By: Krista Doran

Incognito is a band comprised of 5 seasoned musicians, who have all been involved in other projects over the course of the last several years. It all began a couple of years ago with a close friendship between 4 of the members (Mark, Anthony, Adam and Chris) but it was not until they found that missing piece in lead singer, Jen, who by joining, made the band complete. Incognito is a band that is diverse in sound and song choices, because they take the time to put their own unique touches on each and every song. I asked Lead Guitarist, Mark Fisher what he thought was different about his band and he told me, “We are different because we are authentic. We do not use pre-recorded tracks or sequencing like a lot of bands are doing. We play real music with real instruments, and still manage not to sound like a garage band. We also try to bring some originality to the songs, while keeping their integrity.”
This approach has certainly been working for the band. They have a full schedule, and are playing some great rooms such as PJ Wheilihan’s, Tom & Jerry’s, The Springfield Inn, Shady Katie’s, Rick’s American Cafe and many more. The band performs as the full 5 piece but also trims down for smaller rooms as a duo or trio and is perfect for any club or venue. Incognito’s repertoire is very diverse and they are very particular about playing songs that will entertain everyone. Mark told me, “We play all the greatest hits from the past few decades including, but not limited to, Classic Rock, Modern Rock, Dance and Hip Hop. We try to cover a very wide spectrum. We know we can’t please everyone, but damn it, we try!” You can always expect an Incognito show to be “one Kick-Ass party,” as Mark put it and I am sure the crowds that party right along with them will agree. Their shows are energetic, funny and filled with great tunes. The first set of every show will consist of mainly rock songs so people can just jam out, while having a few cocktails. The 2nd set is time to dance, with lots of great hits we all know and love. The last set is typically the sing-a-long set, with lots of crowd participation.

Incognito is definitely a band that loves to ROCK OUT! They get so much enjoyment from playing songs that aren’t the typical ones played by most other bands and they take some chances with tier song selections. Mark told me, “We want everyone to know that it is an honor and a privilege to do what we do. We are like a family, the best of friends, and to be able to get out there and jam with buddies is truly a blessing. It is the friends, family and fans of Incognito that make all that possible, and we thank every single one of you. Having said that, we are committed to providing the best and most entertaining shows as possible, because we owe the audience that.” Anyone can get up in front of a crowd and play music, but entertaining them is a whole other story. Incognito comes through with both great music played very well, and also with that entertainment factor that some have forgotten about.

Incognito is Jen Magro on Lead Vocals, Mark Fisher on Guitar, Lead & Backing Vocals, Adam Holcombe also on Guitar, Keys, Lead & Backing vocals, Anthony Scafidi on Bass, Keys and Vocals and Chris McLachlan on drums. Please be sure to check out the official Incognito website at to view their whole schedule, see videos of the band and learn more about each member. The band is booked and managed by Shore Bets 215-884-4357.

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By: Krista Doran

OK folks; get ready for one of the BEST Party bands this area has seen in a very long time. The first time I heard them, I was blown away and that is saying A LOT! Anyone that knows me knows that I am extremely particular about Cover bands. Yes, I am opinionated but that is what Mike V and the OOT pay me for! The band I am featuring this month has it all – looks, smarts, awesome musicianship and most of all, heart & soul. Ladies & Gentlemen, please let me introduce to you – Gypsy Wisdom!

The band is comprised of 5 highly seasoned musicians, including Danny & Courtney formerly of Joe Bachman & the Crew. This band has certainly raised the bar, and not just with their talent. All 5 members of this band are highly dedicated & extremely passionate about playing. I had the pleasure of speaking with Lead singer, Courtney Jansen who told me “There is definitely something magical about this band. Everyone is so dimensionally talented and we all love playing together. We are all really good friends.” I can vouch for this statement. I have seen them and I am here to tell ya folks, “magical” is a really good word to describe them. They shine on stage. You can really tell they just love what they are doing. Gypsy Wisdom is definitely high energy like many bands out there, but embedded with a passion all their own. They play just about everything, from party classics by Madonna and Elvis to Top 40 and even some Country. There repertoire is always changing to appeal to all music lovers. On stage, everyone is versatile and interchanging instruments in order to keep things fresh and interesting for the audience. In a nutshell, they do this band thing right!

