Meet  Jessica Fanelli From Hammerheads jessie3

Jessica is a resident of Rhawnhurst and works doing shifts on Wednesday and Sundays and on call for other days over at Hammerheads in NE Phila.  She stands in at 5’1” and has black hair and blue eyes.  When she is behind the bar she goes crazy and makes all of our friends and fans have so much fun. When it comes to the personality edge she is at the top of the list…” I really like making people happy and I just love seeing them have a good time” she says. She said that being a bartender is just an amazing job and  is the best way to meet so many different kinds of people each week.
Jessica goes to school in the daytime and is taking classes at Bucks County Community College.
Birth sign: Virgo
Hobbies: She likes to go the gym and work out daily also likes to go tanning and shopping.
Favorite Radio Station : Wired 96.5 FM
Favorite TV Programs: Bad Girl Club and Mob Wives
Favorite Drink: Vodka water & lemon
Favorite Drink to Serve: The Fanelli Special ( Pineapple upside down Cake)
ON SPORTS: All the Phila sports teams. Likes to go to tailgate  parties. Enjoys going out to see the Phillies play.
Summer places: Loves to go the Jersey Shore – Favorite towns are Wildwood NJ and also likes Atlantic City.
This week stop on over to Hammerheads and meet up with Jessica and mention to her that you did see her in the latest OOT Guide.

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DJ Vegas Vibe returns home to Lower Bucks County

Direct From Las Vegas –  He will mix his music at Cazz’s
Sports Bar on Thursdays Starting May 3rd….

Chadd J Mc Geehan,aka Dj Vegas Vibe is coming back to his hometown for the late spring and summer. He’s back for some time to take care of his family. You can see this master spinner starting on Thursday May 3rd…at Cazz’s Sports Bar in Levittown.  Vegas Vibe  is one of the biggest DJ’s in the country. His fan base is huge and from major celebrities reads like a who’s who in the entertainment world from Movie actors, sports personalities, and many recording stars follow this amazing DJ.

Dj Vegas Vibe Fresh off his 2010 ASIA tour is Back In Las Vegas Burning Up The airways and Dance floors All over the City from his Live Mix shows on the #1 Dance station 94.5FM to his weekly Residencies @ Blue Martini to Headlining world Famous Events Like fetish and Fantasy Ball, Vegas Prom and Many more  Or sharing the stage with Headlining acts such as Bobby Valintino  to Pretty Ricky, Vince Neil and so on .

As one of Sin City’s top DJs, Vegas Vibe has earned his name the only way he knows how, rocking every party like it’s his last. With incredible energy, skill, and passion, Vibe has galvanized the club scene in Vegas by not only headlining more top spots than any other local. His past Gigs & residencies in Vegas alone include such top caliber events & venues like Empire Ballroom, Body EnglishRain, Ra, Studio 54, VoodooHugh Heffner’s Play Boy party’sVince Neil’s party at the Hard Rock, Mike Tyson’s Mansion party & the Fetish & Fantasy Ball in Las Vegas for the past 3 years in a row and many more. He headlines parties across America including regular stints at top clubs in Hawaii, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Atlantic City, San Diego, LA, Miami and the list goes on, he is making a very big name for himself with the Hollywood A list actors as well. Expect to see the latest beats mixed to perfection with scratching skills that will wow both dance floors and spectators. This is combined with an ability to innovate with remixing on the fly like very few DJs can. Oh, and he does it all while making the dance floor scream for more.  Find out why the prestigious “Nightclub and Bar Magazine” has named him America’s DJ to watch for in 2008 and Beyond

2008 Was monumental for DJ Vegas Vibe After years of setting the dance floors on Fire @ some of the most respected and high profile night clubs in Las Vegas Vibe has been touring across the globe bringing his trade marked sound of “Electro Mash up ” to the world, that is a combination of high energy electro and dance music infused with familiar Hip Hop Rock and even 80’s to keep crowds of all walks of life amazed with His ability to mix in and out of the genres of music keeping the crowd screaming for more on the dance floors.   After returning home from a Canadian tour in early March of  2008, he was signed on to the largest Internet radio station on the west coast to host The Las Vegas Bad Boyz Mix show quickly gaining a world wide audience from as far as Japan, Australia Europe, Russia and so on.
Soon to follow was the Launch of a new electronic dance station in Las Vegas on 94.5FM and Vegas Vibe now holds the title to having the only FM Dance mix show in The entertainment capitol of the world with a population of over 2 million residents and over 40 million tourists that visit each year and can tune in every Saturday night from 10 to 11pm or streaming live to the world on
And that’s just the beginning.  After doing a massive concert with the world famous Dj Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys Live on ESPN, Both Mike and his Manager said “we need to sign this guy, he is ready to take off!” They asked Vibe to join the roster of an Elite group of world famous Legendary Dj’s & Entertainers such as DJ Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys, DJ Muggs From Cypress Hill, Twiggy Ramirez of Nine Inch Nails, Rahzel The world famous undisputed Beat Box Champion of the world, DJ Scratch, & MTV’s DJ Skribble Just to Name a few on the Booking agency and artist management empire. Believe us when we say the best is yet to come.

