Melody Goodman & Allison Murray
From : Currans Irish Inn
Bensalem Pa


Melody Goodman

Melody works at Curran’s Irish Inn located in Bensalem Pa., on Monday, Friday and Sundays from 11am to 7pm. She has a warm and friendly personality and it shows each time she does her bar shift.

Melody stands in at 5′ and has Blonde hair and Brown eyes.
Her hobbies are: Going out with her friends,shopping, sports and meeting new people when she works.She loves the Eagles and also enjoys all sports. She likes the Phillies.

Favorite radio station: Power 99FM and Wired 96.5 and 100.3 FM
(About her job)

” What I like most about being behind the bar is talking to the customers. They fill me in on so many things and it just makes each day so special”, says Melody.

Favorite drink: Rasberry Cozmo

Allison Murray

Allison works at Curran’s on Wednesdays and Sundays and stands in at 5′ 6”. She has blonde hair and blue eyes.She really likes to work the Sunday game day shift…and just enjoys seeing all the Eagles fans coming over to watch the game.

She is a resident of NE Phila. Allison has a great personality and just loves her job behind the bar.
She is single and looking for a “hottie” as she stated. She should have no problem at all finding that hottie….

Hobbies: Laying out on the beach in her spare time and going dancing with her friends and going out to a mall and she also loves sports : Hockey and Football .

She is a big Flyers and Eagles fan and also follows the Phils.

Favorite radio station: Q-102 FM

(About her job)”I like to take control of the bar when I am doing my shift and l really enjoy meeting
the many new customers that come over here to Currans” she says.

Favorite drink: Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka on the rocks!

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By Roundhouse Ron

DSC_0077DJ KayJay a.k.a. Kristin Jackson is the sexy and seductive pride of Baltimore, Maryland. She started her career in the modeling world. After being featured in several Playboy issues, it was time for her to turn her attention to her true love for music. KayJay has always expressed a passion for music and an interest in playing to large crowds.

Since then, KayJay has been traveling from one event to the next bringing her one of a kind beats, videos, vigorous style and enthusiastic stage presence to the party. This video DJ feels a crowd and gives them exactly what they want and more as she takes it to a new level. Whether it’s mixing hip-hop with rock or even 80’s, while throwing in some commercial house or old school, Kristen seems to always have things under control.

On this awesome night, I got to spend a few hours with DJ KayJay at CLUB 27 in Old City Philadelphia. Standing only 5 feet 2 inches, Kristin is a power house of energy with a stunning stage presence. She looked like a very seductive Playboy model, with a sexy outfit as she was pulling off the Britney Spears or Lady Gaga look. The warm embrace that she wrapped around me sent chills up my spine as I tried to maintain my true professionalism.

CLUB 27 was 3 floors of total craziness with 5 separate rooms and 5 bars serving over 1,200 people. The line went straight down Bank Street from their front door, almost hitting Market Street. The fine staff made me and my people feel very welcome.

Like most of her performances, see took this club to an all new level as the building was vibrating to her heavy bass beats. DJ KayJay was stunning, amazing, electric, funny and just beautiful. She is one super model video disc jockey. Can you believe that this Playboy super model listens to Classic Rock when not spinning her mixes? She enjoys Philly so much, but with her crazy schedule is unable to hit our fine city more often. I found out that Kristen also personally updates and answers all of her myspace messages as well as her website e-mails.

For more information on DJ KayJay or to see her in person, please go to: or catch up with her on myspace at:

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Bartenders of the Month
MEET:   Apryl & Nicole
Here are two great looking gals…Meet Apryl Rich and Nicole Gioffre who both tend the bar over at
Cazz’s Sports Bar in Levittown Pa.
Apryl stands in at 5′ 6” with brunette hair and hazel eyes…works thrusday nights from 10pm to 2am and also on sundays from 7pm to 2 am “What I like most about my job is the people and serving up many different drinks” Apryl says. Apryl has a good customer base and many regulars stop by to see her.
She is outgoing and has a smile all the time when behind the bar.
Hobbies: Likes to paint and hang out with her friends and go dancing.
Favorite Radio Station: likes 96.5 FM – She has been tending bar for over 2 years now.
Favorite Drink: Baccardi and Coke with two limes.
Nicole – A resident of LevittownPa., who grew up in the bar business. ..her dad was Charlie Gioffre the owner of the original Kenwood Lounge and a legend in the entertainment business. Nicole has been tending the bar for well over 3 years and she stands in at 5′ 3” with black hair and brown eyes. She works mondays and wednesday day shift from 11am to 7pm. She also attends Bucks County Community College majoring in accounting.
Hobbies: Harley Davidsons,  Going to the beach, and Hangin’ out with her friends. Loves the Phillies and Eagles.
Favorite Radio Station: 96.5 FM and 100.3 FM
She is very outgoing and friendly when behind the bar and also she can be very sarcastic. She knows how
treat her many regulars.
Favoirte Drink: Tequila and Corona Light.
For more photos go to :
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