Photo_1If you have ever traveled up & down on Frankford Avenue in far NE Philly, you have notified several bar, taverns & restaurants along this well driven path. On the corner of Frankford Avenue & Sheffield Street, stands this bright stature of a building by the name of “SmokeEaters Pub”. You can’t go past this well established business without noticing all of the new & exciting changes. From the dazzling marquee signage, spacious parking lot & sleek contemporary outside seating, I just knew it was time for me to see what the new “SmokeEaters Pub” is all about.
As I walked into “SmokeEaters Pub”, it was so freakin obvious, this is no average neighborhood corner bar. The atmosphere was very eye pleasing with very cool lighting that made this place pop with excitement, not to mention the wide selection of cozy seating, from dining tables, to high tops or the large bar that is loaded with relaxing & very comfortable seats. Flat screen televisions cover this wonderland on every wall possible. While I was wondering around the tavern, I took notice to all the fun things to do here, such pool tables, dart boards, golf video machines & beer pong tables. It is like a cruise ship on dry land for adults (I freakin luv it). This state of the art WiFi hotspot also has a complete fully loaded lower level banquet room for private parties.
My dining posse & I were greeted by a very attractive & delightful woman named “Shannon”, as we discovered she was going to be our server for the evening. Due to my growing popularity with “Out On The Town” Entertainment Paper &, “Shannon” was prepared like a true professional with my cocktail (Jack Daniels & Diet Coke) in hand. It was so relaxing to sip on a finely mixed beverage as I was reading the all new “SmokeEaters Pub” menu. I would also like to give special thanks to “Billy da Bartender” for adding both a lemon & a lime to my refreshing cold cocktail. If you are a single young lady looking for a stud bartender to entertain you all night, then you got to hit “SmokeEaters Pub” & ask for “Billy da Bartender”. Some of the other very accomplished & efficient staff consists of “Dorothy”, “Lindsay”, “Erin”, “Luci”, “Heather”, “Brandon”, “Eric”, “Matt” & “Greg”.
The general manager “Brian Gunn” (boss man), has totally revamped this entire facility with an all new attitude towards customer service & making “SmokeEaters Pub” patron’s completely satisfied in every way. He has been working very closely with his 2 new culinary geniuses, “Chef Eric” & “Chef John” as they are all now hosting a new vibrant & flavorful menu with all made from scratch ingredients. The new menu definitely reflects both “Chef Eric” & “Chef John’s” appetite for bold & mouth watering recipes. I was very honored & got to have a sit down chat with “Chef Eric”, who is classically trained in southern cajun cuisine.
For my first selection, I just had to try the “French Onion Soup”. Now I don’t have to tell you all what is in a “French Onion Soup”, but I will tell you that this was freakin insane with freshly sliced caramelized onions, crispy baked crouton, melted mozzarella cheese along with a special family ingredient that “Chef Eric” will not reveal to me (I know what it is, but I swore not to tell). All this, including various spices were baked to perfection & then placed in front of me for my consumption. The soup was sensational as I finished it completely to the last caramelized onion drop.
Since I rolled up in “SmokeEaters Pub” strong with a posse of 3 friendz & myself, we decided to try both the “SmokeEaters Game Day Sampler” & the “Amazing Bowl Of Mussels”. The sampler was packed with a large variety of appetizers such as, “Beer Batter Onion Rings”, “Chicken Fingers”, “Mozzarella Sticks”, “Popcorn Shrimp” & “French Fries”. I really don’t know where to start, but it was all so damn delectable & a nice way to start off our meal. If I had to pick out 1 of these remarkable sampler items, the “Beer Batter Onion Rings” where freshly sliced with a light coating, which turned out perfect with a flaky & crispy crunch. And if you like mussels, you gotta try “SmokeEaters Pub’s” big bowl of mussels bathed in red or white wine sauce, butter & garlic steamed to excellence.
It was so focking hard for me to just choose just 1 entry from their scrumptious list of culinary delights, so they decided to indulge me in a freakin “SmokeEaters Pub” buffet. Let me begin with my 2 personal favorites as entrée items, the “Chicken Marsala” & the “Lemon Chicken”. Beginning with the “Chicken Marsala”, it was several pieces of moist chicken breasts grilled with awesome seasoning, the topped with a savory rich creamy sauce as sliced mushrooms where added. The “Lemon Chicken” was cooked perfectly in white wine, with peppers, onions & mushrooms, topped with light refreshing lemon zest flavor. Both of these items come with a nice proportion of “Penne Pasta” & come very highly recommended.
The entrée sampling continued with sum freakin amazing food, so if I may, please let me recommend a few items that you must try when hitting “SmokeEaters Pub”. You gotta remember all these items are now homemade & cooked with fresh ingredients to your perfection. “Philly Cheese Steak Nachos” are so damn yummy in a Philadelphia kinda way. “Mayfair Mega Double Burger” is 2 – 8oz fresh burgers, topped with 3 cheeses, bacon and onion rings all over a huge pile of French fries. “Surf & Turf Burger” comes topped with a humongous heaping of their famous lump crab meat. ““SmokeEaters Pub” Hot Wings” are treated in a light flour & seasoning mixture, then fried to complete supremacy & shaken with a homemade signature hot sauce. This foodie fantasy headquarters also carries over 13 varieties of “Quesadillas” that are so mouthwatering. I can’t continue, just get your butt over here & sample sum of these delectable items for yourself, you will not be disappointed.
Just like they tell me over @ “SmokeEaters Pub”, if you can think of it, then they will definitely make it for you to enjoy. The new refreshing attitude here is, “A customer today, is a customer for tomorrow”.
“SmokeEaters Pub” now has a new $9.95 full course dinner entrée menu, with a nice variety of main course items that also include soup or a salad. How can you go wrong with this amazing option for a freshly home cooked meal for just $9.95. Did I mention that all the sauces used here @ “SmokeEaters Pub” are made in house daily by either “Chef Eric” or “Chef John”.
Like I said earlier, “SmokeEaters Pub” has a huge lower level banquet room for all your private party needs, such as receptions, private gatherings, birthday parties, funeral luncheons, bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, or whatever you desire. To reserve this spacious area & inquire about the fantastic banquet menu specials, please call “Dorothy” or “Brian” @ 215.338.4188.
“SmokeEaters Pub” is freakin loaded with sum awesome & outstanding weekly specials like, Monday’s (5pm – 10pm Build Your Own Burger Night $3.50, domestic pitchers $5, domestic buckets $10 & imported buckets $15), Tuesday’s (5pm – 10pm Fiesta Night, Bud Limes $2, Coronas $3 & margaritas $5), Wednesday’s (5pm – 11pm Wing Night ½ price wings & domestic drafts $1.75), Thursday’s (5pm – 11pm mini cheese steaks $3, Bud bottles $2, vodka Liquid Lightning $3 & Three Olives cocktails $4), Friday’s (3pm – 8pm ½ price appetizers, 8pm – 10pm Coors Light bottles $2, 10pm – 12am well drinks $3, Beat Bomb Night starting @ 8pm $1 & going up $1 every hour), Saturday (12pm – 6pm pizza & pitchers $8, 8pm – 11pm Miller Lite bottles $2 & Captain Morgan drinks $3), Sunday’s (EAGLES games ½ price wings & mussels, domestic drafts $1.50 & domestic bottles $2). And if that is not enough, please continue reading!!
Nobody does shyt like this, “SmokeEaters Pub” has new daily specials going on all 7 dayz of the week (Mon – Sun), all day long you can get $1.50 PBR draft beer, $15 domestic buckets & $18 imported buckets (did I mention this goes on every day all day). Happy Hour 6pm – 8pm (every day of da week) goes down like this, $1 domestic drafts, $2 domestic bottles, $3 imported bottles & $3 well drinks. If money is tight right now (like it is for my crazy azz) then you seriously need to check out “SmokeEaters Pub” for a great time at very reasonable prices.
Bring all of your close friendz, co-workers, along with your family to this very impressive NE Philly eatery & tavern with an all new fascinating foodie menu that will excite every taste bud you have in your culinary tongue. Not to mention, “SmokeEaters Pub” is a great night spot for beverages & good conversations with great people, they also have a DJ every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday for you to enjoy. Every Wednesday night they host Quizzo craziness with tons of prizes if your team is smarter than a fifth grader. You must include this spectacular place on your wish list & check it out, the sooner the better. When you go, make sure you tell them your boy “Roundhouse Ron” sent you ;-}
Please stop by “SmokeEaters Pub”, 7681 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19136, 215.338.4188,, they can also be found on social media @ facebook, just go to: “SmokeEaters Pub”. “The Hottest Bar In Philadelphia”