Links to High Quality Mp3 Mix CD’s and Radio Show showcasing The diverse sound of Vegas Vibe, From Deep house, Tech House, Electro and New School Break beats and More, If you Like what you Hear I have over 60 different Mixes available on line free for you to download, Simply visit But for now I want to Direct you to Just a Few as not to overwhelm you
#5 Dj Vegas Vibe Live in Asia @ Club Mass You Tube Video Link Part 1
#6 Dj Vegas Vibe Live in Asia @ Club Mass You Tube Link Part 2
#7 Dj Vegas Vibe Live in Asia @ Club Mass You Tube Link Part 3
Free Mix CD’s and Radio Show Down Loads @

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photo(1)Jody is miss personality behind the bar and works at the new Sky Box in Bristol Pa.
You can see her doing shifts Tuesday  thru Saturday nights from 7pm to close.
Jody stands in at 5′ 8”  and has brown hair and brown eyes. She is a resident of Levittown Pa
Jody has been a bartender for over 13 years and she knows the business and knows how to make friends.  ” I love  meeting new people and staying connected…seeing our customers having a great time really makes my job so much fun here at the Sky Box”, she says.  Jody likes to get know her regulars and she also had this to say,” Here at the Sky Box we have a great bar  and an awesome & diverse kind of crowd”.
Hobbies:  Spending time with family, BBQing, going to pool parties. She loves the summer time and likes taking trips to the beach.  She likes to go dancing and enjoys going to concerts. She also makes it a point to travel and once a year and  take a vacation. Las Vegas is her favorite place.
Birthsign: Scorpio
Favorite Radio Station: Likes all kinds of music. Listens to Country 92.5 FM and also tunes to Wired 96.5 FM
On Sports: Favorite teams are the Phillies and the Flyers. She is so excited about the Flyers in the Playoffs.  ” Love them Flyers” she says. I’m so glad to see that they took care of the Penguins and can’t  wait to see them in the next paly-off round”
Favorte Drink to Serve: Stoli Doli – “the are dangerously delicious”
Favorite Drink to Drink: Dirty Corona….”have one here at the Sky Box on Cinco De Mayo”.
Stop by the new Sky Box Tuesday thru Saturday nights and meet up with Jody Mc Geachy  behing the bar  Tell her you did see her in the latest OOT guide .(see more by going to: ;

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By Mike Vagnoni
Kattie Cahill is a resident from Fairless Hills Pa and has been tending bar for well over 13 years. can see her each week at the Road House located in Newportville Pa…Her shifts are:  Sunday and Monday from 4pm to 9pm and Thursday and Fridays from 9pm to 2am.  She stands in at 5′ 5” tall and has green eyes and black and red hair.  Kattie has one heck of personality – she has plenty of loyal customers who make it a point to see her each week. ” I honestly like talking and getting to know my customers. I like knowing what they drink and having it ready the second they walk in the door. To me being a good bartender is really making sure people are having an awesome time, and I think I am pretty good at that.”she said.
Kattie is also a tattoo apprentice for Pat Ried at Wolf’s Tattooing in the day time and she is a pretty good artist. She has a very creative way about her and it shows.
HOBBIES Drawing & painting, video games & comic books.
FAVORITE RADIO STATION”  Pandora and Slacker Radio
FAVORITE SHORE RESORT: “In the summer I love going to Cape May NJ, My family has been going there for years, it is like a tradition to head to the shore.”
FAVORITE DRINK TO SERVE:  Flaming French Toast
ON SPORTS: She had this to say   “I really have no clue when it comes to sports…but I try”
Kattie, we have to work on that and get you down to see the Phillie’s this year and turn you into a sports fan once and for all…Ha Ha.
This week make it a point and stop over to see Kattie at the Road House. Tell her you did see her in the latest OOT guide.
(See this item also online at: )

