7C Lounge Is Now Open
DininG ArounD TowN with Roundhouse Ron
7C_Photo_1I am sure that when “John McNesby” (FOP Lodge #5 President), envisioned moving the entire lodge including the catering & tavern to Caroline Road in far Northeast Philadelphia, he knew exactly how phenomenal the new facility would turn out. On January 31, 2013, the all new FOP Lodge #5 opened for business with a new full service elegant catering hall (“Heroes Ballroom”), a private VIP style banquet room (“Michael G. Lutz Room”) & the ultra modern tavern area (“7C Lounge”).
Then what does “John” do, he recruits an outstanding restaurant management person like my man “Jim Harvey” (“Harv”) to run this operation. He has been in the restaurant business since 1978 when he started out @ the original “Chickie’s & Pete’s”, in fact Pete Sr. is the one who gave him the nick name of “Harv”. Worked for “Chickie’s & Pete’s” @ both the original & Roosevelt boulevard locations until 2011, where he moved onto “The Wharf” in Wildwood. Since receiving the call from “John McNesby”, he now found his home @ the all new “7C Lounge” on Caroline Road, just behind the huge old IRS building.
As you enter this fine luxurious establishment, it is very hard not to notice the floor to almost ceiling back bar wall that is complete with rolling ladders to reach product on the top shelves. Honestly I am totally in lust with the 14 state of the art flat screen televisions throughout the wide open space. The “7C Lounge” is furnished with numerous details like the ultra stylish lighting & brass hooks under the bar for gurlz to hang their pocketbooks or jackets. Make sure you look up in the air towards the ceiling, no it’s not a bird or a plane, it’s a highway patrol drill team motorcycle full with flashing lights & siren. How do you top shyt like that, well, stay turned cause I hear so many more new & exciting things will be coming to this fascinating lounge.
On this perfectly sunny Friday afternoon, I traveled to the “7C Lounge” with a few good friendz of mine that included “Lisa”, “Rita” & “Kristen”. All I hadda say to these astonishing young women was that the “7C” serves up the best “Chocolate Martinis” on earth & “BAM”, they were there like clockwork. We all sat at the bar for cocktails, our mixologists (“Claire”, “Chuck”, “Martina”, “Mike” & “Jim”) began to perform their magic & were right on point with such professionalism.
As I begun to soak up the relaxing sleek vibe of the “7C Lounge”, my first course (a salad) arrived in a timely fashion. How could I resist, the name was catching me, so I just had to order the “Jailhouse Steak Salad”, it came with several large pieces of marinated filet mignon, over a bed of chopped romaine lettuce, blue cheese crumbles, slices red onions, roasted red peppers, all topped with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing. The cuts of beef were seriously so tender, as it melted in my mouth along with the combo of blue cheese & roasted red peppers.
Since I noticed the “7C Lounge” has an interesting selection of Dietz & Watson all beef franks, my pick was gonna be the “Texas Tommy”. This creation rolled out of the kitchen smelling like a piece of the old west, it was a perfectly cook 100% beef hot dog, rolled in several slices of bacon, partnered up with cheddar jack cheese & accompanied by some homemade “7C” BBQ sauce, all on a fresh bun, served with fresh cut french fries & pickles.
If you have been keeping up with my foodie reviews, then you already know that “Roundhouse Ron” freakin luvs wings of all flavors either as an appetizer or as an entree. And on this day, I went with the “Cajun Wings”, how can you go wrong with a stack of freshly cooked buffalo wings, seasoned to perfection & fried spot on with a nice crispy coating. They were served with fresh celery & homemade “7C” blue cheese dressing for dipping. The “7C Lounge” has a delectable selection of buffalo wings, that include “Cajun Wings”, “Hot Wings”, “Mild Wings”, “JD BBQ Wings” & “Thai Sweet Chili Wings”.
Now, everyone enjoys a good chicken parm from time to time, so my entrée was a given with an obvious choice. The “Chicken Parmigiana” was a prime selected piece of fresh chicken breast, seasoned, breaded with a special coating, fried to a golden brown, topped with homemade “7C” marinara sauce, coated with fresh mozzarella cheese then baked. It all comes served over a very satisfying serving of linguine pasta & homemade “7C” marinara sauce. All I needed was a few sprinkles of hot peppers, garlic powder & grated cheese, OMFG, I just died & went to Italian heaven, this was better than any chicken dish I ever tasted.
After my spectacular dinner, a meal fit for a king, my crazy freakin azz just had to meet the master chef of these exdronary entrees. After traveling to the kitchen area, I could not believe my eyez, cause standing in front of me was a good friend from my foodie past, “Bob DeLange” is the head chef of the “7C Lounge” & a great culinary genus. Let me fill you in with a few thingz about my boy Bob, he started cooking at the young age of 14 years old in a local pizza shop named “Gina’s”. Then went onto restaurant cooking school, and got a job with a French bistro named the “The Blue Angel”, from there he moved over to the “Philadelphia Fish & Company” also on Chestnut Street in center city. Bob’s resume is highlighted with other places under his belt like the “Pine Valley Golf Club Resort”, “The Wharf” In Wildwood & “Pasiano’s” Philly Style. This is one phenomenal chef & I personally have enjoyed his cooking on many occasions.
I gotta give a big shout out to the very knowledgeable servers & waitress staff, which includes “Colleen”, “Bridget”, “Judy”, “Brittany” & “Danielle”. All of you gurlz seriously rocked out your job & the part of an energetic, pleasant & very informational about the menu items, which is a huge plus. There is no way I can write about the “7C Lounge” & not talk about my gurl “Samantha Vivarina” (administrator), this gurl has a stunning personality & was my personal paparazzi the night I was there, then I found my mug shot on the “Phila FOP5 7C Lounge” facebook page, I am still cracking up.
Right now, the “7C Lounge” is open 7 days a week for dining & adult beverages from 7am to 3am. Thursday evenings are “Ladies Night” with $2 Twisted Tea bottles & $4 Martinis from 8pm to 10pm, along with live entertainment music. On Friday & Saturday nights, the “7C” is jumping with a DJ dance music party from 9pm to 3am. Future events include “Bike Night Mondays” for all my motorcycle friendz & “Hard Shell Crab Night” is coming very soon, so keep your eyez open.
On May 18, 2013 (Saturday afternoon) from 3pm to 7pm, you must attend the Philadelphia FOP Lodge #5 Police Survivors Fund Benefit, this is the 17th year for this outstanding event. All of the proceeds go to this fund that supports the families of the fine police officers (heroes) that were killed in the line of duty. I personally attend this event every year & this is the first time it will be in far northeast Philly @ The FOP Lodge #5, with events both inside & outside venues. Just $30 includes draft beer, food buffet, $2 well drinks, silent auction, 50/50’s, Chinese raffle, DJ music & 6 live bands. Please get your azz to this event, support this cause & let do a few shotz in memory of these fine men & women who gave their lives.
I don’t really need to rate the “7C Lounge” on my “Roundhouse Ron” scale of local eateries, cause this place is freakin awesome & to be honest I have attended a few events & parties already here, with each time being a very delightful & refreshing pleasure, that was so very needed in the northeast area of Philadelphia. Not if, but when you go to the “7C”, please make sure you tell them your boy “Roundhouse Ron” sent you ;-}
You seriously gotta stop by the “7C Lounge”, 11630 Caroline Road, Philadelphia, PA 19154, 215.676.HERO (4376), they can also be found on social media @ facebook, just go to: “Phila FOP5 7C Lounge & Heroes Ballroom”. Or check out their website link: www.fop5.org/hall/catering. “Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Drinks, The “7C Lounge” & Heroes Ballroom Have All The Bases Covered”

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With Roundhouse Ron
Since writing my foodie reviews for “Out On The Town” Entertainment Guide & www.OOTOnline.com, my facebook page has been blowing up with requests for me to hit “Reale’s Sports Bar & Grille” over on Frankford Avenue, smack dab in the middle of Mayfair. So, I loaded up my truck with a few close friendz & we had a super Sunday Funday feast of culinary treats. Riding shotgun with me was “Lisa”, “Sharon” & “Anna Banana”, these 3 gurlz were so determined to show me a good time.

