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REASONS TO USE THE OOT GUIDE: THE OOT HOT SPOT LOCATIONS offer you more bang for your buck…THIS IS WHAT WE PRIDE OURSELVES with … our area locations that are the best in the region.    We go after and seek out places for many reasons…(A)On Prices,(B) PROMOTIONS and(C) ENTERTAINMENT VALUE…  Ok – what makes the OOT a good tool?  We go after and seek out all that there is in the local scene and share this with you. We keep things in focus...  U won’t get lost nor be fooled.  This is what is going on today with all the media trends over all the use of Electronic media…so much information  and so much is just getting lost on the SUPER HIGHWAY …what can you really believe in?    OOT  is part of an entertainment Industy…we network with those in the business to be able to create a tool that is to be used….this is an on-going and ever growing network!  We have been social even before there was social media.

Yes things are not like they use to be and now more then ever you need to know where to go  to  get the best deals …See here is where it really gets kind of crazy in  our  new world…Everybody has something to say… and that is good..but it really can get confusing and  messages can be lost in the crowd.   With everyone seeking out  and using  all social Media today… this is good and at the same time this is very bad and in most cases..can cause big problems….   There has to be a focus…and one that has a meaning  in the world of local Entertainment offerings…OOT gives you a unique focus and has a real meaning in this fast and ever changing  world…...Here you wont’ be lost…here you will be sure to find places that you know will be not ripping you off and entertainers that really can deliver to you the things you are looking for….We feature and go after and seek out the best local bands for our interviews…the best reviews on Clubs and Restaurants and Casinos…meet those who are behind the bars..those that serve you and see to it that you are going to have the best time when going out…

TRENDS COME AND GO.… people now more then ever  seek out the OOT GUIDE!  More people see each OOT guide… Yes people  look forward to every OOT GUIDE…we keep up with the trends and the people making the  music …. and the places that offer you only the best in prices and also here once again we say – YOUR MESSAGE WILL NOT GET LOST….Advertising works when you connect with a tool that is a niche.   This is something we can boast about….When you see it in the OOT NETWORK – You know it’s Gotta Be Good!   There!

FOR THOSE THAT WORK AND OWN BARS AND CLUBS and Restaurants and Have Bands :

Get to know what area bands, DJ’s and Entertainers are making money for the area locations …these acts you see in the pages of the OOT are the best area bands, DJ’s and performers out here today!  If you own a bar, then the OOT can help direct you to the best area talent…we also can show you the prices of  what is going on in the region your prices might not be out of line in order for better business. When you do use the OOT guide you will be able to make better choices and on a variety of things.

ONLINE LOOK: built  for any smart device… see how fast each OOT guide will load up on your smart device…the guide is now using the latest technology to keep all that we do fresh.  Going with the trends…sure  and to keep the message alive … this is what we have been doing…and it’s working!

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The  OOT  is niche marketing at it’s best….add in the power of the OOT NETWORK  and let us work with you!

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Here are some places that you should check out. These are some events that we think are kind of cool to attend today!  Take your pick..or try and make it out to all of em’/ WoW!  If you can do that – you are a true Party Animal!


Curran’s Irish Inn (Tacony) today  2 pm to 10 pm  Musicians Sandy Relief Beneft with 15 acts…

Road House Inn (Newportville) – Today 3pm  Auction for the Newportville Fire Company . Annual Event!

Michael’s Cafe (Bensalem) Johnny O & the Classic Dogs Of Love Reunion Show…2pm till?

Parx Casino ( Bensalem) Sunday Showcase in the 360 Lounge today with Shore Bets Agency/ Free admission! 6 bands

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Best Places that will offer you the best prices on food & drink and weekly Entertainment and promotions…

The  OOT  HOT SPOTS ( As seen in the Out On The Town Entertainment Guide )  Click on the large

Area locations in:

Bucks and Montgomery Counties, NE Phila, Old City Phila, South Jersey, Chester County, Delaware County,

University City, The Main Line, Manayunk, * West Chester, * Doylestown.

See the area locations now!

