By: Krista Doran

Several months ago we arrived at Curran’s Bensalem for one of our gigs.  We always arrive at the venues we play early enough to have plenty of time to set up, and mingle with friends for a bit.  Curran’s has been having acoustic music there on Friday nights before the bands start, and while we were there we happened to catch the last set of a band called Looseleaf Trio.

I was already aware of Rhett Tierney who is the guitar player and lead vocalist for the band.  The Doran family has been lifelong friends with the Tierney clan, so when Rhett’s dad Brian first told me about them I made sure to take notice.  As we walked in to Curran’s, the first thing that caught my attention was the 3 part harmony ringing through the entire room.  I put down my gig bag and just sat and watched these 3 young men do their thing.  I have to admit, it takes a lot to impress me when it comes to cover bands.  I have seen so many over the years, that some just start to sound alike.  Not these guys…they have a unique sound and style all their own.  I loved it!

Looseleaf Trio formed after Rhett had been doing a lot of solo acoustic gigs and was tired of being limited to just gigging alone.  He soon called on his old friends and former band mates Andrew Napoli and Keith Boehm to join him and form a more serious group.  Soon after forming, they started playing a few gigs a week and also started performing some original material as well.  The trio has been together now for almost 2 years and have really been turning a lot of heads out there.  Their shows truly are like a breath of fresh air!

If you go to see Looseleaf Trio (which I highly recommend) you are really going to enjoy it.  They play music from several different genres.  I spoke with Rhett and he told me, “We don’t like to limit ourselves to a certain genre.  We play classic hits that everyone loves and will sing along to.”  Their shows consist of many different cover tunes ranging from Sam Cooke to Sublime, with a selection of their own originals peppered in.  In fact, even their originals are catchy and upbeat, full of deep lyricism and emotion.  It is a high energy show and not your typical mellow acoustic.

The Looseleaf trio may be just that, a trio, but their sound is as full as a regular band.  They are gigging at least 4 nights a week now.  They play steady at Curran’s Irish Inn on Friday nights and at Paddy Whacks on Welsh Road on Sundays.  They also host an open mic at Dean Casmirri’s Colonial Inn on Thursdays.  Saturdays vary and you can catch them playing somewhere in NE Philly or Bucks County.

These 3 guys are doing something right for sure, because the music is excellent and everyone that has seen them just loves what they do!  When I asked Rhett what he wanted to tell all of our readers he told me, “We would like people to know that all we wish to do other than write and perform our music, is to inspire anyone we can in any positive way possible.  Our message is that you can still produce good music and entertain people without gimmicks.”

Looseleaf Trio is:  Rhett Tierney – Guitar, harmonica and lead vocals; Andrew Napoli – Bass guitar and vocals; Keith Boehm – Percussion and vocals. You can check them out online by going to their Facebook page:  Facebook.com/looseleaftrio or on Twitter: Twitter.com/looseleaftrio.  If you are interested in booking Looseleaf Trio, please contact Brian at 267-566-0351. Below is their current schedule for May.  Go check them out!

5/10 Casmirri’s Colonial Inn, Penndel PA 9-1 am
5/16 Kenny’s, Southampton PA  8-12 am
5/17 Casmirri’s Colonial Inn, Penndel PA 9-1 am
5/18 Curran’s Bensalem PA 5-8pm
5/19  Pennsbury High School Prom
5/20 Manny Brown’s 9-1 am
5/24 Casmirri’s Colonial Inn, Penndel PA 9-1am
5/25 Currans Tacony Phila PA 8-1 am
5/27 Paddywhacks on Welsh, Phila PA 9-12 am
5/31 Casmirris Colonial Inn, Penndel PA 9-1am

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By:  Krista Doran

Kirko_4-bwKirko has been rocking the East Coast for more than 20 years now.  From bars and night clubs to weddings and corporate events, this band provides an extremely high level of professionalism and awesome musicianship!

I remember the first time I saw this band.  It was at my niece Jamie’s wedding a few years ago at The Philmont Country Club in Huntington Valley.  What a beautiful place to have a wedding!  It was outside on the patio area and it was a gorgeous day.  The sun was shining, the drinks were flowing and the music grabbed me and made me turn around from the very first note!  Here were these extremely handsome guys up there on the stage playing some of my favorite songs.  Everyone was dancing, as their lead singer Kevin Kirk was walking through the crowd with the wireless microphone, while playing his acoustic guitar.  They really made the wedding so much more enjoyable with a wonderful selection of songs, played with excellence.

