Valentines weekend is  even bigger then Valentines Day…so what are you waiting for? TGIF/ There are so many places to check out and so many cool things to do this weekend. Let Out On The Town Entertainment Guide point you in the right direction as to  what places are out here for you to check out.
We feature the *Hot Spots… U won’t get lost on the Information Highway with the Out On The Town…we keep things in focus.

*Best area bars, clubs and restaurants with the best Prices on Food & Drink, promotions, and weekly Entertainment!

* The places we know about and share with you in each  special OOT Guide… /  See who’s doing what…go to Out On The Town Entertainment Guide!    Advertise your message with the OOT… your request!

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alienarcadeTruly ” AN ALL NEW EXPERIENCE,” Alien Arcade is sure to be the breakout band of 2013…  With a lineup of performers who have already lead 3 of the most successful bands on the scene, combined with a brand new state-of-the-art stage production/light show, this is a perfect combination of passion, and youthful energy & enthusiasm that has not been seen before and is sure to rock the house and bring the party every night, to every stage, everywhere!!!

Paul Mullay – Vocals/Guitar- From Steamrolle Picnic
Anthony Baker – Drums/Vocals/Production Manager – From Crystal Roxx
Jordan Demarest – Guitar/Vocals – From Octane
Joe Berndt – Bass/Vocals – From Octane

Playing music by:
Maroon Five, Bruno Mars, Muse, Neon Tree’s, Fun, Cold Play, Calvin Harris, Train, Usher and much more.
Visit there facebook page @

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184443_4921008018753_629257788_nDJ SEV-ONE / DJ OF THE MONTH

OOT – you’re making a name for yourself out here…What do you go by?
“My names Dj SEV-ONE, I Dj for Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes and many other artist. I Dj all around Philadelphia. I’ve  worked at Club 27, Club Roxy and also many other bars. I also have 3 residents at Parx Casino Club 360 ,Da Bar &HammerHeads and  also special event places in Philly”.

OOT – you really seem to have a passion – how dedicated are you?
“I am fully dedicated and a Dj that takes my music seriously. I grew up around mostly all soul music with my parents listening to it 24/7. I  never liked that kind of music but the older i get the more I listen to this kind of music because it reminds me of my father that passed when I was 9 years old.The Name SEV ONE is in memory of when my father passed on july 17th. SEV ONE is 17 backwards For the date my dad passed.”

OOT What kind of music do you spin?
. “Most of the music I spin is late 80s and 90s hiphop which is why I seperate myself from other Djs. There nothing better then Old school Hiphop to me. I have a big personality and have no problem talking to anyone. I learned everything  I do now from my older brother named Jeff Davis aka Stress – The White Boy. My brothers got a gold record and has been in the game for some time.. If not For MY brother Jeff, I wouldnt be where i am today. How i got Linked Up With Travis McCoy From Gym Class Hereos was in 2004 on Vans Warped Tour.
I was doing a merchandise for another band my brother was on tour with. Me and Trav would bump into each other here and there but besides that we always linked up when it came to Art on Tour. I was 14 years old and making beats and wrting graffiti on Custom Trucker hats which is why I guess I kinda stuck out to him at such a young age.  All the rest was down hill from there. We became good friends and he’s like my brother till’ this day. I’ve  worked with T-Pain and him in Miami and I’m sure more shows in the future. I’m just young and trying to make a name for myself through art and producing as well as Djing.
OOT – Where are you working at present?
“If you would like to check me Out?  I dj on tuesdays at Hammerheads in Northeast Philly as well as Parx Casino on fridays and Da Bar In Levittown on saturdays. Also check me out on Facebook at or on Instagram @djsev_one.”
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Brewers Plate 2012-111