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EBE is your answer if you are looking for work in the private Entertainment Market…call them now at 215-634-7700 ( Ask for Milton) Please tell them you did see this in the OOT.  Weddings, Mitzvahs, coporate affairs and plenty of sweet 16s…

They are in need of good people now…your chance to enter into the private market. Pass this out to anyone who might need the work…

Your Tip of the day from OOT.

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We wish all of our family of clients all the best this new Year…You make the “OOT” what it is…with your  events,weekly schedules, promotions. What you tell us  gives the “OOT” the kind of  power it has with the best area information  that we share and send out to everyone who  seeks  each OOT Guide…….Both in the bars and clubs  for free reaching bar regulars and to all of you online checking out the ONLINE GUIDE

Let’s make 2013 a great new year. When it comes to the area HOT SPOTS…THE OOT has the best area locations in the region and these area locations offer the best prices on food and drink, weekly entertainment and special promotions ….When you see it in the OOT NETWORK …You know its Gotta Be Good! HAPPY NEW YEAR to ALL!

*Best Bars and Clubs are in each OOT GUIDE!….Best Irish Bars, Best Sports Bars, Best Pubs, Best Clubs, Best Restaurants…Best Casinos ….Best Gentlemen’sClubs…. * Yes , Only the best places and  local Bands and DJ’s…and all Entertainers.

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The OOT New Years Eve Party Guide is brought to you By:Miller Lite and the new mobile App@

Win a Spring Break Trip Find out how – see the details below.

It ‘s Time to Go Out On The Town for the Holidays!

Here’s what you will find to ring in the new year of 2013 in Style!

Check out some of these area locations …make your plans and reservations now and  remember to visit anyone of our *OOT HOTS SPOTS –just not on New Years’ Eve but  > ALL DURING THE NEW YEAR! .…>you will get the best deals on Food & Drink and area Entertainment each week and also the best in area promotions with our OOT HOT SPOTS!

We do these listings for you as a service  at Out On The Town Entertainment Guide! Follow us on Facebook each day with our blogs on area locations and the people making things happen out here.

We go the distance in giving you the best local entertainment News. Find out about the People, Places and Things that make are area the Hottest Place to be on the East Coast!

OOT features the best area Bars, Clubs and Restaurants. From SPORTS BARS to the best IRISH BARS to the top Gentlemen’s CLubs…it’s all here for you in every FREE ISSUE!  Reaching Bar Regulars and also with our ONLINE  GUIDE @

View this anytime from any smart device.

Happy New Year! Let the Party Begin…

The Aloft in Mt Laurel NJ Music by Don’t Call Me Francis – 3 hour open bar,dinner buffet,champagne Toast,Party Favors and Live Feed to the Ball Drop at Times Square. Tickets are:  $99 per person / Guest Rooms start at $129, discounted from $199.00  856-234-1880

The Water Tower, Oaks Pa – Music by the WMGK House Band the SOFA KINGS. $59 per person, Open Bar, Buffet, Black Light Bowling, PRO-KART GO CART RIDES plus DJ and Dancing  $59 per person /$100 per couple  NYE ROOM PACKAGES available for tickets and Hotel Reservations call $299 for two… call 610-666-0100

Mc Stews Pub Levittown Pa – NYE  CINDERELLA BALL  WIN A TRIP TO LAS VEGAS this night / $2 Bud Light Bottles, Bud Platinum and Bud Lime, DJ Dancing  Champagne Toast, Breakfast Buffet at 1 pm …see the Ball Drop from Times Square…215-949-9570

Blurr Night Club Old City – 3 Floors to party, 3 hour Open bar, Dinner Buffet, Champagne Toast, Party Favors Tickets are $45 per person / 215-922-3020

Brunswick Zone XL – Feasterville Pa – 215-322-7755 – 3 plans 12 noon, 3:30 pm and 8pm  New Years Eve, 2am / Bowling/Lazer Tag, and Appetizers, Hot and Cold Buffet, Open Bar, Champagne Toast Midnight Live music with Philly Heart & Soul….$52.99 per person/ $99 per couple.  Kids $38 per…. Daytime lane for 6 people to Bowl $78 per lane.

Chickies & Pete’s  ( All area locations) Party starts at 9pm sharp!  Live Entertainment , Champagne Toast, Food and Drink Packages, Ring in the new year in Chickie’s  style. Note> The Chickies location on the blvd will host fro NYE  Michael Chance at 9pm / followed by Wild Child with Alexa  on the enclosed party deck area.