One of the many great things about Kirko is that they can accommodate any party or venue.  They can come as a full band, or can scale down to a duo or solo.  They can even provide DJ services.  Whatever your need, this band delivers live music that will entertain any crowd.  Kirko plays a mix of everything – Classic and Modern Rock, Motown, Blues – you name it, they play it all!

The band itself is comprised of the Kirk brothers Kevin, Chris and Scott, along with their adopted brother, Mike Thompson.  You can see them playing all over the area at many great venues.  Kevin has an acoustic solo vertical every Thursday night at The Fireside in Feasterville from 8:30 – 1 am.  On Fridays, Kevin and Scott perform together for happy hour on the outdoor patio at The Fireside as well, from 5-9 pm.  Kirko will be one of the bands playing the 2nd Annual Hampton Brewfest, being held on Saturday May 19 from 1 – 6 pm at The Phoenix Sports Club located at 301 W Bristol Road in Feasterville.  Tickets are on sale now at www.hamptonbrewfest.com.  On Cinco De Mayo, they will be back at The Buck Hotel in Feasterville from 9:00 pm – 1 am.  Starting in September you can catch Kirko at The Parx Casino every month from 3-6 pm!

If you are having a private event of any kind and you are looking for a band that will make your party even better, contact the Kirko Band and you won’t be disappointed!  You can view their whole schedule and read more on the band’s website at www.thekirkoband.com – and be sure to join their Facebook page at Facebook.com/thekirkoband!