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BotMFor this Pre-St Patrick’s Issue our Bartender of the month comes to us via Harrigan’s Irish Pub in Warminster Pa.,we want you to meet Julia.  She works mondays ( day) and fridays (day) and has been working in the bar business for a good number of years. She would not say how many…Ha Ha…but she is a true veteran behind the bar.
Her full time job is in the real estate business where she works 24/7 and her passion is to cater to first time home buyers..”.I really like to help people and being in the bar business is such a great way to meet all kinds of characters. The cast of thousands and I just like hearing all the stories they spill out to me, when I am behind the bar” she says.
Julia is 5′ 5” tall and has dark brown hair & brown eyes. She is the owner of one a great personality and is a resident of Upper Southampton.  Julia has a good base of loyal customers who come out to see her each week, * part of the cast of thousands, as she said. She is so well liked and it shows when she does her shifts.
ON SPORTS: Likes the  Phila. Eagles and the Phila. Soul. She loves football.
OOT is going to see if we can get her a pair of tickets to see the Phila Soul.
FAVORITE DRINK: Beleveder Cosmo
Stop by to Harrigan’s Pub and meet up with Julia.    See this artilce @ our Featured Bartender of the month and also this feature is linked from the Wired 96.5 FM site.

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By: Roundhouse Ron
Photo_3(1)On Friday December 14, 2012, like the rest of the Philadelphia area, I was totally shocked & stunned that wired 96.5 (WRDM) had fired “CHIO”, for reasons that no one knows. Since early 1995, he has made this city his home, from starting with Q102.1 (WIOQ) to this present day. Being the honest man that he is, “CHIO” wanted his faithful listeners to understand and make one thing perfectly clear, “I Did Not Resign, I Straight Up, Got Fired”.
Since hearing this information, I decided it was about time I had written a story on this very good friend of mine. Way back, when “CHIO” first arrived in Philly, I was introduced to him by a mutual friend of the both of ours, another local radio icon by the name of “Glenn Kalina”. Glenn and his wife “Stavros”, were both friends of mine, therefore they asked me to show this Philly newbie (“CHIO”) around our fine town for little, cause he liked the “ROCKY” movies and I am a true Philadelphian. During these past seventeen (17) years, we have always kept in touch and been seen around at many local venues together as he would take over these spots. In fact, “CHIO” gave me my start in the promotional field, by me listening and learning how crazy this world of entertainment works. I then ventured out on my own as “Roundhouse Ron” & “Philly Music Video Promotions” in 2000.
This Philadelphia radio legend first air checked in on February of 1995, with then Q102.1 (WIOQ) a Clear Channel station in the 6pm to 10pm time slot. Back then, Q102 had an entirely different vibe with such slogans as “Peace On The Streets” & “The Switch Is On”. Their main competition for many years was Y100 (WXPN). “CHIO” took over the night time airwaves as his program was climbing to the rating charts. In January of 1997, Clear Channel had a brain storm to revamp the station, so with that, “CHIO” moved on with his career.
Phoenix, Arizona was the next location for my boy, in January of 1997, “CHIO” took a nice job at 103.9 (KPTY), “Arizona’s Party Station”. Riding the hot frequency waves of Arizona, he stayed until August of 1997, where at this time, he was known as “CHIO The Hit Man”.
As “CHIO’s” career was gaining more popularity by da moment, he fell into an awesome gig in sunny San Diego, CA, and started there in August of 1997 with Q106.5 (KKLQ). He held down his night shift with sum great ratings, so what happens, he gets a phone call from Q102.1 back here in Philly with an offer “CHIO” could not refuse. The family loaded up the moving van once again in August of 1999.
Taking over the Philadelphia airwaves once again, “CHIO” was received with a huge warm welcome back. He found a nice spot on Q102.1 with the afternoon drive shift (2pm to 6pm). From August of 1999 to December of 1999, “CHIO” made the drive home from work, both very entertaining and informational.