“Reale’s Sports Bar & Grille” has been a true NE Philadelphia landmark, as they have been serving us since 1992. My boy “Gary”, along with his sister-in-law “Dee”, have made “Reale’s” a Philly family owned institution with very affordable drink specials & delectable food entrees, along with a fascinating list of local entertainment artists performing nightly. Almost every person I know has been to “Reale’s” at sum point in their life & always the common factor has been outstanding comments. So, this only left me one option & that was to get my crazy freakin azz over to “Reale’s Sports Bar & Grille” to see what all da hype was about.
First of all, I seriously luved the huge parking lot area just south of “Reale’s”, it gave hassle free parking a new meaning & it was so damn convenient. Entering this establishment rich in local history, I found myself very comfortable with a wide open floor plan design, tons of bar area seating along with very spacious dining table seating spread throughout 2 rooms. I must not forget to mention the huge dance floor & DJ booth that I know gets a workout on the weekends. I fell in lust with this place almost instantly, as my new local watering hole.
I was first greeted by a very friendly & energetic gurl by the name of “Sharlene” (she was my bartender for da evening). I could tell, just by the look in her eye that “Sharlene” knew every adult beverage I could throw at her to make me. So, I decided to go easy on my new bartender friend & just order my usual “Jack Daniels & Diet Coke”. My party possie for this delightful experience decided to treat me to a “Frozen Long Island Iced Tea” (a “Reale’s Sports Bar & Grille” secret family brew of various liquors). All I can say is “OMFG, this cocktail is so yummy, refreshing & tasty, I just can’t wait to go back & have a few more”. If you ever had a “Tully Nut” @ The #1 Tavern in North Wildwood, then you gotta try the “Frozen Long Island Iced Tea” @ “Reale’s”.
Taking over my attention was “Danielle” (my waitress for da evening). Don’t get shyt twisted people, she had my attention cause “Danielle” had da menus & I was kinda hungry. Not only was “Danielle” so freakin on point with her service, but she also was very helpful & knowledgeable with the menu items. I started off with a crock of “French Onion Soup” & as it arrived I could smell the freshly sliced onions sautéed in a tasteful bowl of seasoned onion broth, with a slice of saturated homemade bread all topped with a huge melted variety of cheeses oozing down the sides & baked onto the bowl. What a perfect start to my “Reale’s Sports Bar & Grille” foodie review.
Knowing that this full throttle foodie spot has a very special homemade “Cajun Cucumber Ranch Dressing” made by my gurl “Irene” (kitchen manager), I just had to get a house salad for this very reason. I am telling you, if you enjoy salads, please go to “Reale’s Sports Bar & Grill”, order any salad you like, but you have to get the “Cajun Cucumber Ranch Dressing”, so thick & creamy with a Cajun kick that will keep you wanting more. I will be back just for this amazing salad dressing. Good night “Irene”, you did it again ;-}
Since I had a craving for seafood, you know I just had to try the “Reale’s Hot N Spicy Shrimp” appetizer. What a perfect selection of large fresh butter flied shrimp sautéed in garlic & white wine topped off with their famous hot & spicy marinara sauce, I added a squirt of lemon along with the sliced Italian bread & I had a one way ticket to flavor town. I enjoyed this so much & well worth the very reasonable price point. Next thing I knew my “King Crab Legs” rolled out & just took my breath away with their size & freshness. You just have to order these crab legs with the fresh homemade “Garlic Knot Bread”, cause as you dip the knot bread into the special crab leg garlic vinegar butter sauce, you realize that this is a very special treat & the taste is phenomenal.
If quesadillas are your thing, “Reale’s Sports Bar & Grille” have a wide variety. The “Southwestern Quesadilla” was calling my name, so I just had to indulge in this combination of sliced grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, onions, green peppers, black olives all packed in a light & crispy wrap. The sides of salsa & sour cream just completed this magnificent dish. Another awesome choice is the “Reale’s Roast Beef Sandwich”, cause it is numerous thin slices of tender top round beef topped with provolone cheese on a super fresh Kaiser roll. Can I tell you, this sandwich was so freakin moist & cook to perfection, after dipping it into the side of au jus gravy, I could not believe the impact it made on my taste buds. All sandwiches come with a side of pickles & french fries.
“Reale’s” is also a great place to have a full course dinner meal, with a huge selection top quality of entrees. When the “Chicken Parmesan” approached me, it smelled & looked like a masterpiece worthy of a king. I am talking about several large pieces of fresh chicken breast, seasoned, coated & cooked, then baked with a blanket of mozzarella & parmesan cheeses. All of this was served with a good size portion of pasta linguine topped with basil & tomato sauce. This was the first time I ever seen a fresh lemon carved into a basket just to hold the grated parmesan cheese. What a very creative idea from the master chef.
I saved the best for last, yes, I am talking about “Reale’s Sports Bar & Grille” world famous fully nuclear wings. If you ever tasted these fresh tender pieces of chicken heaven, you know that having just one flavor is very difficult. Your selection of mild, medium, hot, suicide, honey hot, cajun, bbq, lemon, butter & garlic, oriental or garlic parmigiana, all taste freakin amazing. Make sure you check with your server, because “Reale’s” is always having specials on the wings. Every order comes with sliced celery, carrots & blue cheese.
As me & my entourage were finishing up our fantastic meal, I just had to sneak into the kitchen and see who was the creator of these outstanding & very tasteful dishes. When I hit the culinary workshop, it was a pleasant surprise to see my boy “Chef George” behind all of these extraordinary entrees. “Chef George” has been around the cuisine & restaurant market for many years & his vast experience shows with every taste of his fresh & homemade food items. When you go to “Reale’s Sports Bar & Grille” for dinner or bar munchies, please say “HI” to my boy “Chef George” in the kitchen.
If you enjoy a good game of cards, especially “Pinochle”, then you have to join “Reale’s Pinochle League”. Every Tuesday night from 7:30pm until whenever, my gurlz “Cindy” & “Dee” host this very fun card game event with a loser bracket, playoff rounds & prizes are always awarded.
The first Friday of every month, one of my favorite local musical groups (Stems & Seeds Band) play here for 3 sets of classic & modern rock with a Motown, funk, reggae & blues vibe. Here is a plan, get to “Reale’s” early, have a few cocktails, order a very appetizing dinner & enjoy this live show from a few of my close buds.
“Reale’s Sports Bar & Grille” has a perfectly sized banquet room available for all your private party needs. Let “Reale’s” cater your next party or event cause their buffet package prices are focking amazing, in fact, I think I may be having my next birthday party here in July. I promise you, you will not be disappointed. If you wanna reserve their banquet room, please hit up my gurl “Dee” @ 215.332.6374 or call her cell @ 609.320.9519
This place is off da charts with cold beer, stiff cocktails, awesome food, great entertainment, very efficient staff & many good times. To rate “Reale’s Sports Bar & Grill” would be ridiculous, because me & my party possie had a focking fabulous evening & we will all be back many more times. When you go, please make sure you tell them your boy “Roundhouse Ron” sent you!!
Bring all of your friends & swing by “Reales Sports Bar & Grille”, 7233 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19135, 215.332.6374, they can also be found on social media @ facebook, just go to: “Reales Sports Bar & Grille”. “If You Want Awesome Wingz, Cold Beer & Live Local Entertainment, Then Get Your Azz Over To Reales”

