Swig is the new Dance Party Night Club in Warrington Pa.;  They just opened a few weeks ago and the word is spreading fast about this place.

Live Dance Party Horn Bands each Friday and Great DJ’s to keep you on the Dance Floor.  We featured them right on the cover this month.  See the full story on what is going on over at the new SWIG!

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Jun 15, 2017

We’re in area bars and restaurants  know this  >OOT is not Social Media.- we will use SOCIAL MEDIA  to let everyone know what we are telling the bar regulars…OOT is IN THE BARS YES IT IS and CLUBS & RESTAURANTS IN OUR ESTABLISHED NETWORK – OUR FOCUS IS ABOUT THE PLACES AND THE PEOPLE making things happen in the area bar and Entertainment Scene and our goal is and always has been to reach out to thousands of BAR REGULARS.  YES WE REACH BAR REGUALRS and ALL THOSE WORKING THE BAR BUSINESS.


OOT is all online for those that follow our style of Enterttainment News – we use the online to let those see what we are shouting about to our niche of bar people.

( OOT has a reputation to Deliver the right message to the right kinds of people.)

Don’t  be fooled thinking that FB is advertising and it is you only answer- Don’t get lost in all the Clutter!!! The Interent is just one more tool to use and one that works well with other forms of media.

Out on the Town is the direct target to use when you need to get the right message out to the kinds of people you need to reach.

IN LIFE you only get what you PAY FOR!    REMEMBER THAT>

Out On The Town Entertainment Guide  – OOT CONTACT  215-668-5282 or text or email at ootme2@aol.com

ADVERTISING WORKS when you hit your target..  Call us when you are serious about reaching out to the right kinds of people.  OOT is here to help you.

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Every Wednesday night in the 360 Lounge check out 3 Comedians and Joe Conklin with his one of a kind Comedy Show…the fun starts at 8pm and TIckets are $20 plus your choice of a beverage…Beer Wine, Soda or a Mix Drink, Next Wednesday on the 13th of Sept  see are good Friend Vic DiBitetto will be in the house…(See his feature in the latest OOT GUIDE) Vic is one of a kind and so amazing….See you at Joe Conklin’s Comedy Show every Wednesday night…great little promo feature by our boy the Bullwinkle.  FYI

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Want to be sure you will go the right place, when going out that can offer you all that you might be looking for?  Check out these Out On The Town Entertainment Guide “HOT SPOTS” they offer the best in prices on food and drink and weekly Entertainment and Promotions.

Here is what you will find in the latest “FREE OOT GUIDE”…see it online now www.ootonline.com ( Best to view on your iPad) or you can grab a copy printed from our Digital online guide…Each OOT gives you all the info you may need to know for the next full month…all in one place…

Phila area:

HERE are the Best area locations:

Finnigan’s Wake, Nothern Liberties

Liberties, in Nothern Liberties,

Chickie’s & Pete’s, South Phila ( Packer Ave)

Paddy Whacks, South Street,

The Legendary Dobbs, South Street,

The Stadium Sportsbar and Restaurant in the Holiday Inn – South Phila,

The South Philly Bar & Grill,

NE Phila:

The New Sheffield Tavern, / Dance Club

Chickies & Pete’s ( All area Locations)

The Tacony Public House,

The Penthouse Club of Phila,

Maggie’s Waterfront Cafe,

Fluke’s Irish Pub,

Daly’s Irish Pub,

Redz Bar & Grille,

Harrington’s Irish Pub,

Club Risque, ( All area Locations)

Paddy Whacks Irish Sports Bar (All area Locations)

Reale’s Sports Bar & Grill,

Sweeneys Saloon,

Nicks Roast Beef,

The 7 C Lounge at the FOP Lodge 5,

Joe Santuccis Bar & Grille,

The 3 Monkeys,

Cafe Michelangelo

The Legendary Dobbs on South Street.

La Casa Di Lucia,

Katie O Donnells,

Lazy Joe’s Saloon,

The Red Rooster Inn,

The Rockledge Tavern,

The Grey Lodge,


The Water Tower – Oaks Pa,

Michaels Cafe – Bensalem Pa

Parx Casino – Bensalem Pa ( 360 Lounge)

Harrigans Pub – Warminster Pa.

Mc Stews Irish Sports Bar – Levittown Pa

The Road House Inn – Newportville Pa,

Scruples at the Oarkford Inn, Bensalem.

