…After “last call”, Philly has plenty of diners to head off the hangover

By Patty-Pat Kozlowski

pennqueenIt’s just after 2 a.m. and last call is over. There is only but one question that remains, and we’re not talking about, “Where the hell are my pants?”

Nope, you say to yourself and your crew, “Where are we gonna eat?” Chances are, you’re one of the lucky ones who know that “the diner” has just what you need to get your fill.

And you’re lucky because Philadelphia is one of the few remaining towns that still has a thriving diner trade. New Jersey of course will always be king of diners, but Philly, Baltimore, New York and Rhode Island are still the mainstays of diner domes where shortstakes, burgers and fries and apple pie ala mode will always be on the menu.

But before we go through a list of diners that are meccas for “after the bar” scenes, we’ll give you a little bit of history of these American icons where you sit in a booth and order chipped beef on toast or better known as S.O.S……..

The First Diner-had no booths, no sarcastic waitresses, no blue plate specials. It was actually a horse drawn carriage wagon in Providence, Rhode Island back in 1872 and it catered to the workers at the Providence Journal newspaper. A guy named Walter Scott worked for the paper and would make a little money on the side by preparing his fellow co-workers basket lunches. He left the paper business and bought a horse and carriage and took his lunch baskets on the road, visiting other businesses and factories that worked around the clock. His menu was simple: coffee and sandwiches.

Five years later in 1877, Thomas Buckley started to mass produce lunch wagons and received a patent in 1891 for his “diners”. By this time, the wagons were made with stools attached to the sides so workers could have a seat and eat their sandwich on the ledge of the wagon-hence, the first diner counter.

But with supply and demand, when the demand for more seats came about, diners went from being wagons to becoming more stationary. Call it coincidence, but someone had the bright idea to take an out of service train dining car off its tracking and plant it on a busy corner. The beginning of, “What are ya having, hon?” was born.

And that’s where Jersey boy Jerry O’Mahony comes into play. The O’Mahony Diner Company, based in Elizabeth, New Jersey started to manufacture and build these railcar diners with the sleek steel and art deco designs and is credited with making over 2,000 diners up until 1972 when they closed shop. Only 20 of O’Mahony’s masterpieces still exist today.

Where are we gonna eat?

But it’s still 2 a.m. and where are you gonna eat? This whole article could be filled with the diners of Philly and Jersey and everybody has their favorites but we wittled them down to these five that are sure bets for your after the bar closes meal. As one of my favorite drinkers told me, in her wild days, she’d finish off a night with a plate of steak and eggs. “It gave me the protein I needed and it helped with the hangover,” she belched, also giving me the advice to never ever eat cheese sandwiches with a pitcher of Sinapore Slings.

Nothing Could Be Finer…….Than The Aramingo Diner: The Aramingo Diner at 3356 Aramingo Avenue, 19134  itself began in 1957 when William and Catherine Moraitis opened its door and immediately became a Philadelphia favorite serving up famous breakfast fried potatoes, chipped beef on toast, cream of chicken soup and Friday seafood dinners in Port Richmond along Aramingo Avenue-a much travel route that linked Center City with the lower Northeast.

In 1972, their daughter Georgette married George Grigos and a new generation began at the Aramingo Diner. Grigos has ketchup in his blood and coffee in his veins as this self-made man started in the food business and worked his way from the ground up to own and operate the Aramingo Diner. At age 19, Grigos moved to New York City to attend college and complete a course in restaurant and hotel management. He knew he could not afford the top of the line schools like Cornell University or the Culinary Institute of America but he knew he had the passion and work ethic to be successful.

When he returned to Philadelphia, at the age of 21 he started a catering job at the Philadelphia International Airport and found himself managing 350 people. He excelled by making sure sanitation and safety were first and foremost.

But on a cold December night in 2006, loyal staff and customers gathered on the sidewalks and watched the Philadelphia Fire Department fight a blaze in the diner and wondered if another slice of that famous cheesecake would ever be served again.

Just in time for their 50th Anniversary, the Aramingo Diner opened its doors again in March 2007 serving up a full house of customers. Those who tried to pay for their slice of cheesecake, the diner’s signature dessert were shooed away by Grigos. “The cash register doesn’t work today,” he quipped. “Thank-you for coming back to us.”