*CHICKIE’S & PETE’S – South Phila -Packer Ave….NYE   Live music with Purple Reign along with our cuz  DJ TONY BRUNO.

Reale’s Sports Bar & Grill -NE Phila -215-552-6374  Wrist Band for Cash Bar option or $35 perperson for a 4 hour Open Bar/Buffet,Party Favors, Champagne Toast, DJ and Dancing… Call now for reservations!

Hammerheads NE Phila 215-338-6200  *Package plan …Top shelf Open Bar, Party Favors, Buffet , Dj & Dancing…in the range of *$55 per person…..Call for details and (*check the price)…Make your reservations now.

The Fireside Beef & Ale – Feasterville Pa – 215-357-9874  $60 per person, $100 per couple / Open Bar, 8:30 to 1 am, Lavish Dinner Buffet, Party Favors, Champagne Toast, Plus Live Music…Call now for reservations…Limited seating and tickets.

Cazz’s Sports Bar – Levittown Pa –  Free Buffet all night long, Party Favors , NO COVER and Drinks Specials plus DJ & Dancing…215-949-3699

Nick’s Roast Beef – NE Phila – 215-745-1292 …start NYE Day early and stop over for a World Famous Roast Beef Sandwich…things will be buzzin all day at Nicks….* Details for NYE night  call!

Michael’s Cafe Bensalem Pa.,  Get your tickets now $60 per person/$70 at the door… Open Bar, Lavish Buffet, Champagne Toast, Party Favors -hats and noicemakers, Music of Michael Gormley    Call now  215- 215-633-7171 /  / Biggest club with the largest Dance Floor in the area.

*PARX CASINO – Bensalem Pa – …Ring in the new Year in the 360 Lounge…and enjoy an upscale party! ( Call for details or see their website!)

The 3 Monkeys Cafe – NE Phila – Free Champagne Toast at Midnight/ Breakfast Buffet  Special Chef’s menu… DJ from 10pm to 2am / Limited seating.

Joe Santucci’s Bar & Grill – NE Phila –  215-281-2900  Normal Night – ring in the new year with good friends and a Square Pizza…Drink specials and just a fun night always!

Electric FactoryPhila – Live on NYE in Concert – OCTANE …Tickets $10/ Special Guest Kid Felix, BHFJ and the Endless March… Get tickets by going to or

Dr. Lou’s Restaurant & Bar – Roebling NJ – 609-447-0158…. NEW YEARS EVE PARTY…. Cash bar, Party Favors, Champagne Toast, Music ….NO COVER!

Redz Bar & Grille – NE Phila – 215-332-8784  $45 per person, 9pm start time, Top Shelf open bar, Full Dinner Buffet,Favors,Champagene * Food here is awesome. DJ & Dancing

Harrigan’s Pub – Warminster Pa – $50 per person,Topshelf Open bar, Lavish Buffet, Champagne Toast, All your Party Favors, DJ and Dancing from 9 to 2am   215-674-3377 ….

HAZY’S BAR & GRILLE – Feasterville Pa 215-357-7065 Party starts early 11am till >?? Stop over in the day with your friends…

*STEAM PUB / Restaurant in Southampton Pa – Party of all Parties for sure.  Would make a reservation for seating…

Sweeney’s Saloon – NE Phila ( Somerton Area) $20 per person at the door, Full Hot & Cold Buffet, Featuring Prime Rib, Free Champagne Toast, Live Music By  THE PHILLY BRASS & ELECTRIC  215-677-3177

The Sheffield Tavern – NE PHILA ( Mayfair Area) Champagne Toast, Party Favors, DJ & Dancing, Cash Bar 9pm till ???