Even though the band has only been together a short 6 months, they have been making people stop and take notice all over the tri-state area. And they are doing so in some of the best rooms around. Some of the verticals they have going are Thursday nights at 10 pm through 6/2 in they’ll be at The Gypsy Bar at The Borgata in Atlantic City, and Tuesdays The GW Trio will be performing at The Windrift in Avalon, NJ at 8 pm all summer long! If you plan on going down the shore Memorial Day Weekend, you’ll have plenty of chances to catch them. It’s a non-stop weekend for Gypsy Wisdom! Friday 5/27 they will be at Seacrets in Ocean City MD, Saturday 5/28 it’s back to The Windrift in Avalon NJ, on Sunday 5/29, they will be live at Nalu in Rehoboth Beach DE and on Monday Memorial Day you can see them at one of the best places in Sea Isle NJ, La Costa! Plan on spending at least one night with this Powerhouse of a band if you want to have a GREAT time.

One of the many things I love about Gypsy Wisdom is that no matter where they are playing, their passion and love for music is apparent. They are genuinely “good” people that love to perform. There are no inflated egos here. The band will make you feel welcome, and they have a unique ability to turn a night into what feels like a private party with friends. “No matter the size of the room,” Courtney told me, “we always want people to love it and want more from us. Their return visit to another show means the world to us.” When forming the rest of the band, Danny & Courtney made it a point to pick players that knew what was in store for them. They knew they would all be spending a lot of time together and they chose players that had the same passion and love for entertaining as they do. Being in a band can be tough at times. Personalities don’t always match up. But this mix of musicians seems to really “click” on and off stage. There’s nothing fake about them. They are having a lot of fun up there and so will you when you see them. Their energy is contagious. Their presence commands your attention. You WILL want to dance. You WILL be all smiles. You WILL love this band! As a musician myself, I can only tell you how good this band is. “You need to see it to feel it” Courtney told me (while in the background Danny yelled “that’s what she said” LOL!)

Gypsy Wisdom is: Courtney Jansen – Lead Vocals; Danny Gunz – Drums, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals; Joey DeNoble – Rhythm guitar, Drums, Vocals; John Mangan – Bass; Joe Horak – Lead Guitar, Vocals. They are perfect for any club, corporate event, casino or private party. You can join their Facebook page by searching “The GW Band” for all show dates and information. Gypsy Wisdom is managed by Anderson Entertainment Management, Inc. at 800-773-0337.

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By:  Krista Doran

Fred2Animal House is a band from Philly that has been around for 15+ years and I am here to tell you – if a cover band lasts that long, they are definitely doing everything right!  The band got started back in 1995 right around the time Modern Rock was at its peak.  The band started as a 10 piece horn band called Captain Jack & The Love Seekers.  They were a great band but because the scene was changing so fast, they felt it would be a good idea to cut it down to half.  I spoke with Bassist and Lead Guitarist, George Garcia who told me “Thanks to the Out on The Town Magazine who helped spread the word to all club owners about our new set up.  Once they saw our first ad in the paper, they were hooked and the ride began.  Mike V. rocks!  I’ve seen it first hand what he has done for bands, agents, clubs and this circuit over the years!”

As I mentioned, Animal House has been around for 15+ years, playing up and down the East Coast from Killington, Vermont to Key West, Florida, mainly concentrating on PA, NJ, DE, & MD.  Over this time period, they have covered over 2,000 cover songs from the 50’s to today’s current hits.  They cover ever genre imaginable, too – Calypso, Reggae, Classic Rock, Modern, Alternative Rock, Motown, Funk, Old School, Hip Hop Rap, Disco…there’s nothing they haven’t played.   With the wealth of knowledge and talent in this band, they have been able to change their style to keep up with the times, but have always stayed true to their fans by playing pure Party tunes. George told me, “We used to get laughed at when we played songs like Runaround Sue, Build Me Up Buttercup and Sweet Caroline in the Modern Rock rooms of the 90’s.  Now these songs are a mainstay for many bands out there.”   The band stayed true to the party scene and has lasted this long because of their dedication and honesty to their party dancing fans out there, who just want to have a few drinks, dance and sing out loud after a long hard week of work. George explained, “We are the audience most of the time and the audience is our orchestra.  We listen to them and feed off their excitement when they come to see us.”

