Photo By Mike Vagnoni
Ali is a resident from Bensalem Pa., and tends bar on mondays at Paddy Whacks off Welsh Rd. in Northeast Phila,  She also works at Curran’s Irish Inn -Bensalem every other friday as a waitress . Ali is such a pleasant sight to see behind the bar and is the owner of a warm and friendly personality.  She stands in at  5′ 2” and has hazel green eyes and light brown hair. Her full time job is working at  Elite Concepts in Holland Pa., where she is a Hairdresser…she has such a fan base also..
Favorite Radio station: Q-102 Fm
On Sports:  Likes all the Philly Teams, Eagles, Phillies, Sixers, The Union, Flyers and The Soul.
Hobbies: Going out with her friends and going to Clubs in Center City, Old City and NE Phila.
On Bartending:  “I like being a bartender because of all the great people I come in contact with and I like hearing all the things that they tell me…it makes things so much fun and makes the job so interesting”, she said.
Ali is looking forward to the 2nd Annual Paddy Whacks Pilgrimage Bus Loop for Thanksgiving on Nov 17th – it  will start at 6pm  and the loop goes to all the Paddy Whack locations…(.For more info go to  To see more of Ali go to Stop by Paddy Whacks and say hello.- let her know you did see this in the latest OOT Guide.

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Bartender of the Month

Melissa Jo

From: Freddie’s Tavern

Bristol Pa


(Photo by Mike Vagnoni)

For the month of October we have “Melissa Jo” from Freddie’s Tavern, Bristol Pa., as our bartender of the month. Melissa is a resident of Levittown Pa., and has been a working bartender for over 10 years. She has been at Freddie’s Tavern since January and  she has the following shifts:  (mondays 3pm to 8pm, wednesday 8pm to close, saturdays from 8pm to close). She is full of energy and sparks up the bar when she does her shifts. She is one personality behind the bar  and loves her job

.”I love everything about the bar industry and everyone that comes to my bar is my new best friend”, she says.

She also likes live music and some of her favorite acts are:  Reckless Behavior, Pop Fiction, Sinners Saints.


Melissa stand in at 5′ feet and has brown eyes and brown hair. She has a great personality and makes it fun when she works.

Favorite Radio Station:  Radio 104.5 Fm – loves  modern rock.

Hobbies:  Walking her dog, going to the beach all the time ..She likes the Sea Side area of New Jersey and goes all year round down the shore..”Anytime is the right time to visit the beach” she says..

ON SPORTS:  Loves the Phillies – She is a die hard baseball fan and this is her team!

Favorite Drink: Southern Comfort

Favorite Drink to Serve: “Jack Sparrow”  (Recipe – Tattoo Rum & Pineapple juice)

Meet up with Melissa Jo on your next visit over to Freddie’s Tavern, let her know you did see her in the OOT Guide’

See more photos at: (Click to our Bartender of the Month section)

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Hurricane Jacks

Levittown Pa

djBrian Potts has  been on the scene for the last 6 years…He is a video DJ and his music is classic rock and he also kicks into dance music when he has too… you can see him every thursday, friday and saturday nights at Hurricane Jacks in Levittown Pa .9p to close.
ON SPECIAL EVENTS: . He’s gearing up for a special night on Oct 13th with XTU  County 92.5 –  the crew  from XTU with DOC and the gang will be over at Hurricane Jacks for a special show…he will be spinning the music.
ON MUSIC: Brian had this to say …” Being able to read the crowds and to know all kinds of music makes up the good DJ”…he added,  “I like playing to the people…Like to talk it up on the mic and get them into it all”, .he says…In addition to bars and clubs, he also does private parties.. and does much work at the Fraternal Order of Eagles with many Benefits and special parties. He’s doing a lot of work too with the Dirty Devils Motor Club….He really likes his gig at Hurricane Jacks and says owner Jack Fay is the best boss ever and one cool bar owner plus the entire staff are the best in the business.
. He can do any kind of party and for more info…Contact Hi-Tech Entertainment   215-416-1304
See him when you can and to fine out more…Go to: ;