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By:  Krista Doran
daze_endWe featured this awesome local cover band a year or so ago, and since then Daze End has been turning heads playing music their own unique way.  In addition to that, they have added a new, tight horn section that amps up their presence that much more.
I interviewed lead singer, Brian Hannon who joined the band last May.  Brian told me, “In the world of cover bands, lots of people play it safe and do the human jukebox thing.  With us, we’re all songwriters and like to keep that creative flow going.  We like to take songs, and put our own personal touch on them.”
Only a band as talented as these 6 guys can successfully pull something like this off.  All 6 members have come from original bands that have toured and have had record deals.  They all have very different styles as well, which results in some very interesting renditions of songs!  Brian comes from the Warped Tour world hailing from Victory in Numbers; Bassist Chris Campbell from the hardcore Ska scene of Daze Alone.  Drummer Mike Hostler was the drummer of the thrash metal band, Solitude and guitarist Bobby Enloe was once part of the hair metal band, Sick Vicky.  Horn players, Colin Sharp and Travis Hill are both Jazz Performance majors at The University of the Arts. This combination of styles really sets this band alone on the cover band scene.
Managed by the Shore Bets Agency in Jenkintown, Daze End plays all over including arena events, such as NHL Hockey games at the Wells Fargo Center to shore points and little bars.  The band is very high energy and as Brian explained to me, “We are light-hearted but intense!  I run around like a crazy person getting the audience involved.  We have a pretty fun dynamic on stage…they are all “giants” and I am a little vertically challenged, which they like to remind me about often!”
Daze End covers all types of music.  New, old…Country to Hard Rock, and always putting a Rock spin to everything they choose to play.  There’s never really a slow moment when they play, either.  They try to keep up a party atmosphere, but still are able to do it in a more creative fashion.  Whether you are just looking for a party or you are a music aficionado, you will enjoy this band. To see their full schedule of shows and events, please visit www.dazeend.net or you can find them on Facebook.  Daze End is: Brian Hannon – Lead Vocals/Mandolin; Michael Hostler – Drums; Chris Campbell – Bass/Vocals; Bobby Enloe – Guitar/Vocals; Colin Sharp – Saxophone; Travis Hill – Trombone.
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By: Krista Doran
7d0ecbc43131d9f4da7c9b87aa1980fcHere at The Out On the Town, we are always working hard to bring our readers the best in local entertainment.  In doing so, we put a lot of thought into who we feature in the “In The Spotlight” segment.  It is always our goal to make things interesting and fun and we encourage you all to continue to support local music!
For this issue, we decided to feature a band that does both covers and originals, and who collectively have had quite an interesting musical past both locally and abroad.  This issue’s featured band is 44 Fridays!
44 Fridays is comprised of local musicians Keith Bucco, Shawn Johnson, Tom Triebl and Rich Stinson.  Keith, Shawn and Rich grew up together in their hometown of New Egypt, NJ and performed together in the 90’s in various bands including one called First Offense.  They gigged all over PA and NJ and even performed on local cable shows.  In 2007, Keith and John got the itch to play live again and decided to start auditioning local musicians to form a new band.  After meeting some great candidates, they stumbled upon bass player Tom Triebl, who happened to come to the auditions with a friend who was auditioning for the position of lead singer.  After hearing Tom play, they knew he had to be part of the project they were envisioning.  Tom played in many with bands in lots of clubs on the East Coast throughout the 80’s, and also toured in Europe with a band called Valley of the Kings/UK.  He also recorded several albums in the UK.  Once the three of them got together, they persuaded Keith’s and Shawn’s long time friend and former band mate, Rich Stinson to come back on drums.  They have been together every since!
For the last 5 years, 44 Fridays has been turning heads by playing a great repertoire of music that ranges from Classic and Modern Rock to their own originals.  I asked bass player, Tom Triebl what their shows were like and he told me, “With us, it’s always a high energy performance.  We treat every show like it is our last.  We have a lot of fun, while still maintaining a level or professionalism and excellence.”  These guys like to incorporate many types of music, while adding their own touch to many of the songs as well.  You can tell they work very hard at it because they have a great sound and are very tight.  They are currently recording their first original album at Hedgerow Studios, and are hoping for a Spring 2012 release!
One of the things that 44 Fridays in known for is that they take the time to not only put on a great show, but they always have crowd participation, too.  They are always doing something special at their shows, which will sometimes include t-shirt or other giveaways.  They have lots of fans and friends who come to see them on a regular basis and these guys are very professional.  Tom explained, “we will always cater to the club or bar that we perform at to give the best show.  We always hold ourselves to a higher standard.”
You can see 44 Fridays perform at some great venues including several OOT’s favorite spots such as The Roadhouse in Newportville, PA, McStew’s Irish Sports Pub in Levittown, The Stadium at 5 Points in Levittown &The Tango in NE Philly.  They have also performed at some great events such as The Que for The Troops last Memorial Day and also headlined at The Brewfest at the Sun National Bank Arena in Trenton, NJ.  Be sure to catch their next show, which will be on St. Patty’s Day, 3/17 at The Roadhouse Inn located at 2200 Newportville Road in Newportville, PA.  It’s always a great time at The Roadhouse and with 44 Fridays in the house, you know the place will be ROCKING!
44 Fridays is Keith Bucco – Lead Vocals; Shawn Johnson – Guitar; Tom Triebl – Bass; Rich Stinson – Drums.  To stay up to date with what the band is doing, go to their website www.44FRidays.com and bu sure to “Like” them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/44fridays! ;

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Bogside-Rogues21If you are looking to party like only the Irish can on St Patrick’s Day, there are plenty of places to “Get your Green on!”  But, no party is complete without one of Philly’s most popular Irish bands, The Bogside Rogues!

The Bogside Rogues have been around as long as I can remember.  In fact, when I think of local Irish bands, I immediately think of them.  This phenomenal group of musicians are very well known for their upbeat sound, while still staying true to their traditional roots.  The band performs a variety of Irish and Celtic styles including ballads, rebel songs, traditional dance music and contemporary Irish songs. Each member of the band has different Celtic musical backgrounds.  Using a combination of instruments including Accordion/Tin Whistle, Guitar, Bass and Drums, together they form an edgy live sound.  In fact,  they have inspired many other musicians to take up instruments in order to continue this wonderful tradition of music.

The Bogside Rogues have toured quite a bit in the Mid-Atlantic United States. They have taken their show abroad as well, having played in Ireland as well as the Caribbean & the Panama Canal. They typically play at pubs and festivals, and have also performed in St. Patrick’s Day Parades and other functions featuring Irish music and culture. The members of the band work in close association with the Irish community and its various member groups, especially the Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH), and contributes time, talent, and resources in their various fundraising efforts.