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by Mike Vagnoni
image(5)Located at 4501 Sheffield Street in the Mayfair section of Phila., is a real cool place called the Sheffield Tavern. For many years this neighborhood spot  was the place where you can walk to and know what to expect when it comes to food and drink and atmosphere.  A big change has taken place at the Sheffield, and many still are not aware of the changes, as the place re-opened in February 2012…and speaking with   Danielle Jovovich, the head bartender, she filled us in on the new Sheffield Tavern and Dance Club.
” The Sheffield Tavern is now more then just a local tavern, it is place that also offers so much for anyone and for everything you would look for to enjoy yourself ” she says.” We re-opened in February of 2012 and with new management.- Ed Bradly and John Mc Camley and the two of them really changed the look inside. The lounge area is very modern looking and features  a black granite top bar in the back area along with maple wood floors and has the feel of a sexy center city lounge..  We have the front bar area with a big bar as soon as you enter into the tavern and this is where the daily fun begins each day at 7 am.with our Bartender Beverly mon to friday.  Then at night the Tavern explodes into a Dance Club…yes, the lights and atmosphere take over with the modern industrial look and from a corner tavern you are now into a plush Dance Club”.
The Sheffiled Tavern is open 7 days a week and also has a great kitchen where you can sample excellent bar food, from appetizers to sandwiches to pizza .and of course finger foods.
Danielle explained to us about the dance nights and what goes on over at the Sheffield. “We are doing something that no -one else is doing in our area and that is offering a country night every wednesday…it is so much fun and each week we look forward to this”.  DJ Yessir spins the modern day country tunes on Wed….The nights of music are:….wednesday, thursdays, fridays and saturdays…steady DJ’s making the music come alive and the music is Top 40 House DJ’s are:  DJ Crumb on fridays and DJ Stampone on saturdays along with special nights by DJ Yessir. They offer great drink specials daily…
The average age that comes to the Sheffield tavern is all over the board.from a young 21 to a person over their  50’s.  They offer Happy Hour from 4 to 6pm with 1./2 price drinks. On friday and saturdays they have a nice loyal young group who make the Sheffield the Dance Club that it is…on the weekend you better get their early because this place is packed.
Sports is a big ticket in our area and the Sheffield  has HDTV’s behind the large front bar area for all sporting events.
We asked Danielle  what she liked most about being a bartender at the Sheffield Tavern and what it’s like working there and she ended the interview  by saying this..”.All of us here ( there are 39 Bartenders) put on a good show when behind the bar and we enjoy the kind of relationships that we establish with our patrons. The Sheffield has a good vibe and that is what it’s like working here.
” It’s really a cool place with good vibe.”