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DininG ArounD TowN with Roundhouse Ron
550279_260775140721423_36641965_nWhen it comes to restaurants & taverns in NE Philly, there are very few places that are legendary with a rich tradition to customer service while providing a superb environment. But, I have found just the location, standing alone on the corner of State Road & Bleigh Avenue, is this yellow & green painted build with both an American & Irish Flag waiving so proudly. Yea, that’s right people, I am talking about “Fluke’s Irish Pub”. Well, let me correct myself, since my boyz “Tommy Fluke” & “Richie Dooley” are back, it is now “The Original Fluke’s Irish Pub”. The good old times are finally back, but, with new exciting food menu twists that are unbelievable.
As I walked into “The Original Fluke’s Irish Pub” (opened in November of 1999), I definitely noticed many exciting new changes, then I realized that once again, this place is reborn with a new level of NE Philly energy. As I was scooping the place out, this very professional young lady approached me & introduced herself as “Jill Dooley” (general manager). Not only was she filled with a wealth of “Fluke’s Irish Pub” history, but, she was also super enthused about the new direction the pub is now going.
Thirsty, as I always am, I approached the bar only to discover a very familiar bartender friend, who goes by the name of “Dayna Bryant”. If you know this gurl, she is so amazing at her job, cause “Dayna” makes everyone feel like they are at home. She totally gets the idea of what a true bartender should be like, her personality is simply amazing. I took my Jack Daniels & Diet Coke over to a high top table with a window view, so that I could check out the food menu items. Next thing I knew, another amazingly familiar face approached me, my waitress for the evening was none other than “Elise Fallon”. This was freakin awesome, cause I actuality knew people who worked here at “Fluke’s Irish Pub”. “Elise” is not only very efficient in her duties as a waitress, but she is also very knowledgeable with the entire list of menu items.
If you have ever been to “The Original Fluke’s Irish Pub”, then you know there is a big enclosed deck, with windows that open when weather is permitting. This is a very entertaining venue during the summer time during happy hour. Also, I hear through the grape vine that in a few months, construction may start on an all new extended outside patio deck with table seating. Looking around the room, I also noticed a private room for special parties or if you have a large amount of guest for dinner seating. Make sure you call in advance @ 215.338.4800, to see if the room is available.
It is now time to eat, so let’s get this foodie party started right with a huge bowl of fresh “Mussels”. What a treat this seriously was, these mussels were so tender in a spicy red garlic marinara homemade sauce, not to mention the fresh loaf of Italian bread sliced down & butter for dipping. Another item you don’t wanna miss is the made from scratch “Maryland Crab Soup”. Made with fresh Maryland crabs, this soup was dancing in my mouth with both a very savory & spicy flavor, I could not believe the nice texture & chunks of fresh lump crab meat with vegetables.
Like usual, I was feeling kinda hungry on this day, so, I figured lets order up a few more interesting appetizers for my palette. Then out came an order of “Broccoli Bites” with a side of an American cheese dipping sauce. This incredible mixture of broccoli, roosted peppers & provolone cheese, rolled in a ball, lightly coated in bread crumbs & then deep fried, was a perfect fit. Dipping them into the cheese sauce, then taking a bite, WoW, I fell totally in love with these little morsels. Moving onto another “Roundhouse Ron” favorite, the “Buffalo Bites” looked & smelled awesome. Here we had pieces of chicken breast cut up, seasoned, lightly coated in flour & deep fried to perfection. The color & frying time was perfect, as it allowed the natural taste of the chicken also to come through. They were topped off with a side of homemade chunky blue cheese dressing.
Next order of business was my sandwich entrées, sorry, I just can’t stop at one since I got 2 hands, let’s use them both. First up was this crazy eye appealing “Prime Rib Sandwich” which was loaded with freshly cut to order USDA prime rib, provolone cheese, a huge crispy beer battered fried onion ring, sliced tomatoes, lettuce with a spicy horseradish house mustard sauce all on a soft Kaiser roll. Here comes “Elise” (my waitress) with my final sampling for this evening, a “Hand Carved Roast Beef Sandwich” packed with sum of the juiciest tender roast beef I have ever tasted in my culinary experience, with a few slices of provolone cheese along with a side of homemade horseradish sauce & a side of au jus beef juice for dipping.
“Fluke’s Irish Pub” knows how to freakin make a sandwich, believe me people, I am not just bullshitting you all, my food was super crazy good. This stuff is da real deal for sure, in fact, drop what you are doing right now & get your azz over there for lunch or dinner!!
A few other menu items that you must try include, “The Original Fluke’s Irish Pub’s” “Crab Bites”, “Shrimp Wrapped In Bacon”, “Pulled Pork Sandwich”, “Corn Beef Special” & the “Captain Bleigh Sandwich”. All of these sexy culinary delights & everything on the “Fluke’s Irish Pub’s” menu are homemade fresh daily. With this new approach to all the original ideas, they are paying close attention to this awesome new food menu.
When I was completely finished eating, “Chef Pete Yearwood” came out of the kitchen, introduced himself & explained the complete menu to me. Damn, what a perfect professional chef he is with a vast knowledge of food & how to mix his cosmic world of flavors. “Chef Pete” has been serving the NE Philadelphia area for over 21 years now with his expertise of tantalizing our taste buds.
“The Original Fluke’s Irish Pub” has sum really outstanding weekly specials, like every Monday (5pm – 9pm) All-U-Can-Eat mussels for just $9.95, every Tuesday (5pm – 9pm) wings are ½ price, every Wednesday night the Chicken Parmesan dinner with pasta & salad is the house special, every Friday (8pm – 10pm) $2 Miller Lite bottles, every Saturday night (8pm – 10pm) $2 Miller Lite bottles & every Sunday night there will be a different dinner house special with vegetables & a salad. Yo, let’s not forget, 7 days a week, Happy Hour (4pm – 6pm) $1.50 domestic draft beer, $2.75 domestic bottle beer & $3 well drinks. This spectacular facility also has a DJ Dance Party with “DJ Eric” in da house every Friday & Saturday night.
On April 11, 2013 (Thursday night), my boyz “Frank Daly” & “CJ Mills” from “Slainte” will be performing their authentic Irish acoustic music mix live on stage here @ “The Original Fluke’s Irish Pub”.
I know you work very hard for every penny you have, so I highly recommend “Fluke’s Irish Pub” cause this place is both very affordable & has sum amazing foodie treats. I seriously gotta go with “5 Starz Out Of 5 Starz”, you will not be disappointed in “The Original Fluke’s Irish Pub”. When you go, please make sure you tell them your boy “Roundhouse Ron” sent you ;-}
Please stop by “The Original Fluke’s Irish Pub”, 7401 State Road, Philadelphia, PA 19149, 215.338.4800, they can also be found on social media @ facebook, just go to: “The Original Fluke’s Irish Pub”. “The Original Fluke’s Irish Pub Is Finally Back & Here Too Stay”
Photos By: RoundHouse Ron

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As we dig out our green IRISH tee shirts, green beads, green sun glasses & green party beer mugs, I realize that St. Patrick’s Day is upon us once again. It’s our time to show our IRISH historical pride, as we travel from one festive IRISH pub to another festive IRISH pub, getting our drink on while make new friends. You can see it all over northeast Philly during the first 3 weeks of March, as people participate in either the “Shamrock Shuttle”, “The Erin Express” or even on St. Patrick’s Day it’s self.
But, as a local foodie writer, I totally enjoy this time of year, because one of my favorite little nuggets of confectionary delights are available for my consumption. Yes, I am talking about those awesome bite size cinnamon covered tasty morsels called “Irish Potatoes”. The funny thing is that they are not IRISH & they are not made out of potatoes. They are a local Philadelphia IRISH tradition for over 100 years.
Because of the Great “Irish Potato” Famine of the mid 1800’s, the potato has an ominous place in the hearts of Irish people everywhere. In the great Irish tradition of fighting against the odds, the “Oh Ryan’s Irish Potato” family hopes to erase those awful memories by creating these amazing candy concoctions that look like real miniature potatoes. At first glance, they appear to have been recently plucked from the ground of a potato farm. But, upon first bite, the taste sensation packs a powerful punch of flavor.
“Irish Potatoes” mostly consist of a sugar fondant, lots of butter, pure water & a special family flavoring secret, when mixed, forms a vanilla & coconut flavored butter cream rich center with a coconut macaroon texture & then rolled in a fresh spicy cinnamon dust coating. I think the name Irish Potato comes from the unique potato look due to the cinnamon peal. There are a few small companies that make these very sexy treats, but, if you want the real deal, search out for “Oh Ryan’s Irish Potatoes”.
“Oh Ryan’s Irish Potatoes” is a private family run company that has been rolling out these sugary vegetables since 1992. At that time, the company was named for their 3 year old son (Ryan), it was a perfect fit, cause “Ryan” is such an awesome Irish name. The factory headquarters is located on E. Ridge Road in Linwood, Pa, in which I had the great opportunity to get a VIP tour of the entire “Oh Ryan’s Irish Potato” & “Christopher Chocolates” factory, by the main man, “David Lamparelli” (owner & sweet genius). Visiting & watching them produce their amazing Irish Potatoes was simply spectacular.
Now, that “Ryan” (24 years old) is all grown up, he works alongside his father in the company that has grown to be the largest producer of “Irish Potatoes” today. Almost 90% of “Oh Ryan’s Irish Potatoes” sales have been in the Philadelphia area, but they have shipped them all across the country from Massachusetts to Florida, to California & as far away as Nome, Alaska. In this short time, they have established themselves as the largest purveyor of the sweet little potatoes. Now, that sum serious shyt ;-}
“Oh Ryan’s Irish Potatoes” are packed in 7oz boxes (15 potatoes per box) and are shrink-wrapped for freshness on a daily, as each box is stamped with a sell by date. This season alone, “Oh Ryan’s” have shipped over 80,000 pounds of these delicious spud like candy treats, which equals to over 40 tons or a little over 2,400.000 “Irish Potatoes”. “Christopher Chocolates” only produces the potatoes from January 1st to February 28th, this way the product is always fresh for each St. Patrick’s Day.
To purchase “Oh Ryan’s Irish Potatoes” in a 7oz box or within a gourmet gift basket, please go to: www.christopher-chocolates.com. You can also contact “Oh Ryan’s Irish Potatoes” at: Ryan@OhRyans.net or just call them @ 610.494.7123
Now, “Oh Ryan’s Irish Potatoes” are found at any local Wawa, Turkey Hill, Hallmark Card, supermarket or big chain store. But, for the best selection, go visit “Christopher Chocolates” at 3519 West Chester Pike, Newtown Square, PA 19073, 610.359.1669
“Oh Ryan’s Irish Potatoes” are the perfect sweet sensation St. Patrick’s Day confection to help us all celebrate our proud Irish American heritage.

