184443_4921008018753_629257788_nDJ SEV-ONE / DJ OF THE MONTH

OOT – you’re making a name for yourself out here…What do you go by?
“My names Dj SEV-ONE, I Dj for Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes and many other artist. I Dj all around Philadelphia. I’ve  worked at Club 27, Club Roxy and also many other bars. I also have 3 residents at Parx Casino Club 360 ,Da Bar &HammerHeads and  also special event places in Philly”.

OOT – you really seem to have a passion – how dedicated are you?
“I am fully dedicated and a Dj that takes my music seriously. I grew up around mostly all soul music with my parents listening to it 24/7. I  never liked that kind of music but the older i get the more I listen to this kind of music because it reminds me of my father that passed when I was 9 years old.The Name SEV ONE is in memory of when my father passed on july 17th. SEV ONE is 17 backwards For the date my dad passed.”

OOT What kind of music do you spin?
. “Most of the music I spin is late 80s and 90s hiphop which is why I seperate myself from other Djs. There nothing better then Old school Hiphop to me. I have a big personality and have no problem talking to anyone. I learned everything  I do now from my older brother named Jeff Davis aka Stress – The White Boy. My brothers got a gold record and has been in the game for some time.. If not For MY brother Jeff, I wouldnt be where i am today. How i got Linked Up With Travis McCoy From Gym Class Hereos was in 2004 on Vans Warped Tour.
I was doing a merchandise for another band my brother was on tour with. Me and Trav would bump into each other here and there but besides that we always linked up when it came to Art on Tour. I was 14 years old and making beats and wrting graffiti on Custom Trucker hats which is why I guess I kinda stuck out to him at such a young age.  All the rest was down hill from there. We became good friends and he’s like my brother till’ this day. I’ve  worked with T-Pain and him in Miami and I’m sure more shows in the future. I’m just young and trying to make a name for myself through art and producing as well as Djing.
OOT – Where are you working at present?
“If you would like to check me Out?  I dj on tuesdays at Hammerheads in Northeast Philly as well as Parx Casino on fridays and Da Bar In Levittown on saturdays. Also check me out on Facebook at Facebook.com/DjSevOne or on Instagram @djsev_one.”
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BotMFor this Pre-St Patrick’s Issue our Bartender of the month comes to us via Harrigan’s Irish Pub in Warminster Pa.,we want you to meet Julia.  She works mondays ( day) and fridays (day) and has been working in the bar business for a good number of years. She would not say how many…Ha Ha…but she is a true veteran behind the bar.
Her full time job is in the real estate business where she works 24/7 and her passion is to cater to first time home buyers..”.I really like to help people and being in the bar business is such a great way to meet all kinds of characters. The cast of thousands and I just like hearing all the stories they spill out to me, when I am behind the bar” she says.
Julia is 5′ 5” tall and has dark brown hair & brown eyes. She is the owner of one a great personality and is a resident of Upper Southampton.  Julia has a good base of loyal customers who come out to see her each week, * part of the cast of thousands, as she said. She is so well liked and it shows when she does her shifts.
ON SPORTS: Likes the  Phila. Eagles and the Phila. Soul. She loves football.
OOT is going to see if we can get her a pair of tickets to see the Phila Soul.
FAVORITE DRINK: Beleveder Cosmo
Stop by to Harrigan’s Pub and meet up with Julia.    See this artilce @  www.ootonline.com our Featured Bartender of the month and also this feature is linked from the Wired 96.5 FM site.

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Regional DJ Competition Spins into Voyeur Nightclub in February


PHILADELPHIA, PA (January 29, 2013) – Worldwide DJ competition, Red Bull Thre3Style, is spinning its way back to Philadelphia for the US’ East Coast Regional Qualifier on Thursday, February 7.  Five of the best party rockin’ DJs from major northeast cities like New York, Boston and of course, Philly, will be mixing their hearts out to compete for a spot in the Red Bull Thre3Style National Finals, which hits LA this spring. There may not be any brotherly love behind the turntables this time around because the payout is higher with a place at the World Finals in Toronto (where Red Bull Thre3Style got its start) at stake.

Red Bull Thre3Style is a DJ competition that gives local popular DJs the opportunity to be globally relevant. Philadelphia was chosen as the East’s Regional hub because of its vibrant culture and arts scenes. Philly has housed many internationally respected DJs such as King Britt and Diplo as well as other artists entrenched in the music sphere like The Roots, Jill Scott and hip hop legend Schoolly D.

The Red Bull Thre3Style Regional Qualifier will be hosted by Philly-native and major player in the international DJ community, RICH MEDINA.