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DiningAroundTownLogoBy Roundhouse Ron

Since Working for “Out On the Town” Entertainment Paper, I have been aggressively exploring the culinary landscape in and around the Philadelphia area. This issue my very selective palette has taken me to a fine establishment named “Three Monkey’s Café”, it is located just across the street of the Torresdale Train Station, in far northeast Philly.
“Three Monkey’s Café” opened its doors on August 25, 2005, on the corner of Torresdale Station & Monkey Court, it was started by a few crazy guys, with a dream of bringing fine cuisine, a relaxing atmosphere and exotics cocktails to our area. “Gavin Wolfe”, “Mike McDonald” & “Ed McDonald” (northeast Philly residents), revitalized a former Torresdale antiques building into a one of a kind experience that this foodie will never focking forget. My boy “Ed Hall” is currently the manager on duty and he keeps this place running like a well oiled machine.
Let me break it down for you, “Three Monkey’s Café” consist of several areas for eating, drinking & entertaining friends or co-workers. They have the “The Monkey Court” (outside courtyard retreat), “Tree Bar” (outside tropical frozen cocktail bar), “Turn of the Century Bar” (inside 1890’s craft brew bar) & the “Risdon Ferry Dining Room” (inside Victorian formal elegant dining room). When you plant yourself inside or outside of this amazing place, you can order any cocktail, craft brew or blackboard special. But, I suggest you walk around and experience the entire complex.
As I entered the wonderful eye catching outside café, with the superb landscaping, my eyes & mind were mesmerized by the ambiance that reminded me of a relaxing “Margaritaville” or lazy “Key West” open air beach bar. This area consist of a 5 foot brass monkey water fountain, numerous tall arching trees, a large mosaic mirror art work, beach umbrella table seating areas and a custom “Three Monkey’s Café” painting of the 3 owners & patrons all being portrayed as monkeys (it’s so focking awesome, I freakin luv it).
My dining experience started with a few cocktails (Jack Daniels & Diet Coke), by a hilarious & spunky professional bartender named “Isabella”. The liquid tasting was now on, cause “Three Monkey’s Café” has many signature cocktails that your must try, like their “Primate Punch”, “Monkeytini” and the “Horny Monkey”. Also, if you are a wine connoisseur, you have to try the all new extended wine list, which includes selective California wines, along with an extensive list of whites, blushes & reds.
As the amazing aroma was taking over my stomach, I then knew it was time for dining. So, two very organized hostesses (Brooke & Kimmie), made sure I was being seated promptly as they seen my look of hunger. Kellie Anne (my waitress for da evening) started me off with a warm cup of “Pepper Steak Soup”. What a way to start my meal, this thick savory soup with chunks of steak, fresh cut onions, red & green peppers, was to die for, seriously. For a salad, my crazy azz decided to challenge the “Bucatini Ensalada”. WoW, is all I can say at this point, cause this was superb with homemade bucatini mozzarella, farm fresh Jersey tomatoes, chiffonade of basil with balsamic & truffle drizzle. This was a righteous start to my main entrée, which was yet to come.
My main course selection of “Sicilian Shrimp” was a perfect choice, with sautéed jumbo shrimp, sundried tomatoes, fresh spinach, capers, garlic shallots in an aioli sauce, all served over a parmesan risotto. OMFG, this was a perfect blend of proteins, spices and carbs, as it was a visual masterpiece. This meal was so freakin amazing, I just had to meet the chef and his fine staff, so I could give them my deepest thanks.
When finishing up your scrumptious meal, please ask your waitress about the world famous “Monkey Bread”, don’t leave without tasting this tantalizing treat. You may just wanna chill and wash it down with a few signature “Three Monkey’s Café” cocktails, it’s the perfect ending to a hectic day. This place is da boom, for real deal people.
Special thanks go out to “Chef Mark” & “Chef Karl”, along with their fine staff of “Fatih”, “Edwardo” & “Jay”. All of you guys work together in a harmonious fashion, as you pump out some of NE Philly’s most spectacular food. I am seriously looking forward to the all new fall specials & fall menu starting on October 1st, with “$3 Monkey Martini’s”, I am so sure it will be totally insane.
The outside “Tree Bar” has just recently got a tropical makeover, complete with removable insolated walls, as it will now be open all year round. “Three Monkey’s Café” has numerous cocktail and private party packages available for customizing to your needs. Give my girl “Jackie Dillion” a call, at 267.622.1702, with all your banquet or party specifications.
Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 29th, “Three Monkey’s Café” is hosting “Oktoberfest 2012”, with sum awesome craft beer and drink specials, along with live entertainment. If you luv the fall and the holiday seasons, you gotta try the “Pumpkin Spice Beers” that will be on hand for your tasting.
On your visit to “Three Monkey’s Café”, make sure you always check out the “Black Board Specials”, there are some amazing daily chef specials that you will not find on your menu. Also, on Saturdays & Sundays (7am – 3pm), you got to swing by for their “Weekend Brunch Menu”, with sum appealing dishes such as “Tuscan Omelet’s”, “Cinnamon Bun French Toast” & “Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes”. What a way to start your weekend morning.
I’ve had some great meals, at many places around this town, but I must say, ““Three Monkey’s Café” is a hidden gem, that captures your heart, mind & taste palette, All while transporting you into a relaxing atmosphere”. You must include this sensational place on your bucket list and check it out as soon as possible. When you go, make sure you tell them your boy “Roundhouse Ron” sent you ;-}
Please stop by “Three Monkey’s Café”, 9645 James Street, Philadelphia, PA 19114, 215.637.6665,, they can also be found on social media @ either facebook or twitter, just go to: “Three Monkey’s Café”. “Eat, Drink & Be Monkey”