Tattletales – Levittown,

Double Visions – Horsham,

HAzys Bar & Grille _ Feasterville Pa

Franks Sports Bar –

Hurricane Jacks – Levittown Pa

The Dog & Bull – Croydon Pa,


The Brunswick Zone XL – Feasterville Pa..

The New Irish Rover Station House – Langhorne Pa

Dean Casmirris Colonial Inn, Hulmeville Pa

Cazz’ s Sports Bar – Levittown Pa.

Da Bar – Levittown ( NEW NAME COMING THIS WEEK!)

Freddies Tavern – Bristol Pa,

Tony’s Place – IVyland Pa,

The Penguins Pub, Warminster Pa.

The Fireside BBQ and Patio – Feasterville Pa


Dr Lou’s Place – Roebling NJ

Curran’s Irish INN – Palmyra NJ,

The Coastline – Cherry Hill NJ,

Top Dog – Cherry Hill NJ,

& These are some of the palaces we work with and know about…

See the full schedules now by going to www.ootonlin.com

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Just go to www.ootonline.com

ANYTIME > 24/7 and from any smart device…

Visit any OOT HOT SPOT u see in the OOT Guide…..You will be sure to know that the OOT HOT SPOTS offer the Best in prices on food & drink and weekly Entertainment and Promotions.

Our pledge is to make sure – the area locations you see in each OOT … only offer the best that there is ..when it’s time to Go out…* and feature the best local talent in the region.

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Here at OOT we take pride in featuring the best area locations that offer Weekly *Entertainment/* Promotions / and the Best in prices on Food & Drink! You can always find the Out On The Town at selected area Hot Spots ( we cater to Bar Regulars that are the steady patrons at 100% of our Locations)   or see the online  OOT Guide anytime you like on any smart device.  www.ootonline.com  We want to stimulate those to go out and we keep all we do up online to see anytime!   We are found also on all the major search Engines  and we do interviews and feature up to the minute articles  with all the people, places and about the things that make our area what it is… The Hottest place to be on the East Coast!   If you are in the Entertainment Business/ Bar Business this is your Ultimate Guide…more bar owners’ will see each OOT Guide… since the information is that important to them. This information is good for you and can help you save money when going out….

OOT is the perfect tool for niche marketing – it’s one of a kind and is built to stay that way.


The Best places that we know that will offer you the best deals when it’s time to go out.

These are the official OOT HOT SPOTS!

When you see it in the Out On The Town – Ya’ know it’s Gotta Be Good!

The Best area locations  – as featured in the latest OOT are:

Oaks Pa The Water Tower @ ( The Arnold’s Family Fun Center!)

Warrington Pa Frankie & Johnny’s,

Warrington PaChickie’s & Pete’s,

Bensalem PaParx Casino,

Bensalem PaMichael’s Cafe,

Bensalem Pa – *Chickie’s & Pete’s inside Parx Casino,

Bensalem Pa – Scruples’ Gentlemen’s Club,

Bristol Pa –  Freddie’s Tavern,

Croydon Pa – The Dog & Bull Brew & Music House

Newportville PaThe Road House Inn,

Hulmeville Pa Dean Casmirri’s Colonial Inn,

Hulmeville Pa – The Hulmeville Inn,

Feasterville PaThe Fireside Beef & Ale,

Feasterville PaHazy’s Bar & Grille,

Feasterville Pa – The Brunswick Zone XL,

Feasterville PaThe Buck Hotel,

Feasterville Pa – Frank’s Sports Bar & Club Fizz,

IVYLAND Pa – Tony’s Place,

Levittown Pa Mc Stews Irish Sports Bar,

Levittown Pa – Cazz’s Sportsbar & Grille,

Levittown Pa – Tattletales Gentlemens Club,

Levittown Pa – Rio,

Warminster Pa – Harrigan’s Pub,

Warminster Pa – The Red Stallion,

Horsham Pa – Double Visons,

Langhorne Pa -*The Irish Rover / Station House( NEW!)

Levittown Pa – Hurricane Jack’s,

Levittown Pa – Da Bar,

Levittown Pa – Bailey’s,

Levittown Pa – Murphy’s Bar,

Levittown Pa – The Happy Hour Tavern,

Levittown Pa – Pasquale’s,

NEW HOPE Pa – Havana’s

Newtown Pa – The Temperance House,

*PHILA- The Penthouse Gentlemen’s Club ( Port Richmond area)

Nothern Liberites / Center City Phila.