“Philadelphia has always been one of the more fertile training grounds in America”, said Rich Medina of his hometown. “…For DJ’s and DJ culture. From the bedroom to the club to the radio to international touring”.

The night will be judged by some of the world’s best DJs: A-TRAK, JAZZY JEFF and Z-TRIP.

Local DJ PHSH will be repping Philly and getting the crowd stoked on their hometown hero. “This is the starting point, it’s good to be able to just elevate from here,” PHSH said of his recent win. “I’m gonna bring the ruckus”.

Being no stranger to the national spotlight, Philadelphia produced the overall winner of Red Bull EmSee 2012, Mic Stew. Red Bull EmSee is a freestyle battle designed to find the best rappers in the country. Since taking the championship title this past year, Mic Stew’s career has been on the up and up and he has his Philly roots to thank.

“The music scene in Philly is the perfect incubator”, said Mic Stew of Ben Franklin’s old stomping ground. “You can find an audience and a venue to support any style you like to spin”.

Red Bull Thre3Style will give each DJ 15 minutes to perform at least three different genres of music in a competition to see who has the best mixing skills and can keep the crowd going all night long. The night will be held at Voyeur Nightclub, with doors open at 10PM and the competition starting at 11PM. The event is 21+.

For more information, visit redbullusa.com/thre3style.

Looking for Red Bull Video and Photo Images?

Through the Red Bull network, hi-res video and still images are captured and made immediately available for editorial use for all media channels including television, film, print, mobile, and digital. The content is centrally located in the Red Bull Content Pool for media partners at www.redbullcontentpool.com.

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djmikelive_logo_glowDJ Mike Live is a Night Life Personality and Well Respected DJ & Emcee in and around the city of Philadelphia! Formally Know as “Yessir” Mike has Taken a New approach on his Entertainment career and he is more dedicated to the art of performance rather then the image and popularity that can be established with some levels of this lifestyle. DJ Mike Live can tackle any walk of life with his ability to play and his knowledge of all genres of music. There is No Event to Big or Party To small that he is not willing to take on and provide his crowed with the best entertainment possible! DJ Mike Live is making a new impact on the Bar scene in the heart of North East Philadelphia, trying to Bring some Life back to the environments he, along with a few others are Responsible for Changing. Back in the Mid to late 2000’s DJ Mike Live was Part of a group of DJ’s, Bartenders and Promoters that took there success from there down town club experience and brought it to North East Philly where they Respectfully took your average Bar, Tavern or Restaurant and turned them in to what felt like a Down Town Night Club, it set the bar for the great party experiences brought to you today by your favorite establishments. DJ Mike Live is unlike most DJ’s you may encounter, He is all personality, very out going and likes to make your experience one to remember. Using Serato Scratch Live with CD Turn Tables and Tech 12’s, running a PC and Mac Laptop’s and never with out a Microphone, DJ Mike Live takes the energy of his crowed and puts it right back in to his set times 10! What sets me apart from any other DJ? “Well, each person is there own person and everyone has there own style and i respect everyone who puts effort in to doing what they love, i feel I’m different from others because i read my crowed well and i like to make things fun, yes I’m that DJ that will have a packed dance floor at 1am and play Girls Just Want To Have Fun or Like a Prayer, it makes things interesting. I also feel what sets me apart is that I’m always willing to learn from and collaborate with others, i never feel there is something i cant do and that your responsible for limiting your own abilities by not reaching out and trying new things.” So the question everyone wants to know, Why The Name Change? “Just time for a change “Yessir” will always be a part of me and it will stay attached to me in the future, it defined me for the past 9 years, But its time to get down to business and take a new approach on things, its a move for the better! There is a lot of good memories associated with yessir, its time to move forward, but i will never forget what i accomplished under that name and all the people who supported Yessir over the years, Just hope to continue to earn the respect and support of them on this New journey along with the support of many new faces.” DJ Mike Live, Who are you inspired by? I get alot of my inspiration from My Dad, growing up with the parents i have was a great experience, My Dad is a Big Funk/ disco/ ol’skool kind of guy and growing up on the sounds of artist such as George Clinton, Cameo, Prince, Kurtis Blow, Earth Wind and Fire, To the Bobby Brown, New Edition, Madonna and Michael, along with so many more, it was just always good music, also having a lot of older cousins who put me on to Slick Rick, LL Cool J and many more from the Hip Hop side of things and of course The FreeStyle Club Music, I can go hour’s spinning songs from Stevie B, Lisa Lisa, and all the legends of that movement. I really like the styles of DJ’s Like DJ Touch Tone, Jay Ski and Doc B, and There are a number of Local DJ’s that i could sit around and listen to for days, inspiration is never enough! Currently I DJ Wed nights and Saturday Nights at The Sheffield Tavern, Wed being a “In The Mix of All The Hit’s” type of Night and Saturdays are more of a Back in the Day Dance Party with a twist of the Hits, Fridays I DJ Joey O’s After hours and I’m working on a few new things that should be coming real soon. On My Spare time I also Bartend and Do Free Lance Graphic Design work, I received My associates degree in Multimedia and Design back in 2008, I’m a softball junkie, i Play on a number of teams from spring to fall, Shoot 9ball and also play hockey and  i coach and do volunteer work at The Holmesburg Boys Club. Leaving behind alot, Mike Live Has given his all to going from YESSIR to DJ Mike Live and hoping for a bigger success and greater Respect from Old and New supporters!
contact info: DJMikeyLive@gmail.com
Twitter: @DJMikeyLive