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by Helene

Are you ready to be impressed? Wait until you get a look at the all new JC’s Washington House, you know…the old Whiskey Tango, located at 14000 Bustleton Avenue, in Northeast Philadelphia. I know there were many fond memories but say fairwell to the old and welcome the new! You will be knocked off your feet! No worries you won’t have to wait much longer for the “unveiling” of the new ROCK ROOM, the “soft opening” will be the weekend of Sept. 7th with Avoiding the Angel, Travia, and Sinner Saints and then on Sept. 8th with the band Full Circle.  The big Grand Opening is the weekend of September 28th with The Hyde, Hammerdown, Electric Boa and on the 29th see 10 Years Gone and Cougars Crossing. There will be tons of drink specials, give-a-ways, free hor’devours from 8-10pm on both nights. Make sure you get there early! The doors open at 8pm!  Of course the Sports Bar has been open throughout the summer serving up some great grub, showcasing lots of cool acoustic acts, fun rounds of pool and lots of great sports games on their many flatscreen televisions.

Here is a little glimpse of what you will find when the all new ROCK room opens up… The decor is all Music Memorabilia, walls are purple and shades of gray, Groovy lighting throughout, the entire stage was re-vamped-once again making its status of having the biggest stage, & the “baddest” house sound & lighting in NE Philly. They also extended the drum riser so even a keyboard player or horn section will fit!  And for my fellow/female ROCK & ROLLERS right off the stage chill out in our very own dressing room! Remember them?! Right off to the side is the black wall where all the performers will put their autograph- yes JC’s Washington House is giving musicians the star treatment!
In fact every one is a star to them-check out some more cool stuff they have lined up….There is a new Martini Bar & Lounge with leather sofas and tables;  where you can order up the best Martinis around and sample shots of Washington Apples,  their Specialty Drink for just $3.00 all day every day!!  There is beer tub bar enclosed with chalkboard beer selections for the night, a Jägermeister machine and perfect for “girls nite out” a platform with a Brass Pole for lots of dancing!

Check out the schedule! All new Thursdays “Ladies Nite”with EBE entertainment sponsored DJ’s in the house, Fridays: Original Night, Saturdays: Cover bands, Tribute and National Acts, Sundays: Watch all the games with Direct TV (in the Sports bar and there is never a cover!), Monday is Quizzo, Tuesday is AArdvark Poker Nite/Tournament (, ; Wednesdays: Free rounds of Pool and $1 drafts! And as always there are tons of drink specials every day of the week! On Oct. 5th local “Rock Star Favorite”, Jimmy Wooten, beating the skins for Breathing Theory and Dead Superstar along with local artists Release and Reckless Behavior! Doors open at 8pm, you can buy tickets in advance for $10 or $12 at the door! Then on Saturday, Oct. 6th: There is gonna be another Big EVENT –that will blow your mind! (tba on Sept. 6th…I tried all I could but they wouldn’t even tell me!)
Of course you can still order up some incredible food from their kitchen which is open daily until closing. Lunch specials are just $3.95 from 11-3pm in the Sports bar. And if you want to hold your next private event there please call (215) 671-9234 or visit their new website at

BTW…If you are wondering how they got their new name; here is the scoop. JC (the owner) first purchased the property in 1979 the name of the establishment at the time was “Washington House”. Since that name was in existence for about 300+ years, they decided to go back to what worked back then and for a bit good luck too! So with that I, along with all the staff at OOT wish JC’s Washington House staff & owners luck as well! And for those of you who waited patiently for a cool place to hang out with great entertainment, food, icy cold drinks, dancing, and fun….the wait is over!