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DJ Ghost has been a staple of Philadelphia nightlife for over a decade. If you have gone out dancing within the last 15 years, then chances are he has probably made your feet move and hands go up in the air. Now 31 years old Ghost started DJing professionally at the ripe young age of 16. He has played at pretty much every venue in and around the Philadelphia area. From big dance club to high end ultra lounges, he has done it all. As a youngster, Ghost played place like: LIVE BAIT, KALEIDOSCOPE, EVOLUTION, and THE 8th FLOOR. Always staying at the forefront with his peers, he moved on to venues like: DECO, EMERALD CITY, BABYLON, and GLAM. Since then DJ GHOST has done some production and has toured all over the world different multi-platinum and gold selling artists. He would like to note that FLIPMODE SQUAD especially Rampage gave him his first real opportunity to break into the music business and to travel as a DJ. Currently, Ghost is still known to be Philly’s best night club DJ and hold residencies at G LOUNGE, LiT ULTRA BAR, and CHEERLEADERS. He can also been seen playing frequently in Las Vegas at Drai’s After-Hours and The Palms Casino.  Ghost is also currently working on a television show called DANCE CITY TV that has been taping in the Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Studio and is suppose to start airing sometime this fall. You can keep up with Ghost on his FaceBook and Twitter @DJGhost1 or check out his website So if your looking for a good time and a place to go dance the night away, then my suggestion would be to find out where DJ GHOST is spinning a go there!!!
Favorite place to DJ:  Playboy Mansion “I did it twice so far”
Favorite place to hangout: Cheerleaders “John is great and so is everyone over there, best place to kick it in the city bar far”
Favorite place to eat: Mom’s house “her food destroys every restaurant i’ve ever been to”
Favorite sports team: Phillies “even though they aren’t doing well this year, they are still my team and i still go to the games….Go Phils!”
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photoHeather Mac Dougall comes to us from Holland Pa., where she resides and works over at the Fireside Beef & Ale in Feasterville. You can see her do her thing on tuesdays when she does a double shift, and on fridays in the day & saturday nights.
Being a bartender for the last 9 years, Heather has been over at the Fireside for the last 3 years. ” I like my job and enjoy the many customers that I see each day. I make sure it is a fun time thing when you come to the bar and I feel that a good bartender  should make it fun for everyone” she says.
She has a great personality too and that is the key to being a good bartender…you have to be outgoing. Heather is ready for some football are you? In the photo she’s ready for Eagles Football.

STATS: Stands in at 5′ 1”, with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes,
*Personality: Outgoing and loves to have fun.
ON SPORTS: Likes the Eagles, Flyers and is now a soccer fan too and loves the UNION
ON SPORTS: Likes Eagles Football, The Flyers and is a soccer fan -loves the Union.
HOBBIES:Likes to play Texas Holdem’ Poker, Likes to go traveling and spends much of her time with her daughter. Heather also is going to school
Favorite Drink: Sweet Carolina Lemondade Vodka – Taste like an Arnold Palmer she says.

Stop over to the Fireside in Featerville this week and meet up with can see her also online at: …as our featured bartender of the month.

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By:  Krista Doran
WP_Elwyn_Day_final_version_flattened_cropped_bottom_72_dpi_This issue’s featured band started back in 2000 as a four piece with a member who was very, well, let’s say “elusive.”  He would come all the way from New Jersey to rehearse at the bass player’s home.  Sometimes he would even stay the entire weekend so that the band could jam into the wee hours of the morning.  Then he would just leave, and the band wouldn’t see him for months!  His name was “Pete”, and the band would joke that the next formation of the band would be called “Where’s Pete?”, and the name just stuck.  Today the band, now twice that size, has has erupted onto the local music scene as one of the newest, most bad ass horn bands on the circuit.

I spoke to drummer and vocalist Miles Adams who told me “I remember seeing Johnny O & The Classic Dogs of Love back in the day and being so impressed with their song selection, tight musical arrangements,confident stage show and big sound & light production.  That’s the kind of cover band I want Where’s Pete to be and the show we strive to put on. Since we’re not writing the music, the creativity comes from playing the songs with clear arrangements and conviction.”  This band works very hard at putting on a great show, but likes to have a lot of fun doing so.  Miles went on to tell me, “we don’t take ourselves that seriously. We try to add humor to the shows too…For instance, we cover the History of a Hip Medley that was originally done by Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Falon, & The Roots. It’s a killer medley, done chronologically by year, that pays homage to all the most notable rappers and hip hop artists starting with Kurtis Blow, Salt n Peppa and Black Sheep, up through Fifty Cent, Lil Wayne & Rick Ross and believe me, nothing is funnier than seeing Nicky D trying to get gansta doing Blowing Money Fast! It’s a lot of fun to perform and people really seem to get a kick out of it.”