To me, Irish music has always been quite emotional.  My husband is 100% Irish and I have learned a great deal about the strength, wisdom and hugely robust sense of humor of the Irish.  They are people that everyone wants to be around when times are happy and even when they are sad.  They know how to party, but they also know how to be strong in times of doubt and sorrow.  Irish music portrays the struggles, the joys and the love within the Irish people.  It’s inspirational and can be quite ethereal.  The Bogside Rogues have found a way to incorporate all the emotions this wonderful music exudes into a highly energetic and fun show!

You can see The Bogside Rogues perform live at many great venues including every First Friday at Tir Na Nog in Philadelphia. In fact, that is where they will be on St. Patrick’s Day!  You can view their entire schedule on their website www.bogsiderogues.com. ; If you would like to have them play at your event, festival or party please call  1-888-205-4762.  If it’s Irish music you want, they are the best!

The Bogside Rogues are Bob Finegan (Drums & Percussion), Fran O’Connor (Bass Guitar, Vocals), Bobby Hurst (Vocals, Accordion, Tin Whistle), & Tim Murphy (Acoustic Guitar, Vocals).  If you are looking for authentic Irish music, played with heart and soul you will LOVE The Bogside Rogues!

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By:  Krista Doran

At the corners of State and Washington Streets in Historic Newtown Borough is a wonderful place called The Temperance House.  “The Temp” as many of their regular patrons lovingly call it, is not just a local tavern.  The tradition of the Temperance House began in 1772, when soldier and scholar Andrew McMinn first opened the inn.  Since then, The Temperance House has seen many different proprietors and has been used as a meeting place where drinks, ice cream and even oysters have been served to the locals.  The Temperance House is steeped in history and today owned and operated by Carlene and Pat Deon, who still maintain “The Temp’s” love of Newtown’s colorful heritage.

As you walk in either of the entrances, you immediately feel its charm.  The Temperance House has so much to offer as a tavern, restaurant and an inn, and its casual elegance is just a reminder that once inside, you are going to experience something special.  The culinary team of chefs James Hagan and Derek Fields are always creating new and exciting dishes to please every palate, even accommodating those who choose gluten-free foods or are vegetarians.  The menu changes seasonally to take advantage of all the wonderful meats, seafood and vegetables that are available at the time.  The best way to describe the food would be American, but it definitely has an international fusion flare.  Both chefs are very thoughtful when considering which delights to offer guests, even taking time to consider Chinese New Year and other Holidays important to many.  The food is always fresh, always delicious and very reasonably priced.  Lunch specials start at just $6.00, and dinners start at just $14.00.  The portions are large and very satisfying.  The staff is absolutely wonderful, too, always making sure all guests are comfortable and content.

A night at The Temperance House, whether you are there for just drinks, dinner or a weekend stay is certainly going to be memorable.  The building itself is beautifully maintained.  Considering its age, you will never see cracks, broken trim or flooring anywhere.  Mr. and Mrs. Deon love this building and it shows.  They have taken great care to see that it is continuously cleaned and maintained to keep its charm and beauty.  From elegant fireplaces in the dining rooms, to the beautifully appointed stained glass art and light fixtures, “The Temp” is the place to be in Newtown.  It is definitely a favorite among locals, and can accommodate up to 150 people at one time.  It’s a great place to have a party and if you are looking for a place to host a wedding, shower, fundraiser, life celebration or any type of event, the party “dream team,” headed by Manager Erica Darragh and Event Coordinator Kim Carney, is at your disposal.  Erica and Kim will create a party as simple or as extravagant as you desire, always bringing that “Wow Factor” into all that they do.  If a max capacity of 150 is too small for your event, no problem!  They do off-site catering as well and can do anything from an office cocktail party, a fun luau or themed event to an elegant grill party with steaks and lobsters!  You dream it, they make it happen!  There is no event too big or too small for them to handle and everything from carving stations, to gorgeous flowers and centerpieces, amazing desserts and specialty drinks are handled to meet your individual specifications.  The Temperance House has catered many wonderful off-site charity events too.  In fact, every year they cater a fundraiser for their own personal charity, Pennsylvania Special Olympics.  In the past 8 years, there has been over $250k raised for this wonderful cause!  The 9th Annual Fundraiser will be held on June 20th, 2012 at the Makefield Highland Golf Course.  If you need details or want to participate, please call Erica at 215-860-9975.