One of the few diners in Center City Philadelphia that’s open 24 Hours-and that’s Little Pete’s at the corner of 17th and Chancellor Streets. With its cash only policy and free delivery (but very, very strict delivery boundaries) Little Pete’s is very little with only a dozen or so counter stools and a handful of booths for customers that are always filled and Little Pete’s is famous for always being opened 24/7 and serves breakfast all the time. Cheese omlettes and home fries, club sandwiches and milkshakes, ice cream sodas and greasy gotta have burgers with greasier onion rings.

You’ll never know who you’ll bump elbows and knees with, the place is that small-but suits and ties, Rittenhouse Square condo dwellers, plumbers, construction workers, cops and secretaries either take a seat or take it out. But those you hit the center city bar scene know there is only one place to eat at 4 a.m. less than one of their fancy overpriced cocktails two blocks away.

Thick cut steak fries and the best Texas Tommy dogs outside the Lone Star state as well as juicy burgers on toasted buns join the famous turkey (do you want Thanksgiving turkey or lunchmeat turkey?) club sandwiches with alotta crispy bacon wedged in between as lunchtime favorites but don’t forget to look at “Pete’s Picks” atop the stainless steel napkin holder that gives you over 20 choice specials from sandwiches to full platters.

But again, it’s the breakfast after the bars that Little Pete’s excel at. Food blogs and websites are chock full of grateful diners who just needed a short stack and sausage or French Toast and scrapple and yes, even steak and eggs to tide them over after a night of dancing on the bar. In fact, both the Latham Hotel and the Warwick across the street find their guests stepping out to grab something at Little Pete’s instead of dining in.

Everybody Who Knows Goes to Melrose-for over 73 years The Melrose Diner at 1501 Snyder Avenue in South Philadelphia has been the diner to eat at with their famous Butter Cream Layer Cake and the bags of chocolate chip, butter and oatmeal raisin cookies.

Don’t take the revolving door of customers using their take-out window as a clue to not go inside. You’ll be met with oldies music and staff that knows your name and your order. When the ownership changed hands a few years back it was a split decision between customers if it was for the better. The waitresses are still there with their brown and white uniforms and nametags and yes, you still have to share the booths with other diners! But that’s the Melrose Diner, it’s their way or go elsewhere-and some customers did to The Oregon Diner and the Penrose Diner but the Melrose, just off of Broad Street still has its loyalists and still is a breakfast go-to place after a night out at the Phillies game, a concert at Wachovia or throwing them back at any given South Philly bar room.

Their version of steak and eggs is a petite tenderloin tail with fried eggs, home fries and toast for $11.95. Go ahead, my friend, have another Pink Squirrel.

Only Christmas Closes the Dining Car-but every other day, The Dining Car at 8826 Frankford Avenue is open 24 hours a day. Patriarch Joe Morozin Sr. opened his very first eatery when he was sixteen years old. The road was paved with hard work, dedication and perseverance. It led from the GI Inn to White Way to the Torresdale Diner to The Dining Car.

The Torresdale Diner was originally located at 8828 Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia from 1960 to 1980. In 1979 its name changed to The Dining Car.

The “new” Dining Car was constructed by the Swingle Diner Company on-site in New Jersey and trucked to its current location at 8826 Frankford Avenue in 1980.

Its prominent features include black enamel, stainless steel, glass block and neon accents. As you approach its rolled top stainless steel roof and long sleek black body, you can almost find yourself looking for the rest of the train. Not wanting to interrupt service to its customers, both diners were actually operating at the same time for a short while. Some customers even picked up there coffee cups from the old diner and walked over to the new diner to sit and finish up there. Once all of the patrons were served, the “old” diner was closed.

The Food Network Channel knows this Northeast Philly diner very well and has featured it on several specials but they’re preaching to the choir. Everybody knows the Jewish Apple Cake, Apple Walnut Pie, the French Onion Soup and Mama’s Chicken and Gravy are downright awesome.

The Dining Car has always been known for its authentic diner fare. However, it has its own personal touch on American/Continental cuisine. Executive Chef Lawrence Thum, a Dining Car veteran since 1975, constantly adapts the daily blackboard specials for freshness and variety.

Chef Thum started out as a dishwasher in high school working his way through all facets of the diner until reaching the position of head chef. His knowledge of the front and back of the house is invaluable. His assistant Chef Robert High, another valued employee since 1975, is a third generation member of the Dining Car family. Chef Thum is the culinary architect of the Diner’s totally scratch kitchen. He even makes his own maple syrup!