Animal House has been with Apollo Artists Attractions the entire time they have been together and really credit Eli Sentman & Jane Kashner for all they have done for them.  George told me “We are very grateful to have them on our side as business partners and as family. They, along with The Late Freddy Baker (God Rest His Soul) helped create a market for us back then that made it all worthwhile to work in. They work hard to try to keep this business going even though it has taken a good hit these last couple of years.”   George is a guy who gets it.  I was very happy to hear him say “I feel bands have to take responsibility for some of the downfall as well.  We can’t always just show up to gig, play a few songs and put out our hand to get paid without bringing people into those seats.”  This is something I try to stress in all the articles I write, and I hope someday the bands out there that still think this way will finally catch on.   George also added, “I’m seeing bands now putting a better effort especially with promotions.  It’s great to see everybody getting on the ball again. We need all bands out there to succeed in order for this to work.”  I couldn’t agree more with you George!

When you go to see Animal House perform, you will quickly take notice that their shows are about what they would like to hear and dance to if they were sitting in the audience.  It’s nothing complicated; it’s just simple good ol’ party dance Rock n’ Roll.  Their fans never know what to expect because they don’t use a set list and haven’t in 15 yrs. They play to the crowd and this always works well for them.  You can see the proof in the many smiles you see, the laughter you hear and asses shaking on the dance floor all night long!

Some of the places you can catch The Animal House Band are The Paddock at Devon in Wayne, PA, Fager’s Island in Ocean City, MD, The Manayunk Brew Pub in Philly, The Eddington House, (their home away from home) in Bensalem, PA, Havana’s in New Hope, PA, Casey’s on 3rd in Wildwood, NJ and several casinos such as The Trump Plaza, Trump Marina, Resorts and Harrah’s in Atlantic City, as well as Harrah’s Chester.  During the Summer of 2011, starting the last week of June through Labor Day they will be doing verticals every Thursday & Sunday night at Carney’s in Cape May NJ, The Cape May Ferry every Wednesday from 6pm-9pm for Family Fun Cruise Night (All Ages Welcome!), Keenan’s Irish Pub in North Wildwood every Wednesday night and some Monday nights @ Fager’s Island for their Monday Night Deck Parties.  And that’s NOT all!  Check out their full schedule on their website at   You can also find them on Facebook at

I asked George what he would want all 25k+ readers of the Out On The Town to know about them and he told me, “All we want everyone to know is that we appreciate all our fans, young and old, and we will always play to the best of our ability and leave it all on stage for you. We are not Rock Stars, we are you!!”  The Animals House Band is:  George Garcia (Band Leader) Bass Guitar and Lead Vocals; Perry Curcio – Lead Vocals and Guitar; Steve Campagna – Guitar and  Vocals; Paul “FredRock” Berttuccio on Drums and Jim Carr on Keys, Sax & Vocals.  If you are interested in booking The Animal House Band for your bar, club, casino, private or corporate event, please contact Apollo Artists Attractions at (610) 328-6500.

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What we all have been waiting for > St. Partrick’s Day 2011 >Here are the Top Area Locations -we call the OOT HOT SPOTS ! NO particular order.Some are OOT clients and others are not (yet!) Here goes: May the Luck of the Irish shine upon you  on this special day. Hey, remember this ” EVERYBODY is IRISH on ST PATRICK’S DAY!