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By:  Krista Doran
WP_Elwyn_Day_final_version_flattened_cropped_bottom_72_dpi_This issue’s featured band started back in 2000 as a four piece with a member who was very, well, let’s say “elusive.”  He would come all the way from New Jersey to rehearse at the bass player’s home.  Sometimes he would even stay the entire weekend so that the band could jam into the wee hours of the morning.  Then he would just leave, and the band wouldn’t see him for months!  His name was “Pete”, and the band would joke that the next formation of the band would be called “Where’s Pete?”, and the name just stuck.  Today the band, now twice that size, has has erupted onto the local music scene as one of the newest, most bad ass horn bands on the circuit.

I spoke to drummer and vocalist Miles Adams who told me “I remember seeing Johnny O & The Classic Dogs of Love back in the day and being so impressed with their song selection, tight musical arrangements,confident stage show and big sound & light production.  That’s the kind of cover band I want Where’s Pete to be and the show we strive to put on. Since we’re not writing the music, the creativity comes from playing the songs with clear arrangements and conviction.”  This band works very hard at putting on a great show, but likes to have a lot of fun doing so.  Miles went on to tell me, “we don’t take ourselves that seriously. We try to add humor to the shows too…For instance, we cover the History of a Hip Medley that was originally done by Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Falon, & The Roots. It’s a killer medley, done chronologically by year, that pays homage to all the most notable rappers and hip hop artists starting with Kurtis Blow, Salt n Peppa and Black Sheep, up through Fifty Cent, Lil Wayne & Rick Ross and believe me, nothing is funnier than seeing Nicky D trying to get gansta doing Blowing Money Fast! It’s a lot of fun to perform and people really seem to get a kick out of it.”

When you go to see Where’s Pete, you can expect to hear tunes from many different genres.  Miles explained, “We feel all genres have something of value to offer…While some bands stick to one style, I’ve always loved the bands that kill a Jay Z tune and then transitions into a heavy metal tune or a country tune, and play it convincingly. That’s one way in which Where’s Pete is different – no style is off limits…the only requirement is people have to be able to groove to it!” The versatility of this band is something that definitely sets them apart from other horn bands.  Just about all of the members of Where’s Pete have fronted their own band at one time or another.  They are all strong, confident players with backgrounds in theater, dance and performance and it always makes for a fun and unique show.  Miles told me, “Bands often take their cue from the crowd. A hyped crowd makes a show feel effortless, and the interplay between band members magical. But, a subdued crowd can sap a band’s energy or shake their confidence because you feel nobody enjoys or is in to it. Where’s Pete strives to make every performance feel like a show at a packed Lincoln Financial Stadium! You can expect high energy at all times, and interaction with the crowd.  Our singers often head into the crowd with wireless mics to make the audience members part of the show. We have five strong vocalists, so there’s a ton of variety not just in terms of genre, but in who is singing at any one time. There are also plenty of harmonies, choreography, seamless transitions and unpredictable tunes form genres at far ends of the musical spectrum.”

You can catch Where’s Pete playing at some awesome venues, such as The SugarHouse Casino, PJ Whelihan’s, The Temperance House, Havana, Molly Maguire’s, and many weddings and corporate events.  They also play for smaller rooms and events as a duo or trio.  Here are just a few of their upcoming shows: 9/1 – Holiday Inn Car Show, Ft. Washington PA; 9/7 – Magerk’s Patio Party, Ft. Washington, PA; 9/15 – Club Zinc, Lansdale PA; 9-21 – Davinci’s in Collegeville, PA and 9/28 – The Temperance House in Newtown, PA.  To view their full schedule, please visit their website at  To book the band, send an email to

So, to answer the question Where’s Pete…well, let’s just say the legend of Pete has grown. Some guess he’s a CIA agent…Others swear he’s a survivalist living in the Smokey Mountains. Miles went on to say “There are Pete sightings, and at every show people ask “So Where Is Pete, anyway”…and we tell them ‘we’re on a musical quest to find him….let us know if you do so we can stop playing!’ He surfaced on our website message board a few years ago, and that’s the last time we heard from him. The band line up has changed quite a bit over the years, but we all share the same intense desire to find Pete!”

Where’s Pete is Miles Adams- drums/vocasl; Jack Connell-Trombone; Nick Dirocco-keys/vocals; Jim Furlow- Sax; Joe Caristo- guitar/vocals; David Gaines-Trumput; Darlene White- Lead vocals and Howard Whitman-Bass. Go check out Where’s Pete if you are looking to enjoy your evening with friends and listen to top end, concise and certainly fun music, onstage antics and personality!  See for yourself why so many people are asking the question, Where’s Pete!