In January of 2000, an exciting career booster was proposed to “CHIO” from WIQO (Q102.1) with taking over the morning show. There was no way he was letting this amazing opportunity go, so he was signed on as the morning showPhoto_4(1) host, with another local radio legend being the co-host. Yes, you got it, “CHIO” was now teamed up with “Diego Ramos” (local boy born & raised). “CHIO” would host the program (6am to 10am), while “Diego” would be the stunt man, producer & all around whatever needed to be done, he did it for the show kinda guy. Not only was a legendary show now being developed, but also was a new name for “CHIO”, that he will carry on for the next 13 years. All I gotta say is “CHIO” In The Morning and the world knew who I was talking about.
In January of 2006, “CHIO” got an interesting offer from a radio station (Z90) in San Diego, CA. He decide to take a journey across this country via automobile, just to get away for a while cause he felt he needed a change in his life. “CHIO” signed on and worked just 1 day on air, then in conversations with his wife “Shawn”, he decided to leave this job and return back home in New Jersey. Now remember, he had no job or job offer in this area. But “CHIO” made the call to leave, quit his job in San Diego and return to his humble home in Cherry Hill to save his marriage with “Shawn”.
While driving back to Philadelphia, “CHIO” received a phone call on his cell, from another Philly radio station. Yeppers, wired 96.5 (WRDW) heard that he was returning to Philly and they wanted to start a new morning program just for him. Because of him still being in contract with Q102.1, “CHIO” had to wait til March of 2006, only then could he return to the frequency in this area.
So, as the story goes, “CHIO” worked for wired 96.5 from March of 2006 til his finally good bye on December 14, 2012 at approximately 9:45am. It was a great run for over 6½ years as he was killin the Philadelphia radio market with good ratings and a very entertaining local show.
During the history of this awesome morning program, “CHIO” worked with many interesting and very popular co-hosts like “Diego”, “Angi Taylor”, “Blaire”, “Jill”, “Justice”, “Lisa Paige”, “Roula Christie”, “David ”Secrest” Krieger”, “Casey”, “Joey B”, “G-N Kang”, “Ryan Motts”, “White Trash Matt”, “Shila” and most recently “Tingle”.
“CHIO” is also responsible for sum outstanding events and charity work in our area, like who remembers “Singles Mingle”, with the 1st one being at “Envy Nightclub” in Philly? How about the very emotional “Chio’s Christmas Wish List”, giving away over $126,000 while helping over 126 families, making Christmas just a little bit brighter in tough times. Things like this, no one can take away from him, “CHIO” honestly luvs to give back to the community that he serves, while trying to make a difference in any way he can.
As being one of “CHIO’s” good friends here in da Philadelphia area, we have hit many local night spots as he was doing numerous personal appearances. Actually, I must accredit my reputation & vast knowledge in the promotional field to my boy “CHIO”, he showed me how important is it to be genuine to people when they come out supporting you & your events.
If you have ever meet “CHIO” in person, you know this all to be very true, he respects each person as a loyal friend & this is why he does what he loves to do. I can’t go any further without mentioning all of the clubs you may have seen “CHIO” at, sum in fact may jar your brain with awesome memories, like “Club 1415”, “The Shark Club”, “Maui Nightclub”, “Egypt Nightclub”, “The Warehouse”, “The Cave”, “Adelphi Nightclub”, “The 8th Floor”, “Baja Beach Club”, “Soncini’s Sports Bar”, “Touche Nightclub”, “Iguana Yacht Club”, “Bronco Billy’s”, “Pulse Nightclub”, “Blue Martini”, “The Roxxy”, “The Bamboo Bar”, “Chrome Nightclub”, “The Woodbine”, “The Big Kahuna”, “Ice Nightclub”, “Top Dog”, “Envy Nightclub”, “Flatspin Nightclub”, “Club Manhattan”, “Reed’s Nightclub”, “Diego’s Bar”, “The Deck”, “RP Murphy’s”, “Bootleggers”, “Club 27”, “Cebu”, “Escape Nightclub”, “The Lagoon”, “Club Deco”.
And he is still going even stronger today with the “CHIO” “Radio Frequency Tour”, hitting places like “Penguin’s Pub”, “MoodSwing Nightclub”, “Kellen’s Station House”, “The Trappe Tavern”, “Phily Sports Bar” & “The Foundation Room” (Showboat Casino in Atlantic City).
If you wanna keep in touch with “CHIO”, please go to one of his personal facebook accounts, or He also has a personal twitter account,