The Ashburner Inn, The Andalusia(Stadium)Brownies 23 East, Cazz’s Sports Bar,  Currans Irish Inn’s( All locations),Keenans in  N.Wildwood Nj, Westys (all Locations), DUNLAPS STADIUM,Fairless Hills Stadium, Maggies Waterfront Cafe, Paddy Whacks (All locations), Finnigans Wake, Reales’. Whiskey Tango, Mc Stews,  Street Rd Bar& Grill Stadium,Sweeneys,Mc Noodles,Cappys, Caspers, Hammerheads, The Bog Side Irish Bar, The Blarney, The Blarney Stone, The Irish Tymes, Tir, Na Nog, The Irish Pub, McGillians, PJ Whelehans,Barnabys,  Tom *& Jerrys,RP Mc Murphys, Connie Macks,Harpers Pub,The Hulmeville Inn, Flukes,Lenighans (All Locations) Top Dog,,Cavanaughs, Reedys, General Grants,TD’s Pub, The Grey Lodge, Qaker City Yacht Club, The 3 Monkeys, La Casa Di Lucia,Old Colonial Inn,Tattletales, Double Visions, Scruples, The Penthouse, 5 Points Stadium -Levittown,The Puss n’ Boots, Dagwoods, SmokeEaters, Rauchuts, Kilbanes, Owens Cafe, Baileys, The Irish Rover, Bradys Irish Pubs (*Both Locations) The E- House, The Road House,Paulies Place,The Red Zone Philly, The South Philly Bar & Grill, Michaels Cafe,The Adelphia,The Coastline, Currans Irish Inn ( All locations), Hazys, Redz, Harrigans, Harringtons, Sparkys, Tonys Place , Happy Hour, Havanas,Shenanigans, Stadiums ( All locations)Squirrel Murphys,The Fireside, Joe Santuccis Bar & Grill, The Final Score,Chickies and Petes (All Locations)Maggie O Neals, O’ Neals,Flanagans Boat House,Kildares, Manayunk Brewery, Iron Hill Brewery, Millers Ale House, The Field House, The Wet Whistle, The Drake Tavern, Tavern 222, Manny Browns(All Locations),Dark Horse, The Brick House, Out Of Whack Jacks, Penny Gardens, PJ Ryans,  The Eggs Nest, Brownies on 2nd, Nicks Roast Beef *2nd Street, Nicks Roast Beef NE Phila, The Madison Cafe, The Elbo, MaGirks, Reeds,TJ Smiths, The Amber Inn, The Fireside, Chambers 19, Stephanies, The Triumph Brewery(All Locations) Alberts Cafe,Mc Faddens,Tom’s Sportsmens, The CannonBall Tavern, The Post Office, Diegos Bar,The Stadium Resturant and Bar South Philly, The Red Rooster, Mc Nallys, E’s Irish Bar, Gleasons, The Capri, Da Bar, Kat Man Du, The Knights Tavern,The Copa, Casava Restaurnat & Bar, O’ Mares Irish Inn,The Langhorne Inn, Kennys, The Buck Hotel, The Brick, The Green Parrot, The Temperance House, The Club House. Big Heads ( All Locations),* PARX CASINO/Three Sixty Lounge!

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By: Krista Doran

dazeend_promopicSeveral years ago when I started playing in a band, me and the guys decided we wanted to do something different. I had spent 3 years booking bands on my own and during that time, I realized that many of them were doing the same exact thing. They were basically playing the same songs the same boring way. I mean it was to the point where we would literally go to 3 different clubs to see 3 different bands and it all seemed like the same show! So we put something together that truly was different and people loved it. This is part of the problem with the cover band scene in my opinion. Too many bands think it has to be done a certain way, conforming to what everyone else is doing. Thankfully, there are still plenty of bands that “get it”, who are changing things around and working really hard to entertain the crowds. I love to go out and see live music; both cover and original and when the band is unique, it’s even more enjoying. Recently I had the chance to see Daze End, a band from DE and I was really impressed.

Daze End is a 6 piece Power House of energy and music, combined to bring an all new and original spin to songs you’ve always loved. By adding a funky, Reggae , Ska or more Rockin’ sound to a song, Daze End will take a song, strip it down and spit it back out in their own original way.

