted Pork Tenderloin in Bacon Sage Voulette with Butter Braised White Beans, 4th Course is Petite Filet with Potato Wedges and Broccoli Cheddar Gratin and then the 5th Grand Finale, the Dessert is Porter Infused Truffles drizzled with Raspberry Sauce! Each with a Paring of a Holiday Craft Beer! Superb!
Then on Christmas Eve there will be dinner seating until 8:00pm, with the Standard Dinner menu and the Chef’s Special Menu, for example: Start off with an Apple Pear Salad, and choose an entrée like Filet and Lobster Tower, but don’t let me spoil all the Holiday surprises the Chef has in-store for you!
Although they are closed on Christmas Day, New Years Eve will offer the same menu selection and on New Year’s Day they will be open at 12:00 noon. Tony’s Place is also offering Holiday Shoppers Dinner Specials. Every Monday and Tuesday for just $20.00 you can enjoy a 3 course dinner or on Wednesday evening it’s Buy 1 Entrée and get the 2nd half off. Then on Thursday evening get $5.00 off your favorite bottle of wine. Sounds like a nice break after all the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping! And let’s not forget about Tony’s awesome catering services too offered for all your holiday needs. Either have your holiday party there or order holiday trays to go! Only 20 minutes from Business Route 1, near Street and Jacksonville Roads, in the Ivyland borough (1297 Greeley Avenue). Make Tony’s Place your Holiday spot this season! For more information check out their website at For dinner reservations and catering services please call 215-675-7275.

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chow284-casual-americanCHOW284 has been open for 6 months now and has become the go-to guy for Feasterville residents when they’re hungry. CHOW284 features a global American menu with dishes inspired by countries all over the world. There’s not another place you can find a quality burger, burrito and lo Mein dish all on the same menu.

Aside from the established spread, CHOW284 stocks over 40 different beers. New beers frequent the coolers to keep the menu fresh. You can kind all of your favorite craft brews, such as Victory, Philadelphia Brewing, Yards, Magic Hat and Troegs and staple imports like Baltika, Franziskaner and Chimay.

The bar also sports a one-of-a-kind wine pouring system that literally pours the perfect glass every time. Each bottle is kept at its optimal temperature. The cabinets replace the oxygen in the bottle and replaced with argon.

Not only is it difficult to find such a delectable cuisine and formidable beer selection in the same establishment, but CHOW284 also has a plethora of entertainment on a weekly basis. They host free poker tournaments with cash prizes every Monday, Quizzo on Wednesday, live music every weekend as well as wine pairings, fundraisers and beer tastings.

CHOW284 has quickly become the trendy spot in Bucks County to feast. The ideal combination of an innovative food/drink menu and plenty of entertainment leave you always wanting more.

284 E St Rd
Feasterville, PA 19053

(215) 357-9988

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Catch Great Taste….Miller Lite and Eagles Football is on the agenda for today….

and  every day with Football season…..Where to watch the game today. The Eagles are going to turn the

season around and it will start today…wear your Eagles gear and cheer on the team.

HERE Goes:

From  the latest  > “Out On The Town Entertainment Guide“*Sept 28th thru to October 19th Listings: * Additional add on listings from requested placement by email to


Harrigan’s Irish Pub – Warminster Pa

The Stadiums’ Bar and Grill ( All locations)*Fairless Hills, Levittown,Andalusia/Bensalem, Bristol, NE Phila