Something that is unique to The Temperance House and a favorite among cigar aficionados is their cigar, cognac and scotch selections.  They also play host to many cigar events throughout the year and it’s the perfect place for the guys to have a special night of cigars, food and a scotch tasting.  You can even book one of their 5 private rooms for your smoking pleasure!  It’s perfect for an upscale bachelor party or guys night out.  There are not many places that cater to the cigar lovers but The Temperance House certainly does, offering a fine in-house selection.  If you prefer a special brand of cigar to smoke in the tavern, there are also local smoke shops within walking distance.  The inn upstairs is the perfect place for an overnight or weekend stay for people traveling through the area, or even just a quiet get-away.  The Temp’s 13 nicely appointed rooms are completely remodeled, comfortable and inviting.  These spacious rooms all have private baths and are ideal for wedding parties.

There is always something fun going on at The Temperance House!  If you love live music, it is the only place in Newtown that hosts the area’s top bands in all genres including Jazz, Blues, Classic Rock, Top 40 and Acoustic.  Wednesday through Saturday the place is always hopping with a great looking people who like to have fun.  They offer some really spectacular specials featuring half price draft beer and appetizers plus $1 off mixed drinks and house wine from 5-7 pm every day of the week.  Week day specials are:  Monday – half price appetizers from 5-9 pm, Tuesday – “Tini Tuesday” with $5 house martinis, Wednesdays – $5 glasses of house wine, Thursdays – $2 domestic drafts and $3 Craft beers.  On Fridays and Saturdays from 5-7 pm – half price draft beer and appetizers plus $1 off mixed drinks and house wine.  Weekend day food specials are $1 Hot Dogs on Saturday $4 Cheese steaks (Beef or Chicken) on Sunday.  Make The Temperance House your place to watch the Flyers play and enjoy $3 Stellas during all games.  Other events that The Temperance House is known for are their Wednesday Jazz Celebrations, Special 4 Course Tasting Menus, and The NFL Draft with Merrill Reese of WBCB and draft expert Tom Hepler.  On Easter and Mother’s Day, a beautiful and elegant brunch is offered that the whole family will enjoy.  The next big event on the agenda is Valentine’s Day, so why not make plans now?  The Temperance House will be offering a very special and romantic evening featuring a special dinner menu, running 2/10 through 2/14.  For “The Temp’s St. Patty’s Celebration” Celtic Pride will be performing from 8 – Midnight on Friday 3/16/12.  There will be traditional Irish food and beer specials. Reservations are required for all special events!    For all events and information about specials please visit their website at www.temperancehouse.com.

The Temperance House offers so many great ways for you, your friends and family to enjoy its elegantly casual atmosphere, professional and welcoming staff, fresh and delicious food and top notch entertainment.  It’s the “total package” when it comes to restaurant/bars, and is hands-down, the jewel of Newtown Borough!  I highly suggest you go try The Temperance House.  You will be glad you did!

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By: Krista Doran

index~~element42For the last couple of years Fish Out Of Water has been rocking some of the best venues for music in the area.  Playing a great mix of Classic and Modern Rock, R&B and Dance tunes, these 5 guys get the party started and keep it going until closing time! I spoke with Lead Guitarist, Brian Kelly who told me, “Our shows are like one huge party with LOTS of dancing and doing shots.  It’s a memorable experience, every single time, for everyone that sees our show!”

Fish Out Of Water band started out about 10 years ago as a not-so-serious jam session among friends.  Over some time, they saw the potential and things have been spiraling upwards ever since. This band has worked really hard to cover all aspects of the songs they perform in order to keep the sound true to the original.  But Brian explained that since all of the members have experience writing music and Music Theory backgrounds, they “like to add their own personal twist to many songs or jam and improv a song if the crowd is enjoying it.”  To me, this is one of the most FUN things a cover band can do while performing.  In my experience as a musician, it is important to keep the song familiar, but when you can add your own personal touches to a song, or jam out on it in a way to show off your own originality and strengths, that is what makes a cover band unique.

When you go to see Fish Out Of Water, expect to see a band with lots of energy.  They will typically start the night off with some more “mellow” yet, great tunes.  As people start to loosen up they will rock things up a bit and then by the third set everyone is singing, dancing and have a great time.  I asked Brian what type of music they liked playing the most and he told me, “we like to play just about everything, but especially the “dancey” stuff is really fun to us – it drives the crowd crazy and everyone is has fun!”  They even play some originals when they can fit them in, which also shows the musical versatility of this band.