The band actually has all original roots, starting out as Daze Alone. They enjoyed a solid 10 years of playing their awesome original music from 1994 to 2004. After a few years off from playing as a band, they put together a reunion show in 2008 and since it went so extremely well, bass player, Chris “Soup” Campbell and lead singer, Joel Marcus decided they wanted to continue playing music on a full time basis. The choice to do strictly cover music was difficult for them at first, but by doing it THEIR way, it enables them to be creative while still pleasing the big crowds who come to see them.

I spoke to Chris about all of this and I was really able to relate to what Daze End is trying to accomplish. Although they have only been together for 2 years, they truly believe in changing the way things have been done by many bands that have preceded them. Chris is so dedicated to this project that he even quit his job to play music full time. He explained to me that “We are definitely re-inventing the cover band. It’s not just a line. When you come to see Daze End, it’s going to be a different experience. We have great stage presence and we always get the crowd involved. It’s a true SHOW”

It is refreshing to me as a musician who believes in the same ideas but also as a person who appreciates seeing live music. I like to go out and just sit back and enjoy live music, but I also like to be challenged. I really believe that most people who go to see live music feel the same way. People are tired of the same thing over and over, and Daze End is one band that sees this. They offer great live music that is danceable; while creating a party atmosphere that will always insure a good time for everyone.

The band is currently gearing up for a very busy spring and summer schedule and will be rocking places like Seacrets in Ocean City, MD, The Hilton Casino in AC as well as the Sands in Bethlehem and Mohican Sun Casino in Wilkes Barre. Daze End is Joel Marcus on lead vocals, Bobby Enlow on guitar and vocals, Travis Hill on Trombone, Matt Helzler on the sax, Mike Hostler on drums and Chris “Soup” Campbell on bass and vocals. You can visit their website at or on Facebook. Daze End is available for parties, weddings, corporate events, casinos and bars/clubs. You can book the band by contacting Al Geary at Shore Bets 215-884-4357.

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By:  Krista Doran

band2010 was a great year for local music and the bands that we covered in the IN THE SPOTLIGHT segment are still going strong!  Here they are – be sure to go check them out!

Seven Band – Seven is the perfect band for ANY club or event!  They will be ROCKING Kenny’s in Southampton for NYE!  For all details, please visit

Blue Reign – Recently winning the award of “Best Blues Performance” at the Montgomery Bucks Music Awards, this Rockin’ Blues band never disappoints!  They are in the middle of recording an original CD right now too! Visit them at

The Great Scott Band – This awesome Classic Rock party band will be LIVE at My Blue Heaven in Port Richmond for NYE. Check their website for more show dates at

Second Majesty – NYE Extravaganza at Seacrets in Ocean City MD. For all upcoming shows visit them on Facebook or at

Tribute Bands – this article was about some of the awesome Tribute bands in the area such as Steal Your Face, Think Pink and Get The Lead Out.  They put alot into their music and you should take the time to see them.  Sweeney’s Saloon in NE Philly is a BIG supporter of Tribute Acts!

Sinners Saints – If you crave original Old School Hard Rock – look no further!  These guys do it with ease!  Some great shows coming up – including a show in February where they will be teaming up with Halestorm and Taproot.  Check out their website for all details –

Don’t Call me Francis – The ultimate party band for almost 20 years now!  They’ll be performing at a private affair on NYE but check their schedule for all public dates at

AJ Slick – whether you are looking for an acoustic trio, Classic Rock band or Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute, AJ Slick has it all!  Get all the news and dates at

Nameless Few – Great band with great vocals!  TNF will be off until January so be sure to check out where you can see them next –

Goodman Fiske – GMF will be live at Dazzy O’s for their NYE bash!  Get the details at

Loretta Allen – A great solo performer whose music is soulful and elegant.  Check out her music and schedule on Facebook or at Reverbnation.

Element K – will be spending NYE performing at Baycenter in Dewey Beach, DE. You can get all details of this and also their 2011 schedule at

Urban Achievers – this is a great group of guys! They do the full band thing and also have a duo called Hurricane Jesus.  Check them out at today!