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by Mike Vagnoni
photo(1)Chanda works each week over at the new upscale Sports Bar in Holland Pa called Bondie’s East. She stands in at  5′ 8” and has blonde hair and blue eyes.
Chanda has been a bartender now for the last 12 years.  She is one personality behind the bar and really has a great loyal base of steady customers that party with her each week.  ” I like to meet new people and also enjoy seeing all of my regulars each week at Blonde’s”, she says. She likes to get to know all of her customers and just loves talking with them each week.  Chanda lights up the bar when she does her weekly shifts.
Chanda comes to us via Las Vegas.  She is now a resident of Holland.Penna.
FAVORITE  Sport:  Football  ” I love the Detroit Lions” Hey what about our Eagles?  In time she might become an Eagles fan…ha ha!  – Just give her some time.
FAVORITE RADIO STATION:  Country 92.5 WXTU / WIRED 96.5 FM  She likes all kinds of music.
HOBBIES: Summer is coming and she loves to hang at the beach with a drink in her hand and also has a passion for Shopping.
FAVORITE DRINK: An ice cold  “BUD LIGHT” and a Bacardi Dragonberry Bomb.
Chanda is looking for a great spring and summer on the outside patio bar over at Blondie’s and is looking to take in the sun and have fun with all of her real friends and customers. Word has it that the patio bar is going to open up this coming weekend…Stop by and meet up with Chanda sometime real soon and tell her you saw her here in the OOT. ( See more online at )

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djfinessottpicDJ  Finess

Resident   DJ  at  The  Tango  Bar  &  Grill  aka  ( Whiskey Tango)

You  can  see  him  every  Friday  &  Saturday  Dropping  beats  on  the  floor  and  videos  on  the  TVs.

DJ  Finess  has  been  DJing  at The   Tango  for  2yrs  and remained  there  through  out

All  the  changes.  He  says  The  Tango  is  a  great  venue  for  all  kinds  of  entertainment ,  food  is  delicious  and  the  bar  staff  is  very  friendly.

See  he  him  spin  everything  from  dance , club,  dub  step  &  rock , DJ  Finess  mixes  the  beats  any  way  you

can  imagine  with  all  the  new  digital  techniques  to  change  music  these  days  it’s  fun  to  see  the  people  getting  into  it ,  dancing  and  partying  to  the  music.

DJ  Finess  had  the  privilege

To  DJ  between  national  acts  such  as  Fuel ,  Skid Row , Misfits , LA  Guns  and  many  more !  People  would  request

all  types  of  music  between  the  bands  and  he  loves  to  accommodate  them.

He   came  to  be  known  by  DJ  Ghost   , DJ  Bizz  and  Rick  Lee,  some  of  the  best  in  the  business  real  quick  by  spinning  with  them   plus  promoting  shows.  He  dropped beats  at  some  of  the  local  spots   Final Scores,  Club Karma,  Owen’s,  Calloway’s,  etc.

DJ  Finess  is  available  for  all  private  events  thru  his  production  company.

Burnt  Edge  Production’s  215-852-0135

For  DJ  Finess  DJing  is  a  passion,  and  people  appear

to  see  that  when  they  come  out  to  the  club  he  is  constantly   dancing   to  the  beats,  smiling  and  getting  people  to  go  crazy  dance  and  have  a  good  time.

Since   residence   at  Tango,  he  his  brought  a  lot  of  new exciting   Idea’s   like  video  DJing  and  virtual  imagery  for  some  of  the  top  area  bands   like  Scream,  Fosterchild,  Lecompt,  Sinner Saints,  and many more.

DJ  Finess  works  closer  to  the  bands  then  most  DJ’s.   It  could  be  that  DJ  Finess  is  also  a  lead singer ,  guitar player,  last  band  he  was  the  frontman  for  was  Static Addiction  and  Stone  Pony.

DJ  Finess  says,  stop  out  at  Tango  grab  a  bite  get  an  ice  beer  and  request  song …..

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DJ Codie (Jessie Cartlidge)
From: Mc Stews Irish Pub
042_42We have for this month one of the best all around DJ’s working at Mc Stews Irish Pub in Levittown Pa., by the name of DJ Codie. You can see him in action each thursday at Mc Stews with the Biggest Beer Pong night in the region and also on friday nights with his “FREE SHOT FRIDAYS”.
DJ Codie works for A Sharp Productions from Huntingdon Valley. He is an Emcee, he also is a dancer and lead singer. In addition to working Mc Stews Irish Pub, DJ Codie also is working the private sector and is in demand working for Weddings,Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and any kind of private party…(Plug) call 215-892-5232 You know you will have the best performer for your event when DJ Codie is hired. He also is the lead singer in a band called  Reverse and  at one time was in the Rockets for a short period. He wanted more control of the music and left the band.
He is really into the music, the people, and has well over 8 years professional experience..He is full of passion for the business and that is good to see. From old school hits to the sound of today’s hottest club music, DJ Codie does it all. “There is more to being a DJ just by playing the music”, he says. He really makes the night one big party and wants to know his crowd….he loves to make people leave their troubles behind and just wants to see everyone relax and enjoy there life and their night out. He is an entertainer and knows how to push the right  buttons to make people enjoy themselves. He is so excited about the Fridays at Mc Stews and works along with Kevy Kev and Danielle Thomas..”Kevy Kev will spin music from time to time” he says. DJ Codie will  work the crowds and get them dancing. Danielle who is also part of the team makes sure everyone is having a good time and is the club hostess – she also meets and gets to know all the patrons.. They all work it out together each week as a team and the final product is the atmosphere at Mc Stews. It becomes party city …and this is all taking place in the new room. The name of the room we are told is the Red Room at Mc Stews…DJ Codie’s  key to being a great DJ personality is his ability to interact with his fans and patrons…He is really into what he is doing and it shows. DJ Codie is a resident of Levittown.