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Since “Hot Wings” is one of my all time favorite proteins, I just had to write about these delectable treats. I like to call them “Hot Wings”, but they have also been known as “Buffalo Wings”, Chicken Wings, “Hot Wings” or “Wing Dings”. Some people enjoy them as an appetizer, while others luv to chow down & get right to the point as a main entrée. These tasty morsels are best when accompanied by fresh celery sticks, along with a dipping sauce of either blue cheese dressing or ranch dressing.
As history goes, on a cold Friday night in 1964, “Dominic Bellissimo” was tending bar at the now famous “Anchor Bar & Restaurant” in Buffalo, New York. Late that evening, a group of “Dominic’s” friends arrived at the bar with ravenous appetites. “Dominic” asked his mother, “Teressa”, to prepare something for his friends to eat. “Chicken Wings” in those dayz, usually went right into the stock pot for soup. So, “Teressa” had deep fried sum wings & flavored them with a secret cayenne hot sauce. The wings were an instant hit and it didn’t take long for people to flock to the bar to experience this new taste sensation. From that evening on, “Buffalo Wings” became a regular part of the menu at the “Anchor Bar & Restaurant”.
If you ever thought that a “Buffalo Wing” came from parts of a buffalo, you were completely wrong & probably been living under a freakin rock, cause everyone who lives in Philly, knows that “Buffalo Wings” come from chickens, actually from the 1st (wing drumette) & 2nd section (flat wing tip) of the wing.
These miniature culinary masterpieces can be prepared & served in several different ways. Always best when made fresh, please don’t ever buy those grocery store frozen bags of “Chicken Wings”. To be honest, they focking suck & are so damn gross. Get the real deal or don’t eat them at all. Clean your pieces, then lightly dip them in either seasoned flour or seasoned bread crumbs. Deep fry these puppies until golden brown or to your liking. Now, is where we all get lost, in the final flavor treatment of the wings, there is over 5 trillion different ways to finish them off. I prefer my own secret mixture of a “Frank’s Red Hot Sauce” base, chopped cilantro, minced garlic, splash of lime juice, with a few dashes of cayenne pepper. Mix it up, then add the wings for a few seconds of shaking & enjoy ;-}
As many of you already know, I review & post a Top 10 List Of Philly’s Best “Hot Wing” Spots, in my opinion. I could not continue this article without mentioning a few local locations. If you are ever in da need for sum amazing “Chicken Wing” greed, please check out either “Reale’s Sports Bar & Grille”, “Curran’s Irish Inn”, “Byrne’s Tavern”, “Paddy Whacks Irish Sports Pub”, “Moriarty’s Irish Pub” or “McCrossen’s Tavern”. Since visiting all of these food eateries, tasting their fine wingers, I seriously recommend them all. Other awesome local chain restaurants that have fabulous wings are “Hooters”, “Chickie’s & Pete’s”, “Tilted Kilt Pub” & “Buffalo Wild Wings”.
“Buffalo Wings” & football, need I say anything more? These gotta be 2 of my favorite things in life, so I have to mention how popular they are during our big American show down. Super Bowl weekend is unquestionably the biggest time of the year for wings.  More than 1.25 billion wing portions will be consumed during Super Bowl weekend, totaling more than 100 million pounds of wings, according to the National Chicken Council’s (NCC) Wing Report. Some 23% of those who watch the big game have eaten “Chicken Wings”, up slightly in popularity from last year & second only to dips & spreads (32%) on Super Bowl menus.
Leading up to our local “Hot Wing” heritage, I can’t go any further without mentioning WIP’s (94.1fm/610am radio) world famous “Wing Bowl”. The “Wing Bowl” is in part a sporting event, part 3 ring circus & all entertainment. This annual “Chicken Wing” eating contest founded in 1993 by radio talk show host “Al Morganti” & in time “Angelo Cataldi” joined in on this celebration of pure gluttony. “Wing Bowl 1” started in 1993, with about 10 people who attended The Wyndham Franklin Plaza Hotel lobby in center city Philadelphia. This wacky competition started with just 2 contestants, as “Carmen “The Beast from the East” Cordero” walked away with the inaugural title of eating 100 wings while receiving a hibachi grill as his prize. The Wing Bowl is traditionally held on the Friday preceding the Super Bowl. This year’s big winner was “James “The Bear” McDonald” (from Granby, Connecticut) who rose to victory after devouring a ridiculous 287 “Chicken Wings”.
“P.J. Whelihan’s” in Haddonfield, NJ is responsible for supplying all the “Chicken Wings” for WIP’s “Wing Bowl” this year. They fry up to about 540 pounds of wings, which falls into around 12,000 wings for this single event.
A huge part of this annual event has been the “Wingettes”. OMFG, just imagine over 120 scantily clad women dressed in bikini tops with boy shorts & high heeled shoes, all biding for the title of “Miss Wingette”. Actually they are a vital asset to the contestants, as the “Wingettes” support their wing eating gladiator onto victory or defeat. The top “Wingette” of “Wing Bowl 21” (this year) rode off on a brand new Harley Davidson 883 Sportster from Barb’s Harley Davidson. I know you are all chomping at da bit wondering, who was this year’s top “Wingette”? This year’s winner was a very attractive 20 year old brunette named Alexandra Warner from Easton, PA.
With such a worldwide attraction, the “Wing Bowl” attracts numerous commercial & local sponsors. Not only do these sponsors promote the eating competitors, but they also help supply the event with the “Wingettes”. Big time promoters & local companies like “Promo Frank”, “The Penthouse Club”, “Xfinity Live”, “PBR Bar & Grill”, “Chickie’s & Pete’s” & the “Victory Beer Hall” (just to name a few) have a stable of fine young ladies that are more than willing to be a part of this colossal 20,000 people venue.
And, this is how “Roundhouse Ron” goes from “Hot Wings” to “Wing Bowl” & “Wingettes”. “Enjoy Life My Friendz, With No Regrets, Cause Tomorrow Is Not Guaranteed”. You can always reach me @ www.facebook.com/RoundhouseRon

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By: Roundhouse Ron
D&B_Photo_1Traveling north on Route 13 in beautiful Croydon, PA, I could not help but notice this quant yellowish building on the right hand side, just past Newportville Road, adjacent the Croydon Septa train station. As I slammed on my brakes and pulled into the parking lot, I then took notice of it’s name, “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House”. When you enter this establishment, you will notice an awesome fun entertaining brew house vibe, with signage, banners, neon’s & blackboards listing the daily specials in multi colored chalk. Right away, I felt totally at home with a few huge “Jack Daniels” aged whiskey barrels, along with a crazy selection of brews on tap, not to mention the frig loaded with almost 100 varieties of custom beers.
When my mixologist for this evening “Vince”, poured out my perfectly poured frosted glass of “Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company” beer, I just had to ask him the history behind the “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House”. He informed me that it was named after one of the oldest pubs in Croydon, England, that is named “Dog & Bull”. For over 400 years, the “Dog & Bull” has been serving Englanders with fine food & craft beers on tap. Adopting the name “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House”, they strive to keep the English pub vibe alive, by serving us great craft beers and entertaining local music.
As I was working my way around the bar area, a young man stepped to me and introduced himself as the general manager “Andrew Wells”. He was very polite and you could just tell “Andy” has an awesome knowledge of the bar/restaurant business. Talking to him, I learned he was in the “Top 12” “2011 Bartends In The World” picked by “Gary (Gaz) Regan”, from the history channel. Also voted, “2012 Most Responsible Bartender In America” by the “Nightclub & Bar Magazine”. Wow, you gotta ask him to make you his famous signature cocktails, like the whiskey infused PB&J or his tastefully wild Bloody Mary. Like I said, “This freakin dude really knows his shyt”. Now residing in the Parkwood section of Philadelphia with his wonderful wife “Eileen”, “Andy” continues to take the “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House” to all new heights with a fabulously relaxing bar venue.
Talk about perfect timing, my server (“Jamie”), approached me as she heard my stomach growling, cause of the tantalizing aromas coming from the all new 2nd floor kitchen. “Jamie” was so damn pleasant and informative of both the menu items, along with the black board specials. This ambitious young lady referred me to numerous very personalized “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House” signature items.
I decided to get this party started with a collection of “Dog & Bull” specialties, like the “Appetizer Sampler” for adventurous eaters. It included “Dog Ears” (sliced rib eye steak with a cheddar cheese ale sauce all wrapped in a dog ear shaped dough), “Risotto Croquettes” (sun dried tomato risotto with fresh mozzarella cheese lightly coated and fried to perfection), “Buffalo Shrimp Balls” (fresh chopped seasoned shrimp mixture rolled in a ball, fried and served with house made blue cheese), and to top it off, one of my personal favorites, “Fried Pickles” (freshly sliced dilled pickles chips, marinated in beer, lightly coated and fried for just a short time). What a freakin way to begin my ultimate venture down flavor town road here at the “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House”.