Eleven Eleven – This great rocking party band will be live at RiRa Irish Pub in Atlantic City, NJ for and end of year blow out! Be sure to visit their website for all details –

Love Junk – No matter where these guys end up, its a party!  They are all over the place in NJ & PA, so keep up with them at

John McNutt – a great performer on his own, with a duo or a full band.  John will be LIVE at RiRa Irish Pub in Bethesda, MD for NYE.  Get the info at

I would like to thank all the bands I interviewed this year.  You are All great performers and incredible people!  I am glad to have met each and every one of you.  Keep on ROCKING!

Happy New Year to All!

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By: Krista Doran

JohnMcNutt_promoIn an area flooded with cover bands, it’s refreshing when you come across musicians who put an original spin into all they do.    For this issue, of “In the Spotlight” we wanted to feature someone who offers a little bit of everything, from Classic Rock to R&B/Funk, and who has the musical prowess to handle everything else in between.  This is why we decided to feature John McNutt!

John is a veteran musician from the Philly area and has been playing in this area for many years.  Managed by Al Geary and Shore Bets Agency, John has become one of their premier performers.  I spoke to Al about him and he told me “John McNutt is one of the most talented and versatile musicians I have ever had the pleasure of representing. People like John make my job satisfying.”  I can certainly understand why Al said this.  In addition to John’s superb skills as a musician, he is down to earth, gracious, and very genuine.  John has had a great career so far and has been playing in some of the best rooms including the Borgata in Atlantic City, Seacrets in Ocean City, MD and The Bridgeport Ribhouse in Bridgeport PA. His versatility as a musician allows him to offer venues everything from a solo acoustic performance to a full band sound.  And it doesn’t stop there!  In addition to playing covers in pretty much every genre, John also does a great show featuring everyone’s favorite Irish music for St. Patrick’s Day.

Truth be told, John’s favorite thing to play is Classic Rock.  You gotta love him for that!  CCR, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder…these are some of the artists that carved their place into the history of Rock and Roll forever because of the great music they created. John knows this is what people want to hear.  He puts on a live performance full of energy and passion, because he simply loves what he does.  So much so, that most of time, he doesn’t even go to a venue with a set list.  Instead, he will “feel out” the crowd and play to them, rather than just going down a pre-conceived set list.  He has an uncanny sense for what people want to hear and he succeeds in pleasing everyone, every show, every time.  John McNutt is a performer and an entertainer, and one of the best you will ever have the pleasure of seeing.  He puts on one HELL of a performance…no enhancements, no sequencing…just honest, raw talent that is fun to watch and full of the type of energy that only great LIVE music can create.

If you crave SOLID rock and roll played well and with the professionalism that only a seasoned musician will offer, then you owe it to yourself to go check out John McNutt and his band.  Here are some of his upcoming dates:

First Sunday of every month:  Bridgeport Ribhouse, Bridgeport, PA

Every Wednesday of every month: Vintage Bar and Grill in Abington, PA

Dec 10: The Borgata, Atlantic City, NJ

Dec 11:  Seacrets, Ocean City MD

Dec 23: The Bridgeport Ribhouse, Bridgeport, PA (Christmas Party featuring John & The Mile High Club)

Christmas Day: The Borgata, Atlantic City NJ

New Year’s Eve:  RiRa Irish Pub, Bethesda, MD

You can also visit John’s site at or friend him on Facebook at  To book John for your venue or private party, contact Al Geary at Shore Bets 215-884-4357.

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By: Krista Doran

lovejunkpromopicEntertainers come in all different shapes, sizes and styles. From DJs and solo acoustic performers to big multi-person productions, it’s all about having fun and helping people to forget their problems for a few hours. When most people hear the word “band” they picture several people on stage, playing all live music, right? Well, that traditional idea of a band sometimes will take on a different form and can be just as entertaining. If you don’t think so, then you need to go out and see Love Junk!