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Since “Hot Wings” is one of my all time favorite proteins, I just had to write about these delectable treats. I like to call them “Hot Wings”, but they have also been known as “Buffalo Wings”, Chicken Wings, “Hot Wings” or “Wing Dings”. Some people enjoy them as an appetizer, while others luv to chow down & get right to the point as a main entrée. These tasty morsels are best when accompanied by fresh celery sticks, along with a dipping sauce of either blue cheese dressing or ranch dressing.
As history goes, on a cold Friday night in 1964, “Dominic Bellissimo” was tending bar at the now famous “Anchor Bar & Restaurant” in Buffalo, New York. Late that evening, a group of “Dominic’s” friends arrived at the bar with ravenous appetites. “Dominic” asked his mother, “Teressa”, to prepare something for his friends to eat. “Chicken Wings” in those dayz, usually went right into the stock pot for soup. So, “Teressa” had deep fried sum wings & flavored them with a secret cayenne hot sauce. The wings were an instant hit and it didn’t take long for people to flock to the bar to experience this new taste sensation. From that evening on, “Buffalo Wings” became a regular part of the menu at the “Anchor Bar & Restaurant”.
If you ever thought that a “Buffalo Wing” came from parts of a buffalo, you were completely wrong & probably been living under a freakin rock, cause everyone who lives in Philly, knows that “Buffalo Wings” come from chickens, actually from the 1st (wing drumette) & 2nd section (flat wing tip) of the wing.
These miniature culinary masterpieces can be prepared & served in several different ways. Always best when made fresh, please don’t ever buy those grocery store frozen bags of “Chicken Wings”. To be honest, they focking suck & are so damn gross. Get the real deal or don’t eat them at all. Clean your pieces, then lightly dip them in either seasoned flour or seasoned bread crumbs. Deep fry these puppies until golden brown or to your liking. Now, is where we all get lost, in the final flavor treatment of the wings, there is over 5 trillion different ways to finish them off. I prefer my own secret mixture of a “Frank’s Red Hot Sauce” base, chopped cilantro, minced garlic, splash of lime juice, with a few dashes of cayenne pepper. Mix it up, then add the wings for a few seconds of shaking & enjoy ;-}
As many of you already know, I review & post a Top 10 List Of Philly’s Best “Hot Wing” Spots, in my opinion. I could not continue this article without mentioning a few local locations. If you are ever in da need for sum amazing “Chicken Wing” greed, please check out either “Reale’s Sports Bar & Grille”, “Curran’s Irish Inn”, “Byrne’s Tavern”, “Paddy Whacks Irish Sports Pub”, “Moriarty’s Irish Pub” or “McCrossen’s Tavern”. Since visiting all of these food eateries, tasting their fine wingers, I seriously recommend them all. Other awesome local chain restaurants that have fabulous wings are “Hooters”, “Chickie’s & Pete’s”, “Tilted Kilt Pub” & “Buffalo Wild Wings”.
“Buffalo Wings” & football, need I say anything more? These gotta be 2 of my favorite things in life, so I have to mention how popular they are during our big American show down. Super Bowl weekend is unquestionably the biggest time of the year for wings.  More than 1.25 billion wing portions will be consumed during Super Bowl weekend, totaling more than 100 million pounds of wings, according to the National Chicken Council’s (NCC) Wing Report. Some 23% of those who watch the big game have eaten “Chicken Wings”, up slightly in popularity from last year & second only to dips & spreads (32%) on Super Bowl menus.
Leading up to our local “Hot Wing” heritage, I can’t go any further without mentioning WIP’s (94.1fm/610am radio) world famous “Wing Bowl”. The “Wing Bowl” is in part a sporting event, part 3 ring circus & all entertainment. This annual “Chicken Wing” eating contest founded in 1993 by radio talk show host “Al Morganti” & in time “Angelo Cataldi” joined in on this celebration of pure gluttony. “Wing Bowl 1” started in 1993, with about 10 people who attended The Wyndham Franklin Plaza Hotel lobby in center city Philadelphia. This wacky competition started with just 2 contestants, as “Carmen “The Beast from the East” Cordero” walked away with the inaugural title of eating 100 wings while receiving a hibachi grill as his prize. The Wing Bowl is traditionally held on the Friday preceding the Super Bowl. This year’s big winner was “James “The Bear” McDonald” (from Granby, Connecticut) who rose to victory after devouring a ridiculous 287 “Chicken Wings”.
“P.J. Whelihan’s” in Haddonfield, NJ is responsible for supplying all the “Chicken Wings” for WIP’s “Wing Bowl” this year. They fry up to about 540 pounds of wings, which falls into around 12,000 wings for this single event.
A huge part of this annual event has been the “Wingettes”. OMFG, just imagine over 120 scantily clad women dressed in bikini tops with boy shorts & high heeled shoes, all biding for the title of “Miss Wingette”. Actually they are a vital asset to the contestants, as the “Wingettes” support their wing eating gladiator onto victory or defeat. The top “Wingette” of “Wing Bowl 21” (this year) rode off on a brand new Harley Davidson 883 Sportster from Barb’s Harley Davidson. I know you are all chomping at da bit wondering, who was this year’s top “Wingette”? This year’s winner was a very attractive 20 year old brunette named Alexandra Warner from Easton, PA.
With such a worldwide attraction, the “Wing Bowl” attracts numerous commercial & local sponsors. Not only do these sponsors promote the eating competitors, but they also help supply the event with the “Wingettes”. Big time promoters & local companies like “Promo Frank”, “The Penthouse Club”, “Xfinity Live”, “PBR Bar & Grill”, “Chickie’s & Pete’s” & the “Victory Beer Hall” (just to name a few) have a stable of fine young ladies that are more than willing to be a part of this colossal 20,000 people venue.
And, this is how “Roundhouse Ron” goes from “Hot Wings” to “Wing Bowl” & “Wingettes”. “Enjoy Life My Friendz, With No Regrets, Cause Tomorrow Is Not Guaranteed”. You can always reach me @