When you go to see Where’s Pete, you can expect to hear tunes from many different genres.  Miles explained, “We feel all genres have something of value to offer…While some bands stick to one style, I’ve always loved the bands that kill a Jay Z tune and then transitions into a heavy metal tune or a country tune, and play it convincingly. That’s one way in which Where’s Pete is different – no style is off limits…the only requirement is people have to be able to groove to it!” The versatility of this band is something that definitely sets them apart from other horn bands.  Just about all of the members of Where’s Pete have fronted their own band at one time or another.  They are all strong, confident players with backgrounds in theater, dance and performance and it always makes for a fun and unique show.  Miles told me, “Bands often take their cue from the crowd. A hyped crowd makes a show feel effortless, and the interplay between band members magical. But, a subdued crowd can sap a band’s energy or shake their confidence because you feel nobody enjoys or is in to it. Where’s Pete strives to make every performance feel like a show at a packed Lincoln Financial Stadium! You can expect high energy at all times, and interaction with the crowd.  Our singers often head into the crowd with wireless mics to make the audience members part of the show. We have five strong vocalists, so there’s a ton of variety not just in terms of genre, but in who is singing at any one time. There are also plenty of harmonies, choreography, seamless transitions and unpredictable tunes form genres at far ends of the musical spectrum.”

You can catch Where’s Pete playing at some awesome venues, such as The SugarHouse Casino, PJ Whelihan’s, The Temperance House, Havana, Molly Maguire’s, and many weddings and corporate events.  They also play for smaller rooms and events as a duo or trio.  Here are just a few of their upcoming shows: 9/1 – Holiday Inn Car Show, Ft. Washington PA; 9/7 – Magerk’s Patio Party, Ft. Washington, PA; 9/15 – Club Zinc, Lansdale PA; 9-21 – Davinci’s in Collegeville, PA and 9/28 – The Temperance House in Newtown, PA.  To view their full schedule, please visit their website at  To book the band, send an email to

So, to answer the question Where’s Pete…well, let’s just say the legend of Pete has grown. Some guess he’s a CIA agent…Others swear he’s a survivalist living in the Smokey Mountains. Miles went on to say “There are Pete sightings, and at every show people ask “So Where Is Pete, anyway”…and we tell them ‘we’re on a musical quest to find him….let us know if you do so we can stop playing!’ He surfaced on our website message board a few years ago, and that’s the last time we heard from him. The band line up has changed quite a bit over the years, but we all share the same intense desire to find Pete!”

Where’s Pete is Miles Adams- drums/vocasl; Jack Connell-Trombone; Nick Dirocco-keys/vocals; Jim Furlow- Sax; Joe Caristo- guitar/vocals; David Gaines-Trumput; Darlene White- Lead vocals and Howard Whitman-Bass. Go check out Where’s Pete if you are looking to enjoy your evening with friends and listen to top end, concise and certainly fun music, onstage antics and personality!  See for yourself why so many people are asking the question, Where’s Pete!

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Redz Bar & Grille Saturdays
SmokeEaters – Thursdays

Photo by OOT

tnThis month we feature a real Dj spinner. by the name of DJ Casa ( Carlos Torres)…yes this guy loves to spin vinyl and we caught up with him at his saturday night gig at REDZ Bar & Grille in NE Phila,…
OOT-How long have you been spinning the music?
” I have been into doing the DJ thing for over 20 years….I started when I was 13 years old” says Dj Casa.
OOT-Do you just spin vinvl?
” I love to mix and using vinyl – to me this is a real DJ. I have the CD’s and Laptop but I prefer doing the real mixing. We caught him in action over at Redz Bar & Grille and this guy can lay-down the sounds. His mixing is flawless…he’s true to his craft of being a DJ. Even in this new digital world….seeing the turntables in action is a cool sight to b seen by all.
OOT- What kind of music do you like to push?
” I can play everything and anything but my real passion is Tech House”
OOT- in your own words what make a great DJ in today’s music scene?
“To me a great DJ is the person who can adapt to the crowd and can move a dance floor”
OOT – What are your favorite radio stations?
“Area and BPM on XF radio for house and back spin for hip hop.

You can see him in action at Redz Bar & Grille each saturday night and also on thursdays at SmokeEaters…
Dj Casa can also do private parties and you can make contact him by calling 215-500-0782
you can email him at: He’s a real DJ and doing it the way it use to be…see him in action whey you can.