Finnigan’s Wake – Nothern Liberties -Phila –  Music by Laura Lea & Tripp Fabulous ( Call now for all the details – 215-574-9240

The Churchville Inn – Southampton Pa 215-357-3967 – Music by Well Strung@ 10pm.. PreFixe Dinner starts at 5pm

Harrington’s Irish Pub – NE Phila ( Mayfair Area) 215-624-5022  $40 per person, Open bar package,Buffet, Party Favors, Champagne Toast, The Mummers and DJ Franny Mac

Hurricane Jacks – Levittown Pa 215- 914-4517 – Music by the Pixie Dix, 10p to 1p Open Bar, Buffet,ChampagneToast,Party Favors $35 pp ./ $60 per couple

Georgine’s Restaurant – Bristol Pa –  215-785-0564 New Years Eve Comedy Show Dinner Dance.. ..only a very limited amount of tickets are left. $90 per person, plus DJ & Dancing. Full package

La Casa Di Lucia, NE Phila ( Somerton Area) 215-677-6111 – Open bar, Party Favors, Champagne Toast, Choice of Dinners, See our listings in the lastest OOT Guide…FOOD OPTIONS…from Filet Mignon to Prime Rib ….  Live music by Debbie Knight and Tony Rad/ Make your reservations now…Call for more details.

The Dog & Bull –   Croydon Pa, $60 Dinner for 2 … Music by Jeff  WashingtonBand, Package includes 2 Bomber Bottles,1 appetizer, 2 Entrees, 1 Dessert Make reservatons now … limited seating ask for Andy 215-8704248

Kellens’ Station House – Langhorne Pa – 215-970-5412 – Music by the Gas House Gorillas, $30 per person, $35 at the door,Draft Beer,well Drinks,Buffet, Champagne Toast, Make your reservation now. * Big Party for sure!

Tony’s Place – Ivyland Pa 215-675-7275 Dinner seating / reservations /  up to 8pm – Normal Menu and a special Chef’s selection. Will close lounge for NYE Night!

Paddy Whacks  – ( all area locations) NE Phila Welsh, Comly Rd, and South Street…215-464-7544 Top Shelf Open Bar, Deluxe Dinner Buffet,Party Favors, Dj & Dancing / Call for reservations.

Frankie & Johnny’s -Warrington Pa -267-483-8674 Call for information ( Normal Night )

Lazy Joe’s Saloon – NE Phila – 215-821-3280 – You can rent the entire place out for your special New Years Eve Party or you can rent a small area /  Packages available…They have a package plan with Open Bar, Hot & Cold Buffet, Champagne Toast, Party Favors / DJ & Dancing…

*The Holiday Inn –  The STADIUM SPORTS BAR & RESTAURANT -South Phila –  215-755-9500 The Stadium – call for reservations…$50 per person, Top shelf Open Bar, Buffet, Champagne Toast, Party Favors, Live music by Stevie Cal,  Breakfast @2am $9.99,  *NOTE -ROOM RESERVATIONS  Discounted with NYE PACKAGE for the Club…Make you reservations now!

The Road House Inn – Newportville – 267-812-5853 – DJ Dancing , Normal Night. Party Favors, Cash Bar, No Cover!

JJ’s Irish Pub – NE Phila – 267-499-6574  Special NYE  Package – Open Bar, Champagne Toast, Party Favors , Buffet.

along with DJ and Dancing   call now for tickets!

JC’s Washington House – NE Phila ( Somerton Area)  Back area Sports Bar will be open to ring in the new Year!

Dean Casmirri’s Colonial Inn – Hulmeville Pa – 215-752-9878  – Dj Dancing, Cash bar, Normal Night Full Menu/ Party Favors…

Tattletales’ Gentlemen’s Club – Levittown Pa – 215-547-9610  the party starts at 12 noon. Free Buffet / Extra Girls/ Drink Specials… ( NIGHT TIME – Closed!)

The Penthouse Club – Port Richmond – 215-423-6000  ” The NYE PARTY STARTS 11:30 am and goes till ??? Extra Girls….

Scruples Gentlemen’s Club – Bensalem  Pa…Located at the Oakford Inn,  215-7501319 – Party starts early at 12 noon and goes till 6pm  Extra Girls – Free Buffet  Start the NYE day early.

Double Visions – Horsham Pa – Party starts early in the day Dec 31st …12 noon till ?

* Spencers Pub – NE Phila –  Music by the Evolution, Package Plan $50 per person / Buffet . Champagne Toast, Open Bar, Party Favors…or you can just enter and pay $5 cover / and enjoy the night with a cash bar.  * Note this is what was said to us…You have a choice here.