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Two events we have our eyes on for the weekend are:

Sandy Paws Benefit at the Water Tower in Oaks Pa., on Saturday…with 6 bands …2pm to 2am  / Make a donation to help out Animal Relief  and they do need the help  -f or all the animals that lost their homes and families…money raised will help the Animal Shelters and also help buy food for the animals caught up in the mess that the Hurricane created for all.

Grand Re-opening of Nicks Roast Beef on Cottman Ave in NE Phila… Party Weekend for this great are location. Saturday night See the Insiders  with their brand of good time, fun time shore music…and have fun over a the all new NICKS!  We say now Nick’s@ Night…

* FOR MORE INFO on both of these great events  GO TO  and key into the latest Out On The Town Entertainment Guide!

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Going out to see the big game today? Here ‘s some of our*OOT HOT SPOT PICKS….*Play the OOT pick the score of Today’s Big Game. You must be 21 to play…Send your pick by kick-off. U can email your pick to… correct score wins a $25 Gift Card to Paddy Whacks…Send your pick to our Facebook page / Fan Page…all picks have to be  sent  by Kick-off!  More fun from your source for Area Entertainment News…Out On The Town Entertainment Guide.

Enjoy the game and by the way…enjoy all those new commercials…that’s just added fun…

HERE are the best Sports Bars and Bars in the Region* that we know! – Super Sunday Big Game Day 2013!