And that’s what you top your pancakes and French toast with when you order that breakfast after the bar scene. Locals like to call The Dining Car, “the Palm of the Northeast” cause its where everybody who’s anybody likes to go-not to be seen-but to eat a meal you know will always be fantastic. And maybe, just maybe you’ll have the honor of being waited on by Elaine Kelly-who’s been a waitress there for 34 years.

It’s worth the bridge toll-Penn Queen Diner in Pennsauken N.J.- Ahh the Penn Queen on Route 130 between Pennsauken and Merchantville and just right off the Betsey Ross Bridge. It’s the best $4 you’ll ever spend to cross the river, if only for their basket of warm cheese rolls.

And don’t worry, you’re not doing a double take-you’ll see good looking tall handsome twin brothers seating you in either the counter and booth wing or the dining room.

Portions are huge, the chicken parm dinner feeds you for dinner and then a midnight snack and then lunch the next day and the cream of chicken rice soup on Sundays is divine intervention. The only drawback is that the Penn Queen takes off her crown at midnight-so drinkers need to call it an early night for their steak and eggs and western omlettes.

Now let the slinging of hash begin, of course we could not put every diner on this list and we heard people give kudos to the Mayfair Diner, the Tiffany Diner, Broad Street Diner, the Liberty Bell Diner, Ponzio’s, The Sage and does anybody remember Sherry’s under the EL on Kensington Avenue?

America has a love affair with their diners and diner food and the epitome of going to the diner after a night out is immortalized in the 1942 Edward Hopper painting titled “Nighthawks”- a scene of a corner all night diner with a waiter, dressed in crisp whites looking to refill a cup of hot joe to a few lonely counter guests. You see the scene through the window and suddenly you get the urge for what else? Steak and eggs at a 24 hour diner.

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By Helene

katmanduThis summer is gonna be HOT! HOT! HOT! And I am not talking about the weather! I am talking about KatManDu-“Where you can escape the everyday!” Located on 50 Riverview Plaza, in Trenton, NJ, KatManDu’s ambience and atmosphere takes hold of you and erases the stresses of the day. KatManDu is not just another nite club either!  You can Eat (Restaurant), Drink (Bar), Dance (Nite Club), and Party (Banquets) all that in one hot spot!  In the 14 years they have been in business, they keep it fresh; renovating, updating, always answering to what their patrons want! And what lends to their success? Friendly staff-some who have been with them for over ten years, a great management team that knows how to create an atmosphere that draws a diversified crowd, sumptuous food, affordable prices and HOT LIVE ENTERTAINMENT!  Nothing beats sitting on their huge deck, sipping on some cool Mojitos, overlooking the river!  Or maybe you want to hang inside for the Hottest Dance party or sit down for a nice dinner or chill in the newly added pub for a more intimate setting! It’s your choice and its all for you!

While talking with Joe Surdo, KatManDu’s Marketing and Entertainment Director, he shared that they are having a good year, especially since the nice weather kicked in!  He added that they do a tremendous amount of banquets and private parties too! They can accommodate small parties of 20 all the way up to a couple of thousand for Corporate Events! KatManDu has a great team with Chef, Brendan Gillespie and Banquet Director, Mike Langsner, you can have a wonderful experience on your special day, whether it is a Wedding, Sweet Sixteen, Reunion, Bar Mitzvah, Rehearsal dinner ….well any occasion. Packages can also be customized to fit your every need.

Looking for excitement- KatManDu’s has got Hot entertainment including Live Bands and DJ’s and great drink and food specials! Check out their Acoustic Show Case every Wednesday from 7-11pm-No Cover! Every Thursday is College Night! Get your $1.00 Miller Lite, Bud Lite, Coors Lite and Budwieser bottles and Ladies are free with College ID-up to 11pm ($5.00 later). And Every Friday check out their “Economy Buster” $5.00 All You Can Eat Happy Hour-Carving Station, Pasta Station, Stir fry Station, Mash Potato Bar, Nacho Bar, even a Chocolate Fountain (yumm) and so much more from 5pm-8pm-plus a live solo/duo acoustic show!  Then starting at 8pm the best live bands take to the stage until 11pm and the night still isn’t over cause after that it’s FLASH BACK FRIDAYS….DJ spinning music from the 70’s-90’s so you can get your dance on! And on Saturday nights the Ladies are free until 11pm!