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Bartender Of The Month
Megan Wagher
From: Hazy’s Bar & Grille
Feasterville Pa
(Photo by Mike Vagnoni)

20120630-125225.jpgMegan Wagher works over at Hazy’s Bar & Grille on wednesday, fridays and every other saturday…she’s been a bartender for the last 7 years and started at Hazys in Feasterville.
From day one, when Hazy’s first opened, Megan got her start as a bartender and she’s been there every since. Megan is a resident of Bensalem Pa and she stands in at
5′ 5” and has brown hair and green eyes. She’s a personality behind the bar and really loves talking to her patrons and likes to get to know each and everyone. She’s does a great job when she works her weekly shifts. She is so well loved at Hazys’ – just ask any of the patrons.” I really like this job because I get to to hear so many people telling me all sorts of things…it really makes my job so much fun. You have to listen to your customers and I do think that is what makes a great bartender …letting your customers open up and speak to you”, she says.


Birthsign: Leo
Favorite radio Station: 104.5 FM
Hobbies: Going down the shore ( Wildwood NJ) in the summertime. Likes’ to go swimming with her daughter Molly. Likes doing all kinds of summer things…Boardwalks and the great outdoors. Summertime is her kind of time.
ON SPORTS: – Loves them Phillies.
Grape Popsicle
Miller Lite!
Stop by Hazy’s Bar & Grille located at1740 Bridgetown Pike…they have a super-staff of very good looking bartenders. Hazy’s was voted one of the top bars in Bucks County…they have a saying…Great Food – Good People and Better Bartenders! Megan is proof of that. Stop by this week and say hello! Tell her you did see her in the OOT GUIDE. (See more by going to

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This issue our bartender of the month is Melissa Michalczyk who is now over at Calloway’s Irish Inn …located in NE Phila….Melissa works Wednesdays ( in the mornings) and Sunday nights… with blonde hair and hazel eyes, she stands in at 5’2” and really makes the bar come alive when she’s working.  ” Like to keep my bar energized and fun, plus I am a good listener and enjoy throwing a party whenever I work. If you aren’t in the fan club,get moving”…she says.  Melissa has so much experience in dealing with the public. She has worked as a Hostess, Waitress and also was an on air host  with the OOT TV show.  A couple of years ago she also was in a horror movie that was shot in Bucks County.

Melissa also works as a photographer. She has the eye and her company is called New Girl Photography, which she started on her own a couple of years ago..
She loves doing weddings and  also can shoot any kind of event or  whatever the job calls for. She likes taking photos of bands and entertainers too…Her studio is in her store up in Bensalem Pa
( Next to Curran’s Irish Inn) Melissa is in the planning stages to host a big event this summer, to help out a local charity very soon…* as the details are worked out -we will let everyone know.

Birth sign: Gemini
Favorite Drink to make:  Watermelon Water-ice.
Favorite Radio Station:  104.5 FM
Hobbies: In the summer going to the beach and also in the winter months she loves skiing down a mountain.  She also likes to read horoscopes daily.
On Sports: She likes all the Philly area sports teams. Phillies, Flyers, Sixers, Eagles, the Soul and the Union!
Melissa is one creative person and enjoys being around people and it shows  when she is behind the bar. This week make it a point to see her and if you do need some photos, Give her a call @
New Girl Photography.  ( 215-639-6177) – she is one very talented person.

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DJ54-2DJ 54 began in the nightlife scene back in 1998 down on the infamous Delaware Ave. Known as one of the Top DJs in the Philadelphia/Jersey market he has always been a large room/large event DJ. His weekly events are 6 year+ Main Room Gigs @ The Roxxy/Bamboo Bar w/ Q102 Fridays which is the biggest nightclub event in Philadelphia weekly with over 1500+ weekly and Club 27 w/ Q102’s Live Broadcast as its host on Saturdays which boasts over 1000+ people each week.  DJ 54 also spins various weeknight clubs & lounges in and outside the area. He has spun many celebrity hosted events in the tri-state area and has played along side many top artists like Flo-Rida, Jay Sean, Sean Paul, LMFAO, and more!  His high energy EDM sound will have you moving like no other!  If you like House, Electro, and Dance music, this DJ is one you will want at your event.
DJ 54 is also a 5+ year mix show DJ on Z88.9FM which is one of the top Dance FM Stations in the USA. Voted yearly as a finalist in the IDMA (International Dance Music Awards) category for best US Dance Station! His show is among other celebrity DJs on the station such as David Guetta, Paul Van Dyk, Louie Devito, and Mike Rizzo! Tune into him weekly @ 3am every Friday!
Book him early for your Nightclub, Lounge, and large scale indoor/outdoor events as his schedule fills up quickly.
Checkout DJ 54 online on Facebook under “Deejay Fiftyfour”, his artist page under “DJ 54”, and follow him on Twitter @DJ54Philly.

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