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Dolan’s is an authentic Irish themed Pub and Restaurant; located at 630 Rt. 130 South, in Burlington New Jersey (directly across from Discount Liquor World and Primo Hoagies, right off of the Burlington-Bristol Bridge). Dolan’s offers great food and drink, in a fun and friendly environment. Dolan’s has already become a welcomed addition to the neighborhood and a place where you will enjoy having dinner and drinks while socializing with friends! Their staff goes above and beyond to make sure that your experience is unforgettable! Owned and operated by Tom and Kimberly Dolan; they plan to keep to its true Irish identity while focusing on the community.

All of their food is locally grown and sourced. The chicken is pastured local, antibiotic and hormone free, and fed a GMO-free diet of grain. The beef is all grass fed and from a local farm. Open everyday of the week, Monday thru Saturday from 11:00am to 2:00am and on Sunday from noon until 2:00am. Lunch is served at 11:30am! Some of “Dolan’s Favorites” features Ireland’s best dishes such as Harp-Battered Chicken Fingers, Fried Irish Cheddar, Belfast Rose, Bangers in Blankets, Irish Egg Rolls, Guinness Braised Brisket, Fish & Chips, Shepherd’s Pie, Bacon & Cabbage, Bangers and Mash, Steak & Chips, Chicken Boxty, Curried Chicken, and Jameson Walnut Tart & Chocolate Guinness Pudding for dessert! Sounds delicious!

Dolan’s also has a great selection of beer on tap, including Guinness, Harp, Kilkenny, Smithwick’s and Magners Irish Cider. Their Happy Hour specials are from Monday to Friday from 4:00 to 7:00. Starting on August 16th Dolan’s will be hosting Karaoke on Thursday nights. They also have a great line-up of live Irish and acoustic music as well as a DJ on Friday and Saturday nights!

There is a lot that sets Dolan’s apart from other local Irish Pubs, come out and see for yourself! For more information on upcoming events check them out at until next time…… “Sláinte!”

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Fireside Beef & Ale

Jun 27, 2012

by Helene

firesideThe Fireside Beef & Ale is located at 237 Elmwood Avenue, in Feasterville, PA. This neighborhood pub has been around since 1978 and has gone through many changes. I asked John, the owner, what’s new for 2012? He was excited to finally announce his plans for their expanded outdoor patio-set to open on August 1st! It will seat up to 85 guests and will be equipped with an outdoor bar-perfect for spending these lazy hazy days of summer! The Fireside is family owned and is a great spot to hang out for lunch or dinner, to watch the game or be entertained! Open every Monday & Tuesday from 3pm until 2am and the rest of the week from 11am until 2am.

The Fireside has a great menu! Everything John cooks up is fresh and home-made! Known for their Clams Casino, 9 ounce Burgers, Roast Beef and Pulled Pork sandwiches-which are out of this world! You also have to try their fresh Steamers and Mussels in their famous Drunken Sauce! For the summer you can get All-U-Can-Eat Snow Crabs every Tuesday from 7-10pm for just $24.95! Delicious!

All summer long come out for their Friday night LIVE JAM with KIRKO from 5-9pm! There will be reduced drink specials, give-a-ways and other specials which change from week to week. Happy hour is from 5-7pm with $5 Martinis! A must try is their Key Lime Pie or their Mint Chocolate Chip Martinis! Tuesdays is Quizzo and every Sunday is Karaoke from 8-midnight!

Here are some other upcoming events to look forward to at the Fireside. On Saturday, July 28th get out your spandex for the 80’s Retro Party. On Aug. 18th & 19th they will be holding their annual Wiffle Ball Tournament sponsored by Miller Lite. And there will be an end to the summer LUAU sometime in September! So when you are in the neighborhood make sure you stop by the Fireside Beef & Ale-you will definitely want to keep coming back!

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By Helene


The sky is the limit when it comes to serving patrons at the Sky Box Sports Bar & Grille! I spoke with General Manager, Joel, who is so excited about this place-its contagious! This place is all about fun and Joel re-iterated the importance of doing everything in his means to assure that whoever walks thru their doors will come back and continue to spread the word! The owners have turned the classic La Casa Mia into the State of the Art venue it is today. They even hired La Casa Mia’s own beloved Chef, who cooks up delicious full menu entrees to your typical bar favorites. Serving great lunch and dinner specials and happy hours from 4-7pm Monday thru Friday. They also have fresh seafood daily, home-made chicken fingers; nothing is frozen-everything is home-made and fresh….made to order.

The Skybox Sports Bar & Grille is located at 2621 Durham Road in Bristol PA, right off of I-95 and Veterans Highway. And there is plenty of free parking! There is also another lot customers can use on those packed nights and you can even ride on their very own shuttle to get to your spot! Why go downtown or to the shore each weekend; when the Sky Box is just a hop skip and jump up the highway-and it‘s non-smoking.

There is an outside patio which can easily accommodate 50 guests where you can hang out. It’s private and heated when needed; with direct assess to two bars and three televisions. The interior is ultra modern with great lighting and there is an upstairs where you can chill out at the mezzanine bar, overlooking the entire place.

