QUICK GUIDE: ON AREA BARS with prices see: THE BUD SPECIALS in the OOT – SEE THE COORS LIGHT SPECIALS in the OOT – SEE THE MILLER LITE PAGE SPECIALS in the OOT -SEE THE LIST OF YUENGLING BEER SPECIALS & locations in OOT ….At Out On The Town we want to make sure you can get to the best places and save money by knowing what the prices are way ahead of time. You can get out and > (A)save money and > (B)have the fun you’re looking for. Plain and simple. Where the best deals are on food items…CHECK out the many locations offering all kinds of “FREE” stuff! There are deals out there…but ya’ gotta look for em’.
Going out later tonight to see the game? Then get out to the bars that offer the most and can give you more bang for your buck……You can find the best places to watch Mon. Night Football by going to the Out On The Town…see it all online at: www.ootweb.com and click on the PDF FILE of the latest OOT paper….We offer the best places to watch all the NFL games each week. YOU can now see the OOT on your I-phone…or you can check each issue out on your laptop and or desktop…ONLINE 24/7 giving you the best local entertainment info you need. There is only ONE OUT ON THE TOWN ENTERTAINMENT GUIDE! We keep you in the know with reviews, interviews, about the People and places and the prices with some of the best bars and clubs and restaurants…in the region…Yes there are thousands of websites on entertainment and many other so called Entertainment papers…but when you are looking for the real deal in local Entertainement News…THE OOT paper is the real deal…You get only the “BEST” local “ENT” news – heck that is why you are here…and we “THANK YOU” for doing just that…PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD…OOT has what you are looking for in the kind of local entertainment news you want. Local Bars, and Clubs, Restaurants, & CASINO NEWS along with Top area Sports Bars, Hot new up and coming *bands both *( Cover scene and the Original Scene ) and DJ’s,Trivia Nights, Quizzo Nights, Karaoke Nights, Dart Leagues, Pool Leagues, Special Promotions by all the Beer Companies, special local radio station promotions and even the Hot Concerts coming to our area…Entertainment that is real…is what you will find with each *OOT! (* this is the only Entertainers’ Entertainment paper on the East coast made by Local Entertainers with you in mind.)

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The fun starts at 4pm on Saturday Nov. 7th….Join us as we kick start the 4oth Anniversary celebration at NICKS ROAST BEEF on COTTMAN AVE ( Best roast beef in world!) Music , fun, prizes, concert tickets and show ticket giveaways.
Join OOT at this special anniversay party. Live music. DJ Jeff will also be in the house along with a FIREFLY SWEET TEA VODKA PROMOTION…..plus a FREE BUFFET every hour on the hour different items to enjoy. Look for the HOME WRECKERS at 8pm….FOR MORE Listen to 97.5 FM ESPN SPORTS RADIO and also go to www.ootweb.com and www.NICKSNORTHEAST.COM

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It sure was a sensational year for our Fightin’ PHILLIES and a great year for all of us baseball fans. What could have been? – just did not play out the way we all wanted it to. We have to sit back now and just know that what we have here is a great team and with a couple of pitchers and some improvement in hitting…heck, we can be back there again…I say, we are in for more great years of good baseball with this team. The Yankees came away with some stronger pitching and some smart hitting … no one can say any different. They did what they had to do. And last night
they went out and did it.
Our new Issue is getting out there and with this ISSUE … we had a photo taken at Mc NOODLES the night the PHILIES won the NLCS…this is how I well remember the year..the excitment of winning the divison. Yes, it would have been the ultimate to see them win the World Series but we all know what happen last night. I say now time to move on and move forward…SUNDAY is coming…now the stage is on focus with the EAGLES to beat DALLAS…now this is great entertainment too. SEE THE NEW OOT NOW UP ONLINE! When it come to great entertainment in our region and Where to Go and What to Do…each OOT is packed with the kind of things you really want to know about. OOT offers the best that there is in our local entertainment scene. The People, the Places and the Prices you want to know about.
This is your Out On The Town!

