Find out more about a local rock star coming back home, See Pg 20 in the latest OOT Guide,

Great feature by our gal Melissa.

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Rockin ‘ for the Cure is going to be a blast this year……We ask All OOT Fans and Friends to show the Support….See the full feature on this amazing fundraiser  Ck out pg 20 for all the details.

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He can do it all  that is DJ FX…,from clubs to private parties  He’s the best!  See his feature in the latest OOT GUIDE! pg 18

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Yes its Valentines Time….be sure to treat your love one……Try Dom’s Lounge in Richboro for a romantic dinner for two off their new menu.

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Two great acts are featured this month in the OOT….check em’ out!

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Info for the next 21 days for the over 21….on What places are hot and who’s making the music happen…

Where To Go & What To Do!

Out On The Town Entertainment Guide

( A special network for very special people )

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Jamison is the real deal in Celtic Rock.,,,find out more in the latest OOT Guide

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There are thousands of places in the Greater Delaware Valley area you can check -out…with OOT we make it so simple and will direct you to *the best area Hot Spots…

What you see listed in each OOT are the top area locations that offer you the best deals on food and drink and offer weekly Entertainment and have the best daily promotions.

What is our main focus?

Our job is two-fold.  Introduce you to the best area acts that are making things happen and direct you to the best area locations!   Plain and simple. Yes,we keep it simple!.   Always have and making it even more simple to find – at anytime you need to know –  from any kind of device see the OOT Guide @

Best area Site with articles on the People and Places that are making things happen in our local area Entertainment scene.   We keep it basic and on target with the best area

Entertainment News!
So remember when you see it listed in the OOT Guide – You Know it’s Gotta Be Good!

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Here to help you stand out and be seen by the right audience.

Out On The Town Entertainment Guide!

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Take the Out On The Town Trip to the best area bars,clubs and restaurants…Just the best places all around In the region with: (A)Prices on Food & Drink,(B) Weekly Entertainment(C)Weekly promotions.(A) When you see our listings of area locations you know that these are the best places to check out. We take the time and seek out only the best spots in the Greater Delaware Valley area…See these area spots and of course check out our reports on the people,places and things that can save you money and at the same time have the insurance in knowing that what you do see in our Guide/Network is the Best offerings that you will find today!  Enjoy Each Out On The Town Entertainment Guide. Our news comes from the people making things happen out here just for you.  We mirror what is going on right now!  The OOT is updated daily online…so the next time you are planning to go out..look us up first …then make the call to area Fun.

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At OOT we keep the focus right up front and go after the right kind of people you are looking to attract.  Don’t be left out thinking that  all you have to do is post on social media and your advertising is complete.  We make sure the focus is directed to the area bars, clubs, restaurants and area bands & Entertainers.   We cater to bar regulars. The OOT is made for those who are out and spending money all the time…we use the online Internet Guide to reach those who are into all the smart devices. We know that these  people will also be motivated to come to your location or to come and see your show.  So you can get the best of both worlds…those who are out in the market and those that might be going out…and just looking for something to do…* The know to come to each OOT Guide for the information since we toot all this great local kind of info that you might have to take hours to find if you just hang on the Internet.

MAKE THE RIGHT CONNECTION in area Entertainment …Use the OOT GUIDE   /

Make the most of your advertising dollars..and use a tool that works.  We use the Internet in such a way that you will see real connections happen. The OOT Network … WORKS! email over to  = call  anytime  @215-668-5282

When you really want to make the right connections – we are here!

Mike V from OOT

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