Finnigans’ Wake,

Ralics on South

Paddy Whacks on South,

The Legendary Dobbs,


NE PHILA –  The New Sheffiled Tavern,

NE PHILA – Nick’s Roast Beef,

NE PHILA – Daly’s Irish Pub,

NE PHILA – Lazy Joe’s Saloon,

NE PHILA – Harrington’s Irish Pub,

NE PHILA – Joe Santucci’s Bar & Grille,

NE PHILA – Cannstatter/s

NE PHILA – Tony’s Place ( Mayfair!)

NE PHILA – Chickie’s & Pete’s Blvd and Robbins Ave.,


NE PHILA – Reale’s  Sports Bar & Grill,

NE PHILA – The 3 Monkeys,

NE PHILA – Redz Bar & Grille,


NE PHILA , Maggie’s Water Front Cafe,

NE PHILA – Dagwood’s,

NE PHILA – Sweeney’s Saloon,

NE PHILA – La Casa Di Lucia,

NE PHILA – Curran’s Irish Inn,

NE PHILA – MC Noodle’s Irish Pub,

NE PHILA – Benny the Bums * Wed night new Video Game Night!

NE PHILA * NEW  JJ’s IRISH PUB ( Former site of the Bogside Irish Pub)



Chickie’s & Pete’s


Roebling NJ – DR LOU’s PLACE

Burlington NJ – Dolan’s Irish Pub,

MC GUINNS PLACE – Laweranceville NJ

www.MILLERTIMEPHLLY .COM  >( Win a Spring Break Trip!)

Dolyestown Pa – Amber Inn, Puck, Finney’s Irish Bar, The Farmhouse, Chambers 19,

West Chester Pa – Alibi’s, Ramshead, Barnabys, Mas, Side Bar, Ryans Pub,

The Main Line – The Grog, Erin Pub,

ConsohockenSouth Cross Kitchen, Spamps, The Boathouse, Baggataway, Mansion House , Guppys,

University City  & the City – Phila – Cavanaugh’s, New Deck, Smokey Joes,  Draught Horse,

Pub Webb, Max’s Urban Saloon, Fox & Hound, Tir Na Nog, Con Murphy, Mikey’s American Grile, Smiths,


Proceeds to Benefit Father Judge High School Football.

Kilbanes Irish Pub,

Flukes Irish Pub,

Hammerheads, SPorts Bar & Dance CLub,

Caspers Bar,

Harringtons Irish Pub,

Coaches Tavern,

The New Sheffield Tavern,

Owen’s Cafe,

Tom’s Sportsmens,

Cappy’s Cafe,

Chirsty’s Bar

Reale’s Sports Bar,

Mc Noodles  –

30th Anniversary >THE NE ERIN EXPRESS RIDES AGAIN,  MARCH 9th 2013

Paddy Whacks  ( Welsh Rd)

General Grants Saloon,

Leneghans Pub,

Paddy Whacks  (Comly Rd)

Reedys Irish Pub,

Maggie’s Waterfront Cafe,

Leneghans Crusiders Inn,

Caspers Bar,

Out Of Wack Jacks,

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Valentines weekend is  even bigger then Valentines Day…so what are you waiting for? TGIF/ There are so many places to check out and so many cool things to do this weekend. Let Out On The Town Entertainment Guide point you in the right direction as to  what places are out here for you to check out.
We feature the *Hot Spots… U won’t get lost on the Information Highway with the Out On The Town…we keep things in focus.

*Best area bars, clubs and restaurants with the best Prices on Food & Drink, promotions, and weekly Entertainment!

* The places we know about and share with you in each  special OOT Guide… www.ootonline.com /  See who’s doing what…go to Out On The Town Entertainment Guide!    Advertise your message with the OOT… ootme2@aol.com your request!

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Two events we have our eyes on for the weekend are:

Sandy Paws Benefit at the Water Tower in Oaks Pa., on Saturday…with 6 bands …2pm to 2am  / Make a donation to help out Animal Relief  and they do need the help  -f or all the animals that lost their homes and families…money raised will help the Animal Shelters and also help buy food for the animals caught up in the mess that the Hurricane created for all.

Grand Re-opening of Nicks Roast Beef on Cottman Ave in NE Phila… Party Weekend for this great are location. Saturday night See the Insiders  with their brand of good time, fun time shore music…and have fun over a the all new NICKS!  We say now Nick’s@ Night…

* FOR MORE INFO on both of these great events  GO TO  www.ootonline.com  and key into the latest Out On The Town Entertainment Guide!