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When it comes to giving you the best that there is in local entertainment news OOT can boast about one fact. Our team of reporters /writers are “right on” with each special editon. Our features make sense in the local entertainment industry. Please know this fact … You get the best articles with each Issue and written by our winning reporters out there. We feature people from within the local entertainment Industry to give you the real info.
Here are the aces on our staff:
Rob Nagy Rock Features ( National and Local Recording concert stars)He is a talented musician and music writer/producer
Krista Doran – Local Bands ( She knows the business inside and out and is quite an entertainer )
Helene – Dining and Club and Bar Features ( Lifelong singer, Pro MC, and band leader herself)
Karli Rizzo – Local Bands and Features ( Bar manager and college trained in communications )
JJ Ruppert – Special Features ( BEST PR / Indie pro on the staff )
Lynn Ramage – Special Features / Concerts ( Band Agent & PR GIRL for years who also is a world known music book publisherof WAR STORIES)
Steve Trager – Concerts / Photos National Knowned for his photos in many major trade magazines
Donny Smith – Comedy Writer * He is the local famous “Bar Hopper” and knows just about everyone out there today.
Roundhouse Ron – Bar Features/from the best Pr Guy in the region! His promotions are always A -1.
Angel Casiano – Touring musician who works and worked with many NATIONAL Music Figures…
Bullwinkle aka Mike Mennick – Original Band Promoter! Ex radio show host and local band manager/promoter
Mike Vagnoni – Features and Specialtiy Items ( you name it ) Ex-Band leader, Singer, radio host and TV personality
The above mentioned people work very hard to make sure you get the best information with each special OOT…paper and on line 24/7
*A real Entertainment paper is made by real working entertainers’ – this is your OOT – CHECK-OUT THEIR WORK IN THE NEXT Out On The Town.

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The weekend is coming…so get ready for all the NFL action on Sunday as the EAGLES play the Cowboys …where to find the best MILLER LITE SPECIALS? EASY – See them in every Issue of the OOT and ONLINE at www.ootweb.com and or www.ootonline.com See them on your I-Phone 24/7 for all the latest updates.
HERE GOES…Get them great deals on MILLER LITE and be sure and check out all the NFL ACTION AT PLACES LIKE:
The Ashburner Inn – Ne Phila
Bailey’s Bar and Grill – Levittown Pa
Buffalo Billiards – Olde City
Casey’s Ale House – Berwyn
Jitters – West Chester Pa
Mc Kinley Tavern – Elkins Park Pa
Mc Nally’s – Phila ( Fox Chase area)
The New Sheffield Tavern – Ne Phila Mayfair
T Hogans Pub – Phila
WC Murphy’s – Havertown (Delco)
NOTE: please go to (page 30) and check out the area locations and prices on specials… checking this out will save you a ton of money when going out … www.ootweb.com (CLICK on the PDF Where it says> View this Issue online)

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Where are all the hot partys on THANKSGIVING EVE?
EASY in the next OOT!
Miller Lite, Coors Light, Yuengling Beer, Bud Light!
Release is making the music hot and is moving up fast in the local entertainment scene. JUMPER is BACK! Voted some years back as the VH1 best cover band, there is a new make up and new musical vibe that is on going to make JUMPER thee’ band to see…. SEE THE NEW Out On The Town, Nov 4th – PRE- THANKSGIVING EVE PARTY GUIDE… make them plans on where to celebrate the holidays. MEET: Bartenders of the month from the Ashton Pub.
Our DJ of the month is Brother Mike from the new Penguins Pub.
A New CD RELEASE PARTY coming at you by Paint Box, find out where and when.
How was the Red Stallions Band Marathon for Breast Cancer? Find out in this new Issue.
Hot Irish Bar Mc NOODLES is our featured bar of the month…
PHOTOS…we have plenty – from THE SHEFFILED TAVER, THE CELEBRATION with the PHILIES Winning the NLCS
PHOTOS from BIG HEADS with the EAGLES…Photos from SmokeEaters, Mc Noodles and more…
* THE OOT ANNUAL THANKSGIVING EVE PARTY GUIDE – Look for it , ask for it!… see it all online 24/7 NOVEMBER 4th…
In the meantime….Let’s Go PHILLIES!