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BotMTheresa works at Daly’s Irish Pub and her shifts are
monday, wednesday and saturdays ( day) and thursdays
at night. She owns a great smile and has fun when she’s behind the bar.
She stands in at 5′ 7” and has bown hair and blue eyes….
Theresa has a great personality  and makes all of
her customers feel at home when thy visit.  She’s been
a bartender now for over 2 1/2 years.

On Bartending:
” I like to create the atmosphere for the customers that is fun …I want
them to really enjoy themselves when they come to Daly’s
Irish Pub. I like people and seeing them have fun makes the job so easy”
she says.

Hobbies: Going to the gym to work out and she likes to go Tanning..
* She also is taking part in the Dirty Girl Mud Run…
Resident: Wissinoming
Birthsign: Aquarius
Favorite Radio Station: Q -102
Favorite Drink to Serve: Mango Violation
* this is special drink from Daly’s…stop in and try one!
What’s in it? You have to stop over and find out and also
meet up with Theresa and she can tell you.

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In this photo Flip & Jay are with
Wired 96.5 FM’s Buster….
Flip – Works at Hammerheads
on tuesdays, thursdays & saturdays.
He’s been a bartender now for 7 years…
He’s Single and looking for the right gal,
Like’s being behind the bar because it is a great way to socialize…
Loves all the Philly Sports Teams,
Birthsign:  Libra
Favortire Radio Station: Wired 96.5 FM
Resident;  Rhawnhurst
Favorite Drink to serve: Red Bull & Vodka
Favorite Drink –  Fireball

JAY NICE– Works at Hammerheads
on tuesdays, wednesdays, sundays,
He’s been a bartender now for 1 year.
He is single also and is looking …
Likes to party along with his patrons…
He’s a personality behind the bar and gets
the party going every-time he does a shift.
He likes all Sports …and can’t wait to see
this year’s Supebowl.  Also want’s everyone
to know that at Hammerheads they have the
best Mardi Gras party ever..and that is coming
up in early February.
Birthsign: Leo
Favorite Radio Station: Wired 96.5 FM
Resident: Rhawnhurst
Favorite Drink to serve: Bud Light
Favorite Drink: –  Redbull and Stoli

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MeI’m DJ Stampone (Mike Stampone). I’m 22 years old and in just six short months, I’m arguable the number one DJ in Northeast Philadelphia, I was born and raised in the Rhawnhurst section of Northeast Philadelphia. I graduated in 2009 from Northeast Highschool where I was very athletic. But mostly with baseball. It was not until two summers ago that I realized that I could possibly be a DJ.

I was playing music off my Ipod at a house party in the summer of 2011 and I realized that I had everybody up dancing and singing the whole time. That was the day I noticed I had great song selection, which is key for DJ’ing. So I said to myself, “Can I really be a DJ? Can I really go out in public and do this as a living?”. But it was not until this past June that I actually started taking it seriously. My first gig was an 8th grade graduation party. Then the word spread about me. I started to get a great following from adults, all the way down to the kids, and of course my great family and friends.

I play every kind of music you can imagine. From Sinatra, to Avicii, to Jason Aldean, and back down to Usher. I really do love and play every kind of genre of music. I’ve always felt that to be a good DJ, you just play the music you like. But to be a great DJ, you must open your mind to others. Get to know and enjoy their style of music and genres. Be about the people and not about yourself. Go out in the public, introduce yourself to strangers that came to see you DJ, and make conversation. But most of all, show off your personality. That way every time your fans come to see you perform, they feel like they know you personally.