Scruples /Gentlemens Club at the Oakford Inn/ Neshaminy area

The Brunswick Zone – Feasterville

Richies – Warminster

The Penguin Club – Warminster

The Wet Whistle – Jenkintown

The Drake Tavern – Jenkintown

The Glenside Tavern – Glenside

*New – Chow 284 – Feasterville

Cazz’s Sports Bar & Grille – Levittown

The Fireside Beef & Ale – Feasterville

The Road House – Newportville

Gleason’s Bar -Levittown

TR’s Sports Bar -Bristol

Marie’s Kozy Corner

Buffalo Wild Wings

Frank’s Sports Bar in Feasterville

Mc Stews Irish Sports Bar – Levittown

Double Visions – Horsham Pa

Tattletales – Levittown Pa

Dean Casmirri’s Colonial Inn – Hulmeville Pa

Tony’s Place -Ivyland

Curran’s Irish Inn – Bensalem Pa

Kenny’s Spirited Eatery – Southampton

The Temperance House – Newtown

The Green Parrott – Newtown

The Club House – Newtown

The Dog & Bull Music and Brew Pub – Croydon

Hazy’s – Feasterville

Club Risque – Bristol & Phila (Both locations) NE and Center City

The Bethayers Tavern

Calloways – Huntingdon Valley

E’s Irish Inn – Warminster

The Red Stallion – Warminster

Big Heads Sports Bars ( All locations- Warminster, Bensalem, Holland, WillowGrove, Plumsteadville,)

PJ Whelihans  – Blue Bell

The Capri -Levittown

Hurricane Jacks – Levittown

Da Bar Restaurant and Lounge – Levittown

The Edgley

Chickie’s & Pete’s Parx Casino/ Bensalem

Buffalo Wild Wings – Oxford Valley/Langhorne area

Brady’s Irish Pub  inside the – Holiday Inn/ Langhorne/Trevose Area

*Brady’s Irish Pubs – (Bensalem and Croydon)

Paulies Place – Pendel

The Irish Rover – Pendel

Miller’s  Ale House – Langhorne

The Buck Hotel – Feasterville

The E- House – Eddington/ Bensalem

Debbie’s Place – Warminster

Reese’s – Warminster

Sporty Mike’s – Warminster

The Final Score – Bensalem

The Hulmeville Inn – Hulmeville

Sports bars at PARX CASINO/ 360 lounge and Center Casino Bar area


KATIE O’ DONNELL’s NE ( Near Franklin Mills Mall area)

The 3 Monkeys NE (Torresdale area)

Mc Noodles NE

Harringtons’ NE

Lenighans’ Irish Pubs NE

La Casa Di Lucia NE

Bonks ( Port Richmond)

The Post Office

NICK’S ROAST BEEF – Cottman Ave Location (Also) 2nd street location. Add in South Phila Location

Finnigan’s Wake – Nothern Liberties

PYT – Nothern Liberties

Kings Oak Nothern Liberties

The Standard Tap Nothern Liberties

Racuchuts Tavern

Kilbanes Tavern

Mc Nalleys

Owens Cafe

Pats Cafe

Chucks Alibi

The Rockledge Pub

TD’s Pub

The Grey Lodge

The Rhawnhurst Cafe

The Bog Side Irish Pub

JT’s Philadelphia House

Tom Foolery’s Irish Pub

The Tavern on Broad  – Center City

The Blockley Pour House – University CITY

alberts cafe ./ Turbulence

General Grants Saloon

*The new Lyrics  Harvard Sq Shopping Cente

Redz Bar & Grille NE

Miller’s Ale House NE

‘Out Of Wack Jack’s

Penny Gardens Saloon

Reedy’s Irish Pub

Flukes’ Bar & Restaurant

Chickies’s & Pete’s ( All Locations) NE – South Philly/ Bensalem and also NJ  Locaitons at the shore and in Bordentown NJ

*Buffalo Wild Wings *New NE Location ( at the site of the old Champs)

Joe Santucci’s Bar and Grill NE

The Knights Tavern NE

Lazy Joe’s  New

Spencer’s Irish Inn (the site of the old Ashton Pub)

Maggie’s Water Front Cafe NE

Paddy Whacks Irish Pub -NE & South Street

Curran’s Irish Inn -Tacony/Ne

Hammerheads – NE

Caspers’ Bar

Sweeney’s Saloon NE

Philly 4  Sports Bar and Restaurant/ NE

Reales’ Sports Bar & Grill NE


The Philly Red Zone – Olde City

The Roxxy


Mc ‘Faddens- Center City

Triumph Brewery-Olde City

Brownies Pub 2nd Street Olde City

Mc Gillians _Center City

The Irish Pub Center City

The Stadium at the Holiday INN ( South Phila)