Look out for these upcoming special events!…Sunday, June 20th Father’s Day Brunch, Friday, June 25th Hawaiian Luau-Hawaiian dancers, Fire-Eaters, and a traditional Pig Roast! And later on be sure to check out the Fizz Reunion, Delaware Avenue Reunion, and the Rum Jungle-themed party sometime this summer! For more information on what’s happening at KatManDu check out their website at www.KatManDuTrenton.com.  Get ready for an unforgettable summer at KatManDu! Easily assessable from PA or anywhere in NJ and there is plenty or parking too! See you there!

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The series is only beginning now!  Let’s GO FLYERS!

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Heck you know that…HAVE FUN THIS COMING WEEKEND and all thru the HOLIDAY!

LET OOT be your guide for area fun…when it comes to  local  bands and hot DJ’s – you’ll find out where they are with each special ISSUE of the OOT.

We scout out all the best area locations for you and you can be sure that what you see in the OOT is the real deal in local entertainment …we show you who

has the lowest prices on food and drink and also guide you to the best promotions in the region.   When it comes to sports – we have the best SPORTS BARS

listed so you can cheer on your favorite team.    There is only one Out On The Town..and we keep all in focus for you!


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Angel Schoen

From the Stadium 5 Points
Levittown Pa
Angel is our Bartender of the month and she comes to us from the Stadium 5 Points  in Levittown Pa.,
where she has been tending the bar for the last 5 & 1/2 years. With Dark Brown hair and green yes, Angel has  a nice fan base of steady customers. You can see her working daily over at the Stadium. Tuesday (Night), Wednesday(Night), Thursday(Day), Saturday(Night),and Sunday(Day)
ON SPORTS: She loves the Flyers and thinks Hockey is the best sport around.

HOBBIES: Likes to hang out  with some of her friends but most of the time  she is taking care of her son NATHAN (7 years old ) and enjoys her time with him.
ON RADIO: Favorite station is  Q -102 FM  She likes dance music!
With a great personality Angel has a good fan base of steady customers who stop by the bar to see her
each week. ” I just like being behind the bar since I get the chance to meet so many interesting people
all the time”, she says.
FAVORITE DRINK: ” You can call me a MILLER LITE girl”
To see Angel online go to:  www.ootweb.com also see her photo in the Stadium’s ad this issue.

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Yuengling Beer has a great promo going on now.TEXT to WIN a CUSTOM Orange County CHOPPER YUENGLING MOTORCYCLE by TEXTING > CYCLE1 to 83361

Just TEXT …you don’t have to purchase a thing. You must be 21 to enter your TEXT….as of MAY 1 thur to 7/31 Yuengling will donate a portion of their beer sales durning the OCC promotion..the donated funds will be going to the INTREPID FALLEN HEORES FUND.

*Finalists will winn a TRIP to OCC HEADQUARTERS for a Chance to win a CUSTOM OCC BIKE!   See all the details in the latest OOT!

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Atlantic City, NJ – April 29, 2010; Saturday, May 15 promises to be a sizzling affair. Playboy model and internet sensation Cindy Margolis hosts a white-hot Cougars & Cubs Dating Game in Ego Bar & Lounge. Be there from 9 – 11 p.m. for a night to live inhibition-free as frisky ‘Cougar’ women look for ‘Cubs’ or young men of a more—shall we say—active age.

It’s also the launch of Ketel One Oranje, the juicy new orange-infused vodka, with samples, specialty cocktails and special surprises.

Cindy’s the perfect host for this wild event where she will host two rounds of The Cougars & Cubs Dating Game, where she’ll help a Cougar ask some pretty personal questions of three Cubs. Cindy will help match up the couples and the two most popular couples voted on by the audience will win a dinner date to the casually-chic Trattoria Il Mulino Restaurant.

And who better to help with the hook up? After all, when she was newly single and on the prowl, she starred in “Seducing Cindy,” the hit Fox Reality Channel show that featured Cindy looking for love.

And there was no shortage of suitors. One of the Web’s biggest stars from the beginning, Cindy’s killer looks and buxom body made her images one of the most downloaded woman by internet users. A three-time “Queen of the Internet,” she has modeled for Reebok, Hanes, Vidal Sassoon and more.

And, Cindy will be on hand to sign copies of her June 2008 Playboy Magazine where at 40 something, she is still smoking hot!

There is no admission for the Cougars and Cubs Dating Game at Ego Bar & Lounge, but you do have to be 21 years of age, be dressed to impress and have valid identification.