Chillaxin for just a few minutes, I decided to order a “Jack Daniels & Coke” to wash down all those amazing appetizers. O’boy, here comes “Jamie” with one of my entrees, the “No Bull Bomber Burger”. I have no idea where to begin with this interesting colossal tower of beef, pork, cheese, onion and bun. The “No Bull Bomber Burger” is made up of ½ pound freshly ground beef, large slices of crispy bacon, huge heaping of pulled pork in a house BBQ sauce, thickly sliced pepper jack cheese and topped off with a jumbo “Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company” beer battered onion ring all inside of a freshly baked bun. OMFG, this creation is driving my taste buds absolutely insane with this juicy mountain of mouth watering beef. Did I forget to tell ya, it also comes with a possie of freshly house cut fries and a “Pickle Man” pickle.
The madness just keeps on rolling out of the kitchen with a few more glistening plates of ultra attractive food. I just had to try the “Peppercorn Encrusted NY Strip” cause this 10oz piece of NY strip looked superior to non other, being seasoned and sautéed in a porter mushroom sauce, served with homemade roasted garlic mashed potatoes and seared spinach. Next was the “Garlic Parm Shrimp Wrap” with fresh grilled shrimp in a garlic parmesan seasoning, baby spinach, roasted red peppers and slices of pepper jack cheese all inside of a fresh flour tortilla wrap. When you go to the “Dog & Bull”, you gotta try the “Crab n’ Ale Mac n’ Cheese” just for shyts and giggles, cause it is to die for as it is amazing pasta elbow macaronis served in a signature cheddar ale sauce, with crab meat, goat and parmesan cheese.
Let da good times my party people, cause here comes my desert baby. Let me try to describe this beer infused sweet culinary treat, the “Guinness Fudge Brownie Dog Ears Sundae” is a chocolate fudge brownie infused with a Guinness stout chocolate sauce, vanilla bean beer infused ice cream with chunks of house caramel crunchy nuggets, served with 2 dog ears tossed in cinnamon and sugar. Deliciousness is an understatement, because I think I just stepped onto the 5 o’clock nonstop express to sweet tooth ecstasy. The “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House” has it all, from meat lover delights to numerous vegetarian specialty items, all the way down to their little pups (children) menu.
With such outstanding food being delivered from the “Dog & Bull” kitchen, I just had to meet the mastermind of all this outrageous flavorful food. His name is “Max Schindler” (head chef) and he wears the chef jacket with such pride it shows in detail to quality and perfection with every bite I tasted. This University of Colorado graduate has been cooking since he was 15 years old, then following in his father’s footsteps as a chef, he perfected his continental restaurant style. “Max’s” passion to be a culinary genius took him to a very refined Boulder, Colorado tourist establishment named “Dushanbe Tea House”. Here he gained the vast experience in international and central Asian cooking. Moving to the Philadelphia area with his girlfriend “Corinne”, he now commutes from Abington to Croydon so that we all have the opportunity to sample his superior offerings over at the “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House”.
I have been to numerous taverns, pubs, bars, nightclubs and/or restaurants in my career, this place called the “Dog & Bull” has so many weekly and daily specials going on, I could not believe my eyez with all the entertaining black boards filled with outstanding deals on food and beverages. I could list them, but it would take up this entire issue of “Out On The Town” Entertainment Guide, so I strongly encourage you to hit up the “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House’s” website at www.DogAndBullHouse.com for sum interesting deals. Just keep in mind they do have a fabulous “Sunday Brunch” from 9am to 3pm every Sunday, it’s like a brunch with zest on your day of rest ;-}
I wanna be totally serious and honest with you, this place focking rocks hard core, by using all fresh homemade items, with a wild interesting twist that captures your every imagination of how real food should be treated and served. This sounds kinda corny, but here it goes, “God, I Really Luv This Place, With 5 Stars, Out Of 5 Stars Going To The “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House””.
Please stop by “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House”, 810 Bristol Pike (Rt. 13 & Newportville Road), Croydon, PA 19021, 215.788.BULL, www.DogAndBullHouse.com, they can also be found on social media @ facebook & twitter, just go to: “Dog & Bull Brew & Music House”. “They Take Their Beer, Food & Drinks Very Seriously, But Not Themselves, Cause Their House, Is Your House”

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Nicks_Photo_1You ever just drive spots in our fine city without really thinking it’s history because it’s just been there for so many years? I have driven past “Nick’s Roast Beef” on Cottman Avenue like over a million times, but never thought of how fascinating the story goes. “Nick’s Roast Beef” has a very long & interesting history in our Philadelphia area, starting with the first old original “Nick’s Roast Beef” (20th & Jackson Streets) opening it’s doors in 1938. During those jazz musical times, our city had a very strong & physical mob presence, and it was also just a few years after this country ended alcohol prohibition. Since then, there has been a second location (10 E. Woodland Avenue in Springfield, PA) that opened in 1998 & a sexy sleek franchised spot (2212 Cottman Avenue) that opened over 30 years ago.
I choose to do my foodie review on the “Nick’s Roast Beef” located on Cottman Avenue in NE Philly, just a stone’s throw from the Roosevelt Mall. Established over 30 years ago by a gentleman named “Tom Gannon Sr.”, who seen the need for a top quality roast beef sandwich on this part of town. “Mr. Gannon Sr.” since has passed away about 3 years ago, when his daughter “Dianna” took over the entire operation. With so many things on “Dianna’s” plate, her brother “Tom Gannon Jr.” stepped in to continue the “Gannon” family business, so it would not be sold to anyone without the same commitment to quality food. Now, “Tom Jr.” is the full owner & master mind behind the all new “Nick’s Roast Beef” in NE Philly.
During the past year, this restaurant/tavern has been going through numerous changes from an all new interior design look, to some new very tantalizing menu items. If you have ever been to this “Nick’s Roast Beef”, you can’t help to notice the all new seating selection from the very spacious booths, to open tables and now high top table seating. The floor plan has been totally opened up, with a new stage area for local talent & bands to perform their skills. You will be very pleased with the brightly improved eye appealing decor & enjoyable relaxing atmosphere.
After I parked my truck in their huge azz rear parking lot, I entered “Nick’s Roast Beef” & was greeted by two very attractive hostesses by the names of “Allie” & “Vikki”. As my companion for the evening & I were being seated, it was very noticeable how happy & content the entire staff was as they were performing their various responsibilities. Our fantastic server (“Melissa”) for tonight was this very energetic, knowledgeable & very helpful gurl, that any establishment would luv to have on their waitress staff. Once again, thank you so much “Melissa” for everything.
Now, while chugging on my tasty beverage (Jack Daniels & Diet Coke), I could not help to notice the jars of horseradish & hot peppers on every table. Mentally I was like, freakin awesome cause I like hot flavorful food with a slight kick. Checking out the “Nick’s Roast Beef” menu, I was finding it very hard to just pick out 1 entrée, because it all sounded so interesting. So, let me start off by telling you about this crazy good backboard special soup of the day, homemade “Cream Of Vegetable” is all I gotta say. OMG, this was just what da doctor ordered on a chilly Philly night. A few crackers & a slash of black pepper, I was in heaven. Always check out da blackboard special soup of the day.
Just a little info on your boy “Roundhouse Ron”, I luv potatoes & cheese like a fat kid likes cake, so for a beginning teaser I choose the “Buffalo Chips”. As this delectable appetizer reached our comfy booth for 2, you could just smell da goodness. That’s cause the “Nick’s Roast Beef” “Buffalo Chips” are made with a famous recipe, of fresh waffle fries tossed with buffalo sauce along with melted sharp cheese to complete this masterpiece. You can also add slices chicken breast to complete this fantasy, if desired. This was a perfect start for my spicy palette urges.
Since selecting an entrée seemed to be a challenge, I loaded up on all the “Nick’s Roast Beef” goodies. My 1st selection, you could hear sizzling as it was coming out of da kitchen. Yes, I decided to go for da “Chicken Fajitas”, it was designed by using freshly sliced chicken breasts, grilled til they sizzle, included were peppers, onions, served with lettuce, tomato, Monterey Jack/sharp cheeses & soft fajita shells. If preferred, you can also add filet steak or freshly peeled shrimp. Next up, I just had to try da “Ragin Cajun Chicken Wrap Sandwich”, as it was served with Cajun seasoned chicken breast with bacon bits, lettuce & Monterey Jack cheese tightly wrapped with a tangy flavorful power punch.
I could not leave “Nick’s Roast Beef” without trying da world famous “Nick’s Roast Beef Sandwich”. It has to be one of America’s most tender & sultry sandwiches in history, as the roast beef is seasoned & slow roasted, and then piled high on a freshly baked Kaiser roll, with a side of Au Jus & pickles. If you choose, you can also add mushrooms, onions, long hot peppers, roasted red peppers, broccoli rabe & sharp provolone cheese. This signature sandwich of “Nick’s Roast Beef” is a freakin masterpiece that will take you on a 1 way trip to flavor town.
This is so wild, but people come from all around just to taste the “Potato Chips”, yes, I said the “Potato Chips”. They are all homemade, cut from genuine grade A extra long fancy Idaho potatoes, deep fried, seasoned & served with a crispy crunch. When going to “Nick’s Roast Beef”, I am kindly asking you to order da “Gravy Fries”, cut fresh daily, married with prime roast beef & topped with homemade beef gravy.
If you have a sweet tooth, the desert menu freakin rocks with such delectably sugar treats as “Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie”, “Big Cheese Brulee”, “Caramel Apple Granny” & “Molten Chocolate Cake”.
I must give the entire staff of “Nick’s Roast Beef” major props & kudos for such a superior job well done. You all made me feel so at home & comfortable, while still performing your individual duties in a very professional matter. Hang in there, because I must thank you all, starting with the hostesses (“Allie” & “Vikki”), the servers (“Dana”, “Joanie”, “Bobbie”, “Melissa”, “Denise A”, “Denise B”, “Rachel”, “Tory”, “Sam”, “Annie” & “Caitlin”), the bus boys (“Danny”, “Mike”, “Greco”, “Matt” & “Ed”), the prep cooks (“Kenny”, “Mairsol” & “Kevin”), the cooks (“Matt”, “Bill”, “Keith” & “Mark”) & the bartenders (“Samantha”, “Mark”, “Timmy”, “Jenn”, “Lisa” & “Ms. Linda”).
Special thanks to “Jeronimo” (general manager), “Gary” (assistant manager), “Jimmy” (kitchen manager) & “Javier” (head chef). Superior job my culinary brothers & sisters, you have taken a sensational establishment as you all are serving top quality food & perfectly poured libations.
If you are planning a private party in the future, “Nick’s Roast Beef” has just the perfect banquet facility for up to 100 guests. They also have sum specially priced bar & buffet packages, that I am sure can fit your every delight. To hold this spacious area & inquire about the fantastic banquet menu specials, please contact “Caitlin” (event coordinator) @ 215.745.1292 or email her @ CGannon_NicksNorthEast@yahoo.com.
Did I forget to mention that “Nick’s Roast Beef” also sponsors a local flag football league, softball league, a dart league & what they call a give back night? Just other ways they have been supporting the community in which they choose to be a part of. Every Tuesday & Sunday nights, “Nick’s Roast Beef” holds a cool local neighborhood celebrity bartending event, where you can bring your posse as you are da celebrity bartender.
“Nick’s Roast Beef” has sum really awesome & thrifty weekly specials, like this thing they call “Happy Hour Nick’s Time”, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday (4pm – 6pm Yuengling & Coors Light pints $1.50, well drinks $2, Blue Moon pints $3, Twisted Tea bottles $3 & appetizers 2 for $20), not to mention these wild daily specials, Monday’s (8pm – 10pm Yuengling pints $1.50, domestic bottles $2, Yuengling pitcher & 10 wings $10 & 5pm – 9pm all you can eat mussels $9.99), Tuesday’s (domestic pints all day for just $2 & 8pm – 12am ½ price appetizers), Wednesday’s (9pm – 11pm Bud/Bud Lights pints $2, Bud/Bud Light bottles $2.50 & 6pm – 10pm wings are just 35 cents each), Thursday’s (8pm – 10pm Miller Lite pints $2, roast beef & french fries $6 & 15% off with college ID), Friday’s (all day long Captain Morgan drinks $3), Saturday (all day long Miller Lite pints $2, Miller Light bottles $2.50) Sunday’s (all day long Bud/Bud Light pints $2, Bud/Bud Light bottles $2.50 & Bud/Bud Light buckets $10). It doesn’t end there my little mind freaks, read on for some entertaining weekly events.
This spectacular facility (“Nick’s Roast Beef”) is now one of NE Philly’s premiere venues for local entertainment with things like this, Tuesday’s (Free Poker Tournaments with cash prizes & 10pm – 12am Kinky Quizzo), Wednesday’s (Karaoke Dance Party), Thursday’s (College Night DJ Dance Party), Friday’s (Local Bands Live On Stage), Saturday’s (Local Bands Live On Stage) & Sunday’s (Free Poker Tournaments with cash prizes). You will definitely catch my crazy azz hangin out @ “Nick’s Roast Beef” many, many times in the near future.
To be totally honest with you, I have been to “Nick’s Roast Beef” on many occasions in the past few years. But now, this place looks so much better & I actually luv all they have done with the new recent changes. My boy “Jeronimo Vasquez” (general manager) is running “Nick’s Roast Beef” like a professional football team going to da Super Bowl. He credits “Gary Gola” (assistant manager) for contributing to da success of this stadium of flavor.
I was so impressed with the entire staff, from the hostesses, to the servers, bartenders, bar backs, cooks & head chefs. Shyt, they have people working here for over 20 years, with lots of them 3 years & higher. The rotation in personnel is very low, due to the loyalty & commitment from the staff to this establishment. If you ever wanna just chill with a few cocktails or settle in for a fine meal, I highly recommend “Nick’s Roast Beef” on Cottman Avenue, you will not be disappointed. When you go, make sure you tell them your boy “Roundhouse Ron” sent you ;-}
Get your calendar out right now & mark down February 9th, 2013 (Saturday), it is “Nick’s Roast Beef’s” “Grand Re-Opening Party” with a live band (“The Insiders”) performing on stage, DJ dance party all night long, drinks specials, food specials & free give-a-ways. Come out, bring all of your friends & celebrate da grand re-opening.
Please stop by “Nick’s Roast Beef”, 2210 Cottman Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19149, 215.745.1292, www.NicksNortheast.com, they can also be found on social media @ facebook & twitter, just go to: “Nick’s Roast Beef”. “Philly’s Favorite Roast Beef & So Much More”