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Going out to see the big game today? Here ‘s some of our*OOT HOT SPOT PICKS….*Play the OOT pick the score of Today’s Big Game. You must be 21 to play…Send your pick by kick-off. U can email your pick to  ootme2@aol.com… correct score wins a $25 Gift Card to Paddy Whacks…Send your pick to our Facebook page / Fan Page…all picks have to be  sent  by Kick-off!  More fun from your source for Area Entertainment News…Out On The Town Entertainment Guide.

Enjoy the game and by the way…enjoy all those new commercials…that’s just added fun…

HERE are the best Sports Bars and Bars in the Region* that we know! – Super Sunday Big Game Day 2013!

The Dog N Bull Brew -Music House – Croydon – 1st Annual SUPER BEER BOWL TAPPING….begins at 6:30pm with Dogfish Head, HellHound & special Appetizers’ by Chef Max Schindler…Live music at night The JERSEY  CORN PICKERS from 3pm to 7pm…

Tony’s Place – Ivyland Pa – Drink Specials…Great Game day items…Enjoy the menu of the best food in the area…Flatscreen TV’s  ( Every seat in the house is a good seat to see the game)

The Fireside Beef & Ale – Feasterville Pa – Free Buffet, Drinks Specials sponsored By Miller Lite, Giveaways…

Great Bar Menu… See the game under our heated Tent with 3 giant Flatscreens…

The Three Monkeys Cafe – NE Phila – Flatscreens and a great Bar menu along with sunday specials…

Scruples Gentelmens CLub – Bensalem Pa–   Food and Drink specials with a great bar menu and see our girls the Scruplettes/ as Super Big Game day Cheerleaders…

The Brunswick Zone XL –  Feasterville Pa – Flatscreen Tv’s and SUNDAY GAME DAY SPECIALS …Enjoy Bowling and then see the big game here! Great Food Items…

The Holiday Inn – South Philly – THE STADIUM SPORTS BAR & RESTAURANT.. $10 Buckets, $3 Drafts,$2 Pabst and Labatts  Drafts – Super Big Game Day FOOD Specials and Flatscreen TV’s all over !

Dr Lou’s Roebling NJ – Food and Drinks Specials and his World Famous WINGS!  Flatscreen TV’s

*Mc Guinns Place – Lawrence ville NJ Food and Drink specials …Flatscreen TV’s and enjoy the big game here with friends!

La Casa Di Lucia Somerton NE PHILA... See the game here and enjoy our Sunday specials… Debbie Knight is your host 7p to 11pm

*Harrigan’s Pub – Warminster Pa – Enjoy a taste of two cities with a special Free Buffet…* Drink Specials. Flat Screen TVs / Large Projection Screen … Best Sports Bar in Warminster!

Reale’s Sports Bar & Grill -NE Phila – Free Pool and Watch the Game – Drink Specials

Mc Stews Irish Sports Bar – Levittown Pa – Option $40 Open Bar Whistle to Whistle and a Hot Buffet…or just enjoy the discounted Sunday prices…

CHICKIE’S & PETE’S – ALL AREA LOCATIONS! – BIG SCREEN TV’s – CRAB FRIES and THE BEST KIND OF FUN MENU to ENJOY the BIG GAME…Drinks specials… Enjoy the Big Game at ESPN’s #1 Sports Bar in North AMERICA…this is the sportsbar that all the Sports personalities call home… * Visit the new Drexel Hill area location and of course  * PARX CASINO LOCATION!


The Penthouse Club Phila ( Port Richmond area)– Special Super Big Game Day items…FOOD AND DRINK SPECIALS… Party in the Upscale Gentlemens Club… See their Penthouse Pets!

Freddies Tavern – Bristol Pa – Sunday Food and Drinks Specails and a great Bar Menu… Take out store opens early…

Cazz’s Sports Bar – Levittown Pa – FREE HALF TIME BUFFET – Drinks Specials and Flatscreen Tv’s  all over!

Dean Casmirris’ Colonial Inn – Hulmeville Pa –  FREE SUPER BIG GAME DAY BUFFET…Drinks Specials and Flatscreen Tv’s all over!


HAMMERHEADS – NE PHILA – See the game on their Flatscreen TV’s…then later on Sunday night the Party will begin with DJ STAMPONE Drink specials …like ($1 drinks) happen on Sunday Nights!