And that’s not the only HOT act over in Ego Bar & Lounge; The (almost) Angels are hotter than ever. By popular demand, the super-sexy girl group’s show has been extended through Labor Day Weekend. And the ladies are kicking up the sizzle with an updated act, brand-new sexy costumes and jaw-dropping dance moves and choreography. Seductive, sultry and endlessly entertaining, The Angels appear every Thursday – Sunday in Ego, from 10 p.m. – 2 a.m. You can make your table/bottle reservations by email: egobar.tablereservations@taj.trump.com.

So mix it up with the ladies, come with your friends and enjoy their alluring renditions of the hottest acts at Trump Taj Mahal. You can dance the night away, enjoy a hot scene, play live blackjack and an unrivaled drink menu.

It will be untamed and off the hook, it’s a wild night no one can match. From Playmates to Angels to the hottest DJ’s, everyone is converging on the nightlife scene at Trump Taj Mahal.

*Must be 21 or older. Positive proof of identification will be required. Subject to change or cancellation at management’s discretion.

About Trump Taj Mahal

As one of the most iconic casino hotels in the world, Trump Taj Mahal is recognized as one of America’s most opulent and exciting gaming destinations. With the addition of the spectacular Chairman Tower, the brand new, $255 million hotel tower, features 782 guest rooms and boasts a newly-renovated casino floor and 1,250 newly appointed hotel room and suites in the Taj Tower. Trump Taj Mahal has recently undergone a total transformation through more than $100 million in renovations. In addition to the newly refurbished 150,000 square foot casino, the Taj Mahal has new dining, entertainment and shopping choices.

Certain statements that may be contained in this press release may be “forward-looking statements” that involve risks and uncertainties. Information regarding risk factors that could cause results to differ from those contained in the forward looking statements is available in the Company’s most recent Form 10-K and/or Form 10-Q.

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All the best Sports bars with all the great specials can be found in the new OOT paper-see it now by going all online at www.ootweb.com We have a great list of all the top Sports bars in the area. Be sure and get out and shout-LET’S GO FLYERS!  NOTE: the new OOT will be going up later this evening and the coverage of the new OOT is from MAY 12 thru to JUNE 2nd….BE SURE AND CHECK IT ALL OUT and SUPPORT all of our bars and clubs you will find in this new Edition.

TONIGHT where to find the best prices on FOOD AND DRINK >

SPECIALS on BUD LIGHT,  BUD LIGHT LIME,YUENGLING, COORS LIGHT, TWISTED TEAS, FIRELY, and MILLER LITE can be found in the Out On The Town Entertainment Guide – GO TO :  www.ootweb.com  or www.ootonline.com

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By L.Ramage’