You can “catch” Fish Out Of Water at some great live venues, including
Currans Irish Inn, Bensalem, PA, Kenny’s Spirited Eatery in Southampton, PA, Bailey’s in Levittown, PA and Flukes, Sweeney’s and Daly’s all in NE Philly.  If you want to be part of a huge crazy party, go check these guys out!

Fish Out of Water is Gary Smith (lead vocals, guitar), Brian Kelly (lead guitar, vocals), Ray Palmer (keys, vocals), Santiago Cannon (bass, vocals), Jack Fireno (drums) and you can book the band by calling Brian at 215-480-1656 and be sure to check out their website to see pics and view the band’s full schedule at www.fishoutofwaterband.com!

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By:  Krista Doran

spotlight copy2011 was a great year for local live music.  There are some really talented acts out there, so please support the local bands who work so hard to entertain you.  Here is a recap of the bands I wrote about last year and that were featured in the In The Spotlight segment!

Animal House –Just Good Old Party Music! www.animalhouseband.com

Split Decision – It’s ALWAYS a Party with “Split” in the House!  www.splitdecision.com

Jamison – Celtic and Tradition Irish Rock at its BEST!  www.jamisoncelticrock.com

Sindi Raymond Band – A Cover Band that Always Pushes the Boundaries!  www.sindiraymondband.com

Saturn – This Band Will MakeYou Want to DANCE!  www.facebook.com/saturnbandlive

Gypsy Wisdom –You Have to See it to Feel It! www.facebook.com/GypsyWisdom

Incognito – Always Bringing the Party!  www.incognitophilly.com

Think Pink – The Area’s #1 Pink Floyd Tribute Band & Quite an Experience! www.thinkpinkfloyd.com

Black Landlord – A Nine Piece Funk Machine!  www.blacklandlord.com

Shorty Long and The Jersey Horns – A Show That Will Knock Your Socks Off!

Angry Vic – 80’s Hair Band Music and SO MUCH More!  www.angryvic.com

Chowder – No Frills, Good Old Rock and Roll! Search “Chowder Band” on Facebook

Them Bones – 2011 WMGK House Band and Pedal To The Floor Rock and Roll! http://thembones.webs.com

Taste – Come Get a Taste of Rock, Reggae and Funk!  www.tastephillyband.com

The 70’s Again – A Tribute To All The Best Music From The 70s!  www.the70sagain.com

These are also some of the names you see playing all over the area and among favorites of all the party people out there!

Let’s all male a resolution to support these, and all local live music in 2012!  Nothing compares to seeing a live band do their thing on stage.  It is great entertainment and live music will always make you feel good!  All of these musicians have worked very hard at their craft and the staff here at The OOT would like to thank them for being part of our 2011 issues!

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spotlightBy: Krista Doran

Just over 2 years ago, lead Vocalist and Keyboard player Rob Stillman decided to start a band that would focus on playing only the greatest songs from the 70’s.  He called his long time friend and bass player, Bobby Garrett and together they put a list together of the songs they always wanted to perform.  Because there are not many bands that focus solely on this musical era, the other members gladly joined along as soon as they were approached.  This band has been bringing the party to local venues ever since.
I spoke to Guitarist and friend, Amedeo DiCarlo who explained “we truly enjoy everything that we play and we get the most enjoyment out of watching everyone else have a great time. The crazier they get, the better the evening goes!”  I went to see them live last week at The Temperance House in Newtown and from start to finish the place was up dancing to every song.  Their shows are not only about playing great live music, it’s all about entertainment too.  They are very theatrical, doing much more than just standing there playing songs.  Amedeo told me, “We make our shows come alive.  The clothing and costumes are thought through, the sound clips are poignant and the characterizations are used to add depth to the visual aspect of each song’s performance.  We’ve had comments that we look like we are just having the time of our lives – that’s because we are!”

You get to see a lot of crazy things at a 70’s Again performance such as games, costumes, bar and table walking, dry ice, etc. The band takes great care in executing the songs as they were recorded. The guitar and keyboards sounds are chosen carefully to reproduce as much authenticity as is possible. Also, this band is  non-stop from the time they start until the doors close. They are really about entertaining, providing quality music and making sure everyone has a great time.