Love Junk is just 2 guys – Jamie O’Donnell and Mike Garrifo, but if you see them live, you’d think it was a 5 or 6 piece band! Jamie does lead vocals and plays guitar, while Mike backs him up on drums and is just a spectacle to watch! Things all started back in 2006 when Jamie had a solo acoustic act. He decided to make playing music his full time job and asked his friend Mike to join him. One sunny Friday in 2007, Jamie had Mike dust off his percussion instruments to join him at a happy hour show at Tony’s Place in Ivyland. There was a definite spark between the 2 of them and the crowd loved it! It was then and there that Love Junk was born! For 4 years now, Jamie and Mike have been making people laugh, dance and sing along. It was a refreshing change for them considering they both struggled for years with original projects.

Like many people, I always thought that playing along with pre-recorded tracks was NOT considered LIVE music. I have since changed my mind after seeing these guys in action. Love Junk puts on a show that is so much fun! They play all kinds of music; Rock, Pop, R&B, Country, Singer Standards and they LOVE 80’s music! They are able to touch on every genre and can pretty much do ANYTHING that is requested of them! And what’s really impressive is that they don’t use just any old pre-recorded music found on the internet. Jamie played and recorded all the music you hear so it’s MUCH more authentic.

Love Junk is definitely unique. They are a 2-piece party machine and you can tell they really love performing. In addition to playing music, they also DJ and host Karaoke, so there is something for everyone. Their shows are fun to just sit back and watch too! Jamie explained, “Nothing makes us happier than seeing people dancing, singing, smiling and just having a great time. We love to bring people up to sing or play along with us and just ROCK OUT!”

Love Junk plays all over the area, including Curran’s Irish Inn Tacony every Friday night (with the legendary Secret Service Band!); as well as Curran’s other two locations in Bensalem and Palmyra NJ. We went to see them at one of our favorite local spots – The Fireside on Elmwood Avenue in Feasterville, where they will now be performing every Sunday from 8 pm – 11 pm. They also play at Johnny Apples in Holland, Tony’s Place in Ivyland and their Jersey shore spots are Keenan’s, Casey’s on Third and Fred’s Tavern. Love Junk is somewhere just about every night of the week! To check their schedule you can find them on Facebook or on Myspace at if you want to hear their demo. Or, simply call one of the great places I mentioned above to see when they will be there next!

Love Junk is great for any venue or private party. From a great live show to DJing and hosting Karaoke, they offer the fun and excitement that everyone craves when they go out. If you want to have a memorable evening out with the girls, or just a night to unwind, laugh and party, go check out Love Junk to see what I mean. You’ll be smiling from ear to ear, trust me!