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DininG ArounD TowN with Roundhouse Ron
All I gotta say to my friends is “Paddy Whacks”, after a very positive joyful response, they always ask me which one my dude? On this God given day, I choose to do a foodie review on the Welsh Road location just off of the Roosevelt Boulevard in NE Philadelphia. There is currently 3 locations, with the other 2 being at “Paddy Whacks” Comly Road (also just off of Roosevelt Boulevard) & “Paddy Whacks” South Street (corner of 2nd Street).
This really cool concept of bringing an Irish pub together with a casual sports bar, combining these ideas & opening them all in an awesome city like Philadelphia has to be the best idea since sliced bread. Since opening the 1st “Paddy Whacks” location at Welsh Road in May of 2004, all I have been hearing is spectacular & exciting comments. Owned by a few local hometown brothers, “Casey Jones”, “Mathew Jones” & “Donald Jones (DJ)“ have taken on the challenge & are making all 3 local locations very successful. To be perfectly honest, your boy “Roundhouse Ron” has been to all 3 “Paddy Whacks Irish Sports Pubs” during this past year & it has always been a freakin maxed out blast.
When entering “Paddy Whacks”, you can’t help but notice the sleek contemporary Irish pub feel with classily framed Notre Dame football memorabilia on the walls, to the modern high top tables & let’s not forget the numerous Irish beers on tap. Seating my foodie posse & I was this very attractive personable young lady who goes by the name of “Jenn”, and we soon found out she was also our server for this evening. As we all settled in, a round of beverages was in order, with mine being a Jack Daniels & Diet Coke. With the quickness, “Jill” & “Chris” (bartenders) jumped on our order, dazzled us with knowledge & treated me to a few sweet libations. I personally had to thank “Kevin” (bar manager), cause “Paddy Whacks” has a very professional bartending staff.
Reviewing the exceptional dining menu choices, I noticed a very nice selection of appetizers, soups & salads to start me off with. If you like soup, you will simply love “Paddy Whacks” “Irish Potato Soup” which is a thick potato soup topped with bacon bites scallions & melted cheese. Another tantalizing soup selection is the “Maryland Crab Soup” made with their very own secret recipe that includes jumbo lump crabmeat. Things like these spectacular creamy creations carry a ton of flavor & really warms up my belly on a cold winter evening.
If you happen to be a chili lover, the folks here at “Paddy Whacks” are taking over with a bombelicious taste of the old west. The “Paddy Chili” is a famous blend of spices, red beans, onions, peppers & ground beef topped with melted cheddar cheese & chopped scallions. If this doesn’t get your taste buds rocking like Elvis in Memphis, then I don’t know what will. BAM, POW, BOOM
Now, as we all move onto the tasty appetizer selections, a few things were a definitely must have, like the “Philly Cheesesteak Rolls” packed a powerful punch with mini cheese steak stuffed in a crispy shell. The “Loaded Paddy Chips” are freshly cut potatoes fried to perfection, piled high & smothered in “Paddy Whacks” medium spicy chili with melted cheese. And one of my favorites have to be their “Almost Famous Wings” served in either a mild, medium, hot or spicy garlic seasoning. These wings are off da focking charts good and I will be placing them on my “Roundhouse Ron’s Top 10 Of Philadelphia’s Best Hot Wingz List”.
Just to give my brain a little break from all these “Paddy Whacks Irish Sports Pub” starters, before I move onto the main dishes, I decide to walk around & introduce myself to this kitchen staff of funky flavor town. “Chef Chris” (kitchen manager) along with “Chef Mark” (head chef) have this operating room on lock down with surgical precession as they are creating sum crazy creations.
The salads are all super stunning & outstanding, such as the “Paddywhack Salad” sliced chicken strips served over a blend of romaine & iceberg lettuce with cucumbers, tomatoes & onions, topped with bacon bites, Monterey Jack cheddar cheese with your choice of dressing. How can you freakin go wrong with these lettuce masterpieces like the “Cajun Chicken Salad” blackened Cajun chicken breast sliced over their pub salad with Monterey Jack & cheddar cheese with croutons, served with honey mustard dressing.
A few of my friendz rocked out the sandwich options, while I just moved right into the pub favorites. But, I did sample sum bites & must refer you to the “The Paddy Melt” with select chicken tenders, bacon & American cheese on grilled sourdough bread. Let’s not forget the “Yik-Yak Burger” a half-pound sirloin burger smothered in hot sauce with bleu cheese & lettuce on toasted rye. All of the sexy sandwiches & wonderful wraps are served with fresh-cut “Paddy Chips”.
The room light up with smells of aroma ecstasy as my pub favorite entrée was being severed. My “Chicken Parmesan” consist of freshly breaded chicken breast lightly fried, topped with marinara sauce & provolone cheese, served with a bed of linguini. This work of art tasted even better then it freakin smelled. When you go to “Paddy Whacks”, you must also try the “The Open Face Roasted Turkey” with oven roasted turkey served over toasted sourdough bread with their country mashed potatoes & topped with house made gravy. Or, an Irish specialty, the “Shepherd’s Pie” with lean ground beef sautéed with carrots, peas, onions & piped country mashed potatoes topped with their house made gravy. Believe me party people, you will not be disappointed in these dynamic tasteful culinary dishes.
“Paddy Whacks” also has a very sinful selection of desserts, as they are all designed to impress your sweet taste buds. Just think about, “Homemade Spice Cake” topped with peppermint whipped cream, candied walnuts & fresh berries, how about the “Kilkenny Chocolate Cake” a volcanic eruption of chocolate goodness served with creamy vanilla ice cream or the “Funnel Cake Fries” sweet & delicious, made to order & topped with fluffy confectioner’s sugar. Your killin me smallz, cause these are all so damn scrumptious.
At all 3 “Paddy Whacks Irish Sports Pub” locations, they have catering & banquet packages available that will be tailored maid to all your needs. Plenty of room for any party, celebration, receptions or gathering that you are hosting. To reserve this spacious area & inquire about the fantastic catering menu specials, please visit any location or call 215.464.7544.
I have done my research on this spectacular dining & drinking establishment named “Paddy Whacks”, found numerous outstanding weekly food & drink specials to pass on, but I seriously want you to hit up their website at www.PaddyWhacksPub.com for all these wild daily deals. This is a very special place with sum very unique Irish & American dishes that will definitely get your attention & satisfy your culinary appetite. “Paddy Whacks” has a great selection of Irish beers, holiday flavors & craft brews on tap as well as a warehouse packed of bottles to quench any thirsty land lover’s personality.
You must include this amazing contemporary Irish tavern on your Christmas wish list & I promise you will totally enjoy your dining experience. Do me a favor & don’t take my advice, go visit & experience “Paddy Whacks” for yourself, then you be the judge & write to me. But, when you go, make sure you tell them your boy “Roundhouse Ron” sent you ;-}
Please stop by “Paddy Whacks Irish Sports Pub”, 9241-43 Roosevelt Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19114, 215.464.7544, www.PaddyWhacksPub.com, they can also be found on social media @ twitter, facebook & myspace, just go to: “Paddy Whacks Irish Sports Pub”. If you have a smart phone, download the “Paddy Whacks” app & receive a 10% off coupon. “The Coolest Irish Sports Bar In da Philadelphia Area”