The 70’s Again band gives you a reason to go out to patronize the venues they play. “Time and money are scarce these days. We want to make certain that when people spend them with us they have seen and heard something that was worth both,” says Amedeo.  “We take our music and performances very seriously even though we are pretty loose on stage. It may appear we’re just throwing it together and hoping all the nonsense keeps you entertained, but great thought goes into making it an evening you’ll remember. It’s a new experience at every gig.”

The music of the 70’s was always some of my personal favorite.  It had so much more meaning and depth than the new music you hear today.  Music in that era meant something.  70’s Again captures the essence of all that great music and meaning and puts it all into a capsule of 4 hours of pure fun.  They cover all the great bands like Boston. Foreigner, Styx, Rush, Bad Company, Elton John, The Stones, Kiss, Steely Dan, The Bee Gees, Supertramp and many others. They also pay close attention to the audience and what they want and will even through in some R&B or Disco.

You can see 70’s Again at some great local venues such as The Temperance House in Newtown, Flukes Restaurant & Pub in NE Philly, Peppers in King of Prussia, the Whitpain Tavern in Blue Bell and every First Friday they play at Bocco in North Wales.  You can see their full schedule at www.the70’sAgain.com or on Facebook.  They are available to play bars, clubs, private parties and corporate events. 70’s Again is Robert (Stilly) Stillman – Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar; Joe Beckett – Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar; Am DiCarlo – Guitar, Guitar Synths, Vocals; Gary Sauer – Drums, Lead Vocals; Bobby Garrett – Bass, Vocals and Harry Stevenson – Sax, Vocals.  Be sure to check them out!

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By:  Krista Doran

_MTD7004-2What do you get when you mix some Classic and Modern Rock, sprinkle in some Reggae and season with a hint of Funk?  Well, you get one of the hottest and most exciting cover bands to hit the circuit in years called Taste, of course!

Taste is a band managed by Apollo Artists that has only been together since August of 2010, but have been turning heads like nobody’s business!  Consisting of 5 highly talented musicians, Taste is a band that will just knock your socks off.

I interviewed lead vocalist, Mike Chevalier and asked him what was different about Taste and he told me, “We have a combination of unique instrumentation, well-seasoned players, and strong vocals; we’re also ready, willing and able to do just about anything that people want to hear. There are a lot of great groups around, though we definitely play some stuff you just won’t hear anywhere else, and you won’t hear the variety of material we cover by a single band, sometimes within a single set.”  This band has been known to play “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”, “Disco Inferno” and “Thriller” into the same set, all the while keeping a great, energetic flow. Taste loves to keep you guessing, by only playing the best songs, with great arrangements and energy.  Their shows are unpredictable, explosive and irresistibly funky.

From Motown and Classic Funk to Classic/Modern Rock and the latest Pop and club hits, Taste knows what it takes to keep their fans dancing all night long.  This band simply focuses on keeping people dancing, drinking and smiling, all the while keeping it weird, wild and fun!  If you were down the shore this past summer, you probably saw this crazy bunch playing at places like Keenan’s, The Wharf of Club Luna.  They are now starting to play at local clubs in and around the Philly area.  In the month of December they have shows lined up at the following places:  12/3 – Harrah’s Eden Lounge, 12/10 they’ll be at The  Manayunk Brew Pub, from 12/12-12/18 they’ll hit Sloppy Joe’s in Key West, Fl and on 12/30 at The Trappe Tavern.

I asked Mike what kind of music they all like to play the most and he told me, “Anything funky. Our fantasy setlist would probably be an even mix of James Brown, Jamiroquai, The Meters and Parliament-Funkadelic. We’d love to have a life sized Mothership land on stage, too!”

This band is definitely something special.  It took them a few years of playing an annual corporate holiday event every year to really understand what they had together, but now here they are and they’re ready to ROCK!

You can see Taste’s full schedule at www.tastephillyband.com, hear samples of their music and view pictures of past shows.  They are available to play all clubs and events and can be booked through Apollo Artists Attractions by calling Eli at 610-328-6500.  Taste is:  Michael Chevalier on lead vocals, violin & keys; Ian Scattareggia on lead guitar & vocals; Erik Scatterggia on drums, programming & vocals, Rob Craft on lead guitar, vocals & trumpet and             Aaron Hindorff on lead vocals & bass.  This is certainly a band you will want to check out time and time again!

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