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Pick a location nearest you – Here goes:
Paddy Whacks, Maggies,Mc Stews,The Road House, Caspers, Squirrel Murphys,Harrigan’s, Bootlegger’s,Barnabys,Finnigan’s Wake,Tom & Jerry’s,Tom Foolery’s, Big Heads,Fluke’s,Stadiums’,Whiskey Tango,Sweeney’s,Tony’s Place,General Davis House, Hazy’s, JT’s Phila House,Roosevelts,Curran’s,Freddies,Rhawnhurst Cafe,,Bradys Irish Pubs,Pikes Pub,Mc Noodles,Fireside,Sheffield Tavern,Red Stallion, Alberts Cafe,Three Monkeys, O’ Mares Irish Pub, Dean Casmirris, CAPPYS, Cazz’s Sports Bar, Nicks Roast Beef, The Ashton Pub,The Ball Park, Tacony Billiards, Pats Cafe, Lenehans,Penguins Pub, E’ Irish Inn,Maggios, The Buck Hotel, The Grand Slam, (IN NJ) > The Coastline, The Adelphia, The Jug Handle, The Bee Hive Pub,Ott’s,The Irish Pub in Barrington, Connie Macs, The 45 Street Pub, The Pennant East, The Wet Whistle, The Drake Tavern, O Town Tavern, Walsh’s Tavern, Richies Place, Reese’s, Sporty Mikes, Just Sports, My Brothers Pub, Puss N’ Boots,The Knights Tavern, Reedys, Coachs, Reales, Harringtons, SmokeEaters, Kilbanes, Tom’s Sportsmens Pub, Rauchets,The Great American Pubs, Double Visions, The New Pasquales, Kildares, Manayunk Brewery, Downeys, Hooters, Trump Marina, Turmp Taj Mahal, Tump Plaza, Chickie’s & Pete’s, TJ Smiths, The Amber Inn, Chambers 19, Iron Hill Brewery, Brownies 23 East, Bog Side Irish Pub, Silk City, Liberties, USA Hotel, Zestys, Castle Rock, Farleys, The Boat House, Casa Di Lucia, JD McGullicuddys, Jimmy D’s The Wharf, The South Philly Bar and Grill, The Rim Cafe, Vesuvios, Byrns Tavern, The Red Rooster, The Club House, The Green Parrot, The Irish Times, Baileys Irish Inn, Crazy Leprechaun, Bonks, Doc’s Union Pub, The Ashburner, Buffalo Billiards, Caseys, Jitters, Mc Nalleys, T Hogans, Rp Mc Murphys, The Drexel Ale House, Media Inn, Joclyns, PJ Whelans, Kildares, Manny Browns, O’Neils, The Sprigfield Inn, Muggs, The E- House, O’ Fowley’s, Eggs Nest, The Arena, Out Of Wack Jacks, Diego’s Bar. Phila Park Casino, Harrah’s in Chester.

When you talk about baseball nothing is bigger then the fall classic and this year’s WORLD SERIES is going to go down as the biggest ever. The Phillies vs. The New York Yankees. This is a dream come true for every Phillies fan. This week…if you are one of the few who have tickets, you will witness not only this fall classic but history in the making and something you will be talking about 50 years from today. One thing for sure…all entertainment that is scheduled from local bands to DJ’s is going to be taking a back seat during game times….most will go on but it will be after the game has ended. If we find that entertainmnet schedules will be changed…keep it right here at OOT and we will let you know what the changes might be.
ALL bars and clubs should email OOT at: ootme2@aol.com and we will post your game day change in entertainment for Free.
In the mean time…get ready for the biggest event ever in our area…Let’s Go Phillies!

WHERE TO WATCH IT?: BEST PLACES TO SEE ALL SPORTS IN OUR AREA are in each OOT – we feature only the best
locations for all entertainment and sports along with the best updated prices on food and drink. Just think…THE OOT is IN YOUR FACE In the right bars and also IN YOUR FACE 24/7 ONLINE – on your I-Phone…Now this is real fun! We really service the Industry…with real Interviews and showing you the People and Places that make our local Entertainment Scene Light up at Night! We don’t throw out something each week….we take the time to do it right! You’ll remember what you see in each OOT….WHY? Because you deserve only the Best! BEST: DJ’s, BANDS,BEST BARTENDERS, DINING OUTS, BEST CONCERTS & BEST IN CASINO NEWS, AND of course the BEST PLACES FOR ALL SPORTS!

