This is going to be so different from the local music series that takes place each Thursday night at Chickies & Pete’s on the Blvd…May 23rd one night only  2U checks into Chickie’s on the Blvd…they are the #1 tribute artists to U2….just a great show and one you don’t want to miss.   No Cover!

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Hurricane Jacks to host the biggest Car show on May 18th…at night the sounds of Tuesdays’ Gone!  Hot Spot Pick

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Mother’s Day is a special day and if you are planning to take your mom out for a sunday brunch or dinner – we do have some great places listed in the OOT Guide…The May Issue just went out this past week and is online as you know it…make the day special for your mom. Enjoy Mother’s Day 2013.

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May 11, 2013

Where To Go..What To Do!

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So many cool events are coming up and we want you to know what some of the best ones are…

Check out the new Out On The Town later tonight! ( See the OOT guide anytime you like by going to

Where To Go and What To Do in the area bars and clubs and restaurants that will help you enjoy yourself and save you

money when going out is what we  do for you!  Get to know the best people making the music, the hottest spots in the region

and the best upcoming events on a local level with each special OOT Guide!    By the way this May is our 34 th Anniversary

Issue. Bring out the Champagne!

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Make sure you can take some time and get out this weekend.There is so much to do and so much to see. Let the OOT help in making them plans on where to go and what to do. Our area locations that we call the OOT Hot Spots are just waiting for you.

Our area locations offer the best deals around. When it comes to entertainment, prices on food & drink and weekly promotions, you can always be sure of this one important fact – “When you see it in the OOT Network = You know it’s Gotta Be Good”   You work hard so when it’s time to play you want the best offerings…here at OOT we do all that we can to  show you the best possible places in the Greater Phila area.  Use the OOT and get to know  the People, Places & Things that make our area Entertainment scene the best place to be in on the east coast.  All ages can appreciate the OOT. There is something to do every night of the week and we show you the prices, so you know what the best deals are and who is offering them…and u can get the jump on things for the entire month.  We have the prices and entertainment lined up for the next month and so easy to read and check out.

TGIF and let OOT Help this weekend and for every day…

Out On The Town Entertainment Guide!

Visit OOT anytime

See it online or just pick up a printed copy

at any area OOT HOT SPOT Location.

* Advertise with OOT / This is direct marketing to those you are looking to attract.

215-668-5282  ask for Mike. > office 856-786-1600  OOT is the professional tool to use with the  local area scene.

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Where To Go on Mondays

Apr 29, 2013

Monday nights are kind of special…so many cool offerings are out here…just waiting for you to pick up on…Just check-out the OOT Guide… and see * And the best thing is you can see what’s going on for every day …with every kind of promotion…and there is no need to waste time  …When you’re looking for something – you’ll find it in the Out On the Town.

This is Entertainment News … and keeping it local is what the OOT is all about!

“When you see it in our Network…You Know it’s Gotta Be Good”

Advertise in the OOT  Network…call 215-668-5282 and get things moving once and for all  in the right direction…ask for Mike V.

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HOT Tips on all the Hot Spots can be found this week by going to the OOT FAN PAGE on FACEBOOK…

All the info is powered by the OOT Guide…CHECK IT OUT/ Anytime you like.


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Mid-week fun is all here and just waiting for you…check out the latest OOT Guide…just click on the big Photo of the latest Issue and let the fun begin. The OOT Hot Spots offer so much on Wednesday nights…specials  and all kinds of great things to check-out,  so you can have the fun and at the same time save money too!

The Best deals on Food,Drinks, Entertainment, and promotional events  is what you will find with each Out On The Town Entertainment Guide!  All this is for Free…

There is only one OOT Guide.  *Join the OOT Network and let the Power of OOT work for you…add this to your own network and increase your numbers.  OOT WORKS…LET IT WORK FOR YOU!   >email to for more info!

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Tuesdays are fun nights to go out…why?  So many places offer big discounts and there are plenty of things to do  … visit any of our OOT HOT SPOTS … we do all that we can to find the right kind of places  and share this info with you – that offer only the best deals when going out.…our #1 job is to make sure we offer you  with each OOT GUIDE > the  best spots with the best deals on food and drink prices. + weekly Entertainment &  weekly Promotions!

“When you see it in the OOT Guide…Ya’ know it’s Gotta Be Good”

Pick up the OOT guide or just view it anytime  @ www.ootonline .com

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