The South Philly Bar and Grill


Kildares Irish Pub



The Manayunk Brew Pub & Restaurant

The Manayunk Diner


Media – Jack’s Tavern,

Riddle ALE House’

Old State Tavern’

Plumstead Inn

John Henrys

The Alibi

The Westgate Pub


Maggie Mays Campus

Peabodys Pub

Galaways Pub

Erin Pub

Prospect Pub


69th Street  Lounge

Alisa Cafe


C-BAr at Harrahs’ Chester

Duffers Pub

Durty Nellys

Rp Mc Murphys in Holmes

The End Zone at Harrahs’CASINO in Chester Pa

Kildars’ in West Chester

Flip & Ballys’

The Great American Pub

The SportsView Bar & Grill






JD Mc Gillicuddys Bar & Grille





The Jug Handel Inn Pennsauken NJ

Jay’s Elbo Room

Brewesters in the Bowling Alley Rt 73

Colleen’s Pennsauken / Brunch and the Eagles

The Madison Cafe – Riverside NJ

Pinsetter Bar and Bowl Pennsauken NJ

PJ Whelihans  ( ALL LOCATIONS)

The Coastline – Cherry Hill

Top Dog  – Cherry Hill

Curran’s Irish Inn -Palmyra

OTT’s  Medford and Wahington TWP

Main Street Pub – Vorhees

Somerdale Bar – Somerdale NJ

The Pour House

Schileen’s Pub – Turnersville

The Stone Grille  Blackwood/Clementon Area

The Silver Fox Inn -Hammonton NJ

The  Adelphia Deptford NJ

Richeez in Hi-Nella

The Phily Diner –

The Road House Inn

Ponzio’s Diner Cherry Hill

Kaminski’s Ale House  -Cherry Hill

Kat Man Du – Trenton

* In Atlantic City Best bets ….Trump Taj Mahal and The Trump PlazaThe Golden Nugget, The Bogata, Harrah’s,The Showboat, Ceasar’s Casino, ACH Casino, Resorts Casino,Bally’s Casino.

Well these are just some of the locations  we know about here at the Out On The Town….Enjoy your Sunday!

Make it special with Good Friends and Family, if you can!

Let’s Go Eagles beat them Bills!

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londongrillPHILADELPHIA, PA – This month, London Grill (2301 Fairmount Avenue, 215-978-4545), the popular restaurant and bar, will celebrate its 20th Anniversary. Since starting London Grill in the fall of 1991, co-owners Chef Michael McNally and Terry Berch McNally have established the restaurant as a Fairmount landmark, building its reputation for creative, bold menus and culinary standpoint. London Grill’s bar also impresses with a rare and unusual selection of spirits, a highly celebrated cocktail list and a reputation for serving the latest and greatest craft beer. The duo has long advocated for the Fairmount section, even fostering its recognition on the city’s official downtown map, and continues to enrich the area, through neighborhood events and community activism.
To mark 20 successful years, the McNally’s are throwing a party on Monday, September 19 beginning at 5 p.m. Partygoers will be able to enjoy the first taste of Chef McNally’s new menu as well as two beers custom-brewed by the owners for the special occasion and live music from acts that have played at restaurant over the years.