Tattletales – Levittown PA Flatscreen TV’s all over, Extra Cheerleaders in the house…Great Bar Food and Discounted Drinks… Extra Girls to help you cheer on your favortie Team today!

REDZ Bar & Grill – NE Phila – $15 ALL YOU CAN …package Dom Draft Beers, $12 Stoli Pitchers and $12 Buckets .45 cent Wings…Big Screens / HDTV’s

Joe Santucci’s Bar & Grill – NE Phila .– Big Screen Tv’s – Great Bar and Restaurnat Menu …Game day specials along with their WORLD FAMOUS SQUARE PIZZA ! Yummmmmm!


SUNDAY DRINK SPECIALS! Friendly Staff…Plenty of Free Parking!

Michaels Cafe – Bensalem – $2 Drafts & Shots plus DJ Dave Barletta / Excellent Food menu with the best Appetizers around…Friendly Staff …plenty of Free Parking!

Sweeney’s Saloon – Somerton -NE Phila – $2 Dom. Pints and Free Hot & Cold Buffet and everyone gets a Free Gift today…@ Night Fish Out Of Water.

PARX CASINO – Bensalem – 360 Lounge – 3 Giant Screens … Miller Lite and Jameson Specials and score…”Game Day Giveaways ” All you can Eat Game Day Stadium style Buffet! $20!INSIDE PARX CASINO – CHICKIE’ & PETE’s...PERFERT for all SPORTS and today’s the day at CHICKIES & PETE’S…

Hurricane Jacks– Levittown Big screen Tv’s and Bucket Specials $12 Dom and $2.50 Yuengling  Light Bottles

* Great Food specials off our menu….

The Sheffield Tavern – NE PHILA – come over early …great bar menu along with Discounted Drinks!

Hazys Bar & Grille – Feasterville Pa – $2.50 Coronas …great bar menu with special Discounted Items!

Nick’s Roast Beef – NE Phila – 12 noon  Bud & Bud Light Pints $2, Bottles $2.50, Buckets $10,  Big Screen TVsand enjoy the Best Roast Beef Sandwich in the world…

THE ROAD HOUSE INN – NEWPORTVILLE PA – .35 Cent Wings/ Basket Special…DRINK SPECIALS and Flatscreen TV’s …

Kellen’s Station House – Langhorone Pa – All you can eat and DRiNK packages…6pm to 9pm $30 per person…Flatscreen TV’s….plenty of Free Parking and many items to pick off their awesome Menu…

Lazy Joe’s Saloon – NE PHLA Big Game Day specials on Food and Drink and Flatscreen TV’s

MAGGIE’S WATER FRONT CAFE NE  PHILA- SUNDAY SPECIALS – HDTV’s  GREAT BAR MENU – Come early to get a good seat…Large Screen / Projection Screen …

JJ’s IRISH PUB NE PHILA ( CASTOR AVE)– FLAT SCREENS ….SUNDAY GAME DAY SPECIALs…on all FOOD and DRINKS…* Special Package plans optional… ask for details..

Daly’s Irish Pub – NE Phila $1 Hot Dogs,$1.75 Bud & Bud Lights, $10 Buckets .35 Cent wings,Giveaways  / Large SCREEN TV’s

FLUKE’S is Back..NE PHILA – FREE PARKING  – Sunday FOOD and DRINK SPeCIALS and Flatscreen TV’s all over ….

Other Great area locations to see the Big Game.

In Atlantic City – The Trump Taj, and The Trump Plaza... Enjoy the Game and enjoy it in style!