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Meet: Amber Lynn Ruttenberg
photo by Mike Vagnoni
DSC01053Amber works over at Redz Bar & Grille located at 8212 Roosevelt Blvd., and does the Monday shift …here you can grab $1.50 pints and try some of their mussels for $5.00 and that is the special of the day. What makes it even more special is the fact Amber is behind the bar and with her wild and as she said, “I have a  goofy and ball bustin’ personality”..she just likes to play with all of her patrons. She likes to see them all happy and enjoys establishing relationships with her customers. ” I really like to see my patrons makes the day go by and just makes for great times”she says. Standing in at 5′ 3” with dirty blonde hair and blue green eyes, Amber is just a pleasant site to see behind the bar. She also works on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights as a waitress. She loves live music too and is a resident of Trevose Pa.
HOBBIES: Drinking Wine and watching the Food Network.
Loves to take photos and also is the co-owner of Cover Band

ON SPORTS:  Love Football and is big Eagles fan.
This week stop in and say hello to Amber…you will enjoy talking with her and see what she has to say about the Eagles,
local bands, and what’s the best music you can listen to on the radio. Oh, yes she had one last thing to say about working at Redz.”I really like it here and all of my co – workers are kind of cool . Matt the owner is such a great guy and he really is the best boss, I ever had”.

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DJ of the Month – January 2012

DJ_ZOAnthony Franzzo, a.k.a. DJ ZO, of In The Mix Entertainment, is the new in-demand DJ for 2012. Even though he’s only been DJing for 3 years, his impeccable music knowledge, style and ability to draw in a crowd have quickly allowed him to explode into the entertainment scene in this area. His resume includes hosting karaoke and quizzo nights and DJing dance parties at places such as Big Heads Willow Grove, PJ Whelihan’s Pub in Blue Bell, Buckhead Saloon, Tavern on Broad and Penny Gardens in Philadelphia, as well as many Sweet 16 and birthday parties, school dances and block parties. His current weekly spots are Thursdays at Big Heads Bensalem and Fridays at Big Heads Richboro Pub. His striking resemblance to a certain Italian DJ yields shouts of “Yo DJ Pauly D” whenever he works the ones and twos at a new venue. According to Zo, “There is nothing better for me than controlling a room with my music. It’s a high for me to, not only feed off of the energy of the crowd, but to create that energy with my mixes. I won’t settle until every person in the room is on his or her feet having a great time.” When he is not DJing, sports take over. He plays and coaches football and baseball, and he loves watching his favorite Philadelphia teams – Phillies, Flyers, Sixers and Eagles. To book an event with DJ ZO, please email, call the In The Mix office at 215-245-4700, or check out the website at

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Tony Bruno is a professional DJ influencing Philadelphia Dance music. Tony started spinning records in 1979. He has been a resident DJ for 30 years in over 35 nightclubs and venues such as Pulsations, Popcorns, Flannigan’s, Mardi Gras, Touché, River Deck and Deco just to name a few. Tony’s mark has left a vinyl imprint on dance clubbers through generations. Influenced by legendary club DJ’s such as Frankie WHO Sestito from Second Story, and Michael Gormely from Library and Ciao. Today Tony is the resident DJ at Chickie’s & Pete’s South Philly and is also the music director for the company. He has also expanded his influence in the Philadelphia music scene now promoting concerts at area clubs most recently The Denine & Lisette Melendez  along with Judy Torres concert at Play2 in South Philly drawing a crowd of over 500 people. Tony has also appeared in concert with legendary dance artist like Stevie B, Amber, Little Suzy, Crystal Waters, TKA and Sugar Hill Gang. Tony’s music now reaches the entire planet with his internet radio show on every Saturday night at 2AM. He can also be heard on his Podcast at where you can download his latest mixes for free. Without a doubt Tony has been and still is one of the best DJ’s to ever grace the turntables in Philadelphia, and pounds the dance floor with today’s hottest dance music.

Three ways to listen to Tony’s music and download his mixes for free go to the following web sites!

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