Brownies 23 East – Ardmore Pa –  Music by Chico’s Vibe…Tickets $50 advance …$60 at the Door, 4 Hour Open Bar, Champagne Toast, Hors Devours, Party Favors….and more…

(* Other ) Suggestions:   The Buck Hotel in Feasterville ,  Curran’s Irish Inn’s ( Bensalem, Tacony and Palmyra) ,Maggies Waterfront Cafe, SmokeEaters, Mc Noodles, Kilbanes, Fishbone Pub, The Ashton Tavern, Reedys Tavern, Leneghans Irish Pubs, Christys, Rauchuts Tavern, The Grey Lodge, Red Rooster Inn, The Rockledge Pub, The Hollywood Tavern, The Wet Whistle in Jenkintown! Flukes Bar & Restaurant. Owen’s Cafe. Hammerheads, Caspers Bar, Toms’ Sportsmens. Benchwarmers and the Post Office in Bridesberg

The Temperance House in Newtown PA – See Right Turn at 40 and enjoy the NYE Atmosphere of the House…call now for reservations -limited seating.

The Stadiums Bar & Grill ( All area locations) Andalusia, NE Phila, Fairless Hills Pa, West Bristol, Levittown …

CONTEST  TIME -ENTER TO WIN A SPRING BREAK TRIP! You can Enter to win a Spring Break Trip / Brought to you by Miller Lite…..Scan the QR code found on posters and Table tents in  the following area locations and ” Enter to win”

. Download the App/

Go to: / Here are the special places that you can enjoy the Holidays and with a Miller Lite in hand….

Center City & University City:

Cavanaughs Leprechan, The New Deck, Smokey Joes, Draught House, Pub Webb, Max’s, Urban Saloon, Fox & Hound, Tir NA NOG, Con Murphys,  Mikeys American Grille, Smiths,


South Cross Kitchen, Spamps, The Boathouse, Baggatawy, Mansion House, Guppys, * Main Line- The Grog, Erin Pub,

WEST CHESTER AREA: Alibi’s, Ramshead, Barnabys, Ryans’s Pub, Mas, Side Bar,

DOYLESTOWN AREA: The Amber Inn, Finneys, PUCK, Chambers 19, The Farmhouse,

*OTHER AREA LOCATIONS FOR NYE / Picks by OOT for great Entertainment and for some real good deals.


The Roxxy,

The Electric Factory,

Drinkers West,

Ortlieb’s Lounge,

Silk City,

The Triumph Brewery,

Las Vegas Lounge,


The Trocadero,

*Local Area Casinos

The Trump Taj Mahal Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City

The Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City

Harrah’s Atlantic City,

The Borgata – Atlantic City,

The Showboat – Atlantic City,

The Tropicana Hotel & Casino Atlantic City,

Sugar House Casino – Philadelphia

Harrah’s Philadelphia / Chester Pa

*PARX CASINO – Bensalem

Bensalem Pa

The E- House,

Bradys Irish Pub,

Big Heads Sports Bar,

The Great American Pub,

Levittown Pa,

Sparky’s World Famous,

The Happy Hour Tavern,

Da Bar, Gleasons Bar,

Baileys Irish Bar,

The Capri,

Murphy’s Bar,

Rio Sports Bar,


Currans Irish Inn

The Adelphia,

The Coastline,

Top Dog,

The Jug Handle Inn,

The Madison House,

PJ Whelehans ( All area Locations)

Otts, ( All area locations)

Brewsters ( In the Bowling Alley)

Pinsetters ( In the Bowling Alley)


The Pour House,

*Dolan’s Irish Pub in Burlington NJ * First NYE Party!

RHO in Trenton NJ


Wearhouse 24, Rp Mc Murphys,

Tom & Jerry’s,

The Springfield Inn,

60 East,

The Media Inn,

Chickie’s & Pete’s -Drexel Hill


Chester County:



Ryans Pub,


The Side Bar,

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Please enjoy our new Christmas and New Year’s Eve Party Guide  – you will find new places for your Holiday Fun From Oaks Pa in Montgomery County to Northeast Phila, to Port Richmond to Croydon Pa to Mt Laurel NJ….* These are new area*OOT HOT SPOTS!