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Here are some of the best locations to grab Yunegling Beer specials in the Greater Delaware Valley area…
For more specific detail please go to (page 39) of the PDF, in the NEW HALLOWEEN ISSUE of the OOT.
Prices and specific details on drink prices are all there for you…CHECK out one of these fine locations near you!

Bailey’s Bar and Grill – Levittown Pa
The Berwyn Tavern – Berwyn
Brunswick Zone – Featerville Pa
Byrnes Tavern Port Richmond
Chaps Tap Room – Norristown Pa
Cherry Street Tavern – Phila
Chickies & Pete’s Blvd
Chiquita Loco – Conshocken Pa
The Club House in Newtown Pa
Curran’s Irish Inn – Bensalem Pa
Currans Irish Inn – NE PHILA
Da Vinci’s Collegevile Pa
The Drake Tavern – Jenkintown Pa
Finn Mc Cools Ambler Pa
The Fox & Hound – Phila
Gavin’s – Ambler Pa
Guisseppe’s Lansdale Pa
Harrigans Irish Inn – Warminster / Hatboro Area
Henery James Saloon Phila
The Homestretch – Swarthmore (Delco)
Jack Cassidy’s – Boothwyn
(All JD Mc Gullicuddys Locations) Ardmore, Drexel Hill , Upper Darby Pa
Jimmy D’s Folcroft Pa
Just Sports – Bristol Pa
Kildare’s King of Prussia
Mad River Manayunk and Olde City
Marty Magees Glenolden
Mack’s Pizza Phila
Nipper’s Norristown
`Olde Town Tavern,Perkasie
Oscar’s Tavern Phila
Pat’s Cafe – Phila
PC PUB – Pennsburg
Puss N’ Boots – Fairless Hills
Queen Sheeba II Phila
Riddle Ale House – Media Pa
Ryan’s Pub West CHester Pa
Sandy’s Beef & Ale – Langhorne Pa
Skyline Tavern – Chalfont
South Philly Bar & Grill – South Phila
Stevensons – NE PHILA
The Bard’s
Trum Tavern
Via Marconi

Find out more about where the best prices are on daily specials in the NEW OOT ; Go to www.ootweb.com
and or pick up a FREE COPY at area bars and Clubs…If you bar does not carry the OOT … ASK FOR IT!

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SUNDAYS are FUNDAYS with EAGLES FOOTBALL We really want to make it even more fun with our OOT PICK THE SCORE OF THE GAME CONTEST.
Email us at: ootme2@aol.com the score of the EAGLES GAME ON SUNDAY…You have up till 1:00pm to get your Score Pick sent over. You can enter on FACEBOOK – contact: Mike Vagnoni and or just email over to Out On The Town . The person with the CORRECT SCORE PICK will WIN a $50 Gift Card to
PADDY WHACKS / any location / good for FOOD and DRINK! Get your Score pick in today.

Congratulations to two past winners: ERIC From Keep em’ Dancing DJ’s and John Levy, last weeks winner.

More fun from your local entertainment news source: Out On The Town Entertainment Guide!

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By: Krista Doran

OOT_Halloween_3112Lu Lu Shriners House of Horrors, located at 5140 Butler Pike in Plymouth Meeting PA offers an eerie wagon ride through the haunted woods and across the deadly graveyard to the door of the House of Horror and back again. Hours of operation are 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm Thursday and Sunday, Friday and Saturday, 7:00 pm – midnight. Tickets are $20.00 each and group rates are available. Tickets may be purchased and more information can be found online at www.lulushriners.or/hauntedhouse.