The Dog N Bull Brew -Music House – Croydon – 1st Annual SUPER BEER BOWL TAPPING….begins at 6:30pm with Dogfish Head, HellHound & special Appetizers’ by Chef Max Schindler…Live music at night The JERSEY  CORN PICKERS from 3pm to 7pm…

Tony’s Place – Ivyland Pa – Drink Specials…Great Game day items…Enjoy the menu of the best food in the area…Flatscreen TV’s  ( Every seat in the house is a good seat to see the game)

The Fireside Beef & Ale – Feasterville Pa – Free Buffet, Drinks Specials sponsored By Miller Lite, Giveaways…

Great Bar Menu… See the game under our heated Tent with 3 giant Flatscreens…

The Three Monkeys Cafe – NE Phila – Flatscreens and a great Bar menu along with sunday specials…

Scruples Gentelmens CLub – Bensalem Pa–   Food and Drink specials with a great bar menu and see our girls the Scruplettes/ as Super Big Game day Cheerleaders…

The Brunswick Zone XL –  Feasterville Pa – Flatscreen Tv’s and SUNDAY GAME DAY SPECIALS …Enjoy Bowling and then see the big game here! Great Food Items…

The Holiday Inn – South Philly – THE STADIUM SPORTS BAR & RESTAURANT.. $10 Buckets, $3 Drafts,$2 Pabst and Labatts  Drafts – Super Big Game Day FOOD Specials and Flatscreen TV’s all over !

Dr Lou’s Roebling NJ – Food and Drinks Specials and his World Famous WINGS!  Flatscreen TV’s

*Mc Guinns Place – Lawrence ville NJ Food and Drink specials …Flatscreen TV’s and enjoy the big game here with friends!

La Casa Di Lucia Somerton NE PHILA... See the game here and enjoy our Sunday specials… Debbie Knight is your host 7p to 11pm

*Harrigan’s Pub – Warminster Pa – Enjoy a taste of two cities with a special Free Buffet…* Drink Specials. Flat Screen TVs / Large Projection Screen … Best Sports Bar in Warminster!

Reale’s Sports Bar & Grill -NE Phila – Free Pool and Watch the Game – Drink Specials

Mc Stews Irish Sports Bar – Levittown Pa – Option $40 Open Bar Whistle to Whistle and a Hot Buffet…or just enjoy the discounted Sunday prices…

CHICKIE’S & PETE’S – ALL AREA LOCATIONS! – BIG SCREEN TV’s – CRAB FRIES and THE BEST KIND OF FUN MENU to ENJOY the BIG GAME…Drinks specials… Enjoy the Big Game at ESPN’s #1 Sports Bar in North AMERICA…this is the sportsbar that all the Sports personalities call home… * Visit the new Drexel Hill area location and of course  * PARX CASINO LOCATION!


The Penthouse Club Phila ( Port Richmond area)– Special Super Big Game Day items…FOOD AND DRINK SPECIALS… Party in the Upscale Gentlemens Club… See their Penthouse Pets!

Freddies Tavern – Bristol Pa – Sunday Food and Drinks Specails and a great Bar Menu… Take out store opens early…

Cazz’s Sports Bar – Levittown Pa – FREE HALF TIME BUFFET – Drinks Specials and Flatscreen Tv’s  all over!

Dean Casmirris’ Colonial Inn – Hulmeville Pa –  FREE SUPER BIG GAME DAY BUFFET…Drinks Specials and Flatscreen Tv’s all over!


HAMMERHEADS – NE PHILA – See the game on their Flatscreen TV’s…then later on Sunday night the Party will begin with DJ STAMPONE Drink specials …like ($1 drinks) happen on Sunday Nights!

Tattletales – Levittown PA Flatscreen TV’s all over, Extra Cheerleaders in the house…Great Bar Food and Discounted Drinks… Extra Girls to help you cheer on your favortie Team today!

REDZ Bar & Grill – NE Phila – $15 ALL YOU CAN …package Dom Draft Beers, $12 Stoli Pitchers and $12 Buckets .45 cent Wings…Big Screens / HDTV’s

Joe Santucci’s Bar & Grill – NE Phila .– Big Screen Tv’s – Great Bar and Restaurnat Menu …Game day specials along with their WORLD FAMOUS SQUARE PIZZA ! Yummmmmm!


SUNDAY DRINK SPECIALS! Friendly Staff…Plenty of Free Parking!

Michaels Cafe – Bensalem – $2 Drafts & Shots plus DJ Dave Barletta / Excellent Food menu with the best Appetizers around…Friendly Staff …plenty of Free Parking!