“We are thrilled that after 20 years in business, people are still responding so enthusiastically to London Grill,” says Berch McNally. “We’re excited to celebrate with our neighbors, friends and family.”
Anniversary Party festivities will include:

5 p.m. until 7 p.m. Happy Hour Anniversary Craft Beer Battle
Chef McNally collaborated with local brewers from Nodding Head, while Terry worked alongside the brewers at Stoudt’s to each create a special beer for their anniversary. Judges Tom Kehoe of Yards, Tom Peters, owner of Belgian Cafe and Monk’s Cafe, Jeff Keel, owner of Bishop’s Collar and St. Stephen’s Green, Casey Hughes, head brewer for Flying Fish, George Hummel, owner of Home Sweet HomeBrew, beer journalist Carolyn Smagalski and beverage specialist Marnie Old will declare the winner of this friendly competition while revelers compete for prizes from a London Grill Trivia Wheel and sample complimentary sips of the anniversary beers. Live music will be provided by Kevin Hanson and Jim Stager of Huffamoose. Other old longtime friends of the restaurant are sure to join them in a two-hour-long jam session.

7 p.m. until 9 p.m. London’s 20th Anniversary Dinner Celebration
For $40 per person, guests can sit down to a special preview of London’s new dishes from Chef McNally, served family-style. The dinner includes beverage pairings, but not tax and gratuity. Menu items will include: Beer & Cheese Pairings from Nodding Head, DiBruno Bros. and Stoudt’s; Emilio Mignucci of DiBruno Bros. and brewers from both breweries will be available as well to discuss the pairings; Crispy Pork Belly with watermelon, sesame seeds and cilantro; Foie Gras Tuna Tartare; Stuffed Figs wrapped in bacon with blue cheese and arugula; Grilled Octopus with chorizo, potatoes, cured lemon and salsa verde; Pastrami Duck Breast served with house made sauerkraut and violet mustard; Marsala-Glazed Veal Cheeks with smoked mushrooms; Braised Black Kale with cippolini onions, pancetta and cream; Roasted Butternut Squash with pistachio pesto and breadcrumbs; and Creamy Marscapone Polenta with a wild mushroom Bolognese; and dessert surprises, paired with Chef McNally’s house-made Limoncello.

9 p.m. until 12 midnight London Through the Years DJ Dance Party
A DJ will spin and the crowd will dance, drink and raise a glass (or several!) to the venerable restaurant and their bright future. Terry’s knack for throwing a party is well known throughout the city and costumes, props and other fun goodies are a certainty.

After the celebration, the McNally’s will get back to doing what they do best: keeping London Grill relevant and exciting, year after year. The 20th Anniversary welcomes a new menu, featuring affordable proteins and a wealth of seasonal sides, including the famed vegetable dishes of Chef McNally’s Vegetable ‘Charcuterie’ Plate. The revamped Lunch Menu which will include new brunch items, available Monday through Friday, and will mark the first time that guests can enjoy some of their most craved items outside of weekend brunch. Chef McNally will also unveil his new house made ice creams and sorbets, a first for the talented chef and a welcome addition to their already delicious dessert offerings.
Located in the historic Fairmount neighborhood, a short walk from the Franklin Institute and its neighboring museums, London Grill has been featured in Philadelphia Magazine, Philadelphia Style, the Wall Street Journal and US Airways Magazine. In his review, Philadelphia Inquirer critic Craig LaBan wrote, “You can’t get this kind of cooking in most neighborhood restaurants, but the London Grill pulls it off with a blend of laid-back ambience and quality food that sits just right.”
For more information about London Grill’s 20th anniversary party, please call (215) 978-4545 or visit their Web site at You can also follow them on Twitter: @LondonGrill.

Chef Michael McNally and Terry Berch McNally

London Grill
Twenty Year Timeline

1991 – Michael and Terry Berch McNally take over London from Peter and Melinda Coughlin. They add “Grill” to the restaurant’s name.

1992 – London Grill installs a new draft beer system and expands the existing four taps to twelve. They are also one of the first restaurants in Philadelphia to commit to craft beers and were the first in the city to offer Sierra Nevada, Anchor Steam and Willie Sutton Lager by Stoudt’s, London’s house beer.

1993 – McNally and Berch purchase the building where London Grill operates, as well as the building next door to the restaurant.