PARX CASINO – Bensalem

The Valley Forge Casino,

Harrah’s Philadelphia,* Chester Pa

Sugar House Casino – Phila

Dover Downs Casino / Slots – Dove DE

Benny The Bums – NE PHILA

The Philly Red Zone – Old City

Penguin’s Pub – Warminster PA

MAS – West Chester PA

Wet Whistle – Jenkintown PA


BONKS – Port Richmond,

NICK’S ROAST BEEF  2nd Street…

Johnny Apples – Holland Pa

Da Bar – Levittown,

Frank’s Sports Bar – Feasterville

The Buck Hotel – Feasterville

The Langhorne Hotel – Langhorne

Barnabys – Delco, All area locations

Kildares – All area Locations

PJ Whelehans – All area Locations





Skeeters Pub,

Harpers Pub,

Jays’ Elbow Room,

Brewsters Pub / In the Bowling Alley RT 73

Shatie Katies,

Somerdale Bar,

The Pour House,


Top Dog – Cherry Hill

Pinsetters – Pennsauken NJ,

Red Hot & Blue,

Houlihans ,

Curran’s Irish Inns, All area locations,

The Temperance House -Newtown Pa

The Club House, Newtown Pa

The South Philly Bar &  Grill

O Neils – South Street,

The Madison Cafe, Riverside NJ

The Irish Tymes – Society Hill

The Jug Handle Inn Pennsauken NJ

45 Th  STreet Pubs  All area locations…

The Grey Lodge, NE Phila,

Mc Noodles Irish SPorts Bar NE PHiLA


Reedys Irish Bar – NE PHILA

Kilbanes Irish Bar, NE PHILA

Leneghans’ Irish Pubs,

Toms Sporst Bar, NE PHILA

The Lions Den, NE PHILA

Rauchuts Tavern NE PHILA




The Red Rooster Inn -NE PHILA

The Adelphia Deptford NJ

The Coastline – Cherry Hill NJ

Champs Bar & Grill All locations.

* Your Neighborhood Applebees * All area locations..

Buffalo Wild Wings…All area locations…

Big Heasds Sports Bars…All area locations

The Stadium Bar & Grills …All area locations

Murphys Bar – Levittown,

USA Hotel – Manayunk

THE STANDARD TAP Nothern Liberties

SILK CITY Nothern Liberties…

Manayunk Brew Pub – Manyunk

Maggie O’ Neils, Delco

TOM & JERRYS – Delco

Kenny’s Spirited Eatery Southampton Pa

Pike’s Pub – Southampton Pa

Maggio’s – Southampton Pa

Steam Restaurant & Pub  Southampton Pa

E’s Irish Pub – Warminster Pa

The Red Stallion – Warminster Pa

The Amber Inn – Doylestown Pa

The Farmhouse – Doylestown Pa

Chambers 19 – Doylestown Pa

Finneys Doylestown Pa


Cavanaughs Leprechaun

New Deck,

Smokey Joes Saloon,


Draught Horse




Tir Na Nog.

Con -Murphys


The Irish Pub,

Mickeys American Grill,.



The Boathouse,


NOTE: IF YOUR FAVORTE BAR, Club or restaurant is not listed…Let us know what bar it is and where…We will  place them into our on growing Network…

The Hottest area to be on the East Coast in the Philly region  is here in the Greater Delaware Valley …and here at Out On The Town Entertainment Guide…we are proud to work this awesome area!…  WE take pride in what we do and … please spread the word…

Enjoy this Super Sunday ….Enjoy the Game!


Contact   215-668-5282 or

Office at  856-786-1600   for Advertising Information and for all request on doing a story about your favorite area bar, club or Restaurant….   Out On The Town Entertainement Guide works...Let it work for you !  Join our Network!


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This news item is powered by the Out On The Town Entertainment Guide:

Ok everybody knows that Feb 1st –  WingBowl 21 hits our area…did you get your tickets?  We heard that it is sold out!  Well the bash will not end when the last wing is gone and a new Champ is crowned….The WING BOWL AFTER PARTIES is where the real fun begins.

On Wingbowl  day  Friday  … 8 am the Doors Open up at the

The Penthouse Club – 3001 Castor Ave 215-423-6000 ( This party is going all day…the enitre Penthouse Entourage from Wingbowl will be in the house…) Look for extra Penthouse Girls

Scruples located on Bristol Rd & Lincoln Hwy, Bensalem Pa 215-750-1319   Complimentary Buffet / Drink Special along with Giveaways…11 am the party starts…

Tattletales  Gentlemen’s Club – 6900 New Falls Road  Levittown Pa – 215-547-9610 – 11 am Party Starts – Complimentary Buffet  along with Drink Specials ….

After/Parties continue:

The Stadium Restaurant & Sports Bar –  inside the Holiday Inn / Packer Ave…opens early!

Chickie’s & Pete’s Packer Ave…

The South Philly Bar & Grill…

Paddy Whacks on South Street…

Reale’s Sports Bar & Grill – Ne Phila party starts 12 noon .25 cent wings $2 Pints

Mc Stews Irish Sports Bar – Levittown – opens early $2 Bud Light Bud Plat. Bud Lime / $3 long Island Ice Teas

(More coming up in the next few days…)

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