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eleven_elevenlogoAs I woke up to the alarm clock playing “In My Life” by the Beatles this morning, I laid in bed with a smile until the song was over.  Listening carefully to the words, I could not help but think how much feeling John Lennon put into the lyrics.  In fact if I am not mistaken, this is one of the few songs John wrote that he actually liked.  The words of this song have special meaning to me because it reminded me of how very blessed I am to have such wonderful people in my life.  Many of them I have met through playing music in one way, shape or form, and I hold some really close friendships near and dear to my heart as a result.  Music is such a wonderful way to bring people together and so much can come from it.   I spend a lot of my time going out listening to live music when I am not gigging myself, and there’s nothing better than watching a band who really puts the effort into not only their playing, but also into the subtle nuances that set them apart from everyone else.  In the case of cover bands, it’s hard to be different than the band playing down the street.  But there are certain bands that try and one of them is the band we are featuring this month, Eleven Eleven.
Eleven Eleven first got together in 1992 as an original band while the members were all still in college.  Playing mostly at frat parties and local original venues, they quickly developed a name for themselves.  The band released their first album in 1994 and this led to many great opportunities, including a 5 week tour in London, England.  They enjoyed a good amount of success as an original band, having 6 national releases with their last two breaking the CMJ Top 200.  The release “Head” was #179 and “The Unlovable EP” was #17.
As their ambitions grew, the band decided to start playing some covers to help fund what they wanted to do with their original music.  They starting mixing cover songs in with their originals at shows and in 1998, they toured nationally in support of their 2004 release “Head” opening for such bands as Phantom Planet, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Thrills, and Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode.
Eleven Eleven is now one of the most talented bands in the entire tri-state area, still playing both covers and originals.  Their recent sponsorships by Budweiser and Twenty Two Vodka are a testament of their talent, as well.  They play in some of the biggest and best rooms, from Boston to Key West, focusing on the crowds that come to see them.  Lead vocalist and guitar player, Jeff Giuliani explained “Our only concern is that everyone has a great time and wants to come back again and again”.   The band is very approachable and will always involve the crowd in what they do.  Jeff told me, “We like to engage the crowd and play to them.  They sing along, and sometimes jump on stage to “help” us sing.  It’s a very fun and social evening and quite a different experience from watching just any other band.”
Eleven Eleven’s set list caters to the whole crowd and they change things up a lot.  “You never know how a night is going to go until you are in the throes of it, so we like to make sure we are playing what the crowd wants to hear,” says Jeff.  “There is no dead air.  I believe dead air is the kryptonite to any cover band.”  The band plays a wide variety of music including Tom Petty, Journey, The Cure, The Killers and Kings of Leon.  They also do an all 80’s tribute every now and then.
These guys are a lot of fun, with no inflated egos and they are certainly not afraid to poke fun at each other.  Having a good time at all costs is their mantra.  They aren’t trying to be rock stars and they have no pretentions about being cover band rock starts either.  They just want everyone that comes to their shows to leave fulfilled and maybe a little tipsy while marking their calendars for the next Eleven Eleven show!
Speaking of Eleven Eleven shows, you can catch them every Thursday at RiRa at the Quarter in The Tropicana in Atlantic City from 11:15 pm – 3:00 am.  To get more information on the band and to see all the great places they play, please visit their website at  Big thanks to Jeff Giuliana for doing the interview and to the rest of the band, drummer Rich Franchetta, bass guitarist Steve “Stebs” Solof and lead guitarist Mike Donato. All of us at the Out On The Town wish you continued success!

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By:  Krista Doran

promoshot_urbanachieversHow does one define the term “party band?”  Some would say the term simply means a band that entertains at parties, while others may think the band members like to party.  In the case of this month’s featured band, it means all of that, and then some!

The Urban Achievers is definitely a band that entertains at parties and trust me, they all like to party!  But one thing that is setting them apart from the influx of cover bands out there on the circuit is that they have a really good following of fans.  That being said, you can be pretty certain that when you go see this band, there will be a lot of people there!  This seems to be a touchy subject with some of the bands and clubs alike nowadays.  I mean let’s face it – the days of people lining up to see live bands are dwindling right before our eyes.  Even the so called “well-known” bands aren’t drawing like they used to.  The bands that are surviving and still doing well are the ones who are keeping it real by not making ridiculous promises and also have the talent to put on a great show.  Keeping all of that in mind, The Urban Achievers have all their bases covered!

I spoke to guitar player, Mike Goldman who told me this band really likes to have fun at shows.  “We party right along with our peeps.  We love to drink with everyone and have fun with them – it just gets everyone in the mood.”  The music they play is mostly Classic Rock while throwing in some modern tunes here and there and they even have some originals.  The band plays at some great rooms too, which happen to be some of the Out On The Town’s favorites, such as Paddy Whacks, Curran’s, Reale’s and The Ashton Pub.  They also break off and do some solo and duo acts Mike explained to me, which keeps everyone actively playing music.

If you would like to get out and see this band, I definitely recommend that you do.  They are all solid players with one thing in mind – BRINGING THE PARTY!  Their next show is at Paddy Whacks on South Street on 10/8 at 10:00 pm.  Paddy Whacks is a great place to see a band.  The staff there is exceptional, the food is tremendous, the prices are very reasonable and there is parking in the square right across the street.  You can’t go wrong!  If you can’t make this show, then make sure you see them at Curran’s Tacony location on 11/26 at 9:30 pm.  The Urban Achievers band is:  Mike Goldman: Guitar, keys, vocals and harmonica, Tim Schmid: Lead singer, Dan Leonard:  Lead guitar, Pat Schickling: Bass, Brian Sabec: Drums and Walt Bartle: Vocals.  Please join their page on Facebook!

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