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The weather was so freakin nice outside, I recently decided to go exploring throughout the Bucks County area (just northeast of Philadelphia), when I came across this really cool looking spot called “Kellen’s Station House”. The building is so neat looking as it stands 3 floors high, with a tropical front patio area and a huge parking lot. You can’t miss this place cause it is located directly across the street from the Septa R3 (Langhorne) train station, hence the name “Kellen’s Station House”.
My small posse of really good friendz, which included Tiffany Martinez, Brittany Dittmar and Ashley Ramiez, all decided to pull in for sum grub, as our stomachs were churning for food and beverages. When you enter “Kellen’s Station House”, you will definitely notice how clean, sharp and organized this establishment is being managed. Turning into the main bar and restaurant areas, I could not miss a large bright and colorful multi refrigerator wall unit filled with over 90 brews in stock. It is like a freakin smorgasbord of highly respected beers and brews.
As we all settled in, I realized that “Kellen’s Station House” just opened its doors on July 19th of 2012. The owner “Rich” took every man’s dream of opening a bar and made it happen with a name he always reserved for a son that he never had, as “Rich” was blessed with 3 amazing daughters. But, the name “Kellen” stayed with him for the past 17 years, so why not name his bar the perfect name of “Kellen’s Station House”. Rich’s vision of a full service tavern with awesome pub food, is now coming to life at 1033 S. Bellevue Avenue in Langhorne, PA.

While searching for a manager to run this outstanding watering hole, “Rich” came across a gentleman by the name of “Bob”, who has a tremendous background in very productive cafes and seductive tasting restaurants. So, the fit was perfect as now “Rich” and “Bob” are working together to take “Kellen’s Station House” to the next level.
The “Kellen’s Station House” has several rooms for all of your drinking, eating and gathering needs, with 6 very spacious areas to enjoy. Including a few very comfortable rooms for dining room, an eye pleasing modern sports bar area, an outside palm tree deck area, not to mention a few private party/catering rooms. I energetically love the hard wood floors, clean sharp seating areas and the wide open entertainment concept. I counted over 20 flat screen televisions showing several different sports venues, over 10 beers on tap and like I mentioned earlier over 90 brews in stock.
Our server (“Nathan”) greeted us with a pleasant smile, handed me our easy to read menus and then proceed to inform my posse of a few signature libations. How can you go wrong with tantalizing beverages like a “Chocolate Martini”, an “Appletini” or even a coffee infused vodka or bourbon cocktail? I ultimately love when an established tavern has a good selection of cocktails and “Kellen’s Station House” is no exception with a fine list of liquid goodies. Our very attractive mixologist for this evening was “Stephanie” and she was holding it down with a full bar of customers.

While reading over the menu, I decided to try a few “Kellen’s Station House” classic selections, like starting out with “Grandma’s Famous Doltana”, it’s a secret family recipe of Italian meats and cheeses stuffed in a homemade dough. I thoroughly enjoyed this start to our meal cause my taste buds were dancing with a perfect blend of Italian spices, cheeses and meats. In fact this was so of da hook, I took a few slices home and ate it cold the next day for breakfast. OMG, it was simply astonishing also as a breakfast wake up meal.
I was really feeling kinda hungry this evening, so I decided to order a few tantalizing items off of the “Kellen’s Station House” menu. When you go, please order one of the following items that I had the complete pleasure of tasting, such as the “Station House Wings” (naked, mild, hot or BBQ), they are so meaty, so tender, so scrumptious and packed with flavor. In fact, the sauce they use is an award winning special recipe. I tried to bribe “Bob” for the ingredients, but I was tastefully denied ;-}
As the food keeps rolling out of the kitchen, my job keeps getting better and better. Next up was the “Fried Pickles With Horseradish Mustard”, as they are purchased fresh daily then treated with a light blend of “Kellen’s” batter and fried to perfection with a side of a custom horseradish mustard dipping sauce. I have not had such magnificent fried pickles since I was in Texas a few years ago. I highly recommend them as an appetizer or even as a bar nibbler.

Taking my appetite a little further, I just had to try the “8 Ounce Prime Beef Station House Burger”, all I need to tell yea is it was 8 ounces of fresh prime beef cooked to perfection, with your choice of American, Swiss, cheddar or blue cheese, bacon, mushrooms, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato all served on a fresh toasted bun. Not to mention a healthy side of homemade “Kellen’s Station House” fries that are cut fresh every single day. Also available are “Kellen’s Parm & Garlic Homemade Fries”, “Kellen’s Cheesy Homemade Fries” and “Kellen’s Homemade Chili Fries”.
A few of my other “Kellen’s Station House” favorites is the “Meatloaf”, wrapped with bacon while being served with Kellen’s delectable mac & cheese. If you like chicken parmesan, then you must try the “Kellen’s Chicken Parm”, served with choice of pasta with a pleasing sweet red sauce. The “Shrimp In A Basket”, was like a fresh taste of the sea, fried up with a crunchy batter, served by the dozen with a side Kellen’s homemade fries. The menu is endless with very reasonably priced items from appetizers, soups, salads, burgers, specialty sandwiches, platters and sides.

I have to give all my culinary respect to the head chef “Chef James”, as he transforms a delightful pub menu into a mouthwatering palatable experience. Everything I had the fortunate opportunity to consume was so freakin good and delightful. I also don’t wanna forget “Joe”, who is “Kellen’s Station House’s” food catering consultant, what a great job gentlemen. The fine staff here has done their food dining local research and came up with an amazing menu with a totally pocket warming price point on every item they offer.
Weekly specials at “Kellen’s Station House” include, Sunday’s (Kid’s Eat Free, chef’s kids special of the day), Monday’s (.50 Cent Wings 4pm – 8pm), Tuesday’s (Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price Appetizers), Wednesday’s ($2 House Special Appetizer), Thursday’s (NFL Coors Light Specials), Friday’s (House Special Complimentary Appetizers 4pm – 8pm), Saturday’s (College Football 12pm – 4pm, $30 Domestic Draft Beer & A Carver Sandwich, A Burger Or Wings Included, $40 Gets You Bottles), Sunday’s (NFL Football 12pm – 4pm, $30 Domestic Draft Beer & A Carver Sandwich, A Burger Or Wings Included, $40 Gets You Bottles) and Early Bird Specials (Every Monday thru Friday, 3:30pm – 6:00pm, 15% Off Menu).
Weekly events at “Kellen’s Station House” include, Tuesday Night’s (Quizzo Trivia Night, Sponsored By Jagermeister With Valuable Give-A-Ways) and Wednesday Night’s (Bucks County Open Mic Night Hosted By Dan Taylor).
“Kellen’s Station House” has a few special events coming up in November that you definitely don’t wanna miss, November 10, 2012 (Michael Marrow Band/Jerry Garcia Tribute Live On Stage With The Groove Train Riders), November 21, 2012 (Huge Pre Thanksgiving DJ Dance Party) and on November 24, 2012 (Seductive Saturday With Raised On Radio/Journey Tribute Live On Stage Along With A Non Stop Insane DJ Dance Music Party, You Don’t Wanna Miss This Cause “Roundhouse Ron” Will Be Here). Both events will have several impressive drink and food specials.
If you are planning your own special event/party, “Kellen’s Station House” is a premiere location with spectacular package deals for “Christmas Parties”, “Office/Work Parties”, “Sweet 16 Parties”, “Beef & Beer Benefits”, “Funeral Luncheons” and also “Fantasy Football Parties”. To take advantage of these magnificent deals, get in contact with my boyz either “Rich” or “Bob” at 215.970.5412.
My small posse of amazing friends and myself completely enjoyed our “Kellen’s” foodie experience, they are still talking about this amazing place and can’t wait to read my article here in “Out On the Town” entertainment paper. Don’t be surprised if you see me here on many occasions, because I will be returning to relish in this amazing atmosphere. In fact, don’t hesitate, as soon as you can, please take a short drive over to “Kellen’s Station House”, for a few cocktails and a great meal. When you go, make sure you tell them your boy “Roundhouse Ron” sent you ;-}
Please stop by “Kellen’s Station House”, 1033 S. Bellevue Avenue, Langhorne, PA 19047, 215.970.5412, www.KellensStationHouse.com, they can also be found on social media @ either facebook or twitter, just go to: “Kellen’s Station House”. “Neighborhood Pub & Deck”