Sweeney’s Saloon – Somerton -NE Phila – $2 Dom. Pints and Free Hot & Cold Buffet and everyone gets a Free Gift today…@ Night Fish Out Of Water.

PARX CASINO – Bensalem – 360 Lounge – 3 Giant Screens … Miller Lite and Jameson Specials and score…”Game Day Giveaways ” All you can Eat Game Day Stadium style Buffet! $20!INSIDE PARX CASINO – CHICKIE’ & PETE’s...PERFERT for all SPORTS and today’s the day at CHICKIES & PETE’S…

Hurricane Jacks– Levittown Big screen Tv’s and Bucket Specials $12 Dom and $2.50 Yuengling  Light Bottles

* Great Food specials off our menu….

The Sheffield Tavern – NE PHILA – come over early …great bar menu along with Discounted Drinks!

Hazys Bar & Grille – Feasterville Pa – $2.50 Coronas …great bar menu with special Discounted Items!

Nick’s Roast Beef – NE Phila – 12 noon  Bud & Bud Light Pints $2, Bottles $2.50, Buckets $10,  Big Screen TVsand enjoy the Best Roast Beef Sandwich in the world…

THE ROAD HOUSE INN – NEWPORTVILLE PA – .35 Cent Wings/ Basket Special…DRINK SPECIALS and Flatscreen TV’s …

Kellen’s Station House – Langhorone Pa – All you can eat and DRiNK packages…6pm to 9pm $30 per person…Flatscreen TV’s….plenty of Free Parking and many items to pick off their awesome Menu…

Lazy Joe’s Saloon – NE PHLA Big Game Day specials on Food and Drink and Flatscreen TV’s

MAGGIE’S WATER FRONT CAFE NE  PHILA- SUNDAY SPECIALS – HDTV’s  GREAT BAR MENU – Come early to get a good seat…Large Screen / Projection Screen …

JJ’s IRISH PUB NE PHILA ( CASTOR AVE)– FLAT SCREENS ….SUNDAY GAME DAY SPECIALs…on all FOOD and DRINKS…* Special Package plans optional… ask for details..

Daly’s Irish Pub – NE Phila $1 Hot Dogs,$1.75 Bud & Bud Lights, $10 Buckets .35 Cent wings,Giveaways  / Large SCREEN TV’s

FLUKE’S is Back..NE PHILA – FREE PARKING  – Sunday FOOD and DRINK SPeCIALS and Flatscreen TV’s all over ….

Other Great area locations to see the Big Game.

In Atlantic City – The Trump Taj, and The Trump Plaza... Enjoy the Game and enjoy it in style!