For equipment…I have my Laptop with the DJ program, Mixer, Headphones, and Microphone. I DJ all over Northeast Philadelphia and recently just started DJ’ing at PBR Bar & Grill inside Xfinity Live Philadelphia in South Philly. I also have recently started DJ’d in New York City by Times Square. I will also be traveling to Atlanta in February to perform as well. The places I work in the Northeast are Hammerheads, Alberts Cafe, Paddy Whacks Welsh Road, and JJ’s Irish Pub (Formerly The Bogside Irish Pub). Thursdays I’m at Paddy Whacks, Saturdays I’m at JJ’s, and Sundays I’m at Hammerheads (The number one bar in Northeast Philly).

I also make a lot of guest appearances and do many private events all over the area.

www.facebook.com/DJStamponeDJStampone@Gmail.com … 215-828-1642

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Hurricane Jacks
Levittown Pa
Photo By Mike Vagnoni
DSC01636Our Bartender of the month comes to us from Hurricane Jacks in Levittown. Meet Kelly English…she’s been a bartender   for over 10 years. Kelly is a resident from Croydon Pa…and knows so many cool people in this business and everyone loves Kelly.
She’s really  likes her job and she stands in at  5′ 4” and has green eyes and brown hair. Kelly loves the social interaction by being behind the bar and meeting new people each week. She likes making her customers feel welcome and comfortable and lights up the bar when she is doing her shifts. Seeing her friends come out and hang on the weekends with her really makes her job even more fun. “I like the fast pace of the weekends because so many of my friends come over to Hurricane Jacks to hang out with me…it really make this job so cool” she says..
HOBBIES :  Dancing, cooking, hanging out with friends…She also is the mother of 2 wonderful childern and finds the time to go up to the mountains and likes to go fishing, shooting, hiking and quading.
ON SPORTS:  Loves the Phillies
ON RADIO: Her Favorite station is  Q 102 FM
FAVORITE DRINKS to MAKE:   Punch in the Face and Trashcans / she also likes to make Martini’s…her Favorite one is a Chocolate Martini
FAVORITE DRINK :  Capt’ & Coke
Kelly is such a great gal and it shows when she does her weekly shifts. She has so many loyal fans that come out and hang with her each week over at Hurricane Jacks…once you meet her you will see why she really shines behind the bar and she will make you want to come back and just be a part of the party – and she helps make it like that each week. ( See more photos of Kelly  online at:   www.ootonline.com)

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DJ Huggy Bear Bio:
-I am 24 years old
-Currently studying Music Education
-I have been working in the bar scene for the past 6 years as a cook and a bouncer, as well as DJ

-I have been DJing for just about 2 years
-I currently work for East Coast Event Group (#: 215-745-4000) which serves the tri-state area
-Although I am a man of the people and love to have the patrons of the bars satisfied with their music, I LOVE to play Electro Dance/Club Music
-My biggest influence as a DJ/Performer is Deadmau5
-I have made a great following and reputation with every bar that I walk in and out of because of my wild personality as well as being someone that everyone can get along with
-I have no shame in my game! If you want me to do something that will amuse you, more than likely I will do it!!
-Although I am still fresh meat in the DJ world, I have grown tremendously in my music choice and how I mix my music!
Yours Musically,
Corey McClinton


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by Mike Vagnoni / *Photos by Dom Ditanna
downloadFor this issue we headed to the shore and want you to meet  Amanda Kimberly from the Windjammer Diner / Grille in Somers Point NJ.  Amanda is 5′ 4” and has blonde hair and blue eyes.  She was born
Austin Texas and now is a resident of Ocean City NJ…She has many friends and a great fan base.
.  She’s doing all she can to keep spirits up for everyone when she does her shift…and since Hurricane Sandy hit the shore area, she has seen a lot and heard so many stories.
ON BARTENDING: ” I like being a bartender because I get to meet up with so many different people and all with interesting stories”, she says.  We know she has heard many.
HOBBIES: Jogging, Boating, loves going to all sports events. She loves football and her favorite team
are the Houston Texans. We can see that, since she came here from Texas many years ago.
FAVORITE DRINK TO SERVE: Long Island Ice tea with Jack Daniels…
ON MUSIC:  Favorite music is COUNTRY
FAVORITE RADIO STATION: 107.3 “Kat Country” at the shore
Stop by the Windjammer Diner & Grille located at 18 Macarthur Blvd. in Somers Point NJ., and meet up with Amanda tell her you did see her in the latest OOT Guide….
(See more by going to www.ootonline.com ) Shouts out to our boy Neil Cirucci for his tip for this Issue’s Bartender of the month.  If you know of any bartender that you would like to be seen featured, – just send us an email to: ootme2@ aol.com

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