1994 – McNally and Berch start the Art Museum Restaurant Association. For the first time, London Grill throws its nationally recognized Bastille Day celebration in front of the restaurant and Eastern State Penitentiary which serves as the Bastille. Berch dresses as Marie Antoinette in an authentic 17th century French ball gown and throws Twinkies before her “beheading.”

1995 – The Pennsylvania Convention and Visitors Bureau listens to Berch’s pleas to have the city map changed to include north of Spring Garden streets and neighborhoods up to Girard College.

1996 – London Grill offers outdoor seating for the first time after the outdoor café bill was approved, which Berch pushed for with the help of then Mayor Ed Rendell.

1997 – Philadelphia Magazine names London Grill best “Neighborhood Restaurant” in their annual ‘Best Of’ issue.

1998 – Chef McNally and his son, Jake McNally host the first London Grill Kid’s Cooking class and eventually the classes became so popular that they would often offer classes several times a year.

1999 – Author and New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman is the honorary guest at London Grill for the first edition of his book, How to Cook Everything. Bittman’s visit was in conjunction with Philadelphia’s The Book and The Cook, a long-running Philadelphia food event that paired cookbook authors with local restaurants.
2000 – A 42 inch flat screen TV is installed at the bar and it quickly becomes a favorite gathering spot for customers to watch their favorite baseball, football and soccer games.
2001- London Grill’s fish and chips receive a glowing write-up by Philadelphia Inquirer food columnist, Rick Nichols, in which he noted, “Nobody else’s I’ve had in town quite measured up.” Chef McNally’s fish and chips still receive similar praises from critics and diners, establishing the dish as one of the best in the city.

2002 – Long before it becomes a popular restaurant offering, Chef McNally begins to cure his own charcuterie in house, with a variety of offerings that include: duck prosciutto, wild boar pastrami, chorizo, vegetarian salami, guanciale, and bresaola, to name a few. Chef McNally’s charcuterie plate, which is hand cut to order and served alongside an assortment of house-made mustards and chutneys, remains one of London Grill’s most popular menu items.

2003 – Berch introduces the Appletini, a drink she enjoyed in South Beach. This would not be her last inspiration from Miami…

2004 – London Grill introduces the first Brewer’s Plate dinner, which pairs restaurant dishes with local beer. The first brewery to be showcased was Victory Brewing, which at the time was relatively new to the regional beer scene.

2005 – Chef McNally and Berch receive a commemorative James Beard Foundation membership for their work with the culinary foundation.

2006 – Chef McNally debuts London Grill’s meatball menu. The menu, which even gained recognition from Bon Appétit magazine, re-imagined the meager meatball, transforming it from ordinary to chic and in some instances he forgoes meat altogether to produce vegetarian options comprised of ingredients like chickpeas and artichokes. Chef McNally, ever creative with his meatballs has recently offered items such as: Chicken and Prosciutto, with tomato sauce and mozzarella; Pork, with roasted poblano rajas; Lamb and Feta Cheese, with rhubarb tomato sauce; Duck, with cherry mostarda; and Tuna, with Moroccan Tomato Jam.

2007 – London Grill continues to offer foie gras on their menu, despite it being a time when there was much adversity surrounding it. In 2009, Chef McNally and Berch were even highlighted by author Mark Caro in his book, Foie Gras Wars for their determination to keep it on their menu.

2008 – London Grill participates in the first Philly Beer Week, which has grown into the largest beer celebration of its kind in the United States. Over the years, London Grill has hosted brewing greats such as Garrett Oliver of Brooklyn Brewery and Larry Sidor of Deschutes Brewery.

2009 – London Grill’s bar creates the city’s first menu of ‘Beer Drinks’ which combined house-infused spirits, premium mixers and world-class beers. The creative drinks even gained the attention of the New York Times.

2010 – Berch is invited to Sierra Nevada Brewery in California to make a collaborative beer for the 2011 Philly Beer Week. London Grill participates in the 20th Anniversary Dining Out for Life dinner, which McNally and Berch have supported since the charity’s inception.

2011 – London Grill celebrates its 20th anniversary!

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