l_72dca8f0acd74efba9da8c6a38df04b1Mike Vagnoni and I talk often about one the best era’s in music which was in my opinion was the 80’s into the early 90’s.  This was my generation as I was in my early 20’s when the disco era was winding down.  I was freshly divorced and hitting the club circuit and well life took on a new meaning as there was this exciting vibe in the mid to late 80’s.  Women dressed very well,  I’m gonna go with “slutty”!  There was no better way to describe our attire. We all looked like street walkers. I was no exception. The shorter and more skin tight the mini skirt, and the higher your “F-Me” boots stiletto heel was and preferably with a chrome pointy heel the better and hotter you felt! For the guys? The tighter the jeans, preferably black stretch jeans or ripped and torn stone washed the more your chances at scoring were (they called those jeans Nut huggers by the way). If you had the money, you bought your clubbing and band attire at “Warrior” custom clothes store in the Northeast.  Back then? Going out was an event. And? The best part was you had someplace to go almost every night of the week!  From the Telford Inn, To the Galaxy in New Jersey to Gahooleys  to our beloved Empire Rock room on the Boulevard.
After the Empire was closed down, the rockers or metal heads some may call us had no where to go. Fortunately that era had Lori Gallagher (RIP) and that lady went to the owners of the then club “Cherrys” at the entrance ramp of Bristol Pike and Woodhaven Roads.  She talked the owners Jimmy and Teddy into allowing her to revamp the club and they did into this penitentiary style decoration and atmosphere complete with hand painted cinder block walls, barbed wire fencing and prison cat walks in the suspended ceilings. Thus the club “Cellblock” was born around 1990. It reminded me of something you’d go through in an amusement park.  Hoppy Riddle was always the sound man and Ronnie Hammil on lights and Tracy was the light girl/spotter. Lori first booked the club until the end of 1991 and I went in till the fire destroyed the house in June of 1995.  The first National I booked was Dee Snider’s “Widowmaker” in early 1992.  Hoppy and I figure we  worked with 46 National Acts when all was said and done.  I tried to figure out how many local original bands I worked with from Thursday to Saturday nights and it had to be in the hundreds.  Some of the top bands we nurtured along the way were: “Naughty Jane, Mr. Bones, MetalWolf, Roughhouse, American Pie. Dollhaus Puppets, Das Rhein, CreekRoad, The Jury, Teachers Pet, Dezire, Taken”  and just so many  label ready, as far as I was concerned .  On our good nights we would see about 400 or so come in the door,.  Towards the end though, those numbers were dwindling rapidly.  I often wondered what happened to everyone and those bands. I still have all their CD’s and press kits.
That’s the thing, back then the bands really made an effort and worked hard at promoting themselves. You don’t see much of that anymore.  I was interning at a Kloss Recording Studios for a while and so many bands were spending the money and time to get a polished CD made to get shows and maybe make a few bucks. Back then? You couldn’t leave the “Cellblock” without having your car really plastered with so many band fliers trying to get you out to a show. They’d send you a post card too to remind you! Some even picked up this lost art of using the phone!  Now with the Internet? Everyone just does an email blast and hey download our latest song if you feel like it. They got lazy these bands.  When I was working a National? I used to drive Teddy’s BMW and he’d jump out and plaster every telephone pole or Store window we could get away with with posters about the shows…and it must have worked! They came in droves! I totally believe in advertising!  I would advertised every  big show in the “Inquirer” and”Out on the Town” (that’s how my column started way back then BTW)  as well as “The Aquarian” Advertising has gone way with the Internet, sadly and I think when people don’t see or hold something in their hand to remind them of an event or something they forget about all the things that are saturated on the Internet.
We had a reunion some years back, one night at the Pirates Den and the next night at the Whiskey Tango, it was the only way I could get so many of the bands a chance to play. Well as time goes on and it’s amazing that these guys still stay in touch and so we have about 6-7 bands that want to get back together for one night of going down Memory Lane. On Sunday June 6  from about 5- midnight  at the Whiskey Tango; we are going to get together again with these actual musicians that graced the Cellblocks Stage: “Surrender Dorothy, KRANK (yes with Frank) Instinct, Chain Saw Jane, Shock Tank Kittens and members of Savage Attraction.  There will be some give aways, CD’s etc.  and I’m working on a guitar to Raffle. It will be just a nice time to get people together that used to come out to the club and everyone is welcome!

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pbw_2010_logoPHILADELPHIA, PA – The third-annual Philly Beer Week (PBW) 2010 will kickoff on Friday, June 4 at 7:30 p.m., in the spectacular Independence Visitors Center (6th and Market Streets) with the Opening Tap, a celebration honoring over 25 regional breweries whose beer helps make Philadelphia “the best beer-drinking city in America.”  The Opening Tap will begin with Mayor Nutter and the ceremonial ‘first tap’ using the official Philly Beer Week keg mallet (affectionately known as the Hammer of Glory) followed by a strolling beer tasting on two levels.  Opening Tap tickets cost $40 and can be purchased online at www.phillybeerweek.org, no tickets will be available for purchase at the door.

“The Opening Tap is a one-of-a-kind event featuring our local breweries and their beers, as well as the men and women who create them,” says Don Russell, Executive Director of PBW.  “It’s only fitting that we kick off a celebration of America’s best beer-drinking city in the shadow of the birthplace of America.”

Invited breweries for the Opening Tap include:  Appalachian Brewing Company, The Brew Works of Allentown and Bethlehem, Dock Street Brewing Co., Dogfish Head, Earth Bread + Brewery, Erie Brewing Company, Flying Fish Brewing Company, General Lafayette Inn, Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant, Lancaster Brewing Company, The Lion Brewery, Manayunk Brewpub, McKenzie’s Brew House, Nodding Head, Philadelphia Brewing Company, River Horse Brewing Company, Rock Bottom, Roy Pitz Brewing Company, Sly Fox Brewery, Sam Adams, Stewart’s, Stoudt’s Brewing Company, Triumph, Troegs Brewing Co, Twin Lakes Brewing Company, Victory Brewing Company, Weyerbacher Brewing Company, Yards Brewing Company and Yuengling.

Beer friendly food will be available for purchase on site from Max & Me Catering and there will be live music by the Flathead Gang.  Attendees must be at least 21 years of age, and no children will be admitted.

To purchase tickets for the Opening Tap or find general information including the ever-expanding schedule of events and list of participants, please visit www.phillybeerweek.org.

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