PARX CASINO – Bensalem

The Valley Forge Casino,

Harrah’s Philadelphia,* Chester Pa

Sugar House Casino – Phila

Dover Downs Casino / Slots – Dove DE

Benny The Bums – NE PHILA

The Philly Red Zone – Old City

Penguin’s Pub – Warminster PA

MAS – West Chester PA

Wet Whistle – Jenkintown PA


BONKS – Port Richmond,

NICK’S ROAST BEEF  2nd Street…

Johnny Apples – Holland Pa

Da Bar – Levittown,

Frank’s Sports Bar – Feasterville

The Buck Hotel – Feasterville

The Langhorne Hotel – Langhorne

Barnabys – Delco, All area locations

Kildares – All area Locations

PJ Whelehans – All area Locations





Skeeters Pub,

Harpers Pub,

Jays’ Elbow Room,

Brewsters Pub / In the Bowling Alley RT 73

Shatie Katies,

Somerdale Bar,

The Pour House,


Top Dog – Cherry Hill

Pinsetters – Pennsauken NJ,

Red Hot & Blue,

Houlihans ,

Curran’s Irish Inns, All area locations,

The Temperance House -Newtown Pa

The Club House, Newtown Pa

The South Philly Bar &  Grill

O Neils – South Street,

The Madison Cafe, Riverside NJ

The Irish Tymes – Society Hill

The Jug Handle Inn Pennsauken NJ

45 Th  STreet Pubs  All area locations…

The Grey Lodge, NE Phila,

Mc Noodles Irish SPorts Bar NE PHiLA


Reedys Irish Bar – NE PHILA

Kilbanes Irish Bar, NE PHILA

Leneghans’ Irish Pubs,

Toms Sporst Bar, NE PHILA

The Lions Den, NE PHILA

Rauchuts Tavern NE PHILA




The Red Rooster Inn -NE PHILA

The Adelphia Deptford NJ

The Coastline – Cherry Hill NJ

Champs Bar & Grill All locations.

* Your Neighborhood Applebees * All area locations..

Buffalo Wild Wings…All area locations…

Big Heasds Sports Bars…All area locations

The Stadium Bar & Grills …All area locations

Murphys Bar – Levittown,

USA Hotel – Manayunk

THE STANDARD TAP Nothern Liberties

SILK CITY Nothern Liberties…

Manayunk Brew Pub – Manyunk

Maggie O’ Neils, Delco

TOM & JERRYS – Delco

Kenny’s Spirited Eatery Southampton Pa

Pike’s Pub – Southampton Pa

Maggio’s – Southampton Pa

Steam Restaurant & Pub  Southampton Pa

E’s Irish Pub – Warminster Pa

The Red Stallion – Warminster Pa

The Amber Inn – Doylestown Pa

The Farmhouse – Doylestown Pa

Chambers 19 – Doylestown Pa

Finneys Doylestown Pa


Cavanaughs Leprechaun

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Regional DJ Competition Spins into Voyeur Nightclub in February


PHILADELPHIA, PA (January 29, 2013) – Worldwide DJ competition, Red Bull Thre3Style, is spinning its way back to Philadelphia for the US’ East Coast Regional Qualifier on Thursday, February 7.  Five of the best party rockin’ DJs from major northeast cities like New York, Boston and of course, Philly, will be mixing their hearts out to compete for a spot in the Red Bull Thre3Style National Finals, which hits LA this spring. There may not be any brotherly love behind the turntables this time around because the payout is higher with a place at the World Finals in Toronto (where Red Bull Thre3Style got its start) at stake.

Red Bull Thre3Style is a DJ competition that gives local popular DJs the opportunity to be globally relevant. Philadelphia was chosen as the East’s Regional hub because of its vibrant culture and arts scenes. Philly has housed many internationally respected DJs such as King Britt and Diplo as well as other artists entrenched in the music sphere like The Roots, Jill Scott and hip hop legend Schoolly D.

The Red Bull Thre3Style Regional Qualifier will be hosted by Philly-native and major player in the international DJ community, RICH MEDINA.

“Philadelphia has always been one of the more fertile training grounds in America”, said Rich Medina of his hometown. “…For DJ’s and DJ culture. From the bedroom to the club to the radio to international touring”.

The night will be judged by some of the world’s best DJs: A-TRAK, JAZZY JEFF and Z-TRIP.

Local DJ PHSH will be repping Philly and getting the crowd stoked on their hometown hero. “This is the starting point, it’s good to be able to just elevate from here,” PHSH said of his recent win. “I’m gonna bring the ruckus”.

Being no stranger to the national spotlight, Philadelphia produced the overall winner of Red Bull EmSee 2012, Mic Stew. Red Bull EmSee is a freestyle battle designed to find the best rappers in the country. Since taking the championship title this past year, Mic Stew’s career has been on the up and up and he has his Philly roots to thank.

“The music scene in Philly is the perfect incubator”, said Mic Stew of Ben Franklin’s old stomping ground. “You can find an audience and a venue to support any style you like to spin”.

Red Bull Thre3Style will give each DJ 15 minutes to perform at least three different genres of music in a competition to see who has the best mixing skills and can keep the crowd going all night long. The night will be held at Voyeur Nightclub, with doors open at 10PM and the competition starting at 11PM. The event is 21+.

For more information, visit

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