We Welcome:  The Water Tower in Oaks Pa  JJ’s Irish Pub in NE Phila, The Penthouse Gentlemens’ Club in Port Richmond, The Dog & Bull in Croydon , The Aloft in Mt Laurel NJ.,  we also welcome the acts: Local acts like:  OCTANE at the EFC for NYE, and Nickie Sabaffoni ,& Stage 3< >see their advertisements in the latest  OOT GUIDE and  on the Online digital Guide…and look for weekly blogs on all of our social media networks on all of our area Hot Spots….  Like us and enjoy our OOT FAN PAGE on FACEBOOK!

In recent weeks: New places have join us here at the OOT Network. Places like:  Frankie & Johnny’s in Warrington, The Churchville Inn, Lazy Joes Saloon, The Holiday Inn on Packer Ave *The Stadium Sportsbar and Restaurant in South Phila….Kellen’s Station House in Langhorne.

Your ad placements:

….ad placement in the OOT works for you each day and each night…around the clock online and we also reach out to bar regulars in selective area locations..all over the Greater Delaware Valley area… We target Bar Regulars!

We target those that might like to go out …those looking to do things seek out the OOT GUIDE! They find us online and or get out to area locations and pick up our Hard Copy version…* this is made for our Bar Regulars out there…the fans of the OOT.

Please take the time to get out to these area locations….over the holidays…and remember this fact …the OOT GUIDE is working in selective area locations and also online all the time to show you the  THE People, Places and Things that make our area the Hottest Place to be on the East Coast…  When you see area bars and clubs listed in the OOT …you can be sure of this fact…- Ya’ know it’s Gotta’ Be Good!

The *OOT Hots spots offer you the best deals when going out on:

(A) Prices  on FOOD and DRINK…

(B) Entertainment…

(C) weekly Promotions….

You will see the:

Best Bars, like many Irish pubs and bars,

Best Clubs, ( Dance Clubs)

Best Gentlemen’s Clubs.

Best Sports Bars,

Best Restaurants,

Best Casinos,

Best local Area Entertainment  ( Bands and local DJ’s)

THE OOT  is a real Local Entertainment ” Industry Leader ” and is dedicated to local Entertainment Scene/ We do all that we can to promote area locations …Where TO Go and What To Do…is what OOT is all about …and  we are made by people who do work in this Industry  – You get first hand information with each Out On The Town!

Call now for Advertising  information

856-786-1600 or   215-668-5282

OOT is here to help you Increase your numbers!  This is what we do.

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For the special Holiday Issue of the Out On The Tow Entertainment Guide-we welcome into our every growing network of the hottest area locations (*The OOT HOT SPOTS) as we call em’, the following places. Show them the support and make it a point to visit these area places now and over the Holidays….please tell them you did see them listed in our OOT Network…

See these locations in our OOT Guide  and also on our Online Digital Guide @

The new Water Tower in Oaks Pa.,

The new Bogside Irish Bar ( opening up soon!) NE Phila

The upscale Aloft Hotel in Mt Laurel NJ/ With a Big New Years Eve Bash…

The Dog N’ Bull in Croydon Pa.( the new Carft Beer lovers place!)

The Penthouse Club of Philadelphia / Upscale Gentlemen’s Club

In the last couple of weeks we have had the pleasure of letting you all know about these other new places listed below and want you to show them the support over the holidays  Get out and enjoy the many offerings at
places like:

Frankie & Johnny’s in Warrington, Lazy Joes Saloon in NE Phila, The Churchville Inn, Southampton Pa,Rio in Levittown Pa,  Nicks Roast Beef in NE Phila, The Sheffield Tavern in NE  Phila, Smoke Eaters in NE Phila, The Holiday Inn ./ South Philly the Stadiums Sportsbar and Restaurant… Georgine’s Restaurant in Bristol Pa… Georgines JR, and their Market Place Brick Oven Pizza Shop also Kellen’s Station House in Langhorne Pa in the last 12 weeks …

Remember this …

“When you see it  listed in the

Out On The Town Entertainment Guide-Network –

Ya know it’s Gotta Be Good”

Place your advertisements with us – Call 215-668-5282 or 856-786-1600   Best rates for the combination of  print and online advertising in the area…

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Going out? Make plans to visit any-one of the area locations you see us promo in the Out On The Town Guide with your friends and family… show them the support  because these area places that will give you so much for  so less… these are some of the area places that we know about and also work with...and or visited in the last year.  See us anytime for updates @  or see our daily post on Facebook and subscribe to our Rss Feed.. for OOT News & Alerts!