The owners, including new partner, Mike Nagel, whose father owns Georgine’s Restaurant, is constantly checking out the competition to ensure that people will keep on coming back. With phenomenal bands and cutting edge DeeJays they got the entertainment thing down. You can also see all the UFC fights you want on either their 70” projection television or any of their other 20 something televisions throughout the bar. Just last weekend 92.5 had their 28th annual ticket run there and about 800 people showed up to party and win free tickets to their annual concert. Skybox also offers VIP customer parties, theme parties; they can also cater your very own event too.

Check out this line-up: Every Sunday you can get 5 bottle buckets for just $6.00! Monday: $2.00 Vodka mixes and $1.00 Drafts, $5.00 16 inch pizzas-order in or out, they even deliver! Every Tuesday and Thursday its $2.00 U-Call-Its! Just added, Wild Western Wednesdays has lots of line dancing, toe tapping and $1.00 Domestic Bottles from 10pm to midnight.  You get a scrumptious free buffet every Friday from 11am to 8pm, $1.00 Domestic Drafts & $2 Domestic Bottles from 8-10pm on Friday and Saturday night, along with live entertainment DJ or Band. Here are a few upcoming events: June 9th is the ultimate fight with Pacquiao vs. Bradley, June 12th is the big Beach Party with DJ Chillio in the house. There will be a contest for the best beach attire, lots of give-a-ways including a Miller Lite grill and Phillies’ tickets. New Owner, Mike Nagel’s birthday bash is on June 27th.

The owners of Skybox also like giving back to their community. With ID all Military get 50% off, every Saturday, Sunday and Monday, from 11-5pm. The rest of the week its 10% off. They also take care of their local Fire, Police, and EMTs too and offer discounts as well. Joel believes that reputation is most important. “We supply security staff, 7-10 guys to ensure everyone is safe, and the rest of the staff ensures a clean and happy environment. The Skybox is always changing for the better.” Most importantly, “We cant do anything without customers and customers are always no #1 at the Skybox Sports Bar and Grille!”  Want to know more? Check them out on Facebook or go to www.

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Showtime is 8pm:

To Benefit: Shriners Hospital for Children.

Place:Katie O’ Donnells4501 Woodhaven Rd Phila -215-637-5151

Entertainment: Rock Around the Clock >

See Danny & the Juniors along with 15 area singers,  there to help raise money for the Shriners Hospital for Children

Date:  Monday April 16th

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Big Weekend everyone! March is going out like a Lion with Entertainment …here is what is going on Fri March 30th/ Sat 31st/ and Sun April 1st in our Greater Philadelphia area…much of this is what you can find in each OOT Guide…the Free Entertainment News Source covering local Entertainment and found at selected area Hot Spots.

Know that you can see the OOt News anytime – you can also key to any Search Engine > Key Words >OOT NEWS or> Out On The Town Entertainment Guide Or you can go on your smartphone and key to out on the town or you can go to your I pad and do the same! See this anytime u want. See us on – or just view the online site anytime or