Eastern State Penitentiary – Terror Behind the Walls is an attraction located at 22nd Street and Fairmount Avenue. Deemed to be truly haunted by Sci-Fi Channel’s Ghost Hunters, this is a massive haunted house is in a real prison. Bus and trolleys from parking area is available, as well as group sales, dinner packages and coupons. Tickets range from $20.00 – $30.00 and can be purchased online, at the attraction, by phone or at Ticketmaster. Hours of operation are open 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm weekdays, Saturdays 7:00 pm – Midnight and Sundays 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm. Be sure to go to their site for all information because there is lots of it! www.easternstate.org/halloween

Horrorfest at Shadybrook Farms is fun for the entire family! Located at 931 Stony Hill Road in Yardley PA, this attraction offers 4 sites for one ticket price. Check out the All- New Cavalcade of The Odd Stage Show or take The Haunt Challenge to win tickets to Pearl Jam! Hours of operation are 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm. Tickets for all of the different attractions range from $15.00 to the ultimate $50.00 R.I.P Pass, which gets you unlimited tours and front of the line status at all attractions. Group sales and coupons as well as ticket purchases are all available online at www.shadybrookfarm.com/hrrfst

Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride, located at the Arasapha Farm, 1835 N Middletown Road in Glen Mills PA offers you a heart pounding hayride through the deep, dark forest of Arasapha Farm which is filled with all new incredible sets and actors that will scare the beejeebers out of you! After the hayride it’s off to the Bates Motel and Haunted Corn Maze for more blood curdling screams! Hours of operation are 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm and tickets range from $12.00 to the $75.00 V.I.P no waiting ticket. Go online to purchase or for all information http://www.thebatesmotel.com/attractions

Valley of Fear – The Original Haunted Hayride is one of Bucks County’s best Halloween attractions. Located at the Phoenix Sports Club, 301 W Bristol Road in Feasterville, this site offers 3 attractions – The Original Haunted Hayride, Miles Manor and The Valley of Fear. Ride and walk through the deepest, darkest woods in Bucks County. Tickets range from $14.00 to $45.00 for front of line access. Tickets, group rates and coupons are available online. Thursdays is 2 for 3 Thursdays where you can get into 3 attractions for the price of 2. Hours of operation are 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm but please check the website for all corresponding dates at www.valleyoffear.com or call 215-942-9787.

The Legendary Jason’s Woods, located at 99 Stehman Road in Lancaster PA is now in their 24th year of making people scream. This sinister place offers 9 hair-raising attractions including the Psycho Circus, Escape from Oz and Pitch Black just to name a few. The dark and desolate country roads leading to Jason’s Woods are some of the creepiest you will ever experience. Tickets range from $3.00 – $40.00 depending on which attraction or package you choose. Group sales, coupons and even lodging information can be found online at www.jasonswoods.com or for more information call 717-872-5768.

Scare Brothers’ Haunted Nightmare, located at 354 S Warminster Road in Hatboro is back again offering 4 attractions of total fright. Enter in smaller, more intimate groups for a more terrifying experience. It’s like being in a real life horror movie and not for the faint of heart. It will get bloody, it will get gory and you will experience real fear! If you are ready, tickets range from $18.00 – $33.00 with V.I.P and group sales available. Visit their site at www.scarebrothers.com to get coupons, purchase tickets and for more information you can call 267-241-3443.

Night of Terror at Creamy Acres, located at 448 Lincoln Mill Road in Mullica Hill, NJ offers 6 attractions that will send chills down your spine. Tickets range from $25.00 – $30.00 each and the hours of operation are 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm. Tickets can be purchased and all information can be found online at www.nightofterror.com

The Corner of Chaos located at 299 Princeton-Hightstown Road in East Windsor NJ is back with 3 new haunted maze attractions – The Devil’s Den, The Barbaric Barnyard and The Trail of Treachery. Tickets are $12.99 each or purchase a combo ticket for all 3 attractions for $32.00. Parking is free and so are kids under 4 years of age. More information can be found at www.cornerofchaos.com

The Prison, located at the Historic Burlington County Prison Museum also explored by Sci-Fi Channel’s Ghost Hunters, has for many years experience real paranormal activity. Take a tour of this very creepy place to see if you can catch a glimpse of the lost souls who often appear. Tickets range from $10.00 – $15.00 and group rates are available online at www.prisonhaunt.com

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