So you are  Thinking about what to do f or tonight?  For the upcoming weekend?

Check out the following places * OOT HOT SPOTS &  KNOW THIS FACT:

We work to  find area locations that offer the best in prices and weekly Entertainment …  Area Bars, Clubs & Restaurants with the best deals!     Where To go and What To Do….and save money and still have fun.

Where you can find the best for less…

Chickie’s & Pete’s ( All area locations!)

Paddy Whacks ( All area Locations!)

The Road House – Newportville Pa

Dean Casmirri’s Colonial Inn – Hulmeville Pa

Cazz’s Sports Bar – Levittown Pa

Smoke Eaters – NE Phila

Dolan’s Irish Pub – Burlington NJ

Kellen’s Station House – Langhorne Pa

Hazy’s Bar & Grille – Feasterville Pa

*The new Stadium Sportsbar – Restaurnat at the Holiday Inn – South Philly

* The new Water Tower in Aston Pa

The E- House in Bensalem

Double Visions in Horsham

Scruples at the Oakford Inn

Tattletales in Levittown,

The Penthouse Club – Phila,

Rio Sports Bar – Levittown Pa

The Brunzwick Zone XL – Feasterville Pa

The Fireside Beef & Ale – Feasterville Pa

La Casa Di Lucia – NE Phila

Harrigan’s Pub – Warminster

Mc Stews – Levittown

Maggie’s Waterfront Cafe, NE Phila

Cannstatters – NE Phila

The Rockledge Pub – Rockledge

The Wet Whistle – Jenkintown

Reale’s Sports Bar & Grill – NE Phila

Blurr – Old City Phila

Michael’s Cafe – Bensalem Pa

Sweeney’s Saloon, Somerton

JC.’s Washington House – Somerton ( Sports Bar!)

Joe Santucci’s Bar & Grill – NE Phila

Hurricane Jacks, Levittown

The Knights Tavern – NE Phila

Gerogine’s Restaurant – Bristol  PA ( Best Comdey shows/ Dinner shows!) FRI &  SAT…

The 3 Monkeys – NE Phila

Freddies Tavern – Bristol Pa

Tony’s Place, Ivyland Pa

Redz Bar & Grille – NE Phila

Nicks Roast Beef – NE Phila

The Churchville Inn – Southampton

The New Sheffield Tavern, NE Phila

Harrington’s Irish Pub – NE Phila

Frankie & Johnny’s – Warrington Pa

Lazy Joes Saloon – NE Phila,

Havana’s – New Hope Pa

Finnigan’s Wake – Nothern Liberties – Phila

The Hulmeville Inn – Hulmeville Pa

The Dog &* Bull – Croydon Pa

Mc Noodles – NE Phila

The Ashburner Inn – NE Phila

Tom & Jerry’s  ( Milmont Park – Delco)

Wearhouse 24 Woodlyn Pa

Kildares – ( All area locations!)

Brownies 23 East – Ardmore Pa

Big Heads ( All area Locations)

The Temperance House – Newtown Pa

Dagwoods Pub-NE Phila

The Hollywood Tavern – Hollywood/ Rockledge area..Fox Chase area..

The Manayunk Brew Pub – Manayunk / Phila

The Penguins Pub – Warminster Pa

Walsh’s Tavern – Warminster Pa

Reese’s Tavern – Warminster Pa

The Red Stallion – Warminster Pa

Pikes Pub – Southampton Pa

Steam – Southampton Pa


The Trump Plaza,

The Trum Taj Mahal,


Philadelphia area Casinos:

PARX CASINO, Bensalem Pa



Valley Forge Casino -V alley Forge Pa,

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The Water Tower is located in Oaks Pa….they are live band friendly …this coming Sat Night…see the Chatter Band in the house…( Details coming soon all about the new Water Tower….and all that you will find there…) Check it out..>THE WATER TOWER.

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