Here goes: The big news Today>The “Xfinity” LIVE opens in South Philly…check out all the restaurants and Bars and Grand Opening festivities that will be going on later tonight! * Ticneeded This is located at the site of the old Spectrum.
Here are some of our OOT Hot Spots:
Michael’s Cafe Bensalem Pa Fri DJ DANCE PARTY SAT DJ DANCE PARTY WITH MIKE GORMLEY…Sunday Nights DJ Robbie Rob
Harrigan’s Warminster Pa – FRI Chris Huff – Saturday 31st DEEP SIX
The Tango – NE Phila – Fri -Mike Lunemann & Friends – Sat-Joe Wild Band –
Chickie’s & Pete’s inside PARX CASINO * Best Bet for Food and Fun!
Big Heads Sports Bars- All area locations = DJ Dance party *Selected locations
Chickie’s & Petes Roosevlet Blvd – Food Fun (Anytime!)* Coming the Thursday night live Music Series
The New SKY BOX Bristol Pa – Fri Fish Out Of Water – Sat night Dance Party with DJ Raw skills
Hurricane Jacks’ – Levittown Pa Fri Dj Dance Party Brian Potts – Sat 31st – Steamboat Annie
The Stadium Sports Bar & Rest. Holiday Inn South Philly – Fri Soul Curisers – Sat Dj Dance Party
*Chickie’s & Pete’s South Philly – Weekend Dance Party with *DJ Tony Bruno-our Cuz!
Curran’s Iris Inn Bensalem Pa – Fri Loose Leaf Trio & Bangarang Sat – LOVE JUNK
Curran’s Tacony and Palmyra _Live music each weekend * Coming the outside patio/deck Tacony * Best Bet for Friday Happy Hours
Temperance House Newtown Pa Fri. Stems and Seeds Sat – Live Entertainment
Havana’s New Hope Pa – Fri CONCERT with Skid Row and Kixx along with Electric Boa and Sinners Saints Sat. The Seven Band…
The Fireside Feasterville – DJ / Live music optional weekly.
Sweeney’s Saloon – Somerton NE Phila Fri Steal Your Face – Sat -THE LOVE PUPPIES REUNION PARTY
Finnigan’s Wake – Nothern Liberties Phila Fri OOT BAND – MODERN BLISS – Sat – Joe Bachman & the Crew
Mc Stews Irish Sports bar – Levittown Pa – Fri Happy Hour CJ & Chris & Night DJ DANCE PARTY With Codie
Saturday night Drop Jaw in the house
The Road House Newportville Pa – Fri Dj Dance Party Sat 31st – Dudes Named Fred and Guest From Tuesday’s Gone
Maggie’s Waterfront Cafe – DJ DANCE PARTY FRI – SAT NIGHT – APRIL 1st 4pm the OOT BACK IN THE DAY DANCE PARTY with DJ JEFF from F& J DJ’s along with Host OOT’s Mikey V / Prizes
REDZ BAR * GRILLE NE PHILA – FRI DJ JOEY A Saturday night 31st WILDCHILD is in the house with Alexa!
Joe Santucci’s Bar & GRILLE DJ DANCE PARTY WEEKEND dJ Spanky
Blondie’s East – Holland Pa – Friday Video DJ DANCE PARTY on the 3o of the biggest TV’s – Sat DJ Mark Mehler DANCE PARTY!
Nick’s Roast Beef NE PHILA- Open all weekend long!
CASPER’S BAR & GRILL NE PHLA -DJ DANCE PARTY FRI Happy Hour Lecompt SAT DANCE PARTY coming *April7th Sir Rod in Concert
3 Monkeys – Open all weekend Check out the MONKEY COURT
SmokeEaters – NE Phila Dj Dance Party Sat nights.
DOG AND BULL – Croydon Pa – FRI Brin Bortnick Sat – Live music
The Stadiums 5 points DJ FRI – Sat 31 DJ DANCE PART
The Stadiums Andalusia DJ FRI – SAT 31 Bonehead
Sparky’s World Famous – Live music saturdays….
Murphy’s Bar – DJ Dance Party
Bailey’s Irish Bar – Live bands on the weekends.
FREDDIE’S TAVERN BRISTOL FRI DJ CHEEPO SAT 31st 3 Bands /Original Band Night-some covers
TONY’S PLACE – Ivyland Pa – Live Acoustic Fri & Sat
La Casa Di Lucia – NE PHLA FRI Live with Tony Molandro and Sat Live with Tony Rad, SUN live with Debbie knight
Hot times with the hottest looking gals in the land…* Sat nights are great Couples nights at many area Gentlemens’ CLubs…hot DJ’s keep the music hot and heavy!

Other Bets in the area:
Manayunk – The Manyaunk Brew Pub. Social 105, The Castle Roxx, Kildares, Usa Hotel, Zestys’,
Pitchers Pub,
Ardmore Pa – Brownies 23 East / Best College Bar in the region with Live Music.


NOTE* The new Valley Forge Casino is in Full Swing on Saturday Night March 31st….( See all the action at V )
Tonight – Saturday part 2 of the Grand Opening weekend at the new Xfinity Live Complex in South Phila…
Tonight at the Trump Taj Mahal Visit the Club Casbah… hot Dance Club!
Tonight at the Pool At Harrah’s – Special Guest – from the Jersey Shore DJ Paulie D
Tonight at Club 27 in Olde City – Hot Dance floor action on 3 floors / Q 102 Saturdays
Tonight at The Beachcomber in Seaside Heights NJ – *Shortly Long and The Jersey Horns
Tonight at the Best Dance Club in the City The Roxxy DJ Dance Party -Coming their outside Party Deck
Tonight at the Biggest Dance Club / Bucks County Michael’s Cafe the Music of Michael Gormerly

The Warehouse 24 – Woodlyn
Barnaby’s ( All area Locations)
Tom & Jerry’s Milmont Park
RP Mc Murphy’s Holmes Pa
The Springfield Inn – Springfiled Pa
JD MillGillicuttys ( All area Locations)
THE DECK at the Harbor Point – Essington Pa

Best bets in the City! March 31st
Union Transfer – First Aid Kit -Peggy Sue
Dobbs’ – 5 Original bands tonight with Karaoke Upstairs 2nd Floor
Kildares – Dj’s and Dancing Tonight
The Twisted Tail – BLues tonight with Rroxy Perry
The Blockley – The East Coast Beard & Mustache Championship
The Electric Factoy The Masquerade + Eoto
The Trocadero – Balcony – Sex Toy Bingo
Silk City – Nothern Liberties – DJ DEEJAY
Finnigan’s Wake – Joe Backman & the Crew
*Paddy Whacks – Dj Dance Party – best upstairs 2nd floor bar on South Street!

Best Bets in South Jersey Tonight:

Top Dog – Cherry Hill DJ Dance Party
The Adelphia – Deptford with WOGL98.1 FM BOB PANTANO LIVE ON AIR DANCE PARTY!
The Coast Line – DJ DANCE PARTY
Curran’s Palmyra – Live Music tonight!

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