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During the course of a week, I try to get spend a little quality time with family & close friendz, by eating around town at our local culinary dining businesses. So, I figured this review, I would bring a few friendz (Ashley Ramirez & Greg Strecker) along for da foodie train ride. This issue, I decided to hit a very eye pleasing establishment along the Delaware River named “Maggie’s Waterfront Café”, on N. Delaware Avenue, between Linden & Arendell Avenues, in far northeast Philly.
“Maggie’s Waterfront Café” took over their chunk of Philadelphia back in 2008, with an idea that was long overdue along the Delaware River. “Kevin Goodchild” (owner) had an outstanding vision & concept that would bring his community family together with a place to eat & have a few cocktails, while still enjoy being close to home, not to mention the awesome relaxing view of the Delaware River. Kevin now has been developing this location into a fine dining experience, as he is hiring the best local chefs & entertaining staff. My boy “John Nagle” is managing the front of house, as well as making sure the back of the house runs like clockwork.
Sit back now folks & enjoy what I gotta say about “Maggie’s Waterfront Café”, because this is gonna get juicy like a “Chef Bob’s” thick filet mignon. The location of this spot is simply fantastic, because I seriously luv the relaxing atmosphere. Let’s not talk about parking, cause “Maggie’s Waterfront Café” is loaded with plenty of on & off street parking. As you begin to walk up, you notice the tranquilizing outside umbrella seating area. People were sitting out, eating, drinking & making new friendz, as everyone was on cloud 9 of happiness (I luved the vibe already).
Entering “Maggie’s Waterfront Café”, you will notice a split level floor plan design, ground level is the tavern/bar area, and on the upper level is the dining room/entertainment area. Great concept as it separates the 2 different environments, from dining conversations to drinking conversations.
I decided to start my evening with a stiff cocktail (Jack Daniels & Diet Coke), concocted by a very talented bartending staff, that included “Valarie”, “Kelly” & “George”. The various selection of interesting cocktails makes “Maggie’s Waterfront Café” a must if you luv your libations, like I do. How can you go wrong with such drinks as, “Maggie’s Very Berry Tea”, “Smores Martini”, “Crisp Apple Martini”, “Skinny Margarita” or a “White Peach Sangria”. Let da good times roll, because now I am starting to feel in my zone.
As me & my small party of hungry pirates entered the upper level dining area, we were greeted by a very joyful young lady by the name of “Gina”, she sat us and explained our nightly selections. And before we knew it, another one of this awesome staff greeted us as being our waitress for our foodie venture, she referred to herself as “Amanda”. Now, “Amanda” was kinda interesting because, she was so freakin cheerful & excitingly into her job that her personality overflowed into our experience in a really good way. I don’t do this on many occasions, but I would seriously like to thank the following “Maggie’s Waterfront Café” staff, they include “Kelly”, “Charlene”, “Jess”, “Amanda”, “Gina” & “Valarie”.
The nightly specials got my culinary palate wondering the choices I was gonna pursue. I started off with the “Cream Of Crab Soup”, and OMG, I am so glad I made this choice. The soup was loaded with solid chunks of crabs, in a very flavorful creamy soup, the old bay seasoning & oyster crackers just seemed to complete this magnificent masterpiece. My boy “Greg”, had a crock of baked “French Onion Soup”.Both of our soups were like a one way ticket to flavor town.

Just as our appetizers were complete, I noticed “Amanda” and “Gina” brining out our delightful entrees for this evening. Mine being one of “Maggie’s Waterfront Café’s” signature dishes, the “Steak Au Poivre”, a black pepper crusted filet mignon sautéed in a brandy cream sauce, topped with huge grilled garlic shrimp. This was accompanied by fresh mixed vegetables & a stuffed double baked potato that was to die for. I do wanna make a small comment about my medium done filet mignon that my boy “Chef Bob” created personally for me, Yo “Chef Bob”, “That Steak Au Poivre, Was Off da’ Charts My Brother”.
“Maggie’s Waterfront Café” has many other signature plates such as, “Crab Rosa” (jumbo lump crabmeat sautéed in a white wine tomato cream sauce, served over lobster ravioli), “Stuffed Flounder” (fresh flounder stuffed with jumbo lump crab meat stuffing, lightly seasoned & broiled in a lemon butter sauce), not to mention the tremendous selection of numerous chicken & beef signature entrees. If you want a real treat, stop by “Maggie’s Waterfront Café” on “Fathead’s Hard Shell Crabs Thursday Night”. My main man, Andrew “Fathead” has been cooking up sum of NE Philly’s best damn hard shell crabs you ever tasted, since 1986. Now, he brings his special seasoning & taste to “Maggie’s” every Thursday night from 4pm til closing.
While chillaxin to the acoustic soundz from “Shawn” & “Nick” (that started around 8pm), my party & I decided to scope out the desert menu listings. How da fock can you go wrong with such desert named “Peanut Butter Panic”, “Fried Cheesecake With Sugar & Cinnamon” & let’s not forget “Key Lime Cheesecake”. The selection was obvious for me, I choose the “Fried Cheesecake With Sugar & Cinnamon”. All I can say is, “I Just Died & Went To Heaven”.
After our bellies were full of sum amazing “Maggie’s Waterfront Café” food, now it was time once again to get our drink on. During the fall season, you have to get your azz over here & taste a few of these very interesting beverages, such as “Shock Top Pumpkin Beer”, “Pumpkin Chi Martini” and the sensational “Pumpkin La Margarita”.
Check your calendars now, for October 27, 2012 (Saturday Night), “Maggie’s Waterfront Café” is having a “Girls Night Out Halloween Party”, so bring all your goolish zombie friendz. They will have a DJ dance party, staff dressed in their scariest costumes, seasonal cocktails along with $5 Martinis all night long.
Sum of “Maggie’s Waterfront Café” daily specials include, Monday’s (Honoring Heroes, half off your entire check for all Police, Fire, Military & EMS workers), Tuesday’s (half price appetizers 4pm-12am, $2 domestic bottles & draft all day), Wednesday’s (Quizzo Crazyness 8pm-10pm, 35 cent wings, $3 Twisted Teas & Smirnoff Ice), Thursday’s (Fathead’s Crabs 4pm-10pm, pick & peel shrimp 7pm-10pm & $3.50 Sam Adams seasonal pints), Friday’s ($4 U Call It Bombs 10pm-12am). Also. Don’t forget the “Bucket Specials”, domestic 5 for $14, imported 5 for $19 & “Bud Light” 5 for $10 every day.
What a great place for any private party or special gathering, with onsite & offsite catering being available. For sum awesome package deals & party specials, please contact my gurl “Charlene”, at 215 .637.6716, she will hook you up big time.
I must tell you, I am so grateful to “Mike Vagnoni” & “Out On The Town Entertainment Guide” for giving me the chance to review sum of our areas must amazing dining venues. I eat like a freakin’ king & get to tell you all about my interesting experiences. I gotta tell you all, ‘“Maggie’s Waterfront Café” is one of northeast Philly’s best kept secrets, from the awesome staff, to the scrumptious tasting food, and the very flavorful cocktails, not to mention the live entertainment. My friends & I totally enjoyed our complete “Maggie’s Waterfront Café” experience”. Please, don’t hesitate and get your azz over there as soon as possible for sum culinary magic & when you go, make sure you tell them your boy “Roundhouse Ron” sent you ;-}
Please stop by “Maggie’s Waterfront Café”, 9242 N. Delaware Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19114, 215.637.6716, www.MaggiesWaterfront.com, they can also be found on social media @ either facebook or twitter, just go to: “Maggie’s Waterfront Café”. “A Great Place For Good Food With A Beautiful View”

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